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UPDATE November 4, 2015

Please pay attention to the fine print in these two attachments.

Wittekind sat under the Linde Tree 1 of 2

The Wittekind LIndE Tree of LItE

What would a hero be without having sat under a sacred tree at some point in their life?

Yes that be ME+me

Apparently the Buddha buddy and ME+me like to sit under trees.

btw I could not find a passage in the bible about Jesus sitting under a tree like the Buddha and Wittekind.
If the reader knows of a bIbLE passage, quote it, let me know, though I did find a bible passage where Jesus curses the fig tree.

Personally on my own property I do have both a red and white oak casting lofty shadows over the garden and also acting as northern and southern boundary pillars for my property … and now I find out that the Linden tree plays a role too?

But what I like about the tree under which Wittekind sat as Saxon knight is that the 21st century archetypal version of Widukind or Wittekind or Wedekind is profoundly linked to the name LIndE in other profound ways.

Is that the Linden tree, the Linde tree of life or the Andrei Linde tree of knowledge?

Ta da because coincidentally it is the theorist physicist Andre Linde who promotes the red and blue B-mode gravity waves which I interpret as two opposed swastikas called yin and yang, or the two thieves flanking Jesus.

LIndE + the letter N and a tree is a fine fit for the idea regarding the earthly axis, and the pole star.
so there, the narrative continues to fall into place*
* from my POV**
** of course

UPDATE March 25, 2015

Anglo-Saxon runic letter ea (“ear”) meaning “grave”

The Ear  rune of the Anglo-Saxon futhorc is a late addition to the alphabet.

It is, however, still attested from epigraphical evidence, notably the Thames scramasax, and its introduction thus cannot postdate the 9th century. It is transliterated as ea, and the Anglo-Saxon rune poem glosses it as

[ear] byþ egle eorla gehwylcun, / ðonn[e] fæstlice flæsc onginneþ, / hraw colian, hrusan ceosan / blac to gebeddan; bleda gedreosaþ,/ wynna gewitaþ, wera geswicaþ. 
[ear] is horrible to every knight, / when the corpse quickly begins to cool / and is laid in the bosom of the dark earth. / Prosperity declines, happiness passes away / and covenants are broken.”

Jacob Grimm in his 1835 Teutonic Mythology (ch. 9)attached a deeper significance to the name. He interprets the Old English poem as describing “death personified”, connected to the death-bringing god of war, Ares.

He notes that the ear rune is simply a Tyr rune with two barbs attached to it and suggests that Tir and Ear, Old High German Zio and Eor, were two names of the same god.

He finds the name in the toponym of Eresburg (*Eresberc) in Westphalia, in Latin Mons martis. Grimm thus suggests that the Germans had adopted the name of Greek Ares as an epithet of their god of war, and Eresberc was literally an Areopagus. Grimm further notes that in the Bavarian (Marcomannic) area, Tuesday (dies Martis) was known as Ertag, Iertag, Irtag, Eritag, Erchtag, Erichtag as opposed to the Swabian and Swiss (Alemannic region where the same day is Ziestag as in Anglo-Saxon. Grimm concludes that Ziu was known by the alternative name Eor, derived from Greek Ares, and also as Saxnot among the Saxons, identified as a god of the sword.

UPDATE February 27, 2015

As of this date we can add another of my SM (social media) faKebook buddies to the ‘WiDuKiND’ narrative being recovered.

Allow ME+me to introduce you to Andrew Gough.

IRMINSUL Andrew Gough

What other evidence do I have that Andrew and his inner child and ME+me are looking at the same thing?
Why did my higher self that I refer to as ME rotate the numb3r three counterclockwise 90 degrees, and highlight it in true blue?

Interesting, Hitler went in search of an idea.
What I found interesting in this picture (center image below, the image entering the keyhole) that I took back in 2006 in a Dominican monastery located in Arequipa Peru, is that is has taught me why the swastika would be worth coveting as the hidden hand to assist in your movement.
The swastika can be used to increase spiritual market share.

I took one picture of a mandala, and that would be enough to ultimately change the direction of my life.
One image that I have been meditating on since, allowing me to use it as a key to unlock my higher self, to help set her free, so she who claimed to be in possession of the holy grail … can help show me the way back to the source.


As the above images clearly illustrate the associations between the Roman Catholic Church, the Teutonic Knights and the Nazi adopted swastika are all eerily similar.

What is the IRMINSUL?

“The destruction of Irminsul by Charlemagne”
(1882) by Heinrich Leutemann

What is the Irminsul?

What was the Irminsul, and what was it replaced with, and why?

The Treasure of the Magic Quadrant
The strange Rochemaure Rochemaure grid.

