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Collective Unconscious ~ Widukind ~ Wedekind ~ Wittekind ~ A Germanic Hero of the Dark Ages Speaks His Mind in the 21st Century ~ Genetic Memory

  • ID: I5637
  • Name: Widukind of Saxony
  • Sex: M
  • ALIA: Witekind I”The Great” von Engern
  • Birth: BEF 768 in Saxony, Germany 1
  • Baptism: 785 2 3
  • Burial: Enger 1
  • Death: 10 AUG 807 in Ingern, Germany 1
  • Name: Widukind “The Great” of Saxony 3
  • Name: Widukind (Wittikind) King of Saxony 1
  • Name: Wittikind Von Engern 3
  • Birth: ABT 730 2 3
  • Death: 807 2 3
  • Note:

WITEKIND I, the Great, King of Saxony and first Duke of the Saxons; conquered by Charlemagne who allowed him to use the title of Duke of Engern and Westphalia; died 807; married, first, Geva, daughter of Goteric, King of Denmark; second, Svatana, daughter of a Prince in Bohemia.
(Fenwick Allied Ancestry, page 63)

He was a Saxon leader, duke of Saxony and the chief antagonist of Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars. He was the son of the Westphalian chief Warnechin and of Gunilda of Rügen. He married Geva of Westfold (* about 770; ? 800), daughter of the Danish king Goimo I and sister of the Danish kings Ragnar and Siegfried.

Widukind was the moving spirit in the struggles of the Saxons for their independence and continuation of their traditional faith. Frankish accounts of the Saxon Wars give only scant outlines of his character. After Charlemagne subdued the Saxons in 777, Widukind found refuge with his wife’s relatives in Denmark. When Charlemagne went to Spain in 778, Widukind returned and revived the rebellion, and the Saxons raided Frankish regions. Several more times Widukind had to flee, and eventually Charlemagne subdued the Saxons and inflicted terrible punishment at the Bloody Verdict of Verden where 4,500 tribal leaders were allegedly beheaded (modern research questions these reports; see the article about the Verden trial for details).

The bitter struggles involved Wends and Frisians as well and continued until Charlemagne succeeded in persuading Widukind to accept Christianity. Widukind was baptized in 785 along with many of his people. The Pope ordered a general feast of thanksgiving. Widukind took no part in further Saxon wars. He soon became one of the heroes of legend and eventually appeared as a saintly figure and the builder of many churches. He is believed to have been buried at Enger near Herford around 808. However, the monumental tomb in the church of Enger is not from the 9th century, and so it is doubtful if the corpse inside is actually that of Widukind.
According to myth Widukind rode a black horse prior to his baptism and a white horse afterwards. The black horse is depicted in the coat of arms of the district of Herford, while his white horse is depicted on the flags of the North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony states of Germany.

Died January 7, 0809 in Engern, Schaumberg, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

I noted that the information on the English, French (pro-Charlemagne/Franks) and German (pro-Widukind/Saxon) wikipedia sites vary.
Not surprising.

Other sources;

Family Tree

Berthoald (died 622) was the Duke of the Saxons during the reign of the Frankish kingsChlothar II and his son Dagobert I, the last ruling Merovingians.[1] He despised Frankish suzerainty and rebelled, but was defeated. His story is told in the Liber Historiae Francorum (727) and the Gesta Dagoberti (830s), both sources partial to the Merovingian kings.

Berthoald followed by Theoderic

Theoderic or Theodoric was the leader of the Saxons in 743–744. Onomastics suggests that he was related to the family of Widukind.[citation needed]

In 743 the Frankishmayors of the palace, the brothers Pepin the Short and Carloman, marched against Odilo of Bavaria, who was nominally a Frankish subject. Carloman then turned north towards Saxony, which had ceased to pay the annual tribute of cows which the Franks had extorted first in the sixth century, and conquering the castrum of Ho(o)hseoburg forced the Saxon duke Theoderic to surrender at a placitum held at that same place.

The brothers invaded Saxony again the next year (744) and Theoderic was captured.

Succeeded by Widukind

SAXONY DUKES – Foundation for Medieval Genealogy

The family of Widukind constituted one of the three main power sources in Saxony until well into the 11th century.

Very little is known about Widukind’s life. His name literally translates as “Child of the wood”, more probably a kenning than a proper name. All sources about him stem from his enemies, the Franks, who painted a negative picture, representing him as an “insurgent” and a “traitor”. While Widukind was considered the leader of the Saxon resistance by the Franks, his exact role in the military campaigns is unknown.

Collective Unconscious ~ Widukind ~ Wedekind ~ Wittekind ~ A Germanic Hero of the Dark Ages Speaks His Mind in the 21st Century ~ Genetic Memory

The following page is an investigation into an interesting ancestral racial memory I have chanced upon, maybe something I inherited according to current science speculations which is building on the work of Carl G. Jung.

Genetic memory is invoked to explain the racial memory postulated by Carl Jung. In Jungian psychology, racial memories are posited memories, feelings, and ideas inherited from our ancestors as part of a “collective unconscious“.

Jung hit upon his theory of the collective unconscious during psychoanalysis of his patients’ dreams. He believed that the symbolism he found was prominent in his patients’ dreams often bore marks of a specific ancestral history. This type of symbolism is a type of dream event that is difficult to explain by anything in the dreamer’s own life.

Maybe Carl Jung was right. He described what he termed the “collective unconscious.” I call it genetic memory.

Leslie, who has never had a music lesson in his life, intuitively knows “the rules of music” according to professional musicians who have met him. George, and his brother Charles, instinctively know “the rules of mathematics” and can compute multi-digit prime numbers, never having studied them, yet cannot correctly multiply 6 x 5, for example. Alonzo, with no training in art, has access to the “rules of art” which allow him to duplicate three dimension animals from a two dimension photo; he also was able to just instinctively armature his horse figures in order to capture them in motion, a skill other artists train for years to master. A music professor says, about Matt, the 14 year prodigious savant now known around the world as the “Mozart of jazz”: “He seems to know things beyond his own existence.”

Someone once said about Mozart himself that he really didn’t ‘compose’ anything; he simply wrote down that which was already inscribed on his soul.

This fascinating and intriguing concept is attracting more and more interest as scientist are beginning to recognise that humans (and other animals) possess genetic memory – memories passed down to them from their ancestors through their genes.  This idea is now becoming a plausible explanation for how “child prodigies” can have innate and complicated knowledge of subjects way beyond their years or normal accepted level of understanding.

Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors
Memories may be passed down through generations in DNA in a process that may be the underlying cause of phobias

Experiments showed that a traumatic event could affect the DNA in sperm and alter the brains and behaviour of subsequent generations.

A Nature Neuroscience study shows mice trained to avoid a smell passed their aversion on to their “grandchildren”.

Experts said the results were important for phobia and anxiety research.

The animals were trained to fear a smell similar to cherry blossom.

The team at the Emory University School of Medicine, in the US, then looked at what was happening inside the sperm.

They showed a section of DNA responsible for sensitivity to the cherry blossom scent was made more active in the mice’s sperm.

Both the mice’s offspring, and their offspring, were “extremely sensitive” to cherry blossom and would avoid the scent, despite never having experienced it in their lives.

Changes in brain structure were also found.

“The experiences of a parent, even before conceiving, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations,” the report concluded.

Thus the multitude of coincidences thus far gathered and found in these blog pages written by myself are a testimony to the ideas that ME+me (me and my higher self) together have been ‘recovering’.
So here I am after a 10 year quest and it is my own surname Wedekind that might have been vital to understanding what was being shown to me.

Born on the 3rd day of the 7th month, given the name Ralph which can be traced to the wolf via the name Radulf, and my surname is Wedekind (a child of the forest) how could I miss the obvious for 47 years, it was easy to do.

I realize now that this word blog Alternative Thinking 37 and my quest seem to have been anticipated by my higher self who loves to play trickster, and St. ‘Widukind’ the blessed is a reminder of a message that needs to be passed forward from one generation to the next.

What if?

The next link is the first documented evidence of my higher self ‘ME’ introducing ‘Widukind’ to little ole’ me in about 2008.
As I would learn there are many reasons why my higher self ‘ME’ would utilize with great effect the coincidence in order to teach me lessons.

Origin and Meaning of Family Name Wedekind

This video below is fiction, the facts about Duke Widukind sometimes appear mythical, but for some reason the story about Widukind lives on …


Widukind or Wittekind

d. 807?, leader of the Saxons against the Frankish king Charlemagne (later emperor of the West). In 782,when Charlemagne organized Saxony as a Frankish province andordered forced conversion of the pagan Saxons, the Saxons under Widukind resumed warfare against the Franks. In the course of thewar Charlemagne is said to have ordered the massacre (783) of 4,500 Saxon prisoners. Widukind fled to Denmark, but the Saxons fought on all the more fiercely. In 785, Charlemagne offeredWidukind a safe-conduct in order to negotiate peace. Widukind metthe emperor and accepted baptism; Charlemagne was hisgodfather. Sporadic Saxon uprisings continued until 804.

