Quantum Entanglement ~ Paradox ~ Spin ~ a Starry Night dialogue with Barry Kort and the SwaStikaS as TEACHER

UPDATE November 19, 2016

Another portrayal of the Big Dipper in November. It’s Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhone, painted in September 1888 at Arles. Had you noticed the Big Dipper in this painting? Can you see it tonight?

BTW 1888 is the year that the Secret Doctrine was published.

Position of both dippers during the solstices and equinoxes
the red dot is Polaris the current polestar around which both dippers rotate

It was a well known fact back in 1888 within certain circles that the swastika is esoterically and astronomically linked to both dippers big and small.

~ end of UPDATE ~

What is quantum entanglement?

This is one opinion.
Start watching at 28:51

What Is Entanglement Anyway?
presented by Chris Fields

Wise Guy ~ Barry Kort a.k.a. ‘MuttonChop’

UPDATE Sept 2, 2015

A few days ago I invited Barry Kort to the FSC to discuss his illusions and delusions of grandeur.
I knew he would NOT show up to have his MIT+ $tanford PhDUH cross-examined by the master teacher … the TOR [teacher of righteousness]
This video on EweTube is where Barry and ME+me first met.

And here is the comment that I left today on that page;

Please note that Barry Kort the MIT Stanford educated know-it-all has LEFT this building.


The TRUTH evicted him along with his ignorant Ego.
Barry Kort proved that he was EVIL according to what the SS SocrateS suggested …

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.

Barry the king of his Kort is blind to the obvious that I had placed before him.

Barry then proceeded to diagnose me online using his MIT Stanford PhDUH.
Barry then proceeded to stalk ME+me on faKebook believing that a fool like me claiming genius status might make a good target for his punk ass ego.

Every time his PhDUH placed an obstacle before ME+me, I showed his little kid how the 15,000+ year swastika could be linked to it.
For the last 2 days on faKebook, Barry’s PhDUH vs. my grade 12 suffered many defeats, because I had the master in my corner cheering me on … om om om

Who is the master that taught me about the SS SyStem?
Shall we ask Itzhak Bentov?

It is a good thing that I recorded some of the dialogue that took place between Barry King of the Kort’s inflated Ego (well paid for) and ME+me, just the ‘kind’ of prick to burst his bubble.

poor poor Barry the King of the Kort, [a legend in his own mind] his inner child does not stand a chance in hell of finding the Kingdom this time around, maybe next time Barry.

Barry is just another domino about to fall.


It is time to resurrect the ‘Irminsul’ in place of the intellectual dummy-minos who in the future will fall one by one. 😉

WHO is Barry Kort, what does he look like, and what are his credentials?

UPDATE Sept.1, 2015

Barry Kort (who studied/worked at MIT and Stanford U) today suggested the following, and it ended our faKebook discussions.

“then I am afraid to say your world has ended. Good day, sir”

To find out why Barry Kort would say that … keep reading.
The rest of the faKebook discussion that took place on Sept. 1, 2015 can be found at the end of this blog.
I love using the private e-mail function on faKebook, because when sheeple or sheeple herders block ME+me, the information that I flush out of them that they do not reveal in public exposes their ignorance.

“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

Is Barry Kort good or evil?

~ end of UPDATE ~

Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble

The BICEP2 instrument detects radiation at only one frequency, so cannot distinguish the cosmic contribution from other sources. To do so, the BICEP2 team used measurements of galactic dust collected by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and Planck satellites, each of which operates over a range of other frequencies. When the BICEP2 team did its analysis, the Planck dust map had not yet been published, so the team extracted data from a preliminary map that had been presented several months earlier. Now a careful reanalysis by scientists at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study, also in Princeton, has concluded that the BICEP2 B-mode pattern could be the result mostly or entirely of foreground effects without any contribution from gravitational waves. Other dust models considered by the BICEP2 team do not change this negative conclusion, the Princetonteam showed.

The sudden reversal should make the scientific community contemplate the implications for the future of cosmology experimentation and theory. The search for gravitational waves is not stymied. At least eight experiments, including BICEP3, the Keck Array and Planck, are already aiming at the same goal.

“The inflationary paradigm is fundamentally untestable, and hence scientifically meaningless.”

This may seem confusing given the hundreds of theoretical papers on the predictions of this or that inflationary model. What these papers typically fail to acknowledge is that they ignore the multiverse and that, even with this unjustified choice, there exists a spectrum of other models which produce all manner of diverse cosmological outcomes. Taking this into account, it is clear that the inflationary paradigm is fundamentally untestable, and hence scientifically meaningless.

