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Jordan Peterson ~ The Symbolic World ~ a lecture by Jonathan Pageau ~ a perspective of Christian Apologists ~ The Great ‘Chiral’ Debate

Our friend @Jonathan Pageau gave a lecture on the conceptual structure of Genesis for an event that was orchestrated by the Montreal Jung Society. Jordan felt that this lecture would serve as a wonderful adjunct to his biblical series, also on Genesis, featured on this channel.


My three favorite Carl G. Jung quotes concern the mandala, the swastika, and ‘squaring the circle’.

The following three quotes in many ways are a summary of Jung’s life’s work which can be shown to anticipate 21st century sciences rebranding of the 12,000+ year old swastika a ‘chiral metamaterial’, allowing us to extract an algorithm called ‘genesis’ … “let there be chiral light”.

Quote #1
“I saw that everything, all paths I had been following, all steps I had taken, were leading back to a single point — namely, to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the centre.
I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. Perhaps someone knows more, but not I.”

By the way it is important to know that Carl Jung’s Red Book containing his inspired heART work and brain fARTS if filled with four-fold mandalas, his favorite. So I went out and bought a copy of Carl Jung’s book called Mandala Symbolism and found this quote on page 89.

Quote #2
“In addition to the usual four or eight rays, both mandalas [fig26 fig27] show a pentadic element. There is thus a dilema between four and five. Five is the number assigned to the “natural” man, in so far as he consists of a trunk with five appendages. Four, on the other hand, signifies a conscious totality. It describes the ideal, “spiritual” man and formulates him as a totality in contrast to the pentad, which describes the corporeal man. It is significant that the swastika symbolizes the “ideal” man, whereas the five-pointed star symbolizes the material and bodily man. The dilema of four and five corresponds to the conflict between “culture” and “nature”.”

Do I need to point out the “ideal” “spiritual man” in the east called the Buddha who has a swastika used as a seal placed over his heart? This third quote by Jung about ‘squaring the circle’ meshes nicely with four-fold mandalas, the four-fold swastika and this quote by Plato … “geometry will draw the soul toward the truth”.

Quote #3
“The ‘squaring of the circle’ is one of the many archetypal motifs which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies. But it is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important of them from the functional point of view. Indeed, it could even be called the archetype of wholeness.”
source: C.G.Jung Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious Paragraph 715

Above I wrote “… a summary of Jung’s life’s work which can be shown to anticipate 21st century sciences rebranding of the 12,000+ year old swastika a ‘chiral metamaterial’.”

Herein are some science facts about CHIRALITY, a concept that levels the playing field, which can be used to help us mediate and reconcile science and religion;

All life is CHIRAL
A spiral is CHIRAL
Light is CHIRAL … let there be light
Our 5 senses are CHIRAL
EM field is CHIRAL
Electricity a right angle phenomenon is CHIRAL
Magnetism is CHIRAL
Right angle triangles are CHIRAL
Time is CHIRAL
Death is ACHIRAL

The CHIRAL anomaly is evidently a KEY being used to unlock/penetrate the quantum as this quote attests;

“In theoretical physics, a chiral anomaly is the anomalous nonconservation of a chiral current. In everyday terms, it is equivalent to a sealed box that contained equal numbers of left and right-handed bolts, but when opened was found to have more left than right, or vice versa. Such events are expected to be prohibited according to classical conservation laws, but we know there must be ways they can be broken, because we have evidence of charge–parity non-conservation (“CP violation”). It is possible that other imbalances have been caused by breaking of a chiral law of this kind. Many physicists suspect that the fact that the observable universe contains more matter than antimatter is caused by a chiral anomaly. Research into chiral symmetry breaking laws is a major endeavor in particle physics research at this time.”

As I said, Jonathan and Jordan are both ignorant/unaware [same thing] of what was just presented. After 17+ years of research is it clear that the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL swastika [an anomaly] is a vital component to understanding the algorithm that sets our world into motion by breaking perfect ACHIRAL symmetry. After the CHIRAL descent is the ascent toward ACHIRAL perfection, a state of mind and heart. An allegorical rebuilding of the temple, the New Jerusalem.

So yes ACHIRAL perfection gets broken and CHIRAL life emerges, yes this is the same algorithm to be found in Genesis.

The ever emergent truth collides with Social Media Brats and their ARK+E+typal brain fARTS expressed as heART work


Roger Penrose wins Noble Prize
Keep that in mind when reading this blog entry.
The IGNORANT are not aware of how the work of Sir Roger Penrose helps set the stage for so many of their claims often attributed to other Social Media Storytellers who love to spew blah blah blah in scripting their fairy tales, which are attempts by their ego to attract a flock of sheeple.

Yes this UPDATE indicates that we were not aware that Sir Roger Penrose had won the Noble Prize prior to the original posting of this blog entry.

source of video:

Original Post October 23rd, 2020

It has been a while since we scripted a new/old idea worth sharing.

Yes this blog is about ALL of the different ways that we have encountered on social media that this current batch of kiddies has determined it will save the world.

Sadly we MUST offer criticism of what ME+me sees based on our cognitive bias that is in fact serving us very well indeed as the rant illustrates.

PUBLIC ENEMY #1 is IGNORANCE and your real education begins here … deconstructing ANONYMOUS’s brain fARTs and heART work as archetypes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is christ-crucified-all-life-is-chiral-and-achiral-basis-of-bible.jpg

Can we reduce the MODEL presented in this film to this MODEL?

That image is found here:

NOW it is time to prove how IGNORANT this film is.

IGNORANT of the eternal ARK+E+types that serve as the foundation for in an ever emergent universe reinventing itself.

What is a fact is that our 5 senses are CHIRAL and the question is what kind of CHIRAL messages are we receiving from the CHIRAL EM field???


Dear science nerds who cherry pick/cut and paste a bunch of ARK+E+types together in order to weave together a NARRATIVE on social media … trying to save the world … you need to save yourself first is our advice.

Welcome to how HIS-story was scripted too, in exactly the same manner … a succession of humans with bright ideas unwilling to use those bright ideas to penetrate who THEY ARE.

CHIRAL rhymes with SPIRAL because a 3D SPIRAL is CHIRAL!

PhDUH awarded to ANONYMOUS who is just another punkster wearing a mask unable to look at themselves in the mirror whilst promoting @ 1:51:32 Boyd Bushman + Viktor Shauberger + Walter Russell merged with the Robinson Congruence @ 1:52:33 that Sir Roger Penrose uses for his Twistor Theory and ALL of this ideas can be attributed to CHIRAL geometry.

Kiddies what do you see @1:52:16?

That particular ark+E+type where TWO ideas OPPOSED flanking ONE central idea is thousands of years old and found all over the world, dear kiddies lacking a full and rounded education.

Flinders Petrie could teach ye kiddies about archetypes to be in archaeology. Yes found ALL over the ancient world ….how many times do you see it in this blog featuring the work of Flinders Petrie?

So as we continue to deconstruct this NARRATIVE that is clearly IGNORANT of what is in fact HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT dear reader pause the video @1:52:17

Look at it closely … do you see the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER in that image?

The World TEACHER appears ~ R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz ~ The Temple Of Man ~ Joseph Davidovits ~ 137 the KEY ~ the Master Builder’s Grid ~ “The Shadow knows” what Graham Hancock does not!

How many times do you see it here … Rene Schwaller de Lubicz called it the MBG or Master Builders Grid and well we do agree.

Do you see how ALL of that blah blah blah in fact comes back to a symbol that is 12,000+ years old and very vital to the ONE narrative?

YES or NO?
^^^ dear kiddies and punksters and all other ANONYMOUS dudes having brain fARTS and expressing their heART work on social media … STFU please and enter a new learning curve … amen

Now what good is FREE ENERGY if the IGNORANT remain IGNORANT and UNAWARE of who/what their benefactor truly is, their ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL maker baker weaver and ultimately perhaps the deliverer of FREE ENERGY?
^^^ dear kiddies to merge the past with the present while looking toward the future … a hypothetical savior needs to have exhibited a REAL HISTORY merged with MODERN APPLICATIONS in order for the story to unify.

2B continued …

Jain and Dan Winter are Thieves of the heARTS ~ FaKebook and EweTube censorship ~ we join 1984 in progress ‘broken symmetry’ makes the world go round ~ to be continued …

Edmond Furter BLUEPRINT Photon ARCHETYPE with addendums single photon

2100 CE Rene Schwaller Pisces Precession Photon Knights Templar

1984 has arrived without a doubt. And this new system is in support of the storyteller who has stuff to tell ya and sell ya.
Like the fella who calls himself Jain.
Jain and ME+me were both born in 1957 but we seemed to have taken different routes to the same source. He was born in the southern hemisphere, yours truly in Toronto, We the North.
And that line … the equator truly does seem to divide us. How we see the world.
90% of humanity can see the POLE STAR … Jain can not.

So today we attempted to leave a comment on this video. It already had 3 comments. The comment we left immediately got filtered OUT.
After we realized what was going on … we left 3 more comments but yet the page still only registers 3 comments when it should say 6.

In conclusion Jain is just one thief in support of another thief Dan Winter, both use the eternal ark+E+types to illicit awe invoking sheepish ewe to become a pay pal friend of theirs.

Here is the comment that got filtered out, never made the Jain grade; we have since added a few tidbits.
Ironically Jain + Dan Winter = ‘thieves of the heARTS’ … what if?

It is a fact that Dan Winter can NOT even use his OWN name for a domain because he is a thief of ideas.

Ironically what do we find on the  heART of the Buddha? … the Jaina Cross
Ironically Jain also does not give credit to where credit is due. Jain seems to be IGNORANT of the Jaina Cross, what Freemasons call the swastika.
Ironically Jain who makes a living selling his brain fARTS and heART work is not really penetrating the mysteries. He is only helping to veil the simple TRUTH.
Ironically this simple TRUTH has the power to reconcile religion and science, science now evolving into the new religion. [ever since Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem in the 1930s science has been evolving into a religion with its own dogma]
Ironically Jain’s weakness is our strength.

After a 16 year study it is OBVIOUS that there exists a DIRECT vital link not to be ignored between the 3D CHIRAL SPIRAL and its ancestor/kissing cousin the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL Swastika/Jaina Cross and the CHIRAL anomaly being used today in an attempt to reconcile the quantum with relativity AND thus answering THE hard question “what is consciousness?”
Dear reader do yourself a favor and invite the real World TEACHER into your hOMe, your mind and your heART.

NOW IF IF IF you dare kill the fake 2500 year old pi-tagoras … it is very easy to kill the fake 2000 year old ark+E+typal jeSuS too and replace BOTH ideas with ONE idea that can be used to reconcile ALL beliefs using ONE algorithm;

ACHIRAL >>> CHIRAL >>> ACHIRAL >>> CHIRAL >>> forever and ever

ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL is a FACT you can bank on.

Photon Knights Templar raise your right hand chiral vs achiral RED HAT

Ironically the final irony in the Age of Iron which coincides with the age of social media storytelling whores are these 4 GEOMETRY FACTS in regards to the Iron Cross that gets broken on the Wheel of Time …

FACT #1 the ACHIRAL Cross is the SYMMETRICAL Iron/Crusader/Maltese Cross which gets BROKEN

FACT #2 is that BROKEN SYMMETRY is in essence CHIRAL GEOMETRY … now we can enter the CHIRAL Jaina/SwaStika cross as evidence of the culprit that which BREAKS the perfect godly symmetry, being a metaphor for both shape and balance.