Widukind2 b.jpg

Blessed Widukind  or Wittekind  

(c. 730–808) was a Saxon leader, Duke of Saxony (corresponding to modern-dayWestphalia) and the chief antagonist of Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars. He married Geva of Westfold (c. 770-800), daughterof the Danish king Goimo I and sister of the Danish kingsRagnar and Siegfried.

777 or three sevens form a cube
7x7x7 = 343 firefighters died on 911

777 as a link between Duke Widukind who is not mentioned until the year 777 AD and Wedekind the firefighter who was born on 3/7.

Widukind was the moving spirit in the struggles of the Saxons fortheir independence and continuation of their traditional faith.Frankish accounts of the Saxon Wars give only scant outlines of his character. After Charlemagne subdued the Saxons in 777,Widukind found refuge with his wife’s relatives in Denmark. WhenCharlemagne went to Spain in 778, Widukind returned and revivedthe rebellion, and the Saxons raided Frankish regions. Severalmore times Widukind had to flee, and eventually Charlemagnesubdued the Saxons and inflicted terrible punishment at the Bloody Verdict of Verden where 4,500 tribal leaders were allegedlybeheaded (modern research questions these reports; see thearticle about the Verden trial for details).

The bitter struggles involved Wends and Frisians as well andcontinued until Charlemagne succeeded in persuading Widukind toaccept Christianity. Widukind was baptized in 785 along with manyof his people at Attigny. The Pope ordered a general feast ofthanksgiving. Widukind took no part in further Saxon wars. Hesoon became one of the heroes of legend and eventually appearedas a saintly figure (becoming “Blessed Widukind”) and the builderof many churches. He is believed to have been buried at Enger near Herford around 808. However, the monumental tomb inthe church of Enger is not from the 9th century, and so it is doubtful if the corpse inside is actually that of Widukind. This once bitter foe of Charlemagne, thus became his friend and godson. His feast day is commemorated on January 6.

According to myth Widukind rode a black horse before his baptism and a white horse afterwards.

The black horse is depicted in the coat of arms of the district of Herford, while his white horse is depicted on the flags of the North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxonystates of Germany.

Widukind  is also a Dutch fraternity located in Nijmegen which was founded in 1945.

Enger Coat of Arms

Enger is a town in the Herford district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The town, first mentioned in 948, calls itself “Widukind’s town.”

The Saxon leader Widukind died about 808. However, there is no evidence that Enger existed in his lifetime.

A legend tells that Widukind founded a church in Enger after his baptism, and that he lived at the place until his death. He was buried in the church of Enger, and his monumental tomb is still there. Despite this, it remains doubtful that the remains of Widukind are actually in the tomb. Analysis shows that the memorial slab dates to the time around the year 1100.

The main current attractions of Enger are Widukind’s tomb, the Widukind museum, the Widukind festival (“Timpkenfest”), held annually on January 6 and the “Kirschblütenfest”.


Modern German: Wittekind was a Germanic leader of the Saxons and the chief opponent of the Frankish king Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars from 777 to 785. Charlemagne ultimatively prevailed, organized Saxony as a Frankish province and ordered conversions of the pagan Saxons to Roman Catholicism. In later times, Widukind became a symbol of Saxon independence and a figure of legend.


Since the 9th century, Widukind had been idolized as a mythical hero. Around 1100, a tomb for him was made in Enger; recent excavations have found that the contents of the tomb are indeed early medieval, but it is impossible to decide whether the body is Widukind‘s. When in the 10th century Saxon kings (of the Ottonian dynasty) replaced the Frankish kings in East Francia (the later Holy Roman Empire), these kings proudly claimed descent from Widukind: Matilda, the wife of King Henry I, was apparently a great-great-great-granddaughter of Widukind. The House of Billung, to which several Dukes of Saxony belonged, had Matilda’s sister among its ancestors and thus also claimed descent from Widukind.

In German nationalism

Widukind became a hero for German nationalists in the early 20th century. German neo-pagans saw him as a heroic defender of Germany’s traditional beliefs and their gods, resisting the “foreign” religion of Christianity. Christian nationalists also lauded him, linking Charlemagne with the humiliation of French domination after World War I, especially the occupation of the Rhineland, portraying Charlemagne as a “French” invader.[3]

After the Nazis came to power in 1933 so many plays and other works were written about Widukund that there were complaints that he was becoming a cliché. Alfred Rosenberg praised him as a hero of German freedom, who finally joined with the founder of the German Reich (Charlemagne). Two important plays about the Saxon leader were produced in 1934, Der Sieger (“The Victor”) by Friedrich Forster and Wittekind by Edmund Kiss.

The first celebrated the conversion of Widukind, but the second caused controversy because of its explicit Anti-Christian message.

In that play after the massacre of Verden Saxon leaders say “That is what the Christians have done; they feign love, but bring murder!”, a line that led to protests from the audience.[3] The play portrays Catholic church leaders planning to destroy German freedom by forcing racial mixture on them, thus turning them into pliable “untermenschen“. Thousands of German maidens are captured and will be forced to mate with “Jews, Greeks, Italians and Moors” unless Widukind converts, which he does only to avoid this horrifying prospect. He gives a speech saying that the survival of the German race was his principal concern, and that future generations will praise him for this when the true spirit of the German people arises once more.[3]

The Milky Way ~ Irung’s Way and Irung’s Wall
-by Peter Krüger

So too in Germanic sources we find many references to the Milky Way as summarized in an excerpt from Jacob Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, chapter 15:

It is normally described as a way or street, for example as Wattlingestrete or Iringesstrâza (Widukind), Iringes uuec, Iuuåringes uueg, Euringsstrass.

Interestingly in Þiðreks Saga af Bern (ch. 387) we find a different story. There we find a description of Irung’s final battle with Högni, who causes him to fall against a stone wall, which is still called Irûngs veggr in memory of the hero:

Ok þá lætr Írungr sigast við steinvegginn, ok þessi steinveggr heitir Írungsveggr enn í dag.
“Irung then sank against the stone wall and this wall is still called Irung’s wall today.”  (Edward Haymes tr.)
Jacob Grimm accounts for the difference by assuming a mistake by the writer of  Þiðreks saga:

“The Norse redactor confounded vegr (via, way) with veggr (murus, wall); his German source must have had Iringes vec, in allusion to the ‘cutting his way’ in Widukind.”

Even though this conclusion sounds logical, I suggest that the Milky Way has indeed been known in Germanic sources both as a way and a wall. As described in my essay ‘Asgard’s wall – the Milky Way’, there are good reasons to identify the wall of Asgard, erected by an unnamed mountain giant with the rising Milky Way starting from the area of  Sagittarius to the rising of the Pleiades (identified as Mjöllnir) and Taurus (Thor).

I do find these connections between Widukind, Thor and his mjollnir identified as the swastika, the Milky Way, and ME+me recovery rather profound. It really has been quite the magical journey these last 7 years.

Before the birth of Adolf Hitler the family surname had many variations that were often used almost interchangeably. Some of the common variances were Hitler, Hiedler, Hüttler, Hytler, and Hittler.
Alois Schicklgruber (Adolf’s father) changed his name on 7 January 1877 to “Hitler”, which was the only form of the last name that Adolf used.

January 7 was also the day Alois’ mother Maria Anna Schicklgruber died.

The coincidences between Hitler, Widukind, the swastika, and the narrative that ME+me together are recovering are mind-boggling from my POV to say the least.
Here are two more that I just came across.

  1. The name ‘Louis’ is all I know about my father’s father.
    And as it turns out Alois = Louis
    Aloys (Latinized Aloysius) is an Old Occitan form of the name Louis. Modern variants include Alois (Czech, German), Aloïs (French),Alajos (Hungarian), Aloisio (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).
  2. My mother’s given names are Maria Anna which she happens to share with the mother of Alois Hitler who was born in 1837. (of course the numbers 137 are often close by)

Also please note that 1378 as an anagram of 1837 is an interesting connection to the legendary Christian Rosenkreuz who is obviously like the name WiDuKiND an idea called a kenning.

January 7 ~ Feast of Blessed Widukind

 Before discussing this beatus, let me acknowledge the discrepancy on Widukind’s feast day.  Wikipedia offers it as January 6, but the wise convocation of scholars that forms the medieval religion list-serve declares that his feast is January 7.  SQPN is the tiebreaker, if in fact there was any tie to be broken: the 7th it is.