Cosmology is an extraordinary science at an extraordinary time. Advances, including the search for gravitational waves, will continue to be made and it will be exciting to see what is discovered in the coming years. With these future results in hand, the challenge for theorists will be to identify a truly explanatory and predictive scientific paradigm describing the origin, evolution and future of the Universe.

Please watch this video it provides a vital link to the blog you are about to read.
This blog will start with the spiral, linking it first to Van Gogh’s Starry Night and with the help of Barry Kort we will bridge the gap between theoretical science and religious dogma.

Who is Barry Kort?
The above video introduces Barry Kort and his vast accomplishments.

The title of this blog Quantum Entanglement ~ Paradox ~ Spin ~ Swastika ~ a Starry Night and a dialogue with Barry Kort would suggest to the reader that a possible relationship exists between quantum entanglement and what the swastika really truly represents which is;

Evidence of an intelligent design

I will be the first to admit that the past seven years have been a learning experience for ME+me, entering the arena called theoretical physics using archetypes as guide and guru, clearly this is a unique approach few of us dabble in.

How do I approach an idea like the unpopular swastika representing what appears to be an obvious truth, an idea that I still need to learn more about in order to take this idea to the next level without scaring folks away who can help teach me more about quantum entanglement?

Please watch the following video, then read this blog highlighting a discussion that I am having with Barry Kort, and feel free to contribute a Thoth thought or two yourself in the comments section at the end.

On youtube the name I use when leaving comments is Archangel Raphael.


Archangel Raphael: Barry you said the following;

“That’s why I interpret the wave function as a model of the would-be observer’s state of knowledge, and not a precison model of the particle itself.  If you (incorrectly) assume the wave equation is an inherent property of the particle itself, you get utter nonsense (like spooky action at a distance and cats which are both dead and alive).”

Let me ask you, do you see an analogy between your comments and Meno’s Paradox (or the learner’s paradox)?

I feel a correlation exists between Meno and the ideas you are struggling with today.
It appears that a discussion of QM takes us back to the days of philosophers, and that is a good thing, since science is turning into a religion.

Barry Kort: If there is an analogy, it seems pretty tenuous.  It’s not clear, for example, what aspect of QM corresponds to the element of virtue in Meno’s Paradox.

It’s also not clear to me what Socrates would have made of 20th Century research.  I spent two decades at Bell Labs amidst some of the most distinguished and prolific researchers of my era. Einstein said, “Research is what we do when we don’t know what we’re doing.  If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t call it research.”

In my own research, I was looking for system models that captured the behavior of complex systems. At the outset, one might know next to nothing about what a viable system model might look like. And yet the history of science reveals that we do discover, devise, and construct insightful system models.

So we have copious evidence that discovery learning is not only possible, it’s essential. And we have reasonably effective methods to foster and promote the discovery learning process.

In other words, I don’t consider knowledge to be inborn so much as discoverable by a conscientious process of research and discovery learning. Archimedes discovered the core ideas of the Calculus some 19 centuries before Newton and Leibniz rediscovered it. Poincare discovered the roots of Chaos Theory half a century before Edward Lorenz rediscovered it.

The Socratic (or Maieutic) Method facilitates guided discovery learning, but one can also engage in unsupervised (or self-supervised) discovery learning. That’s what we do in original research.

Archangel Raphael: Barry it is not clear because you appear unwilling to explore?
It appears that your cognitive bias will not allow it … what if?

okay the 1st stumbling block is ‘virtue’
you said the following;

“It’s not clear, for example, what aspect of QM corresponds to the element of virtue in Meno’s Paradox.”

To which I suggest you failed to click on the link >> arete (virtue)

Arete (/ˈærətiː/; Greek: ἀρετή), in its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind”.[1] The term may also mean “moral virtue”.[1] In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one’s full potential.

thus VIRTUE or ARETE suggests the system model is efficient and wants YOU to live up to your full potential, purpose and function … 😉

you also said:

“The Socratic (or Maieutic) Method facilitates guided discovery learning, but one can also engage in unsupervised (or self-supervised) discovery learning. That’s what we do in original research.”

Just to let you know I AM a sage filled to the brim with ‘original research’.

But the sage paradox is that original research is really just reinventing the wheel ~ there is nothing that nature has not already accomplished on a grander scale that man is attempting to do for the first time.
(If we could build a ‘sun’ that would be cool 😉  …. clearly the ego of man needs to be humbled every now and then?

The TRUTH  hung the ‘sun’ up in the sky and we are still grasping how it was done, and its place in the infinite bigger picture, that we are trying to stitch back together again using our finite pea brains?
Waste of time using science only something you call STEM?

