AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – November 15 – 2013 – Sigma Chi – The Temple Of Man

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UPDATE March 13, 2015

I asked my daughter today Rachel to accompany me to the LOOX optician to help me decide on a new frame for my eyeglasses.
Yesterday I had chosen about seven frames but could not decide on which one, so I asked my daughter to help me decide.
One of the frames were made by Ray-Ban, the other six were not.
And in fact she did choose the Ray-Ban frame, and in the end I went along with her decision.

Then today March 15th I found out that Ray-Ban was in fact formed in 1937 and their slogan is ‘Genuine Since 1937’

Now the coincidence that Rachel helped me pick out my eye wear, helping me decide on the Ray-Bans is uncanny as this blog shall continue to illustrate.
(keep reading)

Without a doubt the years 13791793, along with 1937, and 1973 in this century seem to be more than just coincidences involving the same four numbers 1379, there appears to be another numerical narrative keeping pace, with history as it is being recorded.

How deep do you want to go down the rabbit hole?
And if we should come across a rabid rabbi should we turn back?
Of course not Alice, things will just begin to get interesting.

The Temple Of Man – Luxor Egypt


The images so far presented, the videos etc. are all just a prelude to the narrative that is about to unfold.
It continues to amaze.
I will share with you what has happened over the past several days and you can decide if all of these coincidences are evidence of an emergent UNITY that eventually will become more and more apparent with time or else it was just all a series of coincidences of fortunate events that I just happen to tap into at the time.
But the timing of my paying attention to the devil in the detail is odd in itself too.


John Anthony West is probably one of the best to take you on a tour of The Temple Of Man found in Luxor.

Here is a coincidence from my POV.
I was looking for images for the Temple Of Man at Luxor and the above image in black and white lead me to a forum that I had participated on for many years always under a cloud of controversy, eventually being banned.
One of the few supporters I had on that forum was ‘vision-master‘ and he was in fact the fella who posted that image we see above in black and white found at this link here –

But here is the AHA – another profound 137 coincidence that defies all of the odds, what would the probabilities be?
Take a look at the time I was loitering about that forum on November 21st, it was 7:13 pm.
I was about to leave that site when I noticed the time and I took a screen shot found here:

As we can see that 137 coincidence happened today November 21, but I want to take you back to November 15th 2013, the day I finally managed to recover the genius of Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, somebody who I know who understand and comprehend my crazy self.

The Temple Of Man

R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz’s masterwork, The Temple of Man, finally appears in English in an inspired two volume translation by Deborah Lawlor and an equally inspired production job by the publishers. This book is, in my opinion, the most important single work of scholarship of this, or any other century. It is a work of pure genius; the more you study it, the more it seems impossible for a single man to have accomplished. Starting with a single revelatory observation in Egypt in 1937, Schwaller de Lubicz, over the course of some 20 years, was able to piece together the sacred science of the ancients and present it in rigorously documented fashion.
– See more at John Anthony West:


Lost Vision of the Universe Rediscovered by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz


The Temple Of Man was published in 1957, the culmination of a revelation that had taken place in 1937.
1957 happens to be the year I was born, and clearly the numbers 1379 have become part of my tale.
Here I am in awe of this book, that I was meant to find, but the events surrounding its acquisition were meant to make me take notice.
What else could it possibly mean?

WoW MoM what a day I had, full of 137 coincidences which continue to suggest Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung were correct in associating Pauli’s obsession over the number 137  to Jung’s concept the ‘collective unconscious’.
Recall the coincidence that Wolfgang Pauli died in room 137 of a Red Cross Hospital.

Wolfgang Pauli a Nobel prize winner is also famous for saying this;

“The concept and interpretation of FSC leads us out from the physics.”

The FSC known also as alpha, 0.00729 and 1/137 (which is the inverse of 137) leads us OUT from the physics and  into the metaphysical realms where science and religion must embrace each other and discuss ‘what is consciousness?’.

It is all good, because Nobel winners and a noble science will need to admit it cannot measure ‘consciousness’.

Well it is a good thing too that I took note of the string of coincidences the other day, using time stamps, parking tickets,  etc. the kind of empirical evidence we need in order to prove that the coincidence is in fact evidence of a underlying design where every detail has been accounted for … IF ye dare bother to go looking for the 137 dEvILs in the dEtaIL.

The  most amazing coincidence occurred involving this bell tower, The Soldier’s Tower part of the University of Toronto infrastructure.
I have lived in Toronto all my life, and I am clearly ignorant of what Toronto offers.
November 15, 2013 I shall never forget.
I suspect an angel got their wings that day, isn’t that what happens when you hear bells?
At around 11:37 I suspect, but I did not ‘get it’ until about 11:41 in fact!

Soliders' Tower Approach

The Soldiers’ Tower is a world-renowned memorial to the 1181 members of the University who gave their lives in the cause of peace and freedom during the two World Wars.

