AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – July 23, 2013 – The Mystic Cross – 2017

The Mystic Cross or MC Hammer
“A strong mystic cross is rare” under the middle finger of Saturn
This is not the author’s hand, for a reading of this hand go here;

swastika MYSTIC CROSS 1910

^^^ very important to read the fine print ^^^
This is old news ~ a newspaper clipping from 1910

Did you note that the year 137 CE is mentioned?

UPDATE August 26, 2014

I have added the year 2017 to the title of this blog for many good reasons.
It has become the focus of where my higher self ME is telling little ole me and we to go.

What follows in this blog are IDeas that are critical to understanding what the 2017 CPSM (Celestial Pole Star Meditation) might be able to achieve.

July 23, 2013

The inspiration for today’s entry came from here:

HUGE discovery: we might grind cell division to a halt, Quadruple DNA Helix! 

click on above link HUGH discovery: the Mystic Cross!
keep reading… Prof. Andy (Login apibernik)
Forum Owner Posted Jul 22, 2013 9:28 AM

Dear Archangel Raphael, it is amazing anything I discover or post can be connected to Swastika. I do believe you that the Swastika contains an answer to everything as I have connected it to the forming of Galaxies. This GQ DNA quad helix now proves that you were right all the time. Amazing I still can not believe that this can be connected to your ideas. Thanks for this magnificent post and keep up the good work,

Prof. Andy Selah and namaste!

 U R welcome former citizen of UR. This image that you posted has been brought to my attention several times. The first time was in a book called ‘Arktos’ by Joscelyn Godwin.

The next time was in this scholarly paper published by zELIa Nuttall in 1901. 

go to page 18 to see where this image came from … what ‘just is’ is.

And let us not forget what zELIa said in 1901 about the swastika before it got buried by the 20th century…

 “Deeply impressed with the striking resemblance between the composite image of Polaris, Ursa Major, and certain forms of the swastika, I started on a fresh line of investigation, and devoted myself to the study of primitive astronomy and its influence upon the intellectual development of mankind in general and the American races in particular. After having worked, during thirteen years, without any preconceived ideas about the ancient Mexican civilization and without formulating any general conclusion concerning it, I saw all the knowledge I had slowly acquired fall into rank and file and organize itself into a simple and harmonious whole. Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancy and which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization.”

And then Ralph the firefighter who got rudely awoken on 911 decided to go back into the burning temple and fight his inner demons one more time … and he came out reborn as RaphaEL the mystic who has a cross to bear … coincidentally it is called the ‘mystic cross’ and I have it on BOTH of my palms. … all true

The Mystic Cross

What is the Mystic Cross and what does it indicate?

I can’t shake the idea that a Mystic Cross shows up to push us into accepting and using in a BIG way our intuitive gifts.  It shows up to require us to explore not only what is seen, but what is unseen, and to face the fear of mockery and ostracism that can come along with that particular type of pursuit of answers. A Mystic Cross to me means more than simply dabbling in the magical arts for giggles and entertainment, it means stepping deeply into the quest for spiritual truth and answers. Finding those answers and making peace with the spiritual, natural and material world is the gift of the Mystic Cross.


What does the Mystic Cross look like? 

I just found this image on the internet today and it accompanies the above article. 

lol lol lol – notice the numbers 15.12 in the bottom right hand corner … there are NO coincidences.

I will come back to these VERY IMPORTANT NUMBERS shortly.

Recall that the mystic cross is situated between the head and the heart line.

Some of the lines of the hand in Palmistry 

1: Life line 

2: Head line 

3: Heart line 

4: Girdle of Venus   

5: Sun line  

6: Mercury line 

7: Fate line

So now that we know what the mystic cross is … and where to find it … guess what? I happen to have pictures of my LEFT and RIGHT hands.

Shall we take a closer look at my left and right CHIRAL ASYMMETRIC hands comrade?

In fact I have two of them, one on each hand, mirror images of each other, when praying they … merge. I have another AHA for you … my nickname in high school was …

ta da >> “Wonderhands Wedekind” 

… and on my 16th or 17th birthday my twisted SiSter SuSan had given me a blue T-Shirt with the word WONDERHANDS written across the chest.

