Jordan Peterson ~ The Symbolic World ~ a lecture by Jonathan Pageau ~ a perspective of Christian Apologists ~ The Great ‘Chiral’ Debate

Our friend @Jonathan Pageau gave a lecture on the conceptual structure of Genesis for an event that was orchestrated by the Montreal Jung Society. Jordan felt that this lecture would serve as a wonderful adjunct to his biblical series, also on Genesis, featured on this channel.


My three favorite Carl G. Jung quotes concern the mandala, the swastika, and ‘squaring the circle’.

The following three quotes in many ways are a summary of Jung’s life’s work which can be shown to anticipate 21st century sciences rebranding of the 12,000+ year old swastika a ‘chiral metamaterial’, allowing us to extract an algorithm called ‘genesis’ … “let there be chiral light”.

Quote #1
“I saw that everything, all paths I had been following, all steps I had taken, were leading back to a single point — namely, to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the centre.
I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. Perhaps someone knows more, but not I.”

By the way it is important to know that Carl Jung’s Red Book containing his inspired heART work and brain fARTS if filled with four-fold mandalas, his favorite. So I went out and bought a copy of Carl Jung’s book called Mandala Symbolism and found this quote on page 89.

Quote #2
“In addition to the usual four or eight rays, both mandalas [fig26 fig27] show a pentadic element. There is thus a dilema between four and five. Five is the number assigned to the “natural” man, in so far as he consists of a trunk with five appendages. Four, on the other hand, signifies a conscious totality. It describes the ideal, “spiritual” man and formulates him as a totality in contrast to the pentad, which describes the corporeal man. It is significant that the swastika symbolizes the “ideal” man, whereas the five-pointed star symbolizes the material and bodily man. The dilema of four and five corresponds to the conflict between “culture” and “nature”.”

Do I need to point out the “ideal” “spiritual man” in the east called the Buddha who has a swastika used as a seal placed over his heart? This third quote by Jung about ‘squaring the circle’ meshes nicely with four-fold mandalas, the four-fold swastika and this quote by Plato … “geometry will draw the soul toward the truth”.

Quote #3
“The ‘squaring of the circle’ is one of the many archetypal motifs which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies. But it is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important of them from the functional point of view. Indeed, it could even be called the archetype of wholeness.”
source: C.G.Jung Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious Paragraph 715

Above I wrote “… a summary of Jung’s life’s work which can be shown to anticipate 21st century sciences rebranding of the 12,000+ year old swastika a ‘chiral metamaterial’.”

Herein are some science facts about CHIRALITY, a concept that levels the playing field, which can be used to help us mediate and reconcile science and religion;

All life is CHIRAL
A spiral is CHIRAL
Light is CHIRAL … let there be light
Our 5 senses are CHIRAL
EM field is CHIRAL
Electricity a right angle phenomenon is CHIRAL
Magnetism is CHIRAL
Right angle triangles are CHIRAL
Time is CHIRAL
Death is ACHIRAL

The CHIRAL anomaly is evidently a KEY being used to unlock/penetrate the quantum as this quote attests;

“In theoretical physics, a chiral anomaly is the anomalous nonconservation of a chiral current. In everyday terms, it is equivalent to a sealed box that contained equal numbers of left and right-handed bolts, but when opened was found to have more left than right, or vice versa. Such events are expected to be prohibited according to classical conservation laws, but we know there must be ways they can be broken, because we have evidence of charge–parity non-conservation (“CP violation”). It is possible that other imbalances have been caused by breaking of a chiral law of this kind. Many physicists suspect that the fact that the observable universe contains more matter than antimatter is caused by a chiral anomaly. Research into chiral symmetry breaking laws is a major endeavor in particle physics research at this time.”

As I said, Jonathan and Jordan are both ignorant/unaware [same thing] of what was just presented. After 17+ years of research is it clear that the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL swastika [an anomaly] is a vital component to understanding the algorithm that sets our world into motion by breaking perfect ACHIRAL symmetry. After the CHIRAL descent is the ascent toward ACHIRAL perfection, a state of mind and heart. An allegorical rebuilding of the temple, the New Jerusalem.

So yes ACHIRAL perfection gets broken and CHIRAL life emerges, yes this is the same algorithm to be found in Genesis.

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