777 AD ~ First appearance by Widukind

Nothing is known of Widukind before the year 777 A.C.E. In that year he is listed as the only Saxon king who did not appear at the court of Charlemagne, in Paderborn, when they were summoned. The Franks from that moment foward thought of Widukind as a traitor and soon found themselves at war with Widukind and his Saxon allies. At the Diet ( Formal Assembly )of Paderborn in 777 Charlemagne officially annexed Saxony into his kingdom. In 782 Charlemagne instituted harsh laws that outlawed the old Gods and Goddesses and called for the death of Pagans who would not convert. The angry Pagan Saxons revolted..

All sources about him stem from his enemies, the Franks, who painted a negative picture of Widukind, calling him an “insurgent” and a “traitor”. He was mentioned first in 777, when he was the only one of the Saxon nobles not to appear at Charlemagne’s court in Paderborn. Instead, he stayed with the Danish king Siegfried (possibly Sigurd Ring).

The Saxons were once again brought to heel, but their main leader, Widukind, managed to escape to Denmark, home of his wife. Charlemagne built a new camp at Karlstadt. In 777, he called a national diet at Paderborn to integrate Saxony fully into the Frankish kingdom. Many Saxons were baptised as Christians.

The Duke Widukind symbolically was the last Saxon who fought a war against Karl the Grosse or Charles the Great aka Charlemagne, the ‘other’ Widukind, Widukind of Korvey the historian wrote about Charlemagne.

Here we have another coincidence.
I ponder if in some way I can be connected to the blessed Widukind.
What relationship would there be between John D. Newport, the author of this next link and me?
Note the url of this page!
It contains the Widukind code 1-3-7-6.

Widukind, original statue (photo) church Enger Town Square Enger Germany

Enger – Widukind, Saxon Bane of Charlemagne

Some names will not the culturally (?). Widukind is one. He led the Saxons for Decades against Charlemagne and the Pope, in the 8th Century in northern Europe. The Century’s horrors for people who sought To Remain independent in Their Own lands extended into the 9th, When Widukind Appears to have been elevated from folk hero to legendary heroic; and to the present. Like the Symphony without the glorious affirmation at the end. Just slaughter for the resistors. Is that so? Widukind capitulated to Charlemagne and Agreed to convert after Decades of fighting, in exchange for safe passage of the people. Charlemagne Responded by slaughtering 4500 Saxon prisoners in a single day. See: // What “religion” used as a weapon. Convert or die. Is it now. Believe this way, or we will get you. Widukind cut an impressive figure.Here is the original statue, a photograph of it from the Passenger Widukind museum. This Stood, as we understand it, at the church, then what Moved to the town square.


The picture shows Widukind (also Wittekind), who sparked the war against the Franks in 778 A.C. As leader of the Saxons he fought against Charlemagne, king of the Franks and against the Christian faith until the year 785 A.C., when he agreed to be baptized as part of a peace-treaty. Depicted are Widukind’s troops gathering in front of Widukind’s house and prepared for the battle. They are armored with lances, swords and helmets.

Widukind and the Swastika

Widukind swastika

In the top right corner of the entrance you can see rightwards angled swastikas, who in former Germanic times did not yet possess any specific political meaning but were symbolized the sun gear or the hammer of Thor.

Widukind and the Swastika then and now….

Now it is the association between Widukind and the swastika that would make any reader who has been following my tale take notice.
First consider that the July 3, 1957 version of Widukind, who upon his retirement on July 31, 2007 would after seven years on March 17, 2014 make a declaration of sorts involving links between what gravity is, how consciousness evolves, and the 12,000+ year old swastika.

The many claims to fame and infamy of this version of Widukind born in 1957 is that the swastika is a fine candidate to help explain B-mode and E-mode gravity waves.


The claim of this Master of the Temple is that by following archetypal clues the MBG or Master Builder Grid has been recovered.

Wow is all I can say.
What say thee?

Widukind in Herford

“Widukind? A freedom fighter?” my Frankish characters say. “Are you mad? He’s burned churches. His murderers killed indiscriminately.”

“Widukind is a hero,” my Saxon characters reply. “He will rid us of these foreign invaders who destroyed our sacred pillar and stole our territory. When we promise to follow their odd religion, they demand money.”

So, whose side is right? Both.


Perhaps the deal was for Widukind to convert to Christianity, pay tribute to Charles, and quit burning churches so that he could return to his land. The annals don’t mention Widukind after 785, but he may have founded a few abbeys, a typical penance for a nobleman.

Even after his conversion, Widukind was still revered by Saxons. A 10th century historian bears his name. That scholar, Widukind of Corvey, dedicated the history of his people to Matilda, a royal woman who claimed the eighth-century Westphalian leader as an ancestor.

Name, family and origin

The name means Widukind forest child or child of the forest and can be used as Kenning apply.

Widukind was a description of the wolf, an animal that is brought in connection with the war or death. The name Widukind may therefore originally have been an honorific epithet, not a proper name.


Gerd Althoff has a monk with the name Widukind, as the “Dominator Widukind” in brotherhood book of Lake Constance monastery on Reichenau attempts should be recorded to prove. Charlemagne was therefore banished Widukind as a monk on the island of Reichenau.


Widukind leads his flock to the place of Irminsul.

Soon the Eresburg is back in Saxon hands. But Widukind is no rest and no peace.

Oswald Spengler

In all these catastrophes Germans have fought Germans. That it was often tribe against tribe or sovereign against sovereign is significant only for the surface of history. Beneath all these conflicts lay the intense discord that inhabits every German soul, an inner struggle that first erupted ominously in the Gothic age, in the personages of Frederick Barbarossa and Henry the Lion at the time of the Battle of Legnano. Has anyone understood this dichotomy in the German soul?

Who has recognized in Martin Luther the reincarnation of the Saxon Duke Widukind?

2B continued

Widukund Saxon Chief Statue in Bronze (Item OLD 7-6 & ART 16-9)

Widukund Saxon Chief Statue in Bronze (Item OLD 7-6 & ART 16-9)

DESCRIPTION: A beautiful gold washed bronze of the Saxon Chief Widukund. Very little is known about the life of Widukund. All sources about him stem from his enemies, the Franks, who painted a negative picture of him as an insurgent and a ‘traitor.’ He was first mentioned in 777 when he was the only one of the Saxon nobles not to appear at Charlemagne’s court in Paderborn. His circa is 730-808 and after the Saxon Frankish wars and forced baptism he became known as “Blessed Widukind.” He was the chief antagonist of Charlemagne during these bloody wars. He married Geva of Westford c.770-800, daughter of the Danish king Goimo I and sister of the Danish kings Ragnar and Siegfried. Widukund was the moving spirit in the struggles of the Saxons for their independence and continuation of their traditional faith. Frankish accounts of the Saxon wars give only scant outlines of his character. After Charlemagne subdued the Saxons in 777, Widukund found refurge with his wife’s relatives in Denmark. When Charlemagne went to Spain in 77, Widukund returned and revived the rebellion, and the Saxons raided Frankish regions. Several more times Widukund had to flee, and eventually Charlemagne subdued the Saxons and inflicted terrible punishment at the Blood Verdict of Verden where 4,500 tribal leaders were allegedly beheaded. The bitter struggles involved Wends and Frisians as well and continued until Charlemagne succeeded forcefully with threats of genocide against his people, persuaded Widukund to accept Christianity. Widukund was baptized in 785 along with many of his people at Attigny. The Pope ordered a general feast of thanksgiving. Widukund took no part in further Saxon wars. He soon became one of the heroes of legend and eventually appeared as a saintly figure becoming “Blessed Widukund” and the builder of many churches. He is believed to have been buried at Engernea Herford around 808.  However, the monumental tablet in the church of Enger is not from the 9th century, and so it is doubtful if the corpse inside is actually that of Widukund. This once bitter foe of Charlemagne, thus became his friend and godson. His feast day is commemorated on January 7. According to myth, Widukund rode a black horse before his baptism and a white horse afterwards. The black horse is depicted in the coat of arms of the district of Hereford, while his white horse is depicted on the flags of the North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower states of Germany. Widukund is also a Dutch fraternity located in Nijmegen which was founded in 1945. The controversy reached into the conversations between Adolf Hitler and SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Hitler thought that Charlemagne’s deeds were necessary so as to advance civilization and intellectual progress of the Aryan race at that point in time. Certainly it marked an event that did much to change the course of history. This bronze statue of the Saxon hero is quite beautiful indeed.  He is shown with axe and shield standing defiantely against the usurpers of Germanic ‘Kultur.”  His winged helmet is almost a declaration of war in itself!  He wears a tunic of chained mail, his sword hangs at his side under the shield suspended by a chain hanger. He stands about 6 inches high with the base. The gilting is 100% intact.  A beautiful bronze sculpture and a beautiful symbol of righteous defiance against a cruel and powerful enemy.  “The Tea Party on steroids!”  Widukund only knelt before Karl the Great to save his people from annihilation. His honor, bravery, and selfless leadership will be remembered in the annals of history.  He was like Hermann the Cheruskin — a hero of the Volk! Small but dynamic! One of the better bronzes we have ever seen.