In January, 1919 the Alumni Federation (University of Toronto Alumni Association) appealed for funds to build a War Memorial and establish scholarships in memory of those students, staff and alumni who served in the Great War. The appeal raised $397,141. The Tower was completed in 1924 at a cost of $252,500 which included the Memorial Screen, but not the clock and the carillon which were added in 1927. The surplus is still in use for scholarships to this day. The Architects were Henry Sproatt & Earnest R. Rolph.

The Carillon

Originally there were 23 bells, the minimum number for a carillon.
In 1952, 19 new bells were donated in memory of the members of the University who fell in the Second World War and to enlarge the existing instrument. Unfortunately these bells did not match the tone of the original ones so funds were raised to purchase 28 Petit and Fritsen bells, a new playing clavier, and a practice console. The augmented, 51-bell, Soldiers Tower Carillon was rededicated on May 7, 1976.

Its 51 bells, which range in weight from four tons (the Bourdon) to 23 pounds, are hung on a four-tier frame in the top level of the tower.

Did you notice the reverse 137 in the U of T url over which I would have no control?

I find it interesting that they settled on 51 bells.
The Geneva bible was replaced by the KJV bible after 51 years.

November 15, 2013

How did the day begin?
How was the 137 day set into motion?

It all begins with a cosmic Knock Knox joke.


I got a call from my eldest daughter @8:53 AM wanting a ride downtown, her plea for assistance was noble.
Rachel needed to pick up books on architecture from several of the university libraries.

Of course (in my mind) I was not prepared to leave immediately as my daughter expected but it did not take me long to see the opportunity I was being presented with to spend time with my daughter and have her help me out by using her university privileges allowing me to borrow the books for 2 weeks.

Robarts Library had a couple of ‘monumental’ books I was interested in available to the public through their stacks but they could not be removed from the  premises by me, an outsider, The Temple Of Man is one of them.

I told her I would be over in about 20 minutes and thus the 137 consciousness journey began.
We had three libraries to visit. The first was Robarts with which I was somewhat familiar with.

meter locations in blue


1 this strip along Harbord St. is where the parking meters are located where I normally park when going to the Robarts Library.
Reason: Logistics, because the entrance to the library is closer to the St. George and Harbord St. intersection.

2 where I parked for the first time with my daughter Rachel on Huron St.
Reason: The other meters where I normally park along Harbord were taken and I mentioned this to my daughter at the time, who in fact can confirm the need to park on Huron street on this particular day.

3 this is the location of the test meter I used in order to see what changes would occur on the parking tags.
Reason: in order to judge the probability of the 1379 coincidences that I just happen to pick up/tune into on this fine November day.

In fact Robarts was the only library I needed to find a parking meter for.  The other two libraries we visited I stayed close by the chariot, a black/white yin/yang Mini Cooper while Rachel searched for the books she needed for the period architecture she was researching.

So Rachel and me set off to the stacks section, but as anticipated I was not allowed inside, so I waited outside on the 4th floor or was it the 9th?
Only Rachel was allowed to enter because she had a U of T student ID card and who am I anyway?
I am the walking talking bank account called Pa that helped finance 50% of the dream that was now refusing me entry.

Rachel came down from the stacks area with the bad news that neither of the books I was interested appeared to be on the shelf thus available.
We proceeded to the front desk and then my phone rang.

At 10:44 my friend KW (same initials as my father) called to share with me something she had noticed about the study group she was participating in.
It’s protocol number was 13-017.

Today when I called KW to find out more details she quickly realized that even though she had called me at 10:44 after noticing the protocol number for the study group she was in, this had actually occurred closer to 10:37 am she admits she did not call me right away…how cool is all of that…but it is too bad she did not notice and call me right away because then my phone would have recorded this 137 synchronicity…and as we shall see it would have been a lovely piece of circumstantial synchronistic coincidental evidence that would have even the most skeptical scratching their heads.
Did KW notice the 137 coincidence at 10:37 we will never know but in consideration of the other evidence I am about to present, my guess is that her mind noticed everything at once but she could only entertain one narrative at a time…

It soon became clear that Rachel was going to take longer retrieving her books than we had estimated, the parking meter had in fact expired.
So I went out to Huron street to purchase another ticket or at least stay with the vehicle, just in case Rita the lovely Meter Maid should pass by and issue me a parking fine.

That is when I saw it all begin to unfold. As I often do (lately) I had a quick glance at the parking meter ticket to see what kind of numerical coincidences are being served up without giving it any thought on my part.
That is when I saw the number pattern on the parking tag.

AHA – note I highlighted in yellow along the bottom the numbers 80139753

The reader must understand that the numbers 1379 and 1376 jump off pages when I see them grouped together, for very good reason.

