37-year old Moon Mystery

I spy with my little eye something that begins with an ‘L’

Imagine a spy satellite that could take a hi-res image of an object 3 inches in diameter from 100 miles up in space.

Now try to imagine why NASA keeps feeding ‘we the sheeple’ such lousy low res images of objects left behind on the moon, like the Lunar Rover.

Full resolution ‎(1,096 × 869 pixels, file size: 426 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg)

Before reading this blog please click on this link Full resolution ‎
In order to see a satellite image that was taken using magnification technology available since the 1960s.
Then compare the above image to what NASA uses to promote their narrative about landing on the moon.

Was a 37-year old 1973 Moon Mystery Solved in 2010?

When I came across this video today I decided to resurrect some ideas that I have had in the past about the nine Apollo Missions to the Moon and other NASA anomaLIES that had been occurring since 1957, the year that I was born.

So the following has become clear to me based on the images that have been released by NASA of the lunar surface taken since 1968 to the present day.

It is clear to me that Google Earth seems to be employing better magnification technology to map out the earth than what the NASA NAZIs have been using to map out the moon.

WHY are the images taken by the LRO since 2009 that NASA feeds ‘we the sheeple’ of the lunar surface so fookin’ lousy?
I really would expect much better.

In this next video we see the images of the lunar surface that the Apollo 8 astronauts supposedly took in 1968, though we have no real proof they actually went.
This video does not prove they went to the moon, the video ONLY proves we sent a camera to the moon and incorporated the technique called laying down the ‘voice-over’ soundtrack in order to tell a nice little story about going to the moon … ?

30 miles vs 60 miles vs. 100 miles?

go to @9:17 the following dialogue is taken from the video;

… and they would take pictures still photographs as well as motion picture film seen here at a much faster rate than orbital velocity.

“Apollo 8 Houston what does the ole’ Moon look like from 60 miles over'”

Okay then so keep in mind that Apollo 8 in 1968 was taking images positioned in a low lunar orbit of about 60 miles up from the surface of the moon.

It is the 60 miles mentioned by Houston control which is the smoking gun.

WHY is 60 miles critical?

Because the hi-res MOL‘s camera was designed to spot objects as small as three inches  from 100 miles up and it had to deal with the earth’s atmosphere too.
The moon does not have an atmosphere, I wonder what kind of images could be taken of the lunar surface then with decent technology…like what Google Earth has access too?

What is a MOL?
Watch the next video.

Entire uninterrupted video on PBS – Video: Astrospies | Watch NOVA Online | PBS Video

In this video which aired February 12, 2008 on PBS we learn about ‘an elite corps of secret U.S. astronauts is trained to gather intelligence on the Soviets during the Cold War.’

NOVA | Astrospies – PBS

Transcript of program

But what is amazing is how they had amazing ‘spy’ technology back in the 1960s that could take state of the art Hi-Res images of the lunar surface but today more than 40 years later NASA is essentially releasing only low res crappy images.
Remembering that one of the biggest obstacles to getting great spy images was the earth’s atmosphere, but the moon does not have one to cause the same problems.

And this series of quotes speaks volumes about capabilities then and now.
I have highlighted some quotes in red.

NARRATOR: But first, engineers and designers from both sides had to contend with some fundamental laws of physics, so that astrospies could monitor enemy territory from 100 miles in space.

NARRATOR: The magnification system developed for MOL was the state of the art in optical engineering. The camera system and optics—an advanced set of folded mirrors tucked into the station—were so far ahead of their time that a nearly identical configuration is still in use today.

JAMES BAMFORD: So if you picture a Hubbell space telescope, this huge, bus-sized telescope in space pointed at the stars, if you just turned it around and point it towards Earth, that would be the KH-11. We had very high resolution.

NARRATOR: For photo analysts it is all a question of resolution. The higher the resolution, the smaller the object you can see on the ground. Extraordinarily, the MOL’s camera was designed to spot objects as small as three inches.

LAWRENCE SKANTZE: The three-inch resolution was pretty critical to providing our people with the technical details of what the threat was and what the capability was.

ASIF SIDDIQI: The goal of people who do reconnaissance has always been to get the highest resolution.

DONALD H. PETERSON: But it’s a tradeoff. The tighter you get the picture, the better the resolution you get, but the less coverage you get. What you really need is to be able to look at a big scene, and say, “Oh, there’s something interesting I really need to look at over there.”

NARRATOR: Inside a MOL training simulator, joysticks could zoom the lens both in and out and from side to side. A wide-angle viewfinder could spot targets at the very edge.

So let us now compare a few images taken using various satellites.

This first image is from the 1968 mission Apollo 8
The second image from the LRO post 2009

1968 – Apollo 8 – taken from 60 miles

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in low lunar orbit of approximately 31.068 miles or 50 km

2009 – LRO – 31.07 miles

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a NASA robotic spacecraft currently orbiting the Moon on a low 50 km polar mapping orbit.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Ultra Close-Up Views of the Apollo 11 Landing Site

I love this quote taken from the wiki site above.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a NASA robotic spacecraft currently orbiting theMoon on a low 50 km polar mapping orbit.

The LRO mission is a precursor to future manned missions to the Moon by NASA.

To this end a detailed mapping program will identify safe landing sites, locate potential resources on the Moon, characterize the radiation environment, and demonstrate new technology.