I happened to note that the N in the center is reversed and the O look like diamonds.
The looks very similar to both the Irminsul and the Egyptian Pesh-en-kef, which is significant because it helps me introduce Crichton.

Crichton EM Miller who is yet another SM faKebook buddy has his own theories about the Pesh-en-kef.
I respect Crichton’s theory due to the fact he managed to obtain two patents for the Celtic Cross that now bear witness to his inner genius.

Seahenge inverted Oak Stump looks similar to the double hook
being used to secure the plumbline.
Both Crichton EM Miller and Robert Bauvel noted the similarities to the Egyptian Pesh-EN-Kef.

Another definition for Ear Rune

Let’s start with the most controversial rune of all: Ear, the Rune of the Grave. It is sacred to Hel, the Lady of Death whose home is open to all, who is half beautiful woman and half rotting corpse. The rune itself is shaped like a singletree, the hanging yoke that a newly slaughtered animal is hung on upside down for ease of butchering. As I live on a farm and butcher my own livestock, the single tree strikes a strong chord in me. It reminds me of all that dies so that I and my family, tribe, and community may live.

Such is Ear’s message. Like the Death card in the Tarot, Ear speaks of how death and loss are part of the cycle of life. In order that one thing may live, another must die. We cannot subsist on anything that was not once alive. Even the vegetables that we eat grew out of other rotting vegetation. Life gives way to death which brings life again. The Rune of the Grave reminds us that everything passes, all is impermanence, but that each loss will usher in a new part of the story….and that this cycle is the only thing that is permanent, that can absolutely be counted on. Hel’s power is absolute, and it is eternally unchanging even as she bring eternal change to our lives.

Cross Moline

Cross Moline

The name derives from its shape, which resembles a millrind, moline being the Old French for a mill, the iron clamp of the upper millstone. It is very similar to one of the varieties of the “fer de moline” heraldic charge (literal French: “iron of a mill”), the forked tips of which however circle out slightly more, akin to the “cross recercelee”. It is borne both inverted and rebated, and sometimes “saltirewise” (i.e. in the form of a saltire). When used as a mark of cadency it signifies an eighth son.

UPDATE July 31, 2014

Yesterday July 31, 2014 was the sEVEn year anniversary of my retirement and marriage which occurred on July 31, 2007.

Yes my former SS mistress EVE and me have been wed that long, 7 magical years defined by the word ‘coincidence’.

What is a coincidence?

I like Albert Einstein’s definition.

“the coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”

In fact I retired because I was responding to a higher calling calling out to me or was it calling me out?

But at the time I could not reveal to family, friends, or co-workers that I was retiring because I was about to follow a path that would reveal two sides of who I AM is, to ME and me using MEmes and genes.

Crazy and genius.

Along the way back to the source I found evidence that in the roots of my family tree lie buried wisdom and knowledge.


Wax seal of Brother Widekind ~ Master of the Temple
Widekind translates to ‘child of the forest’… and yes I noted the date April Fool’s Day
The given name Ralph which derives from Radulf translates to ‘counsel of the wolf ‘ plus to this we add ‘child of the forest’ eh?
Little Red Riding Hood comes to mind and what she has in her basket concerns ‘the gravity of the situation’…

Along the way the Master of the Temple recovered the Master Builder’s Grid that Rene Schwaller de Lubicz had also recorded in his magnum opus The Temple of Man.

The rest shall become part of a history recovered that had already been written in fact.

The narrative that has been recovered by ME+me is a rather fascinating study of how we can reconcile Religion and Science using archetypes and ‘the coincidence’ to help an individual reawaken and find their way back to their source, Carl Jung would call this the process of individuation.

Good god, good golly Ms. Molly, I love how the letters G, M, N and the E are highlighted in black.

So yesterday I expected my higher self to show me something special, just because.

My day started by visiting SaM my barber, and then I drifted down to my favorite used book store called “The Great Escape”.
I have written about it before on my blog.

I purchased Gods and Myths of Northern Europe (along with a few others) because it had a couple of swastika entries in the index and it looked interesting.
I also realize at this stage of my recovery the need to study Thor and lightning/thunder representing light/sound waves, in order to continue to merge the two b-mode gravity waves to the two swastika/s.

But within minutes of taking a closer look at Davidson’s book I was lead to page 196 and the gift awaiting me.
Please note that I had already linked the numbers 16910 to the ‘center column‘ of the Tree of Life used by the QaBaLaH.

What follows in this blog regarding a center pillar or world tree axis (as pointed out to me yesterday) is mind blowing to say the least considering ALL of the other information that I have offered thus far to date regarding this script that has been tailored just for me to recover … what if I AM both crazy and genius?