It soon became clear to me that I was being given a unique opportunity to gather evidence of  the 1379 coincidences using the parking meters to conduct an experiment regarding ‘probabilites’.

Then I looked up and saw where I had parked – right opposite the SIGMA CHI (ΣΧ) fraternity house?


Another nest of potential rat pack brats nesting together in a frat, is there a Robert Downy Jr. among them … an Iron Man worthy of the Iron Cross to pin our future hopes on…?

Sigma Chi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The ‘motto’ of this frat house is in fact my motto too, what a coincidence that I should park beside it and be issued a ticket with the numbers 1397 clearly stamped on it.

Sigma Chi (ΣΧ)- In Hoc Signo Vinces

‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla, Peter Plichta, String Theory and the Philosopher’s Stone

So the one coincidence that was bothering me was that I needed to know what the numbers on the parking tag 80139753 were indicating?
So I put in a quarter, another two bits, 25 cents to see what the ticket would print and this is what came up, the same numbers 801397 followed by a 56 this time, indicating that this machine had issued tickets #54 and #55 in the interim.

So the two tickets I had purchased from the same meter opposite Sigma Chi (ΣΧ), i.e. 80139753 and 80139756 did not tell me if all parking meters used the similar prefix numbers 801397 … so I took a walk up Huron Street to another meter and conducted another experiment costing 25 cents.
I used this meter, the next one north of the one I had used, number 3 on the meter map I have supplied.
I was curious to see if 137 would appear also in its code.


The 801397 prefix was absent on this meter … and that made me rather happy.
I then decided to have a look across the street to see what was opposite this meter.
Recall the other meter was opposite Sigma Chi (ΣΧ).

Take a look at the house numbers on the two attached semis opposite my ‘test’ meter.
Together the two semi-detached houses yield the one code 374-316
What I find odd however is how one of the 7s is broken to look like a 1 instead, thereby providing me with the requisite ‘137‘.

So after taking it all in I walked back down to my car and continued to wait for Rachel.

Then I saw a student emerge from the Sigma Chi (ΣΧ) fraternity house.
I approached him and found out his name was SaM.
I decided to ask SaM a few questions about the motto/cross associated with In Hoc Signo Vinces.

In Hoc Signa Vinces and SaM – note the ΣΧ Frat House over his left shoulder

I learned from SaM that Vinces is best pronounced as WinK-ess
i.e. the V sounds like a W, the C sounds like a K and the es sounds like an ess or ‘S’

Before parting I also invited him to check out the faKebook page called 137 – The KEY to the Collective Unconscious because I planned on adding him to the 137 narrative.

137 – The KEY to the Collective Unconscious

At 11:19 Rachel called to let me know she did indeed find one of the books I had asked her to find and she was on her way out.
The gift finally arrived.

The TEMPLE Of MAN volumes 1 and 2

The result of a epiphany in 1937 Rene Schwaller’s journey was published in 1957, his monumental work had taken 56 years to make its way to little ole me and what did I see, oh my could it be?

volume I bar code ends with a 9
volume II bar code ends with a 6

137-96 brings me fool circle to where I began?

So how do we associate the numbers 137 to the collective unconscious and to the swastika?
Have a look at the other side of the parking ticket, what kind of advertising do we see?
Is the Rogers logo a swastika?

So the 137 coincidences have been building.
Building up to what?
Building up to The Temple Of Man in fact.

The Cubits and the Temple

Note in PLATE 64 we have a swastika on the left and beside it we see the foundation of Luxor – aka the Temple Of Man.
Note that both symbols are placed on a 22 x 18 grid and are surrounded by various alternate lengths for the cubit.

Recall the name of PLATE 64 – The Cubits and the Temple

Luxor The Temple of Man – San Graal

But it was not until I had a closer look at the detail of Rene Schwaller de Lubicz’s work that the simplicity of the archetype fit perfectly the journey I personally had been on.
In the image below we take a closer look at all of those white dots we see in The Temple Of Man in Luxor.

Rene Schwaller’s approach to understanding the Egyptians was via ‘consciousness’, he tried to understand them by thinking like them.
Unlike the modern approach which projects a diffused, diluted, polluted ignorant modernity onto a superior CULTure trying to comprehend it.

At this point in the discussion regarding consciousness and 137 we need to introduce three quotes by three Nobel winning physicists who may or may not have approved of Schwaller’s work.

Werner Heisenberg once proclaimed that all the quandaries of quantum mechanics would shrivel up when 137 was finally explained.

Wolfgang Pauli’s opinion is well known too:
“The concept and interpretation of FSC (137) leads us out from the physics.”

