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Jain and Dan Winter are Thieves of the heARTS ~ FaKebook and EweTube censorship ~ we join 1984 in progress ‘broken symmetry’ makes the world go round ~ to be continued …

Edmond Furter BLUEPRINT Photon ARCHETYPE with addendums single photon

2100 CE Rene Schwaller Pisces Precession Photon Knights Templar

1984 has arrived without a doubt. And this new system is in support of the storyteller who has stuff to tell ya and sell ya.
Like the fella who calls himself Jain.
Jain and ME+me were both born in 1957 but we seemed to have taken different routes to the same source. He was born in the southern hemisphere, yours truly in Toronto, We the North.
And that line … the equator truly does seem to divide us. How we see the world.
90% of humanity can see the POLE STAR … Jain can not.

So today we attempted to leave a comment on this video. It already had 3 comments. The comment we left immediately got filtered OUT.
After we realized what was going on … we left 3 more comments but yet the page still only registers 3 comments when it should say 6.

In conclusion Jain is just one thief in support of another thief Dan Winter, both use the eternal ark+E+types to illicit awe invoking sheepish ewe to become a pay pal friend of theirs.

Here is the comment that got filtered out, never made the Jain grade; we have since added a few tidbits.
Ironically Jain + Dan Winter = ‘thieves of the heARTS’ … what if?

It is a fact that Dan Winter can NOT even use his OWN name for a domain because he is a thief of ideas.

Ironically what do we find on the  heART of the Buddha? … the Jaina Cross
Ironically Jain also does not give credit to where credit is due. Jain seems to be IGNORANT of the Jaina Cross, what Freemasons call the swastika.
Ironically Jain who makes a living selling his brain fARTS and heART work is not really penetrating the mysteries. He is only helping to veil the simple TRUTH.
Ironically this simple TRUTH has the power to reconcile religion and science, science now evolving into the new religion. [ever since Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem in the 1930s science has been evolving into a religion with its own dogma]
Ironically Jain’s weakness is our strength.

After a 16 year study it is OBVIOUS that there exists a DIRECT vital link not to be ignored between the 3D CHIRAL SPIRAL and its ancestor/kissing cousin the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL Swastika/Jaina Cross and the CHIRAL anomaly being used today in an attempt to reconcile the quantum with relativity AND thus answering THE hard question “what is consciousness?”
Dear reader do yourself a favor and invite the real World TEACHER into your hOMe, your mind and your heART.

NOW IF IF IF you dare kill the fake 2500 year old pi-tagoras … it is very easy to kill the fake 2000 year old ark+E+typal jeSuS too and replace BOTH ideas with ONE idea that can be used to reconcile ALL beliefs using ONE algorithm;

ACHIRAL >>> CHIRAL >>> ACHIRAL >>> CHIRAL >>> forever and ever

ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL is a FACT you can bank on.

Photon Knights Templar raise your right hand chiral vs achiral RED HAT

Ironically the final irony in the Age of Iron which coincides with the age of social media storytelling whores are these 4 GEOMETRY FACTS in regards to the Iron Cross that gets broken on the Wheel of Time …

FACT #1 the ACHIRAL Cross is the SYMMETRICAL Iron/Crusader/Maltese Cross which gets BROKEN

FACT #2 is that BROKEN SYMMETRY is in essence CHIRAL GEOMETRY … now we can enter the CHIRAL Jaina/SwaStika cross as evidence of the culprit that which BREAKS the perfect godly symmetry, being a metaphor for both shape and balance.


“one thing that is really odd about this … is that if you don’t break the symmetries you don’t get us”

– James Gates

FACT #3  but BROKEN SYMMETRY is necessary for LIFE to exist in the first place!!!
I have cued up the video to where the wise guys and gals with PhD discuss how important BROKEN SYMMETRY is to the creation of LIFE.
Watch the video from 58:35 to at least 1:16:30 where Max Tegmark suggests the minds/ideas on stage are like “wheels going round and round”.

FACT #4 in Sept. 2015 a paper was submitted re: Hologram of a Photon … which resembles the ACHIRAL SYMMETRICAL Iron/Crusader/Maltese Crosses however lacking the perfect symmetry anticipated by the experimenters.

ACHIRAL cross CHIRAL swastika Jesuit puzzle LIFE DEATH

Hence as the above ‘Jesuit Puzzle’ alludes to the perfect symmetrical ACHIRAL Iron Cross is a symbol of DEATH and the CHIRAL swastika along with the CHIRAL SPIRAL of LIFE are both symbols for LIFE itself!

THUS if you hate the swastika idea … you hate the process that initiates or helps LIFE emerge … and if you like the SYMMETRICAL CROSS you in fact have a DEATH wish. yes CHIRAL rhymes with SPIRAL for good reason.

to be continued … ME+me is going to break down what the panel says regarding ’emergence’ ‘what is consciousness’ and the necessary breaking of symmetry in order for creation to emerge … manifest … and the good news is that the photon plays a vital role.

Only 1 in 100 million become a Photon Knights Templar according to Neil deGrasse Tyson who is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium.

Thanks Neil coming from you that is quite the endorsement and coincidence.

Photon Knights Templar
1 in 100 million

… a graduate of RoselandS public school
… it also suffered through an identity crisis from 1963-1997

… it seems the letter ‘S’ was critical to both our journeys …

RoSeLaNDS pre-1963 vs RoSeLaND 1964

Roselands Rose crop

… to be continued continues …

Let me present another YouTube video plus the comment we left under the alias Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael: blah blah blah
… the PhD + duh are still divided into two camps
… Einstein vs Bohr
… we were told EPR + Bells Theorem declared Bohr the winner 
… but here we are the Einstein CULT will not give up
… enter John Conway and his 3 axioms re: Free Will Theorem
… now what wise guys and gals?
…. James Gates and others still promote Super-symmetry
… hello hello hello?
… what the science nerds seem to forget is the genius of Godel and his INCOMPLETENESS THEOREM suggesting a human who lives a cradle to grave FINITE CHIRAL existence does not have the capacity to wrap such a puny mind around INFINITY
… and ACHIRAL Super-symmetric ACHIRAL foundation that gets BROKEN
… but how? exactly
… go back to shleep Theoretical SCIENCE TODAY is a RELIGION and the new temple priests will forever and ever blah blah blah but but butt always falling short of defining an infinite universe with no beginning and no end
… geesh STFU and put the egos away and admit defeat
… surrender to the ultimate defeat … nobody has come back from the DEAD to fill us in about this ‘god of the gaps’ that refuses to be measured without any paradox invoked at the same time. PhDUH awarded all of you, the dippy diploma called “Spooky Action At A Distance” shortened to SAAAD
… how appropriate

… to be continued