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Teotihuacan Unit 1-5-9-4 ~ Stem Cell Sequence 1-5-9-13 ~ George Merkl’s Sumerian Nanotech ~ 1/137 ~ Phi ~ Lunar Cycle ~ M

UPDATE August 29, 2014

The next image and chart belong to the Maya
Zodiacal input data for a Maya astronomical computer

I came across this information on my blog today.
Something that had escaped me before.

Please note the numbers in the top row, or any row in fact, the numbers follow a distinct pattern.

  • 1 ~ 5 ~ 9  >> FIRE (omit 13)
  • 4 ~ 8 ~ 12 >> WATER
  • 3 ~ 7 ~ 11 >> AIR
  • 2 ~ 6 ~ 10 >> EARTH (omit 1)

And we can clearly see the same number groups used in the two images above being utilized in the crosses below.
What becomes clear is how the four arms represent the four elements merged with three concentric circles linked to the global magnetic field linked to the precession of the equinox cycle.

Those numbers that we find grouped together in a study of Mayan astronomy are also found grouped together on the Greek Zodical Cross, on each of the four arms!
And when your inner child joins the dots, Solomon’s Knot in fact is revealed. (image lower right)

Both patterns depict a precession of the equinoxes path ~ join the dots
Note the Aztec path  is a spiral with no intersections and the Greek cross looks similar to Solomon’s Knot

Below we see the work of Edward Butts and Walter Russell both reflect this overriding archetypal model.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Quest for the Lost civilization – Graham Hancock (FULL MOVIE 
(click on above link)
…in the video go to 1:25:37

Hugh Harleston Jr. was an American civil engineer who proposed fringe theories about ancient megalithic monuments after making extensive surveys of the Teotihuacan complex in the 1970s.

Harleston’s claims:

  • That the layout of Teotihuacan encodes information about the shape, size and movement of the Earth.
  • That he had identified the “Standard Teotihuacan Unit” of measurement: 1.0594 metres.
  • That the megalithic monuments of TiahuanacoStonehenge, and Ancient Egypt also feature this “S.T.U.” measure, and therefore share a common source.

Harleston says of Teotihuacan’s builders:

“When they draw a line, they’re telling you an area. When they draw an area, they’re telling you a volume. When they put volume, they’re telling you time.”

His ideas have been taken up by the New Age theorists Graham Hancock (on whose TV series “Quest for the Lost Civilisation” Harleston outlined the above claims).

Hugh Harleston Jr. websites:

The most important bit of inPHOmation I want you to byte onto is the standard unit of measurement that Hugh Harleston Jr. has identified.


WHAT IF the standard unit that Harleston has identified is in some way associated to the Stem Cell sequence

Arrow  1-5-9-13 ~ perhaps even a rudimentary mnemonic, in effect a zodiacal code done in the spirit of the Art of Memory and Pythagorean reduction, what if?

(this question is rhetorical since the UPDATE August 29, 2014)

And note the next number in the pattern/sequence 1, 5, 9, would be a 13 which reduces to 4 (1+3), thus a match for the numbers Hugh Harleston Jr. had also identified as 1-5-9-4!

And btw I must mention that the sum of 1+3 or 1:3 as a numerical ratio/archetype is a very common motif … including the fact we have never been able to UNIFY the 4 forces of physics.
i.e. Gravity stands alone, the other 3 forces have been unified.

Nuclear strong, nuclear weak, and electromagnetism get along just fine when being studied using rules defined by QED.

We offer evidence that our discoveries present a significant contribution towards resolving some of the current difficulties of grand unification research, such as the questions regarding the fundamental structure of our universe, its origin, evolution and its age; the reconciliation of the mathematical concept of continuum and limitless continuity with the concept of spacetime; the concept of an acausal connection active in the spacetime continuum, where according to Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, “our primary mathematical intuitions could be arranged before we become conscious of them” — with the number being primordial, pre-existent to our consciousness (in quantum mechanics there are effects such as quantum tunneling, radioactive decay of an atom and the probability function collapse that might be considered acausal); the essence of the material body, that is extension itself and its universal non-local connections; the shortcoming of the Cartesian coordinate system with its patchwork of bounding surfaces and coordinates; the indeterminate notion of a point particle; the space composed of points; the relationship of space to matter and light to time; the res cogitans and the res extensa; the cosmological position of man and the inevitability of the weak anthropic principle, as demonstrated within an interval of 1-5-9-13 stem cells — an evolutionary cycle that is an integral, coherent, zusammenhangend part of the 27 stem cells of The Life Sequence.

WHAT IF the 4 forces of physics can be shown to have associations to the alchemist’s 4 ELements (which were not really to be taken literally at face value) or Card 1 of the Tarot, the Magician’s 4 weapons of ritual magic, the wand/fire, cup/water, sword/air, and pentacles/earth.
In fact each of the 4 letters of the tetragrammaton, YHVH, were also each associated with Y – fire, H – water, V – air, H – earth.

Thus here are just some of the patterns that my higher self had pointed out to me on my return journey back home to the source.

FIRE ~ 1 5 9 ~ Stem Cells ~ Wand 

STEM Cells are connected to the Life Sequence identified as  Arrow  1-5-9-13

But where is the connection to the zodiacal code as I claimed?

What if we can connect the Stem Cell  Arrow  1-5-9-13 sequence to the element FIRE, along with the FIRE signs Aries1, Leo-and Sagittarius-9

All three zodiacal fire signs can be found on the same arm on the ELemental Greek Zodiacal Cross as noted below.
Each arm represents one of the four elements.
Is it a surprise that the NEWS comes to us from the four directions NEWS?

BLUE female elements considered negative (but don’t think of negative as being ‘negative’)
RED male elements considered positive

  • N – water
  • E – fire
  • W – air
  • S – earth

Note that the Stem Cell Sequence   Arrow  1-5-9  (FIRE) is opposite, though on the same horizontal x-axis  as  7-11-3 (AIRa numerical anagram that matches the fine structure constant >>> 1/137

And recall both fire and air are the elements associated with male energy.

As the widely used Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements arranged in order of increasing proton number describes the physical and chemical properties of elements, our system of 137 (141) stem cells, arranged in intervals of 1-5-9-13 proposes a model to describe the creation and the evolution of all forms of matter, energy states, fundamental forces, transitory astronomical events and the quantum structure of spacetime.

“…gravitational collapse is in effect perpetually being done and undone…,” 1 as presented through a system of 137 (141) finite but with no boundaries stem cells.

AIR ~ 1/137 ~ Fine Structure Constant ~ alpha ~ consciousness ~ sWORDs 

Is it surprising the number 137 appears as part of a pattern, why would 137 be significant in the bigger picture?


The ELements FIRE and AIR are both considered masculine, positive, yang, and do comprise the x-axis in this modEL.
The ELements WATER and EARTH are both considered feminine, negative, yin, and do comprise the y-axis in this modEL.

And the numbers seem to fit this template.
How many more coincidences can we find?

WATER – 384 – Lunar Cycle ~ collective unconsciousness ~ chalice/goblet/cup

UPDATE November 20, 2015

Is the answer to life, the universe and everything 37?

The following quote can be found in the abstract of the attached pdf. file that dare propose a link between the WOW signal and the number 37.

It is possible, at least in principle, to arrange a mapping that both conforms to functional requirements and harbors a small message or a signature, allowed by 384 bits of informational capacity of the code.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Trithemius wrote a passage of this desc’ription 384 words long, and devised 24 variant words (or sometimes phrases) for each of the 384. At any position in the cycle of 384 you could select any of the 24 variants, and the resulting running text would still make some sort of sense.

3-16-01, Midaughter mailing list

Hello Chris and others interested in the mystery of King Wen’s method.

The fact of the matter is that I have a book in hand, THE INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE, MIND, Hallucinogens and the I CHING, by Terrence & Dennis McKenna, (published in 1975, update in 1993 at Harper-Collins, ISBN 0-06-250635-8) in which they present a very credible version of “what King Wen may have done” to formulate his Sequence.  Maybe someone has seen this, but evidently not since there has been no mention of it. I don’t have time to go into it now but I will give you a brief run-down.

After you see what the Mckenna’s have put together I believe you will see some value in “figuring out” how Wen did it.  Briefly, they make a strong case for the Yi being originally constructed as a Lunar Calendar and Astronomical calculator.  The basis of this is the high significance of the number 384.  Showing the connection between the total 384 lines of the Yi and the astronomical value of the lunation cycle of 29.35 days X 13 ( lunar months ) = 383.89 days ( rounded to 384 )

McKenna’s, after they make their case that the Yi’s basic structure, sequence, reveals the fundamental flow of time, metabolism, consciousness, etc. relate this thru graphs, etc. extrapolating it all into “The Eschaton” which is “a universal and fractal morphogenetic field which has hypothesized to model the unfolding predispositions of space and time…”  finally putting it altogether in their TIME WAVE ZERO chart which, using the basic simple wave form traced by the hexagram sequence, creates a grand graph of history showing the peaks and valleys of “maximum novel intensification”

It is very interesting to note that they independently, using their I Ching calculations, arrived at the date December 21, 2012, as the Time Wave Zero point of history (that point in world time when intensification reaches its maximal level).  This is of course the date of the end of the Mayan Calendar. This date is also very significant from an astronomical point of view because half and hour before the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012, the Sun will arise in a position that will eclipse (be aligned with) the Galactic center (near last degrees of Sagittarius).

If you are interested in the Mayan Calendar  you should check out MAYA COSMOGENESIS 2012, by John Major Jenkins.

– Gene

Steve wrote:

I note with regret that Terence McKenna died on 3 April 2000 at San Rafael, California, aged 53. McKenna’s “Time Wave” theory, developed in his books The Invisible Landscape (1975) and The Archaic Revival (1991), was certainly among the more eccentric approaches to the Yijing, although to his great credit he withdrew the theory when its mathematical defects were pointed out to him. The theory was widely disseminated on the internet, though, and would have to be included in any history of 20th century Western interest in the Yi.

The Invisible Landscape  pages 113-114
by Terence McKenna

More 384:

Prehistoric constructors obviously had a knowledge of the planets that had been passed down to them from even more ancient times (see Otto Apelt’s Translation of Plato’s Timaeus, Leipzig 1919). With their help, the three-dimensional relationships were explained, while the Zodiac served to show the course of time.
The basis was the supposed agreement of the musical seven-step scale and the “seven” of the then-known planets, including the sun and moon.  From this interval, the equation 2 x 3 x 8 x 8 = 384 was determined.  

Surprisingly, the distance between moon and Earth is 384,000 kilometers; the 384 in a relationship of 1 : 1000. 

I feel the coincidence regarding the distance between the earth (EARTH) and the moon (WATER) is hard to dismiss.
Here is another numerical anagram that makes you think design, design, de signs are everywhere!

The Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air, which we call the atmosphere. It reaches over 560 kilometers (348 miles) from the surface of the Earth

EARTH ~ 216 ~ phi ~ pi ~ pentacles ~ disk

Somebody turned my blog into a ewe-tube video.

2 – 5 – 8 – 11 

Note the 2, 5, 8, 11 are highlighted on the above cross in green squares.
What we have is an image similar to the one below but reversed and it appears to have been rotated.

  • 2 ~ Bull ~ west vs south
  • 5 ~ Lion ~ north vs east
  • 8 ~ Eagle/Scorpion ~ east vs north
  • 11 ~ Man/Angel ~ south vs west

In other words the Greek zodiacal cross (above) has the precession sequence arranged in a ccw arrangement, but the Freemason symbol below has them arranged in a clockwise arrangement.

Is this a coincidence or part of the underlying design?

I would say it is both literally and figuratively part of the underlying design that needs to be magnified (see image below) to be appreciated.
Even though the above cross is a direct reference to the Precession of the Equinoxes the image below magnified clearly suggests the axiom:


The work of George Merkl known as the Sumerian Lectures has been a revelation to the research I conduct.


In the  Arrow  1-5-9-13 sequence, what zodiac sign is associated with number 13?
Did you know that Ophiuchus sometimes regarded as the 13th sign of the Zodiac just happens to be located close to the galactic center, situated between Scorpio #8 and Sagittarius #9?

But others in fact posit Ophiuchus’ opposite Orion as the 13th sign of the zodiac.

8 + 9 = 17 and perhaps we have a reason why the #17 forms part of the collective unconscious, as this next chart illustrates humans seem to be on the same wavelength more with each other than with computers.


17 is the most common RANDOM number what we might call ‘chance’, and yet you get the feeling it appears to be there by DESIGN.

This is evidence that humans are NOT computers*.
*binary computers

The face of the above cornerstone that we can see, appears to be a 15 x 9 grid.

15 x 9 = 135

The number of blocks missing on the three steps or levels form part of a recognizable number group.

4, 7, 10 or 147


The building and its cornerstone (laid 6 months before the stock market crash) have some very unique and significant features. The building is said to symbolizes “growth,” comparing to the “Wings of Progress” on the Art Deco building in Rochester.

If the name “Nicholas Roerich” doesn’t mean anything to you, you’re missing some really important historical background. I first heard of him through Chris Pinto’s interesting and excellent documentary;



ME and “the holy laws of heaven and earth”


M E 

In the Sumerian literature are the descriptions of …

 The Me, “the holy laws of heaven and earth.”

The most intriguing aspect of the Sumerians is their arrival on the scene with all of the attributes of civilization already formulated in what they termed … 

The Me


E=Mc^2 … merged with MNEME ‘the MEME MEMorE’ plate!

These attributes included everything from kingship and priesthood to the arts of love making, kindness, and song, to the crafts of scribes, builders, leather makers, wood and copper workers, to the perceptive ear, giving of judgments, and the making of beer.

from another source we read:

The ME contained instructions relating to the sciences and arts, including on: construction, metalworking, craft of the leatherworker, craft of the reed worker, writing, anatomy, medical treatments, genetic information, flood control, geography, geology, transportation, astronomy, astrology, mathematics and the calendar.

Me (mythology) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“From the Great Above Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below.”

In Sumerian, the word for ear and wisdom are the same.  For example, Enki, the God of Wisdom, is said to have his ear “wide open” — an unfiltered receptivity!  This implies that Inanna’s primary reason for “going to hell” was to seek wisdom and understanding.  But in order to make such a spiritual journey, she first had to give up her earthly powers and possessions.

Inanna also recognized the need to protect herself.  She gathered together seven of The Me, attributes of civilization which she transformed into such feminine allure as crown, jewelry, and a royal robe. These were intended serve as her protections.  They included her crown, earrings of small lapis beads, a double strand of beads about her neck, her breastplate called “Come, man, come”, her golden hip girdle, the lapis measuring rod and line, and her royal breechcloth.

Each of these adornments were worn at the level of each Kundalini chakra!
(to the reader, this is interesting association yet to be confirmed by this writer)

‘The SECRET’ and INANNA and the ‘me’ LAW of Attraction

I could not help but  notice that in Sumerian, the word for ear and wisdom are the same.  For example, Enki, the God of Wisdom, is said to have his ear “wide open” — an unfiltered receptivity!

Why do I find that fascinating?
Why do I feel it is a nice fit for the information contained in this link leading to an AHA! … ?

Biomimicry – the Attractive and Repulsive Magnetic Spiral Swastika – the Great Pyramid and phi

E = M?

So what side of the equation do we put the c^2?

more on ME still to come ….

selah V

My Asymmetric SWASTIKA NANO Machines


SIDA and the 4 AGES ModEL ~ Solar Wind ~ Magnetic Field ~ the Atom ~ 10,000 BCE ~ Precession of the Equinoxes ~ Age of Aquarius?

UPDATE December 10, 2020

So it is not unusual for the swastika sage of the social media age to build on the work of other storytellers/researchers, in fact you could say it is par for the course that deals in miracles.

global magnetic field diminshing 4 Ages Model prediction and SIDA

source of image: Robert Schoch

Today we build on the work of Robert Schoch and his theory called SIDA a term we believe he made up to represent Solar Induced Dark Age.
source: Rising From the Ashes of SIDA
and God and the Sun: The Writing at Göbekli Tepe
By Robert M. Schoch, with Catherine Ulissey

What is interesting is how information/evidence can be interpreted differently if you are aware of the influences exerted by the mystical ‘swastika’. But it need not be mystical, 21st century science is following the ‘chiral swastika anomaly’ into the quantum.

And later in this blog post you will be introduced to our model presented many years ago anticipating the brain fARTS and heART work of yet another scholar. The lining up of these theories via the ARTS is not a coincidence when you consider how we arrived at our 4 Ages Model.
Do we need to point out how our model recovered has a similar pattern to Schoch’s SIDA model … appearing to hit a low beginning about 10,000 BCE continuing until about 4000 BCE, we turn a corner … let there be light!

global magnetic field diminshing 4 Ages Model prediction

Another coincidence or two … 10,000 BCE timeline matches at this time the oldest swastika on record from Mezin Ukraine and also the same time the bible claims for a beginning … 4000 BCE.

IF you believe in god there are no coincidences because god is everything … right?

UPDATE September 8, 2020

Kailashnath Temple Ellora Caves complex via Santha Graham Hancock

Well we have to thank our nemesis Graham Hancock and his wife Santha for providing us with the following image of the Kailashnath Temple, Ellora Caves complex in India.
Anybody can clearly see the 3 concentric circles with 4 lions placed in a symmetrical arrangement atop the complex.
Yes the 4 lions are difficult to see from this POV so we have provided another image.

POV = cognitive bias … what if?

Kailashnath Temple Ellora Caves complex 4 Royal Stars aka Lions facing each other source of image wiki

The roof of the Mahamantapa has four sculptures of lions, each with a raised paw, standing in a circle. Some people say these lions from the sky can be seen as a ‘X’ mark and a symbol for beings of outer space, but the unknown truth is these animated lions are believed to be the guardians of the temple complex(Four sculptures of lions guarding the four Sides of temple).

continue reading

Yes x marks the spot … or is it a + , well it depends on your POV.
At this time in order to help you think outside of the box Graham and others would love to place you … we need to point out the obvious i.e. there are 2 pairs of lions facing each other and 2 pairs of lions that stand back to back to each other…
To SEE what the world famous author Graham Hancock can NOT see … continue reading to see what the sage of the social media age has recovered that will benefit ALL humanity … not certain groups who are out to capture ALL the market share for their narrative based on their POV + cognitive bias + some shoddy research.

PHOTON ~ Geometry of Consciousness ~ 2 KEYS ACHIRAL & CHIRAL Spiral of Life
^^^ Dear reader you can like us on faKebook too.

canevas and movement Jay Harman CHIRAL ACHIRAL

x vs + … could it be that simple? … what if?

swastika for dummies MEME
Future gene generations will ponder why/how Graham Hancock could have been so blind deaf and dummkopf to the obvious 4 Ages Model.

UPDATE June 17, 2020

Unexpected Widespread Structures Detected Near Earth’s Core – “A Totally New Perspective”

The main reason for this UPDATE is that the above article clearly illustrates that the narrative about the earth’s core is clearly incomplete … and much of the science taught you can be tossed into the garbage can … again.

However this UPDATE does nothing to diminish our research. In fact science continues to be anticipated by the 12,000+ year old World TEACHER.

UPDATE November 17, 2019


The Trinity vs. Quaternary

The sacred roads guide a Magician to instantiate the Center-place during shamanic ritual. In the schematic note the “threeness” of the vertical dimension and the “fourness” of the horizontal dimension, which represents the “sixness of time” (shared centerplace is counted just once).