PhDUH do I need to remind you who put together the idea called the universe, and you and me.
PhDUH we don’t know.
Do we?
Your STEM is obviously missing something vital called ‘What is consciousness’?

BUT maybe something is in plain sight because it cannot be hidden?
Maybe the Holy Grail or Philosopher’s Stone is in plain sight?
Maybe it is as simple as using MENO’s dialogue to point out that the solution used by SocrateS can still be applied today with profound insight to what gravity is and its associations to the evolution of consciousness.

Please go back and really acquaint yourself with MENO and the dialogue with the slave and the solution or proof that was used to get the point across.
Because I AM going to use the same method the SS SocrateS did to get the most simple idea across, that unfortunately gets buried under so much garbage … easily explained by the analogy of 7 billion blind sheeple groping Ganesha the god with the head of an elephant.  😉

Now this is the point I AM needs to make sir;

I can use the same solution that SS SocrateS used and overlay it over leading edge physics today to show links to B-mode and E-mode gravity waves as proposed by BICEP2 and Andre Linde….

But you are not ready sir.
Or are you?
We shall see if you can handle the SS truth.
How else do we move forward?
On a foundation of lies, sex, and videotape, the American way?

Then we discuss that model you are searching for …. duh I have it …. but you need to realize I do.
PhDUH what did Euclid, Archimedes, Plato, Pythagoras ALL know but has been buried by egos and bullshit since about 5000 BC?

Why can we show evidence that the ancients anticipated ‘twistor string theory’ in about 5000 BC?

more VIRTUE for you to embrace:

In some contexts, Arete is explicitly linked with human knowledge, where the expressions “virtue is knowledge” and “Arete is knowledge” are used interchangeably. The highest human potential is knowledge and all other human abilities are derived from this central capacity. If Arete is knowledge and study, the highest human knowledge is knowledge about knowledge itself; in this light, the theoretical study of human knowledge, which Aristotle called “contemplation,” is the highest human ability and happiness.”

Are you familiar with this analogy by Brian Greene in his attempts to try to demonstrate spooky action at a distance?
Barry Kort: I still don’t see what feature of the mathematical models of QM correspond to the qualia of virtue in the story of Meno’s Paradox.  Are you saying the QM model itself is the corresponding element in the analogy?

Einstein referred to “Nature’s God” as “the Old One” whose secrets we are seeking to uncover by dint of scientific research, theory construction, and experimentation.  Einstein said, “I want to know God’s thoughts.”

In a curious way (if you stretch the metaphor), Einstein wanted to construct a “Theory of Mind” of the “the Old One” (so to speak).

Einstein also said, “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

I suppose that’s why, in scientific research, we work with models, which only strive to become reasonably good approximations to the elusive “Truth and Knowledge” reposing in an imaginable Omniscient Being.

I’m not sure why you bring up the subject of Consciousness in the context of this thread.  That’s a whole ‘nother field of research in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Cybernetics, and Artificial Intelligence. I’d suggest discussing that in a separate thread from this one.

Regarding Brian Green’s visual analogy of the spinning wheels, the paradox is resolved in QBism (Quantum Bayesianism).  What a measurement does is allow the observer to discover the state.  What’s “fuzzy” is one’s state of knowledge, prior to taking a measurement.

Regarding “meta-knowledge” (knowledge about knowledge or epistemology), I invite you to join me for a review of that subject here:

“Cognition, Affect, and Learning”

Archangel Raphael: typical science response eh?
science egos are looking for the GUT and then Barry Kort responds with what the problem is in science.
Yes Barry you and your POV is a problem.

Clearly not many of you are qualified enough to put a GUT together IF you suggest ‘consciousness is an entirely different field’ than an ‘observer affecting the observation’

FAIL dude
time to put you back into the box Jack
clearly your Jill is lost.

Barry Kort IF that is the kind of ILLogic you spew … cya … drive by the window dude for your happy meal.

Now the best way to reply to all of the above (your response)  … considering you are a science MIT kinda guy is by asking you what model of the universe you would match up with the idea of entanglement?

image #1 ~ Cosmic Curl
clockwise  vs. anticlockwise spin
image #2 ~ CMB Polarization
B-mode and E-mode

i.e. how does an expanding universe as proposed by Andrei Linde and the BICEP2 team (see images) match up with what entanglement puts on the table….I would think there might be a relationship or correspondence between all the parts?

  1. what gravity is?
  2.  what entanglement is?
  3. what wave and particles are?
  4. what consciousness is?

It is all connected Barry Kort.
You might feel left out sir, but I assure you the cosmos never leaves a marine behind.

