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Collective Unconscious ~ Widukind ~ Wedekind ~ Wittekind ~ A Germanic Hero of the Dark Ages Speaks His Mind in the 21st Century ~ Genetic Memory

UPDATE December 11, 2019 Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations There’s a reason why scientists turn to C. elegans as a model organism – after all, those 14 generations would only take roughly 50 days to develop, but can still give us important clues on how environmental genetic change is passed down in […]

2100 C.E. ~ St. Widukind ~ Peshenkef ~ Irminsul ~ Column of Mars ~ 777 ~ Sator Square ~ Ark of the Covenant ~ Swastika ~ Polaris and Graham Hancock too!

UPDATE November 4, 2015 Please pay attention to the fine print in these two attachments. The Wittekind LIndE Tree of LItE What would a hero be without having sat under a sacred tree at some point in their life? Yes that be ME+me Apparently the Buddha buddy and ME+me like to sit under trees. […]

777 ~ Widukind ~ Wittekind ~ Wedekind ~ Wreck-It Ralph ~ Master of the Temple

“The Universe consists of A-tomos and the Void; Everything else is Opinion.” –Democritus 343 BC Time line of Templar administration in Europe 1227 Aleman Priory for Central Europe 1227 Fr. Gebhard, Preceptor Allemaie (Central Europe) 1251 Fr. Johannes, Magistro summo preceptore milicie Templi per Teutoniam, per Boemiam, per Morauiam et per Poloniam (Knight Jan) 1253 Grand […]

The Lost Wisdom of the Swastika ~ Chiral and Achiral Rosetta Stone Fractal Mandala ~ Double Dalet ~ Master Builders’ Grid ~ Kepler’s Two Great Treasures ~ Pythagorean Theorem ~ Phi ~ World TEACHER revealed ~ Amazing Amazigh SwaStik ShoStik Stickman appears in 2100 CE ~ Burning Man turns 114 ~ The Temple IS Man the Friendship Knot has humanity ‘Entangled’ ~ SURRENDER is VICTORY

UPDATE November 12, 2020 Yesterday ‘Remembrance Day’ would have been a more appropriate day for the following entry. Yes humanity has forgotten. The following image/text with our added insights came from the book The Great Pyramid Decoded by E. Raymond Capt, whose source was The Great Pyramid Its Divine Message written by H. Davidson, and […]

The X Factor KW

‘X’ marks the spot In this image ‘X’ marks the spot! This is where I found the Holy Grail, buried deep inside what can only be described as ancestral MEME MEMoriEs … that I believe can be accessed via various methods giving you access to the EM field of dreams and nightmares that we all […]

2012 ~ 2100 A.D. ~ Don’t Worry BE Hapi!

88 years between 2012 and 2100 CE 88 recognized constellations … 88 black and white keys on a keyboard 88 could be 16 if added reduced to 7 88 could be 64 if multiplied reduced to 1 88 could be 0 if subtracted 88 could be 1 if divided 88 some claim is a highly […]

2100 C.E. the World TEACHER appears ~ ‘PHOTON’ mandala meditations help unlock the ‘real secret’ to ‘The Secret’ which is learning about OUTSMARTING the LEFT Brain!

UPDATE February 9, 2020 The following video was shared with me by faKebook friend Monique Anne. She recognized the importance of this video in helping us illustrate a process that we personally went through, its influences still experienced today 15+ years later, after the initial epiphany at age 47. Take note how Jordan Peterson and […]

The Sound of Music ~ 37 = 18 + 19 ~ Asymmetric Pillars ~ Tablets of Karnak ~ Phaistos Disk ~ Rotas Sator Square ~ the SwaStika as creature/preacher and New/Old World TEACHER

UPDATE August 18, 2019 Wow it has been 2 years since an update regarding a particular narrative involving the numbers 3 and 7 expressed as 37 or 73. Based on a couple of images. Now the plot thickens because it is easy as pi to illustrate how the 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER’s signature is in fact […]

All Creative Work Is Derivative ~ An Intelligent Design ~ The Temple Of Man ~ Master Builders’ Grid ~ the Swastika and the Gravity of the Situation

UPDATE April 21st, 2019 Just when you think the devil has won … you hit a homer … a grand slam, wham bam thank you ma’am.  An ole high school friend named Jill shared the following video with my inner Jack today. As the above image of Homer illustrates sometimes my inner Jack can be […]

Acacia Tree of Life 1*37 Coincidences ~ Horseshoes ~ GHREES ~ the Golden Dawn ~ Badge #1258

G. H. REES ~ GROUP of HELLENIC REESTABLISHMENT UPDATE September 30, 2015 Acacia known commonly as acacia, thorntree, whistling thorn, or wattle, is a genus of shrubs and trees described by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1773. According to Easton’s Bible Dictionary, the acacia tree may be the “burning bush” (Exodus 3:2) which Moses encountered […]