AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – Dec. 2012 – 37 and ‘The 10 Commandments’

December 31, 2012

In both of these images, Durer’s Vesica Piscis and where I lived for a brief moment in 1974 I see the


(images courtesy of John Michell and Ron Fernandez)

The SS? Not what you might be thinking, though Ron Fernandez loved playing Squad Leader. I spy with my little third eye the two SS the Seals of Solomon both of which are associated with King Solomon, a magical ring, and a quest for the truth.

5 and 6

The 5 associated with the pentacle, pentangle, the pentagram and the pentagon predate the 6 associated with the hexagram/hexagon both are assigned the rank of Seal of Solomon.

The Arabs afterward gave the name of “Solomon’s seal” to the six-pointed star-like figure (see Magen, Dawid) engraved on the bottom of their drinking-cups. It is related in the “Arabian Nights” (ch. xx.) that Sindbad, in his seventh voyage, presented Harun al-Rashid cup on which the “table of Solomon” was represented; and Lane thinks that this was the figure of “Solomon’s seal” (note 93 to ch. xx. of his translation of the “Arabian Nights”). In Western legends, however, it is the pentacle, or “druid’s foot,” that represents the seal. This figure, called by Bishop Kennet the “pentangle” of Solomon, was supposed to have the power of driving away demons. Mephistopheles says to Faust that he is prevented from entering the house by the druid’s foot (“Drudenfuss”), or pentagram, which guards the threshold (“Faust,” in Otto Devrient’s edition, part i., scene 6). The work entitled “Claviculæ Salomonis” contains treatises on all kinds of pentacles. The tradition of Solomon’s seal was the basis of Büschenthal’s tragedy “Der Siegelring Salomonis,” specimens of which are given in “Bikkure ha-‘Ittim,” v. 3 et seq. (German part). A work regarding a magic signet-ring is ascribed to Solomon (see Solomon, Apocryphal Works of).
See also Asmodeus;Solomon in Rabbinical Literature.

Earth’s polar circumference is 6/5 x 33,333,333 meters (99.98%). Inspired by that coincidences I wrote this.

Rosicrucian Lectures with Robert Gilbert and Raphael

I have one more WOW AHA whatever you want to call it, to share with the reader. Something that ‘just is’ and it is so profound.

A great way to close off the year, it arrived just in time for the boxing day sales?

Read the December 26th entry.

December 26, 2012

A bridge *under construction* between Religion and Science? ALL trolls who love to inhabit the space under bridges are invited to attend:

37 and ‘The 10 Commandments’

December 25, 2012


55 is also the sum of the numbers 1-10

Look at the gift Santa gave ME this year?
Telling ME what I AM could prove to be the wedge in the door that swings wide open the eyes wired shut?

Merry X-MaSS

Interesting thing about this picture is that the 3 friends who are on the right have all passed on to the other side.
John C.(with beard) who had a big heart* died of a heart attack, Paul K. whose face cannot be seen had a conflicted heart, and Mike P. died of a broken heart.

*JCs big heart was both congenital and indicative of his character.

selah V

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