“one thing that is really odd about this … is that if you don’t break the symmetries you don’t get us”

– James Gates

FACT #3  but BROKEN SYMMETRY is necessary for LIFE to exist in the first place!!!
I have cued up the video to where the wise guys and gals with PhD discuss how important BROKEN SYMMETRY is to the creation of LIFE.
Watch the video from 58:35 to at least 1:16:30 where Max Tegmark suggests the minds/ideas on stage are like “wheels going round and round”.

FACT #4 in Sept. 2015 a paper was submitted re: Hologram of a Photon … which resembles the ACHIRAL SYMMETRICAL Iron/Crusader/Maltese Crosses however lacking the perfect symmetry anticipated by the experimenters.

ACHIRAL cross CHIRAL swastika Jesuit puzzle LIFE DEATH

Hence as the above ‘Jesuit Puzzle’ alludes to the perfect symmetrical ACHIRAL Iron Cross is a symbol of DEATH and the CHIRAL swastika along with the CHIRAL SPIRAL of LIFE are both symbols for LIFE itself!

THUS if you hate the swastika idea … you hate the process that initiates or helps LIFE emerge … and if you like the SYMMETRICAL CROSS you in fact have a DEATH wish. yes CHIRAL rhymes with SPIRAL for good reason.

to be continued … ME+me is going to break down what the panel says regarding ’emergence’ ‘what is consciousness’ and the necessary breaking of symmetry in order for creation to emerge … manifest … and the good news is that the photon plays a vital role.

Only 1 in 100 million become a Photon Knights Templar according to Neil deGrasse Tyson who is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium.

Thanks Neil coming from you that is quite the endorsement and coincidence.

Photon Knights Templar
1 in 100 million

… a graduate of RoselandS public school
… it also suffered through an identity crisis from 1963-1997

… it seems the letter ‘S’ was critical to both our journeys …

RoSeLaNDS pre-1963 vs RoSeLaND 1964

Roselands Rose crop

… to be continued continues …

Let me present another YouTube video plus the comment we left under the alias Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael: blah blah blah
… the PhD + duh are still divided into two camps
… Einstein vs Bohr
… we were told EPR + Bells Theorem declared Bohr the winner 
… but here we are the Einstein CULT will not give up
… enter John Conway and his 3 axioms re: Free Will Theorem
… now what wise guys and gals?
…. James Gates and others still promote Super-symmetry
… hello hello hello?
… what the science nerds seem to forget is the genius of Godel and his INCOMPLETENESS THEOREM suggesting a human who lives a cradle to grave FINITE CHIRAL existence does not have the capacity to wrap such a puny mind around INFINITY
… and ACHIRAL Super-symmetric ACHIRAL foundation that gets BROKEN
… but how? exactly
… go back to shleep Theoretical SCIENCE TODAY is a RELIGION and the new temple priests will forever and ever blah blah blah but but butt always falling short of defining an infinite universe with no beginning and no end
… geesh STFU and put the egos away and admit defeat
… surrender to the ultimate defeat … nobody has come back from the DEAD to fill us in about this ‘god of the gaps’ that refuses to be measured without any paradox invoked at the same time. PhDUH awarded all of you, the dippy diploma called “Spooky Action At A Distance” shortened to SAAAD
… how appropriate

… to be continued

Celestial House of the North by Kathryn Devereaux PhD

The following was written as you can see by Kathryn Devereaux PhD.
It could be essential to our work and we do not want to lose it, it carries a CC Creative Commons License so we made a copy to share.
Ms. Devereaux’s blog can be found here:


Casa Rinconada-fig 2-Munro et al

Casa Rinconada, Chaco Canyon. Construction of Casa Rinconada was begun in 1070 CE to observe the Big Dipper and likely the position of the rainbow Corn maiden, Alkaid, during the winter solstice.

Chaco winter solstice 1000 CE-CNPChaco spring equinox 1000 CE-CNPChaco summer solstice 1000 CE-CNPChaco fall equinox 1000 CE-CNP

Chaco winter solstice 1000 CE

The winter solstice was considered to be the middle of time and the beginning of a new agricultural cycle as the sun reached its southernmost position in the southeast.  After a “rest,” and stimulated to move by the winter solstice ceremony, it began its journey along the eastern horizon toward its northernmost position in the northeast on the summer solstice. On the winter solstice the Twins asterism is at the zenith of the sky. In relation to the CNP the Milky Way is in its “stand up” position in the wets. The orange line represents the ecliptic.

The celestial House of the North at the polestar has been shown to be very important in ancestral Puebloan mythology and cosmology as the northern “House” of the axis mundi. As documented by the Zuni’s Galaxy altar (Stevenson, 1904:pl. CIV) and origin story (Cushing, 1896) the celestial House of the North was occupied by the “Great God,” the Plumed Serpent called Four Winds. The seven stars of the Big Dipper represented the seven color-coded Corn maidens, and the light of the seven stars reflected on water on earth represented their sisters the Flute (Dew) maidens. Alkaid, the star at the tip of the ladle of the Big Dipper, was the star of the rainbow Corn maiden and represented the seventh direction or the maiden that “led all the rest.” Evidence that Chacoans shared the same interest in Alkaid is seen in the orientation of Casa Rinconada to the polestar and the orientation of a tri-wall masonry tower at Aztec ruin to Alkaid. Other evidence suggested that observation of Alkaid in Chaco Canyon as it passed the meridian would have been an accurate way to determine the exact length of the year. The position of Alkaid in the succession of the solstices and equinoxes during the year also defined the perimeter of the region of space called the “glory hole” and “Six Sky” by the Maya and would also have been a close estimate of both the season and the length of the year. At the summer solstice, Alkaid is as close as it will get to the zenith of the sky, while at the winter solstice it appears to brush the earth’s horizon in the north on the meridian just after sunset.

Chaco-Spring equinox-Venus Aldebaran-Pleiades

Just after sunset on the spring equinox, Venus (the avatar of the Plumed Serpent called Four Winds), Aldebaran (star avatar of the culture hero Poshaiyanne of medicine and rites, the bright star above Saturn in Taurus), and the Pleiades (the “seed” stars just below Venus in Taurus), all very important in ancestral Puebloan cosmology, are tightly grouped in the west above the sun.

In that light these images visually explore the seasonal astronomy of the celestial House of the North seeking clues as to how this important place may have been represented on pottery by symbols such as the swastika and the kan-k’in cosmogram. Traditionally the interior of a pottery vessel represented the sky dome, and therefore the symbolic content displayed at the center of the sky dome on the bottom of the bowl should correspond to the celestial House of the North that was also called Heart of Sky if in fact this cosmology documented ethnographically for the Zuni, Hopi, and Keres was shared by the occupants of Pueblo Bonito.



LeftPueblo Bonito, A336196, Smithsonian Anthropology Digital Collection. There are a number of versions of this same pattern in the Smithsonian’s digital database and it remained part of the visual program of several groups in the post-Chacoan dispersion.  The pattern has both dextral and sinestral versions, which suggests that something changes, as in the movement of the Milky Way as it flips from a position above the ecliptic to a position below the ecliptic at the solstices (Fig. 2).



A336324-pueblo bonito-cropped


LeftPueblo Bonito cosmogram c. 1000 CE. Displayed are a quartered bowl with two black bicephalic serpent scrolls, two “charged” interlocked connectors (serpent scrolls: see Connections), and four tau-shaped symbols at the intercardinal directions that in Maya art are diagnostic for the sun god (Schele, 1976).  Notice the N-S and E-W orientation of the connectors. Image courtesy of Smithsonian’s Anthropology Digital Collection #A336324, available online.



Out of 95 bowls collected by George Pepper (1909, 1920) and Neil Judd (1954) from Pueblo Bonito (rm. 33-12; rm. 266-22; rm. 326-61), 17 bowls displayed a swastika, 6 displayed a checkerboard (sky), and one displayed a swastika pattern in the context of the checkerboard sky (rm. 326, Judd, 1954:pl. 54z), which supports the contention that the interior of the bowl did represent the sky and the swastika was a central celestial feature. Room 33, the northern burial crypt, did not have bowls that displayed the checkerboard or the swastika, while there was a single mortuary bowl in room 32 that prominently displayed the kan-k’in cosmogram. Room 266 was a storage room for ceremonial pottery where six of the bowls with the swastika were found (6/22= 27%), while room 326 was one of the four rooms of the western burial crypt where 5 bowls with the swastika and six bowls with the checkerboard were found (11/61=18%). Taken together the swastika in the Milky Way checkerboard sky accounted for  24% (23/95=24%) of the designs on ceremonial and mortuary pottery, which suggests that the swastika did represent the celestial House of the North by the rotation of the Big Dipper.

 Creative Commons License

This work is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 Unported license .  Suggested citation for text: Devereaux, M.K., 2018. Twisted Gourd, The Symbolic Language of the Precolumbian Rainmakers,

More articles by Kathryn Devereaux PhD.

the following article contains an index:

dominguez-rancho perez-TG checkerboard-cropped


Douglas Larsson Engholm ~ letter ‘L’ ~ god ‘EL’ ~ TLV Mirrors ~ Master Builders Grid and 137

UPDATE March 24, 2020

Came across the following images in my files. A shape achieved by rotating the number ‘7‘, the letter ‘L‘  maybe’V‘ and it fits a theory based on a MIRROR to a ‘T

L 7 angle corner QeNBT Title of Officialtefillin wind 7 times around lower arm between elbow and wrist DIRECTION varies

QeNBT and the TeFiLLiN


CUBIT and the 3 – 4 – 5

Ligo 'L' idea Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America by Herbert Joseph Spinden 4x3 grid

Yucatan Deer caught in a Snare …

China L T V mirror swastika

Chinese TL and TLV MIRRORS

Liubo Board Diagram T L VLiubo Divination Diagram T L V

Game of Liubo next to Liubo Divination Chart
based on TLV MIRROR architecture

Danube Script L T V Kar Ra Ha CREATOR H. Haarmann


As impressive as all of the above presented thus far is … the best is still to come.

A 62 second video that weaves together many archetypal mathematical theories supported by simple arithmetic illustrating transformation from Zero to 3D.

~ end of UPDATE ~

From ZERO to 3D 

If you find yourself lost on these blog pages … you would be a fool not to spend the next 62 seconds with the God eL … who is the beginning of your end to be recovered …

The following blog post highlights the fine inspired work of Douglas Larsson Engholm.
This is his blog here called Ride the Tide

Douglas seems to be updating his blog daily with his brain fARTS that seem to be aligning with a cosmic heART pattern … this is all good … Douglas and ME+me are driven by a similar passion.

So if phi and pi and 137 and Pitagoras’ right angle theorem all hold some fascination for you … consider Doug’s blog and the one you currently are on, which are both in support of an idea whose time has come i.e. defining broken symmetry using the 2D chiral swastika .. simply because what Douglas and ME+me are proposing address ‘what time is’ … maybe even helping us answer the big question;

What is consciousness … what is spooky action at a distance … what is entanglement … are they one and the same? 

Some time ago Douglas sent ME+me these images … starting with Step 1 and Step 2.

Doug Step 1 and 2 for 137 square

Important to note how the entire process begins with a unit of 1 and ends up with an area of 137 by the time we arrive at Step 15.

