Plimpton 322 ~ 137 ~ 322 Skull and Bones

Two possible associations that are not coincidences …

What if we read 322 from right to left?

322 = 223 = 22/3 = 7 1/3

713 = 137

Is ELI a 137 messenger, a numerical anagram telegram, a candy-gram for the 21st century to digest?

Or 322 aka 223 in reverse could in fact be a reference to the Saros cycle.
How do we encode critical patterns to be passed forward in time not to be forgot?

Eclipses come in families which means that certain eclipses bear certain similar characteristics with other eclipses.
One of these eclipse families is called Saros, which the Chaldeans made great use of, Saros eclipses can be lunar or solar.
A Saros cycle lasts about 18 years and 11 days.
This is equivalent to 223 lunations or 19 eclipse years.

In one eclipse year, there are 11.738 lunations.

19/11.738 = 1.618 or Phi

Plimpton 322: The Ancient Roots of Modern Mathematics


Plimpton 322 is a Babylonianclay tablet, notable as containing an example of Babylonian mathematics. It has number 322 in the G.A. Plimpton Collection at Columbia University.[1] This tablet, believed to have been written about 1800 BC, has a table of four columns and 15 rows of numbers in the cuneiform script of the period.

This table lists what are now called Pythagorean triples, i.e., integers a, b, and c satisfying a2 + b2 = c2. From a modern perspective, a method for constructing such triples is a significant early achievement, known long before the Greek and Indian mathematicians discovered solutions to this problem. At the same time, one should recall the tablet’s author was a scribe, in his day, a professional mathematician; it has been suggested that one of his goals may have been to produce, find, and fix school problems.

Although the tablet was interpreted in the past as a trigonometric table, more recently published work sees this as anachronistic, and gives it a different function.[2] For readable popular treatments of this tablet see Robson (2002) or, more briefly, Conway & Guy (1996). Robson (2001) is a more detailed and technical discussion of the interpretation of the tablet’s numbers, with an extensive bibliography.

It seems that the Plimpton 322 helps to explain the mystery behind the Skull and Bones.

2B continued ….

selah V

137 SS Mezine Mystic


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