AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – August 15, 2013 – M and N

August 15, 2013

Was gENEsis based on a gENE-thesis?

source of image:

The above lion is a game piece from the Egyptian pre-dynastic game called Mehen.

Does this next lion look familiar?
The lion is a depiction of what the Great Sphinx may have looked like prior to its Pharonic face lift.

an artist's rendering of the sphinx as a male lion

How old is the sphinx?
The geologist Dr. Robert Schoch is entitled to his opinion.

I am currently studying two pre-dynastic games mehen and senet.


The earliest references to Mehen occur in the Coffin Texts.

Mehen is a protective deity who is depicted as a snake which coils around the sun god Ra during his journey through the night, for instance in the Amduat.
In the German-Egyptian dictionary by R. Hannig it is said that the Mehen (mḥn) or the Mehenet (mḥnt) snake is equivalent to the Ouroboros.

It has been suggested the players of the image look away from the game because of its religious significance.
This possible sacredness may provide a reason for the game of Mehen to have disappeared from record during the New Kingdom.

In creating a board, one needed to ‘cut’ spaces for the game into the snake’s back.  The action may have been seen as actually ‘killing’ the all important deity for survival through the Underworld and so it was no longer done.

Mehen, the god, became only the protector of board games and was often seen associated with Senet from that time on.

The game of s-ENE-t yields a powerful archetype.
To recap the game of sENEt involves:

2 players 
10 houses 
3 rows 
7 pieces

‘137’ in science today is known as the inverse of the fine structure constant or alpha.
And we know there are two players involved in the game of  senet.

Those numbers 1237 just happen to be an anagram for the same numbers we find in the Ten Commandments.

Exodus 20:3-17

And those numbers are in fact coincidently linked to our DNA codon pairs AT CG.
To make the match we just simply find their positions in the alphabet for confirmation.

20 – T 

3 – C 

1 – A 

7 – G 

And the rules of how both of these games are played have NEVER been found.


Senet, the game of passing, was a board game that was played on a rectangular board consisting of rows of 10 squares called “houses”.
The board could be a grid drawn on a smooth surface, or a very elaborate box of wood and other precious materials.

That this board game is of great antiquity is shown by its stylized representation as the hieroglyph…

The hieroglyph mn represents the gaming board for the Senet game. mn

…the earliest occurrences of which are dated to the reign of the Horus Narmer, at the beginning of the Early Dynastic Period.

There were two players, each having a set of usually 7 pieces to play the game.
The object was to move the pieces around the board in a snaking track to the finish, along the “houses” that represented either good or bad fortune. To determine how the pieces could be moved each player used throw-sticks or knuckle bones.

The actual rules of the game and what determined its outcome are not known. 

To recap the game of sENEt involved 2 players 10 houses 3 rows 7 pieces. 

IMHO understanding how these two ‘games’ were played out would benefit us today, especially since we are unlocking DNA codes.

Why can I take the ‘ENE‘ found in the spelling of both games and place them into the HEART of another ‘game’ that I know I can prove is an algorithm?

Here is another image depicting from Alpha to Omega.

The hieroglyph mn represents the gaming board for the Senet game. mn

So why would two letters like M and N excite ME?

selah V

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