Douglas Larrson Engholm MBG 137

However in order to make the above image comprehensible to me … I needed to add the following dimensions to his sketch.
Aha … a clue to why and how the ancients decided the integer 137 held some significance.

Douglas Larrson Engholm MBG area 137

I then asked Doug if he could make a video of the transformation that begins with a simple algorithm.

And he did.

A shifting mathematical structure to derive numbers using Pythagoras theorem.

All of these drawings are completely mathematical, even though some seems artistic every point in these drawings are mathematical points.
Here is the swastika with a bounding box and with added hypotenuses to use the Pythagorean theorem. The theorem describe the effect when these angles move.
Also note the square and the circle in the middle and see their corresponding numbers you will see that they have equal circumference and area down to 6 decimals at one point as they are growing through each other. That was all that was possible at this moment in this program.

– Douglas Larsson Engholm

ALL of Douglas’ videos can be found here;

Some can be found in the following links …

Shifting proof of Pythagoras Theorem

If you draw a diamond square where each corner of the square is attached to the end of the long leg of each angle. What you will get when you start separating the angles is a proof of Pythagoras theorem for every possible triangle with a hypotenuse from root square 2 to root square 5 ,regardless of what unit you use. That means it is a numberless proof for the pythagorean theorem.
You also get a very beautiful square spiral.

Squaring the circle

Is it possible to do the impossible? Let’s draw a square where the corners is attached to the long leg of each angle, and then draw a circle which is attached to the 90 degree corner of each angle. From the beginning the circle surrounds the square, but as the transformation occurs and the angles start separating the relationship between the square and the circle changes. They are passing through each other, as the circle diminishes in size and the square grows, though still sharing the same center point. It is like two people meet on the same step as one is going up the stairs and the other one is going down, they are bound to meet somewhere, no? Meaning that at one point their circumference and area should be exactly equal. They meet in infinity.

Zero to 3 dimensions

From one single dot (0 D) to a cubic structure (3 D). By starting with the function of pi through to Phi and then the swastika and continuing to the cubic unit with 3 planes intersecting. Showing how to build the field from one single point.
This is just one unit but all are constructed the same.

2B continued …

Take note of the square root spiral.

blog 26

blog 25






The Lost Wisdom of the Swastika ~ Chiral and Achiral Rosetta Stone Fractal Mandala ~ Double Dalet ~ Master Builders’ Grid ~ Kepler’s Two Great Treasures ~ Pythagorean Theorem ~ Phi ~ World TEACHER revealed ~ Amazing Amazigh SwaStik ShoStik Stickman appears in 2100 CE ~ Burning Man turns 114 ~ The Temple IS Man the Friendship Knot has humanity ‘Entangled’ ~ SURRENDER is VICTORY

UPDATE November 12, 2020

Yesterday ‘Remembrance Day’ would have been a more appropriate day for the following entry. Yes humanity has forgotten.

The following image/text with our added insights came from the book The Great Pyramid Decoded by E. Raymond Capt, whose source was The Great Pyramid Its Divine Message written by H. Davidson, and D. Aldersmith.

The first line states …

“By means of reflexions and shadows, the Great Pyramid became the great sundial of Egypt, not only for the days and hours, but for the seasons of the year.”

Great Pyramid Reflexions Shadows Great Sundial E. Raymond Capt. SHOSTIK crucified vs orant

Our intuition suggested we rotate the image to gain another POV.

Solstice position is victory/surrender and the equinox seems to be associated with being ‘crucified’, however both positions can be found related to the cross and being crucified.

Great Pyramid Reflexions Shadows

The above AHA where SURRENDER is VICTORY will be explored further in this blog.

UPDATE January 20th, 2020

A one minute video helps set the stage for this entire blog. It was put together by somebody who like myself was activated by a very similar imPULSE, that eventually brought us together.

The rest of Douglas Larsson Engholm’s work can be found here;

And here is another video that sends the same message using the right angle ‘L’ which can be spelled EL and the right angle theorem appears an idea worthy of a god bequeathing to humanity a technology in fact.

A technology that can be shown to have assisted humanity over the past 12,000+ years … clearly emerging in 10,000 BCE.


source of image:

UPDATE November 22, 2019

Scouts all over the world use the friendship knot to tie off their neckerchiefs (also known as neckers or Scout scarves). Then they remove the neckerchief and give it to a new friend. The gesture bonds friendships, and learning how to tie the knot is a great step toward making new friends and securing your neckerchief without a slide or woggle.

UPDATE August 18, 2019

Wow it has been 2 years since an update regarding a particular narrative involving the numbers 3 and 7 expressed as 37 or 73.

Based on a couple of images.
Follow the white rabbit?
Follow the YELLOW CHIRAL CLUES for the rest of this blog.

Tefillin Head original MBG and New right angle Dalet YELLOW highlights

Now the plot thickens because it is easy as pi to illustrate how the 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER’s signature is in fact the original DOUBLE DALET.

This next image clearly demonstrates that an emerging convergence of narratives or official stories can be reduced to the 18,000+ year old swastika re-branded by 21st century science as a 2D CHIRAL metamaterial … i.e. used to manipulate photons.

Let there be light … comes to mind.

chiral 5x5 Jacob Bronowski ASCENT OF MAN Music of the Spheres MBG

So 15+ plus years after an ongoing epiphany starting at age 47 results in something that looks like this …
Christ crucified ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL and ACHIRAL basis of bible
Dear reader can you handle the 2D CHIRAL MBG = DOUBLE DALET … a simple geometric CHIRAL vs ACHIRAL truth being recovered in the here and now?
If you can simple unifying truths proceed … if this makes you angry and your cognitive bias is threatened proceed … if you feel like fleeing for any other reason … please do not.


Melvyn Bragg and guests Serafina Cuomo, John O’Connor and Ian Stewart discuss the ideas and influence of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and his followers, the Pythagoreans.The Ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras is probably best known for the theorem concerning right-angled triangles that bears his name. However, it is not certain that he actually developed this idea; indeed, some scholars have questioned not only his true intellectual achievements, but whether he ever existed. We do know that a group of people who said they were followers of his – the Pythagoreans – emerged around the fifth century BC. Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss what we do and don’t know about this legendary figure and his followers, and explore the ideas associated with them.

Highly recommend you listen to the above BBC presentation.

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UPDATE April 24th, 2019

Eggtimer the Temple is Man Shostik MeMe

Love this image … found it on faKebook today … the source was B2,  a secret code via an ole high school friend, I can only reveal his initials as ED.
The ever emergent narrative merging man with time, father with son, man with his purpose, that is what this blog is about, the ultimate reconciliation.

Counting out time …

UPDATE April 2nd, 2019

I honestly should have posted this yesterday on April fool’s day. This quest that ME+me has been on for the past 14+ years aligns itself with the archetypal fool assigned the big fat zero in the tarot deck, the fool within who dare step off the edge into the SS abySS of who/what he/she is/was to become.

Hindu swastikas SHOSTIKThis update addresses using the Pythagorean theorem why we can suggest a reason for the connection between the Bengali ShoStik and the Hindu SwaStik … both representing the same ‘idea’ but clearly the two arms and two legs are displayed quite differently.

Later in the blog it is illustrated how the Hindu SwaStik can be used to illustrate a NUMBERLESS proof for the right angle theorem … and that is an AHA and a bridge between ‘rock art’ and the ‘geometry’ which would evolve from these ‘thoughts’ revealed to the inquiring curious mind over thousands of years culminating in the fake Pythagoras being given credit. And that is quite obvious IF you dare do the research.

Now the continuing AHA illustrates how we might be able to use the Pythagorean triples identified in the Babylonian tablets linked to trigonometry to illustrate how the SwaStik right angle theorem evolved in the ShoStik … perhaps a symbol extracted by shamans/mathematicians from the NouS … long long long ago.

If you place onto a graph and try to visualize all possible Pythagorean triples it looks like this xy grid here >>>

ShoStik depicted as pythgorean triples 3 4 5 bluebrown

Now to make the connection a shaman/mathematician/mystic might make … rotate this grid 90 degrees to reveal a new necessary perspective or POV … what if?

ShoStik depicted as pythgorean triples 3 4 5 highlighted

Now if we dare place the above idea next to the following idea both of which took thousands of years to ‘evolve’ … dare we take the next step in the recovery only to discover … what has been uncovered once before?

ShoStik depicted as pythgorean triples 3 4 5 highlighted and croppedBengali_Swastika shostikEggtimer the Temple is Man Shostik MeMe CROP

kanaga shostik indus

Clearly if the Temple IS Man then the geometric narrative should not be ignored as inconsequential to the bigger picture.

As a mystic is ME+me off base with these associations or do they align with yet another mystic Jakob Bohme as the following image suggests?

Böhme_Philosophische_Kugel version of the ShoStik archetype

Can we extract from Jakob Bohme’s philosophical model similar ideas as ME+me is suggesting? Again by rotating the image we can extract a new POV on an old idea, perhaps.

ShoStik depicted as pythgorean triples merged with Jakob BohmeShoStik depicted as Indus Rock ArtEggtimer the Temple is Man Shostik MeMe CROP

The only difference that I can see that which is significant but also a clue to how the mind works … is the difference between a straight line and a curve.

And that is what pi is … the ratio of a straight line [its diameter] to a curve [its circumference].

There is one other idea that needs to be mentioned but will not be expanded on in this particular page. It is the obvious links to ‘plasma discharges’ witnessed and rock art that may have followed as documented by Anthony Peratt.

The “double dot” squatters are evidence of an association to the shostik, the very first occasion that I was introduced to the fact ShoStik = SwaStik it displayed the ‘double dot’.
Other versions contain two rows of five dots or is it five columns of two dots?

Shostik hindu temple

Anthony Peratt plasma DOUBLE DOT squatter

The following video has been cued up to 7:31 … but I do suggest you watch the entire video.

And all of these ‘right angle’ insights sets up the next entry featuring one of today’s premier storytellers who IGNORES the 18,000+ year old SwaStik narrative … Graham Hancock.

UPDATE March 9th, 2019

The video is cued up to where Graham Hancock starts to discuss the Sabians of Harran and their love of the right angle triangle … 3-4-5
If the video does not begin where it shouldthen go to 18:46 

I left the following comment on this video/lecture being given by bestselling author/storyteller Graham Hancock.

thank you Graham Hancock … I added yet another quote by you to ME+me blog clearly exposing your cognitive bias …. the one that willfully ignores the 18,000+ year old evidence we have that ironically is the best evidence to be used to reconcile modern science with all stages of religion, pagan, institutional, and scientific.

Dear Graham Hancock whose body of work glaringly omits the swastika from his research over the past 25 years … future gene generations will ponder why?

Yes the right anglesadly Graham Hancock has failed to understand the role of the ‘swastika idea’ in the evolution of the right angle theorem.

What is interesting is how he continues to promote a timeline of about 10,500 BCE for his event which coincidentally coincides with the oldest swastika dated to about 10,000 BCE.

Mezine Chiral Metamaterial Swastika 23,000 BC Slavik Jablan

However other scholars do date the same artifact known as the Mezin swastika to between 15,000 and 23,000 BCE.

