iD intelligent De$ign ~ i37 the MA$TER BUILDER’$ GRID ~ the Ulam $piral ~ Prime Number$ and the $wa$tika

These two versions (above and below) of Card IV designed by G.O. Mebes are similar though not the same. What are the differences, without mentioning the colors used? Who was G.O. Mebes?

G. O. Mebes (1869 (Russia) – 1930), was a leader of Russian Freemasonry,[1] with more than 200 years of existence at that time, and the founder of ‘The Initiation School of Western Esoterism’. In his external life, he occupied the position of professor of French and Mathematics in two of the best schools in Saint Petersburg. He was appreciated and well known among the members of the society in the capital city. However, very few knew of his School. Only those who were invited by him were allowed into the School.

The MEbES (1937) Tarot – Emperor Card IV

In the English Book of Constitutions of 1723 this Proposition appears on the Frontispiece, and it was spoken of then as, “That amazing Proposition which is the foundation of all Masonry.”

The first two coincidences I need to point out are the year the Book of Constitutions was published 1723, and the fact the my personal epiphany occurred at age 47 and here I AM back where it all began 9 years ago. Back to the basics in order to learn more wisdom.

“When Coleridge tried to define beauty, he returned always to one deep thought; beauty, he said, is unity in variety! Science is nothing else than the search to discover unity in the wild variety of nature,—or, more exactly, in the variety of our experience. Poetry, painting, the arts are the same search, in Coleridge’s phrase, for unity in variety.” – J. Bronowski

1973 – This video clip is from a BBC documentary series that aired in 1973. 1937 – The man of the hour giving us insights to the Master Builder’s Grid is Rene Schwaller de Lubicz and his epiphany was recorded as occurring in 1937. 1379 – And then there is little ole’ ME standing on the shoulders of these accomplished men, giants and I dare say I AM trying to match my epiphany which lead to the 137-9 Lux code ‘recovered’ to these ideas that came before ME that I know.

I guess what I AM putting on the table is the 13th step in the Recovery process, 12 step programs are not enough, because it obviously did not address the sweet spot in the center associated to the hub, the axis of the wheel of fortunes associated with number 13. Considered lucky by some, and perhaps unlucky by those who pretend to build hi-rises and skip the 13th floor. But did I mention I was also born on 7/3 1957? Or that I was registered as 073190 when I was born…

Has my destiny been scripted for ME? Have I found it is the question I AM now considering, the chain of 137 events that I experienced this past November 15th, a day I shared with my eldest daughter, gives me great hope actually that everything will be A-Ok  in the Alpha-Omega end.

Listen to what Jacob Bronowski offers in his explanation of the Pythagorean theorem.

@3:10 “…it’s not the proof that is taught in schools” @5:30 “To this day, the theorem of Pythagoras remains the most important single theorem in the whole of mathematics. That seems a bold and extraordinary thing to say, yet it is not extravagant; because what Pythagoras established is a fundamental characterization of the space in which we move, and it is the first time that is translated into numbers. And the exact fit of the numbers describes the exact laws that bind the universe. In fact, the numbers that compose right-angled triangles have been proposed as messages which we might send out to planets in other star systems as a test for the existence of rational life there.” – Jacob Bronowski 1973

What is the KEY to the MA$TER BUILDER’$ GRID?
What does the KEY look like?

Samarra bowl (ca. 4000-5000 BC) on exhibit at the Pergamon museum, Berlin

KEY$ usually need to be rotated in order to gain entry

But wait why would I think that rotating image could be the KEY to the MA$TER BUILDER$ GRID? Well for two reasons, and two reasons only, and both reasons are spelled … … E P I P H A N Y Two epiphanies separated by 67 years that match up to a T. But these are not just any two epiphanies. They form part of the unfolding prophecy that is being recovered in the here and now.

 Author had an epiphany in 2004 I have spent 9+ years studying the swastika and the ‘Crusade’ crosses

Epiphany A

My epiphany which occurred around 2004 eventually lead me to that animated rotating depiction of a clay bowl which has been dated between 4000-5000 BC. My epiphany over the past 9 years has not gone unnoticed. I have shared my swastika epiphany with my devout Jewish shrink friend starting around 2007 and he has offered to help me write a book, when ready. Another coincidence is that my Jewish shrink friend has the initials J.C. But the most amazing thing between J.C. and me, and this is all true and has been documented, in addition to being born four days before me in 1957 something happened a couple of years ago. It is an astonishing piece of coincidental evidence that exists between JC and me, helping to highlight the entire narrative that I AM slowly recovering, bit by byte. I came across a Gideon bible that I have been carrying forward with me for quite some time. It was issued to me by the public school system when I was 10 years old. But I don’t remember being exposed that much to organized religion as a child, and it was not part of the family rite and ritual either. So why did I not let go of this book? And why is it being revealed to me now, in the manner it has been, via the ‘coinicidence’? What i noticed on the back cover blew me away. I noticed that I had signed to receive Jesus Christ, JC as my savior on the June 29, 1968 which just happened to be  the 11th birthday of my Jewish shrink friend who has the initials JC.   And I will not go into the details of how I met JC today, even though the circumstances are even MORE mind blowing. Yes more … He was recommended to me by another friend Tracy who had used him as a couples/marriage  therapist and she thought he was good, a straight shooter. It was in fact the reason I initially went to see JC back in 1996, my marriage was clearly in need of dire help. Because I realized I had married my mother! My swastika epiphany began about 8 years after my descent into the hell of my own design, and it is the driving force behind all of these ideas that I have gathered together and placed here:

