2017 ~ 2117 A.D. ~ Don’t Worry BE Hapi!


To BE or not to BE?

Don’t Worry BEEEEEEE Hapi!

Remember this great song featuring Robin Williams?

Mind if I suggest Robin Williams, RW is sending RW (Raphael Widukind) a message from the other side regarding the upcoming celestial pole star alignment in the year 2100 AD, what if?

2017 >> Don’t Worry BE Hapi << Age of Aquarius and …. ?

Egyptian Hapi represents the zodiac sign Aquarius

If ever there was an indication we are moving into the Age of Aquarius it might be the 2100 AD celestial pole star alignment, to help us align.

Next year a total solar eclipse on August 21 over the continental USA west coast to the east would be a fine metaphor …. for ‘change is in the AIR’.

Aquarius is an AIR sign but also linked to WATER.
So what exactly is being poured out of the Age of Aquarius ‘jugs’ mother?
The milky way bar.
Is it speed, make haste and waste, or maybe the seeds of a new consciousness?

Cosmic SEEDS to be reaped by later generations or a grim barren future lay ahead unless these seeds take root.

Did ya know the company ROOTS was founded in 1973?
Is it coincidence that my quest for my roots lead me back to the 1379 prime number narrative?
Linked to the prime time building blocks helping to script our future narrative, building blocks being set into place revealing themselves as ‘coincidences’ in the here and now and documented, of course.
As I AM is proof.

Hapi was the symbol used by the Egyptians to represent the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Wallis Budge is always a great source;


RaphaEL aka LabbIEL

angELs helped build Lalibela
was Labbiel there?

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  • James  On September 24, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    Thanks Ralph.

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