Mezine Chiral Metamaterial Swastika 12,000 years old

And it is vital to the Never-Ending Story that we acknowledge that today 21st century science has re-branded the ‘swastika idea’ as a chiral metamaterial … and that is where the TRUTH picks up where the storyteller Graham Hancock leaves off … 

Music song and dance.

will be your inheritance”

2100 C.E. the collective heart and mind gets put to the test … given an opportunity to redeem humanity.

Is the earth an animation salvation train station?

do ra mi shostik belgium flash mob 2100 ce surrender and victory

ka sonora mexico coat of arms

Did you know that Aquarius is an AIR sign
and not a WATER sign?


“… this is an AmaZigh ShoStik SwaStik
Burning Man myStik Schtick-up”

burning man shostik swastik amazigh free man symbol 2100 ce the future

Hindu swastikas SHOSTIK

will be your inheritance”

As mystic we have seen the future … and the best example I can use to illustrate what we should expect leading up to 2100 CE are two videos, the Sound of Music Do-Re-Mi  ‘flash mob’ that descended on the Antwerp Central Station in Belgium and the song Silent Place by the band Jiggy.

These videos could be a glimpse into the future i.e. leading up to circa 2100 CE and an animated world evolving into ONE idea.
More on that date with destiny later in this blog.

Now let us take a closer look at how life is animated on all levels of scaling fulfilling the axiom ‘as above’ ‘so below’.


“Geometry has two great treasures; one is the Theorem of Pythagoras; the other, the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. The first we may compare to a measure of gold; the second we may name a precious jewel.” ― Johannes Kepler

2D Chiral 3D Chiral

Great Treasure #1 is the 2D chiral swastika incognito as Pythagorean right angle theorem which is the mass of gold

Great Treasure #2 gave birth to the 3D chiral golden spiral, another name for the golden ratio associated with phi is the precious jewel.

The Metaphysics of the Pythagorean Theorem

Thales, Pythagoras, Engineering, Diagrams, and …

Robert Hahn and the Construction of the Cosmos out of Right Triangles

… the Construction of the Cosmos out of Right Triangles

pythagoras Modular Man shostik cropped Le Corbusier 1397 level of heart

On the left is the fictional Greek demi-god Phi-Pi-Pythagoras, a bearer of factual gifts, next to him on the right is the Modulor by Le Corbusier.
The Modulor is a proportioning system based on human measurements, the double unit, the Fibonacci numbers, and the golden ratio.

The right angle is the foundation of his architectural thinking. All his completed constructions and all his plans bear witness to it. But what characterizes him is that he considers no form to be devoid of meaning. The right angle is not only geometry but a symbol. It is charged with mystical value. It is the image of the man standing up to act, and lying down to sleep and to die. And the transition, the swaying between the vertical and the horizontal, is the image of life. The right angle is a “pact with nature”.
– Andre Wogenscky
one of Le Corbusier’s most important foreman

Modular Man shostik Le Corbusier 1946

Basic RGB

source of comic strip:


“I am not interested in erecting a building, but in […] presenting to myself the foundations of all possible buildings.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

hit9ryza_400x400burning man turns 114Bengali_Swastika shostik



Truly madly deeply, tell me who does the following wisdom belong to?
Many claims have been made regarding the “Forty-seventh Problem”.
An interesting coincidence is that the 47th Problem or Proposition of Euclid baited me at age 47 to enter the rabbit hole seeking a common denominator**, and I found it.

Btw Euclid’s Proposition 47 is more commonly known as the Pythagorean right angle theorem.


Everyone who has studied geometry can recall, well after the high school years, some aspect of the Pythagorean Theorem. However, the story of Pythagoras and his famous theorem is not well known. Some of the plot points of the story are presented in this article. The famous theorem goes by several names, some grounded in the behavior of the day, including the Pythagorean Theorem, Pythagoras’ Theorem and notably Euclid I 47. The Pythagorean Theorem is arguably the most famous statement in mathematics, and the fourth most beautiful equation. There are well over 371 Pythagorean Theorem proofs, originally collected and put into a book in 1927, which includes those by a 12-year-old Einstein (who uses the theorem two decades later for something about relatively), Leonardo da Vinci and President of the United States James A. Garfield. Pythagoras is immortally linked to the discovery and proof of a theorem that bears his name – even though there is no evidence of his discovering and/or proving the theorem. There is concrete evidence that the Pythagorean Theorem was discovered and proven by Babylonian mathematicians 1000 years before Pythagoras was born.

The actual book written by Elisha Scott Loomis can be found and downloaded here and it lists 370 proofs not 371.
[though 371 would have been very cool from the POV of the 137 Mystic]
Pythagorean Proposition by Elisha Scott Loomis

The popular modern image of Pythagoras is that of a master mathematician and scientist. The early evidence shows, however, that, while Pythagoras was famous in his own day and even 150 years later in the time of Plato and Aristotle, it was not mathematics or science upon which his fame rested. Pythagoras was famous (1) as an expert on the fate of the soul after death, who thought that the soul was immortal and went through a series of reincarnations; (2) as an expert on religious ritual; (3) as a wonder-worker who had a thigh of gold and who could be two places at the same time; (4) as the founder of a strict way of life that emphasized dietary restrictions, religious ritual and rigorous self discipline.

The tradition regarding Pythagoras’ connection to the Pythagorean theorem reveals the complexity of the problem. None of the early sources, including Plato, Aristotle and their pupils shows any knowledge of Pythagoras’ connection to the theorem.

What emerges from this evidence, then, is not Pythagoras as the master geometer, who provides rigorous proofs, but rather Pythagoras as someone who recognizes and celebrates certain geometrical relationships as of high importance.


BTW would a carpenter like Jesus be aware of the 345 and the carpenter square used by masons?
Yes the question was rhetorical.

“…in order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive”
-Jordan Peterson


Pythagoras vs Spring Temple Buddha

What if Pythagoras biography is more a work of fiction based on the prevailing architecture and art at the time, than fact?
The classical interpretations of Pythagoras are based on texts all written after his death. And no authentic writings by Pythagoras himself have survived if any existed.
As many of the historical texts were written between 150 to 1000 years after Pythagoras is said to have lived, their accuracy is obviously uncertain, and that is one thing that is clear.

“Sadly, it is now almost universally assumed by classical scholars that Pythagoras never existed. It seems that there was a group of people in southern Italy called Pythagoreans who invented a “Founder” for their beliefs who, accordingly, lived and died in a manner consistent with those beliefs.”
– Simon Critchley The Book of Dead Philosophers

So we are left with basically two possibilities, similar to whether Jesus lived as portrayed by those who would later follow in the footsteps of a narrative being passed on.

1. Jesus and Pythagoras were actual historical figures, very much mythologized by their followers …
2. Conflation of a few more or less dimly remembered actual figures into one mythologized uber mensch, a copycat who never actually lived but as copycat of a vital idea, both Pythagoras and Jesus would serve an end if promoted …

… and yes we can pose the same question to whether the historical Buddha lived as portrayed.


note the difference:
the sacred swastika placed on the heart of the Buddha vs. the sacred heart of Jesus

All of the above narratives concerning Pythagoras, Buddha and Jesus address a motive found within all secret societies, or churches,  at their core is a purpose which is to rebuild or attend to something sacred, and that sacred purpose is to rebuild or attend to what … ?

And how do we rotate, reflect, and translate all of the data into a coherent narrative?
A very well known theme and paradox found in physics is the discrete particle vs. the continuous wave.  Take note of slide 37.

Pythagoras SLIDESHSHARE mediator or bridge between Geometry Arithmatic slide 37

Throughout this blog page from time to time I will refer back to this slideshow.
The entire Pythagoras slideshow can be accessed here.

Pythagoras SLIDESHSHARE Mahavedi 1of2

Pythagoras SLIDESHSHARE Mahavedi 2of2

Pythagorean triples (plus their mirrors) will play a role in the reinterpretation of Plimpton Tablet 322 later in the blog giving credit to the Babylonians at the expense of Pythagoras and the Greeks.

How to build the Third Temple using the Temple IS Man as template …

chiral 5x5 Jacob Bronowski ASCENT OF MAN Music of the Spheres MBG

Geometry has two great treasures: one is the theorem of Pythagoras, the other the division of a line into mean and extreme ratio. The first we may compare to a mass of gold, the second we may call a precious jewel.[3]
Johannes Kepler

Some sources claim that a triangle with dimensions closely approximating a Kepler triangle based on those two great treasures listed above can be recognized in the Great Pyramid of Giza, which would explain quite a bit.
And long before Kepler was Philo of Alexandria …

Fifty is the holiest and most natural number of all, composed of the power of the right-angled triangle, source of birth of all things.”
– Philo of Alexandria speaking of the Therapeutes

… who are the Therapeutes … and why should we concern ourselves with building temples and shrines in order to preserve vital ideas?

Therapeutae were a Jewish sect, including men and women, which existed in Alexandria and other parts of the Diaspora of Hellenistic Judaism in the final years of the Second Temple period.

If built, the Third Temple (Hebrewבית המקדש השלישי‎, Beit haMikdash haShlishi, literally: The House, the Holy, the Third) would be the third Jewish temple in Jerusalem after Solomon’s Temple and the rebuilt Second Temple. Although it has not been built, prospects for its completion are important in Jewish eschatology.

I could not find the document containing the quote by Philo but here is another spin on the number 50 and its relationship to the right angle triangle theorem … and dare I say … it all adds up?
(pun intended)

Considered as “the holiest and the most natural of numbers, because it equals to the sum of the squares numbers 9+16+25 constructed on the sacred triangle of Pythagoras (3, 4 and 5) and also to the product of 5 x 10 of the pentad and the decade, numbers of the generating Life and the World-Harmony, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm”.

Pythagoras SLIDESHSHARE 3_4_5 Osiris Isis Horus

 note that Horus = Heru = hypotenuse is the “perfected result

And what follows is another example, an even more elaborate association of the Pythagorean theorem to Jesus, the earth, heaven, and in addition to the 90 degree angle, we are now presented with an approximate angle of 37 degrees, suggesting using whole numbers, the three interior angles are 90, 53, 37.

chiral jesus christ 37 53 90 angles

The Temple In Man ~ The Temple Of Man ~ The Temple IS Man

In 1949 Rene Schwaller de Lubicz published The Temple In Man.
In 1957 Schwaller would publish his magnum opus The Temple Of Man inspired by an epiphany experienced in 1937.  Schwaller would die at age 73.
Note that on 7/3 in 1957 the sage of the faKebook age [the author of this blog] was born.  An epiphany later at age 47 lead to the recovery of a code 1937 and the continuation of a theme started by Rene Schwaller’s passions.
i.e. The Temple In Man, The Temple Of Man … and now let ME+me present an eternal idea worth preserving … The Temple IS Man.Canevas Droste middle step is the MBG or 2D CHIRAL binary representation of a spiral movement

Schwaller’s canevas + MBG or Master Builder Grid = binary approximation of a 2D chiral hologram

The Temple IS Man aligns itself with the genius of Schwaller who defined what we see above in yellow highlights as the MBG or Master Builder’s Grid. According to him it was the key to understanding Egyptian consciousness ‘playing itself out’.

“Everything of importance has been said before by somebody who did not discover it” – Alfred North Whitehead

“When the time is ripe for certain things, these things appear in different places in the manner of violets coming to light in early spring.”
– Farkas Bolyai to his son János Bolyai, urging him to claim the invention of non-Euclidean geometry without delay.