…but get this, and this is just too fucking wild …. the two Ns by mistake had been printed backwards! …and by now we both know that an placed over another N that has been rotated = SwaStika  …which we then place over the heART

But what is the significance of ‘1512‘ or is it ‘1251‘?

1251 explained:

Swastika – 396 – ABHA Kingdom – 1251 – Yin Yang – Greek KEY fret pattern – Saturnalia

I need to mention one more thing that I just read yesterday and this is a WOW WOW WOW MOM.

This quote comes out of this recent publication Atlantis and the Cycles of Time also by Joscelyn Godwin but he is quoting the work of John Michell who wrote The Dimensions of Paradise.
(…there is more on how me and joscELIn GODwin connect cosmically, I have a feeling we might meet one day …. John Michell RIP)

What did joscELIn Godwin quoting John Michell say that blew me away in his book, thus helping to pass the insights of John Michell to you and ME and others?

One of Michell’s lifelong concerns was the defense of traditional measures such as the mile, the foot, and the inch, with their duodecimal system and their links, via the sacred numbers, to cosmic measures (e.g. 5,040 miles as the combined radii of the earth and the moon). He shared Plato’s conviction that society can function harmoniously only if it respects the traditional canon of number. Michell finds Plato’s lesson to this effect in the contrast between the two imaginary city-states: Magnesia with its 5,040 inhabitants (…hahaha Network 54), described in the Laws, and Atlantis. Magnesia is the ideal city, like the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation, first conceived in circular form as a Platonic Ideaa, then brought down to earth as a square. Atlantis is its antithesis, the city that fell because it was “subtly incorrect, a close imitation but a travesty of the ideal, constructed from sacred numbers misapplied.” The misapplication in question was the use of the decimal system. Whereas Magnesia and the City of Revelation divide by 12s, everything in Atlantis divides by 5s and 10s starting with the five pairs of Poseidon’s descendants and going on with the 100 statues of nereids around the temple, the division of the plain into plots of 100 square stades, and so on. When the diligent Platonist actually works out the details, the figures do not add up, and the geometry is not exact. Consequently, as Michell says of the imaginary Atlanteans, “Their cumbersome number system and the ambiguities in their geometry and land measuring would have caused minor grievances which would grow ever more irritating as time went on. In the original formula and foundation plan of Atlantis lay the seeds of its eventual destruction.

 So to summerize…and the above image with accompanying quote is the work of Walter Russell,

THE CUBE AND THE SPHERE ARE THE SOLE WORKING TOOLS OF CREATION Magnesia is the ideal city state and it is CIRCULAR and it has 5040 inhabitants. Magnesia prefers the numbers 1 and 2 or 12Atlantis is the travesty of the ideal and it is SQUAREAtlantis prefers the numbers 5 and 10, say 15, say 1 and 5.

ROME and 12 vs. 10 

The Law of the Twelve Tables was the ancient legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law. The Law of the Twelve Tables formed the centrepiece of the constitution of the Roman Republic and the core of the mos maiorum(custom of the ancestors). The Twelve Tables came about as a result of the long social struggle between patricians and plebeians. After the expulsion of the last king of Rome,Tarquinius Superbus, the Republic was governed by a hierarchy of magistrates. Initially only patricians were eligible to become magistrates and this, among other plebeian complaints, was a source of discontent for plebeians. In the context of this unequal status, plebeians would take action to secure concessions for themselves using the threat of secession. They would threaten to leave the city with the consequence that it would grind to a halt, as the plebeians were Rome’s labour force. One of the most important concessions won in this class struggle was the establishment of the Twelve Tables, establishing basic procedural rights for all Roman citizens as against one another. Patricians long opposed this request, but around 451 BC, the first decemviri (decemvirate – board of “Ten Men”) was appointed to draw up the first ten tables.According to Livy, they sent an embassy to Greece to study the legislative system of Athens, known as the Solonian Constitution, but also to find out about the legislation of other Greek cities. Modern scholars believe the Roman assembly most likely visited the Greek cities of Southern Italy, and did not travel all the way to Greece. In 450 BC, the second decemviri started work on the last two tables. The first decemvirate completed the first ten codes in 450 BC.