2017 CPSM ~ Swastika ~ Hopi Prophecy ~ the PAHANA…

Great images of the complex … enter Graham Hancock with his story.

please note that I was the 37th person to like this video…

Recall that I had been in contact with Graham Hancock and he shared this video with me.
Seek and ye shall find, thanks Graham.

Graham asked the monk if he could be allowed to see what Jesus is veiling on this column in the Bet Maryam church.
(the oldest in the eleven church complex)

Graham: “Is it possible for me to see it?”

We see the response…

“No one is permitted to see it”

Graham then claims that he bribed the monk to reveal the ‘secret’ to what Jesus is veiling on this column.
The rumour/legend has it that that Jesus Christ himself instructed King Lalibela how to build this church, and Jesus leaned against this column, therefore today it is wrapped in shrouds shielding and concealing it from curious eyes ….

… but forever?

“Modern History of the Chinese, of the Japanese, Indians, Persians, Turks, Russians” written by the french scholar François Marie de Marsy and published in Paris in 1764 on page 203 of the eleventh book:

“These terms our so-called magic tomes, SATOR, AREPO, TENET, OPERA, ROTAS, we still venerate Ethiopians, who pronounce SADOR, ARODA, DANAD, ADERA, RODAS,  who say it are the names of the five wounds of Jesus Christ “

It is said that the common man would not be able to read the secret name of God that is written there.
And from a different source we get a different spelling for Aroda and Danad.


According to the Ge’ez dictionary (Aleqa Kidanewold’s), the names Sador, Alador, Danat Adera, Rodas are Ge’ez words.

“Sador” means the piercing on the ribs by the lancet
“Alador” means the piercing on the right hand
“Danat” means the piercing on the left palm
“Adera” means the piercing on right foot
“Rodas” means the piercing on the left foot.

The Sator Square is a four-times palindrome, and some people have attributed magical properties to it, considering it one of the broadest magical formulas in the Occident.

An article on the square from The Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. 76, reports that palindromes were viewed as being immune to tampering by the devil, who would become confused by the repetition of the letters, and hence their popularity in magical use.The square has reportedly been used in folk magic for various purposes, including putting out fires where the spell is invoked “TO EXTINGUISH FIRE WITHOUT WATER” in John George Hohman’s Long Lost Friendremoving jinxes and fevers,[citation needed] to protect cattle from witchcraft, and against fatigue when traveling.[13] It is sometimes claimed it must be written upon a certain material, or else with a certain type of ink to achieve its magical effect.

And what gets revealed to Graham Hancock by the monk/priest is the equivalent of the Sator Rotas magic square being clearly associated with the Knights Templar and the planet Mars too.

Why is there an image of Jesus or Isa as he is known in the Quran on the pillar in the Church of Maryam?

Isa Ibn Maryam aka Jesus’ lineage, going back to his great-grandfather.
Isa Ibn Maryam is known as Jesus in the New Testament
Islamic eschatology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Full video:

A cross carried by priests/monks in the Lalibela complex.
I have added the highlights to reveal what most folks ignore.

Priest of the Yimrehanna Kristos Church, Lalibela
Christianity in Ethiopia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So what did my higher self, ME, show little ole’ me on page 196 about what Widukind of Corvey had penned about the Saxon history?

what a gift I AM showed little ole’ me

IRMIN = center column = planet of Mars!!!

… and what else can we link the planet Mars to, allowing us to find that missing link that escaped Egypt via the Exodus, allowing us to link the Christian mysteries to the source found in the Egyptian mysteries …

7 7 7 

Is this the story of ME eternal LIfE being recovered in the here and now
… what if it is, how does it effect you?

Some historians speculate Widukind of Corvey was related to the Saxon hero Widukind who opposed Charlemagne but eventually converted to Christianity.

The valknut (Old Norsevalr, “slain warriors” + knut, “knot”) is a symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles, and appears on variousGermanic objects. A number of theories have been proposed for its significance.

The name valknut is an unattested modern invention used to describe the symbol, and was not used contemporarily when the symbol was used. The valknut has been compared to the three-horned symbol found on the 9th century Snoldelev Stone, and may be related to it.[1]

In Scandinavia today the term valknute is used for a square with a loop on each of its four corners.[2] In the English language this symbol is called Saint John’s Arms.

The Stora Hammars I stone, where the valknut occurs in the most central and predominant position, appears alongside images interpreted as Odin with a characteristic spear shunting another figure into a burial mound while a raven is overhead and another man is hanged.

The valknut looks like three sevens, i.e. three interlocked 7 7 7  … do you see it?