PRICE: $2,150.00

Many Germans willingly allowed him to intrude into their private lives. A 1933 telegram to the chancellery, from someone called Wedekind, asks: “Permission to give son second name Hitler.”

Kraus, who had taken a strong pacifist line from 1914 on, was one of the first to recognize what defeat portended. As early as 1921, he identified Germany as the country where “the swastika rises above the ruins of global conflagration”; in subsequent issues of Die Fackel, Kraus exposed the Hakenkreuzler (“Swastiklers”) for what they were, arguing that the postwar economic crisis had created a fertile breeding ground for irrationalism (the Swastika was an occult symbol) and anti-Semitism, especially vis-à-vis the Eastern Jews, now pouring into Vienna.

Widukind –
Saxon nobleman,
pagan freedom fighter,
Christian hero or
criminal rebel?

His life and deeds remain hidden in the mists of history. The bigger – the Widukind myth.

There is only scant contemporary sources.The Frankish realm annals for the years 772-785 of violent fighting between Franks and Saxons. Widukind is organized as leader of the Saxons, the uprisings against the Franks. At the end he gave up the resistance and was baptized. That’s all we know for sure about Widukind.
Each time creates its own image of the Saxon nobles. The myth proves to be workable.

For Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Saxony Widukind embodied the regional identity.Facing him was Charlemagne as the epitome of universal empire and the church.

Therefore, the myth of Widukind and Karl is unforgettable.

What is in a NaMe?


  • The Saxon nobles humbly renewed their submission, and tried to throw thewhole responsibility of the rebellion upon Wittekind.

    A History of Germany Bayard Taylor
  • Wittekind was a stubborn heathen, and a very determined man.



  • A Horse of Her Own by Annie Wedekind is another passionate horsey tale.

    Is Passion

  • Working at the University of Bern in Switzerland, Claus Wedekind and Manfred Milinski had started out with seventy-nine first-year students who were blissfully unaware of concepts such as reciprocal altruism and invited them to take part in a game in which they had the option to donate money to other individuals in the group.


  • Wedekind and Milinski found that even when there is no chance of direct reciprocity players are generous to each other provided that they have an opportunity to keep tally of the actions of their fellow player.


  • Later, I had enough to do in teaching European theatre at Warwick University, getting students to understand Ibsen, Chekhov, Strindberg, Wedekind, Pirandello, Brecht, Beckett and Artaud, without making time for Shaw.

    George Bernard Shaw and feminism | Germaine Greer

  • Mr. Reed originally wrote the music for a theatrical production by Robert Wilson of the “Lulu Plays” by German playwright Frank Wedekind.

    A Rocky Start to a Metal Marriage

  • How Wedekind (1864-1918) almost came be an American writer is a long story.

    Thomas Gladysz: “I Am the Victim of Such a Lascivious Beauty”: Rufus Wainwright on Louise Brooks

  • These playfully enigmatic pieces have a thematic connection to an opera set he designed for “Lulu” (which, like “Spring Awakening,” uses Wedekind for its source material.)

    ARTINFO: Five Shows to See Around the World

  • In 1995, Swiss biology professor Claus Wedekind asked female students to rate the odor of six sweat-stained T-shirts worn by male students.

    The $1,000 Genome

  • Wedekind gave us the controversial works Spring Awakening recently seen on Broadway and the Lulu plays, which were filmed as Pandora’s Box in 1929 by G.W. Pabst and made Louise Brooks a star.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Certainly, some characters and systems in the story want to deny some of those things, but the girls are intrepid and sharp within the system they have been thrown into, and though we might not accept Wedekind and Hadzihalilovic’s analogy of childhood as a mysterious and cloistered boarding school with strange rules and restrictions, surely no-one would deny that childhood is full of mysteries.


2B continued

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – November 15 – 2013 – Sigma Chi – The Temple Of Man

Ray-Ban logo.svg

UPDATE March 13, 2015

I asked my daughter today Rachel to accompany me to the LOOX optician to help me decide on a new frame for my eyeglasses.
Yesterday I had chosen about seven frames but could not decide on which one, so I asked my daughter to help me decide.
One of the frames were made by Ray-Ban, the other six were not.
And in fact she did choose the Ray-Ban frame, and in the end I went along with her decision.

Then today March 15th I found out that Ray-Ban was in fact formed in 1937 and their slogan is ‘Genuine Since 1937’

Now the coincidence that Rachel helped me pick out my eye wear, helping me decide on the Ray-Bans is uncanny as this blog shall continue to illustrate.
(keep reading)

Without a doubt the years 13791793, along with 1937, and 1973 in this century seem to be more than just coincidences involving the same four numbers 1379, there appears to be another numerical narrative keeping pace, with history as it is being recorded.

How deep do you want to go down the rabbit hole?
And if we should come across a rabid rabbi should we turn back?
Of course not Alice, things will just begin to get interesting.

The Temple Of Man – Luxor Egypt


The images so far presented, the videos etc. are all just a prelude to the narrative that is about to unfold.
It continues to amaze.
I will share with you what has happened over the past several days and you can decide if all of these coincidences are evidence of an emergent UNITY that eventually will become more and more apparent with time or else it was just all a series of coincidences of fortunate events that I just happen to tap into at the time.
But the timing of my paying attention to the devil in the detail is odd in itself too.


John Anthony West is probably one of the best to take you on a tour of The Temple Of Man found in Luxor.

Here is a coincidence from my POV.
I was looking for images for the Temple Of Man at Luxor and the above image in black and white lead me to a forum that I had participated on for many years always under a cloud of controversy, eventually being banned.
One of the few supporters I had on that forum was ‘vision-master‘ and he was in fact the fella who posted that image we see above in black and white found at this link here –

But here is the AHA – another profound 137 coincidence that defies all of the odds, what would the probabilities be?
Take a look at the time I was loitering about that forum on November 21st, it was 7:13 pm.
I was about to leave that site when I noticed the time and I took a screen shot found here:

As we can see that 137 coincidence happened today November 21, but I want to take you back to November 15th 2013, the day I finally managed to recover the genius of Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, somebody who I know who understand and comprehend my crazy self.

The Temple Of Man

R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz’s masterwork, The Temple of Man, finally appears in English in an inspired two volume translation by Deborah Lawlor and an equally inspired production job by the publishers. This book is, in my opinion, the most important single work of scholarship of this, or any other century. It is a work of pure genius; the more you study it, the more it seems impossible for a single man to have accomplished. Starting with a single revelatory observation in Egypt in 1937, Schwaller de Lubicz, over the course of some 20 years, was able to piece together the sacred science of the ancients and present it in rigorously documented fashion.
– See more at John Anthony West:


Lost Vision of the Universe Rediscovered by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz


The Temple Of Man was published in 1957, the culmination of a revelation that had taken place in 1937.
1957 happens to be the year I was born, and clearly the numbers 1379 have become part of my tale.
Here I am in awe of this book, that I was meant to find, but the events surrounding its acquisition were meant to make me take notice.
What else could it possibly mean?

WoW MoM what a day I had, full of 137 coincidences which continue to suggest Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung were correct in associating Pauli’s obsession over the number 137  to Jung’s concept the ‘collective unconscious’.
Recall the coincidence that Wolfgang Pauli died in room 137 of a Red Cross Hospital.

Wolfgang Pauli a Nobel prize winner is also famous for saying this;

“The concept and interpretation of FSC leads us out from the physics.”

The FSC known also as alpha, 0.00729 and 1/137 (which is the inverse of 137) leads us OUT from the physics and  into the metaphysical realms where science and religion must embrace each other and discuss ‘what is consciousness?’.

It is all good, because Nobel winners and a noble science will need to admit it cannot measure ‘consciousness’.

Well it is a good thing too that I took note of the string of coincidences the other day, using time stamps, parking tickets,  etc. the kind of empirical evidence we need in order to prove that the coincidence is in fact evidence of a underlying design where every detail has been accounted for … IF ye dare bother to go looking for the 137 dEvILs in the dEtaIL.

The  most amazing coincidence occurred involving this bell tower, The Soldier’s Tower part of the University of Toronto infrastructure.
I have lived in Toronto all my life, and I am clearly ignorant of what Toronto offers.
November 15, 2013 I shall never forget.
I suspect an angel got their wings that day, isn’t that what happens when you hear bells?
At around 11:37 I suspect, but I did not ‘get it’ until about 11:41 in fact!

Soliders' Tower Approach

The Soldiers’ Tower is a world-renowned memorial to the 1181 members of the University who gave their lives in the cause of peace and freedom during the two World Wars.

