AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – September 13, 2013 – Ancient Chinese Secret – Yang Hui

September 13, 2013

Ancient Chinese Secret
… in Plain Sight – 1379

Mickey Rooney

What numbers on the shuffleboard are being concealed behind Mickey Rooney?
Namely the 3 x 3 grid that we see partially obscured, ignore the semi-circles on the ends.

So here is a clue to solving what the three numbers are that have been obscured by the little big man MR.
The 3 x 3 grid contains the numbers 1-9 and each number has been used once.
What numbers are being concealed in the middle row and in what order?

We can use a 3000+ year old Chinese trick to solve this 3×3 puzzle.

Step 1 

Take out your cell phone and rotate 45 degrees

1 is positioned in the north
9 is positioned in the south
3 is positioned in the east
7 is positioned in the west
5 in the center

The 5 is the only number that does not change its position during this transformation.

All other numbers undergo a ‘translation’. (i.e. rotation, reflection, translation)

The 5 represents the hub, it is the axis around which the translation takes place.

Step 2 

swap the positions of north (1) with south (9) and east (3) with west (7) as the animation illustrates below.

Step 3

Place the even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, into their respective corners, as the animation above indicates.


Now compare the result to the image below.
The three numbers in the middle row that are being concealed behind Mickey Rooney are in the order:  9 – 5 – 1 

After performing the 3 steps, the result is what is known as the Lo Shu Magic Square in China or the Magic Square of Saturn in western esoteric hermetic studies.

So we see in the above animation how the Yang Hui method actually helps to animate, put into motion the 1379 Code, as we transfigure or morph from the cEL PHOne grid which started off as diamond/lozenge geometry manipulated  or should I say ‘reverse engineered’ into the 3×3 Lo Shu Magic square.

btw Hitler did the opposite to the swastika.
He took the ‘square’ swastika based on a 5×5 grid and rotated it 45 degrees thus taking the shape of a diamond.

Yang Hui (ca. 1238–1298), was a Chinese mathematician during the late Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). Yang worked on magic squares, magic circles and the binomial theorem, and is best known for his contribution of presenting ‘Yang Hui’s Triangle’. This triangle was the same as Pascal’s Triangle, discovered by Yang’s predecessor Jia Xian. There were also a number of other geometrical problems and theoretical mathematical propositions posed by Yang that were strikingly similar to the Euclidean system.[7] However, the first books of Euclid to be translated into Chinese was by the cooperative effort of the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci and the Ming official Xu Guangqi in the early 17th century.

The positions of the above Lo Shu indicates the following.

1 – Fire
3 – Air
7 – Earth
9 – Water

selah V

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