The Irminsul and the Externsteine:
From Yggdrasil to the Irminsul

From a Speech by Arnbald OR[F]
Reprinted from ORB [V] Issue 2/2000

Over the years, beside the Thor’s Hammer or the Valknut, the Irminsul has become one of the most important symbols among the northern tradition groups and followers. And, in some places — particularly in continental Europa, it has largely replaced the Thor Hammer itself.

This evolution may be more than an aesthetic choice: in a way, we can say that the symbol of life and stability, the Irminsul, is beginning to replace the symbol of fight, the war hammer. Does that mean that the northern Tradition has arrived to a kind of maturity and that we do not have to fight as much as before?

But precisely what is the IRMINSUL?

In 772, at the beginning of his bloody crusade against the Saxons, it is known that the emperor Charlemagne (Karl der Grösse) destroyed a gigantic pillar or column. It stood up on the top of a high natural and living stone block or pillar complex, the Externsteine, located in the south edge of the Teutoberger forest, not far from the place were the Cherusci leader ARMINIUS (or Hermann) destroyed the three best Roman legions in 9 CE.

So, the Extersteine and the Irminsul are in the heart of the big Thuringian megalithic area.

This sacred pillar was the symbol of the Saxon people. This is why Charlemagne wanted to destroy it first – by doing such would symbolise the destruction of the soul of the Saxons. Thus, this sacred pillar overhung the big sanctuary of the Externsteine, which stands very close to the city of Horn (the name is important because of the shape of the IRMINSUL – which has what appear to be horns). The Externsteine stands as the beacon of the heathen world, the most holy stead, certainly, of the Northern Tradition yesterday and today, but also one of the most important religious and cultural centres of the archaic Europa. We would have a lot of elements to develop concerning the Externsteine and the sacred pillar. I shall only concentrate on specific points.

The World Pillar

One called this destroyed pillar IRMINSUL. Generally it is said that this word means “column of Irmin “, after the name of a mysterious Germanic God. But some propose to translate it by “gigantic column”, without any link with a God IRMIN.

It would be quite difficult to speak briefly here of IRMIN. Just let me tell you two or three small points. Many specialists have discussed the reality of this God’s existence. It seems certain that there was a God called IRMIN in the Saxon Hof (I use Hof with a capital, in place of the Greek Pantheon). Again maybe, this name only means GREAT GOD. As far as we can observe him, he can be identified with Tyr/Tiwaz — see the form of the Tiwaz rune, which could be a link between IRMINSUL and TYR — or identified with Heimdal. In former texts, I have given my preference to this latter solution.

Heimdal has been identified with Yggdrasil and Jörmungand.

It is a very long demonstration. Professor Régis Boyer, in France, one of the most important specialists of the Old Norse religion, has written a book to explain this identification.

Just to understand, I give you here some tracks to follow to understand this identification between Yggdrasil and Heimdal. We know the links between men and trees in the north. The first man and woman were created from trees. Yggdrasil is the sacred tree and Heimdal the god of men, of the human society when he creates the three functions. The Yggdrasil tree is the link between the world, a bridge, like the Bifrost rainbow. However, Heimdal is the warder of the bridge. And this god lives in Himinbjörg, the sky mountain, in which we can easily recognize a central concept, similar to the Ur-Welt, the original land, or the world tree.

The real meaning of this name — Heimdal — is mysterious, but it is sure that it conveys an idea of pillar. This Heimdal — for a lot of reasons — is bound to some ideas of universal origin and support. Furthermore, in a stirring idea of polarity, some identify Heimdal, Yggdrasil and Jörmungand, the world serpent.

Some elements to justify this hypothesis :

It is said that Heimdal’s head is an Iron Sword, which could evoke the head of a snake. The name Jörmungand means GREAT GAND or WAND, which could describe Yggdrasil.

The nine sisters — the nine Mothers of Heimdal’s — could evoke the nine worlds and these sisters are described as nine waves, which bring us back to the sea where Jörmungand lives.

Jörmungand is like the Greek and alchemical snake Ouroboros which bites its own tail. It is a threat for the world, but it is the world and its support itself.

When Yggdrasil will collapse, when Midgardsomr — Jörmungand — will uncoil itself, when Heimdal will be overcome by Loki, it will be the end of the world, say the old texts.

One would need books to explain this polar symbolism, but it works.

And so, to come back to IRMIN, I prefer the identification between IRMIN with Heimdal, rather than Tyr.