In January, 1919 the Alumni Federation (University of Toronto Alumni Association) appealed for funds to build a War Memorial and establish scholarships in memory of those students, staff and alumni who served in the Great War. The appeal raised $397,141. The Tower was completed in 1924 at a cost of $252,500 which included the Memorial Screen, but not the clock and the carillon which were added in 1927. The surplus is still in use for scholarships to this day. The Architects were Henry Sproatt & Earnest R. Rolph.

The Carillon

Originally there were 23 bells, the minimum number for a carillon.
In 1952, 19 new bells were donated in memory of the members of the University who fell in the Second World War and to enlarge the existing instrument. Unfortunately these bells did not match the tone of the original ones so funds were raised to purchase 28 Petit and Fritsen bells, a new playing clavier, and a practice console. The augmented, 51-bell, Soldiers Tower Carillon was rededicated on May 7, 1976.

Its 51 bells, which range in weight from four tons (the Bourdon) to 23 pounds, are hung on a four-tier frame in the top level of the tower.

Did you notice the reverse 137 in the U of T url over which I would have no control?

I find it interesting that they settled on 51 bells.
The Geneva bible was replaced by the KJV bible after 51 years.

November 15, 2013

How did the day begin?
How was the 137 day set into motion?

It all begins with a cosmic Knock Knox joke.


I got a call from my eldest daughter @8:53 AM wanting a ride downtown, her plea for assistance was noble.
Rachel needed to pick up books on architecture from several of the university libraries.

Of course (in my mind) I was not prepared to leave immediately as my daughter expected but it did not take me long to see the opportunity I was being presented with to spend time with my daughter and have her help me out by using her university privileges allowing me to borrow the books for 2 weeks.

Robarts Library had a couple of ‘monumental’ books I was interested in available to the public through their stacks but they could not be removed from the  premises by me, an outsider, The Temple Of Man is one of them.

I told her I would be over in about 20 minutes and thus the 137 consciousness journey began.
We had three libraries to visit. The first was Robarts with which I was somewhat familiar with.

meter locations in blue


1 this strip along Harbord St. is where the parking meters are located where I normally park when going to the Robarts Library.
Reason: Logistics, because the entrance to the library is closer to the St. George and Harbord St. intersection.

2 where I parked for the first time with my daughter Rachel on Huron St.
Reason: The other meters where I normally park along Harbord were taken and I mentioned this to my daughter at the time, who in fact can confirm the need to park on Huron street on this particular day.

3 this is the location of the test meter I used in order to see what changes would occur on the parking tags.
Reason: in order to judge the probability of the 1379 coincidences that I just happen to pick up/tune into on this fine November day.

In fact Robarts was the only library I needed to find a parking meter for.  The other two libraries we visited I stayed close by the chariot, a black/white yin/yang Mini Cooper while Rachel searched for the books she needed for the period architecture she was researching.

So Rachel and me set off to the stacks section, but as anticipated I was not allowed inside, so I waited outside on the 4th floor or was it the 9th?
Only Rachel was allowed to enter because she had a U of T student ID card and who am I anyway?
I am the walking talking bank account called Pa that helped finance 50% of the dream that was now refusing me entry.

Rachel came down from the stacks area with the bad news that neither of the books I was interested appeared to be on the shelf thus available.
We proceeded to the front desk and then my phone rang.

At 10:44 my friend KW (same initials as my father) called to share with me something she had noticed about the study group she was participating in.
It’s protocol number was 13-017.

Today when I called KW to find out more details she quickly realized that even though she had called me at 10:44 after noticing the protocol number for the study group she was in, this had actually occurred closer to 10:37 am she admits she did not call me right away…how cool is all of that…but it is too bad she did not notice and call me right away because then my phone would have recorded this 137 synchronicity…and as we shall see it would have been a lovely piece of circumstantial synchronistic coincidental evidence that would have even the most skeptical scratching their heads.
Did KW notice the 137 coincidence at 10:37 we will never know but in consideration of the other evidence I am about to present, my guess is that her mind noticed everything at once but she could only entertain one narrative at a time…

It soon became clear that Rachel was going to take longer retrieving her books than we had estimated, the parking meter had in fact expired.
So I went out to Huron street to purchase another ticket or at least stay with the vehicle, just in case Rita the lovely Meter Maid should pass by and issue me a parking fine.

That is when I saw it all begin to unfold. As I often do (lately) I had a quick glance at the parking meter ticket to see what kind of numerical coincidences are being served up without giving it any thought on my part.
That is when I saw the number pattern on the parking tag.

AHA – note I highlighted in yellow along the bottom the numbers 80139753

The reader must understand that the numbers 1379 and 1376 jump off pages when I see them grouped together, for very good reason.

It soon became clear to me that I was being given a unique opportunity to gather evidence of  the 1379 coincidences using the parking meters to conduct an experiment regarding ‘probabilites’.

Then I looked up and saw where I had parked – right opposite the SIGMA CHI (ΣΧ) fraternity house?


Another nest of potential rat pack brats nesting together in a frat, is there a Robert Downy Jr. among them … an Iron Man worthy of the Iron Cross to pin our future hopes on…?

Sigma Chi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The ‘motto’ of this frat house is in fact my motto too, what a coincidence that I should park beside it and be issued a ticket with the numbers 1397 clearly stamped on it.

Sigma Chi (ΣΧ)- In Hoc Signo Vinces

‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla, Peter Plichta, String Theory and the Philosopher’s Stone

So the one coincidence that was bothering me was that I needed to know what the numbers on the parking tag 80139753 were indicating?
So I put in a quarter, another two bits, 25 cents to see what the ticket would print and this is what came up, the same numbers 801397 followed by a 56 this time, indicating that this machine had issued tickets #54 and #55 in the interim.

So the two tickets I had purchased from the same meter opposite Sigma Chi (ΣΧ), i.e. 80139753 and 80139756 did not tell me if all parking meters used the similar prefix numbers 801397 … so I took a walk up Huron Street to another meter and conducted another experiment costing 25 cents.
I used this meter, the next one north of the one I had used, number 3 on the meter map I have supplied.
I was curious to see if 137 would appear also in its code.


The 801397 prefix was absent on this meter … and that made me rather happy.
I then decided to have a look across the street to see what was opposite this meter.
Recall the other meter was opposite Sigma Chi (ΣΧ).

Take a look at the house numbers on the two attached semis opposite my ‘test’ meter.
Together the two semi-detached houses yield the one code 374-316
What I find odd however is how one of the 7s is broken to look like a 1 instead, thereby providing me with the requisite ‘137‘.

So after taking it all in I walked back down to my car and continued to wait for Rachel.

Then I saw a student emerge from the Sigma Chi (ΣΧ) fraternity house.
I approached him and found out his name was SaM.
I decided to ask SaM a few questions about the motto/cross associated with In Hoc Signo Vinces.

In Hoc Signa Vinces and SaM – note the ΣΧ Frat House over his left shoulder

I learned from SaM that Vinces is best pronounced as WinK-ess
i.e. the V sounds like a W, the C sounds like a K and the es sounds like an ess or ‘S’

Before parting I also invited him to check out the faKebook page called 137 – The KEY to the Collective Unconscious because I planned on adding him to the 137 narrative.

137 – The KEY to the Collective Unconscious

At 11:19 Rachel called to let me know she did indeed find one of the books I had asked her to find and she was on her way out.
The gift finally arrived.

The TEMPLE Of MAN volumes 1 and 2

The result of a epiphany in 1937 Rene Schwaller’s journey was published in 1957, his monumental work had taken 56 years to make its way to little ole me and what did I see, oh my could it be?

volume I bar code ends with a 9
volume II bar code ends with a 6

137-96 brings me fool circle to where I began?

So how do we associate the numbers 137 to the collective unconscious and to the swastika?
Have a look at the other side of the parking ticket, what kind of advertising do we see?
Is the Rogers logo a swastika?

So the 137 coincidences have been building.
Building up to what?
Building up to The Temple Of Man in fact.

The Cubits and the Temple

Note in PLATE 64 we have a swastika on the left and beside it we see the foundation of Luxor – aka the Temple Of Man.
Note that both symbols are placed on a 22 x 18 grid and are surrounded by various alternate lengths for the cubit.

Recall the name of PLATE 64 – The Cubits and the Temple

Luxor The Temple of Man – San Graal

But it was not until I had a closer look at the detail of Rene Schwaller de Lubicz’s work that the simplicity of the archetype fit perfectly the journey I personally had been on.
In the image below we take a closer look at all of those white dots we see in The Temple Of Man in Luxor.

Rene Schwaller’s approach to understanding the Egyptians was via ‘consciousness’, he tried to understand them by thinking like them.
Unlike the modern approach which projects a diffused, diluted, polluted ignorant modernity onto a superior CULTure trying to comprehend it.

