AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – Nov. 16 and Nov. 20 – The Great Escape

November 20, 2012

image updated Nov. 24/2013
(one year later)

Back on July 5th, 2009 I posted this on my other blog:

“…a noble Theory of Everything must include pi and Phi and phi”

In that blog I had made a reference to the crop circle that we see below was comprised of two phi spirals…associated to LIGHT waves. Note in this image … they run along a pseudo North/South axis or meridan. I also had suggested in that blog that the ‘comet’ entering on the right and the ‘dove’ exiting on the left along the East West axis were associated to pi and the Holy Spirit and to SOUND waves…

Which from my perspective is very cool because of what I found just recently.

In the measurements of the Great Pyramid by Stecchini I came across the following information which is indicating the same idea concerning the two meridans!
Read the text below:

 Continue reading …

November 16, 2012

137-69 narrative continues …

In a big big big way … taking us one step closer to the reconciliation of science and religion… …but how many steps remain? Now there is an idEA for a TOE or Theory Of Everything worthy of both a noble and NOBEL prize.

Yup that is what I would call my Theory of Everything.


R econcilation of
S cience and
R ELIgion

or simply

OX would do as a Theory of Everything.

O – hug
X – kiss

Over the past couple of days a couple of coincidences noticed by ME of course did NOT go unnoticed because the MEME meSSages were clearly designed to be picked up by ME EM shadow (i.e. my electro-magnetic shadow).

What if you are a tuning fork, a sensitive antenna that senses its EM environment in ways we have yet to learn and adjust to consciously, moving through space is a great example of how we make something so complicated look so easy without giving it any thought of the ‘physics involved’. IMHO we all have a archetypal Pythagorean geometer living inside our minds helping us to navigate through space time. And Plato would be another cosmic meme, that is why both have not been replaced even in the 21st century.

In the HERE and NOW stand up straight, put your legs together, hands above your head reaching for the sky = you are a tuning fork, and this position is also a power pose and makes you feel like a winner btw.

just beKAuse…don’t ask me Y

It has been determined that the Luxor temple holds great significance to the Opet festival. The Luxor Temple was dedicated to the Theban Triad of the cult of the Royal Ka,

AmunMut, and Khonsu and was built during the New Kingdom, the focus of the annual Opet Festival, in which a cult statue of Amun was paraded down the Nile from nearbyKarnak Temple (ipet-isut) to stay there for a while, with his consort Mut, in a celebration of fertility – whence its name. However, other studies at the temple by the Epigraphic Survey team present a completely new interpretation of Luxor and its great annual festival (the Feast of Opet).[4] They have concluded that Luxor is a the temple dedicated to the divine Egyptian ruler or, more precisely, to the cult of the Royal Ka.[4]

Examples of the cult of the Royal Ka can be seen with the colossal seated figures of the deified Ramesses II before the Pylon and at the entrance to the Colonnade are clearly Ka-statues, cult statues of the king as embodiment of the royal Ka.

What an incrediable poetic confirmation to the journey that appears to be winding down as things become clearer into view Placing us onto the APEX of the Great Pyramid of course…and a much deeper understanding of its main significance.

I am also learning to say more by saying less.

The above image can be found on page 375 of Peter Tompkins well researched book Secrets of the Great Pyramid.

The appendix was written by Livio Catullo Stecchini.
This website  is devoted to the memory of Livio Catullo Stecchini:

Livio Catullo Stecchini (6 October 1913 – September 1979) was a professor of ancient history at Paterson State Teachers College (now William Paterson University) in New Jersey. He wrote on the history of science, ancient weights and measures (metrology), and the history of cartography in antiquity. He is best known as a defender of the theories of Immanuel Velikovsky and for his numerological theories about the dimensions of the Great Pyramids. Stecchini’s work included many controversial elements, and he complained he was ignored by fellow scholars. His defence of Immanuel Velikovsky in the September 1963 issue of American Behavioral Scientist (republished in 1966 as The Velikovsky Affair) undoubtedly also contributed to this. Most scholars consider his unpublished work on metrology, based on his work on ancient numismatics, as numerology or pseudoscientific metrology.[citation needed]

His method consists of starting with an assumption, namely that all ancient measures are by definition related. It is an old and intriguing idea, but one for which no proof has been found. Based on numerical analysis of data, he reaches his conclusion (in “A History of Measures”):

I have solved the inner rationale of ancient and medieval units of length, and by implication, of all units of measure, by discovering two facts:

a) that there were four fundamental types of foot related as 15:16:17:18,
b) that each of these types existed in two varieties related as the cube root of 24/the cube root of 25.

He does suggest a very intricate theoretical means by which this could have been calculated in practical terms, but presents no evidence from archeology or otherwise. Stecchini’s analysis of the geometry and methods for constructing the Great Pyramid were interpreted for a popular audience in Peter Tompkins‘ Secrets of the Great Pyramid with Stecchini’s “Notes of the Relation of Ancient Measures to the Great Pyramid,” in an appendix to the book.  source:

In the above image we can see the two meridan lines, i.e. the x and y axis each sum to a total of 750.

Essentially this map we see is a reference to the dimensions of the Great Pyramid.

Note each face of the pyramid denoting the length ends in a 6 or a 9.

More on that as we go on to investigate the numbers 137-69.

These same ole numbers keep reappearing … my personal groundhog day involves the numbers 137-69 (at least for now).

Before being consumed by 137-69 I was possessed by 11 2 5 8 and before that number 4.