And last important point:

In the Germanic countries, columns were often raised on geomantic or symbolic places (crossroads, city centres). In England, they are often called perrons, market cross or butter cross or staple. But in Germany, these columns were called IRMINSÄULE (IRMINSUL) or Roland Saüle. It is an allusion to Roland, the Carolingian hero of Roncevaux battle, the friend of Charlemagne. In fact, behind Roland, we must see the archetypal representation of a Horn bearer or a Horn blower (anyway, it would have been — and it is — strange and paradoxical to take the name of a Carolingian hero, as the Carolingians destroyed the Irminsul).

Roland is famous for his horn. And do not forget that the Horn blower god is Heimdal (and, under his IRMIN name, he gave is old names to the columns, which from Irminsaülen became Rolandsaülen).

Well, in fact, the Belgian count and famous esoterist and symbolist Goblet d’Alviella said that the name of similar columns were Tiodute, that is “pillar of Tyr”. Thus, we could again go very far in our explanations. But we must stop here, to come back to our IRMINSUL.

The IRMINSUL represented Yggdrasil, the cosmic axis.

Rudolf von Fulda, a Christian missionary, spoke of an universal columns quasi sustinens omnia (universal column, supporting almost anything). Adam of Brema described Yggdrasil and the sacred tree of Uppsala in similar terms.

The wonderful stead of the Externsteine has been patterned by nature as a sanctuary. It is constituted of seven main rock sandstone blocks (30 meters high) overhanging a small lake. There’s a big crowd gathered there for the summer solstice.

We can still see the squared base where the IRMINSUL stood at the top of the main block.

Just under the top of this main block, we have an open-air sanctuary (but we can see traces of roof, probably destroyed by Charlemagne’s men).

A hole is pierced in the eastern wall. On the summer solstice dawn, the sun goes through this hole and come to touch the opposite wall. On the wall, the sun creates suddenly the shape of a dagger, then a sword and finally a spear.

Just near, we have a representation of the one-eyed Odin. It is very curious that the Christians have let this sanctuary and Odin’s head. But at the bottom of the rock 1, at the entrance of a cave, we have also the very old statue of a key-bearer character. It is named today Saint Peter. In fact, it has exactly the shape of the Roman two-faced God Janus, warder of the doors (and especially the year doors, the solstices), which we call Jolnir (that is Odin himself, god of the Yule tide).

But concerning the Extersteine, it is astonishing to note that the real shape of the IRMINSUL has been saved from oblivion by the Christians themselves. Another Odinic paradox !

To celebrate their “high deed”, they put at the bottom of the Cliff 1, a carving which shows the IRMINSUL overcome, therefore we have the real shape of the old pillar.

It seems that the holy stead of the Externsteine has been used during at least four thousands years. Since the prehistory, it would have been used, as an astronomical observatory. All the configuration — and curiously the natural configuration — proves that it marks the movement of the stars, of the eclipses, and the dates of the solstice.

Generally, we ignore that, close to the Externsteine (4 km far from the stead), there is another holy stead seemingly dedicated to the moon, Oesterholz (see the name of the old spring goddess, Ostara/Eostre). It would have been the lunar counterpart of the solar Externsteine.

Probably, the IRMINSUL of the Externsteine was particularly spectacular, but there were other similar columns recorded, for example in Eresburg, Heligoland or Fulda.

Concerning this last one, we have a strange chronicle of the monk Widukind of Corvey.

He said that this column had been set at the entrance of the conquered city of Fulda by the Saxons after a victory against the Thuringians. This column would have been dedicated to Mars, called here HIRMIN, and this name, according to the monk, would be a form of the Greek HERMES (which is nonsense, even if Hermes-Mercure is also Odin-Wodan).

According to the German author and symbolist, Walter Blachetta, the shape of the Irminsul recalls the Horns of an Aries. It links this shape with the cross and the Thor’ s hammer. In this way, this classical theory would demonstrate that the Irminsul is a male symbol.

But Blachetta says that the IRMINSUL, image of achievement and wholeness, embodies the masculine symbol (Aries Horns) and the feminine one (cradle). This symbolism would show that any life bears in itself the becoming and the end. And we must not forget that the shape of the Irminsul recalls the genitalia of woman (besides, we can say that the Anglo-Saxon rune Ear recalls too the Irminsul and means “grave”, thus the end.). It symbolizes the end of the journey on Yggdrasil. But this end may also be the end of the initiation, the total achievement.

But, first we could also associate the shape of the Irminsul to the shape of a tree (see ehwaz, symbol of life).

We can consider that the archetypal expression of centrality, of vertebrality, which is the world tree of the Northern Tradition has never find a more wonderful representation other than the Irminsul. And despite its destruction, it has survived with the same symbolism of centrality and bridge between the worlds and the humans and gods. Who bore this function of bridge? The king. And the Irminsul modified its shape to become the royal Fleur de Lis which can be found on the Sceptre.