“[A] man can no more be completely original […] than a tree can grow out of air.” – George Bernard Shaw

Below we see two ‘stickman’ symbols, the first one is called the Amazigh and it has been adopted by many north African countries as a symbol representing a ‘free man’.

Tamazgha - Carte peuple amazigh

The Amazigh stickman clearly resembles the ShoStik stickman identified below as the Bengali Hindu SwaStika.

hit9ryza_400x400 Bengali_Swastika shostik

Hindu swastikas SHOSTIK

swastika migration NORTH of with EQUATOR

Do the two maps presented above reflect a future still to come, documenting the emergence or the spread of the Amazigh/ShoStik/SwaStik idea erupting primarily north of the equator … but why north?

Why focus on the north?

Great Pyramid Pole Star

Great Pyramid Pole Star P Smyth

Did the Egyptians leave us a clue in plain sight called the Great Pyramid along with two gals called Hathor and Isis?
Is this clue called the Temple of Hathor and Temple of Isis found in Denderah?

The next four images/screen shots are taken from this 3-part Youtube series
Denderah, The Dawn of Astronomy  please do take note that I have added ‘text’ and ‘insight’ to the scenes captured.
Note that first two images are looking down on the temples, followed by two ‘side/front view’ images clearly depicting a narrative, involving alignments between the rising of Sirius, followed by the sun, both in an alignment with the pole star Alpha Draconis.

Draconis TEMPLE of HATHOR How the Temple was designed

Dendera Dawn of Astronomy Dendera Hathor Pole Star Alpha Draconis ISIS is SiRiuS

Dendera Dawn of Astronomy Dendera Hathor Sirius Pole Star Alpha Draconis alignments

Dendera Dawn of Astronomy Temple of Hathor STRAIGHT and SPIRAL staircases

I do hope you noted the two staircases? One is ‘straight’ and the other one is ‘crooked’ or maybe a spiral, and lo and behold these concepts are found in the Pythagorean table of opposites.

straight is RESTING and good 
crooked is MOVING and bad 

canevas and movement Jay Harman CHIRAL ACHIRAL

REST vs MOTION … only god can be both simultaneously … but in the meantime REST vs. MOTION defines the science today called physics and also allows for the re-emergence of new/old evidence.

Pythagoras according to Aristotle Table of Opposites Walter Burkert

Is the annual event called the Burning Man another example of an archetypal glimpse into the future still to come…?

burning man turns 114Bengali_Swastika shostik

left: in the USA the Burning Man will be 114 in the year 2100 C.E.
right: in Bengal India the stick man drawn in red called the Shostik a.k.a. the SwaStik will be approximately 25,920 years old in the year 2100 C.E. … as an idea worth preserving associated to the Celestial Pole Star Alignment and a prophecy regarding a Celebration.
Dare to compare both to the amazing Amazigh?

hit9ryza_400x400burning man turns 114Bengali_Swastika shostik

Burning Man – Wikipedia

According to the racial makeup of Burning Man attendees in 2014, about 87 percent of them identified themselves as white, 6 percent as Hispanic/Latino, 6 percent as Asian, and 1 percent as black. When interviewed by The Guardian about these figures, Harvey replied, “I don’t think black folks like to camp as much as white folks … We’re not going to set racial quotas … This has never been, imagined by us, as a utopian society”

Burning Man has attracted a number of billionaires and celebrities, many of them from Silicon Valley and Hollywood.[186] It has become a networking event for them,[187] with Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk once stating that Burning Man “is Silicon Valley”

The Sierra Club has criticized Burning Man for the “hundreds of thousands” of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills, as well as ostentatious displays of flames and explosions …
Burning Man’s 2007 theme, “Green Man”, received criticism for the artwork Crude Awakening, a 99-foot oil derrick that consumed 900 gallons of jet fuel and 2,000 gallons of liquid propane to blast a mushroom cloud 300 feet high into the sky.
In an attempt to offset some of the event’s carbon footprint, 30- and 50-kilowatt solar arrays were constructed in 2007 as permanent artifacts, providing an estimated annual carbon offset of 559 tons.[121] The Burn Clean Project is a volunteer organization that has helped replace the use of fossil fuel with biodiesel.

Meanwhile, the regular admission price has increased over the years. In addition, Nevada lawmakers have modified the state’s entertainment and sales tax code to include such nonprofit organizations like Burning Man that sell more than 15,000 tickets. As a result, an individual ticket (including taxes) cost $424 in 2016. Even tickets sold under Burning Man’s low income program are subject to these taxes.[194]Including transportation, food, camp fees, clothing and costumes, and gifts, CNBC estimated in 2016 that the total cost of attending could range from $1,300 up to $20,000.[195] In 2017, Money magazine estimated an average total cost of $2,348 to attend.

Burning Man – Wikipedia

All of the above is the bad news to be found in the west … how an eternal idea once sacred is quickly reduced to the mundane, the profane, and of course the false prophet$ in search of profit$ have their chiral hands out demanding their share of the booty …
The good news arriving from the east is that another narrative is brewing … but it will take some time to arrive.
The ever emergent truth must suffer its consequences.

How expensive will the Celestial Pole Star meditation be in 2100 based on Burning Man projections?
Priceless and yet FREE … all you will need to do is walk the talk.

And continue to ask the obvious question … why north?


aSTRo NoMia Polaris and the Dippers

4 seasons 1 swastika depicting rotation

The two dippers are seen to eternally ‘pour’ into each other as they rotate … not unlike Card 14 of the tarot as depicted in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck … along with one more coincidence, the crown we see in the distance is in the QaBaLaH associated with the 2D chiral World Teacher … a.k.a. the SwaStik ShoStik stickman … given wings?

RWS Tarot_14_Temperance Big Dipper Little DipperKether Crown Swastika

IMHO all of the above are narratives in the past and present seem to be aligning themselves with an alignment to take place in the very near future?

Will TEMPERANCE be vital leading up 2100 C.E.?
Yes and why?
Recall Card 14 is positioned between Card 13 DEATH and Card 15 the ‘chiral’ dEvIL showing a preference for right handedness, along with an inverted pentagram directly related to the geometry of the pentagon and …
The pentagon seen on the flag held by DEATH is a symbol of phi related to the golden spiral.
The spiral is a 3D chiral symbol.

And the bat wings associated to the EvIL LEvI dEvIL are easily shown to be related to pagan societies found in Meso America and to the Chinese.


batman 5 bats 5 swastikas

Popol Vuh BAT similiar to Shostik and Gorgon

Now the Dark Knight archEtype is starting to pay devil dividends and spiritual shares to the holders of this eternal idea.


Which brings us to the obvious question … has your inner Dark Knight evolved to a good luck charm or does it only attract trouble?



Below I have cued up the video to a wonderful quote by Ajay Chaturvedi setting the stage for all the world [recall SS ShakeSpeare wrote 37 plays … ] helping to introduce the pre-Christian Vedic 2D Chiral World TEACHER, the one and original burning man effigy within each of us … who has always been hidden in plain sight … but the veils scripted as narratives are being removed one by one … perhaps in anticipation of the ‘celestial pole star alignment‘ due in about 2100 CE when Polaris will be once again center stage for all the world to see ~ most of the world … today approximately 90% of humanity lives north of the equator … never forget the power of group meditation.The Lost Wisdom of the Swastika ~ A Rosetta Stone Fractal Mandala?

2017 Countdown to the 2100? 2102? 2117? Celestial Pole Star Meditation ~ Communication and Unity Among Men ~ Spooky Action at a Distance ~ Entanglement

Rajesh Rao you do have a ‘Rosetta Stone’ among all of those seals, hidden in plain sight, one of those seals would later be used as the ‘seal’ for the mystic heart of the Buddha and the concept of Ahimsa, and today in the 21st century it is being used to manipulate photons or particles of light!

To research how the swastika is being used to manipulate ‘let there be light’ in the 21st century, simply replace the word ‘swastika’ with ‘chiral metamaterials gammadion’ do a search on the web … click on images.

What is ever emergent and being revealed is one model that can be scaled big and small. Now you are have been placed onto the same page as leading edge science.

ShoStik SwaStik metaphysics of Armenian Rock Art with comments

source of image:
Armenian rock art the origins of natural history philosophy and metaphysics

What if?
… a very significant idea that can be compared worldwide, erupting primarily north of the equator, because 90% of humanity lives north of the equator.

hit9ryza_400x400burning man turns 114Bengali_Swastika shostik

We know today that biology, chemistry, and physics all agree that ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL and this next image is KEY to understanding the narrative ‘let there be light’ based on 2D and 3D representations of the same idea.

Chiral = asymmetric in such a way that
the structure and its mirror image are non-superimposable.

Is chiral in fact a KEY to the origin of life?

What causes chirality? is gravity chiral? is the electro-magnetic field chiral? are magnetic skyrimons chiral? are our five senses chiral receptors?
Knock or click on this link and the door will be opened for you.
mirror-image phenomenon — known as chirality or “handedness”

“Fifty is the holiest and most natural number of all, composed of the power of the right-angled triangle, source of birth of all things.”
– Philo of Alexandria speaking of the Therapeutes

So let me present your Rosetta Stone in the 21st century … what I have been calling for some time now the 2D chiral World TEACHER incognito as ever emergent ideas, that you can bank on because the bankers who control the purse and heart strings do?
Science in the 21st century uses the terms chiral metamaterial or gammadion instead of swastika or swastik to define this 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER who is incognito as the Pythagorean Theorem … obviously as the next images illustrate.

BEHOLD what you called the mother of all crossword puzzles is similar to the claim made for this hands on puzzle [fig.17 below] that can be learned from by letting your inner child play with the puzzle pieces.

We don’t stop playing games because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing THE game … a clue to being eternal vs. mortal?

TaG U R iT … interpretation ‘today you are it’ … get ready to play along with the 2D chiral World TEACHER … all you need to play along and become a builder is a much deeper understanding of your chiral senses i.e.  two 2D-3D chiral hands.
i.e. SSSTT or sight smell sound touch and even taste are all chiral.
So why do we have chiral senses … 5 of them?

MBG HANDS ON alternate method

Students can make these puzzles and then use the pieces from squares on the legs of the right triangle to cover the square on the hypotenuse. This can be a great connection because it is a “hands-on” activity. Students can then use the puzzle to prove the Pythagorean Theorem on their own.

To create this puzzle, copy the square on BC twice, once placed below the square on AC and once to the right of the square on AC as shown in Figure 17

Proof Using Figure 17: go to
Hands On approach to Euclid proposition 47

Now here are a few examples from my files that clearly illustrate how important chiral metamaterials/gammadion will continue to be in the 21st century

I will have to thank Monique for the following gift of the science gods recovered, during my 30 day faKebook ban. The following image extracted from that file with aCHIRAL and CHIRAL updates is illuminating … again more proof is provided of a chiral/achiral 4 AGES modEL that can be scaled big and small … which can now be seen in cell division too.

A twisting story: how a single gene twists a snail? Mechanogenetics

achiral vs chiral How a single gene twists a snail_ 3of3 SHaNKHa or CHaNK or CoNCH

“Fifty is the holiest and most natural number of all, composed of the power of the right-angled triangle, source of birth of all things.”
– Philo of Alexandria speaking of the Therapeutes

MBG an acronym for Master Builder’s Grid

An idea that Rene Schwaller de Lubicz promotes in his magnum opus The Temple of Man

MBG with offset broken cross cognizant with Pythagorean Theorem

The following image is from ‘A Study In Consciousness’ written by Annie Besant, it is a Theosophical publication.

