AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic ~ September 17, 2013 ~ The SSS and 911

September 17, 2013

UPDATE October 15th, 2013

Art and Archetype Collide

Artist and visionary Charles L. Gilchrist

take note of the Man (1), the Eagle (3), the Lion (7), and the Ox (6)
the sun and the moon
and what appear to be seven x 7-pointed stars that surround the ‘S’ serpent
Draco and Ursa Minor and Polaris perhaps?

Polaris is the tip of the handle of Ursa Minor or the Little Bear/Little Dipper highlighted in yellow.
Both Ursas major/minor are credited with having 7 stars each.

image on left: four-fold angular swastika nested inside a hexagon or Star of David
image on right: six-fold or six-armed swastika with curved arms

In his book The Message Given to me by Extraterrestrials (now republished as Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers 2006 ISBN 2-940252-20-3);

Claude Vorilhon claims that on 13 December 1973, he found a spacecraft shaped like a flattened bell that landed inside Puy de Lassolas, a volcano near the capital city of Auvergne.
A 25,000-year-old human-like extraterrestrial inside the spacecraft named Yahweh said that Elohim was the name that primitive people of Earth called members of his extraterrestrial ra

—who were seen as “those who came from the sky”.

Yahweh explained that Earth was originally void of life, with thick clouds and shallow seas, but the Elohim came, broke apart the clouds, exposed the seas to sunlight, built a continent, and synthesized a global ecosystem.

Solar astronomy, terraformation, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering allowed Elohim to adapt life to Earth’s thermal and chemical makeup.

I AM not a Raelian but I must admit I do find it fascinating that Claude Vorihon’s encounter of the mystical kind happened in 1973 and that the spacecraft that he encountered was described as a “flattened bell”.

Now the RaELIan ‘movement’ which was thus SEEDED in 1973 is yet another ‘movement’ that has attached itself to the archaic swastika and the hexagon (Star of David) as a symbol to represent the ‘movement’.

Thus it is very very easy to suggest that Vorihon was drawn to the swastika for the same reason the Buddhists and Nazis coveted this symbol too.
ALL of these groups have chosen the swastika to represent their paradigm changing ‘movements’ for ONE very good reason.

It is the KEY to understanding MOVEMENT and PRIME NUMBERS.

Prime Numb3rs are the building blocks of math and nature too.

Bet Maryam Church, Lalibela Ethiopia

An interesting exchange of information took place between Graham Hancock and me after I made contact with him on faKebook.
The communication was brief, but clearly another confirmation of what I AM promoting on this blog as a unifying truth.

“No one is permitted to see it”

Except me?
Scroll down this next link to find the gift Graham Hancock gave me;

What is the profound numerical coincidence between 911 and 37?

(recall that I do NOT believe in coincidences)

I have made the claim that 911 woke me up…I would not be the only one to suggest 911 was a paradigm altering moment in the history of man. For some time now I have been claiming (I am not the only one) that the number/s ‘37‘ are associated with what Jung would call the ‘collective unconscious’. I am also a former firefighter who noticed that three 7s happened to be a formula for rEMEMbering how many firefighters died on 911.

777 = 7^3 = 7 x 7 x 7 = 343 firefighters perished on 911

37 and MATH

I then came across the work of Jerry Iuliano who had done the ‘math’ showing the coincidences involving the number/s ‘37‘ and quite a few other numerical coincidences that after the AHA! are then placed into the evidence pile.

37 and the bibLE

I then came across a website called the Bible Wheel that also had zeroed in on the importance of ‘37‘.


37 is called the Heart of Wisdom AND it is associated with holographs too!


So what is the connection between 911 and 37?

Sept. 11 or 911 just happened to fall in the 37th week of the year in 2001.

That might help to explain why I also have zeroed in on a prime number Freemason code called 137-69 linked to the archetypes represented by Hermes+Aphrodite the hermaphrodite, the he-she Yang-Yin, and also the numbers 3 and 2?

This is a rabbit hole exploring how the numbers 2-3 fits the letters N-M to a ‘T’.
Explore this hole only if you have the time to ‘get lost’.

What is pi?

Is it the relationship between a straight line (diameter of a circle) and a curve (the circumference of the same circle).

The Square or Straight-edge linear left male/yang brain vs. the Compass, the right brain, curves and circles associated with the female/yin consciousness.

The Twin Towers in the esoteric world could be represented also by the Man and Woman.


Yin and Yang: bisecting the two. Solution #6

Do you see the three SSS?

This is a particular case of a more general algorithm for the division of a circle into N pieces of equal areas.

This is the only solution in which in addition to having equal areas the four so formed regions have also equal perimeters.

Is it possible to divide a circle into N parts of equal area the Euclidean way: with straightedge and compass?

You’d be within your rights to have doubts.
An immediate solution that comes to mind is to divide the circle into N equal arcs by vertices of a regular N-gon.

However, as it turns out, not all N-gons are constructible.
For example, the regular heptagon — the polygon with 7 vertices — is not.
But this is just a slight hindrance: the problem has an elegant solution for any N!

The Collar of ESSES

Sir Thomas More wearing the Collar of Esses
with the Tudor rose badge of Henry VIII
by Hans Holbein the Younger 1527

In addition to the chain comprised of SSS links in the image on right we see a clasp in the shape of a triskele (three arms/legs) connected to two 4×4 portcullis and the Tudor rose which is easy to recognize in the shape of a pentagon/pentagram.
And nested inside we see another pentagram which has been reversed by 180 degrees and we see yet another rose nested inside again.

The pentagram is associated with the golden mean >> golden ratio >> golden rectangle >> golden spiral.

And please note what is holding the entire thing together in the center is the triskele found on the flag of the Isle of Man.

Which brings us to another coincidence regarding the numbers 37 or 73 (my birthday July 3) or 731 (date of my retirement July 31) and the Isle of Man.

Saint Germanus of Man (Manx: Carmane) (c. 410, Brittany – c. 474, Normandy), also known as Saint Germanus of Peel, was the first Bishop of the Isle of Man.

Born in Brittany in the early fifth century, he traveled to Ireland to study with Saint Patrick, who may have been his uncle. Germanus later spent some time in St. Illtud‘s abbey in southern Wales before returning to Ireland to be ordained by Patrick, and sent the Isle of Man as bishop. He is thought to have died in Normandy in the late fifth century.

His main feast is 3 July, although in some places it is celebrated on 31 July.

Note below that the feast days of Saint Pope Leo II and Saint Irenaeus switch between the dates June 28 and July 3.
A coincidence?

Two more things I find interesting about the Isle of Man is that this was the last Viking stronghold, the last refuge before being chased out of the British Isles by King

Triskelion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Triskelion or Triskele next to Seed of Life  which is composed of six interlaced circles surrounding a seventh in the center.
Is there a connection between the two that involves the use of a ‘compass’ and where does the Yin Yang fit in along with DNA?

Livery collars seem to be first recorded in the 14th century. Charles V of France in 1378 granted to his Chamberlain Geoffrey de Belleville the right of bearing in all feasts and in all companies the collar of the Cosse de Geneste or Broomcod, a collar which was accepted and worn even by the English kings,

But these portcullis are based on 3×3 grids. Read the Sept. 13th entry to learn more about the Lo Shu 3×3 grid.


I love how ESSES or ESS can be incorporated rather easily into the narrative called W and Z or simply ‘23‘.

…But what did I do yesterday on Sept. 15th in my quest to understand what ‘just is’ is and how do I fit in, and what do I bring to share to place onto the Emerald Buffet Table, a cornucopia of offerings…

selah V

p.s. I write some crazy shit sometimes.

selah V

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