UPDATE November 23, 2018

Global Warming compared to 4 Ages Zodiac1

Today I came across this graph taken from this video The Great Global Warming Swindle
How does it match up with a graph found later in this blog?

global magnetic field diminshing 4 Ages Model prediction

What are the correlations? Are there any?
Can predictions be made using the sun, the zodiac and the earth’s magnetic field?
Apparently they are all connected, keep reading.

UPDATE April 11, 2017

The World TEACHER ~ Total Annihilation vs. Total Victory 

Did the World TEACHER have a hidden hand in the work of PRS in addition to Ken Wilber and and and … ?
Is there a link between the work of Prabhat Ranjan Sankar and what is being recovered in the RS magic square?

Does the following template of three concentric circles fit the archetypal ‘4 Ages Model’ found to be a consistent model found in artistic, religious, philosophic and scientific models … in the past, present, and the patterns suggest the future still to come.
The question from ME+me POV after many years is rhetorical, but for the reader it could be a new way of seeing the world simply.

PRS Prabhat Ranjan SaRKaR swastika means permanent victory

At the above two links we find the following 4 Ages Model, the oldest example is a clay bowl top left from Samarra Iraq dated to about 5,000 BCE.
We see in the reconstruction made a swastika has been placed into the center.
And all of the above facts makes the next quote by Prabhat Ranjan Sankar all the more ‘illuminating’ as we continue play observers to an unfolding hologram/holomovement paradigm.


Shrii P.R. Sarkar visited Germany in 1979 he gave the following interpretation of the word swastika.

su – means “good”
asti – means “to be, to exist”
ik – means “what is in existence, and will continue to exist”
a – denotes feminine gender
So “Swastika” means a ‘good existence’ that is not to be destroyed and that remains in a good condition. He went on to say that its deeper meaning is permanent victory. In the context of the cultural origins of the swastika, this means the victory of dharma – the fundamental spiritual nature of humanity.

Sarkar explained that the swastika has both a positive and a negative expression:

He then went on to warn those present not to use the negative swastika, explaining that it brings total annihilation, while the positive swastika brings total victory.”

I came across the above on faKebook.

Sometimes faKebook serves a higher purpose, just like the swastika, it is a tool that has two aspects waiting to be put into action.
Sadly on faKebook, ignorance ‘R’ us is winning the war vs. TRUTH or consequences.

UPDATE December 10, 2020

Long long long overdue … the many varied meanings of the svastika to be found in Sanskrit and why the swastika is very intimate with ‘om’.

SVASTIKA Sanskrit meanings

Sansrit in Brahmi Script




UPDATE April 23, 2016

Earth’s Diminishing Magnetic Dipole Moment is Driving Global Carbon Dioxide Levels and Global Warming

Persinger EM fIELd versus carbon footprint

Above is a sampling of Michael Persinger’s latest efforts attempting to provide alternative reasons for global warming/increase in carbon dioxide levels due to the intensity of the total magnetic field strength of the earth as a primary link that should not be ignored.

The work which follows in this blog is in support of this hypothesis.

~ end of UPDATE ~

It is clear many alternative theories center on the precession of the equinox cycle.

…there is no consensus as to when the Age of Aquarius begins.

In The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion suggests that approximated dates for entering the Age of Aquarius range from 1447 AD to 3597 AD.
Campion also reviewed published material on the subject, from astrological sources. He says that most writers claim the Age of Aquarius arrived in the 20th century (29 claims). The 24th century is in second place (12 claims). Campion, by the way, is director of the Sophia Centre and Course Director of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Lampeter.
See Campion’s credentials here.

ONE idEA found on many different levels of scaling.

4 AGES ModEL – Solar Wind – Magnetic Field – the Atom

… and ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’

Let me present an idEA that has been recovered.

 Digital Sky Survey of the Milky Way

The presentation above is self explanatory…this model by coincidence is also very similar to how you would model a ‘hurricane’ and how it functions, i.e. the center (eye of the hurricane) is surrounded by the 500,000 mph whirlwind thin disk (eye wall of the hurricane), these movements appear similar to the apparent movements of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, just on a larger scale.

But what I find most interesting is how this next image a plate from Samarra Iraq circa 5000 BCE is very similar to the apparent movements of our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Are these coincidences or does it begin to suggest it could be evidence of a design being depicted by these modELs** that can be found on every level of scaling?

My conclusion is that what I AM about to present is part of the design that is in place, it suggests a modEL, hinting at a topography of what ‘just is’ is. This modEL that nature reveals evident on all levels of scaling in one form or another.

And we, the human condition has struggled with how to define everything that comes from nothing. Of course because how can we with a finite existence begin to comprehend infinity.
We cannot, at some point we pass a line and it becomes guesswork of what LIEs beyond the LInE.
Science crossed that line back in the late 1940s.

All theories have since become guesswork, the domain of the Zeitgeist.

In conclusion, there is no need for an electromagnetic inner dynamo theory to explain;

  • the periods of basic magnetic state
  • the integration process
  • the magnetic pole reversal
  • the magnetic anomalies
  • the movement of the magnetic poles
  • anything else…

We are dealing with an automatic and completely natural ferromagnetic process in the Earth’s crust powered by the solar wind (and nothing more than that).

I am willing to look at this theory being proposed by Bjarne Lorenzen to see how it fits the other evidence thus far gathered by Maurice Cotterell and ME+me.

UPDATE April 9th, 2013

Another theory, another model that proposes a slightly different magnet arrangement, but again the ideas are all very similar and worth further investigation.

UPDATE Dec. 9, 2013

This definitely needs to be inserted right here.

As I was reading this next article I noticed the word horseshoe which immediately caught my attention for several reasons (see the image above) and another is because the inner circle of Stonehenge looks like a horseshoe and of course the swastika = horseshoe = good luck.

This is what the article said;

“The Human body represents three horse-shoe Magnets, two of them having the neutral point at the summit of the head and the third in an inverted position to that of the two first ones. The axis the most important divides us laterally from right to left, the other from the forepart to the back part of the body.

The first horse-shoe Magnet has its neutral point at the summit of the head, and its extremities or poles at the right hand and the left hand, the right hand being the positive, and the left hand the negative pole.

The second horse-shoe Magnet has also its neutral point at the summit of the head, and the extremites or poles of its two branches are the right and the left foot, the right foot being positive and the left foot negative.

The third horse-shoe Magnet, the one in an inverted position, has its neutral point at the perineum and the extremities of its branches are the forehead and the occiput. The forehead being positive and the occiput negative.”

I came across this image on the internet.
Mind if I point out a coincidence?
The year I left the fire department in 2007, I was given a new badge, number 1258.
And a further coincidence that my last name and the letter shape W looks like a bat too?
Have I gone batty?
Who who knows, I am having a hoot.

…Is there a difference between ‘gone fishing’ and ‘gone diving’?
…moving on.

Click here for synopsis – Maurice Cotterell

These pictures are also from the files of Maurice Cotterell.
From his fascinating book The Secret Codes of the Terracotta Warriors, link provided above.

Maurice clearly shows Mayan cultural knowledge embraced the role of the sun’s involvement in the rise and fall of fertility.

4 sections of the sun (4 codes of radiation) having influence, creating 12 energy signatures (zodiac signs) that influences our personality upon birth.
(thanks to Optimist 777 for passing this onto me)

SSS ~ Sun Seed Sprinkler

SSS ~ Sun Seed Sprinkler

Model for Earth’s Dynamo and our Magnetic Field

Go to 20:31 in this video to find the following image.
I love how the introduction to the video starts with a flash of Thor’s thunder-lighting-bolt.

While watching this video I noticed a pattern regarding the fluctuating magnetic fields.
Go to the time indicated in the video, start watching/listening starting around 20:00, the above graph appears @20:31.

I noticed immediately how the graph plotting the Global Magnetic Field seemed to follow the same ups and downs as the 4 AGES modEL that I have been documenting for some time now.

What I find most amusing is how in the past I have found that the 4 AGES ModEL could also be used as a model to represent an atom on the atomic scale to larger solar systems, precession of the equinoxes cycle, the New Atlantis and now it also helps us predict our fluctuating magnetic field, like you would predict a new coming season with its associated weather patterns….etc. etc. etc…a modEL that apparently can be shopped around on all levels of scaling including down to the level of what quantum gravity is.

PhDUH why not?

UPDATE October 6, 2013 – DISCLAIMER *alert*

Regarding the Astrological Ages timeline that appears on the graph below.

The numbers in blue, red, and green depict the 12 zodiac houses that we are all familiar with.
Respectively these three groups are the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs.

When we transit from one age to the next has always been in dispute, often by thousands of years.
An example is when the Age of Pisces is to end and the Age of Aquarius is to begin.
(I grew up with the 5th Dimension singin’ The Age of Aquarius)
Some people thought we entered the Age of Aquarius around 1447 and some people think that 2012 marked the event …
One source on Wikipedia suggests that Pisces hands off the baton to  Aquarius in about 2150.
And one of the long shots is the date predicted by Max Heindel; thus we have a Rosicrucian interpretation suggesting Pisces began in ca. AD 498 will end in ca. AD 2654.

The (published) range of dates for the possible start of the Aquarian age actually range from 1447 to 3621.
(I can see why the argument is made that ‘astrology’ is not an exact science)

This is a summary of the wikipedia suggestions regarding the contentious dates supplied by a host of ‘experts’
Please take note that the #s and colors match the graph below.

  • 5 – Age of Leo – 10,500 BC to 8000 BC – (PC – 11060 – )
  • 4 – Age of Cancer – 8600 BC and ended in ca. 6450 BC – (PC 8900 – )
  • 3 – Age of Gemini – 6450 BC and ended in ca. 4300 BC – (PC 6740 – )
  • 2 – Age of Taurus – 4300 BC and ended in ca. 2150 BC – (PC 4580 – )
  • 1 – Age of Aries – 2150 BC and ended in ca. 1 AD – (PC 2420 – )
  • 12 – Age of Pisces – AD 1 and ends in ca. AD 2150 – (PC 250 BC – )
  • 11 – Age of Aquarius – start ranges from 1447 to 3621 – (PC – 1900- )

go to 41:57

So if the graph below is not exact to whatever standards ye use to measure the Precession of the Equinox cycle sometimes referred to as the Platonic Year or ‘Great Year‘, oh well, does it really really matter that it be ‘exact’?

Let me introduce a game of ‘magnetic horseshoes’ where you only need to be close to the pin to win.

What is clear from the evidence is that there appears to be a general trend, a recognizable pattern presented by science (i.e. measuring the magnetism used in the clay that was used in the pottery)  and how I am able to overlay the zodiac cross/precession cycle timeline onto this ‘magnetic pattern’ can not be denied.

Keep in mind that transiting from one age to the next would have ‘shoulder seasons’ where the particular time in history would then be under the influence of two zodiac ages.
Similar to the unpredictable weather experienced in the shoulder seasons called spring and fall.

Yes I would suggest that the magnetic fields spring/rise and fall too.

The genius of Galileo understood the following, helping us to look at how forces affect us in a new way.

“no force is necessary to KEEP things moving in a straight line”

~ end of UPDATE ~

global magnetic field diminshing 4 Ages Model prediction

But what kind of Pole Shift?

So I added a few things to this graph to highlight how the global magnetic field appears to be a match for the 4 AGES modEL depicted on the Greek Zodiacal Cross (below), which is itself a synthesis of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 4 elements water, air, earth, and fire.

Important to take note that the Age of Aquarius that we are entering is on the air arm of the zodiac cross which includes the numbers 3, 11, 7.
We are leaving the Age of Pisces which is a water sign and entering an air sign.

First thing I did was convert the zodiac signs to their position on the zodiac wheel starting with Aries at ‘0’ degrees into numbers.

i.e. Aries is #1 – Taurus is #2 – Gemini is #3 – Cancer is #4 – Leo is #5  Virgo is #6 etc. etc. etc.

You will end up with various number groups.
If you look at the number groups on the four arms of the cross they are different than the three number groups we find if we draw a series of three concentric rings.

One group of numbers we find within each of the three concentric rings yields the same numbers we find on our keypads for doing business or communicating.

1 – 4 – 7 – 10

2 – 5 – 8 – 11

3 – 6 – 9 – 12

Which helps us identify the number groups that by coincidence are a match for the keypad on our cell phones, the 3×4 grid of the breastplate of the High Priest and the 3×4  grid associated with the angel Raziel which has profound esoteric connections to Adam, Eve, and a book of secrets…

FYI ~ without getting into the details here, this researcher feels the Urim and Thummin idea can be transposed onto how AT (DNA) becomes AU (RNA).

3×4 table or grid attributed to the Sepher Razial

According to Jewish traditions, the angel Raziel was sent to earth to teach Adam, and due to the elevated soul of Abraham, Raziel returned to teach Abraham all the spiritual knowledge and spiritual laws. Raziel was sent to earth with specific purpose to teach Adam and Abraham the ways of Nature. The Book of Raziel explains everything from Astrology of the planets in our solar system, and explains how the creative life energy starts with a thought from the spiritual realms, transcending into speech and action in this physical world. The eternal divine creative life energy of this earth is love, the book explains the spiritual laws of birth, death, reincarnation of the soul, and many spiritual laws of “Change”.

3×4 Group Pattern

1 – 4 – 7 – 10

2 – 5 – 8 – 11

3 – 6 – 9 – 12

And those number groups 3×4, when plotted on this graph seem to follow a pattern that matches the three number groups.

global magnetic field diminshing 4 Ages Model prediction

Take note of the following trends.

  • 1 – 4 – 7 – 10
    appear nearer the troughs/valleys  
  • 2 – 5 – 8 – 11
    coincidentally those numbers (1, 1, 2, ?, 5, 8) appear nearer the middle, and they represent the middle or MESO code that appears on Card X of the tarot.
  • 3 – 6 – 9 – 12  
    appear as the peaks

All of the above is  a match for the Precession cycle as depicted by the order of the zodiac signs on the Greek Zodiac cross or as plotted on the graph of the global magnetic field.

And when you join the dots with dashes counting backwards we end up with Solomon’s Molecular Knot!
To show associations between the zodiac via precession of the equinoxes which results in Solomon’s Knot associated to the solar sun wheel called the swastika, I must surmise is all a fluke, i.e. a coincidence, luck of the draw.

The resulting shape/form that when you join the dots has been identified as LSD or Solomon’s Knot.
LSD was found in many churches and is a blueprint for the New Atlantis and is found on the MOLECULAR level too.

LSD can be associated to the 4 Evangelists, the 4 Mayan Bacab, the 4 Sons of Horus, and King Solomon on the molecular level too!


What IF most of the images I have presented thus far are the TOP VIEW and this next image is the SIDE VIEW?

But wait there were two other models I came across in addition to the Greek Zodiac Cross that depict the precession cycle lasting about 25,812 years.
Interestingly one was the Chaldean cross which we can associate to the Hebrews who are the authors of the Old Testament.
In contrast to the Greek cross which we can associate to the language the New Testament was scripted in.
The letters that both the Greeks and Hebrews use are very similar.
The Greeks added vowels and the direction to be read is left to right in contrast to Hebrew and Arabic which both read right to left.

The Chaldean Cross (top left) is in the form of a swastika comprised of four keys each of which resemble the letter E.

And the other calender based on the zodiac/precession of the equinoxes was the Aztec Calender Wheel (top right) also in the shape of a swastika though this is more of a wheel shape and the shape we end up differs from both the Chaldean and Greek Crosses.

First lets take a look and see how the positions on the Aztec Calendar Wheel match up with the Global Magnetic Field.
We can clearly see how by joining the ‘dots’ we end up with a spiral shape as opposed to the 4-leaf clover which was yielded by the Greek Zodiac cross.

Chaldean Cross still to come ….

to be continued….


Below are two of the four rotor blades from my garden tiller.
Do you see a resemblance to everything thus far discussed?
It does appear this shape is associated with chopping and blending and mixing.
But isn’t it all so obvious?

Device for Processing Molecular Clusters of a Liquid to NANO-scale

A device for processing molecular clusters of a liquid to nano-scale is provided and includes a stirring chamber having a hexagonal (or octagonal) column space; a plurality of first stirring modules, each of which has at least one first stirring blade having a left-handed swastika shape (or right-handed swastika shape) for pushing a liquid to flow; and a plurality of second stirring modules, each of which has at least one second stirring blade having a right-handed swastika shape (or left-handed swastika shape) for pushing the liquid to reversely flow. Thus, molecular clusters of the liquid are collided with each other under a condition with high temperature, high pressure and high stirring speed, until the particle diameter of the molecular clusters is reduced to a nano-scale.

So of the next two images which one is the MOLECULAR NANO Blender?

The one on the LEFT or the one on the RIGHT?

What if they are actually both representations of ‘blenders’.

One on the NANO scale and the other on the MACRO level.
So which is which?
Keep reading to find out for certain.

Okay then the first image on the LEFT actually concerns itself with the structure of the earth, regarding the DYNAMO that contributes to the existence of our EM fIELd.
That means the next image is a schematic of the Molecular Nano Vortex blender.

Shall we call it a >>

M N V 

more swastika nano science:


The next level of inquiry asks can we make a correlation between the above ‘magnetic model’ regarding the earth’s magnetic field, Card X of the Tarot and St. Peter’s Square Ellipse?

I feel we can.
(see updates below)

selah V

RaphaEL a.k.a. LabbIEL


UPDATE November 9, 2014

came across this video today

…and extracted this image plus I added some Thoth thoughts based on this website:

2100 ce polaris pole star alignment

Which seems to be a nice fit for this evolving idea here regarding the Polaris Pole Star alignment scheduled for, in about March 24, 2100 according to Jean Meuss.

5555 and 37 – ‘How Gravity Works’ by Maurice Cotterell ~ Peter Aleff and RaphaEL learns to wIELd his AXE

Oswald Wirth Pyramid AXE apex

UPDATE April 19, 2017

Great Pyramid of Giza Is Slightly Lopsided

To determine the lengths of the original pyramid sides, Lehner led a search for surviving casing stones whose edges still touched the platform that the Great Pyramid was built on. They also searched for marks on the platform that would provide clues as to where the edges were. In total, they found 84 points along the pyramid’s original edges. These points were marked on a grid system that AERA has been using to map all of the features on the Giza Plateau.

Then, the team used a statistical method called linear regression analysis to determine those lengths. They found that the east side of the pyramid originally measured somewhere between 755.561 and 755.817 feet (230.295 to 230.373 meters), while the west side of the pyramid originally measured somewhere between 755.833 and 756.024 feet (230.378 to 230.436 m).

This means that, at most, the west side was only 5.55 inches (14.1 centimeters) longer than the east side. Though that would leave the pyramid not quite square, it’s a remarkable level of precision for a monument constructed more than 4,500 years ago, the researchers noted.

“This means that, at most, the west side was only 5.55 inches (14.1 centimeters) longer than the east side.”

But was it an error?
555 suggests maybe not … keep reading to find out why.

~ end of UPDATE ~

How does knowing how tools spread among our predecessors help us now?

Well, tool use has long been seen as a defining feature of humanity and understanding how early humans developed along with their tools tells us something about ourselves.
Journal of Archaeological Science study this month suggests that over the last 2.6 million years the human hand evolved to handle just these sort of tools.

In other words, the tools helped shape man, which seems to merit some study.