Richard Feynman was more dramatic:
“Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling (137) comes from: is it related to π or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number, and “we don’t know how He pushed his pencil.” We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this number very accurately, but we don’t know what kind of dance to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly!”
The Mysterious 137 – Feynman Online

So the genius of Rene Schwaller’s Magnum Opus The Temple Of Man tried to tackle Egyptian Pharonic consciousness, and three Nobel prize winners in physics are suggesting that the number 137 is somehow associated to the collective unconscious. The collaboration of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung as depicted recently in the book Deciphering the Cosmic Code 137 keeps us on track, navigating through new territory where the distinction between numbers and letters gets very fuzzy when trying to understand the evolution of language and communication using signs, symbols, numbers, and letters.

Can we link the claims of three Nobel Prize winners regarding 137 to the genius of Rene Schwaller who was also a mathematician in his own right.

It is in fact easier than we realize.
I noticed it the other day when I had a quick glance at my library copies.
Watch how simple and the numbers supporting the pattern suggest Rene Schwaller’s intuition was 100% correct.
This temple is elemental from the ground up, literally and figuratively.


The Temple Of Man by R.A Schwaller

88 vs 92 – How Many Elements on the Periodic Table of the  – wiseGEEK

The bottom half when you add up all of the blue dots seems to be a match for the Periodic Table of ‘Naturally Occurring’ Elements.
Note how if you fold the top half into the bottom half it roughly fits?

The top of The Temple of Man contains the 64 Codons of our DNA and the numbers 73 or 37 (stay tuned)

These two numbers can be associated with both consciousness and the collective unconscious.

WOW amazing don’t you think?
All of this has happened since November 15th when I decided to go down to the Robarts library to pick up The Temple Of Man.

… to be continued – 2 libraries to go, remember my daughter and me visited 3 libraries on November 15, 2013.
Next stop is the John W. Graham Library which is right next to Trinity Church.

Ode to Joy

to be continued….

afterthoughts …. since Nov. 15/2013

The Temple Of Man

Rene Schwaller is going to help us understand 137.
Do you know why I say that?
Well yesterday November 15th was a magical 137 day, I had gone down to U of T Robarts library with my daughter who has U of T privileges hoping to borrow a book, and knowing I only had two weeks to view these books I had no choice after viewing them, within five minutes I knew I would need to have my own reference copies available 24/7/365.
At the end of the day I had ordered the last set from Amazon, there was no hesitation on my part…and of course the numbers 137 appear again in this purchase!

Order #169-73 is a match for the 137-96 code recovered.
What I paid including HST tax just happens to come out to $153.67 which is yet another confirmation.

Does it ever end?

So after buying the book and being presented with yet another 137 coincidence I finally got around to writing about my experiences in this blog that you are reading.

Then I noticed it.
It can’t be but of course it is.
In the image below bottom right I had noticed the time I had posted this blog was 19:37  which coincidentally matches the year 1937 that Rene Schwaller de Lubicz claims was the year that he had experienced his original epiphany, which lead to him putting together his magnum opus The Temple Of Man, published in 1957, the year I was born!

years later I recover the genius of RS which will help us understand how the 5 and concerns itself with the geometry of the pentagon and hexagon which are old world ideas connected to the Seals of Solomon which can be shown to be connected to the 64 codons of our DNA.

And if using a 24 hr. clock the time 19:37 is the same as 7:37 pm.
And the reverse of one of the parking tickets issued to me on Nov. 15, 2013 clearly carries the code 80139753.

I must conclude there is no way that little ole’ me could have possibly planned all of the above ‘137‘ coincidences….but I will admit that my higher self could have designed it down to the last detail OR maybe my higher self only needed to point out to ME what ‘just is’ is.

I must add that there were events that happened on November 15 that went unnoticed by me, but what I did notice and since continues to amaze.

The genius of RS (Rene Schwaller) will give us insights into the RS magic, the Rotas Sator magic.

Because that is the way it has been written, so it must be recovered.
I have a hunch.

i.e. How does RSchwaller define a ‘Royal Cubit’?

Do you see the 137 pattern in the digits?

28 = 2 + 8 = 1
12 = 1 + 2 = 3
16 = 1 + 6 = 7

Did I mention the Temple Of Man has SSS fully depicted?
When I say SSS I am suggesting Sacred Swastika Science.
I just did….this was shared with me on the TOEQuest forum

page 237 of RS work – The Temple Of Man

IF anybody can appreciate the work of RS it is somebody who has been working on the RS magic square.

Note in the Rosy Cross above we see the one southern arm is longer because it has an extra ‘hexagon’ that the other three arms do not.
All four arms have a pentagon but only the longer southern displays both.
There is good reason for this and it can shown to be connected to DNA ATCG pairs.

Rosicrucian Lectures – Vescia Piscis – Robert Gilbert and Raphael

The hexagon and pentagon were both Seals of Solomon. This is an important piece of information that many people overlook.
The pentagon was the linked to Solomon as a seal, used as an amulet etc. before the hexagon.