Everybody is rescued eventually.
Except Jesus, he refused to go.

Barry Kort: Is that your hypothesis, Archangel Raphael?
If so, I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just wrote.

Archangel Raphael: Let us try again.
Forget my hypothesis Barry, for now.

What model of the universe you would match up with the idea of entanglement?

i.e. how does an expanding universe as proposed by Andrei Linde and the BICEP2 team (see images below) match up with what entanglement puts on the table?

image #1 ~ Cosmic Curl
clockwise  vs. anticlockwise spin

image #2 ~ CMB Polarization
B-mode and E-mode

I would think there might be a relationship or correspondence between all the parts?

Barry Kort: It would be helpful, +Archangel Raphael, if you would candidly disclose your goals and your intentions, so that our conversation might become a productive and co-creative collaboration, rather than a lamentably shreklisch encounter between two hopelessly antagonistic rivals.

I note, from skimming your blogs (I found two of them) that we have remarkably similar and overlapping interests, but strangely orthogonal methods and approaches.

As you no doubt have observed, I’m strongly STEM-based, with a background in systems theory and model-based reasoning. I see from one of your blogs (kachina2012) that you self-identify as a mystic, with lots of occult, arcane, and esoteric references which are frankly largely unfamiliar to me. Indeed, some of your writing appears to be written in an idiosyncratic code-like private language.

My interpretation of Quantum Entanglement is roughly the same as that put forward by Christopher A. Fuchs, N. David Mermin, and Rüdiger Schack in “An Introduction to QBism with an Application to the Locality of Quantum Mechanics” at http://arxiv.org/pdf/1311.5253v1.pdf

In other words, I interpret the word “entanglement” as a synonym for statistical correlation, as the term is defined in conventional probability and statistics since the days of Karl Pearson, roughly a century ago.

Statistical correlation is the standard term in mathematics for what Erwin Schrödinger sardonically referred to asVerschränkung in his letter to Einstein. Verschränkung (“entanglement”) was just Schrödinger’s  jejune literary metaphor for statistical correlation.

See this passage, for example, from Wikipedia: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement#History]

Following the EPR paper, Erwin Schrödinger wrote a letter (in German) to Einstein in which he used the word Verschränkung(translated by himself as entanglement) “to describe the correlations between two particles that interact and then separate, as in the EPR experiment.” [M. Kumar, Quantum, Icon Books, 2009, p. 313.]

As I read the the historical record, that’s all the word “entanglement” ever meant. It was just Schrödinger’s rather sardonic metaphor for good old fashioned statistical correlation.

In the case of the EPR scenario, the Pearson correlation coefficient is 1.0 (or -1.0), meaning the two random variables are perfectly correlated at the moment of their creation.

As to the model of the universe, we do not yet have a standard model for the presumptive state machine that would characterize the most fundamental building blocks of the universe. Among the candidate models that are being considered are the various versions of Superstring Theory and M-Brane Theory. Top scientists estimate it will be at least a few more decades before any such models emerge as an agreed-on standard model. Until such a model emerges, the dream of a Grand Unified Theory remains just that — an as yet unfulfilled dream.

I will take up the Andrei Linde/BICEP2 question in a separate comment, after I have had a chance to review that, as I am not currently up to speed on that material.

Barry Kort: OK.  I went back and caught up on BICEP2 vs. Planck in the race to test for gravitational waves ripples as predicted by Andrei Linde’s model.

The early results of BICEP2, published last March, claimed to measure the so-called “B-Mode Polarization” as predicted by Linde’s model. To arrive at their results, the BICPE2 team had to account for contributions to B-Mode Polarization from local dust in our own galaxy.

According to recent measurements from Planck, reported just last September, the BICEP2 team slightly underestimated the amount of interfering galactic dust. When the BICEP2 calculation was recalibrated with the more accurate measurement from Planck of the contribution of galactic dust, the BICEP2 results were shown to be measuring the effects of local galactic dust rather than the primordial gravitational waves as predicted by Linde.

This doesn’t mean Linde’s model is falsified.  It just means that another interfering phenomenon (local galactic dust) was the likely source of BICEP2’s measurement of B-Mode Polarization.

And so the CMB people begin 2015 with high hopes for continuing the search for Linde’s predicted gravitational ripples, with due diligence for subtracting out the interfering effects of local galactic cosmic dust.

So, what does any of that have to do with Quantum Entanglement?

As near as I can tell, next to nothing.