The Axe, then, is an important symbol. As a weapon it signifies Royalty. As a religious object it signifies Divine Power. E. A. Wallis Budge, Gods of the Egyptians, I-63-75, gives a detailed analysis of the word NETER, God. The hieroglypf for this word is a stylized Axe.

Fig. 76 represents Ramman, the God of the Axe of the Susians. The horns here signify Solar Descent. The hair and features are those of “The Suk” of Africa. The Axe denotes that he is “The God of the Axe,” “The Cleaver of the Way” – i.e., the Egyptian Horus of the Double Horizon or Double Equinox. The Three Rods or Rays of Light denote his name as that of IU or IAU. He is therefore the Atum-IU of the Egyptians.

He is supported by his Four Brothers – i.e., the Four Brothers or Children of Horus here portrayed in human form for the first time, as in the Stellar Cult these were represented by Zootypes: Man, Lion, Ox, and Eagle. The hair and features of these are the same as those of the “Suk” of Africa, from whom they descended.

image found on Peter Aleff’s website
note the libations being poured into a ‘grail’ placed between two pillars
each pillar is crowned with what appears to be four blades to each double axe
perhaps the flat perspective does not reveal another axis?

UPDATE September 12, 2015

Yesterday was the anniversary of 911 and I was wondering what coincidence I would tune into.

It was a good one, which requires me to introduce the work of Peter Aleff and his creation the Phaistos Game based on one of the best interpretations of the Phaistos disk.

His inner child saw something, and so does mine, as I have pointed out in the past, but but butt when Peter mentioned that the word labyrinth and double axe are essentially one and the same [something I had missed or forgotten] … the wheels started spinning.

  • The Lydian word for “ax” is “labrys”, as related by Plutarch. The word “labyrinth”, derived from the word “labrys”, was used by the ancient Greeks to describe the palaces in Crete, such as Knossos, and also referred to the “double-ax” symbol represented by the piece offered here.
  • The symbol of the “double-ax” also always accompanies goddesses, and it seems that it was also the Minoan symbol of the beginning of the creation.
  • This also explains why this piece is votive, and was offered in tombs and sacred places.
  • It is also believed that this type of power piece served as a standard in religious shrines and temples. See F. Schachermeyer in “Die Minoische Kultur des Alten Kreta”, 1990, pp. 161, 237, and 238.; and W.H.D. Rouse, “The Double Axe and the Labyrinth, The Journal of Hellenis Studies 21”, 1901.; and John Chadwick, “The Mycenaean World”, 1976.
  • zeus. a study in ancient religion. volume 2, part 1.

The Labyrinth and the Double Axe

~end of UPDATE~

volts PUSH ohms PULL

Is it possible to use the above ‘cartoon’ to understand gravity?

UPDATE April 30, 2015

37 LIES found when circumambulating NaNKiN

I was wondering what the cosmos would serve up to me on April 30th, today is the anniversary of the day Hitler committed suicide, we are told.
I am not a fan of Hitler, but something happened on the anniversary of his day of birth April 20th 2014 or 4/20 that has had a lasting effect on how I see karma playing itself out in the here and now  and the future still to come.

Hitler and me share a fascination for the swastika, that is clear.

I also discuss how the letters NN and the numbers 37 are in some way linked to what gravity is, so when I read this text found in an 1856 publication linking the sacred city of NaNKiN to the idea called 37 LIES, well of course I thanked my higher self ‘ME’ for passing it on to little ole’ me.

37 LIES is the circuit of the exterior walls of the largest city in the world?
UPDATE April 21, 2015

“The reason is that Kether is the goal of the initiatory journey, and whom that goal is reached, there is nothing more to be done”
-Paul Foster Case

Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang

above is an excerpt from Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang
the creator of Golden Dawn Tarot Deck in collaboration with Israel Regardie

Yesterday on the one year anniversary of 4/20/2014, a significant day last year from my elevated lofty position where I appear to be hovering above the apex of the Great Pyramid in the North-East, just above 137 meters, I finally got around to having a look at The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order by Case, and naturally being at the top, I started to read from the back of the book to the front, and immediately I was shown yet another confirmation that ME+me stands before “THE” door.

For some reason yesterday (why 4/20) the Grade of Ipsissimus 10°=1 jumped off the page forcing me to take notice of the obvious AHA that has been placed in plain sight.

All of this took place later in the day after I had reconnected with another significant player in ME+me recovery David Ritchie whose ‘grid work’ on the Giza plateau seems to mesh with the 5×5 RoSeTau RoTaS magic square of Mars.

St. Peter’s Square and the Black Door

Can the answers to the questions what is religion? and what is gravity? be accessed by playing a game of;

Knock Knock Who’s There?

Shall we try?

“knock knock”

“who’s there?”


“Matthew who”

I am Matthew 7:7**
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.

good answer!
“For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.…

**The significance of the numbers 7:7 in Matthew mentioning the door shall not be addressed in any great detail at this time.
But it is important to remember that a 7 rotated looks like an L and astrologically the 7 Rishis in Ursa Major (northern and circumpolar) were wed to the 7 twisted sisters found in the Pleiades (south of equator and not circumpolar or immortal).


The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order by Paul Foster Case lists the Grade of Ipsissimus, 10°=1□  as the goal of the initiate as you ascend the ‘tree of life’.

“The reason is that Kether is the goal of the initiatory journey, and whom that goal is reached, there is nothing more to be done”
-Paul Foster Case

10°=1□ Ipsissimus = “He who is most himself” = aTMa

Beyond the comprehension of the lower degrees. An Ipsissimus is free from limitations and necessity and lives in perfect balance with the manifest universe. Essentially, the highest mode of attainment. This grade corresponds to Kether on the Tree of Life.

Ipsissimus is quite hard to translate directly from Latin to English, but it is essentially the superlative of “self”, translating rather approximately to “His most Selfness,” or “self-est.”

Crowley named as a condition of this grade the trance Nirodha-samapatti, which reduces heartbeat and other life functions to the bare minimum.

Theravada Buddhist monks traditionally attain nirodha-samapatti by producing the aforementioned Formless States one after the other, and perceiving in each what they call the Three Characteristics of all existence: sorrow or tendency towards sorrow, change or unreliability, and insubstantiality or lack of self.

The Ipsissimus should keep the achievement of this final grade secret, even from the rest of the Order, and continue with the work of the Magus while expressing the nature of an Ipsissimus in word and deed.

Shall we play the game of ‘Knock Knock’ with the BLACK DOOR?

Part of the ritual involved in the burial of a dead pope takes place on the black door.

Burial of Pope John Paul II took place on the Black Door

What are the potential associations between the QaBaLaH Tree of Life and the Saxon Irminsul?

Now let me leave you with a final Thoth thought.

10°=1ipsissimus = ipSiSSmuS = ip5i55mu5

~ end of UPDATE ~

King Widukind fighting a hostile duke;
both on horseback in foreground fighting with battle axes
go to 28:54
This ‘expose‘ by yet another Freemason discusses the importance of time
and it’s association to the numbers


The significance of the numbers 5555 or letters SSSS representing an idea
worth  passing on to future generations will become apparent later in this blog.

Qubits ~note the split 30% vs 70%
Qubits explained

30% vs 70%

The above image is taken from an interesting site discussing entanglement.

Control over entanglement is going to change everything, including our basic notions of cause-and-effect.

Entanglement occurs when two quantum particles interact with each other so that their quantum states become interdependent. If the first particle is in state A, say, then the other must be in state B, and vice versa.

Until a measurement is made of one of the particles, its state is undetermined: it can be regarded as being in both states A and B simultaneously, known as a superposition. The act of measuring ‘collapses’ this superposition into just one of the possible states.

But if the particles are entangled, then this measurement also determines the state of the other particle — even if they have become separated by a vast distance. The effect of the measurement is transmitted instantaneously to the other particle, through what Albert Einstein skeptically called ‘spooky action at a distance’.

As mentioned above entanglement is what Einstein liked to call ‘spooky action at a distance’.

10 years of research is suggesting the best candidate to represent ‘spooky action at a distance is the swastika.
One symbol represents the paradox of spin, clockwise vs. counterclockwise or even up vs. down.

~ above links are UPDATES posted on April 20, 2015 ~

One symbol can be used to evoke FEAR or invoke LOVE.
The swastika is something that the circle is not.
The swastika has spokes and is obviously a symbol for movement.
And the swastika wheel of fortune has both a hub and a rim and it is held together by spokes implying this rotating wheel needs spokes-people in each and every age.

Jain Swastika on the right antedating Jesus Christ is complimented nicely
by the Christian/Irish St. Brigid’s Cross on the left

The Rite of St Brigid’s well at Liscannor, Co. Clare

  • Go on your knees and say 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Mary’s and 5 Gloria’s.
  • Stand and proceed to make a round of the Statue of St Brigid (sunwise/desiceal keeping the statue on your right)
  • Recite the creed while moving.
  • Do this 5 times.
  • Go on your knees at the Well.

San Ula Uachtarach (In the upper Sanctuary)

  • Go on your knees and say 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Mary’s and 5 Gloria’s.
  • Stand and make a sunwise circumambulation on the long path while reciting the Creed
  • Do this 5 times.

At the Cross


As we continue to forge ahead attempting to construct a metaphysical bridge merging science with religion, the blueprint begins to reveal itself.

Whenever words like PUSH and PULL or PLOUGH are mentioned in the context of how the universe was created I take notice.
This video is brief, pay attention around the 2 minute mark.

Inlaid mosaic Cathedral Siena Italy paying homage to Hermes
Hermes Trismegistus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Renaissance portraite of Hermes Trismegistus, from the floor of the cathedral at Siena, 1488; attributed to Giovanni di Maestro Stefano.

The legend beneath the central figure reads ‘Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, the contemporary of Moses’.

The above quote I found at this link;

But note how they have removed/cropped out the swastika border?
Well as somebody in search of a truth being veiled, I find that omission on a hermetic web site rather odd.
I have highlighted the four arms of the swastika for good reason.
Do you see the 5 5 5 5?

The importance of this fret will become clear as we continue.


30% pulling
70% pushing

“The swastika represents a schematic of the solar wind pattern and was worshiped by many ancient sun worshiping civilizations”

– Maurice Cotterell

’37’  archive  Buddha * Jesus * Jerry * EL * 37 and the Collective Unconscious

Symbol on the left is from an ole’ Templar Church in Garway, England

Green and black highlights are added to show the carved relief.

Please take note of the basic shape placed next to The Lost Symbol book cover.

Essentially what we have is a circle surmounted by an inverted truncated pyramid = a KEYHOLE.

Winter Solstice

KEYHOLE apparition during the Newgrange Winter Solstice

The KEYHOLE form is clearly a recurring theme as the two book covers below illustrate. Significant other examples of the KEYHOLE exist from the past.

I have added the red swastika to Maurice Cotterell’s book cover not to deface it but to put out in the open and highlight what is being concealed in plain sight 24/7/365.
Please note that the book cover implies a ‘swastika cruciform’. I am merely sharing with the reader what else I see that is being conveyed, whether it is conscious or not by the publishers.
I have since purchased Maurice Cotterell’s book and am currently reading it.
This thread will receive updates in due time.

General Electric uses the same ‘swastika’ in their logo that we see depicted on Maurice Cotterell’s book cover.
The four red hooks on the left are a match for the four white splashes in the GE logo on the right.

about…CodeX4 and the Reconciliation of Science and Religion 


And without a doubt the investigations and unique research that has been conducted by Maurice Cotterell is hinting at what I have been recovering about the SSS.

S acred
S wastika 
S cience

5 5 5 5 

The Galactic Cross – 5 5 5 5

The Galactic Cross is defined by 5° Gemini5° Pisces5° Sagittarius and 5° Virgo in the sidereal zodiac.


10,000 – Swastika – Wan – Mang Ziou – Lei Wen

I love evidence called the coincidence!

i.e. SSS vs 5555

For many years I have been aware of a particular archetype that exists at the boundary called the razor’s edge.

At this boundary posited between madness and genius is where that fine line exists that defines what a letter adds up to and what a number really means.
Thus it appears every word is a number and every number is a word.

The above cropped image forms part of the oldest swastika found dated to 10,000 BC.
Note the 3+1 asymmetry of the four 5s. The 5 in the top left has been rotated by 90 degrees.

I will plant a seed at this time in the reader for later discussion, the four forces of physics are also defined as 3+1.
i.e. nuclear strong, nuclear weak and electromagnetism comprise the TRINITY (3) and gravity is the ONE (1).

Now the swastika pattern found on the mammoth ivory, was it done intentionally in order to convey a deeper meaning about the asymmetrical swastika and the asymmetrical forces of nature or was it just an ornamental mental heARTistic expression of what ‘just is’ is?
But is there a difference?

Just recently I came across the roster of the German Worker’s Party and Adolf Hitler was number:


  • Adolf Hitler’s DAP registration number. He was actually the 55th member, as the founders began registering with 500 to make it appear as if there were many more people in the party ranks than there actually were.

Now is it a coincidence that the world’s tallest obELIsk called the Washington Monument happens to be 555 feet tall?

Actually the Washington Monument is 555 feet 5 1/8 inches in height.
(but IF you add up 5+1+8 = 14 = 1+4 = 5)

Thus we now have our four 5s – 5555 which can be traced to the world’s oldest swastika displaying ‘asymmetry’.

The Washington Monument was placed inside a vescia piscis.
Image on the left  is the where we find the Washington Monument.
Image on the right I have highlighted the vescia piscis on the ax from Rome or found in Knossos known as the labrys.


A labrys is a double-headed axe used for carpentry, military and religious (connected with bull sacrifices) purposes. There is speculation that the word labyrinth, the maze in which the mythological minotaur lived, is etymologically connected to labrys. The different shapes of the Bronze Age Minoan labrys probably corresponded with its distinct functions. Unlike a modern, two-headed hammer, the shape of the labrys is symmetrical. Sometimes the blade is curved; sometimes straight.

Source: The Labrys: Why Was the Double Axe Double?
by A. Trevor Hodge. 1985 Archaeological Institute of America.

Also Known As: πέλεκυς, bipennis, double-headed axe
Examples: The labrys is currently used as a symbol by lesbians.

Why is it significant that we can link the vescia piscis to the Washington Monument, and the labrys/ax, carpentry and Jesus?

The number 555/SSS is clearly a significant idea that gets fuzzy when presented alongside the evidence called the coincidence.

Again the following evidence needs to be acknowledged IF we are ever going to interpret the clues that our ancestors left us in stone.

The evidence is this, prime numbers when converted to binary numbers and plotted on a grid in fact take on a phallic shape.
In other words if prime numbers are the building blocks of math why did those who built the Washington Monument build a monument to ‘prime numbers’?

Remember I said I love coincidences?

On August 23, 2011, the Washington Monument sustained damage during the 2011 Virginia earthquake.

Washington Monument – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The coincidence that I noted was the date of the earthquake that inflicted the damage.


Reading from right to left I spy with my little third eye:

11, 2, 5, 8 

2 5

IMHO the 555/SSS coincidences are worthy of a deeper investigation.

Equivalently, the smallness of Planck’s constant reflects the fact that everyday objects and systems are made of a large number of particles.

To take one example, green light of a wavelength of 555 nanometres (approximately the wavelength to which human eyes are most sensitive) has a frequency of 540 THz (540×1012Hz). Each photon has an energy E of hν = 3.58×10−19 J. That is a very small energy in terms of everyday experience, but then everyday experience doesn’t deal with individual photons any more than it deals with individual atoms or molecules. An amount of light that is compatible with everyday experience is the energy of one mole of photons; its energy can be calculated by multiplying the photon energy by the Avogadro constant, NA ≈ 6.022×1023 mol−1. The result is that green light of wavelength 555 nm has an energy of 216 kJ/mol, a typical energy of everyday life.

Marko Rodin uses the term ‘shear’ when discussing VBM.

“Vortex Based Mathematics – A Summary, Doubling Circuits, Reciprocals & Shearing”

So how does my research regarding the swastika collide with the work of not only Marko Rodin but also with Maurice Cotterell’s investigations into How Gravity Works?


*FREE pdf


@24:30 The SS 37 and 26

I AM of course referring to the Sun Spot cycle which highlights the numbers 37 and 26 … both significant numbers when discussing the axial rotation of the sun.

Just more evidence of what ‘just is’ is.

Maurice Cotterell – Secret of the Super Gods Part 1

Maurice Cotterell – Secret of the Super Gods Part 2

Part 2 opens with the reference of Lord Pacal to the BAT God

And for some reason I find that LUCKY!

@41:07 Maurice introduces Quetzalcoatl i.e. the feathered serpent, depictions of which are found throughout the Americas under various guises.

He also discusses the solar wind 7 x 4 = 28 days of alternating + and – as discovered by Marinar II in 1962.

I AM finding the work of Maurice Cotterell and ME personal journey are eerily similar.

The 13 Step Recovery program that I have stumbled and bumbled upon shall be continued for obvious reasons.

To follow the trail of coincidences left as evidence of what ‘just is’ is and must be when you toss out all of the theories that lead to nowhere.
The swastika in fact allows us to weave together many profound clues left us.

And Avebury ‘Circle’ displays the same ‘broken symmetry’.

File:Light dispersion conceptual waves.gif – Wikimedia Commons

It appears that the idEA of gravity brings us back to the prism and the splitting of the light…

This might help explain the PUSH (giving) vs. PULL (receiving) of gravity.

Foresti found that balance was the key. Push too hard, and the sound waves will cause a water droplet to explode. Don’t push hard enough, and the droplet will fall and gravity wins. Eventually, he found that the way to succeed was to slowly lower the sound intensity of the “giving” square while ramping up that of the “receiving” one.

UPDATE April 24, 2014


… and the cleaving of light and sound?

‘How Gravity Works’ by Maurice Cotterell and why Thor, ZeuS, Jupiter, and Raphael all wield an AXE associated with the Thunderbolt or thunder and lightning, a.k.a. the ‘swastika’ which is associated with the dispersion and collection of both SOUND and LIGHT ~ clearly an Intelligent Design.

The chopper’ to ‘hand-ax’ to an ‘axe’ with a handle had not really been improved upon since the last age** until recently.
i.e. **Aries to Pisces

But we are currently moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius and with the shift many apparent new technologies that can in FACT be linked back to the ‘swastika’ are making themselves apparent, to those who can see the obvious.

Do you see what I see?

Take a look at what appears to be a room full of foam AXE heads both cleaving and receiving the SOUND.

WOW MOM….another profound coincidence from my POV.
Note today is April 24th, 2014, apparently I have license to say what I do?
Why is a cube van rectangular?

Both Richard FeyNMan and me owned a ‘cube-van’ at one time, we both were intimately connected to our ‘cube vans’.
There is still more to come regarding today’s date 4/24/2014!

The radio program discusses the latest improvement to the 1.37+million year old idea which itself was a quantum leap, based on the origin of the species, i.e the ‘chopper tool’ later evolved to the ‘hand-ax’, which in fact was the SwiSS army knife of its day, “THE” leading edge technology for about 1.37+ million years.

Here is a great link discussing comparisons between Minoan, Celtic, and Egyptian decoration.

And it only gets better.

Sign of Minoan Calendar in the Double Axes of Knossos Palace

The significance of the Axe, too, in ancient times is rather profound.