I just started to wonder, now that I know what the stakes are … if the numbers 137-69 can help us show that all ancient measures by definition are related? Recall what Stecchini was trying to accomplish.

“His method consists of starting with an assumption, namely that all ancient measures are by definition related. It is an old and intriguing idea, but one for which no proof has been found.”

A couple of days ago Katya the owner of this book store that I have come to know since retiring back on 31/7/2007 (2+7=9) rang me up, knowing my interests, that a couple of books had come in on symbols/symmetry that I might be interested in.

Yesterday I got around to dropping in and having a look.
One book I was not interested in and the other book I already had and it is full of post it notes.

Back on the first weekend of November Great Escape had had its annual 1/2 price off ALL BOOKS sale. At the time I enquired about two books by Peter Tompkins that I had noticed from past visits. Katya thought the books might have been sold, but she also suggested other patrons might have hidden books in anticipation of the upcoming advertised sale, so I had a thorough look around during the sale in all sections. I came up empty. But guess which two books were sitting there on the floor awaiting ME yesterday?

Along with the AHA regarding the two different x and y axis on the Great Pyramid.

x-meridan is an expression of pi

y-meridan is an expresssion of phi


Phi and pi and the Great Pyramid puts us onto the same page as all of these thinkers and tinkers too!

‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla and the Philosopher’s Stone

But wait before I went out yesterday to the bookstore, before finding that book by Peter Tompkins leading me to the work of Livio Catullo Stecchini showing how the two meridans of the GP are in fact expressions of pi and phi, I was having some heated discussions with ‘Andy’ who has his own TOE or Theory of Everything that he is currently promoting on a site that invites all TOEs to walk their talk.

But it seems that both of our Big TOEs started giving each other ‘das boot’:

But I must say what I loved best about Andy’s TOE idEAs was how it hinged on these numbers that define the new improved Planck length.

1 3 7 6


Livio Catullo Stecchini taught me that LENGTH takes precedence over VOLUME and WEIGHT

Andy’s TOE suggests the Planck length is a constant derived from the wave function and it represents the smallest particle in physics, and it is perfectly spherical. Okay fine, it is all great.

Another coincidence while discussing those numbers 1376.
In Judaism their calendar, the beginning of their creation story starts in 3761.

But here comes a great 137 coincidence that I need to mention in regards to the book store The Great Escape that I have been escaping to. These are the kind of AHAs I have daily that keep ME coming back for more.
More evidence of the 137 narrative that I seem to be participating in, consciously now. I noticed about 1 year ago on the wall a sketch the former owner retired math school teacher Bruce had drawn. It had been there for years of course, but but but I had just never noticed it before… It is a sketch of this image of Steve McQueen taken from the film the Great Escape, not a coincidence it was a direct reference to the name of the book store. Do you see the numbers of the motorcycle Steve McQueen stole to facilitate his great escape?


Original photograph vs. Bruce’s heART work
signed B.E. ‘96
Licence plate 13371 and sketched in ‘96
All of these coincidences are a nice match for the numerical theory I ended up with.
137-96 or 137-69 or 6I6LE



I want to go back now to one of the main criticisms regarding the work of Livio Catullo Stecchini and the GP.

“His method consists of starting with an assumption, namely that all ancient measures are by definition related. It is an old and intriguing idea, but one for which no proof has been found.”

But wait maybe the evidence is starting to reveal itself. Maybe it can be shown that the ancients were somehow connected by the newly defined Planck Length (1/6)^37 um, err om? What if our science logic is catching up to the intuitive clues that had been left in plain view….?

Because as the evidence gathered shows we can connect the numbers/letters 137-69 to all of the aforementioned in addition to the word bIbLE – 6I6LE too.

… along with the 16 letter X-Stem alphabet being proposed, actually this bIbLE code helps to predict it.

In the above string of letters note that the SZ are dead center with the O X as the pillars or bookends … The Day in the Life of the 137 Mystic in fact discusses how SZ = 52 = 25  in the next entry October 30th, keep reading…

File:Ogham Vow.jpg

Update 19/01/2013 re: The controversial Ogham Alphabet

A letter for p is conspicuously absent, since the phoneme was lost in Proto-Celtic, and the gap was not filled in Q-Celtic, and no sign was needed before loanwords from Latin containing p appeared in Irish (e.g., Patrick). Conversely, there is a letter for the labiovelarq (ᚊ ceirt), a phoneme lost in Old Irish. The base alphabet is therefore, as it were, designed for Proto-Q-Celtic.

Please note the Ogham vowels for EA and AE can be associated to the Chi Rho and the 4×3 grid that we associate with the breast plate of the high priest, which I have shown is somehow associated to the 4×3 KEYpads that we use to communicate with and do business of course.

Please note the date of this AHA and its subsequent entry.
Happy Birthday papa Karl (Jan. 19/1926 – Mar. 16/1981) you would be 89 today.

Love ya.

In conclusion whatever the Yoda can teach you, the Great Pyramid, the GP trumps it using SSS Sacred Swastika Science.
It can assist you in finding your own inner genius associated to the letters AE and EA!
i.e. rEMEMber we can extract very easily the numbers 137-69 from the speed of light. Do you forget how? Play with the numbers below that come after the comma.

… so much more to come of course

re: OX and the Hug Kiss Theory

H eaven/Hell
U nder
G nosis found in Gnossos

K eep
I  t
S wastika
S imple

GNoSiS found in GNoSSoS 

Egyptian – Cretan – Labyrinths – DNA – I Ching – Swastika





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