At this point in the discussion regarding consciousness and 137 we need to introduce three quotes by three Nobel winning physicists who may or may not have approved of Schwaller’s work.

Werner Heisenberg once proclaimed that all the quandaries of quantum mechanics would shrivel up when 137 was finally explained.

Wolfgang Pauli’s opinion is well known too:
“The concept and interpretation of FSC (137) leads us out from the physics.”

Richard Feynman was more dramatic:
“Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling (137) comes from: is it related to π or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number, and “we don’t know how He pushed his pencil.” We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this number very accurately, but we don’t know what kind of dance to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly!”
The Mysterious 137 – Feynman Online

So the genius of Rene Schwaller’s Magnum Opus The Temple Of Man tried to tackle Egyptian Pharonic consciousness, and three Nobel prize winners in physics are suggesting that the number 137 is somehow associated to the collective unconscious. The collaboration of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung as depicted recently in the book Deciphering the Cosmic Code 137 keeps us on track, navigating through new territory where the distinction between numbers and letters gets very fuzzy when trying to understand the evolution of language and communication using signs, symbols, numbers, and letters.

Can we link the claims of three Nobel Prize winners regarding 137 to the genius of Rene Schwaller who was also a mathematician in his own right.

It is in fact easier than we realize.
I noticed it the other day when I had a quick glance at my library copies.
Watch how simple and the numbers supporting the pattern suggest Rene Schwaller’s intuition was 100% correct.
This temple is elemental from the ground up, literally and figuratively.


The Temple Of Man by R.A Schwaller

88 vs 92 – How Many Elements on the Periodic Table of the  – wiseGEEK

The bottom half when you add up all of the blue dots seems to be a match for the Periodic Table of ‘Naturally Occurring’ Elements.
Note how if you fold the top half into the bottom half it roughly fits?

The top of The Temple of Man contains the 64 Codons of our DNA and the numbers 73 or 37 (stay tuned)

These two numbers can be associated with both consciousness and the collective unconscious.

WOW amazing don’t you think?
All of this has happened since November 15th when I decided to go down to the Robarts library to pick up The Temple Of Man.

… to be continued – 2 libraries to go, remember my daughter and me visited 3 libraries on November 15, 2013.
Next stop is the John W. Graham Library which is right next to Trinity Church.

Ode to Joy

to be continued….

afterthoughts …. since Nov. 15/2013

The Temple Of Man

Rene Schwaller is going to help us understand 137.
Do you know why I say that?
Well yesterday November 15th was a magical 137 day, I had gone down to U of T Robarts library with my daughter who has U of T privileges hoping to borrow a book, and knowing I only had two weeks to view these books I had no choice after viewing them, within five minutes I knew I would need to have my own reference copies available 24/7/365.
At the end of the day I had ordered the last set from Amazon, there was no hesitation on my part…and of course the numbers 137 appear again in this purchase!

Order #169-73 is a match for the 137-96 code recovered.
What I paid including HST tax just happens to come out to $153.67 which is yet another confirmation.

Does it ever end?

So after buying the book and being presented with yet another 137 coincidence I finally got around to writing about my experiences in this blog that you are reading.

Then I noticed it.
It can’t be but of course it is.
In the image below bottom right I had noticed the time I had posted this blog was 19:37  which coincidentally matches the year 1937 that Rene Schwaller de Lubicz claims was the year that he had experienced his original epiphany, which lead to him putting together his magnum opus The Temple Of Man, published in 1957, the year I was born!

years later I recover the genius of RS which will help us understand how the 5 and concerns itself with the geometry of the pentagon and hexagon which are old world ideas connected to the Seals of Solomon which can be shown to be connected to the 64 codons of our DNA.

And if using a 24 hr. clock the time 19:37 is the same as 7:37 pm.
And the reverse of one of the parking tickets issued to me on Nov. 15, 2013 clearly carries the code 80139753.

I must conclude there is no way that little ole’ me could have possibly planned all of the above ‘137‘ coincidences….but I will admit that my higher self could have designed it down to the last detail OR maybe my higher self only needed to point out to ME what ‘just is’ is.

I must add that there were events that happened on November 15 that went unnoticed by me, but what I did notice and since continues to amaze.

The genius of RS (Rene Schwaller) will give us insights into the RS magic, the Rotas Sator magic.

Because that is the way it has been written, so it must be recovered.
I have a hunch.

i.e. How does RSchwaller define a ‘Royal Cubit’?

Do you see the 137 pattern in the digits?

28 = 2 + 8 = 1
12 = 1 + 2 = 3
16 = 1 + 6 = 7

Did I mention the Temple Of Man has SSS fully depicted?
When I say SSS I am suggesting Sacred Swastika Science.
I just did….this was shared with me on the TOEQuest forum

page 237 of RS work – The Temple Of Man

IF anybody can appreciate the work of RS it is somebody who has been working on the RS magic square.

Note in the Rosy Cross above we see the one southern arm is longer because it has an extra ‘hexagon’ that the other three arms do not.
All four arms have a pentagon but only the longer southern displays both.
There is good reason for this and it can shown to be connected to DNA ATCG pairs.

Rosicrucian Lectures – Vescia Piscis – Robert Gilbert and Raphael

The hexagon and pentagon were both Seals of Solomon. This is an important piece of information that many people overlook.
The pentagon was the linked to Solomon as a seal, used as an amulet etc. before the hexagon.

This quote taken from the masterpiece The Temple Of Man by R Schwaller de Lubicz.
Does this ‘review’ of Rene Schwaller’s work mention a hexagon/pentagon, it does and RS work is full of it…and those two shapes place into the molecular world of DNA.

“Anthropocosmos Man had configured the vital moment of Genesis in mathematical terms and was able to express this creation by way of geometry propagating into greater proportions. They had realized the square roots of 2, 3, and 5, and the perpetual golden mean ratio “phi” associated with pentagonal and hexagonal geometry expressed in the physical development of organic creatures in relationship to the growth and size of their different body parts.”


Clearly we have just begun … to be continued

selah V

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic ~ October 6, 2013 ~ Apollo ~ Fratres Lucis ~ Order of the Swastika

UPDATE August 23, 2016

This page taken out of 1887 publication is worth having a look at.
The pdf. is available online.


Please take note of the line >> FELLOW OF THE ORDER S.S.S. AND OF THE BROTHERHOOD Z.Z.R.R.Z.Z.

Free pdf.

“”All things come from within.” Seal, a circle composed of three cobras, separated by three swasticas, inclosing two interlaced triangles, these triangles inclosing the crux ansata. The quotation is: “Neither height nor depth can measure the possibilities of the human soul.” Love, with Wisdom is the secret of Life. The torch of Life is fed by the oil of Love. On the large cube of cream-white stone which was presented to the Order of the Z.Z., by a Mexican chief, is the following significant inscription: “The Torch of Love is the Secret of Soul.” It is claimed in their traditions that this stone is of great antiquity, and that it was one of the chief stones in the altar of Teocallis. The hierophant of the Order is the Count A. de G. The principal office for this country is in Boston.”

Order of the SSS and Brotherhood of the ZZRRZZ – Kook Science

~ end of UPDATE ~

October 6, 2013

 “I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Hygieia and Panacea and by all the gods …”

The original Hippocratic Oath began with that invocation.

Seal of H.B. of L.

They planned the European Union from 1837, working an unknown 120 year plan to introduce it in 1957.

Now how cool is this, well from my POV it is just another coincidence that has me wondering, now how cool is this.

So this morning I read that Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie, a Masonic scholar referred to the swastika as the “hermetic cross’.

The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia (1877) includes the swastika and calls it the Hermetic Cross (Hermeticism was a form of Gnostic Christianity) and refers to its use in Europe (France).

Then I found out that KRH Mackenzie played a significant role as an initial source of information for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn when initially founded.

According to the records of the Order, the manuscripts passed from Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie, a Masonic scholar, to the Rev. A. F. A. Woodford, whom British occult writer Francis King describes as the fourth founder (although Woodford died shortly after the Order was founded).

The documents did not excite Woodford, and in February 1886 he passed them on to Freemason William Wynn Westcott, who managed to decode them in 1887.
Westcott, pleased with his discovery, called on fellow Freemason Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers for a second opinion.

Westcott asked for Mathers’ help to turn the manuscripts into a coherent system for lodge work.
Mathers in turn asked fellow Freemason William Robert Woodman to assist the two, and he accepted.
Mathers and Westcott have been credited with developing the ritual outlines in the Cipher Manuscripts into a workable format.

Mathers, however, is generally credited with the design of the curriculum and rituals of the Second Order, which he called the Rosae Rubae et Aureae Crucis (“Ruby Rose and Golden Cross” or the RR et AC).

And is it a coincidence that most of the members/founders of the Golden Dawn who would later author Tarot books/decks would associate the swastika with Kether?