This quote taken from the masterpiece The Temple Of Man by R Schwaller de Lubicz.
Does this ‘review’ of Rene Schwaller’s work mention a hexagon/pentagon, it does and RS work is full of it…and those two shapes place into the molecular world of DNA.

“Anthropocosmos Man had configured the vital moment of Genesis in mathematical terms and was able to express this creation by way of geometry propagating into greater proportions. They had realized the square roots of 2, 3, and 5, and the perpetual golden mean ratio “phi” associated with pentagonal and hexagonal geometry expressed in the physical development of organic creatures in relationship to the growth and size of their different body parts.”


Clearly we have just begun … to be continued

selah V

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  • Marek  On August 4, 2015 at 11:30 pm

    Knowledge of Schwaller de Lubicz is quite surprising for me. Since there were no translations into my native language I had no chance to read it sooner. I have to admit He is absolutely correct in understanding of Egyptian way of seeing the world. We humans, we don’t know what we really are. We only use terminology that we create in need of experiencing and sharing knowledge coming from the experience. We are so deeply fooled by our egoistic point of view and the reality that comes with our senses. We simply don’t ask the questions: What we are and why We are? You may ask the scientist what the star is and in reality you won’t get any answer except what we can see and name. In fact we have no clue what the star is or what just anything is including ourselves. If you’re interested, or if Your heart is interested in waking up, perhaps you could do something with it. As you probably know we are searching for some certain things. All according to our consciousness. If we want to know just to know, then it is exactly what the Lucifer wants to know and do. Keep it for himself. All we experience cause certain things being attractive, some not. All just to make us understand by heart why are we here and obviously why we should save our self from our self and get out from here. Regarding mixing Schwaller de Lubicz with the SS it is just like saying that Rudolf Steiner was a racist. Btw. This is definitely an author you may learn a lot from. If I were You I’d change that title and think for a few minutes why do you find those things interesting and what are you willing to do with that knowledge. You know, You may kind of adore how smart the ancients were and that is true. They were smarter and even better than us. This is due to the nature of our universe and time itself. Just like with a Man’s life. Beginning is the best and as closer to an end it is getting worse. What we can call “Spiritual” worlds, the real ones, not astral ones, in fact is the past and it is still there, yet we are separated by our fall and time. Consequence of that fall. Universe is eternal but we can’t imagine that because we are the prisoners of time and death. Basically day by day we live in a bit worse reality or just a bit worse place in time. Anyway, we are going one way, where all of the matter go. To an end. That is certain. So why are you interested in all this? Since around 200 yrs we all can become ” the Perfect Man”. Everyone who is capable enough in his heart to understand can follow the path of Jesus Christ. No Church will tell you since they would like to “keep” Christ for a sort of copyright for their own use, but this is the Perfect Man, the Son of God and we can become Him. Knowledge is great, but remember that we eat from the Tree of Knowing for a reason. Look into works of Jan van Rijkenborgh if you’re not familiar with yet. Talk to experienced Rosicrucians. They and Sufis are only mystery schools focused on on transfiguring the man of this nature into Christ. Lectorium Rosicrucianum should be a good source of knowledge and understanding. All alone you’ll always only feed your ego and it will fool you into “I know better” situation. This is how it works and in those times there’s no way a single man could follow the path. If you just thought You could, you have a proof you couldn’t. Even in the old world there were Mystery Schools for those ready and only those chosen were on their own. There are people there, who’s understanding does not come from their heads but their hearts. You may find answer why are you who you are and how everything is a matter of cause and the effect. Fortuity is a word man created when couldn’t comprehend events happening around.

    I also recommend Jacob Boehme…The Teutonic mystic:)
    H.P.Blavatsky I bet you know, but just in a case.
    Stay away from Thelema, Alistair Crowley and anything that “makes or promisses the EGO better”. You just can’t make it better:) It is the root of evil.
    In the States not sure about Lectorium Rosicrucianum but there’s Rosicrucian Fellowship. Amorc isn’t really worth your interest from what I see you know.
    God bless

    • raphael  On August 6, 2015 at 8:08 pm

      to answer your questions you need to know I am truly a mystic
      I do try to explain an area of expertise where I AM both number and letter, idea and form

      Take a look at this gnostic image of the Holy Spirit
      SS = Holy Spirit
      But what if SS = 55 and reversed in the MIRROR we see 22?
      22 Hebrew letters circumscribed or divided by 7 doves is what?
      22/7 = pi and 22/7 is also 3 1/7


  • Marek  On August 4, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    …or perhaps you used SS as a sacred swastika without any connection to Nazism. Anyway you need to remember that many people will make their own understanding and meaning just to make it fit “their” vision of the world. Many esoterics of 30’s were mixed with Nazism to make them look bad. There’s a book called Demasque by Jan van Rijkenborgh. It is I guess from 1946 like the Temple of man if memory serves me well. Using Great Pyramid of Gizeh calendar he pointed out September 2001 as a year when our social life we knew will dramatically change. I recommend! Demasque by Jan van Rijkenborgh not sure of an English title. Exposure?

