AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – September 21, 2013 – The ILU

September 21, 2013

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”

Today’s AHA has been there for some time now.

But it was not until today that for whatever reason I finally saw it. For those who study the esoteric the simple formula 37 x 73  is well known as it pertains to the first 7 words spoken in the Hebrew bIbLE. However note that there happen to be 10 words needed in the English language to express the same idea. You could say we started with 7 words and added 3 words resulting in 10 words in the opening statement of the KJV of the LEvI bIbLE – revealing yet another 137 pattern again!

37 x 73 = 2701

As it turns out 2701 is the ‘gematria’ value of those sEVEn Hebrew words.  This website pioneered by Richard Amiel McGough explains it best. See also the September 17th entry.

The Number 37 – The Heart of Wisdom – Bibles, Wheels, and Brains

Holographic Generating Set (27, 37, 73) – Bibles, Wheels, and Brains

Thread: A curious relationship between 37 and 613. – Bibles …

But here is today’s AHA! I need to reintroduce the work of Marko Rodin, Scot Nelson, Jesus, and the Meso-american Blue Worm.

3 7 1 7 3

Marko Rodin VBM 2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread and Jesus Mihi Omnia 157 and the BLUE WORM

… you will find this 5×5 image at the above link, which essentially places the dreams of Marko Rodin, Scot Nelson, Richard Amiel McGough, Jesus, the Blue Worm and ME onto the same ONE page, all of us are hovering above the ‘apex’ of the Great Pyramid.

So here is what I noticed today.

The NW/SE axis/line contains the numbers 3 7 1 7 3 which reduces to 1/137 or alpha.
We can also see 37 1 73 are separated by a 1 in the center.

So this is what went through my head.
I Thoth thought to myself IF the numbers 37 x 73 = 2701 are in fact the words that begin a narrative …  what would the NE/SW axis reveal besides ‘911’?

9 1 1 1 9

Keeping in mind that the center of the grid is the ‘axis/x/point’ around which everything rotates.

i.e. we then have these formulas surrounding the center and an ‘X‘ marks the spot:

37 x 73 = 2701


91 x 19 = 1729


1729 it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways.”

1729 (number) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1729 — from Wolfram MathWorld

And the factorization of 1729 are the primes …

7 – 13 – 19

So let’s revisit this Thoth thought I had.
IF the numbers on the 37 x 73 = 2701 represent the words that begin a narrative …  what would the NE/SW axis reveal besides ‘911’?

Do the numbers 65 x 56 or simply 5 and 6 suggest or compliment the idea that GENESIS is a GENE theSIS?

6 5 1 5 6 

So how many of the readers have thought of looking at the xy ‘cross’ formed by the four cardinal directions?

What is the formula we see on the equal armed square cross that demarcates the four cardinal directions?

Both E/W and N/S axis display:

65 x 56 = 3640

And staying with the theme of DANIEL >> DNAI37 what is the association between DNA, the union between the numbers 5 (pentagon) and the 6 (hexagon) and most importantly how does it all come back to the Vesica Piscis and ideas about fertility occurring on every level of scaling in the cosmos.

Rosicrucian Lectures – Vescia Piscis – Robert Gilbert and Raphael

6 – 5

One of the interesting dimensions pointed out in this video @5:50 is that the northern and southern shafts coming off the queen’s chamber are both 65 meters and both end at a door.

The Mystery of the Hidden Doors Inside the Great Pyramid 

EDWARD HYMAN – Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association

I like the numbers that I see in Menkaure’s Pyramid.

Menkaure’s Pyramid With a height of 215 feet (65 meters) and a base of 335 by 343 feet (102 by 105 meters), Menkaure’s is by far the smallest of the three pyramids, Lehner notes that its building mass is about 1/10 that of Khufu’s pyramid.

Its complex includes 3 “queens’ pyramids” on its south side. It’s a mystery as to why it’s so much smaller than the others …

Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx | LiveScience

I like a good mystery.

selah V


…and 1729 brings us to the next entry in this wordblog if we reverse our Thoth thoughts …. 9/17/2013

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  • vision-master  On January 14, 2014 at 12:02 am

    I like a good mystery.

    selah V


    (V -Elohim)

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