Nave Axes 13.97 – Amun Axes 13.907  –  Haty Axes 13.793  

Now here is where evolution and creation collide;

Is there a connection between the ‘axe’ and the 3 axes that Rene Schwaller mapped out in the temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu at Luxor?

selah V

4 AGES MODEL = RIDDLE of the SPHINX and our Binary Companion

The following is another attempt by myself to incorporate all I have felt these past 5 years…the blending of many ideas … including Fintan’s I/O theory, using the universal language of archetype that transcends Space/Time and Motion.

Carl Jung claimed this archetypal language could be found within the symbolism found in Alchemy.
Joseph Campbell would agree and add … myth too!

4 AGES MODEL of the Universe = RIDDLE of the SPHINX and our Binary Companion = I/O = WSM = Rodin Coil

Azoth wrote:
that’s fylfot.
or, “it’s a joke”….

I feel like a wan man.

The above card, CARD X is the treasure map.
It is a direct reference to Ezekiel’s Wheel and his prophecy.
It is a mnemonic, a visual aid that I believe was once used by the enlightened to help spread the word, about the ‘WORD’.
It was a primary tool that I used to assist me in my journey through the labyrinth.
It is the treasure map we can use to assist us in finding our inner spiritual gold…the pot of truth at the end of the rainbow.
Shall we continue?
Take out your calculators and cell phones.
If the Dalai Lama wrote a book saying the Universe can be found in an atom, and enlightened gurus suggest it can be found in a blade of grass, well then grasshoppers, I want to suggest that I found the answers using the 9 main numbers, found on all the ARCHETYPAL devices that we use today to do business and communicate…like the ‘cell’ phone.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
* 0 #

And on another thread I would like to discuss the role of * 0 #…but not now okay? Idea

Azoth wrote:
electrons = standing waves = charge rushing in to nucleus. how would this jibe with the sun as electron, traversing the symbolic zodiacal cross?

damn good question Azoth

NOTE: In the following response to your question…I have provided links to provide reasons for my the development of these concepts…however I feel it is NOT necessary at this time, to link to them to understand this thread…please return to them AFTER you have finished the entire thread.

Another lie of science eh? … no such thing as wave/particle duality … as Milo Wolff suggests there is only one wave/particle … it is the movement that determines polarity.
In the flat quantum world, there are only two movements available.
CW vs. CCW is what determines its ‘identity’…thus the electron turns one direction and its anti-particle rotates in the opposite.
(above is just a re-cap for those following allowing)

I do love Milos theory because it is simple and concise and fits in well with Hans Jenny and his investigations into cymatics. Wink
I also believe simplicity is the key to understanding the complexity.

I have been waiting for a couple of years now Azoth, waiting for somebody to ask a question, just like the one you asked above.

Did the ancients know this, or at least understand it ‘in another symbolic’ language based on archetype?

Do the big, the macrocosm, and the small, the microcosm, behave in similar manners?
Just as the Emerald Tablet suggests, as Sir Isaac Newton, the alchemist earnestly believed?

If the heliosphere of our solar system is asymmetric as the expert now believes, as perhaps the electron and its anti-particle the positron are…what does this mean as we traverse the universe/the zodiac cross?

I am going to take some images from this blog that I wrote in Aug/2007.

The MODEL of big = small was one of the AHAs granted me one day as I playing with numbers = concepts.
A simple game, something a child could participate in and understand.
I could teach this stuff to kids better than adults. I intuitively felt life was a game a child could participate in?
Adults sadly have been taught to be skeptical of simplicity to help explain grandiose ideas…

Start with a WHEEL (circle) = the astrological wheel with ARIES beginning in 0 degrees.

Then we place this square Greek CROSS into the WHEEL as the next image illustrates.
Please note…that the cross inside the circle represents matter and spirit.

CIRCLE = spirit
CROSS = matter

I call the above image…the philosopher’s stone, found in Ireland, thank me lucky charms…

And the cosmic meaning of the lucky 4-leaf clover I can share with you too, please note that in the image above, on the right is a 4-leaf clover or the Quatrefoil found in Gothic churches, built by the ‘templars/masons’ etc?
I go into much more detail re: the above symbol.

In the quantum world they use a similar concept to symbolize the ‘positron’.

And simply by substituting the numbers 1-12 on the CROSS to coincide with their position on the WHEEL yields this ‘galactic’ BLUEPRINT that can be used (IMHO) for either a positron/electron or our SUN and its binary companion.

Binary companion?
FACT: the quantum scientist today operates on the following axiom.
If a particle is found….its anti-particle is assumed to exist also.

So IF everything in the small world operates similar to an ‘action’ in the big world … we can assume/pretend/theorize that our SUN has an anti-sun or binary companion.

Two suns?
Disbelievers go here:

Go Walter Cruttendon go!!!
Ra! Ra! Ra!
You have some fans dude!
Count me in…your theory rocks and rolls through SpaceTime Laughing

So now that we have a MODEL that can be applied to an electron/positron or the white SUN/black sun all we need to do … is join the dots through SpaceTime.
That model above represents essentially the 25,812 year cycle that science has called ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’.

I can hear the shouts of disbelief already!!!
But precession is equal to 25,920 years many of you will say!!!
Well I do want you to know that I used Marko Rodin math to arrive at that figure, 25,812.
Which happens to correlate, nearly exactly to my favorite numbers… 11258.
Add 108 years (how many beads on a rosary/is 108 important to the Hindu calendar?), 108 to account for the circle of fifths that suggests signal loss occurs (we live in a analogue world) and we arrive at the common figure quoted above 25,920)And what exactly is the relationship between 1 and 8 and 8 and 9 in music and in the esoteric writings of alchemy and the bible narrative?

Shall we continue?

ANY child that can count to twenty (fingers and toes) can count backwards/precess from the #1.
i.e. 1 >> 12 >> 11 >> 10 >> etc… back to 1.

So now we have the path of our SUN or an electron.
A macro/micro MODEL that can be used to make predictions about when/where the electron will appear next OR what 2012 might be about.

i.e. Look at the ARIES in the number 1 position on the wheel.
It resides in the first valance or orbit…closest to the center.
It belongs to the group 1, 4, 7, and 10 (or 1)

1, 4, 7,

We know that as we moved from the AGE of Aries into the AGE of Pisces about 2000+ years ago…much development has occurred…throughout the world….correct?
It has been an age where the amount of ‘energy’ in the world has increased>>>as it would if an electron moved away from the nucleus.

Pisces as we can see resides in the third valance or shell, and it belongs to the group 3, 6, 9 and 12 (or 3)

Ah the magic of 3, 6, 9 finally understood in a new light?

3, 6, 9

However we are moving currently into a new AGE as we all know and some of us are feeling.
The AGE of Aquarius.
Locate Aquarius on the 4 AGES MODEL.
It sits within the second shell/valance and it belongs to the group 2, 5, 8, and 11 (or 2)

YES here we have the numbers I have been tracking relentlessly ‘backwards’ through SpaceTime… 11, 2, 5, and 8.

Which contain the numbers 528 … or in Gematria ‘the KEY’.
Solfeggio 528 hertz heals DNA, and the cell wall, is the claim made by experts?

2, 5, 8

And please note that 258 is one of the diagonals in the Lo Shu magic square?

And here is where prophecy and my MODEL collide in a very big way.
We know as the electron moves toward the nucleus, it is moving toward a more stable energy state….and the electron must do something.
It must eject photons of light!

OR as I see and feel things in these END of DAZE Times/2012, as the Maya and the Bible thumpers both predict … there will be an ascension/a rapture…which are the photons/energy being released as we move toward …
1/ a lower energy state (hydrocarbons gone bust)
2/ more stability/less complexity

I go into a little more detail on this blog:

Thus what I refer to as the 4 AGES MODEL encapsulates everything big and small…

But the astute will suggest that the MODEL only illustrates ONE of the TWO binary companions.
We must add the binary companion…


And it is that step that takes us to an every higher level of understanding in regards to all of the above and the concept of a BINARY companion.

Riddle of the Sphinx = 4 legs at dawn (solstice), 2 legs at noon (equinox), and 3 legs at dusk (solstice)
shhhh what happens in the underworld eh?
I only see a semi-circle or an ARCH which became the ARK, best explained by interpreting the archetypes?

And then we take a quick look at my notes.
By adding a BINARY companion we realize that the RIDDLE of the SPHINX is finally understood…in a new wonderful way.
It appears to confirm what the SPHINX represents.
A symbol representing the STARGATE to our invisible Binary Companion?

432 and 423 ring any bells?
Either in your intuition or at the Coral Castle?

432 = frequency of the SUN?
423 = frequency of the MOON … which is somehow connected to the Sphinx?
Old Testament Jews believe after we die……we must pass through the MOON?

And another wonderful poetic archetypal clue left by our ancestors is?
My journey has been notably about chiral asymmetric hands.
…and EL is a god.

In the Canaanite religion, or Levantine religion as a whole, El or Il was the supreme god,[2] the father of humankind and all creatures and the husband of the Goddess Asherah as attested in the tablets of Ugarit.[2]

But Handel’s most famous oratorio is called MESSIAH and it was tuned to … get this … note ‘A’ = 423 hertz.

The work is a presentation of Jesus’s life and its significance according to Christian doctrine. The name of the oratorio is taken from the Abrahamic concept of the Messiah (“the anointed one”). In Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah.

And it seems Aleister Crowley and me were sharing some of the same cosmic vibrations…I came across this cross AFTER I had already conceptualized my thoughts…note that the serpent is about to consume its tail…in the AGE of Aries…
‘believe it or not’

For me, this was a wonderful confirmation in opposition to the paradox = Intelligent/stupid well-meaning wankers who have opposed every step I have taken, (on this, the very lonely road less traveled) toward a universal truth?
A truth that can be taught to any child capable of counting backwards from 12?

This is the MODEL that I feel that needs to see the light of day and night.
IMHO time is running out and about to ‘reverse’ itself as the 4 AGES MODEL predicts.
I also feel it gives us a big CLUE as to what HUMANITY should REALLY DO as we approach 2012.

The MASTERS have us on the wrong path?
Are they benevolent or self-serving?
That is the question as we continue to be ‘lead’ toward a final goal?

Hey Gary/Code 9 did you get all that?
If you covet mo’ money down here…..EWE are coming back for some ‘unfinished business’?
My current deal with the asymmetric mirror image devil / lived that exists as part of me too, was the following……

‘please show me the truth and I will set everyone FREE for FREE’ Idea

That was the deal I made with myself.
So go for the gold Gary, go for the gold, INSIDE of you dude.
The treasure map I found leads the seeker of truth inward, because as my 4 AGES MODEL illustrates, that is the path back to the center?

time to go vibrate now and try to understand those ‘3 notes’, the KEYs to the 3 Gates I have identified.
(bill gates = mo’ money is one of them and the bill for our errant human behaviors is about to come due and payable in a cosmic energetic way…)

So thanks for asking that question Azoth. Wink

How does all this blend with Marko Rodin/Milo Wolff/Fintan Duane’s I/O theory….do they all blend?

just ask me if you dare….
and I shall ask my shadow.

After all … “the shadow knows” Cool

namaste/swastika = the good luck/vital energy in me respects and wishes the vital energy in you good luck in these END of DAZE dude.
KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

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1-3-7-6 and the Four Banners of Masonry

11 8 5 2  = 1 3 7 6

The following info is a cut and paste from this blog:

The colors of these four banners are Blue, Purple, Scarlet, and White representing the tribes of Judah, Ephraim, Reuben, and Dan.  The devices attached to these four banners, respective to their colors are: an eagle, a man, an ox, and a lion. According to the Masonic Leader blog, “But as to what were the devices on the banners, or what were their various colors, the Bible is absolutely silent. To the inventive genius of the Talmudists are we indebted for all that we know or profess to know on this subject.” These four banners are filled with many meaning.

With the First Banner we see the color blue to remind us of our intimate connection with the Blue Lodge. Symbolically the color blue can mean friendship, loyalty/fidelity, integrity, steadfastness, and strength.  By strength we see the Royal Arch degree complete the Master Mason degree, thereby completing ones initiatory journey through Ancient Craft Masonry and strengthening ones knowledge of the lessons imparted. The device attached to this banner is the Eagle who has been a symbol of courage (fortitude), the spirit, strength, messengers of heaven, and masters of the air. The Tribe of Dan is represented by this banner.  According to the Book of Numbers, the Tribe of Dan was said to be the second largest Israelite tribe, after Judah.  The most famous Danite was Samson and his famous hair. This banner represents moral integrity, which aligns with the Masonic virtue of temperance.

The Second Banner depicts a man upon a purple background and is said to represent the Israelite tribe of Reuben. This color stands for royalty, sovereignty, and magic/enchantment.  Like the color blue, this color reminds us not only of our connection to the Blue Lodge, but the union of Craft and Royal Arch Masonry.  This man, against the other creatures of this Earth, is an emblem of intelligence, the gift from God to be stewards of this Earth. According to the Torah, this tribe consisted of the descendants of Reuben, the first son of Jacob, who lived on the East side of the Dead Sea. Together, this banner represents strength, which corresponds to the Masonic virtue of fortitude.

The Third Banner is scarlet with an ox depicted upon it, to represent the tribe of Ephraim. Scarlet is a color fervency, zeal, of passion, and of blood and therefore life.  It used to represent warriors with their bravery and courage as well as the blood of martyrs’ in their steadfastness to their beliefs. The ox is seen as a patient, diligent, and powerful (as in strength) animal. From the Bible, the ox was a sacrificial animal and symbolizes St. Luke. This tribe is said to be descendants of Ephraim, a son of Joseph. Even though he wasn’t the eldest he received the blessing of the firstborn as Jacob, his grandfather, foresaw that Ephraim’s descendents would be the greatest of his siblings. The area occupied by this tribe was at the center of Canaan, a very mountainous region giving it protection, and was highly fertile which gave the people prosperity. This banner represents patience and diligence, and compare that to the Masonic virtue of prudence.

The Fourth Banner with its pure white background shows us the lion upon it, the sigil of the Tribe of Judah. White is a wondrous color and it symbolizes many things such as light, innocence, purity, joy, sanctity, silence, secrecy, humility, and balance. Traditionally, the lion was seen as lord of the land, the king of the beasts, as the eagle is supreme in the air. It was used by warriors and noblemen alike as a symbol of their strength and authority. Symbolically the lion represents courage, valor, power, royalty, dignity, justice, wisdom, and ferocity. The lion while the ancients saw the lion as a “solar animal”, but the lion is primarily a nocturnal hunter; with this we see the lion as a symbol of balance between night and day, darkness and light. The tribe of Judah, the leading tribe of the Kingdom of Judah, is known for its important Jewish leaders to include David and his royal lineage, the prophet Isaiah, and Zerubbabel (as claimed by the Exilarchs). This banner represents promptness and readiness, and can be compared to the Masonic virtue of justice.

So how do we link up the numbers 1376 to the Man, the Eagle, the Lion, and the Bull?  
Where did the numbers 11 8 5 2  come from?
How do we link up those colors to LEI/ley lines and magnetism?

What does it all mean?

leave a comment if interested in knowing….



The World TEACHER appears ~ RaphaEL’s SSS Shul ~ Schule ~ School of Athens ~ Yin Yang ~ 69 vs 96 ~ 66 vs 99

Without the House of David to fall back on what happens to the archetypal bible narrative?
The entire story of David and Goliath is a rather shaky foundation to stake an entire belief system on …
But the west does, including the mythical son of King David who known as Solomon.
And then for good measure we add Jesus to the narrative.
Why for good measure?
Physics is the science of measurement.

Without David and his son Solomon and Jesus as ‘measuring sticks’ what happens to our ‘focus’ in the west?

Goliath’s stature grew at the hand of narrators or scribes: the oldest manuscripts — the Dead Sea Scrolls text of Samuel, the 1st century historian Josephus, and the 4th century Septuagint manuscripts — all give his height as “four cubits and a span” (6 feet 9 inches or 2.06 metres); later manuscripts increase this to “six cubits and a span” (9 feet 9 inches or 2.97 metres)

A Thoth thought worth considering before exploring the 6 and 9 is the following.
I have NEWS for you and it is coming at you from all four directions.
There are no coincidences.

  • N orth
  • E ast
  • est
  • S outh

But there are correspondences between events.
Is there a correspondence between the Pharaoh MENES who unified S/N to SaMSoN who caused two pillars S/N to come crashing down and the wisdom of a philosopher/king SoloMoN to help rebuild the temple?
And further do we need to know what King SoLoMoN, SaMSoN, and MENES knew about how to build a temple and destroy a temple too?

UPDATE Aug 18th, 2015

10,000 light years and the number 69

The spiral shape of many galaxies is truly one of the more extraordinary mysteries of the universe. The mystery of these spiral density waves is the same mystery of dark matter that is what holds galaxies together. The Whirlpool galaxy (below, M51a) has spiral features with reported pitch angles mA = 16.7°, mB = 15.8°, while the dashed rectangle has the proportions of the golden ratio, 1.62. The golden ratio rectangle is quite well known in the aesthetics of architecture and art and encloses a golden spiral with a pitch of 17.0°. Why the average pitch of galaxies is the golden spiral pitch seems more than just a coincidence.

The central bulge of a galaxy, the arrowed circle, is the dynamo that drives galaxy structure and dynamics and with just Einstein’s gravity and without the mystery of dark matter, all galaxies would fly apart. The supermassive black hole at the center is therefore somehow tied to the destiny of both the central bulge and the outer spiral disk in a mysterious cosmic ballet that science barely understands. The tens of thousands of light years across a galaxy are the time equivalents of tens of thousands of years separating events anywhere within the galaxy.

~end of UPDATE~

69 or 99?

Marilyn Manson tearing pages of the Bible while performing
Antichrist Superstar during the Dead to the World tour

“A whole person is one who has both walked with god and wrestled with the devil”
-Carl Jung

The reverse-N Word

Marilyn Manson MM is a recent graduate of RaphaEL’s SS Shul Schule

Of course MM pretending to be the anti-Christ tugged on my heART strings, because the trickster in ME also loves to play devil’s advocate every chance that it gets.
Sometimes I like to cheer on the underdog superheroes!

heART strings east and west
Sacred Heart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For obvious reasons Marilyn Manson MM soon became the teacher’s pet and the SSS class valedictorian for 2012.
Because the world ended on Dec. 21 2012 didn’t it?
enroll now: 
SSS Sacred Swastika Science | Facebook

As you can see in the above image MM he/she is the official spokesperson of the ‘r-N’ word.
And we all know what the ‘N’ word means out in the streets right?
Well you thought you did but the ‘r-N’ word takes us right to very core of what ‘just is’ is and what the ‘N’ word is actually hinting at.

And after reflecting on the ‘r-N’ word for a bit and a byte, my software program soon transformed the ‘r-N’ word into the equally repulsive ‘N’ and ‘Z’ and ‘S’ words.

What ‘N’ word comes to mind when the mind automatically fills in the blanks?

It is obvious that these images somehow push buttons and pull on heART strings?

Btw MM he/she loves the numb3rs 69, do you find that surprising?

The following is MM’s PhDUH thesis re: the numb3rs 6 and 9.

The numb3rs 6 and 9 help to explain what happens when people have their worlds and words turned upside down.

The following is a PhDUH paper that clearly illustrates MM is truly a Master master-baitor capable of ensnaring the heARTs and MiNds of ‘we the sheeple’ with his big he/she yin/yang, black/white meme schtick called ‘that’s entrainment entertainment’.