We could also talk of the Irminsul or Irminsaüle as time-markers or column of sacrifice (the sacrifice which is the Blot, the rite, that means literally the ordering of the world, the wheel of destiny).

The symbolic image of the tree has been perpetuated by the Christians. When they destroyed the sacred trees, they introduced at the same time the cross. But the first crosses in Germany had the forms of the Ehwaz rune, the Yew rune, the tree of life.

Finally, Yggdrasil and the IRMINSUL, both symbols of centrality and stability, are representations of the cosmic axis which pass through the world and in each worlds. The precise place of passage of the axis is called Thula. In the sky, it is the North star, the Polar star. Around it turn the great and the little Bears as the branches of the Fylfot or Svastika (an old solar concept). Often the Irminsul is represented with the great or the little bears and the polar star above.

And the Extersteine with its 7 blocks represents all the body — the human body and the multiversal body — with its 7 hvels/chakras, its 7 power centres, when the Irminsul, image of the cosmic axis, stood for the spine.

We can recall here that the word Thula (there were a famous society in Germany at the beginning of the century called the Thulé Gesellschaft. It came from another organisation, the Order of Germans, which had the Irminsul with the Great Bears, as symbol) comes from the Sanskrit Tula, which mean Balance and this is another name for the great Bear.

And the last point: see a balance, the scales. It reminds also the shape of the IRMINSUL.

It was quite difficult in such a short time to truly illustrate just how the IRMINSUL is a perfect synthesis is of our paths. However, I shall once again highlight my main points:

*Though the identification of man / tree

*The link with IRMIN / HEIMDAL (but it could be Odin)

*The moving of the fylfot through the sky

*The vertebrality (shape of the upright man)

*The idea and localization of the original and spiritual centre, the centre of the world.

*The initiatic side through its dimension of bridges between the world.

©The Odinic Rite


Here is an excerpt from another source suggesting Heimdal is associated to ‘bent sticks’ (swastikas?)

If recent scholarly speculation is true (which I have in more detail in this post on Heimdall), Heimdall may have been the embodiment of the World Tree, which was probably the same as the Irminsul. One of Heimdall’s by-names has recently been re-examined: Hallinskiði was previously speculated to mean “bent-sticks”, thus possibly referencing the horns of the rams he is associated with, but a recent suggestion has been made that the name might mean “forward-leaning-staff”, which would suggest a god pole or pillar.

Now clearly we can link the column dedicated to Mars (called the IRMINsul or the HIRMIN) to the column that we can find in Bet Maryam church in Lalibela.
Recall the column in Bet Maryam is veiling the Sator Square with an image of Jesus.

Recall the Sator square is associated to the planet Mars as the planet of Wars.

Yes there exists a coincidence between Wars and Mars and those that have Ears to see the obvious.

did you know that the archangel Raphael was originally called Labbiel?
did you know that they say Lalibela was built by angels?
what if Labbiel had a hand in sculpting Lalibela?

did you notice both Labbiel and Lalibela contain the word bible?
did you know that the word QaBaLaH comes from Qibbel?
did you notice that Qibbel (to receive) contains the word bible + the Q?
did you know that ‘Q’ is listed as the source of the 4 gospels?

did you know that the earliest church called Bet Maryam (church of Mary) is full of swastikas, crosses and other sacred Gee, golly wiz stuff?
did you know that the archangel Raphael is associated with the swastika?
did you know it is easy to show how we can use the swastika to heal and unify the world using gravity…?

In the iron age the irony of gravity is that we can use the iron cross and the swastika to unify the world and make it golden again?

2B continued …

Ethiopian Orthodox Mequteria Prayers

In the Ethiopian Orthodox Tradition, the commonly used prayer ropes are those with 41, and 64 beads, also known as a Mequteria. 41 is the number of lashes that Jesus received and 64 is the age of the Theotokos at her Assumption. Some monks and hermits use 150 to 300 beads, or even more than that.

