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23000 BC >> 2015 AD ~ LIGO helps identify the Master Builder’s Grid ~ the Gift of Fire ~ Gravity Waves and the TEACHER comes forth as the Photon Dark Knight Crusader

UPDATE November 9, 2016 Published on Sep 10, 2016 I spent 25 hours spread over 8 days building this massive triple spiral structure with 15,000 dominoes. Subscribe for my best project yet 🙂 This video made by an inspired human is just more evidence which is accumulating that our heART work via consciousness is in some […]

2100 C.E. the World TEACHER appears ~ ‘PHOTON’ mandala meditations help unlock the ‘real secret’ to ‘The Secret’ which is learning about OUTSMARTING the LEFT Brain!

UPDATE April 10, 2017 4-fold 4-foot Fyrfos versus 3-fold 3-foot Fylfos SATOR Magic Square next to the Concealed Fyrfos and the Maltese Cross Is this why I have lived at municipal address #43 for the past 23 years?A man’s home is his castle and I AM both its king and queen. After all these years of searching […]

RoTaS SaToR Magic Square Anticipates the Photon Crusader & Twistor String Theory ~ Roger, Ed, Stuart and ME+me discuss RS under the guidance of the World TEACHER

UPDATE October 9, 2016 “one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself” – Itzhak Bentov Itzhak Bentov – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 137 ~ Itzhak Bentov ~ Mystical Friend of Mine ~ the Swastika ~ the TEACHER Appears RESCUE ME and IN HOC SIGNO VINCES ~ “In […]

DNA ~ Life Crystals ~ George Merkl ~ 4 Evangelists ~ RoTaS sATOr Magic ~ Great Pyramid ~ the Photon Hologram ~ Photon Knights Templar Cross ~ CHRiST the X-TiaN TEACHER

UPDATE October 9, 2016 Shape of photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle The resulting image looks a bit like a Maltese cross, just like the wave function predicted from Schrödinger’s equation. In the arms of the cross, where the photons were in step, the image is bright – and where […]

Intelligent Design Revealed ~ Photon Crusader Crosses ~ Mystic Cross ~ Hopi Prophecy ~ the World TEACHER asks … have the Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?

UPDATE Spring Equinox 2017 A thought about the Tree of Life used in the Kabbalah which can also be expressed as two squares. ~ end of UPDATE ~ This is old news ~ a newspaper clipping from 1910 History Of The Swastika Or Mystic Cross . – Google News UPDATE October 16, 2016 Today’s update is […]

52 ~ Aztec Calender Stone and Calendar Wheel and Ollin ~ PhaiStoS disc ~ OMphalos ~ and Walter Russell default to the SwaStika as KEY and World TEACHER of emerging Photon Science

UPDATE March 8, 2018 The Holographic Universe? Relation between 2D/3D chirality and the … – OSA Publishing The following image suggesting that the 2D chiral swastika grows a spine and evolves in a 3D chiral spiral, along with fig.7  all came out of this pdf. file found online. Optical angular momentum transfer to microrotors fabricated […]

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 RS SSS Photon Knights Templar MyStic ~ Introduction and Index

I actually think ‘faKebook’ did a commendable job summarizing my last few years using their Social Media interface, helping me to put the swastika in yer face using faKebook. Please take a walk on the wild side with me, it only lasts about 1 minute: Video ~ 62 second introduction >>> 137 SS Mystic  UPDATE November […]

The Epiphany of Raphael a.k.a. Photon Knights Templar

The basis of the “Secular Theology”- if one probes it deeply – is the premise that God never reveals himself through the Church and does not even reveal himself through the community. Rather God reveals himself only to individuals, only to those people who courageously take a stand against the callousness of the community, which […]

2017 the World TEACHER appears ~ an Intelligent Design ~ NaNo World APPLICATIONS for the Swastika and emerging Photon Science …

UPDATE April 11, 2018 Came across this today, a significant find, posted by Alice C. Linsley. The link between solar symbolism, wheat, threshing floors, and bread is extremely archaic. It appears everywhere among the R1b peoples, as far as I can determine. I am reminded of this: The most common solar symbol was the […]

Philosopher’s Stone ~ Wheel of Fortune ~ CARD X ~ Quinta Essentia ~ Square of Opposition ~ Photon Knights Templar all anticipate Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and Prabhat Ranjan Sankar

UPDATE April 11, 2017 The World TEACHER ~ Total Annihilation vs. Total Victory  Did the World TEACHER have a hidden hand in the work of PRS in addition to Ken Wilber and and and … ? Is there a link between the work of Prabhat Ranjan Sankar and what is being recovered in the RS […]