The School of Athens, or Scuola di Atene in Italian, is one of the most famous frescoes by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael. It was painted between 1509 and 1511 as a part of Raphael’s commission to decorate with frescoes the rooms now known as the Stanze di Raffaello, in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. The Stanza della Segnatura was the first of the rooms to be decorated, and The School of Athens the second painting to be finished there, after La Disputa, on the opposite wall.

The picture has long been seen as “Raphael’s masterpiece and the perfect embodiment of the classical spirit of the High Renaissance.”



The fourth sign of the Zodiac.

Orphic teaching sees it as the threshold through which the soul enters upon its incarnation.

It is governed by the Moon in the performance of its symbolic role as mediator between the formal and the informal worlds.

-J.E. Cirlot
A Dictionary of Symbols
page 37

above note the DOTS beside the numbers 6 and 9

This video briefly explains why the numbers 69 are associated with TRANSFORMATION when consulting the I-Ching Oracle.
It is merely a primer for things to come.

 image: The Secret Code Of The Terracotta Warriors
by Maurice Cotterell

The ‘S’ Word

It appears that the concept of 69 and the Yin Yang revolve around the ‘S‘ word.

The ‘S‘word cuts like a knife and has been used to spread beliefs to the four corners of the globe at one time depicted as the four cardinal directions.
So it is clear if you control the four directions, a.k.a. the N-E-W-S , you have a great way of spreading your beliefs …


Byzantine Swastika

note in the video starting around 2:10 how the swastikas are used on the underside of arches

RaphaEL’s Schule of Athens

Zoroaster and Astrology

The AHA I AM putting on the table in the HERE and NOW is the correlation between Zoroaster and – Zorro and the ROTAS magic square expressed as the zig-zag.

What if ROTAS is a cosmic anagram of ROAST?

please take note;

  • @3:27 ~ Euclid’s ‘Elements’ and the Squaring the Circle 
  • @3:57 we see the following image:

  • @4:30 the two tools used in ‘squaring of the circle’ and their basic functions.

COMPASS –  CIRCLE – female – negative

RULER – STRAIGHT LInE – male – positive

But these are ideas that can be followed on many different levels of ‘scaling’ or dimension and these associations to be found on all levels of reality, seen and invisible are always great clues to follow.

Please recall that I have in the past noted the same relationship between the CIRCLE and a STRAIGHT LINE.

“How difficult is it to draw analogies between our LEFT Brain, the STRAIGHT LInE associated with the rigid MALE and LOGIC vs. the RIGHT Brain, the CIRCLE associated with the curvy FEMALE and INTUITION?”

I have actually suggested ‘pi’ which in fact is an expression of the relationship between a CIRCLE (circumference) and STRAIGHT LInE (diameter) is analogous to WOMAN and MAN, and as the CIRCLE superimposed over a SQUARE also suggests, what we see is perhaps a geometric intercourse, in fact this intercourse in the east is implied by the ‘shiva linga’

Please note that the swastika’s association to the Squaring the Circle is illustrated using 8×8 and 16×16 grids (above) and also to the 4×4 grid that we see below, a grid which has been also linked to the zodiac wheel AND to the great and sacred name of Jehovah, a.k.a. JeHoVaH or JHWH or YHVH etc.

Genesismuster – Genesis Pattern?

  • @27:00 Andreas Beutel of the Pythagoras Institute shares his interpretation of the …

Genesismuster or Genesis Pattern

6+1 days of Creation

Six circles entangled with one center circle is a very common symbolic motif or archetype leading to many ideas.

image on left ‘egg of life’
image on right that which gives geometric birth to the egg of life
is the Basque Lauburu aka the swastika

And the simplest connection between the construction of a torus from the SEED of LIFE is illustrated using the Basque ‘swastika’.

For many good reasons we find that historians have been reluctant to associate the Basque Lauburu with the swastika…why?

I offer some of the excuses and evidence of a denial, necessary IF a different narrative is being promoted.
No. 6 is an interesting observation.

  1. Historians and authorities have attempted to apply allegorical meaning to the ancient symbol. Some say it signifies the “four heads or regions” of the Basque Country.
  2. The lauburu does not appear in any of the seven coats-of-arms that have been combined in the arms of the Basque Country: Higher and Lower Navarre,GipuzkoaBiscayÁlavaLabourd, and Soule. The Basque intellectual Imanol Mujica liked to say that the heads signify spirit, life, consciousness, and form , but it is generally used as a symbol of prosperity.
  3. It was found in old stelas.
  4. After the time of the AntoninesCamille Jullian[1] finds no specimen of swastikas, round nor straight, in the Basque area until modern times. Paracelsus‘s Archidoxis Magicae features a symbol[2] similar to the lauburu that is to be drawn to heal animals.
  5. M. Colas considers that the lauburu is not related to the swastika but comes from Paracelsus and marks the tombs of healers of animals and healers of souls (i.e. priests).
  6. Around the end of the 16th century, the round swastika appears abundantly as a Basque decorative element, in wooden chests or tombs, perhaps as another form of the cross.[3] Straight swastikas are not found until the 19th century. Many Basque homes and shops display the symbol over the doorway as a sort of talisman. In modern times it has been associated with the swastika.
  7. Sabino Arana interpreted it as a solar symbol, supporting his theory of a Basque solar cult based on wrong etymologies, in the first number of Euzkadi. The lauburu has been featured on flags and emblems of various Basque political organisations including Eusko Abertzale Ekintza (EAE-ANV).
  8. It is also used as an alternative to the Christian cross in the death notices of Basque nationalists. The use of the lauburu as a cultural icon fell into some disuse under the Spanish nationalist government of Franco, who repressed many elements of Basque culture. For that reason, there is some dispute as to which direction the lauburu faces represents creation (life and good fortune) or destruction (death and misfortune).

Which then brings us to the many associations between the YIN YANG and the SWASTIKA!


The  pre-historic S-shape is clearly depicting a modern satellite image of  a spiral galaxy

PhDUH do we really need to hold another round table discussion to see the obvious?

69 ~ As Above ~ So Below

BULL Leaping

(with the assistance of angELs who know the angLEs)

Lullingstone Roman Villa

Lullingstone Roman Villa

A villa built during the Roman occupation of Britain situated near the village of Eynsford in Kent, south eastern England.

In the above image take note of the many heARTS, both clockwise and anti or counter-clockwise swastikas, the Maltese Cross, the two ‘eL’s forming an ‘offset’ cross, Solomon’s Knot, the Greek fret harboring more swastikas in the weave, the 3×3 grid, and and and …

… the DNA helix that comprises the ARCH?

note in the School of Athens on the underside of the ARCH we see SWASTIKAS!

Now can it be that RaphaEL SaNZio who just happened to die at the age …


just happened to leave the ESSence of the evidence for ME (Ralph who was born on 3/7) to RECOVER and SHARE the wisdom being passed forward for an eternity?
(ewe can bet your life on it , I have bet the farm, the funny farm)

So I gotta wonder why ole’ Raphael who had a keen eye for perspective would place the rosette medallion what appears to be slightly off-center?

i.e. ASYMMETRICALLY positioned
(rEMEMber Nobel winning science sez that ‘matter and  anti-matter’ are asymmetrical, something Einstein was NOT privy too)

Is this the science and heARTs classroom that was shared, was it all seen as ONE till divided in 1054 A.D.?

The East–West Schism, sometimes known as the Great Schism, is the medieval division of Chalcedonian Christianity into Eastern (Greek) and Western (Latin) branches, which later became commonly known as the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church respectively. Relations between East and West had long been embittered by ecclesiastical differences and theological disputes.

Prominent among these were the issues of the source of the Holy Spirit (“filioque“), whether leavened or unleavened bread should be used in the Eucharist, the Pope’s claim to universal jurisdiction, and the place of Constantinople in relation to the Pentarchy


Only 20 or 21 AMINO ACIDS plus 2 Stop/Start Codes 

A coincidence I noted is that the letters T and U associated respectively with DNA and RNA are in fact the 20th and 21st letters of the alphabet.

UPDATE August 4th, 2015

Amazingly, the task of content comparison was not as difficult as I first thought it would be. In fact, the correspondences fairly fell into place! I now had a Hebrew letter assignment for every one of the 64 codons, 20 amino acids, and 2 termination codon groups.

source of quote:

The work/theory of Steve Krakowski, deserves further reading.
In the first link below he states the following:

Note that the basic structure of the pyrimidine nucleic acids has 6 atoms and that of the purine nucleic acids has 9. The Old Yang symbol has a “ritual number” of 9 and Old Yin’s ritual number is 6. Therefore I assign the yang symbols to the purines and the yin symbols to the pyrimidines.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Below we see the 64 codons of DNA  expressed as an 8×8 grid
Recall earlier that the swastika is associated to Squaring the Circle via the 8×8 grid too!

What are the connections between our DNA, the 10 Commandments and the numbers 55 and 137?

Can we find any similarities between these next three images?

  • @58:00

“in the end this is what we come up with…”


image on left 900 ft. Great Serpent Mound located in the north (Ohio U.S.A.)
image on right 600 ft. Heron found in the south (Nazca Lines Peru)

Did the ancients see the entire planet as a ‘canvas’?


Walter Russell’s heART and 1-2-3-4 scaling

Greek Zodiacal Cross – Cosmic heART and 1-2-3-4 scaling

Is the following another coincidence or evidence?
Which pile, evidence or coincidence should the following be placed onto?

A top-ranking angel in Islam is archangel Raphael.

The Hadith names Raphael (who is called “Israfel” or “Israfil” in Arabic) as the angel who will blow a horn to announce that Judgment Day is coming.

The Qur’an says in chapter 69 (Al Haqqah) that horn’s first blow will destroy everything…


6 9

69 vs. 96

Was the last chapter of the bible or 6I6LE called Revelations written in either 69-70 AD or 95-96 AD?
There seems to be a dispute among scholars regarding these dates.

This next image is from Ecuador and it is pre-Columbian.
i.e. that means before the Euro-wankers showed up waving their crucifixs with the INTENT to destroy the existing CULTure and impose a ‘new world order’.

69 or 96 or … ?

Past research has already yielded that these two numbers the 6 and 9 could be reciprocals of each other, rotated shapes/form.

Do these ’69’ analogies conCERN you?

And now it appears that the authorship/origin of Revelations hinges on these two dates essentially?
Gotta love it, IF you are ElectroMagnetic ME+me.

i.e. here are two sources still debating the issue today.


Scholars seem divided on this issue as any internet search will atest to, these are just two links of thousands available on the internet.

However clearly there is yet another POV that I would love to introduce that I suspect has NOT been investigated.
My own POV, that of the archetypal mystic alchemist who accessed the temple through a window left open.


SLIDE show of Knossos

Famous Minoan fresco from palace of Knossos, currently in Herakleion museum

IF in the 137-69 Code the 6 or 9 has been assigned to Taurus 2 on Card X ... and if we can extract the Fibonacci series yielding phi ratios from this card also then I feel the Art of Bull Leaping or Diving on a cosmological level is illustrating something far more profound than just ‘sport’.

I suspect that the Bull Leaping idea might in fact have something to do with the 25,920 year cycle known as the Precession of the Equinoxes.

And what other evidence suggests that Jumping Bulls is about the passage of TIME?

In the above middle image the following numbers from CARD X in blue can be plotted in the ‘heavens’  (see image below) revealing the phi spiral.

11 > 1 is FOMALHAUT in Aquarius
2 >> 2 is ALDEBARAN in Taurus
5 >> 3 is REGULUS in Leo
8 >> 4 is ANTARES in Scorpio

And how does it all come together at a Pope’s Funeral?

369 vs 396

How do the numbers 6 and 9 help to explain how we switched from a GEO-centric (orbiting around the earth/moon) model of the universe to a HELIO-centric (orbiting around the sun) model where it appeared at that time to the men of that age that the ordering of the spheres was no longer in a harmony? 

Do great inspired minds work in a similar fashion?

What IF we can show a connection between the 6 and 9 and the work of Maurice Cotterell and his Theory of Gravity?
Linking it to a cosmic Capacitance and Inductance cycles?

How Gravity Works


69 Archive

137-69 Arrow Arrow  Arrow Arrow 

Above images ~ I am trying to expreSS an idea with a montage of images, about how the numbers 6 and 9 can swirl and twirl. Idea
Below images ~ belong to other experimenters who are trying to expreSS an idea Idea that concerns INFRA-SOUNDS, ELF extremely low frequencies that we cannot hear, but their waves do propagate inside our earthly bubble, and you would think they would have an effect on what matters, matter.
What effect would they have on the neutral neutrino?

above image is found in the following report;

Infrasound Emitted by Tornado-Like Vortices: Basic Theory and a Numerical
Comparison to the Acoustic Radiation of a Single-Cell Thunderstorm


The Importance of INFRA-Sound (overlooked by most) Wink
Does a spinning vortex emit ‘sounds’ high or low?
(Is this a trick question?)
Even a draining bathtub supports the obvious, something science accidentally discovered? 

Scientists accidentally discovered that the spinning core or vortex of a tornado creates infrasonic waves.

When the vortices are large, the frequencies are lower; smaller vortices have higher frequencies. These infrasonic sound waves can be detected up to 100 miles away, and are used to provide early warning of tornadoes. A rather unique aspect of Infrasound is its ability to cover long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation. 

At the end of his days, Tesla returned to his infra/low frequency work, abandoning his ultra/high-frequency experiments.

Infrasound sources;

How would you define the sound detected as 57 octaves below middle ‘c’ coming out of a black hole? 

And to guess that the array of infrasound detection equipment would be a geometrically symmetrical hexagonal grid, is a lucky guess?

above image: take a close look at the hexagonal array on the left.
It is based on a 4x4x4 cube, which yields the number 37 visible of 64.


Ganesha – ELephants Rats and Infrasound  

A Short History of Sound Weapons

All of the above helps to support the idea that the TENET made with the universe is the TENET Cross found on the Sator/Rotas Square.

Dennis Fetcho and 69

The formula of 5=6” as an “Hermetic degree” is well established, the degree veiling the underlying mathematical construction.

In the case of the 6 and the 9, the 6 is an inversion of the 9, and vice versa, with each representing division and yet unity equally as one cannot be separate from the other when viewed relative to the larger design (a spiral galaxy).


Dennis Fetcho makes some interesting associations.
Read more:

“Sela” on a Tympanon of the  Nikolaikirche in Stralsun

Sela or Selah

Selah (Hebrew: סֶלָה, transliterated as selāh) is a word used 74 times in the Hebrew Bible – 71 times in the Psalms and 3 times in Habakkuk – and is a difficult concept to translate. (It should not be confused with the Hebrew word sela‘ (Hebrew: סֶלַע) which means “rock.”) It is probably either a liturgico-musical mark or an instruction on the reading of the text, something like “stop and listen”. Selah can also be used to indicate that there is to be a musical interlude at that point in the Psalm.[1] The Amplified Bible translates selah as “pause, and think of that”. It can also be interpreted as a form of underlining in preparation for the next paragraph.

The Psalms were sung accompanied by musical instruments and there are references to this in many chapters. Thirty-one of the thirty-nine psalms with the caption “To the choir-master” include the word selahSelah notes a break in the song and as such is similar in purpose to Amen in that it stresses the importance of the preceding passage. Alternatively, selah may mean “forever”, as it does in some places in the liturgy (notably the second to last blessing of the Amidah). Another interpretation claims that selah comes from the primary Hebrew root word salah (Hebrew: סָלָה) which means “to hang”, and by implication to measure (weigh).[2] Also Selah is the name of a city from the time of David and Solomon.[3]

I AM sorry but since being awoken at age 47
ME+me seems to hone in on …

Selah = 74 = 137

…bringing this fool back fool cIrcLE

By now you are probably wondering how Zorro and the Rotas Square collide?

Rotate the ‘Z’ into an ‘N’ but note depending on the direction of the rotation a slightly different version of the letter ‘N’ is revealed.
And of course the ‘N’ takes the center spot in the Rotas/Sator Square, and of course because the ‘earth’ has become one big caSINo, we can find the ‘N’ in the center of the 5×5 Bingo card too!

Note that the SS Sweet Spot in the center of both game boards are associated with the LETTER …


 FREE SPACE under the N?

Please note the above were ROTATIONS
… we still need to apply a MIRROR, i.e. what are the REFLECTIONS?

Of course at some point we will need to discuss LIGHTNING and its associations to the SWASTIKA too!


Somebody just told me to go read the bIbLE because evidently Jesus makes his reappearance not as a dolt but rather a BOLT of LIGHTNING!!!


NOW it has become clear to me that the message I AM receiving loud and clear from both physics and Plato is that after the ROTATIONS and REFLECTIONS occurred something got lost in the TRANSLATIONS due to the foul vowel shift, leading to new paradigm changing MOVEMENTS.

So I  wonder if LANGUAGE is the prime mover associated with the prime numbers and a in some way linked to the evolution of consciousness?


Here is some homework for the inspired.
All of these links explain ROTATIONS, REFLECTIONS, and the TRANSLATIONS involved in defining ‘symmetry’ and ‘asymmetry’.

The first four links are probably the best teachers …

Symmetry pdf.


After the war, Hahn concentrated on the chemistry of radioactive elements. In 1921, with Lise Meitner, they made a very important discovery of

Uranium Zthe first example of nuclear isomers.

Although few paid much attention, this would prove very important in later nuclear physics.In 1936, he produced a book “Applied Radiochemistry” which became a very significant milestone in radiochemistry.

Glenn Seaborg said:
“I believe that it is fair to refer to Otto Hahn as the father of radiochemistry and of its more recent offspring nuclear chemistry.”

2B continued because the’Z‘ or ‘N‘arrative is infinite, and some of the names have been changed, and any resemblance to other fictitious or real persons past, present, or the future still to come is in fact the intent and part of the ‘intelligent design’.

selah V

Egyptian and Cretan Labyrinths ~ Labrys ~ DNA ~ String Theory ~ I Ching ~ Swastika

UPDATE September 27th, 2015

Update to most recent update … something caught my eye regarding the Hagia Triada sarcophagus as I dug deeper.

left – Hagia Triada sarcophagus
right – the Unfinished Obelisk

The Hagia Triada sarcophagus is a late Bronze Age 137 cm-long limestone sarcophagus.

We can place that beside the 137 meter Noah’s Ark and the NE corner of the Great Pyramid apex that is also just over 137 meters high alongside what would have been the world’s longest obelisk at 137 feet.

All of the above are all significant markers I would think?

UPDATE September 12, 2015

image found on Peter Aleff’s website
note the libations being poured into a ‘grail’ placed between two pillars
each pillar is crowned with what appears to be four blades to each double axe
perhaps the flat perspective does not reveal another axis?

Yesterday was the anniversary of 911 and I was wondering what coincidence I would tune into.

It was a good one, which requires me to introduce the work of Peter Aleff and his creation the Phaistos Game based on one of the best interpretations of the Phaistos disk.

His inner child saw something, and so does mine, as I have pointed out in the past, but but butt when Peter mentioned that the word labyrinth and double axe are essentially one and the same [something I had missed or forgotten] … the wheels started spinning.