It really does sound like the NASA NAZIs are still trying to figure out how to get there for the first time.

NASA NAZI Promises Promises

Better pictures are coming.
In 2008 NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will carry a powerful modern camera into low orbit over the Moon’s surface. Its primary mission is not to photograph old Apollo landing sites, but it will photograph them, many times, providing the first recognizable images of Apollo relics since 1972.

The spacecraft’s high-resolution camera, called “LROC,” short for Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, has a resolution of about half a meter. That means that a half-meter square on the Moon’s surface would fill a single pixel in its digital images.



The Astrospies Documentary has already exposed the fact that NASA has had cameras since the 1960s that can outperform the fookin’ junk they are apparently sending to the moon in 2008.

Who believes that NASA would not send the best cameras that they have access in order to take the BEST possible hi-res images?
Remember these quotes that were made regarding the 1968 version of spy technology called the MOL.

NARRATOR: For photo analysts it is all a question of resolution. The higher the resolution, the smaller the object you can see on the ground. Extraordinarily, the MOL’s camera was designed to spot objects as small as three inches.

LAWRENCE SKANTZE: The three-inch resolution was pretty critical to providing our people with the technical details of what the threat was and what the capability was.

It seems that the NASA NAZIs are going backwards and doing everything today that they should have done back in the 1960s instead of rushing off to the moon 9 times and landing 6 times … back then they did not do enough Lunar Reconnaissance it seems.

Today they are?

However that does not address how they are going to get past the safety of the Van Allen belts and not die out in deep space maybe a victim of HZE particles.  😉

Now why does this Google Earth image seem clearer than the NASA NAZI nonsense that they want ‘we the sheeple’ to buy into regarding the lunar images, like this next quote taken from the NASA website.

No one knows what else LROC might find.
The Moon has never been surveyed in such detail before.
Surely new things await; old abandoned spaceships are just the beginning.

Why should the Van Allen Belts actually be called the NCC Belts?

Who is NCC?


Operation Argus 1958 re: NASA Nazis

2B continued….


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  • gary  On November 13, 2013 at 10:33 pm


    It’s ME. So I posted on another part of the site but there was no response… I can’t see the wood for the trees.

    • gary  On November 14, 2013 at 12:20 pm

      Ok so I’m going to have to take your advice, sacrifices have got to be made but it isn’t easy and it’ll take a little time…

      Meanwhile, I’m looking for an open-air hotel for the forthcoming event.

      • raphael  On November 14, 2013 at 2:16 pm

        Not easy at all my friend, hang in there, do not abandon your family.
        Your family are the mirrors given to you Gary, to assist you aren’t they?

        I do not mind being another mirror you take with you to reflect on in a ‘funhouse’ of your design, but like everything else am I not just an illusion here to help you out find your way.
        When you no longer need your mirrors is when you will see who you really are for the first time…?
        Having fun yet?

        When you get to the point where you realize your awakening is both a blessing and a curse….ask yourself why it is a blessing and why it is a curse.
        Take your time.

        And what is this forthcoming event you mentioned?


      • gary  On November 14, 2013 at 2:39 pm

        I don’t intend to abandon them but I need to go home for a while and see my parents and take care of some business, at least that is what I am being led to believe. I’m still struggling a bit with finding the time, seems too much information is being given to me all the time and I can’t get my head around it. As for the 3D augmentation stuff, I don’t really get it yet. I was inputting some info earlier and I got a 5trange call, 5omebody a5king for Juana M, I wasn’t sure but I thought that I knew what to say. I was in a cafe, though and it would have sounded strange if I said Sanctus thrice…

        The full moon on Sunday is the event and I could be mistaken but I believe that I have to be outside for the night to see it?

  • Gary Chevalier  On November 27, 2013 at 9:39 pm


    Were you joking about having fun? All I am doing is going round in circles solving as many problems as I can in the little time that is available. All the while I’m having to give my money away, which is my family’s only security in the world. That’s all well and good & I have no problem giving, I would love to give more but with no income my wife doesn’t see things the same way! There are not enough hours in the day & I know that is the point – I know more or less who I am & that everything is a problem to be solved. But there is no time for fun, i’m meditating 3 to 4 hours per day and chasing my tail for the rest of the time. My wife and kids are unhappy & that leads to me being unhappy. I didn’t even watch the whole Persinger video because of time restraints. I’ve never come across a problem I couldn’t solve so I know I can do it but I could really do with some help here!


    • raphael  On December 3, 2013 at 1:59 am

      how can I help Gary?

      • Gary Chevalier  On December 15, 2013 at 4:09 pm


        I could really do with some help from the archangel of healing. You know about my brain injury, well, I still have some deficits that I feel are preventing me from making any further progress along this path. I will be praying…


  • gary  On December 3, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Well, I need 3M put into numbers to finish a code but I don’t seem to be able to decipher it. I’ve tried loads of combinations to no avail…

    • Gary Chevalier  On December 4, 2013 at 11:04 pm

      Ok, I should have guessed the answer to the last question I left regarding 3M. Still though, I need to work a out a few more things and time is, as ever, in short supply.

  • amaste92  On December 8, 2013 at 6:23 am

    /large what do you think about that?

  • amaste92  On December 8, 2013 at 6:24 am

    i’m not sure if the link i copied worked: http://www.nro.mil/about/launches/index.html
    what do you think?

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