Well we have a perfect match 12 vs. 10 plus note how the year 450 is similar to the 5040 inhabitants of Magnesia.

So what would the Romans find if they went to Greece in back 1947? 12 and 15 look very very very familiar to what we see in the image of GHREES, an idEA hatched in 1947! OR

51 and 12 which have been highlighted in yellow.

France and metric and 10 vs. 12


August 1 – The definition of the metre as 1/10,000,000 of the distance from the North pole to the equator was confirmed.

great source: A chronological history of the modern metric system – Metrication …

Jain 108 is a self-taught mathematical futurist,
a numerical nomad and a digital genius.
Some of his colleagues describe him as a mathematical monk.
He hails from a quaint Sydney suburb Kirrawee, born in Australia from full-blood Phoenician stock, ne 1957.
His great grandfather in a remote village of Lebanon was a priest from which his mother derived her maiden surname “Khoury”.
Collin Nicholas Saad aka Jain has had likeable and resonant long-time associations with Mar Charbel, a humble Lebanese priest from circa 100 years ago now ordained officially as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. But we suspect that Jain hails from a noveau kind of ministry, one that he has termed in his voluminous writings as “Sacerdos Libri Naturae” apparently = “a Priest of the Book of Nature”.

Galactic Mathematics Rediscovered

His pioneering dvd “Vedic Mathematics For The New Millennium” on this subject is the first dvd in the world that comprehensively describes these vedic sutras and is a tribute to Bharati Krshna Tirthaji. The knowledge goes even further back.  Jain calls this modality, Galactic Mathematics which is base 12.

Probably the MOST illuminating AHA there is in regards to 10 and 12 is how they are both today still being used/utilized

i.e. To do business on land and to navigate at sea.

Delambre and Méchain knew that it was not possible to measure an accurate distance from the North Pole to the Equator to arrive at a precise figure for the metre.  Their goal was to find the best approximation possible at the time. Obviously, they knew that they could not measure all the way from the Equator to the North Pole, they could only measure the distance from Dunkerque to Barcelona as accurately as they could to give them an indication of the full distance — then guess the rest — as the distance from Dunkerque to Barcelona is only about 11 % of the actual distance from the North Pole to the Equator. In hindsight, Delambre and Méchain did a magnificent job. They knew that the metre that they would define would not be exactly 1/40 000 000 of the Earth’s circumference as the other three quarters of this circumference — that they couldn’t measure or even estimate — might have different lengths. This meant that the metre might not be exactly equal to 1/10 000 000 of the distance from the North Pole to the Equator. Given these difficulties, all they had to work with were Borda’s highly accurate instrument, the ‘Borda Duplicating Circle’, for measuring the angles at each angle in a triangle and then used these angles to determine lengths by calculation. The two scientists, Delambre and Méchain, who were measuring the Earth to determine the length of the metre were also aware that there is the possibility of error in every measurement we make and their goal was to minimize these errors. Working in decimals of right angles divided into 100 grads (rather than having to use the old Babylonian degrees, minutes, and seconds) markedly reduced the possibility for error.

However, since the 1790s, astronomers and sailors have continued to use the older nondecimal Babylonian measures of angles with 360 degrees in a circle, 60 minutes of arc (also called arc minutes) in a degree, and 60 seconds of arc (also called arc seconds) in a minute. Scientists other than astronomers have decided not to use decimal divisions of a quadrant or the older Babylonian methods; instead they have developed several other methods: the radian as the ratio between an arc of a circle and its radius, decimal degrees such as 12.345 degrees, and angular mils are still in use in various sciences and technologies.

You will find more confirmations regarding the numbers 1512, 343, and 384 at this link here:


The Crop Circle Connection by Joseph E. Mason

selah V

p.s. Walter Russell and ME have the same initials.

i.e. W.R. vs R.W.

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