  • The Lydian word for “ax” is “labrys”, as related by Plutarch. The word “labyrinth”, derived from the word “labrys”, was used by the ancient Greeks to describe the palaces in Crete, such as Knossos, and also referred to the “double-ax” symbol represented by the piece offered here.
  • The symbol of the “double-ax” also always accompanies goddesses, and it seems that it was also the Minoan symbol of the beginning of the creation.
  • This also explains why this piece is votive, and was offered in tombs and sacred places.
  • It is also believed that this type of power piece served as a standard in religious shrines and temples. See F. Schachermeyer in “Die Minoische Kultur des Alten Kreta”, 1990, pp. 161, 237, and 238.; and W.H.D. Rouse, “The Double Axe and the Labyrinth, The Journal of Hellenis Studies 21”, 1901.; and John Chadwick, “The Mycenaean World”, 1976.
  • zeus. a study in ancient religion. volume 2, part 1.

The Labyrinth and the Double Axe

~end of UPDATE~

UPDATE August 9th 2014

The recovery continues.
How do we link the double labrys or double ax to the calendar?

Dr. Jack Dempsey has accomplished this task.
Continue reading.

Labrys wheel Later Minoan vessel lid

Now, look at this example of Labrys in its most high-ceremonial “doubled” form.

Count the points from left to right including the central one, and we see five lunar phases with Full Moon at the center. Count the lower points and we see four of them (the solar years) that double into a Great Year with the turning of the 4-year calendar and Labyrs itself.

Other features you can see suggest aspects of all three Minoan sacred beasts (Snake, Bull and Lion) as well as the mystical fourth one, Gryphon, guardian and guide of The Dead beyond “The Door” to the universe—which is at once the sun, the moon and the Pole Star.

I find it amazing that scholars refuse to link the Snake Bull Lion plus the mystical Gryphon to the four archetypes found on display in the tarot on Card X the Wheel of Fortune or Card XXI the World. (the code I extracted  in around 2005, the numbers 11, 2, 5, 8  would be my guide for quite a few years until around 2010 I realized I could convert 11, 8, 2, 5, digit for digit for a new code 1, 3, 7, and 6.

To prove that an analogy is indeed viable … of the four evangelists which one would be considered the ‘mystical’ one?
That would be the St. John who wrote the gospel associated with the eagle traditionally.
And would the Man be then equated with the snake?
Thus we have a match between the four Minoan sacred beasts and the four gospels represented by the traditional associations.

11 Man = Snake
8 Eagle = Gryphon
5 Lion = Lion
2 Bull = Ox

But as the reader can see I have added other IDEAS that have been recovered to this template.
The series of numbers 11, 2, 3, 5, with the addition of the number 3 (a Freemason cipher) reveals another code.
A code that is known as a FIB which helps conceal the I37 LIEs.

Yes the Wheel of Fortune plus the Freemason cipher 3 (linked to the letter gimel) reveals the Fibonacci code 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.
And as ‘we the sheeple’ waking up in the here and now know this is in fact a code that nature puts on display for all to see in plain sight … IF you stop long enough to smell the Rosicrucian rose or gaze into the patterns found in a sunflower which coincidentally seems to rotate with the sun as it passes overhead … (but there are no coincidences, of that I am now convinced)

But far more exciting for little ole me, under the guidance of big ME was what emerged one day as I was doodling with my new code which had evolved to 137-69.
You see I had already recovered the code 137-9 PRIOR to recovering the 137-6 code via the Man, the Eagle, the Lion, the Ox. (these are bIbLE approved)
But the 137-9 code was attributed to Mesoamerica and the 137-6 code had been given birth in Mesopotamia.

On Card XXI the World card we see the numbers 28, 21, 16, 24, beside the Man/1, the Eagle/3, the Lion/7, the Ox/6 respectively they were also attributed to the four evangelists St. Matthew, St. John, St. Mark, St. Luke.
The numbers were all reduced to a single digit under the instruction of Pythagoras who is assisting us in this recovery process, taking us back to simpler times.
i.e. 28 = 1 (2+8=10  >> 1+0=1)

The 6 and 9 appeared to be ‘polarized’ and sharing in a rotational symmetry so I merged the two codes in one 13769 or 13796.
As I mentioned I was doodling with the numbers converting them into letters and the word bIbLE and then 6I6LE or 379I9 if rotated 180 degrees.

Anyway that was years ago before I realized what I had in fact ‘recovered’ after these many years of placing the swastika into the ‘mind’s eye’.
Essentially I have been ‘meditating’ on the swastika since about 2004-5.
Full time 24/7/365 since I retired on July 31, 2007.
A date which I later realized anticipated why I was retiring.

I retired on July 31, 2007 or 731,9 (2+7) and a magical 7 years later using the 1379 code assisting me in my evolving hypothesis linking the 2 swastikas to the 2 b-mode gravity waves announced to the public on March 17th of this year.
Yes March 17 can be converted to 3/17 or 137.

In other words, the idea that the swastika along with the cross and circle are fundamental to an intelligence operating behind the scenes akin to an Intelligent Design requiring a consciousness that must be linked to a designer is where I AM is at today.

Specifically showing ideas anticipating the reunification of science with religion by ilustrating links between the birth of our asymmetrical brain, our asymmetrical hearts, asymmetrical matter and anti-matter, asymmetrical DNA helix, the spiral, the vortex, plus all other asymmetrical building blocks we use to build our homes, temples, and castles (using prime numbers yin and yang) in a place identified as space-time plus motion.

What else is there?

The Holy Grail …

The evolution of consciousness and along with it, recognizing that the beneficient swastika is a tool bequeathed us by our benefactor.
Billions have in fact been served since 10,000 BC by the gifts the blessed architecture that the swastika in fact can be shown to provide.

Simply by introducing into a discussion the questions which is more important to human survival the hand ax or the wheel, and can we show profound connections to the swastika and finally can we link the swastika to the inventions of the wheel and the first indication modern man had left his primate cousins by becoming a bona-fide tool maker?

Who invented the wheel and hand ax we will never ever know, but by following archetypal clues like the cross and the circle placed into motion, the path left by the wake of our ancestral consciousness becomes clear as night and day.

Notice also the pattern of our journey through the labyrinth of the Calendar.

When we learn to follow and “leap” at places in the fresco border, like the man leaping bull between female helpers, we must leap from one corner to another as a year turns.

When “Year 1” of a Great Year ends we find ourselves on the orange crescent at the bottom of the right vertical. There, we turn around, as in a labyrinth, and begin again having “doubled” or reversed our direction.

In two years, the leaps inscribe an X—a five-point form called quincunx common on Minoan pottery and seals, the shape of Labrys at the heart of The Calendar Fresco.

Calendar House – Ancient Lights

The Calender House ceiling tile, i.e. the rosette surrounded by four double labyrs is another fine example of the SEED pattern, or what science has identified as the blue b-mode gravity wave (below image on left), and Jain science has incorporated the same basic idea into their cosmology too (below image on right).

Rene Schwaller de Lubicz called this geometric necessity the Master Builder’s Grid.
I call it a necessity because of its connection to the 90 degree right triangle, gravity, and polarized light.

UPDATE September 10th 2013

These next two updates do not surprise me in the least bit.
They are fulfilling the prediction that I made years ago suggesting that science would one day catch up to what the swastika means on each and every level of a multi-dimensional universe.
Evidence of the swastika can be found on every level of ‘scaling’.

More evidence linking the evolution of the swastika to the birth of consciousness:

Language and Tool-Making Skills Evolved at the Same Time

Sep. 3, 2013 — Research by the University of Liverpool has found that the same brain activity is used for language production and making complex tools, supporting the theory that they evolved at the same time.

Researchers from the University tested the brain activity of 10 expert stone tool makers (flint knappers) as they undertook a stone tool-making task and a standard language test.

Brain blood flow activity measured

They measured the brain blood flow activity of the participants as they performed both tasks using functional Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound (fTCD), commonly used in clinical settings to test patients’ language functions after brain damage or before surgery.

The researchers found that brain patterns for both tasks correlated, suggesting that they both use the same area of the brain. Language and stone tool-making are considered to be unique features of humankind that evolved over millions of years.

The Origins of Language and Right-handedness

Archaeologists have long been preoccupied with the theoretical linkage between two features of humanity: language and right-handedness. The current view is that they evolved together, but the exact nature of this relation is still unknown. In archaeological and human origins research, it remains hypothetical. Since the last 150 years many ideas about the links between language and laterality have been proposed from other disciplines. They have primarily focused on the brain, but other areas such as primatology, developmental psychology, and ethnography have recently contributed. Interestingly, hardly any of these proposals have been systematically tested with the archaeological or fossil records.

Despite directly referring to human evolution, the research is often disconnected from archaeology.

The Origins of Language and Right-handedness | Central TAG

And then there are freelance philosopher kings like myself trying to put together the pieces.

labrys, πέλεκυς, bipennis, double-headed axe

A labrys is a double-headed axe used for carpentry, military and religious (connected with bull sacrifices) purposes. There is speculation that the word labyrinth, the maze in which the mythological minotaur lived, is etymologically connected to labrys.
The different shapes of the Bronze Age Minoan labrys probably corresponded with its distinct functions. Unlike a modern, two-headed hammer, the shape of the labrys is symmetrical.
Sometimes the blade is curved; sometimes straight.

The Labrys: Why Was the Double Axe Double?
by A. Trevor Hodge 1985 Archaeological Institute of America

Interesting to note that the labrys is currently used as a symbol by lesbians.

Here is yet another APPLICATION we can add to that growing list of ‘APPS’ for the swastika, an application that addresses ‘human origins’.

“For a million years the sound of making handaxes provided the percussion of everyday life. Anyone choosing a hundred objects to tell a history of the world would have to include a handaxe.”
-Neil MacGregor

Let me provide a few more quotes by Neil MacGregor who is director of the British Museum and his book A History of the World in 100 Objects was part of a BBC Radio 4 program.

The first quote is about the oldest tool attributed to human consciousness, the chopping tool and the remaining quotes are referring to the ‘handaxe.

The human brain then carries on evolving steadily over thousands of years. And what’s really interesting, is that our brain starts to become asymmetrical as it gets to grips with a whole range of different functions – logic, language, the co-ordinated movement needed for tool-making, imagination and creative thought – quite unlike the ape’s brain, which remains smaller and symmetrical. So what we’re looking at in this chopping tool is the moment at which we became distinctly smarter and with an impulse not just to make things, but to imagine how we could make things ‘better’.

And once they’d been invented, if you want to use that word, they just never changed the design … and I think that is the ultimate compliment to the design of a superb tool.’
It looks pretty straightforward, but in fact a handaxe is extremely tricky to make and,

for over a million years, it was literally the cutting edge of technology.

It accompanied our ancestors through half of their history, and was the main reason they spread first across Africa and then across the world.

For a million years the sound of making handaxes provided the percussion of everyday life. Anyone choosing a hundred objects to tell a history of the world would have to include a handaxe.
A handaxe like this was the Swiss Army knife of the Stone Age – an essential piece of technology with multiple uses.

But this handaxe may contain the evidence of something even more remarkable. Does this chipped stone tool hold the secret of speech? Was it in making things like this that we learned how to talk to one another?

Recently scientists have looked at what happens neurologically when a stone tool is being made. 

They have used modern hospital scanners to see which bits of the brain are activated as knappers work their stone. Surprisingly, the areas of the modern brain that you use when you are making a handaxe overlap considerably with those you use when you speak. It now seems very likely that if you can shape a stone you can shape a sentence.

So, 1.2 million years ago, where are we? We can make tools like our handaxe, that help us control our environment and in fact transform it – the handaxe gives us not just better food, but can also skin animals for clothing and strip branches for fire or shelter. Not only this; we can now talk to each other and we can imagine something that isn’t already in front of us. What next? The handaxe is about to accompany us on a huge journey; because with all these skills, we’re no longer tied to our immediate environment. If we need to – even if we just want to – we can move.
Travel is possible, maybe even desirable, and we can move beyond the warm savannahs of Africa and survive, perhaps even flourish, in a colder climate. The handaxe is our passport to the rest of the world, and in the study collections of the British Museum you can find handaxes from all over Africa – Nigeria, South Africa, Libya – but also from Israel and India, Spain and Korea – even from a gravel pit near Heathrow airport.

The stone handaxe was made essentially in the same way and in the same shape for over a million years, and it must be the most successful piece of human technology in human history. But is there one last secret in the stone?
Our handaxe is just a bit too large to use easily.
Why would you make it like that?

I showed it to an expert in ergonomic design, the inventor Sir James Dyson:

So what you say?

So it is easy to connect the swastika as the seal for the Buddha’s heART.
Did you know that the QaBaLaH associates the swastika with the sephiroth called Kether which is associated with the crown, the point, and the point in the circle?

Thus it is very easy to show how the swastika along its evolutionary path was connected to STELLAR (northern circumpolar stars), LUNAR (moon), and SOLAR (sun) CULTures too.

So all I need to do now is show the profound associations between the handaxe and the swastika to our evolving consciousness, plus lets not forget maybe the chiral and asymmetrical swastika had a chiral asymmetrical hidden hand in the development of speech and language!


UPDATE JULY 18th 2013

Unraveling Roman mosaic meander patterns:

A simple algorithm for their generation

Chedworth swastika meander pattern


The analysis reveals that the intricate swastika meander pattern found on the Chedworth mosaic, consisting of four closed curves, could have been easily constructed using a very simple hypothesized algorithm.

The algorithm also explains the design of Roman and Greek swastika meanders found throughout the Roman Empire.

Connections are indicated between these meanders and the sona traditional art of Angola as well as the kolam traditional art of Tamil South India. Previously Gerdes [10] provided a comprehensive comparative analysis of sona drawings with designs from Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Vanuatu Islands and Celtic knots.

We may now add Greek and Roman mosaics to the meander family. The analysis and algorithm described in the following have applications to the classification of existing geometric mosaic patterns [19], [30] the design of new patterns [18], and the reconstruction of mosaics that have been partially destroyed by wars or earthquakes.

free pdf.

Life History of a Meander vs. String Theory

The analysis reveals that the intricate swastika meander pattern found on the Chedworth mosaic, consisting of four closed curves, could have been easily constructed using a very simple hypothesized algorithm.

Now let me introduce you to one of the 4 Rivers emanating out of Eden.

images in blue on the left is the depiction of a meandering river.

images on the right are Type I strings and these strings came in two forms — closed strings and open strings.

I  do have a THOTH thought about the meandering MEANDER –  do meanders which are like strings create spherical offspring?

And should we find it surprising that the PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN and FIGURE CARVING seem to echo the above images???

source of image and more inPHO: 

GNoSiS found in GNoSSoS

The labyrinth, the mitos, and the Minotaur ceased to be fanciful myths early in the fifth century BC when the Athenians promoted Theseus from legendary hero to historical figure. We see him slaying the bull-headed man dragged from the world of meander patterns in late Archaic art, but by the fifth century BC, the intricate pattern became a building. The city of Knossos began to mint coins around this time, and the earliest shows the Minotaur on the obverse and a labyrinthine tetragramma/swastika with a star or sun motif in the center on the reverse. Over time, the tetragamma/swastika gave way to the maze pattern and a human or bovine head replaced the central star.


FIG. 32. CRETAN COIN. (Numismatic Chronicle, vol. xx., new series, pl. ii., fig. 7.) 

image on left Fig. 32. Cretan Coin.
(Numismatic Chronicle, vol. xx., new series, pl. ii., fig. 7.)

“Meander patterns dating back to 20,000 BC may have form the basis for the labyrinth”

“Development from meandering patterns and concentric circles to the labyrinth design”


various Japanese Manji (swastika)

GNoSiS found in GNoSSoS

‘just is’
In the maze below do you see the numbers

2  5

5  2

Whoa am I suggesting that there could be a possible connection between Electro Magnetism and the swastika that the ancients were aware of, in fact they were conscious of the symbols they were using to convey certain ideas?
Yes clearly this has been documented as the evidence illustrates:

Neither the Cretan nor Egyptian labyrinth has been found as of this date – November 2012.
Various locations have been suggested for both, but conclusive evidence as obvious as the Great Pyramids, something we can see, touch, and feel is still forthcoming…if it ever does.
What if these labyrinths were metaphysical allegory?

I suspect like the missing apex of the Great Pyramid, or the missing corner of the Hopi Prophecy tablet, the mythical labyrinths attested to by only a handful of writers might have been more of a figment of the imagination than real.

To create a rELIgion you first need to create mystery. Without a mystery you have no rELIgion.

The following image we see above was found in Gnossos or Knossos.

What is GNOSIS?

wiki source:

Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge (in the nominative case γνῶσις f.). In the context of the English language gnosis generally refers to the word’s meaning within the spheres of Christian mysticism, Mystery religions and Gnosticism where it signifies a ‘spiritual knowledge’ or religion of knowledge, in the sense of mystical enlightenment or ‘insight’. Gnosis taught a deliverance of man from the constraints of earthly existence though ‘insight’ into an essential relationship, as soul or spirit, with a supra mundane place of freedom.

I am only interested in the consonants in the word GNoSiS.
Because then we have an nice comparison for the word GeNeSiS.
And continuing with this line of thinking I was rather pleased to see a website where we can link a GeNeSiS, an idEA based on GNoSiS to a place called GNoSSoS which today is known as KNoSSoS.However is my thinking whacked or have I managed to hone in on an idEA whose time has come, yesterday?What did I find while researching GNoSSoS vs. KNoSSoS?
Here is the site I was lead to.
And here-ye here-ye is what I found.
In the course of their education Vergilius gave his apprentices Gnômai: which is Greek for proverbs or sentences (proverba, sententiae), which he said would help when they were are their own.
What he did not tell them was that by learning these sentences and repeating them, they were calling on spirits (daemones), the Gnomai, who would come to their aid, for each Gnômê is a female spirit of wisdom.
They are said to have come from Gnossos [=Knossos] in Crete, where the most famous was Ariadne, called Gnosis .
They were said to dwell in the labyrinthine passages of the earth, and so Paracelsus said (De Nymphis) their name means “Earth-dweller” (Gê-nomos).
(Even in English, the word Gnome means both an Earth Elemental and a Proverb.)
Vergilius taught the dictum (itself a powerful Gnômê):
Gnosce Gnosidem Gnômên Gnoscentem!
Know the Knowing Gnome of Knossos!
I gotta say I love it all.ME intuition is gang busters full on …. ME epiphany is kinda scary to so many folks. I GNow that now.Because in GNoSSoS we find 3 things in this ONE image, this image recall was found in KNoSSoS:
TAKE A REAL GOOD LOOK at its simplicity _ it reveals a big AHA to the trained eye.
  1. we see the numbers 25 and 5
  2. we see the SEED
  3. we see the NANO Super Hero has returned from his quest and conquered both the labyrinth and the minotaur, returning with gifts, 21st century applications.
    NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA – the true blue AVATAR
How do we escape/get out of the labyrinth once our task is complete…?
The 21st century SS TheSeuS Firefighter followed his own hose line out of the maze.
Yes yes this was a trick his inner Ariadne had taught him at the fire/pyre academy as a young lad who had joined the fire fighting service at the age of 26, which coincidentally is the gematria value of YHVH – the tetragrammaton – the swastika.
So do ‘we the sheeple’ know what ME next EM (electro-magnetic) move is as I continue to deconstruct the past with all that remains is now?
And now what?Connecting the SWASTIKA to the theft of FIRE from the gods might be easier than one realizes.  
It is not a hugh migratory leap from India to Persia into Greece.