37 and 52

Then I found out that Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie who was a prime source of Masonic material for both the Golden Dawn and Madame Helena P. Blavatsky lived to be 52 and he died on July 3 or ’73‘.

July 3 is my birthday, born in 1957 the same year ‘the plan’ was to be put into effect.

And it is not an exaggeration to say that those numbers 52/25 and 73/37 are of biblical proportions literally and figuratively and are in fact central to most of the ideas being posted on this blog.

Kenneth Robert Henderson Mackenzie (31 October 1833 – 3 July 1886) was an English linguist, orientalist and autodidact.

And just like Kenneth RH Mackenzie I think I could also be a late bloomer, an autodidact.

One may become an autodidact at nearly any point in one’s life. While some may have been informed in a conventional manner in a particular field, they may choose to inform themselves in other, often unrelated areas. Many notable contributions have been made by autodidacts.

Then I found a copy of his Freemason magnum opus at my local library and put it on ‘hold’ (as of Oct. 6) .  And if I like what ‘Mac’ has to say I might just place an order for his book online.

But of course the rabbit holes in Freemasonry are plentiful, like Fratres Lucis or the Order of the Swastika and 137

During the period that Hockley was active in Freemasonry there was a major surge of interest in pseudo and fringe Masonic rites in England. These various rites had fascinating and colorful names such as the Rite of Memphis, the Rite of Misraim, the Fratres Lucis, The Hermetic Order of Egypt, and the Royal Orient Order of the Sat B’Hai, and drew the attention of many members of the regular Masonic Lodges. Many of these fringe Masonic bodies had just a few people to thank for their existence, Kenneth R. H. MacKenzie, F. G. Irwin, and Robert Wentworth Little. Hockley was not connected with any of these fringe Masonic rites or groups at all[49] but according to Hamill,[50]

Hockley was a proven member of the Fratres Lucis, which was sometimes known as the Order of the Swastika, listing him as a member along with F. G. Irwin, K. R. H. MacKenzie, and Benjamin Cox.

Whether the Fratres Lucis met regularly or if it merely existed on paper and in the fertile imagination of Irwin is unknown, but there is a letter from Cox to Irwin dated 15 December 1885 which suggests that there was a close fraternal bond between the members: “… I was very sorry to of the death of Bro. Hockley. There is now one member less of the Order of …”[51]

It is interesting to note the method of the formation of the Fratres Lucis. According to Howe[52] there are two notebooks in the hand of Irwin in which he uses a crystal to scry to contact Cagliostro to gain information about the Fratres Lucis. These scrying experiments take place in 1872-1873, where between 31 October and 9 November 1873, Cagliostro dictated nearly word for word the introduction to the Fratres Lucis Ceremony which F. G. Irwin attached to the later worked up ceremony. The concept of scrying for a spiritual guide such as Cagliostro for the new rite surely was the product of discussing the scrying experiments of Hockley.

John Hamil – The Rosicrucian Seer – Scribd

The concept of Lucis and Light and the Swastika is a rather remarkable coincidence.


Founded in 1937, Triangles is the name for a global network of cells, whose members pray a “Great Invocation,” especially on the night of the full moon, when members of the Triangle can be influenced by the astrological signs of the zodiac.

Seal of H.B. of L.

APOLLO ‘S‘ next to the Seal of Hermetic Brotherhood of Light or is it the Brotherhood of Luxor?
Theosophical Enlightenment – Page 355 – Google Books Result
by Jocelyn Godwin

What have I gotten myself into now?

The extremely important history of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, or Luxor, also known simply as the “H.B. of L.” had been nearly forgotten by modern occultists after the turn of the twentieth century, but more especially in the wake of the “second occult revival” in the 1960s and ’70s. Then Joscelyn Godwin et al began research for their work on the subject, The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor  (Weiser, 1995).

In summary, it appears that there is a parallel tradition running through the eighteenth century Fratres Lucis and Asiatic Brethren on the one hand, and Cagliostro’s Egyptian Rite (androgynous) Freemasonry on the other.
These fuse with primordial Egyptian traditions during the Napoleonic conquests in Egypt, passed on to Metamon, Theon, Levi, Randolph, Davidson and other nineteenth century luminaries, down to Papus, Reuss, Kellner and, eventually, Aleister Crowley and his successors and heirs within O.T.O.

The Scarlet Letter | v5n2 | “Hermetic Brotherhood of Light”

Hermetic Brotherhood of Light

Although the origins of this order are not clear, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, HBL was a Fraternity that supposedly descended from the …

Frates Lucis

… in the late 18th century (in turn, derived from the German Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross), and was the seed from which Ordo Templi Orientis was created.

In addition, The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light also seemed to be strongly connected with the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.

Occult Theocracy 

Grand Lamaistic Order of Light – Fratres Lucis

source of text:  Theosophical Enlightenment – Joscelyn Godwin – Google Books

2B continued

Selah V

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – September 21, 2013 – The ILU

September 21, 2013

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”

Today’s AHA has been there for some time now.

But it was not until today that for whatever reason I finally saw it. For those who study the esoteric the simple formula 37 x 73  is well known as it pertains to the first 7 words spoken in the Hebrew bIbLE. However note that there happen to be 10 words needed in the English language to express the same idea. You could say we started with 7 words and added 3 words resulting in 10 words in the opening statement of the KJV of the LEvI bIbLE – revealing yet another 137 pattern again!

37 x 73 = 2701

As it turns out 2701 is the ‘gematria’ value of those sEVEn Hebrew words.  This website pioneered by Richard Amiel McGough explains it best. See also the September 17th entry.

The Number 37 – The Heart of Wisdom – Bibles, Wheels, and Brains

Holographic Generating Set (27, 37, 73) – Bibles, Wheels, and Brains

Thread: A curious relationship between 37 and 613. – Bibles …

But here is today’s AHA! I need to reintroduce the work of Marko Rodin, Scot Nelson, Jesus, and the Meso-american Blue Worm.

3 7 1 7 3

Marko Rodin VBM 2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread and Jesus Mihi Omnia 157 and the BLUE WORM

… you will find this 5×5 image at the above link, which essentially places the dreams of Marko Rodin, Scot Nelson, Richard Amiel McGough, Jesus, the Blue Worm and ME onto the same ONE page, all of us are hovering above the ‘apex’ of the Great Pyramid.

So here is what I noticed today.

The NW/SE axis/line contains the numbers 3 7 1 7 3 which reduces to 1/137 or alpha.
We can also see 37 1 73 are separated by a 1 in the center.

So this is what went through my head.
I Thoth thought to myself IF the numbers 37 x 73 = 2701 are in fact the words that begin a narrative …  what would the NE/SW axis reveal besides ‘911’?

9 1 1 1 9

Keeping in mind that the center of the grid is the ‘axis/x/point’ around which everything rotates.

i.e. we then have these formulas surrounding the center and an ‘X‘ marks the spot:

37 x 73 = 2701


91 x 19 = 1729


1729 it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways.”

1729 (number) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1729 — from Wolfram MathWorld

And the factorization of 1729 are the primes …

7 – 13 – 19

So let’s revisit this Thoth thought I had.
IF the numbers on the 37 x 73 = 2701 represent the words that begin a narrative …  what would the NE/SW axis reveal besides ‘911’?

Do the numbers 65 x 56 or simply 5 and 6 suggest or compliment the idea that GENESIS is a GENE theSIS?

6 5 1 5 6 

So how many of the readers have thought of looking at the xy ‘cross’ formed by the four cardinal directions?

What is the formula we see on the equal armed square cross that demarcates the four cardinal directions?

Both E/W and N/S axis display:

65 x 56 = 3640

And staying with the theme of DANIEL >> DNAI37 what is the association between DNA, the union between the numbers 5 (pentagon) and the 6 (hexagon) and most importantly how does it all come back to the Vesica Piscis and ideas about fertility occurring on every level of scaling in the cosmos.

Rosicrucian Lectures – Vescia Piscis – Robert Gilbert and Raphael

6 – 5

One of the interesting dimensions pointed out in this video @5:50 is that the northern and southern shafts coming off the queen’s chamber are both 65 meters and both end at a door.

The Mystery of the Hidden Doors Inside the Great Pyramid 

EDWARD HYMAN – Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association

I like the numbers that I see in Menkaure’s Pyramid.

Menkaure’s Pyramid With a height of 215 feet (65 meters) and a base of 335 by 343 feet (102 by 105 meters), Menkaure’s is by far the smallest of the three pyramids, Lehner notes that its building mass is about 1/10 that of Khufu’s pyramid.