Rene Schwaller de Lubicz had his epiphany in 1937 He spent 12+ years studying the Temple of Luxor In 1957 he published his epiphany

Epiphany B

The epiphany that occurred 67 years earlier in 1937 struck Rene Schwaller de Lubicz. What I find a rather surprising coincidence is not only the year of his epiphany but also the year he published it in 1957 under the title The Temple Of Man. 1957 is the year I was born. The year of his epiphany is fascinating because 1937 are the four numbers that without a doubt we can use to link Rene Schwaller’s epiphany to mine, in addition to the rotating KEY …

  • PART 1 deals with The Doctrine Of The Anthropocosmos
  • PART 2 deals with Mathematical Thought
  • PART 3 of this highly praised AND dissed monumental work by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz is dedicated to identifying The MASTER BUILDER’S GRID – Pharaonic Mathematics Applied

And in Part 3 of the Temple Of Man we are introduced to the KEY which is a perfect match in anticipation for the epiphany that would follow 67 years later. In FACT this image of the KEY occurs eleven times in PART 3, it clearly is the focus of PART 3.

5000 BC heART work compared to epiphany hatched in 1937 by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz

Well do the two epiphanies separated by 67 years match up very well?

But I need to offer the reader one more link that shows both epiphanies were on track  and in fact ‘anticipating’ the future of where science would find itself in the 21st century.

The information that has been gathered at this next link. Clearly and without a doubt what we have here is empirical proof that the coincidence is in fact evidence of an intelligent design. As Einstein offered that the “coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”.

In studying biomimicry the swastika soon identifies itself as part of the driving force behind the ‘design’ as Viktor Schauberger said, “fish do not swim, they are swum”.

Here are four images leading from protoplasmic life to the Friendship Knot. These are the ABCs of embracing a brand new unifying paradigm and putting ALL of the self serving ‘we are the chosen’ dogma behind us.

Above we see the three stages of the formation of the Jain swastika (according to an explanation given by Gandhi back in the late 1800s) which in fact resembles the Friendship Knot, lower bottom right. Would you be surprised if the image below came from a science site discussing 21st century breakthroughs in nano science? Because it did … the swastika architecture is exploited on the nano level and can in fact unzip human DNA to begin the replication process! Let me offer you nothing but coincidences here:

 source: Nanoscale Light Mill Spins a Motor with a Beam  – Popular Science

And I have another observation to make … how would an epiphany in another age, perhaps during the Paleolithic or Neolithic epochs be expressed without the tools of expression that we have at our disposal today?

So shall we continue?



Wake up to the TRUTH folks. There is no rELIgion, including science that is higher than the TRUTH. Obviously the $wa$tika, which is associated to the WHEEL of Earthly Fortunes plays a role that the Master Builders have tried to obfuscate. But Y? Does a GEOMETRIC unIvErsaL TRUTH have anything to do with GEOMETRY and the letter ‘G’? GEE does the ‘G’ have anything to do with the ULAM SPIRAL based on PRIME numbers? Yes Can we connect it to cELtIc knots too? Yes What else? Is it a coincidence or design (stupid questions eh?) of this magic square that 1379 are positioned in such a way that they form a cross around the number 5?

Prime Numbers plotted on a grid – the Ulam Spiral

How do we associate the 1379 Pattern to the Ulam spiral based on prime numbers? Using this killer video of the Lo Shu tones. Quincunxial Vortices 

Kymotropic analysis of the 81Lo Shu tone pairs that, when combined, total 1110hz… Ascending and descending concurrently… Each of the 40 polar tone pairs modulate around the 555hz ‘pole’ {40 x 2 = 80, 80 + 1 = 81 Tones} The tone pairs were processed with a frequency filter which reshapes the waveforms and establishes the swastika-form…

And ALL of the above we can connect to this cELtIc brooch?

I call it the Prime Number SEED PATTERN which resulted in the ULAM Spiral exposing its simplicity.

This simple parquet floor pattern     that we can place onto this 7000 year old plate:

The ignorant mass of humanity has so much BULLSHIT to let go of before they will ever see the simple TRUTH.