Prometheus is just the westernized MEME version that which has been fed to ‘we the sheeple’.
PhDuh do you think in China or India they discuss Prometheus stealing fire from the gods…? hahahaha I really do encourage ya all to get a library card and go sit in sILEnce for a bit.
Geesh wake up and smell the Rosicrucian Red and White Roses.   🙂The two fire sticks of Agni along with the pre-Christian Buddhist Jaina Cross that shares its architecture with the 21st century NANO Light Mill are two clues that our western HIS-story is based on a big fucking LIE, on one big fat greek wedding.
Later made into a movie of course.

Clearly it is time I investigated the links between the SwaStika, the double AXE and the OX.

Vajra and a Viśvavajra or “double vajra”


Labrys or Axe and the Double Doubleheaded Axe

 Labrys (λάβρυς in Greeklábrys) is the term for a symmetrical doubleheaded axe originally from Crete in Greece, one of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization; to the Romans, it was known as a bipennis.

The earlier ones, from the Acheulian (pre-neanderthal, Homo erectus) are also disc shaped, or heart shaped, and also a joy to behold. It is pretty much the Levallois technique which distinguishes Neandertal from Homo erectus, the Levallois being the Neandertal technique, it was a better version of the Homo erectus technique, in the sense that you could get many more handaxes from the same amount of raw material. The Acheulian took a tool blank and made a handaxe, the Neanderthals took a tool blank and made several handaxes from it.

When good raw material is hard to get, or is a long distance away, and therefore “expensive” in labour terms, this is a very, very important consideration.


Image on left is a Roman axe in an ancient Roman relief in BresciaItaly
Image on right is a magnification with highlights in red by me showing the E and 3.

Image on the left  is the where we find the Washington Monument.
Image on the right I have highlighted the vescia piscis on the ax from Rome.

FOR those of you who know I love to rant about ASYMMETRY, ya gotta love how those Neanderthals put a good hand-axe together, the Romans too!

What is more important to the development of where we are today…the Neanderthal asymmetric hand-axe or the symmetrical wheel?
It seems the roaming Romans had both in fact!


by Albert Churchward

Taking for granted then that the hieroglyphic ? represents the double axe, we are sure that it was used as a symbol of power and divinity by the pre-dynastic Egyptians long before the period when they were able to write; but we have no means of really knowing what they called the double axe at that period.


by E. A. Wallis Budge
Taking for granted then that the hieroglyphic ? represents the axe …

That this belief goes back to Palæolithic times is suggested by the evidence of Egypt. “The common word given by the Egyptians to God, and god, and spirits of every kind, and beings of all sorts, and kinds, and forms, which were supposed to possess any superhuman or supernatural power, was”, says Professor Budge, “‘Neter’.

The hieroglyph used as the determinative of this word, and also as an ideograph, is the axe with a handle. The common word for goddess is Netert.” Professor Budge shows that “from the texts wherein the hieroglyphics are coloured it is tolerably clear that the axe head was fastened to its handle by means of thongs of leather”.

As holes were bored in axes at an early period, Mr. Legge considers that the fastenings indicate that the symbolic use of the axe “goes back to the Neolithic and perhaps the Palæolithic Age”. He adds: “It is now, I think, generally accepted that the use of the stone axe precedes that of the flint arrow-head or flint knife; and it thoroughly agrees with the little we know of the workings of the mind of primitive man that this, the first weapon that came into his hands, should have been the first material object to which he offered worship”.

An axe is worshipped by a priest in Chaldæan garb on an Assyrian agate cylinder. The axe also appears as a symbol “in the prehistoric remains of the funereal caves of the Marne, of Scandinavia and America”.4 We have already alluded to its appearance on the standing-stones of Brittany, and to the theory that Labyrinth is derived from Labrys, “the axe”. Professor Maspero shows that in Egyptian “a town neterit is ‘a divine town’; an arm neteri is ‘a divine arm'”. He adds that “neteri is employed metaphorically in Egyptian as is ‘divine’ in French”.1

Votive axes, too small for use, have been found in Cretan graves and sanctuaries. The earliest form was the single flat axe: the double-headed axe was first made after copper came into use. Mosso gives interesting particulars regarding votive axes found on the Continent. Some of these are of a friable sandstone, and could have served no practical purpose.2 Small axes, which were pierced for suspension, were used as charms in Malta and elsewhere.

The sacred axe survives to the present day in the Congo.

Is matter and anti-matter symmetric or asymmetric?

How about DNA?
So clearly the ASYMMETRIC hand-axe and ALL of the ASYMMETRIC building blocks are a common thread that resolve themselves as clues to these riddles?

What would Stan Gooch or Carl Jung say about how important ARKetypal MEMEs used to build Neanderthal ARKs and Freemason ARCHes being carried forward are?

Can we find a link between KnoSSeS, GnoSSeS, GnoSiS, and the GeneSis of an idEA that gave the world its shape and form?

In both images above and the one below we can count ‘12 sections‘ … ‘6‘ in each column.
There were not many men in history who had a opinion about the Egyptian Labryinth.

William Matthew Flinders PetrieFRS[2] (3 June 1853 – 28 July 1942), commonly known as Flinders Petrie, was an EnglishEgyptologist and a pioneer of systematic methodology in archaeology and preservation of artifacts. He held the first chair of Egyptology in the United Kingdom, and excavated many of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt. Some consider his most famous discovery to be that of the Merneptah Stele,[3] an opinion with which Petrie himself concurred.[4]Petrie developed the system of dating layers based on pottery and ceramic findings.[5]


Professor Petrie reviewed all that the classic writers had reported concerning the Labyrinth, and concluded that, in spite of their differences, each had contributed some item of value. The discrepancies between the descriptions of Herodotus and Strabo he attributes to the probable decay or destruction of the upper storey in the intervening centuries.

Many attempts have been made to visualise the Labyrinth as it existed in the time of Herodotus. Fig. 3 shows, in plan, one such reconstruction, according to the Italian archaeologist Canina. The actual plan of the Labyrinth would appear to have differed from this in many respects, judging by the indications found by Professor Petrie. The latter drew up a tentative restoration based upon the descriptions of Herodotus and Strabo so far as these tallied with the remains discovered by him.

FIG. 3.—Egyptian Labyrinth. Restored Plan by Canina
Mazes and Labyriths, by W. H. Matthews, [1922]

Luigi Canina (Casale Monferrato, 1795 – Florence, 1856) was an Italianarchaeologist and architect.
Luigi Canina, Italian architect and archeologist, was born in Casale Monferrato in 1795 and died in Florence in 1856.

Clearly looking at Luigi Canina‘s biography it is NOT surprising to find Roman Swastika’s in his above ‘restoration’.
Was Luigi privy to swastika technology too being coveted by those in the know?

Can the reader see embedded within the fret border the repeating numbers 52525_25252 … etc. etc.?

Can the reader see the same pattern in the image below highlighted in yellow?
GHREES was an idea that was hatched in 1947.

And my intuitive journey has lead me to them?
Interesting is all I can say…

Herodotus’ Egyptian labyrinth

from wikipedia:

Even more generally, labyrinth might be applied to any extremely complicated maze-like structure. Herodotus, in Book II of his Histories, describes as a “labyrinth” a building complex in Egypt, “near the place called the City of Crocodiles,” that he considered to surpass the pyramids in its astonishing ambition:

It has twelve covered courts — six in a row facing north, six south — the gates of the one range exactly fronting the gates of the other. Inside, the building is of two storeys and contains three thousand rooms, of which half are underground, and the other half directly above them. I was taken through the rooms in the upper storey, so what I shall say of them is from my own observation, but the underground ones I can speak of only from report, because the Egyptians in charge refused to let me see them, as they contain the tombs of the kings who built the labyrinth, and also the tombs of the sacred crocodiles. The upper rooms, on the contrary, I did actually see, and it is hard to believe that they are the work of men; the baffling and intricate passages from room to room and from court to court were an endless wonder to me, as we passed from a courtyard into rooms, from rooms into galleries, from galleries into more rooms and thence into yet more courtyards. The roof of every chamber, courtyard, and gallery is, like the walls, of stone. The walls are covered with carved figures, and each court is exquisitely built of white marble and surrounded by a colonnade.[21]

During the 19th century, the remains of the Labyrinth were discovered “11½ miles from the pyramid of Hawara, in the province of Faioum.”[22] The Labyrinth was likely modified and added upon “at various times. The names of more than one king have been found there, the oldest” name being that of Amenemhat III.[22] “It is unnecessary to imagine more than that it was monumental, and a monument of more than one king of Egypt.”[22]

In 1898, the Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities described the structure as “the largest of all the temples of Egypt, the so-called Labyrinth, of which, however, only the foundation stones have been preserved.”[23]

Herodotus’ description of the Egyptian Labyrinth, in Book II of The Histories, inspired some central scenes in Bolesław Prus‘ 1895 historical novelPharaoh.

other sources:

Strabo’s Geography

42. Then follows Ptolemais, the largest city in the Thebais, not inferior to Memphis, with a form of government after the Grecian mode. Above this city is Abydos, where is the palace of Memnon, constructed in a singular manner, entirely of stone, and after the plan of the Labyrinth, which we have described, but not composed of many parts. It has a fountain situated at a great depth. There is a descent to it through an arched passage built with single stones, of remarkable size and workmanship.

There is a canal which leads to this place from the great river. About the canal is a grove of Egyptian acanthus, dedicated to Apollo. Abydos seems once to have been a large city, second to Thebes. At present it is a small town. But if, as they say, Memnon is called Ismandes by the Egyptians, the Labyrinth might be a Memnonium, and the work of the same person who constructed those at Abydos and at Thebes; for in those places, it is said, are some Memnonia.


My INTUITION suggests that what follows is what the Egyptian Labyrinth may have been modeled on.

The same basic idEA is what MUST link North East West South, all of us must have a common denominator that unifies us…what if?
All the NEWS fit to print comes from the four directions NEWS.


The Receptive

What is the significance of K’UN in the I Ching?

What they all agree on is the keyphrase ‘The Receptive’

Here is one interpretation found on the internet, most interpretations will present the same archetypal meme messages once reduced.

I Ching Hexagram: 2

Name: K’un.

Keyphrase: The Receptive

Formed By The Trigrams: Earth over Earth

General: Be receptive to words of advice or influence from those who are worthy of respect. This is a sign of strength, not weakness

Love: Listen to the advice of family and friends

Business: Listen to the advice of experts in your field and take stock of your business

Personal: Take advice from a counselor you trust

Overview: K’un is pure yin energy. K’un indicates a time that you will benefit from listening to the advice of others whom you respect and trust. Listening to their advice is the only way you will make progress at this time. If you make the mistake of disregarding the advice or not even bothering to listen in the first place then your plans will come to nothing. There will be no progress.


But here is another source that I would prefer to quote from, the origin of the species in fact….


This hexagram is made up of broken lines only. The broken lines represents the dark, yielding, receptive primal power of yin. The attribute of the hexagram is devotion; its image is the earth. It is the perfect complement of The Creative the complement, not the opposite, for the Receptive does not combat the Creative but completes it . It represents nature in contrast to spirit, earth in contrast to heaven, space as against time, the female-maternal as against the male-paternal. However, as applied to human affairs, the principle of this complementary relationship is found not only in the relation between man and woman, but also in that between prince and minister and between father and son. Indeed, even in the individual this duality appears in the coexistence of the spiritual world and the world of the senses. But strictly speaking there is no real dualism here, because there is a clearly defined hierarchic relationship between the two principles. In itself of course the Receptive is just as important as the Creative, but the attribute of devotion defines the place occupied by this primal power in relation to the Creative. For the Receptive must be activated and led by the Creative; then it is productive of good. Only when it abandons this position and tries to stand as an equal side by side with the Creative, does it become evil. The result then is opposition to and struggle against the Creative, which is productive of evil to both.

home page:

Keeping in MiNd that the Egyptian Labyrinth had two levels, I feel further investigation into this ancient archetype still preserved be looked at in a new light.

Update of June 30, 2006:

The sixteen figures in the lower right quadrant of the von-Franz-style 8×8 array above also appear in a discussion of the work of Charles Sanders Peirce, a logician of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. See “New Light on Peirce’s Iconic Notation for the Sixteen Binary Connectives,” by Glenn Clark, in Studies in the Logic of Charles Sanders Peirce, Indiana University Press, 1997.


online copy:,%20I%20Ching,

2B continued without a doubt….the door has been swung wide open between East and West.

It appears the common denominator thus far between the Cretan and Egyptian Labyrinths is the SWASTIKA.

ME inspired work continues to prove the swastika is a main player in the narrative called the ‘human condition‘ed.


more information to be worked into the DNA narrative:

re: (A + T)/(G + C) ratio

…the ratio of the sum of the adenine plus thymine bases to the sum of the guanine plus cytosine bases in a DNA molecule or preparation. The ratio is to some extent a characteristic of an individual type of DNA molecule. 
(A + T)/(G + C) ratio

Can we apply Chargaff rules to these images?


i.e. Adjacent Pairings?

I think we can.
And should.

May I remind you of ancient Chinese wisdom based on the I Ching when thinking of Chargaff Rules and the relationships between different pairs, that may not always be apparent when discussing the Man, Bull, Lion, and the Eagle or A, T, C, G, or perhaps even how we can pair up the 4 forces of physics too!

….a set of quantitative rules describing the base composition of duplex DNA: (1) [A] = [T] and (2) [G] = [C], where the square brackets denote the concentrations of the bases in moles per cent; minor bases, if present, are included with the appropriate major base. Three corollaries follow: (1) [A]/[T] = [G]/[C]; (2) total purines = total pyrimidines, i.e. [A] + [G] = [C] + [T]; and (3) total 6‐aminobases = total 6‐ketobases, [A] + [C] = [G] + [T]. A further consequence of these relationships is that the [A + T]/[G + C] ratio is a characteristic property of individual DNAs. [After Erwin Chargaff (1905–2002), US biochemist.]
Read more: Chargaff’s rules – Total, Bases, and Base … z1BTn2TMwg

Note the 13th century Monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary is similar to the 2 x 2 grid presented by the I Ching.
The Monastic Symbol uses ‘dots’ and the Chinese symbol places ‘dashes’ in the 4 quadrants.

As we can see, we are presented with the same idea of 4 that can be combined as adjacent / opposite pairs.

But why are there 4?
ONE became TWO
TWO are comprised of a binary YANG + YIN or YES and NO, ON and OFF, (turn lights on/off) makes the room WHITE or BLACK, maybe even HOT and COLD.

And HOT and COLD are really extremes and neither is GOOD or BAD on its own.


The need for greater differentiation between just HOT and COLD, YES and NO, was needed at an early date in the development of the oracular I Ching.
Thus between YES and NO is a MAYBE that is a GREY zone between BLACK and WHITE, which apparently has ‘shades’ in between.
But to maintain the balance between the extremes (polarity) it is necessary to create two maybes (think about it :wink: )

By combining the YIN and YANG, using ADJACENT or OPPOSITE pairings, 4 PAIRS were created.
And to each of those 4 PAIRS, a 3rd line was added.
(so goes the story.)

:idea: We should try to follow and RESPECT the process from the ground up, of how it came to be, what are its roots?

From the TREE of Life, grows the FLOWER which yields the FRUIT containing another SEED of Life, with which to grow another TREE.
(trees with their branches and roots are fractals … forever more … IF nature plays along … yielding more of the same)



In the image above we can see that the Slavic pagan Hands of God, the I Ching, and the symbol for the Virgin Mary share a similar basic archetypal architecture.

i.e. A square cross that creates 4 quadrants, all of which are occupied NOT empty.

the film Inception inspired this blog:

:arrow: … -swastika/

Does a LABYRINTH given birth by the SEED PATTERN look like the profile of a BRAIN?


What is Jesus holding up in his LEFT HAND?
Can anybody translate S C D S S ?
Are the fingers of Jesus VEILing another letter?


It is easy to see which images above were cropped from this CREATION TAPESTRY that shows Jesus in the middle of a Circle or Wheel of Life.
One scene is Adam ‘naming the animals’ in Eden.
Please note that Adam has a swastika on each of his knees.
Did he get those from getting down on his hands and knees and praying?


55 = SS = Holy Spirit = Spiritus Sanctus





UPDATE March 8th, 2014

 Hypogeum in Malta 2500 BCE had 3 levels underground

On the walls of the Hypogeum many different patterns in red ochre were found.  Shapes like spirals, pentagons, floral patterns, and even the outline of a bull adorned the walls.

Research done by Paolo Debertolis and Niccolo Bisconti of the Universities of Triests and Siena respectively, has shown that the construction of the chamber was made in a way to affect the psyche of people, perhaps to enhance mystical experiences during rituals. The use of fractal non-linear resonances, which appear in the acoustics of the Hypogeum, is something that modern science has just started to investigate and the results show that these type of frequencies have the ability to alter matter.


~end of UPDATE~

4 Ages ModEL

Does an Advertiser Know You Clicked on This Story?

FacebookYahoo, and Google come under fire for allowing advertisers to follow online consumer behavior to create targeted messages

Diffraction of Light

Several of the classical and most fundamental experiments that help explain diffraction of light were first conducted between the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries by Italian scientist Francesco Grimaldi, French scientist Augustin Fresnel, English physicist Thomas Young, and several other investigators.

These experiments involve propagation of light waves though a very small slit (aperture), and demonstrate that when light passes through the slit, the physical size of the slit determines how the slit interacts with the light.

This interactive tutorial explores the diffraction of a monochromatic light beam through a slit of variable aperture:


ALDEBARAN is a star that belongs to a very select group called the Persian 4 Royal Stars. And Aldebaran is in fact the Eye of the Bull a.k.a. Taurus. And it will become apparent why that is important in the bigger picture as we go on.

TARGET  have licensed the Target bulls eye logo to Target Australia for use by a completely separate chain of stores.”

Its just a simpleton BULLs EYE?
And now a corporation OWNS this MEME LOGO that I can show you is connected perhaps to the biblical ‘LOGOS’?

What if I AM more full on than you realize? Then what does it mean for U and ME?

TARGET belongs to the 15 PHOsphENE groups identified and studied by NASA.

TARGET belongs to this family, a group of symbols we each are capable of generating by either rubbing our eyes or sitting in a cave.

Pick your companion Mohammed, Plato, or ME.
These geometric forms of light clearly belong to a cosmic language that science has exploited to help blind people ‘see’ again!

A cosmic alphabet that is associated with producing powerful ‘G’eoMEtric MEMEs and IDEAS. And by putting them on display 24/7/365/26,000 years and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s consciousness “jesus loves ewe”, gossiping about our FOES (pho) while meeting for free naked lunches, keeping the gene-MEME-dream alive by screwing each other over literally and figuratively.

Isis + Osiris = Horus a.k.a time Hours

Hey without our fertILE imaginations where would we plant the cosmic MEME SEEDS while we make WAR and call it LovE?

Here is an updated presentation by Johann called:

Removing the Veil

Symbolosphere and the 3 Level Structure of the World

As Garlan and Shaw (1993) write, “beyond the algorithms and data structures of the computation; designing and specifying the overall system structure emerges as a new kind of problem. ABSTRACT This work is aimed at explanation of coexistence of material and nonmaterial aspects of life. It is demonstrated that by synthesizing ideas about structures, physical entities, mental phenomena, and symbolic relations, it is possible to understand how the nonmaterial can emerge from the material and in which way the nonmaterial may mediate and control the production of material entities. Found regularities form a cyclic structure, which is applied to the phenomena of creativity and invention.