Perturbations in the fabric of spacetime can be expected to cause EPR pairs to experience slightly different variations in the fabric of spacetime as they go their separate ways, and the presence or absence of Linde’s ripples wouldn’t make much of a difference in the amount of decoherence in the orientation of the E-field polarization of paired photons going their separate ways.

In any event, this has no meaningful bearing on Bell’s Theorem, as Bell’s Theorem is entirely inapplicable from the gitgo.  That’s because the presumptive hidden variable that Bell’s Theorem claims cannot exist is the independent variable characterizing the fabric of spacetime itself.

At a very minimum, we already have that the time-like component of spacetime varies measurably from one location to the next, simply from the static gravitational field gradient of the sun (or any other large gravitational mass in the solar system).

So Bell’s Theorem is out of the picture (due to an unsupportable assumption in Bell’s formulation), entanglement is just good old-fashioned statistical correlation, the elusive hidden variable is possibly some kind of recursion law suggested by String Theory and/or M-Brane Theory, and decoherence in EPR is mediated by the infinitesimal local perturbations in the fabric of spacetime as EPR photons or particles go their separate ways. There is no spooky action at a distance, and the only thing Einstein got wrong (beside the Comological Constant) was the suggestion that God does not play dice.  What Einstein didn’t know in the 1920s is that deterministic recursion laws can be mathematically chaotic, thereby producing outcomes indistinguishable from throwing dice.

Barry Kort: This chart, from the Planck measurements, show the amount of B-Mode Polarization arising from local cosmic dust within our own galaxy.

This is the data that throws the BICEP2 claims into a cocked hat (meaning BICEP2 was seeing B-Mode Polarization caused by local cosmic dust, and not from primordial CMB).

BICEP2 gravitational wave result bites the dust thanks to new Planck data | Physics World | Institute of Physics

Archangel Raphael: thanks Barry for the update on the ‘dust’
good article
maybe the dust plays a role in the three stages of life called lust, rust, dust?So the inflation theory based on B/E mode gravity waves is officially kaput?Hardly….
We know Alan Guth and Andrei Linde are not going to be allowed by their egos to abandon their life’s work, don’t we?
The synthesis of the GUT continues…But what can we extract from all of the info surrounding CMB mapping?
  1. Can we agree that B and E mode polarization is critical to any theory?
  2. Is there an ‘imprinting’ that takes place as theorized?(before or after ‘inflation’ seems to be an issue too)

Barry Kort: The Andrei Linde model is not kaput so much as still unconfirmed (or unrefuted) by any experimental measurement to date.

As far as I know, the Planck team still hopes to achieve what the BICEP2 team (erroneously) thought they had achieved last March — namely measuring the B-Mode Polarization arising from primordial CMB, with due diligence for carefully subtracting out the interfering B-Mode Polarization arising from the local galactic dust.

Think of looking at some distant object through a dirty window. The dirty window gets in the way of getting clean picture of the distant object. This is the same issue as the earth’s atmosphere causing stars to “twinkle.” Astronomers had to go to great lengths to get a clean picture of stars, without the unwanted “twinkling” effect caused by the thermal perturbations of earth’s turbulent atmosphere.

I imagine the fine-resolution variations in the CMB maps will eventually be sorted out so that all the relevant phenomena that contribute to these variations will be accounted for, both qualitatively (i.e. theoretically) and quantitatively.

This is very similar to the CMB itself, as first detected by Penzias and Wilson back in 1964. They had to subtract out all known microwave sources from terrestrial origins and from the sun. They even scrubbed out the pigeon droppings from the surface of their horn-reflector antenna, in case that was a contributing factor. After they had diligently mapped out and subtracted out all known sources of terrestrial and non-terrestrial microwave radiation, they were left with this uniform glow that matched the black body radiation profile of a 3° ideal black body.

Serendipitously, this otherwise unexplained 3° ideal black body microwave radiation profile closely matched the not-yet published predictions of Robert Dicke, P. J. E. Peebles, P. G. Roll, and D. T. Wilkinson, who were able to successfully interpret this 3° microwave radiation profile as a signature of the big bang.

Archangel Raphael: okay this is great Barry Kort you are clearly familiar with the CMB literature and its history etc.

(more than me)

Can we go back to these two images that the science community uses to help them explain their position.
At this time I am MORE interested in image #2.

image #1 ~ Cosmic Curl
clockwise  vs. anticlockwise spin

image #2 (which is an analysis of image #1)

The questions I have regarding image #2 are;

  1. is this an accurate model/image of an activity worth investigating further, spending more $$$ … using of course the BICEP3 technology that is being developed…?
    Along with the Planck technology of course..
  2. regarding the aforementioned question, is this model worth investigating because it is important to understand the ’cause and the effect of ‘polarization’?
  3. is a full understanding of polarization critical to any potential GUT being place on the table now or in the future?
Planck flexes its BICEP could be a future headline?
Barry Kort: The basic patterns depicted in image #2 are templates characterizing two distinct patterns to be on the lookout for in studying the images of the polarization maps of image #1.