St. Brigid or St. Brigit’s Cross displaying a similar broken symmetry pattern as the prism.

Scientific Background on the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014

The invention of efficient blue LEDs has led to white light sources for illumination.
When exciting a phosphor material with a blue LED, light is emitted in the green and red spectral ranges, which, combined with the blue light, appears as white. Alternatively, multiple LEDs of complementary colours (red, green and blue) can be used together.

LED blue light emitting diode Nobel Prize 2014

How to draw cELtIc knots using the swastika seed pattern …

Aum, om, and um what patterns do you see in the Ulam?

Prime numbers are in fact the building blocks of NUMBERS. 1 and 37 and 137 are all considered prime and I suspect the swastika is prime time player because it is associated to asymmetrical time.

And if ‘we the sheeple’ mutter something about a higher CULTure existing in Atlantis, well what can I say what I AM has ‘been there, seen it, done it’. PhDUH are ye ready to move on or do ye like CHASE-ing your own fu*king tale till the end of time? aMEN selah V RaphaEL Archangel Healer and Prince of Hades

Robert Fludd – The Pulse

Robert Fludd – The Pulse 

Note the reference to Job 30:17 and EzekIEL 37 (the text accompanying the image suggests EzekIEL 37:9) just more of the design Job 30:17 – English Standard Version (ESV)

17  The night racks my bones, and the pain that gnaws me takes no rest.

Ezekiel 37 is lengthy

Did Robert Fludd have the numbers 1376/9 in his DOB or DOD?

Because I have picked up on another narrative within the narrative.

Robert Fludd, also known as Robertus de Fluctibus (17 January 1574, Bearsted, Kent – 8 September or 9 1637, London)

thought so…. check out the DOB or DOD of Einstein, Newton, GauSS among others. …the coincidences

graphics courtesy of Mihr Yazd yellow highlights were added by me

It has become clear why Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are ‘special’ according to the work we have seen thus far regarding the SEED, the Master Builder’s SEED Grid, what I call ThE NET. And with irony I noticed that Dan Winter who stole Stan Tenen’s idea and then sullied it … agrees with ME.

But I agree with Stan Tenen on the importance of asymmetry and symmetry models coexisting. Therefore Dan the Man and his bullshit which so far has yielded few APPLICATIONS in the real world needs to go back to the drawing board and steal another idea. Can I suggest he read The Temple Of Man by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz so all three of us can do lunch in Luxor at high noon.

Two MEME memory ideas recovered and separated by 7000 years appear very very similar indeed!

The correct ASYMMETRICAL model that Dan the Man is overlooking is based on the two Seals of Solomon as dictated by our DNA blueprint which is expressed in the AT-CG codon pair structure.

Pentagons and Hexagons

…to be continued until the TRUTH becomes self evident and the coincidence will be accepted for what it is, evidence of gods way of remaining anonymous. You do not need to be a genius to figure that out.

selah V

RaphaEL p.s. I found out recently that the archangel RaphaEL is also equated with the Prince of Hades (earth). Therefore my journey that oscillated between being ‘good and very bad’ explains why something like this might be revealed to ME. Now this association between archangel Raphael and the swastika makes much more sense to me.


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  • raphael  On August 31, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    Mouni Sadhu studied under G.O. Mebes
    G.O. Mebes arcanum #4 is associated to the swastika and you will find the text is very very similar.
    All the images found in the Sadhu interpretation are found in G.O. Mebes work.

    swastika = tetragrammaton = YHVH = JeHoVaH

    it appears that the unspeakable name in the west after WW2 is the ‘S’word or swastika

  • raphael  On October 5, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    It was pointed out to me today that the Tower card is associated to the swastika due to the number 16 being a product of 4^2
    Thus it has an association also to the number 4 card the Emperor.

    But here is the AHA … count the ‘RED WHITE and BLUE balloons’ … this is a party where people lose their minds … associated with red/white/blue flag waving today 😉

    ^^^ Maybe that is why G.O. Mebes designed this card the way he did in 1937?
    The four-fold emperor.
    Why are the swastikas facing the same direction?
    That is the 90 degree corner the TEACHER would place you if you were bad [ignorant] … to contemplate facts of life. [knowledge of the 90 degree angle and the Master Builder’s Grid] 😉

    Have you finished counting the balloons?

    13 white
    13 red
    11 blue

    37 😉

    Think of the number ’37’ as the ‘gravity of the situation’ … we find ourselves in …

  • raphael  On September 9, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    For millennia, pi has plagued exacting minds. It first showed up in Egypt. Then Archimedes estimated pi at between 3 10/71 and 3 1/7. For 700 years, his was the most accurate pi. Only in the fifth century a.d. did a Chinese astronomer and his son find a better pi.


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