Joy in the Present

Moving Symbols

Radical Change in Psycho-social Energy Possibilities?


But each of the 3 levels has 4 arms which makes 12 In fact those numbers are associated to the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 4 ELements too.

rEMEMber this MEME tuck it away for now

L M Nts – eLeMeNts

This simple modEL is a MEME being passed forward through SPACE TIME and obviously MOTION is also part of that underlying meSSage being ‘carried forward’ not unlike genetic DNA material. This in eSSence is what genes and memes are all about.  INFOmation MEMES identified as INPHOmation force carriers or perhaps an apt analogy are the ‘GAUGE BOSONS’ that science has been playing with at the quantum level at CERN?

Photons, Gluons, the W and the Z + the 12 ferimons

What if together those 4 force carriers plus the 12 ferimons represent an analogy to a quantum precession of the equinoxes? And it does not matter how big or small this 4 Ages ModEL is it primary concerns would be data storage, data communications, and viable APPLICATIONS for all of this cosmic data we are immersed in. Some of the data we perceive as positive, some of it is negative and most of it defined by the neutron is in fact neutral. In the images below the 12 numbers we find on this square Greek Cross are central to the calender called the Precession of the Equinoxes. A calender that tracks the cycles of the two equinoxes and two solstices. The ancients, fellas like Plato referred to the Precession of the Equinoxes cycle as the Great Year. Estimates vary from 24000 to 26000 years for ONE cycle. note: in the image on the left the numbers 2 5 8 11 contained in green squares can be rotated 90 degrees ccw and reflected in a MIRROR  it would essentially represent what we see in the image to the right.

This link explains how I arrived at the numbers we see on the square Greek Cross.

It should be updated to account for the new evidence that only continues to confirm the simplicity VEILeD behind the complexity, a simplicity that must exist at the core, if you think about it. Out of something comes nothing is a mantra that both religion and science almost agree on. It is the nothing that becomes something that is impossible to define. But that actually is the issue that divides all beLIEfs. It is a War of Words in the here and now while we wait for the aLIEns to mount their attack and propel us all into the next stupid fucking illusion called the War of the Worlds? OH MY FUCKING GOD will the idiocy ever ever end? And in 2001-2002 as the smoke was still clearing as a result of the smoking gun called WTC7 the dynamite VEILeD as another big LIE called WMD based on rumors and really shitty fucking ‘intelligence’ (sources never named?) the became powder keg that set off another War of the Words in Iraq. And now here we go again the Masters of Propaganda (is there any doubt)  the US of A is pulling the same ole propaganda shit now targeting Iran.

“Signs and Symbols rule the world not phrases and laws” -Confucius 


[linked image]


Shaft of Osiris

Recovered in 1999 also by coincidence has 3 levels.

Schematic views of Gödel’s universe – Cylindrical and Flat 

[linked image]

4 AGES ModEL ~ Nsude Igbo pyramid
[linked image]4 Ages Model ~ Trellborg, Denmark is a match for the geometry of Danish architect and Freemason Tons Brunes

[linked image]

4 AGES ModEL Cuilcuilco
[linked image]
4 AGES ModEL Edmund Halley (Halley’s comet)
[linked image]
4 AGES ModEL Plato and Atlantis

image above left is the Atlantis Cross  image above right  we see the three levels of ferimons in three columns I II III .

Please note ALL of the  modELs thus far presented have 3 distinct levels. And those 4 force carriers the PHOTON, the GLUON, the Z and W represent the MEME being passed forward that we see on CARD X (the Wheel of Fortune) and CARD XXI  (The World/Universe)

It appears that we are ZEROing in on the TARGET. Not everybody is happy where the WAL-MARTs and TARGETs are headed but the pervading archetype suggests that in order to become ONE the simplicity behind the human condition which arises to become complexity MUST be revealed so we can focus and hit the TARGET.


Above left a simple way to track the long term cycle, a zodiacal Precession Time clock. Simply by joining the 12 dots representing the 12 signs of the zodiac that comprise the precession cycle note how the lines appear to cross ove each other clearly weaving a KNOT. And the KNOT which is woven is in fact Solomon’s Knot.

The ATLANTIS Cross which we can link to the CELTIC Cross is in fact been proved to be a navigation device. And our position in SPACE is indicated by the positions #12 – Age of Pisces and #11 – Age of Aquarius we would appear to be in that quadrant of the cosmic sea… A cosmic sea/foam called the Higgs Field. It is very easy to see and comprehend that until we drop down another energy level represented by 1 – 4 – 7  – 10 we are still a long way off before realizing the big dream most of us have when we fall ashleep at nite is unifying the world to come. So relax the world is not going to end tomorrow but sadly global enlightenment is NOT going to happen in 2012 either. Though I AM hopeful that the future predicts the new kid on the block science will prove itself a religion too and of course the story handed down called the bIbLE documenting a GENESIS will have turned out to be in fact a thesis, a THOTH thought. genesis = GENE-theSIS  Religion and Science like the yin yang fishes are chasing each others tail/tale. We still have a long way to go though before realizing the big dream, the big cosmic orgasm that will occur when science and religion FUSE together instead of the FISSION process that has defined the major religions attitudes toward each other.

OOOOOOooooooo AAAAAAAaaaaaa

Omega followed by Alpha means a new cycle has begun. So the Greek Cross illustrating a simple Precession of the Equinoxes cycle mapping out TIME suggests that the Age of Aquarius + the Age of Capricorn are still to come. Now I hate to remind ‘we the sheeple’ but their ‘precious’ that gold ring they covet is in their noses and they are being lead. Their ‘precious Jesus’ is associated with the Age of Capricorn and the GOAT more than the Age of Aquarius which is associated with St. Matthew the patron saint tax, finance, security, and control. So let me suggest IF the archetypal MEME drEaM thEME Jesus shows up he better come prepared with some real world APPLICATIONS pointing us all in the right direction. Because the 21st century NANO SUPER HERO the SWASTIKA will in fact be a hard act to follow.

Regardless of whether an image is formed in the microscope or another optical instrument, the size of a diffracted point of light becomes smaller with decreasing wavelength or increasing numerical aperture, but always remains a disk that is larger than the point of light originating from the specimen (or other object) being imaged.

Both the experiment described above, and the classical demonstration of diffraction using light passing between the fingers, utilize a narrow slit as an aperture to produce a diffraction pattern. All optical instruments, including microscopes, utilize circular lenses and apertures, as does the human eye itself. Circular apertures produce similar diffraction phenomena, although with circular symmetry (instead of linear geometry, as in the case of slits).

Therefore the diffraction pattern of a point source of light, if highly magnified, is seen to consist of a central bright disk surrounded by a concentric series of diffraction rings (the secondary maxima and minima).

When a lens, such as a microscope objective lens, is properly focused, the light intensity at the minima between the bright rings in the pattern is zero. No matter how perfect the lens is, the secondary diffraction maxima cannot be eliminated nor can the central spot be reduced to a single point of light (unless the lens could be made with an infinite diameter).



2B cont’d

LSD ~ League for Spiritual Discovery ~ Kundalini Rising ~ Mandylion ~ Image of Edessa ~ 4 Leaf Clover ~ New Atlantis ~ Prime Numbers

UPDATE April 17, 2020

Pictures are worth 1000 words …


LSD Ballcourt Marker Copan

LSD Mirror of Truth design Natalie Glasson

 Mirror of Truth design by Natalie Glasson ~ what Timothy Leary identified as LSD

This blog is about dropping LSD*, digging down deep, finding and enlisting the help of St. George and learning how to slay your inner dragons using an idea.
*not the LSD you had in mind.

UPDATE January 2, 2020

This is the first UPDATE or ‘posting’ of 2020 … the next decade looks promising from our POV.

A few images are presented to set up the rest of the blog … all of them are associated with the Mandylion known as the Image of Edessa.

MANDYLION Christos_Acheiropoietos or Christ HandmadePhoton Mandylion King Abgar with image of edessa 10th century

image on left “The Saviour Not Made by Hands”, a Novgorodian icon from c. 1100
image on right According to the account, King Abgar received the Image of Edessa,
a likeness of Jesus

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR Map CHIRAL MIRROR

Now the simple trick to understanding Oswald Wirth’s offering is to hold it up to the CHIRAL mirror and viola it now makes more sense!

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR How Many North Poles

The most inner wheel containing the Little Bear #21 and Draco #13 rotates clockwise as it should, the next wheel containing the Great Bear #7 and other circumpolar constellations [some contain past and future pole stars]  rotates counterclockwise as it should, and all of the zodiac signs are contained in the outer wheel which rotates clockwise  and at the same time the zodiac signs ‘precess’ or countdown … 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and back to 12.
Yes and most importantly the above analogy also suggests that you can enter this cycle at any point in history and script yourself a 4 Ages or 5 Ages narrative.

Hermetic Masonry by Frank C. HigginsCrowley Greek Cross of Zodiac 4 Ages Model Precession LOW ENTROPY and LOVE 4713 BC 4004 BC

And the point to be made is this …
The point/time in our past that you choose to enter as a date in history to begin to extract a particular narrative could end up defining you and the narrative you hold dear.
Each CULTure in fact does choose a different entry point for their narrative to begin. Many hover around the same period in our history … between 4000 BCE and 3000 BCE … spring equinox was in Taurus formerly Gemini … so expect the ‘twin’ ARK+E+types to merge with Age of Taurus bull’shit’ eventually merging with the Age of the Ram followed by Age of the Fish associated with Jesus.
After awhile much of the bullshit, ALL narratives start to sound similar for obvious reasons.
[yes you will note the letters/numbers are now reversed but the significance of each of those constellations is not]

And the next AHA is to ‘superimpose’ in an effort to ‘superposition’ science onto this model reveals the map, the compass, and the treasure, all in one image.

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR MANDYLION

Mt Meru NORTH POLE 4 rivers flow like in Eden

Above is evidence from India.
Further what wikipedia has identified and filed under Chinese Theology looks more like ancient math that became myth.

What China offers to this one narrative that serves us all just adds to the evidence and clearly a discussion between east and west is long overdue.
We have not even brought into evidence the magic of magic squares that began with the 3×3 in China.
Below we see the ancestor of the 3×3 Ho Tu and Lo Shu magic squares … it appears to be the 2×2 Supreme Ancestor i.e. Shangdi.

It appears from this POV that ancient myth based on arithmetic [all about numbers] evolved into math [all about theory].

Myth is math!!!

Celestial Pole Shang STAR GODS ANCESTORS

In the Shang dynasty, as discussed by John C. Didier, Shangdi was the same as Dīng (, modern ), the “square” as the north celestial pole, and Shàngjiǎ (上甲 “Supreme Ancestor”) was an alternative name.

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR image Map vesica piscis… to be continued.

~end of UPDATE~


The significance of that quote by Timothy Leary will soon become apparent in this blog.

LSD ChalcatzingoLSD Ballcourt Marker Copan


UPDATE February 10, 2015

Look in the mirror
The mirror has been rotated…
You are the change!
source of image:

The Mandylion and the Shroud

This blog wants to point out a potential Shroud – Mandylion connection, however in this blog I am more interested in pursuing and illustrating the significance the 4-fold and 8-fold geometry of this universal design that clearly antedates Christianity.

Later we can investigate how 4-fold and 8-fold geometry were intrinsic to the Egyptians and what Rene Schwaller de Lubicz identified as the Master Builder’s Grid.

*end of UPDATE


If you do not watch these videos and your knowledge of prime numbers is limited how do you expect to understand what is to follow in this blog?
What I AM is presenting is leading edge paradigm altering information not to be taken lightly.

From a mathematical POV the prime numbers are the ‘building blocks’ of numbers.
So please acquaint yourself with the primacy of the prime time prime numbers called yin (2) and yang (3).
Yes of course both yin and yang are prime, and the Chinese clearly have made an elementary connection to how our reality takes shape and form based on primarily prime numbers.

The image below is called the PNC, Prime Number Cross developed by polymath Peter Plichta who has degrees in biology, physics, and chemistry.
His work supports how yin and yang are special.
Take a look at how he plotted the prime numbers.

A pattern emerged resembling the ‘crusader crosses’, all prime numbers with the exception of yin #2 and yang #3 appear to follow this pattern.

The pattern that emerged resembled a ‘crusader cross’
ALL prime numbers that have been circled with the exception of yin #2 and yang #3
appear to follow this prime number pattern.

Symbols for town/village/protected crossroads and Egypt


Under the system that prevailed for most of pharaonic Egypt’s history, the country was divided into 42 nomes.

Above we have 4 examples of the hieroglyph meaning town/village/protected crossroads and it was also used as a symbol for Egypt herself.
It is thought of as meaning walled city but the pictograph in ancient Hebrew suggests a serpent coiled inside a basket.

Do these two images look the same?


On the left is the symbol for TET, TAW, or TAU

On the right is the symbol for the rune Gebo, associated with movement.
Which the modern day gnostics have associated with the swastika, the oldest symbol (10,000 BC) we have on record of a consciousness suggesting rotation, movement, or motion.

Quatrefoil above the West Door of
Croyland Abbey


and the

New Atlantis

L eague for
S piritual
D iscovery

Quatrefoil is a symbol for the 4 Evangelists


Now that I have given you a taste of what LSD is, did you know that is all it takes to induce a trip?

It does not take much.
Sometimes just a little pin prick.

Even a geometric placebo can have an effect on you.

So let’s take an LSD trip using our new 3D LSD filters issued to us.
Shall we begin by using our LSD visions to build a New Atlantis?



The New Atlantis project could become a turning point in the history of Earthly civilization. It will inspire great following across a whole range of fields: medicine, philosophy, art, business, sport, spiritual improvement … and bring it millions of tourists, making it a new centre of pilgrimage on the world map.


How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go or how high up do you want to go?

The tursaansydän (Finnish for “heart of Tursas” or “heart of octopus” <of the order “Octopoda”>) or mursunsydän (“heart of the walrus“) is an ancient symbol used in Northern Europe.

The symbol originates from prehistoric times and incorporates a swastika.

The tursaansydän was believed to bring good luck and protect from curses.

It has been speculatedthat the tursaansydän represented a flying and rotating hammer of the thunder god Ukko (in Finland) orThor (in Scandinavia). It could also have been an image of a lightning ball, like the Russian “thunder marks” (see Perun). Another theory is that it is actually an image of the heart of some being, such as Tursas or the walrus. Based on its many interpretations and uses, this symbol appears to have had many meanings over time.



How deep do you want to go? 
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 JESUS and the ZYGOTE and LSD?

How deep do you want to go? 
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It is really important to take note (for future references involving DNA)
that the above geometry highlights the pentagon, hexagon, circle, vesica piscis.


How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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Are you still feeling lucky, can you feel your Kundalini rising?


Kundalini vs. Mandylion
What would a serpentine kundalini metaphor have to do with
the dandy Mandylion and Jesus Christ?


The large mouth of a jaguar which forms the door is thought to be associated with the underworld.

As Above

In the image ABOVE we see the Andean cross known also as the Chakana carved into stone block in Puma Punku temple, Tiahuanaco Bolivia.

In the image BELOW we see the one of eleven churches hewn into the rocky hills of Lalibela, Ethiopia, the church of St. George.

As Above So Below

Please note how the two images ABOVE and BELOW reflect two different POVs projected by two CULTures divided by the Atlantic/Atlantis Ocean sharing in a similar IDEA.
There is one word to describe it on both the macro level and the micro level.
Only one word that allows us to realize what the gravity of the situation is …

* P O L A R I Z A T I O N *

POSITIVE and NEGATIVE aspects of the ONE image or IDEA captured – just like film 

Eastern Hemisphere (positive) vs. Western Hemisphere (negative)

Should we find that surprising?
And ‘polarization’ allows us to investigate the connection between the cross and the two red-mode and blue-mode gravity waves which in fact are polarized too!

So Below

Church of Saint George
One of eleven churches hewn into the rocky hills of Lalibela, Ethiopia

What I find interesting in Lalibela is that clearly a statement is being made.

Most dwellings we live in are constructed from the ground UP.
The churches in Lalibela built with the help of angels who knew about angles (this is the rumor) are clearly built from the top DOWN.

NEGATIVE IMPRINT found in Boliva vs. POSITIVE IMPRINT found in Ethiopia
divided by the Atlantis Ocean
In fact it could be suggested that an east/west polarity exists.



The 13th century illustration on the left, painted by an unknown master, probably in Rheims, France, is from La Bible Moralisée and pictures the Second Person of the Tri-une God, the Logos, Jesus Christ, by Whom all things were made, in the act of “setting his compass upon the face of the deep.”

In the Genesis accounts of the Creation of the World emphasis is repeatedly placed on God’s acts of “dividing.”

The compass symbol expresses the fundamental truth that reality is an irrational continuum and that only by arbitrary division and measurement are “things” cognizable by the human mind.

The original manuscript is now at the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna.

Fu Xi holding the SQUARE in his left hand and his sister Nüwa wields the COMPASS in her right.

Fu Xi holding the SQUARE in his left hand and his sister Nüwa wields the COMPASS in her right. Thus clearly the man is associated directly to the SQUARE the straight line and the right angle. And the woman is intimate with the COMPASS the curve and the circle.

Only a compass is required to construct the Basque Lauburu.
Some scholars deny a link between the curvy Basque Lauburu and the angular swastika we are accustomed to.

Kuna flag

The following link between the Basque Kuna and the Kuna flag is of course a coincidence.

From: “Tara Brigit Morrigan O’Sullivan”

The Oriental Great Goddess of Wisdom was know by the names of Cunti or Kunda (Kunda specifically identified as the Yoni of the Universe). The Goddess of Wisdom has again and again been associated with the serpent or the snake in cultures worldwide and it seems probable that as Kundalini is about arousing the coiled serpent of wisdom at the base of the spine that the word kundalini evolved from Kunda the Goddess. As you already know, C and K are frequently interchanged in different languages. And so it is that from Cunti and Kunda we get the probable origins of the words for country, kin, and kind (Old Englis CYN, Gothic KUNI)…
ALSO related the Latin CUNNUS, middle English CUNTE, Old Norse and Frisian KUNTA,
Basque KUNA….other cognates are “cunablula” (a cradle), “Cunina” (a Roman goddess who protected
children)…”cunctipotent” (all powerful….having cunt magic), “cunicle” (a hole or passage….easy to see that kin
meaning relative comes from the image of “one born from the same cunt”)…..also cunning (clever), kenning & ken (knowledge, learning, insight, wisdom)….Kunda made it all the way to Ireland and is believed by many to be the precursor of the Irish Goddess KILDA whose shrines were everywhere until the Christians came and destroyed them or turned them into Christian churches. Unfortunately for the Christians the area around the shrines also bore the name of the Goddess in the prefix KIL, and lives on today in such names as KILdare, KILarney, KILkenny, etc.

But be honest now how deep are you willing  to go in your quest for the TRUTH…? 
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above image JESUS on the cross between the two thieves yin and yang

below the eastern wall of Bet Maryam church Ethiopia in fact tells the same story …

… as the two b-mode gravity waves identified by Andrei Linde and the BICEP2 team.

You cannot go much deeper than  this without losing your mind.
What are you waiting for, click on the link.

It is a fact that the Trinity is in charge of ye
via rotations, reflections, and translations
You, ewe, and magnetic U is the change to come
Take a real good look in the mirror.

to be continued ….

selah V