  • Marek  On August 4, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    and btw for a modern man it all may sound strange, but this knowledge is quite natural. You have a perfect depiction of EM waves in Gnostic gospel of Pistis Sophia. Man. Adam is the creator of this world so how could He not know everything about it’s elements:) I also recommend the Genesis of Corpus Hermeticum. It is all well explained in the book The Egyptian Arch Gnosis also from J.van Rijkenborgh.

  • Marek  On August 5, 2015 at 12:13 am

    Don’t give what is holy to dogs or throw your pearls to pigs!
    Opposites are the same thing. When you say and believe: I know nothing. This will be the beginning of knowing everything. It is all merely the reflection of the real world, just like we are the reflection of the real Man. For now He believes He is the reflection. It is all in the Book of Genesis or in the myth of Narcissus. That is the same moment when the universe lost it’s symmetry and all of this came to be.
    “The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”

  • Marek  On August 7, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Now all you need to do is to sacrifice what you know, where you were and what you are. Give up Your intelligence that lures you into speculation. Asymmetry is the key. That is correct. It proves that as long as you are a part of this imperfect world, you’re able to see this asymmetry and also feel it as a suffering. There are two ways of knowledge. You may use it or you may walk with it to the end. This whole world is a veil of Isis and it only lifts when you die on the cross of this nature. That is the first way of dealing with the knowledge. If you use your heart you won’t need no mysticism. No thing will be metaphysical anymore. Christ is the key. He is the Logos and the the real Gnosis.
    God bless on your way to the Truth

    • raphael  On August 11, 2015 at 12:56 pm

      thanks for the comment
      but but butt
      you said this;

      “If you use your heart you won’t need no mysticism. No thing will be metaphysical anymore. Christ is the key. He is the Logos and the the real Gnosis.”

      Marek if anybody or anything is mystical it would be the son of god walking on water.

      PhDUH I do wonder if walking on water is a hint to what ‘anti-gravity’ or ‘gravity’ might be?
      i.e. why did King Solomon have 700 wives and 300 concubines and how does this match up with gravity being described today as a force made up of 70% pushing and 30% pulling?

      If you continue to make comments that suggest you lost your library card (check inside your bible) without wanting to learn how the 2,000 year old SS jeSuS is veiling the 12,000+ year old SwaStika as an IDEA worth following … what AM I to do with ewe?

      Christians spewing nonsense about GNoSiS are clearly ignorant.
      Ignorant of the information presented here;

      and here …

      I wonder if GeNeSiS and GNoSiS and GNoSSoS known as KNoSSoS are in any way associated?
      This link provides many clues that indeed they are on the same page.

      Clearly if we remove the foul vowels Vanna White and leave only consonants as a Hebrew scribe might or Rabbi versed in gematria be inclined to do, we end up with very similar ideas being conveyed.


      so what happened?
      I see that an ‘S’ was dropped from the MNeMoNic being passed forward and the letter K is equivalent to the letter G?

      by the way were you aware of the following?

      SS is Spiritus Sanctus
      SSS is Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!