In the above image/text note the error of the tetrahedron listed as ACHIRAL.
A tetrahedron is harder to define in terms of ACHIRAL and CHIRAL. Also did you take note of the 49 bricks being mentioned based on a 7×7 grid configuration?

“Fifty is the holiest and most natural number of all, composed of the power of the right-angled triangle, source of birth of all things.”
– Philo of Alexandria speaking of the Therapeutes

In Esoteric Philosophy, the most mystic and ancient diagram. It (swastika) is “the originator of the fire by friction, and of the ‘Forty-nine Fires’. . . . and in Occultism, it is as sacred to us as the Pythagorean tetraktys, of which it is indeed the double symbol.
– Madame H.P. Blavatsky

Yes there is a learning curve and you will find both ME+me on it, along with architect Jean-Pierre Houdin

What if Jean-Pierre Houdin’s internal ramp is correct … and the 3D chiral ‘spiral’ is yet another example of the many guises of the 2D Chiral World TEACHER aka the swastika ‘idea’?

3D chiral spiral Great Pyramid Houdin2

2D Chiral 3D Chiral

Geometry has Two Great Treasures
on the left: Mass of Gold
on the right: Precious Jewel 

As has been already illustrated there does exist a profound link between the Pythagorean theorem and the 2D chiral swastika, thus we now have a link between Kepler’s precious jewel the golden ratio, and the 3D chiral golden spiral.

Geometry has two great treasures: one is the theorem of Pythagoras, the other the division of a line into mean and extreme ratio. The first we may compare to a mass of gold, the second we may call a precious jewel.[3]
Johannes Kepler

Now what is also interesting and in support of all of the above is the Babylonian Plimpton Tablet 322
According to this next short video Greek history is being rewritten, credit is finally being given to Babylon as the inspiration.

And it is possible now that we can enter evidence of the secret society called Skull and Bones Society!

And now a few images from around the world to support the claim … that the Rosetta Stone or MBG is hidden in plain sight and has been for thousands of years.
Celtic version of the MBG attributed to Saint Brigid.

Further evidence is found in Lalibela Ethiopia, in a 13th century Church dedicated to Mary depicting the cruxification of Christ on its eastern wall.

But we find exactly the same idea 3700 years earlier … with one difference.
The two swastikas flanking the central image face each other as opposed to facing the same direction as in Lalibela. Important to remember that when discussing the Ark of the Covenant and the direction the two cherubim are facing.  They face each other.

Exactly the same idea found in Troy … note the comment by Heinrich Schliemann, an excerpt from his book.
[all of the yellow highlights are mine] 

To continue reading can I suggest you read the entire chapter …

WORK at HISSSARLIK IN 1872 pages 98-106

And by no coincidence we find exactly the same idea ‘evolving’ in Samarra Iraq about 5000 BC …

Exactly the same idea found in a 2015 publication:

Controlling Chirality of Entropic Crystals – Pablo Damasceno’s

3 pillars pdf Controlling Chirality of Entropic Crystals CHIRAL aCHIRAL CHIRAL

What do you see … the CHIRAL asymmetrical swastika or ACHIRAL symmetrical cross or both?

What if the TWO KEYS held by St. Peter are ACHIRAL and CHIRAL? … What if?

Back in 2006 I took this photo [on the left] and because it seemed to mesh with so many other significant ideas that I kept encountering, allowing me to dig deeper, acting as interpreter, I called it the Rosetta Stone ~ Fractal Mandala.

The coincidences between the narratives on every level of scaling is very apparent.

Lalibela CHIRAL 2D swastika and 3D ACHIRAL cross cropped1

3 pillars pdf Controlling Chirality of Entropic Crystals CHIRAL aCHIRAL CHIRAL

Chiral >>> Achiral <<< Chiral
… compare to what we see in the next image.
Achiral >>> Chiral <<< Achiral

Cheery Chiral Wonderhands Widukind Ma and Pa Drost

Mother is a diamond based on a symmetrical +
Father is a square based on a symmetrical x
ARK+E=typal son of god is 2D chiral cross based on the asymmetrical swastika 

Can we find a similar narrative to my family tree expressed as geometry in rock art found in Armenia dated to 5-10 millenium?
Rock Art Armenian fig 1The Cross Swastika Star of David by Vahanyan G and Vahanyan V

Take a closer look at image b according to Armenian myth it represents a love story between the first man Vahagn and his bride Astghik linked to a star perhaps Venus.

Rock Art Armenian direct and oblique ACHIRAL crosses as a union of male god Vahagn and female Venus or Star Astghik

The right angle is the foundation of his architectural thinking. All his completed constructions and all his plans bear witness to it. But what characterizes him is that he considers no form to be devoid of meaning. The right angle is not only geometry but a symbol. It is charged with mystical value. It is the image of the man standing up to act, and lying down to sleep and to die. And the transition, the swaying between the vertical and the horizontal, is the image of life. The right angle is a “pact with nature”.
– Andre Wogenscky
one of Le Corbusier’s most important foreman

So to conclude what has been recovered by ME+me is an archetypal rendering of a geometric narrative that aligns itself rather well with a source, a source that can be shown which is responsible for two things … ‘we the sheeple’ chasing its tail and/or tale for an eternity.

‘We the sheeple’ in ancient times were probably told a narrative about the ouroboros or uroborus an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

Thus ‘we the sheeple’ who promote Jesus, who many others believed was a serpent and not the son of god, exhibiting two aspects good or bad depending on your POV, is just another tale of a two faced Roman god JaNuS, or a serpent chasing its own tail, however in the 21st century this could be updated to being a 3D spiral coiled around one of the three pillars called the Apprentice Pillar the one that gets the most attention in Rosslyn Chapel.
The other two are the Master, and the least discussed Journeyman Pillar.

So whose story or POV is correct, whose god is omnipotent and who are the false gods … nadda

It is becoming clearer and clearer that everybody is entangled with a non-local source, interpreted by Einstein as “spooky action at a distance”, and one of its defining characteristics is that this eternal ever-emergent idea is somehow connected to all the big unanswered questions … what is gravity? … what is consciousness? … what is love? … who am I? … why are we here? … what is our purpose? … what is god? … what is infinity does it seem like an eternity? and finally the buck stops here … what is truth?

Theosophical seal with explanations

I am not a Theosophist but maybe ME+me cognitive bias is drawn to the Theosophical Seal and what it impLIES about the never ending stories we tell each other based on the ideas that never die, but people do and in our brief appearances we try to fill in the blanks left us.
The Theosophists were able to reduce their 7 tenets to 3 tenets.37 UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD Theosophical Credos OLD 7 and NEW 3

Theosophical Charter plus photon great pyramid updates

Signboard of Toronto Theosophical Society … with two What if?
Provided by ME+me based on 14+ years of research aligning itself with a quest for meaning and thus a purpose revealed till the day we die.

Hindu swastikas SHOSTIK

hit9ryza_400x400burning man turns 114Bengali_Swastika shostik

Bengali ShoStik aka SwaStik

This 2D CHIRAL update to the World TEACHER a.k.a. SwaStika or perhaps the ShoStik-MaN based on the eternal ARK-E-types fulfills a ‘non-local ~ entangled ~ spooky action at a distance’ … fulfilling a prophecy … an ARK+E+typal wedding of sorts … what if?

Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

And what prophecy or the culmination of a cycle could the World TEACHER be connected with? … what kind of marriage … what if?

aSTRo NoMia Polaris and the Dippers

Can 6o of separation be reduced to less than 0.5?
The pole star Polaris will continue to get closer to the north celestial pole, it’ll be within 0.5o of the north celestial pole in the year 2100.

What if prophecy concerns itself with a ‘celestial pole star alignment’ slated to occur in 2100 C.E. … ?
A pole star to pole star measurement. Specifically Polaris 23,600 BCE to Polaris 2100 CE is in many ways more accurate than using the 12 signs of the zodiac because of how the 12 signs tend to overlap.

The best evidence for that claim is that none of the experts can agree on when the Age of Aquarius begins, a range of 1433 CE to 3573 CE.   Age of Aquarius – Wikipedia

The accuracy of a specific pole star to pole star is dating can prove itself to be far more accurate. How many poles stars is a discussion for another time.

The precession of the equinoxes takes about 25,770 years to complete a cycle. Polaris’ mean position (taking account of precession and proper motion) will reach a maximum declination of +89°32’23”, which translates to 1657″ (or 0.4603°) from the celestial north pole, in February 2102. Its maximum apparent declination (taking account of nutation and aberration) will be +89°32’50.62″, which is 1629″ (or 0.4526°) from the celestial north pole, on 24 March 2100.[8]

And following the coincidence … it is to be noted that Stella Polaris was determined to be 3°7′ distant from the pole and it goes by another name “Cynosure, or the Marian Polar Star”.

recall the name of this blog for obvious reasons is AT37 and one of my sister’s names is MaRioN not MaRiaN ~ close enough … an ‘a’ or alpha instead of an ‘o’ omega.

The name stella polaris was coined in the Renaissance, even though at that time it was well recognized that it was several degrees away from the celestial pole; Gemma Frisius in the year 1547 determined this distance as 3°7′.[6] An explicit identification of Mary as stella maris with the North Star (Polaris) becomes evident in the title Cynosura seu Mariana Stella Polaris (i.e. “Cynosure, or the Marian Polar Star”), a collection of Marian poetry published by Nicolaus Lucensis (Niccolo Barsotti de Lucca) in 1655.

Pole star – Wikipedia

Clearly ME+me would be the first to admit that 14 years ago at age 47 … the pole star narrative and Polaris was not anywhere near our radar. Totally veiled by all of the distractions, scientific and theological, fantastic story telling and theories abound.

So why not add this one to the heap … what if? … why not?

2017 Countdown to the 2100? 2102? 2117? Celestial Pole Star Meditation ~ Communication and Unity Among Men ~ Spooky Action at a Distance ~ Entanglement

MBG or Master Builder’s Grid 

MBG Rene Schwaller Temple of Man

49 seemed significant to Rene Schwaller

“Fifty is the holiest and most natural number of all, composed of the power of the right-angled triangle, source of birth of all things.”
– Philo of Alexandria speaking of the Therapeutes

By coincidence, yes it is true that I retired at age 50, ending one career as a firefighter who did battle with external threats of fire, and embarking on a new yet old quest to find a unifying truth by going within and doing battle with the inner fires.
Is it a coincidence that the former firefighter has returned with a gift … the gift of fire in the form/idea of a photon resembling the Maltese crusader cross, a flattened Great Pyramid, and the best part the symbol of the firefighter worldwide?

Photon Knights Templar Evolution

RESCUE ME+me is what the 2D Chiral World TEACHER incognito as many ideas, taking many forms can do for you too.

Upon realizing the associations between the hologram of a photon and the Great Pyramid, it was only days latter that an idea arrived and perhaps a prediction waiting to be confirmed … i.e. is the MASSive Great Pyramid a model of the MASS-less photon?

