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Quantum Entanglement ~ Paradox ~ Spin ~ a Starry Night dialogue with Barry Kort and the SwaStikaS as TEACHER

UPDATE November 19, 2016 Another portrayal of the Big Dipper in November. It’s Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhone, painted in September 1888 at Arles. Had you noticed the Big Dipper in this painting? Can you see it tonight? BTW 1888 is the year that the Secret Doctrine was published. Position of […]

The Lost Wisdom of the Swastika ~ Chiral and Achiral Rosetta Stone Fractal Mandala ~ Double Dalet ~ Master Builder Grid ~ Kepler’s Two Great Treasures ~ Pythagorean Theorem ~ Phi ~ World TEACHER revealed ~ Amazing Amazigh SwaStik ShoStik Stickman appears in 2100 CE ~ Burning Man turns 114 ~ The Temple IS Man the Friendship Knot has humanity ‘Entangled’ ~ SURRENDER is VICTORY

UPDATE November 12, 2020 Yesterday ‘Remembrance Day’ would have been a more appropriate day for the following entry. Yes humanity has forgotten. The following image/text with our added insights came from the book The Great Pyramid Decoded by E. Raymond Capt, whose source was The Great Pyramid Its Divine Message written by H. Davidson, and […]

Countdown to 2100 C.E. Prophecy ~ Patanjali’s Celestial Pole Star Meditation ~ Communication and Unity Among Men ~ Spooky Action at a Distance ~ Non-local Entanglement ~ Surrender is Victory

UPDATE October 2, 2018 I have cued up the video to where Sohail Haashmi [historian, activist, academician, film-maker] discusses the swastika’s deeper meaning to the pole star. UPDATE October 14, 2015 Three images today will help show a profound link between the SS jeSuS and the pole star. For some time now I have had the feeling […]

All Creative Work Is Derivative ~ An Intelligent Design ~ The Temple Of Man ~ Master Builder’s Grid ~ the Swastika and the Gravity of the Situation

UPDATE April 21st, 2019 Just when you think the devil has won … you hit a homer … a grand slam, wham bam thank you ma’am.  An ole high school friend named Jill shared the following video with my inner Jack today. As the above image of Homer illustrates sometimes my inner Jack can be […]

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – August 3, 2013 – N, SHE, NUN, where Egypt hid the swastika and the number 35

UPDATE April 21st, 2019 Just minutes ago I came across this interesting interpretation of the RoTaS SaToR magic square and the Hebrew letter NuN. Serpens Rota (Sator arepo teNet opera rotaS). N is hebraïc Nun, ancient serpent who became the fishes . Other references for N: « In hebrew Nahash=serpent, in Latin Naïas=Naïad, in greek […]

ID ~ Intelligent Design ~ Quotable Swastika Quotes concerning God ~ Movement ~ Space ~ Time ~ Gift of Fire ~ Language Instrument ~ the Collective Unconscious ~ World TEACHER comes forth …

UPDATE March 26, 2017 ‘LANGUAGE INSTRUMENT FOR THE TRANSMISSION OF KNOWLEDGE’ Is the swastika a ‘language instrument’ … i.e. a cosmic/tool/idea of some kind yet to be fully appreciated assisting man to transmit knowledge through the ages? Do the SSS leSSonS suggest man is playing with fire? The following quote about the swastika is well worth documenting […]

137 ~ Itzhak Bentov ~ Mystical Friend of Mine ~ the Swastika ~ the World TEACHER Appears

UPDATE March 11, 2020 This was posted on faKebook social media today. We recognized the Bentov Torus. In this document declassified (since 2003) Itzhak Bentov is mentioned 27 times. UPDATE January 5, 2020 source: Take note of the date, today and in the image. Same date. This is hot off the press. All […]

MS 39671 ~ Codex Zouche-Nuttall ~ the Swastika ~ the Maltese Cross ~ the 2100 C.E. Celestial Pole Star Alignment and Prophecy …

Zelia Nuttall (1857-1933) was born in San Francisco and specialized in Pre-Columbian MesoAmerian manuscripts. ‘Fundamental Principles’ was her largest publication and dealt with the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Zuni along with Greece, Egypt, and Rome. For 47 years she was an Honorary Assistant in Mexican Archaeology at the Peabody Museum. Zelia Nuttall – American Anthropological Association […]

“To BE or not to BE” ~ Polarization and the Geometry of the Swastika

UPDATE November 30th, 2020 Hints of Cosmic Birefringence? November 23, 2020• Physics 13, s149 A new analysis of the cosmic microwave background shows that its polarization may be rotated by exotic effects indicating beyond-standard-model physics. Researchers are increasingly scrutinizing the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB)—the oldest light in the Universe—for signs of new physics. One […]

World TEACHER introduces the B-mode SwaStikaS ~ the “Smoking Gun” to an Intelligent Design ~ Holographic Windmills of the mInD ~ ThE NET ~ the GRID and the SEEd pattern

UPDATE January 26, 2020 A link was shared with us yesterday by Ride the Tide Douglas Engholm but we did not see it until today and we had to update this blog not long after we saw this video by Burkard Polster aka YouTube Mathologer … it is simply amazing how the 2D CHIRAL MBG […]