The E-Mode templates correspond to the static “lumpiness” of the distribution of matter in the cosmos. The B-Mode templates correspond to the effects of time-varying gradients in the gravitational field strength which can arise from a variety of causes, including matter in motion, matter being converted to energy in nuclear fires, and primordial gravitational waves.We already know (ever since astronomers discovered galaxies and galaxy clusters) that matter in the universe is not uniformly distributed, but “lumpy” with visible matter concentrated in galaxies.  So the associated gravitational lensing was expected to produce E-Mode patterns of polarization.

It’s the time-varying gradients in the gravitational field strength that are of current interest, and in particular the time-varying gradients specifically corresponding to primordial gravitational waves arising from inflation at the time of the Big Bang.

So, yes, deploying instruments like BICEP and Planck are essential if we are to acquire evidence, maps, and quantitative models of B-Mode Polarization so as to detect and characterize gravitational waves arising from all known or hypothesized causes.

Any forthcoming Grand Unified Theory will almost surely involve models that yield specific predictions about the combinations of E-Mode and B-Mode Polarization that appear in different regions of space (e.g. high-density regions where visible galaxy clusters reside vs. low-density regions in the darker spaces between galaxy clusters).

Eventually Planck, BICEP or one of the other projects will yield the long sought evidence to either affirm or refute Linde’s model of the Inflationary Big Bang.  I suppose that could be forthcoming within the balance of this decade.

A painting of a scene at night with 11 swirly stars and a bright yellow crescent moon.
In the background there are hills, in the middle ground there is a moonlit town
with a church that has an elongated steeple,
and in the foreground there is the dark green silhouette of a cypress tree.
In the meantime, let us appreciate the art of Vincent van Gogh, whose “Starry Night” bears an uncanny resemblance to CMB Polarization Maps.

Archangel Raphael: I like your last response.
Barry several days ago you commented;

“It would be helpful, Archangel Raphael, if you would candidly disclose your goals and your intentions, so that our conversation might become a productive and co-creative collaboration, rather than a lamentably shreklisch encounter between two hopelessly antagonistic rivals.”

Agreed ….
What I am trying to determine is if an interpretation (still-to-come) of images #1&2 of the B-mode and E-mode ‘imprint’ is critical/foundational to ANY potential GUT or TOE in the future.

And correct me if I am wrong, but I interpret your last answer to be in the affirmative.
Thanks for Van Goughs “Starry Night” … which bears an uncanny resemblance to CMB Polirization Map….I agree … I like this plate from about 5000 BC which can also be interpreted in a ‘new light’.
It appears archaeologists of the future might need to be fluent in quantum mechanics IF they want to get into the mind of the ancients.

And these next three plates (image below) are from the same culture.
The two outside images openly display the B-Mode pattern, i.e. the offset center formed by the intersection of the two diagonal lines, which appear to be broken as they pass through the center/medium …

image below is a magnification of the plate on the left

I feel one idea that was being hinted at by our pagan ancestors who were keen observers of nature when discussing swastika science is refraction and diffraction.

The wave nature of light leads to two very important properties: refraction, where the direction of light propagation is altered at the boundary between media of different densities, and diffraction, which has among its consequences that light can “bend around corners”.


In 1621, a Dutch physicist named Willebrord Snell (1591-1626), derived the relationship between the different angles of light as it passes from one transperent medium to another. When light passes from one transparent medium to another, it bends according to Snell’s law which states:

Ni * Sin(Ai) = Nr * Sin(Ar),

Ni is the refractive index of the medium the light is leaving,
Ai is the incident angle between the light ray and the normal to the meduim to medium interface,
Nr is the refractive index of the medium the light is entering,
Ar is the refractive angle between the light ray and the normal to the meduim to medium interface.

Refraction – Snell’s Law

to be continued … awaiting Barry Kort’s response.
UPDATE September 1, 2015

We finally found out today if Barry Kort is good or evil.

Ignorance is evil and Barry Kort admits he wishes to remain ignorant.

  • 8:08am

    Ralph Wedekind

    it really is too bad that the science wankers REFUSE to update their cosmic software

    here is vital software that was replaced with another game for ‘we the sheeple’ to embrace

    TRUTH looked like this for thousands of years? >>>http://cincinnatitemple.com/articles/Fabric-of-Universe-The-Origins-Implications-and-Applications-of-Vastu-Science.pdf

    this pdf. is based on the claim that an oral tradition + text have been passed forward for about 13,000 years, and this text also claims to be the foundation of the Vedas too.

