AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – X-stem – 4×3 Grids

January 19th, 2013

UPDATE March 1, 2014
Today’s date could be shortened to 3/1/7
7 = 2+1+4

Something I noticed today as an emerging official Pahana helper.
The three consonants in pAhAnA which are separated by As are in fact associated with the three ‘shapes’ that form the supporting structure of the X-stem logic alphabet!

p h n

I gotta say wow, because it helps support/confirm my hypothesis that our ancestors toyed with the same kind of manipulations.

Even though the X-stem suggests it is a 16 letter/glyph alphabet, it is clearly based on variations due to reflections/rotations of 6 letter shapes.

p h n o s x 

I do not draw much of a distinction between the s and z, therefore I count 6 basic shapes.

Did the word phoenix come to mind?
And then god rested after 6 letters …. hahaha

Maybe there was a 7th letter called A or alpha?
It is used three times in pAhAnA.

Or maybe it is a clue to follow the AAA + phn + os + x

~ end of UPDATE ~

What if Daniel was spelled DANIEL or was an anagram of shapes rotated/reflected into an idea like DNAI37?

Dearest Raphael,

After several days of absorbing what you have gifted to me, to all of us, I have been sharing with loved ones. As I was typing a subject line in my email, I playfully typed it reflectively, discovering that and=dna. (Forgive me if I have not come across this in your blog yet.)

In grammar, “and” is a logical conjunction ^ & which led to a logic gate:


Mind your Ps and Qs is an English expression meaning “mind your manners”, “mind your language”, “be on your best behaviour” or similar. There are several different theories as to the origin of the phrase, but there is no definite proof as to which is correct. One explanation suggests that “Ps and Qs” is;

The controversial Ogham Alphabet and the controversial Barry Fell I believe has supplied us with insight to the correct answer. I was recently lead to the work of Barry Fell and his crazy ideas about pre-Columbian invasion of the Americas north and south by various cultures east and west. His interpretation of the Ogham alphabet in the 1970s is still being debated today by scholars. His work appears to be highly intuitive with a scholastic flair. It appears his intuition is rubbing some logical scholars the wrong way. How dare a non-expert make the claims that he did is the response of some scholars who ignore his work and instead focus on the man. Ignoring for a moment the specifics of all his theories regarding the ‘scripts’ what happens if we place the lens called ‘geometry’ over his finds, what kind of insights are there to be made due to his RECOVERIES?

A letter for p is conspicuously absent, since the phoneme was lost in Proto-Celtic, and the gap was not filled in Q-Celtic, and no sign was needed before loanwords from Latin containing p appeared in Irish (e.g., Patrick). Conversely, there is a letter for the labiovelarq (ᚊ ceirt), a phoneme lost in Old Irish. The base alphabet is therefore, as it were, designed for Proto-Q-Celtic.

4 x 3 GRID 

link to Breast Plate image:

evidence of schweinehund:

4 x 3 GRID

RAZIEL SEFER and the modern KEYPAD

4 x 3 GRIDS

Please note in the image below the Ogham vowels for EA and AE can be associated to the Chi Rho and the 4 x 3 grid that we associate with the breast plate of the high priest, the Iberian abacus, the Raziel Sefer and the 4 x 3 KEYpads that we use to communicate with and do business of course.

Thus suggesting that everybody today has been given a Breastplate of the High Priest (cellphone) to do business with, i.e. become money lenders or animal traders.

File:Ogham Vow.jpgOgham Vowels

AE = 4 x 3 GRID

Happy Birthday papa Karl (Jan. 19/1924 – Mar. 16/1981) you would be 89 today. Love ya.


Would it be a coincidence that I found ME  inner genius and it is associated to the letters AE and EA while living at #43 since 1994?

selah V

this is nonsense and gibberish but it is my LIfE too.
AE = Albert Einstein … and one of the fellas I used to get high with (indulging in weed, hash oil, and hash) on the b2 level of a parking garage had the nickname qp.

wolf rolf ROFL

These sources found at the bottom of the wiki page are worth noting.
  1. X-stem Logic Alphabet
  2. “USPTO Patent 4,273,542: “Devices for displaying or performing operations in a two-valued system””.
  3. Publications list
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