Here we have yet another brand new narrative that ends with the same echo to be found everywhere you look for truth in spacetime …

‘let there be light’

To end this lengthy post let the ‘sage of the faKebook and YouTube age‘ present a 12,000+ year old idea which in addition to all the other applications presented thus far … we now end with the Friendship Knot!  [image bottom left]

2D 3D kepler triangle mass of gold precious jewel

Kepler’s Two Great Treasures resulted in what is know as Kepler’s Triangle
And Kepler’s Triangle appears to be embedded, part of the original blueprint for the Great Pyramid.
What if?
Jean-Pierre Houdin posted these two images on Facebook, you can see the positive responses, the thumbs up that he received for both. I can honestly say that I have never received that many up votes for anything I have posted on faKebook since joining late 2010.
I merely added the annotations illustrating how our ‘narratives’ are merging.

3D chiral spiral Great Pyramid Houdin2

So to recap REST is associated with ACHIRAL and symmetry and MOVEMENT is associated with CHIRAL and broken symmetry or asymmetry.
And if we dare compare the work/research/passion of Jean-Pierre Houdin an architect who has proposed for the Great Pyramid an inner spiral ramp theory, it does fit.
It aligns with both the underground complex beneath Zoser’s Pyramid and with the Rece Boga, a Polish symbol called the Hands of God, clearly the ‘swastika idea’ incognito again, hidden in plain sight.

Pyramid of Doser ZoSeR aka MBG

rece boga hands of god

RECE BOGA aka the Hands of GodSensory Homunculi

rece boga hands of god Plain weave vs Basket Weave

This blog began with a serious scientific scholarly approach in an attempt to reconcile science and religion, the two pillars helping to define reality, we now end it with how most sheeple/people participate in the world … you could say the heARTists themselves are being played like an instrument when they are playing their instruments and dancing like nobody is watching …

… casting out their nets but it is they who have been caught up in the web of life … fishermen or fisher of man, it is man who flips and flops like a fish outta water … NaDa NaDa NaDa NaDa … India + internet is being given a voice … what next?

… can a voice from KA-NaDa be far behind?
… to be continued … the narrative is never ending … all the world is a stage … so here we have yet another coincidence based on ME+me cognitive bias … why did ShakeSpeare stop scripting his narratives at ’37’ plays?

at37 might provide some of those answers.

**At the beginning of the blog it was mentioned that THE common denominator had been found between all narratives.

Literally, figuratively and metaphysically it appears that 137 is the common denominator and ONE is the numerator … 1/137 …or is ONE the common denominator and 137 the numerator i.e. 137/1?
Which idea in fact came first, was it 1/137 or its reciprocal 137/1?
What does the evidence suggest? There is much evidence suggesting the following about the number 137.
Well briefly a 137 meter long and 13.7 meter high Noah’s Ark suggests the idea linked to a measurement, to the numbers 1-3-7 antedates modern physics by at least 2000+ years.

This is the Do-Re-Mi that I grew up in 1965 as a child born in 1957.

namaste selah cheerios

sage of the faKebook age
a.k.a. cheery chiral Wonderhands Widukind
a.k.a 137 Photon Knights Templar

1 Raphael Archangel Swastika
a.k.a. ARK+E+typal Archangel RaphaEL

hit9ryza_400x400burning man turns 114Bengali_Swastika shostik

do ra mi shostik belgium flash mob 2100 ce surrender and victory

Protected: The TEACHER lives at number 43 ~ 4 vs 3 Quantum Numbers

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The RS 4 Ages TEACHER ~ the Gravity and DNA Ark-E-types

 UPDATE April 11, 2017

The World TEACHER ~ Total Annihilation vs. Total Victory 

Did the World TEACHER have a hidden hand in the work of PRS in addition to Ken Wilber and and and … ?
Is there a link between the work of Prabhat Ranjan Sankar and what is being recovered in the RS magic square?

Does the following template of three concentric circles fit the archetypal ‘4 Ages Model’ found to be a consistent model found in artistic, religious, philosophic and scientific models … in the past, present, and the patterns suggest the future still to come.
The question from ME+me POV after many years is rhetorical, but for the reader it could be a new way of seeing the world simply.

PRS Prabhat Ranjan SaRKaR swastika means permanent victory

At the above two links we find the following 4 Ages Model, the oldest example is a clay bowl top left from Samarra Iraq dated to about 5,000 BCE.
We see in the reconstruction made a swastika has been placed into the center.
And all of the above facts makes the next quote by Prabhat Ranjan Sankar all the more ‘illuminating’ as we continue play observers to an unfolding hologram/holomovement paradigm.


Shrii P.R. Sarkar visited Germany in 1979 he gave the following interpretation of the word swastika.

su – means “good”
asti – means “to be, to exist”
ik – means “what is in existence, and will continue to exist”
a – denotes feminine gender
So “Swastika” means a ‘good existence’ that is not to be destroyed and that remains in a good condition. He went on to say that its deeper meaning is permanent victory. In the context of the cultural origins of the swastika, this means the victory of dharma – the fundamental spiritual nature of humanity.

Sarkar explained that the swastika has both a positive and a negative expression:

He then went on to warn those present not to use the negative swastika, explaining that it brings total annihilation, while the positive swastika brings total victory.”

I came across the above on faKebook.

Sometimes faKebook serves a higher purpose, just like the swastika, it is a tool that has two aspects waiting to be put into action.
Sadly on faKebook, ignorance ‘R’ us is winning the war vs. TRUTH or consequences.

UPDATE September 20, 2016


gravity wave and the yin yang

You would have to be blind deaf and dumb not to see and feel how well a gravitational wave [below] aligns itself with the idea called YIN and YANG [above].


As noted this ‘idea’ was conceptualized 1000 years before the advent of ancient China.
However in the 21st century using the most sensitive equipment like LIGO and BICEP2 modern genius today is on the verge of penetrating the veil and we find out that our ancestors have already been there pondering these very same ideas…?


Above is the most recent model of gravitational waves as detected by LIGO on Sept. 14/2015.

Below is yet another claim made by the wise guys and gals flexing their theoretical muscles who have been trying to interpret their data/dust using a tool called BICEP2.

~ end of UPDATE ~

B and E polarization signal two basic typesORTHOGONAL 8-fold GEOMETRY is used to define gravitational waves 
Matsya (fish) rescues the Saptarishi and Manu from the great Deluge
8 in the boat, Manu and 7  Saptarishi
8 family members on Noah’s Ark
8 family members is the foundation of the I-Ching
8 captives comprise the 37th decan of the Egyptian Dendera zodiac
8 is the number being used to define gravitational waves based on orthogonal geometry
“At the end of every Four Ages there is a disappearance of the Vedas and it is the province of the seven Rishis to come down upon earth from heaven to give them currency again”

Note in the above quote it says at the “At the end of every Four Ages ….”
So when would that be on our level of scaling?

untitledYes a pole shift is ALWAYS imminent in any individual.
A pole shift is similar to a wave being out of phase.
Jack falling down the hill onto his head and breaking his crown is a pole shift.
Saint Peter crucified upside down is an out-of-phase wave or a pole shift.
Thus a LEvI priest out-of-phase rotated upside down is I^37
The above simple ‘map‘ laying out the cycle of the 4 AGES linked to the magnetic field of the earth is self explanatory and based on the science of studying clay ceramics which when fired erases the magnetism but after it cools it takes on the time code stamp of the current magnetic field of the earth.
In fact the 4 Ages modEL would be easier to teach it to a child who comes ready to suck it all in, than to adults know it all already and who are severely handicapped by their own cognitive bias and as the ‘field tests’ have confirmed trying to teach ignorant folks is a complete waste of time.
All you can do is stir the pot, ruffle their compost, mine the gold, plough their mind field, sow the seeds in their fertile minds and wait for the KAboom to be reaped at some point in their future.

If we use the Age of Taurus [#2 approx. 4000 BC] as yardstick then we are just entering the 4th age, the Age of Aquarius and it will be when we enter the Age of Capricorn that all hell will break lose and the 7 Rishis will return to earth and issue the ‘new currency’ again.

Will the FED be involved still?
What will the global currency be in the future still to come?
IF we use the Age of Gemini as yardstick then the 4th Age is upon us now and lo and behold we are bickering about global currencies …
So how do we know which age is the 4th?
What I love about this simple idea is that it is linked to the zodiac and I arrived at it one day years ago by simply doing what a kid does, joining the dots counting backwards or precessing from the centre I started passed first thru #1 [aries] then to #12 [pisces] … the current age straddling the one to come #11 [aquarius]
What I find fascinating from my position as the ‘RS’ Rishis Sage of this Age, a mystic without a doubt 😉 is that I was lead to these ideas, the recovery was assisted by my inner child who turned out to be the big ME.
And then for confirmation of me intuition I was shown by ME that Aleister Crowley had also doodled the same thoth thought at some point in his journey.
I was not at all familiar with the work of AC at that time but as a result of this coincidence AC was now on my radar screen.
But Crowley to my knowledge had failed to recover the two other crosses attributed to the Chaldean and Aztec CULTures.
Big ME took little ole’ me reborn for a walk down the meme MEMEory lane which took 13 steps to complete.
Each step clearly was adding to the one that came before it … because yes “all creative work is derivative”
Now what does the word derivative mean?
And why do I love that the idea called ‘derivative’ can be reduced to the letter N tangent to a straight line…?
N and a straight line I
Or reduced even further still to IN or SI or IS or Area 5I or an Agenda 2I
Or the pattern can be extended to reveal ISIS
What is the 4 Ages ModEL revealing to the RS sage of the age at this time?
3 Crosses of Christ flank the archetypal Atlantis comprised of concentric circles
Wheels within wheels …
As the QaBaLaH suggests there are indeed four arms in motion that are happening concurrently … we see the numbers 1, 4, 7, and 10 are closest to the center spot of a model which can be seen as a series of concentric circles.
Alice Bailey linked the zodiac numbers to the following each group is within a circle.

1, 4, 7, 10 cross of the Risen Christ
2, 5, 8. 11 cross of the Crucified Christ
3, 6, 9, 12 cross of the Hidden Christ


the link to the video below helps to explain the tangled mess we see on the left
it needs to be pointed out that the 4 AGES ModEL [the Greek Zodiacal Cross]
that we see on the right also appears to be a tangled mess
note that both are projections into 3D

2B continued …

selah V

137 SS Mezine Mystic


Plimpton 322 ~ 137 ~ 322 Skull and Bones

Two possible associations that are not coincidences …

What if we read 322 from right to left?

322 = 223 = 22/3 = 7 1/3

713 = 137

Is ELI a 137 messenger, a numerical anagram telegram, a candy-gram for the 21st century to digest?

Or 322 aka 223 in reverse could in fact be a reference to the Saros cycle.
How do we encode critical patterns to be passed forward in time not to be forgot?

Eclipses come in families which means that certain eclipses bear certain similar characteristics with other eclipses.
One of these eclipse families is called Saros, which the Chaldeans made great use of, Saros eclipses can be lunar or solar.
A Saros cycle lasts about 18 years and 11 days.
This is equivalent to 223 lunations or 19 eclipse years.

In one eclipse year, there are 11.738 lunations.

19/11.738 = 1.618 or Phi

Plimpton 322: The Ancient Roots of Modern Mathematics


Plimpton 322 is a Babylonianclay tablet, notable as containing an example of Babylonian mathematics. It has number 322 in the G.A. Plimpton Collection at Columbia University.[1] This tablet, believed to have been written about 1800 BC, has a table of four columns and 15 rows of numbers in the cuneiform script of the period.