  • Marek  On August 12, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    What do you imply? Do you suggest that Nazi SS had something to do with the Spiritus Sanctus? I hope not. Walking on water isn’t mystical. Jesus hid it from the crowds. It is a symbol, again addressed to those who have ears. Literal meaning means no more than a boat or a plane. Is flying mystical to you? For me it is something that can be achieved on this Earth. We can fly and believe me there are folks there who levitate. That is not mystical for me. Even walking may be dangerous on this planet, you know:) Us, I mean Adam creates this universe and most of the forces in it. You have only 3 types of actions in the universe. It is attraction, repulsion and indeterminacy or gyration. They come from 3 segments of the body of Adam Kadmon. In our body 3 meridians around your head it is repulsion or expansion and force called Lucifer. That is the reason for so called cosmic expansion(in reality no such thing. We perceive it because we are stuck in time). 3 lowest meridians represent attraction or shrinkage, also procreation and that is the Kingdom of Uriel. The furnace.. Only heart make things spin in the universe. This comes from macro cosmic Christ. Also gasses in the atmosphere are the reflection of this. Nitrogen reflects forces of mind and expansion, Oxygen comes from attraction and CO2 from spinning. Noble gasses represent hard matter in the universe. You may even realize that the gluon bozon condensate in early universe is exact what Uroborus symbol is and that gluon loop looks exactly like two snakes holding their tails…but, but, but
    All this should only make you see the truth. World that is, not the one you perceive. Our top end sees it’s low end as something dirty, where in fact that is head that makes everything dirty. Human mind is the subject of forces of THIS WORLD. Don’t be fooled with it’s mysteries and secrets. Why do I write this? Because MAN IS A MICROCOSM and that make things like levitation and everything else obvious and not mystical at all. Christians are mostly ignorant:)agree. It is the human thing you know…It is devil’s thing:) Or the same? If you walk the patch of any mysterium, no matter where from. Eleusis, Celtic, Egyptian, Sufi, Atlantean, whatever. You’ll find out it is all the same. Walking the patch unveils the reality. Nothing is mystical anymore, because you understand why are you here and what it is around you. This world is a symbol and everything is here just to open your eyes. There’s no place for speculation or fantasies. No place for calculation even spiritual knowledge reminds mathematics, feeling it have nothing to do with intellect of your mind. Most of ancient literature spoke symbolically about Man-God Mysterium. 12 works of Heracles etc. Even story of Noah is the story of Man-God sacrifice. Same water, same meaning. Ark is the human body of course. If you give up your knowledge, you’ll get the real one and I don’t mean your knowledge is wrong. I just see that you’re fascinated with symbols, letters and numbers. That is quite interesting but not so mystical also. It have to do with the negative and positive Lines of creation, and on the level of our body it comes from chromosomes. I don’t like using such terminology:) but even human anatomy have it’s esoteric usage and meaning. Even fiery letters:) Nothing exist without reason. This world is the veil of Isis covering the temple and your eyes. Btw. If you look into Rudolf Steiner or H.P.Blavatsky you’ll get all of your revelations about swastikas and other symbols all over the time and the world. Seriously. Steiner have created anthroposophy. You’ll find much, much more. Symbolism of four animals is also there fully explained. I still don’t get why are those letters SS so important to you. If one symbol becomes negative in our collective perception, that means this symbol isn’t leading anywhere anymore. Nazis had their Votan’s revelation in times where Votan is not a positive force anymore. Swastika is unholy because of all that blood suffering. One more thing. If you go the right way, there will be no more secrets and those questions that were meaningless will dissolve in Gnosis.
    Gnosis isn’t any form of knowledge like many people think. Gnosis could be described as a form of radiation of the SS:) That is the way the heart of the heart of this universe communicates with us. Just like in our hearts there is only one holly atom, like Noah chosen from the rest. Heart of the world is a place where time don’t exist but everything comes from it. For us it was eternity ago but it is still there. Same in our hearts. Like Christ said. Kingdom is closer than your hands and legs. It is in the very center of you. Place from before the fall. It is still in one place, but not time. That is place where’s no death, vanishing or positive negative division. It is the beginning with no beginning. Keep up the good work anyway.

    • raphael  On August 12, 2015 at 4:12 pm

      blah blah blah
      EVERYBODY can cherry pick the evidence pile and come up with a nice little story Marek and clearly EWE are no different than the rest of your flock of seegullibles.

      dear Marek it WOULD in fact surprise you to find out that jesus is veiling what the swastika puts on the table

      oh yes it does
      the SwaStika aka tetragrammaton/YHWH TRUMPS jeSuS and that wanker Donald too.
      Now I can use the 12,000+ year old swastika to explain the world from the ground up better than you can using a 2,000 year old jesus … who/what came first?

      i.e. use jesus to explain SPACE, TIME, and MOTION or MOVEMENT and polarized light

      btw I can use the swastika to explain GOD, the SON, and the Holy Spirit along with SPACE TIME and MOTION and attraction, repulsion and yer gyrations.

      … and polarized light, which is clearly an association between the two B-mode gravity waves and the two opposite rotating swastika/s.

      So you first Marek.
      Use jesus to explain what SPACE, TIME, and MOTION are to the satisfaction of science/religion

      Yes it must satisfy science/religion and the gray zone in between them called the metaphysical.


      only ignorant christians like yourself must invoke the NaZi in order to reply to my insights that you fail to see because you are blinded by both ‘jesus loves ewe’ AND ‘NaZi propaganda’

      Why is a GeNiuS like me hooked on the ‘S’word?

      Marek you will need to ascend the learning curve to find out.

      STEP #1
      what/who was NuN in Egypt?

      STEP #2
      what/who was NuN to the Hebrews exiting Egypt in a hurry called an Exodus?

      STEP #3
      why is the SS linked to ZZ and 22 and 55 and of course the NN?

      source of image, I ponder if you have what it takes to have your name added to this Marque Marek?

      STEP #4
      How/why do Christians get stuck on NaZi or N_Z_ when I try to discuss the N_N_?
      Can we trace the word NaZi to the bible and jeSuS?

      Yes in fact we can!
      go here and scroll down

      I AM a GeNiuS sir … awoken


      you asked about the SS … would you like to double the pleasure SSSS?
      knock on the swastika door and it will be opened for you too
      tell ’em the SS jeSuS sent you

    • raphael  On August 12, 2015 at 4:58 pm

      you asked
      “Do you suggest that Nazi SS had something to do with the Spiritus Sanctus?”