    AHA the most interesting thing about this pdf. can be found starting in Chapter 2 and Appendix A

    It supports the OBVIOUS claim that the swastika = gravity = entanglement = spooky action at a distance

    why sheeple discuss these conversations of a higher order with Barry Kort, whose EGO will not allow him to see the simpleton truths is typical of the blind leading the blind.

    Barry Kort please reply to the swastika representing a SQUARE WAVE which transforms into a SINE WAVE?

    Barry I might need to strip you of your hard earned medal called the PhD What are ye left with mister wise guy?

  • Barry Kort

    9/1, 8:18am

    I reckon you are projecting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    I reckon you will remain ignorant sir unless you go to the links I offer???????

    projecting what?

  • Barry Kort

    9/1, 8:19am

    Barry KortI elect to remain ignorant, thank you very much.

  • Ralph Wedekind
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:20am

    Barry Kort

    Because I have no reason to trust your intentions.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    please tell me what I am projecting?

    was Itzhak Bentov projecting?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:21am

    Barry Kort

    You are projecting your own self-image onto a stranger.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    the swastika/S are neutral the chiral asymmetric swastikaS are symbols representing the chiral asymmetric hands we have …. i.e. the two hands of ‘god’

    my intention is to wake IGNORANT sheeple herders like you up to the obvious sir

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:22am

    Barry Kort

    I decline your kind offer. But thanks for asking.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    no problem what do you think of the genius of Bentov and my projections aligning with Vastu science?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:23am

    Barry Kort

    I have no opinion on that which I have not researched.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    research it then duh

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    we can place the Mehen game into the Phaistos disk?


    what if?

    Swastika City – Arkaim – Tracking the Aryans – Badge #856 – Chariots of Fire
    The two fire sticks of Agni note that we could refer to them as x-axis and y-axis comprising a grid, matrix or ThE NET B-mode SwaStikaS ~ the “Smoking Gun” ~ an Intelligent Design ~ ID ~ windmills …
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:25am

    Barry Kort

    If you wish me to do some research for you, then you will have to remunerate me for my time and attention. My rate for unaffiliated clients is $500/hr.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    The Ancient Context of Joseph Smith’s Egyptian: The Phaistos Disk as a Game connected to Senet,…
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:26am

    Barry Kort

    Are you willing to pay my fee?

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    why don’t we write a book together

    you can extract your hefty fee from the profits

    in fact a sage like ME+me has no need for money Barry

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:27am

    Barry Kort

    No thank you.
    I am not interest in a collaboration with you.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    you can keep all the profits

    mister false prophet?

    do you mind telling me IF you believe in god, and which one?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:28am

    Barry Kort

    Have you read my blog,where I have made that clear?

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    sorry I have not read your blog could you give me the reader’s digest version?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:30am

    Barry Kort

    No. I charge $500/hr for private tutoring. If you wish private tutoring, you will have to pay the fee, in advance.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    I believe in a higher consciousness yet to be defined by the human chimps, chumps, and champs groping in the dark looking for some light?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:31am

    Barry Kort

    You are perfectly entitled to your fervently held religious convictions.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    thanks you for your responses Barry

    but the day the TRUTH pays wankers like you $500/hour is the day the world ends

    I have no fervent religious convictions

    but clearly you do

    have false beLIEfs

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    The Ultimate Christmas Game… the Phaistos Disk? –
    In a recent Cipher Mysteries post, I mentioned Peter Aleff’s theory that the Phaistos Disk was based on Senet, an Ancient Egyptian board game. All very fascinating… but something about it all triggered an old memory, one I couldn’t quite put my finger on. However, when yesterday I did finally manage…
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:33am

    Barry Kort

    Then I am afraid to say your world has ended. Good day, sir.

 However later we resumed the conversation;

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  • Doug Ahau  On January 7, 2015 at 10:49 pm


    Definition – Cat murder for no good ‘reason’.


    Re-a-son: etymology

    Re – preposition – About, concerning.

    Ain’t nothing knew…


    Tell me about your mother… and her mother… and her mothers mothers mother.
    Mums love dust
    Mom the alchemist! Love ya

  • F.S  On February 11, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    Very interesting blog, was guided here by a DMT experience that contained alot of swastikas. Good research!