This table lists what are now called Pythagorean triples, i.e., integers a, b, and c satisfying a2 + b2 = c2. From a modern perspective, a method for constructing such triples is a significant early achievement, known long before the Greek and Indian mathematicians discovered solutions to this problem. At the same time, one should recall the tablet’s author was a scribe, in his day, a professional mathematician; it has been suggested that one of his goals may have been to produce, find, and fix school problems.

Although the tablet was interpreted in the past as a trigonometric table, more recently published work sees this as anachronistic, and gives it a different function.[2] For readable popular treatments of this tablet see Robson (2002) or, more briefly, Conway & Guy (1996). Robson (2001) is a more detailed and technical discussion of the interpretation of the tablet’s numbers, with an extensive bibliography.

It seems that the Plimpton 322 helps to explain the mystery behind the Skull and Bones.

2B continued ….

selah V

137 SS Mezine Mystic


23000 BC >> 2015 AD ~ LIGO helps identify the Master Builder’s Grid ~ the Gift of Fire ~ Gravity Waves and the TEACHER comes forth as the Photon Dark Knight Crusader

UPDATE November 9, 2016

Published on Sep 10, 2016
I spent 25 hours spread over 8 days building this massive triple spiral structure with 15,000 dominoes. Subscribe for my best project yet 🙂

This video made by an inspired human is just more evidence which is accumulating that our heART work via consciousness is in some way linked to gravitational waves … a unifying source and concept seems to be evolving.

UPDATE October 27, 2016

The ‘gift of fire’ or the particle of light known as a photon just opened a door.

What shape are photons?

Quantum holography sheds light.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

Hologram of a single photon pdf.

Now that we suspect we know that a photon looks like a crusader cross or a flattened out Great Pyramid, isn’t it comforting to know that gravitational waves look like the I Ching or yin/yang symbol accepted all over the world?

I would say that ancient Chinese secrets are being revealed in the here and now, naked eye observations that would anticipate what science would find using microscopes and telescopes to penetrate all three worlds.

continue reading below …

UPDATE September 20, 2016


gravity wave and the yin yang
2 DOTS and an ‘S’

We are all familiar with the 2 dots separated by an ‘S’ which defines the yin yang symbol.

You would have to be blind deaf and dumb not to see and feel how well a gravitational wave [below] aligns itself with the idea called YIN and YANG [above].


As noted the yin/yang ‘idea’ was conceptualized 1000 years before the advent of ancient China.
However today in the 21st century using the most sensitive equipment like LIGO and BICEP2 modern genius is on the verge of penetrating the veil and guess what?

We find out that our ancestors have already been there pondering these very same ideas, perhaps even anticipating our next move?

Yes without a doubt LIGO gravitational waves are being depicted as something familiar to all of us suggesting a much deeper connection, lending itself it the hologram paradigm.


2 DOTS and an ‘S’

Above is the most recent model of gravitational waves as detected by LIGO on Sept. 14/2015, and yes I contend a child can see what an adult cannot.

Something old, borrowed, true blue, some ideas seem eternal.
image on left: Walter Russell’s heART and 1-2-3-4 scaling
image on right: is self-explanatory

Infrasound Emitted by Tornado-Like Vortices: Basic Theory and a Numerical
Comparison to the Acoustic Radiation of a Single-Cell Thunderstorm

UPDATE Aug. 27, 2016


Two ideas that look very very similar.
image on the left  Rene Schwaller de Lubicz idea called the Master Builder’s Grid
image on the right LIGO team’s depiction of gravitational waves placed on a grid


Two ideas that look very very similar.
image on the left  Dr. Jessie Mercay showing links between the swastika, cube, a square wave
image on the right LIGO team’s depiction of gravitational waves placed on a grid
4 DOTS and two ‘S’

Look what appeared as a crop circle today, August 27th  … its apparent 5×5 structure is a perfect fit for the RoTaS/SaToR magic square recoveries that ME+me have made also since entering the abyss consciously with an intent, on July 31, 2007.

Yes … Albert Einstein ye do not need to remind me that “a coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous.”
And for those of us blessed with a sight we call ‘finding our bliss’ the coincidence takes on new meaning as your environment begins to communicate with you in ways you had never previously experienced.

What symbol do you get if you take a light wave and place it perpendicular to a sound wave?

UPDATE Aug. 26, 2016

Yesterday August 25 or 825 I posted the following ideas on the social media site called faKebook err I mean Facebook.

Apparently very few of ‘we the sheeple’ on faKebook have the ability to see what has been hidden in plain sight as this blog attempts to illustrate.

Ornaments from Mezin, Ukraine, around 23,000 B.C.
[this date needs to be confirmed ~ previously it was dated to about 11-15,000 BC]
Take a real close look at that MeZiNe pattern and you will see in the center what appears to be a rectilinear ‘S’ or maybe ‘5’ and if reversed in a mirror we see what looks like a ‘2’
The above ornaments could mean much much more as this next image is suggesting.
The next image is the culmination of many years work building in fact on the theories of Albert Einstein who predicted ‘gravity waves’.
And in 2015 the LIGO team claimed to have identified the first such gravity wave.
The gravitational waves were detected on September 14, 2015 at 5:51 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (09:51 UTC) by both of the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors, located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, USA.


As a side note, you can skip this part and move on.
I love coincidences as the reader of my blog knows.
I got married** on September 14th, 1992.
Thus 23 years later on the same day  the gravity wave was identified, which is something I had been in pursuit of too using an archetypal approach to unravel the clues offered by science, religion, and metaphysics.
And the numbers/letters 2-3 [yin/yang values] is also a key to this recovery for my POV.
A neg/pos narrative is revealed to my POV concerning other ideas like a ‘2’ reflected or translated can become a Z or S or a 5 and the number/shape ‘3’ can be reflected or rotated to look like a W or E or M.
All of those associations are examined in detail from many POV on this blog entry here:
**ME+me and the gravity of the situation is that me first marriage did not last, but I eventually married ME TEACHER and this second marriage will be forever, it is eternal because its name is Truth.

Now there is one idea or question not yet answered by man that helps to link those 25,000 year old swastika etchings found on mammoth ivory in Mezine Ukraine and the LIGO ‘gravitational wave’ model called … what is consciousness?

So what is consciousness?

Should we ask Sir Roger Penrose?
What kind of spacetime model is he proposing to help explain or answer ‘what is consciousness’?

If you go 52:00 in the video above we see this image and Sir Roger makes a statement.

And it this image that we see which forms the main part of this blog written by ME+me back in Feb. 2012 illustrating how his Twistor idea aligns itself with what others are promoting based on the same fundamental archetypes, these archetypal building blocks hinting at underlying structures help to form the backbone of ‘consciousness’.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Schwaller PLATE 64 Graham Hancock

We will come back to the meaning of the above image at the conclusion of this blog entry.

We can summarize an emerging idea as presented by Genevieve von Petzinger that helps to weave the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE together using the following twelve images to help illustrate an evolution of thought being passed forward in all we do.

First let me say that the oldest swastika found to date was found in Mezine, Ukraine
these geometric patterns are dated to 23,000 BC.
I have highlighted the Mezine swastika
Which eventually evolves into what Rene Schwaller would call the MBG
Master Builder’s Grid
REMEMBER the MBG ~ it is central to this idea being cast forward in time
… via the casting of the runes, we will come back to it at the end of this blog.
This is important info on Mezine swastika:

ICE AGE rock art as collected by Genevieve von Petzinger
documenting those 32 symbols and categorized
In the next image take note how the 32 symbols match  up nicely with the 15 groups of phosphenes
that NASA helped to identify back in the 1960s

Illustration © Kellogg, R, Knoll, M., Kugler, J. (1965)
Form-similarity between phosphenes of adults and pre-school children’s scribblings
[Later Acheulian Marking Motifs II]

I spoke with Genevieve von Petzinger on faKebook and asked her if the 32 symbols she had categorized resembled entoptic phenomena, I believe I used the  word phosphenes and she replied it was not her field but others were investigating the links.

source of image and GREAT info:

 Edred Thorsson  provided evidence that rock art evolved into runes.


The mystic Guido von List takes the level of interpretation to the next level
and instead of reverse engineering a UFO he reverse engineers the geometry of the hexagram/hexagon, pentagram, square, triangle using primarily the 3-fold fylfos and the 4-fold swastika or fyrfos.

We also now know that we can offer a simple formula based on imagery alone.

ONE photon = TWO concealed fyrfos

What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

Will the emerging 21st century PHOTON SCIENCE help to reconcile the R and S?
Religion and Science using the Rotas Sator magic square?

M. Gimbutas CORE Signs of the Old European Script
5300 BC-4300 BC the Balkans
Take note of what appear to be emerging ‘letters’ and ‘shapes’ and even
x + y
The above image brings us back to the oldest swastika in yellow highlights thus far found in the Mezine
but today we are exploiting it on the nano level as a ‘chiral metamaterial’


The last two images allow us to reduce this 25,000 year old four-fold swastika swirl down to one of its component parts the IS …
… or is it LS?

The ISI5 = 5I = 2I = IS  using rotations and reflections of xyz.

Then and only then can we begin to understand what kind of geometric Agenda 21 or Area 51 might be up to.
This next link helps to spell out what the spell ‘IS‘ is all about ISIS…

The MBG anticipates Photon Science

So after 25,000 years what does the MBG or Master Builder’s Grid look like according to the renegade Egyptologist/mathematician/theosophically tuned and aligned Rene Schwaller de Lubicz?

Rene Schwaller de Lubicz Master Builder’s Grid on the left in yellow highlight
image on right: Plate 64 found in the same book posits the ‘swastika’ next to sacred cubits!

Schwaller PLATE 64 Graham Hancock

note errors re: 18 x 18 = 324 and the 8 x 8 refers to the inner black/white combined squares

Now also take note that the 5 x 5 (Mars) rests inside a 7 x 7 (Venus) and a 3 x 3 (Saturn) almost fits nicely inside the 5 x 5, but just falls short of connecting.

Hidden in plain sight?
Were gravitational waves discussed long ago by our ancestors hidden in plain sight until September 14, 2015 when LIGO detected them for the first time in modern times?


Two ideas that look very very similar.
image on the left is called the Master Builder’s Grid
image on the right are gravitational waves placed on a grid

Two ideas that look very very similar.
The image on the left is called the Master Builder’s Grid as proposed by wise guy Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, and take note of the bend in the temple of Luxor to the right of the swastika placed on a grid.
The image on the right purports to illustrate gravitational waves placed on a grid displaying distortions as proposed by the wise guys at LIGO.

In 1937 Rene Schwaller de Lubicz had an epiphany and he spent the next 20 years on an idea publishing in 1957 the year I was born.
Is it a coincidence that the fella born in 1957 had an epiphany based on the numbers 1937.
And both Schwaller and ME+me ended up seeing the swastika as vital to our evolution and maybe able to provide clues to what consciousness is.

Clearly the ‘swastika’ is a bona fide TEACHER sent to teach us about the SS system, as the mystic Itzhak Bentov confirmed and a fact of life that Graham Hancock is ignorant of and he arrogantly refuses to acknowledge BUT funny I was able to get his signature on this idea before I added the additional insights …

i.e. to the reader take the idea identified as LSD which I have linked to the eternal geometry of the four interlaced circles and the swastika … the how and why can be found here.

Who is the mystic Itzhak Bentov?

selah V

137 SSS MeZiNe MyStic