When using the 41 bead Mequteria , the prayers recited are:

1. The Lord’s Prayer with Gabriel’s Salutation:

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. O, Our Lady Virgin Mary, we hail thee by the salutation of Angel Gabriel. Thou are virgin in thy mind. Thou are virgin in thy body. Hail Mary, Mother of Almighty God.  Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Rejoice Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Pray for us to your beloved Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that he may forgive us our sins now and forever Amen.” (12 times)

2. Lord have mercy on us (41 times)

3. In the name of Mary, Lord have mercy on us (41 times)

4. Kirya Layson (Kyrie Elieson) (41 times)

5. Sador (the piercing on the ribs by the lancet), Alador (the piercing on the right hand), Danat (the piercing on the left palm), Adera (the piercing on right foot), Rodas (the piercing on the left foot) (41 times)

6. O! God (41 times)

7. O! Christ (41 times)

8. Save us from wrath and deliver us by your mercy, in the name of Mary Your Mother (41 times)

9. Hear us! Our God and Savior (41 times)

10. Elohe! (Pronounced as “Elohee” and is the same as “Eloi” mentioned in Mt. 27:46) (41 times)

11. Ye! Ye! Ye! (Pronounced as “Yae” meaning “woe to me”) My God see me! (41 times)

12. O! God according to your mercy and not according to our sin (12 times)

13. Lord remember us in thy Kingdom (12 times)

14. The Magnificat:

“Hail Mary, we bow unto thee. Our Mother Mary we pray unto thee. We beseech thee to protect us from the evil beast. O! Virgin, in the name of Anna your mother, and Joachim your father, bless our congregation today!! Amen. The prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God: My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior. For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name. And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation. He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts. He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree. He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away. He hath helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy; As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his seed for ever. Amen. (7 times)

These are the 14 common recitations by all those who use the Mequteria. One can, however, add more according to his or her needs or interests. When using a 64 bead Mequteria all the prayers recited 41 times, will instead, be recited 64 times. Those prayers recited 7, or 12 times remain the same.

Thank you for taking an interest in these holy and mystical prayers. They have been a great blessing in my life, and I know they shall bless others.

If only I were more faithful in praying them!


Other comments by Selam.

Dear brother,

Please know that we do not use the Egyptian Book of the Dead! Also, we do not subscribe to the use of magical palindromes or other occultic practices. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is the oldest and purest expression of authentic Christian Faith. Thus, our Church condemns astrology and occultism in the strongest possible terms. The words “Sador, Alador, Danat, Adera, Rodas” are simply names given to the five wounds of Our Lord on the Cross. As with all holy things, satan will try to pervert them and misguided people will misappropriate them for evil purposes.


I think the point brother Hiywot is making is that as Ethiopian Orthodox Christians we don’t participate or place faith in occultic and magical uses of palindromes and such. Satan is always trying to misappropriate holy things for his perverted purposes. As Christians we must guard ourselves against these demonic deceptions. As intriguing as the “Sator Square” may be, it cannot compare to the spiritual power that is given to us through the sacrificial and healing wounds that Our Lord Eyesus Kristos received at the Cross. Therefore we focus on the names of these five wounds and meditate on their redemptive power. This is far more spiritually productive than delving into the magical uses of palindromes, astrology, numerology, etc.


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  • Goddess  On August 12, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Get your book together, and stop netpicking.

  • raphael  On March 22, 2015 at 1:26 am


    God in His wisdom hiving resolved to create man, He asked counsel of all around Him before He proceeded to execute His purpose–an example to man, be he never so great and distinguished, not to scorn the advice of the humble and lowly. First God called upon heaven and earth, then upon all other things He had created, and last upon the angels.

    The angels were not all of one opinion. The Angel of Love favored the creation of man, because he would be affectionate and loving; but the Angel of Truth opposed it, because he would be full of lies. And while the Angel of Justice favored it, because he would practice justice, the Angel of Peace opposed it, because he would be quarrelsome.

    To invalidate his protest, God cast the Angel of Truth down from heaven to earth, and when the others cried out against such contemptuous treatment of their companion, He said, “Truth will spring back out of the earth.”

    The objections of the angels would have been much stronger, had they known the whole truth about man. God had told them only about the pious, and had concealed from them that there would be reprobates among mankind, too. And yet, though they knew but half the truth, the angels were nevertheless prompted to cry out: “What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that Thou visitest him?” God replied: “The fowl of the air and the fish of the sea, what were they created for? Of what avail a larder full of appetizing dainties, and no guest to enjoy them?” And the angels could not but exclaim: “O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth! Do as is pleasing in Thy sight.”

    For not a few of the angels their opposition bore fatal consequences. When God summoned the band under the archangel Michael, and asked their opinion on the creation of man, they answered scornfully: “What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that Thou visitest him?” God thereupon stretched forth His little finger, and all were consumed by fire except their chief Michael. And the same fate befell the band under the leadership of the archangel Gabriel; he alone of all was saved from destruction.