    • raphael  On February 11, 2015 at 11:00 pm

      many folks who have tried ayahuasca also comment on ‘geometric’ epiphanies.

      the swastika is a special bread of geometry, it’s blessed architecture tends to ‘polarize’ light, a very very important gift granted by the powers that ‘BE’


      • F.S (rymdskrot)  On October 17, 2016 at 9:17 pm

        I just had to reply on this, my meme trade with the DMT entities now two years ago wich started with a symbol wich i fed them (i suppose), wich was the swastika.

        But i didn’t expect them to twist and turn it around to the point that what i got back was a map of my life based on swastika symbolics, i don’t feel like i got a bad deal though that’s the thing, since that evening the swastika keeps showing up in my life in the most strangest places and nice little synchronicities pops up everywhere.

        Just had to post a reply to you raphael, here have a listen to a track i just uploaded today if you wish, https://soundcloud.com/rymdskrot/skogsglantan

        Wish you all the best, and i hope you are doing fine! And keep on updating us with all your wonderful research into this subject, i for one really appreciate it! 🙂

        Btw, if you are on facebook please contact me through my page: http://www.facebook.com/50yott/ where i post on alot of subjects, would be fun to chat for abit (if you got any time:)!

        Cheers from northern Sweden!

  • Steam  On March 22, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Göbeklitepe Belgeseli The Worlds First Temple

  • monique  On October 14, 2015 at 4:52 pm

    Here’s a left right tidbit oh holy fucking Ralph

    All religious duties had normally to be performed with the right hand (or foot, see below). The only exception is the laying of tefillin which are laid (except in the case of a left-handed person) on the left hand.

    A set of tefillin includes the arm-tefillin (left)
    and the head-tefillin

    Two “cubes”

    The ultimate origin of Hebrew “tefillin” is uncertain.[3] The word “tefillin” is not found in the Bible, which calls them ṭoṭafot. The Septuagint renders “ṭoṭafot” ἀσαλευτόν, “something immovable.”[2] Some believe it refers to a charm, similar to the Hebrew neṭifot, “round jewel.”[2] The Talmud (Sanhedrin 4b) explains that the word ṭoṭafot is combination of two foreign words: Tot means “two” in the “Caspi” language and Fot means “two” in the “Afriki” language,[4] hence tot and fot means “two and two”, corresponding to the four compartments of the head-tefillin.[5] Menahem ben Saruq explains that the word is derived from the Hebrew Ve’hateif and Tatifoo, both expressions meaning “speech”

    Cheery fucking O

  • raphael  On November 1, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    UPDATE shows that BICEP2 may have been premature BUT it also admits that the inflation theory can NOT be proven to be false.

    “To critics of the inflation idea, the heightened sensitivity of these experiments may be of little consolation. The theory is flexible enough to survive even if no primordial B-modes are found, making it virtually impossible to falsify.”


  • raphael  On February 16, 2016 at 3:20 pm

  • raphael  On August 31, 2016 at 11:00 pm


    BICEP3 expectations

    In particular, if inflation happened immediately after the big bang, it would have produced turbulence in the structure of space-time itself—gravitational waves like the kind LIGO detected recently. While these waves would be too weak for LIGO to see, they would twist the orientation of the light, which is known as polarization. (Glare from wet pavement is also polarized light, which is why many sunglasses involve polarizing filters.)

    “We already know that the gravitational waves exist. LIGO is more about studying the black holes than the gravitational waves. Likewise, the BICEP program is more about studying the beginning of the universe than trying to see the gravitational waves themselves,” says Chao-Lin Kuo, associate professor of physics at Stanford University and SLAC and principal investigator of BICEP3.

    The amount of polarization from gravitational waves is very small, and its nature makes it hard to measure. However, polarization can still tell us a lot about the initial conditions of the cosmos, says Licia Verde of the University of Barcelona. Verde is a member of the Cosmic Origins Explorer (COrE) project, a proposed space-based mission from the European Space Agency to measure CMB polarization.

    “That would be a way —possibly the only way—to ‘see’ all the way to the birth of the universe,” she says.

    Other CMB observatories such as the Planck or WMAP satellites can measure polarization over narrow fields of view, but BICEP is designed with a wide-field view to look where the inflation signal might be dominant. The BICEP2 iteration of the project found a surprisingly strong polarization signal, but subsequent analysis of Planck data showed that galactic dust, made of large molecules not terribly different from the type underneath our beds, also polarizes light and can mimic gravitational wave effects.

    “Almost all if not all of the BICEP2 signal can be attributed to dust,” Ahmed says. But not all is lost.

    “It turns out the more [wavelengths] you have, the better you can disentangle the CMB signal from the dust signal.”


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