      I believe there are no coincidences.
      Your god is the author of everything …

      including the S, the SS, the SSS, and the SSSS

      S = ?
      SS = SpirituS SanctuS
      SSS = SanctuS! SanctuS! SanctuS!

      but if SSS = 555 = Washington Monument
      but what is the connection between 555 and 5555 and GRAVITY?
      SSSS =


      there are NO coincidences, your god told me that and so did Einstein.

  • Marek  On August 14, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Newton took his conception of gravity from works of Jacob Boehme, so why would I explain whats been lond explained? Snake and 5. That what it means and that’s why you so much after it. Number of transfiguration and the snake…creator? My God you say? There’s no such thing. He could say My men, but He does not own anything. My or your god? We are the dark freedom of this world. We mostly pray our own gods. Gods of this realm, of our twisted minds. Adam, not Logos is the author of all this. This is consequence not creation. First of all. This is world of dialectics and none of both poles have anything to do with the Logos. Everything have it’s dialectic and spiritual meaning. You may follow dialectic Saturn and it will give you knowledge and take you to the highest mountain. Are you ready for what’s there? All of the treasure of this world and It may be yours…are you ready to refuse? There is also higher Saturn and that is just 3 steps from the top. It may help you. You decide which of Saturns you want to follow. S is not an exception. You clearly didn’t read what I wrote or simply emotions did not allow you to understand. I wrote this is a world of CAUSE and EFFECT. No, no coincidences here. Do you know why do we need darkness and evil? No. SS on the Nazi banners was no coincidence. Just anything that comes from spiritual world finds it’s reflection here. Like Israel- the place in your heart and Israel – country, abomination and mockery made from Logos. Look at the religions of this world. They are also reflections. This is what happens when the crowd wants it’s participation in works of Logos. They have ears, but can’t here. Their eyes blind…but their will strong in profanations. You may work with your knowledge by sacrifice or you may eat that knowledge, still being the one who say this is good this I don’t like. Being your own god – Satan. You should remember that being humble is the key. Not being the great mystic. I see the waves of your emotions flowing through words you wrote. That leads nowhere, you know. Our souls need salvation from ourselves. When/if you get this, that’s ok. If not also ok. Because everything that is, must be. Otherwise it would be otherwise. Now my left foot is out from your doorstep. My work here is done:) Don’t bother to answer. I’m going home. I’m not here anymore. I never was and I’ll always be. Thank you for helping me understand myself and my purpose even more.

    • raphael  On August 14, 2015 at 3:17 pm

      again your ignorance of what I know makes your explanation shallow and not well researched but well rehearsed
      why ignorant bible babblers like yourself MUST associate the SwaStika with only the NaZi is a step back in the evolution of consciousness, a step back in time to the crap ye embrace as both literal and figurative TRUTHS

      I have done the research
      The S in addition to appearing as a 5 when using a mirror becomes a 2 and Z and most importantly the letter N

      This ONE image encapsulates the download/upload that took place some time ago.

      source of image, a genius resides here;

      With your mind filled to the brim with ‘jeSuS loves ewe’ and ‘SaNta/SataN’ shit, I do admit your ability to SEE and HEAR and comprehend this genius is beyond you at this time but I do like some of what ye wrote here Marek;

      Being your own god – Satan. You should remember that being humble is the key. Not being the great mystic. I see the waves of your emotions flowing through words you wrote. That leads nowhere, you know. Our souls need salvation from ourselves. When/if you get this, that’s ok. If not also ok. Because everything that is, must be. Otherwise it would be otherwise. Now my left foot is out from your doorstep. My work here is done:) Don’t bother to answer. I’m going home. I’m not here anymore. I never was and I’ll always be. Thank you for helping me understand myself and my purpose

      Let me just say that the world needs the occasional mystic to appear from time to time to help set the record straight.

      PhDUH your bible babble is full of mystics and magic.

      Your work here is NOT done my friend, ye are now running from the TRUTH.
      So what is your purpose now Marek?


      RaphaEL the archangel

      aka the Prince of Hades explains why this symbol, the swastika is associated with ME+me

  • raphael  On February 16, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    the most important aspect to consider is the BEND

    and how it might be suggesting the BENDING of LIGHT or polarization

    what if?

    what if the Bent Pyramid was also an attempt to express the polarization or bending of light?

    what if?

  • raphael  On February 16, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    First Robert Bauvel suggested the Orion alignment with the Giza plateau.

    And then another of the story tellers came along, Andrew Collins who suggests that the constellation of Cygnus defines the alignment better.

    There is yet another story teller making the circuit, Robert Temple who pointed out how a detectable ‘bend’ exists in the Sphinx too!


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