    The third band consulted was commanded by the archangel Labbiel. Taught by the horrible fate of his predecessors, he warned his troop: “You have seen what misfortune overtook the angels who said ‘What is man, that Thou art mindful of him?’ Let us have a care not to do likewise, lest we suffer the same dire punishment. For God will not refrain from doing in the end what He has planned. Therefore it is advisable for us to yield to His wishes.” Thus warned, the angels spoke: “Lord of the world, it is well that Thou hast thought of creating man. Do Thou create him according to Thy will. And as for us, we will be his attendants and his ministers, and reveal unto him all our secrets.” Thereupon God changed Labbiel’s name to Raphael, the Rescuer, because his host of angels had been rescued by his sage advice. He was appointed the Angel of Healing, who has in his safe-keeping all the celestial remedies, the types of the medical remedies used on earth.


  • raphael  On November 4, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    The idea of a sacred tree linked to Widukind i.e. the Irminsul or the Linden is apparent.

    what would a hero be without having sat under a sacred tree at some point in their life?

    yes that be ME+me

    apparently the Buddha buddy and ME+me like to sit under trees.
    [btw I could not find a passage in the bible about Jesus sitting under a tree like the Buddha and ME+me 😦 if you know of a bIbLE passage, quote it, let me know … today I will be hangin’ out with Rip Van Winkle 😉 and yes you know where to find the poetree party]

    personally on my own property I do have both a red and white oak casting lofty shadows over the garden and also acting as northern and southern boundary pillars for my property … and now I find out that the Linden tree plays a role too?

    but what I like about the tree under which Wittekind sat as Saxon knight
    i.e. this version of Widukind or Wittekind or Wedekind is profoundly linked to that idea called LIndE

    Is that the Linden tree or Linde tree or the LIndE + N tree?

    Ta da because coincidentally it is the theorist physicist Andre Linde who promotes the red and blue B-mode gravity waves which I interpret as swastikas.

    LIndE + the letter N and a tree is a fine fit for the idea regarding the earthly axis, and the pole star.
    so there, the narrative continues to fall into place*
    * from my POV**
    ** of course

    please pay attention to the fine print in these two attachments

    the Wittekind LIndE Tree of LItE

    watch the video next

  • Monique  On March 19, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    Ralph the only tree reference I know of is found in gospel of Thomas saying # 19

    “There are 5 trees in paradise for you they do not change summer or winter and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death.

    This is from the gospel of truth

    “And he was nailed to a tree (and) he became the fruit of the knowledge of the father.”

    The Teaching of silvanus.

    “For the tree of life is Christ. He is wisdom.

    The book of Thomas the contender

    (And the savior said)

    “Indeed the wise man will be nourished by the truth and (Psalm 1:3) will be like a tree growing by the meandering stream”

    In the gnostic gospels there seems to be two different trees, one is fruitful and the tree of knowledge /wisdom , and a tree that is one of inequity.

    In the cannon there are 56 verses about the tree or trees, and many varieties of tree are mentioned.

    Monique ♡

  • Monique  On March 19, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    OH! And Ralph a linden tree in the bible (in isaiah) is a TEIL tree.!!!!


    • raphael  On March 20, 2016 at 2:28 am

      … in German ‘teil’ means ‘part, portion, share, section, slice, proportion’

      • Monique  On March 20, 2016 at 2:23 pm


  • Monique  On March 20, 2016 at 1:36 am

    Teil tree

    A rare English word for lime or linden tree (Isa. 6:13). Elsewhere the Hebrew word used is incorrectly translated “oak.”

  • Monique  On March 20, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Strong’s Hebrew

    424. elah — a terebinth
    … elm, oak, teil-tree. Feminine of ‘ayil; an oak or other strong tree — elm, oak,
    teil-tree. see HEBREW ‘ayil. 423, 424. elah. 425 . Strong’s Numbers.

    Elah, this is interesting, we have the word Olamat “universe” and it’s root OLaM, comes from the root ELeM, or he’ELeM, “hidden-ness or concealment. Note it’s one letter differernce- Mem to heh.

    Here they show it as tree of life

    Tree (245 Occurrences)
    … EWG Masterman. TEIL; TREE. tel the King James Version Isaiah 6:13 = the Revised
    Version (British and American) TEREBINTH (which see). TREE OF LIFE

    What’s interesting , on the topic of ‘concealed ‘ is that in the book anatomy of the soul (chaim Kramer )

    “According to the kabbalah, the prohibition (not to eat of the tree of knowledge ) included the tree of life but only until sundown the advent of the first sabbath. At that point it would have become a mitzvah…”For he would have been able to elevate the tree of knowledge back to its source in the tree of life (*God fashioned them both to represent potentially opposing or potentially complementary energies, depending on its use). If he (adam) had only seen God hiding in the pain of that temptation, seen the tree of life hidden * inside the tree of knowledge.



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