Its complex includes 3 “queens’ pyramids” on its south side. It’s a mystery as to why it’s so much smaller than the others …

Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx | LiveScience

I like a good mystery.

selah V


…and 1729 brings us to the next entry in this wordblog if we reverse our Thoth thoughts …. 9/17/2013

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic ~ September 17, 2013 ~ The SSS and 911

September 17, 2013

UPDATE October 15th, 2013

Art and Archetype Collide

Artist and visionary Charles L. Gilchrist

take note of the Man (1), the Eagle (3), the Lion (7), and the Ox (6)
the sun and the moon
and what appear to be seven x 7-pointed stars that surround the ‘S’ serpent
Draco and Ursa Minor and Polaris perhaps?

Polaris is the tip of the handle of Ursa Minor or the Little Bear/Little Dipper highlighted in yellow.
Both Ursas major/minor are credited with having 7 stars each.

image on left: four-fold angular swastika nested inside a hexagon or Star of David
image on right: six-fold or six-armed swastika with curved arms

In his book The Message Given to me by Extraterrestrials (now republished as Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers 2006 ISBN 2-940252-20-3);

Claude Vorilhon claims that on 13 December 1973, he found a spacecraft shaped like a flattened bell that landed inside Puy de Lassolas, a volcano near the capital city of Auvergne.
A 25,000-year-old human-like extraterrestrial inside the spacecraft named Yahweh said that Elohim was the name that primitive people of Earth called members of his extraterrestrial ra

—who were seen as “those who came from the sky”.

Yahweh explained that Earth was originally void of life, with thick clouds and shallow seas, but the Elohim came, broke apart the clouds, exposed the seas to sunlight, built a continent, and synthesized a global ecosystem.

Solar astronomy, terraformation, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering allowed Elohim to adapt life to Earth’s thermal and chemical makeup.

I AM not a Raelian but I must admit I do find it fascinating that Claude Vorihon’s encounter of the mystical kind happened in 1973 and that the spacecraft that he encountered was described as a “flattened bell”.

Now the RaELIan ‘movement’ which was thus SEEDED in 1973 is yet another ‘movement’ that has attached itself to the archaic swastika and the hexagon (Star of David) as a symbol to represent the ‘movement’.

Thus it is very very easy to suggest that Vorihon was drawn to the swastika for the same reason the Buddhists and Nazis coveted this symbol too.
ALL of these groups have chosen the swastika to represent their paradigm changing ‘movements’ for ONE very good reason.

It is the KEY to understanding MOVEMENT and PRIME NUMBERS.

Prime Numb3rs are the building blocks of math and nature too.

Bet Maryam Church, Lalibela Ethiopia

An interesting exchange of information took place between Graham Hancock and me after I made contact with him on faKebook.
The communication was brief, but clearly another confirmation of what I AM promoting on this blog as a unifying truth.

“No one is permitted to see it”

Except me?
Scroll down this next link to find the gift Graham Hancock gave me;

What is the profound numerical coincidence between 911 and 37?

(recall that I do NOT believe in coincidences)

I have made the claim that 911 woke me up…I would not be the only one to suggest 911 was a paradigm altering moment in the history of man. For some time now I have been claiming (I am not the only one) that the number/s ‘37‘ are associated with what Jung would call the ‘collective unconscious’. I am also a former firefighter who noticed that three 7s happened to be a formula for rEMEMbering how many firefighters died on 911.

777 = 7^3 = 7 x 7 x 7 = 343 firefighters perished on 911

37 and MATH

I then came across the work of Jerry Iuliano who had done the ‘math’ showing the coincidences involving the number/s ‘37‘ and quite a few other numerical coincidences that after the AHA! are then placed into the evidence pile.

37 and the bibLE

I then came across a website called the Bible Wheel that also had zeroed in on the importance of ‘37‘.


37 is called the Heart of Wisdom AND it is associated with holographs too!


So what is the connection between 911 and 37?

Sept. 11 or 911 just happened to fall in the 37th week of the year in 2001.

That might help to explain why I also have zeroed in on a prime number Freemason code called 137-69 linked to the archetypes represented by Hermes+Aphrodite the hermaphrodite, the he-she Yang-Yin, and also the numbers 3 and 2?

This is a rabbit hole exploring how the numbers 2-3 fits the letters N-M to a ‘T’.
Explore this hole only if you have the time to ‘get lost’.

What is pi?

Is it the relationship between a straight line (diameter of a circle) and a curve (the circumference of the same circle).

The Square or Straight-edge linear left male/yang brain vs. the Compass, the right brain, curves and circles associated with the female/yin consciousness.

The Twin Towers in the esoteric world could be represented also by the Man and Woman.


Yin and Yang: bisecting the two. Solution #6

Do you see the three SSS?

This is a particular case of a more general algorithm for the division of a circle into N pieces of equal areas.

This is the only solution in which in addition to having equal areas the four so formed regions have also equal perimeters.

Is it possible to divide a circle into N parts of equal area the Euclidean way: with straightedge and compass?

You’d be within your rights to have doubts.
An immediate solution that comes to mind is to divide the circle into N equal arcs by vertices of a regular N-gon.

However, as it turns out, not all N-gons are constructible.
For example, the regular heptagon — the polygon with 7 vertices — is not.
But this is just a slight hindrance: the problem has an elegant solution for any N!

The Collar of ESSES

Sir Thomas More wearing the Collar of Esses
with the Tudor rose badge of Henry VIII
by Hans Holbein the Younger 1527

In addition to the chain comprised of SSS links in the image on right we see a clasp in the shape of a triskele (three arms/legs) connected to two 4×4 portcullis and the Tudor rose which is easy to recognize in the shape of a pentagon/pentagram.
And nested inside we see another pentagram which has been reversed by 180 degrees and we see yet another rose nested inside again.

The pentagram is associated with the golden mean >> golden ratio >> golden rectangle >> golden spiral.

And please note what is holding the entire thing together in the center is the triskele found on the flag of the Isle of Man.

Which brings us to another coincidence regarding the numbers 37 or 73 (my birthday July 3) or 731 (date of my retirement July 31) and the Isle of Man.

Saint Germanus of Man (Manx: Carmane) (c. 410, Brittany – c. 474, Normandy), also known as Saint Germanus of Peel, was the first Bishop of the Isle of Man.

Born in Brittany in the early fifth century, he traveled to Ireland to study with Saint Patrick, who may have been his uncle. Germanus later spent some time in St. Illtud‘s abbey in southern Wales before returning to Ireland to be ordained by Patrick, and sent the Isle of Man as bishop. He is thought to have died in Normandy in the late fifth century.

His main feast is 3 July, although in some places it is celebrated on 31 July.

Note below that the feast days of Saint Pope Leo II and Saint Irenaeus switch between the dates June 28 and July 3.
A coincidence?

Two more things I find interesting about the Isle of Man is that this was the last Viking stronghold, the last refuge before being chased out of the British Isles by King

Triskelion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Triskelion or Triskele next to Seed of Life  which is composed of six interlaced circles surrounding a seventh in the center.
Is there a connection between the two that involves the use of a ‘compass’ and where does the Yin Yang fit in along with DNA?

Livery collars seem to be first recorded in the 14th century. Charles V of France in 1378 granted to his Chamberlain Geoffrey de Belleville the right of bearing in all feasts and in all companies the collar of the Cosse de Geneste or Broomcod, a collar which was accepted and worn even by the English kings,

But these portcullis are based on 3×3 grids. Read the Sept. 13th entry to learn more about the Lo Shu 3×3 grid.


I love how ESSES or ESS can be incorporated rather easily into the narrative called W and Z or simply ‘23‘.

…But what did I do yesterday on Sept. 15th in my quest to understand what ‘just is’ is and how do I fit in, and what do I bring to share to place onto the Emerald Buffet Table, a cornucopia of offerings…

selah V

p.s. I write some crazy shit sometimes.

selah V

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – September 13, 2013 – Ancient Chinese Secret – Yang Hui

September 13, 2013

UPDATE November 27, 2018

Been sometime since I updated this page with anything worthy.

Physicists demonstrate a new device for manipulating and moving tiny objects with light

While the specific technique, called holographic optical trapping and tweezing, is not new, the Wits Researchers found a way to optimally use the full force of the light – including vector light that was previously unavailable for this application. This forms the first vector holographic trap.

Read more at:

So what does the ‘vector holographic trap’ look like?

Well it starts off as a 3×3 grid … 
Vector Holographic Trap

And I must say the vector holographic trap reminded me of an ancient Chinese secret.

end of UPDATE

Ancient Chinese Secret hidden in plain sight ~ 1379

Mickey Rooney

What numbers on the shuffleboard are being concealed behind Mickey Rooney?
Namely the 3 x 3 grid that we see partially obscured, ignore the semi-circles on the ends.

So here is a clue to solving what the three numbers are that have been obscured by the little big man MR.
The 3 x 3 grid contains the numbers 1-9 and each number has been used once.
What numbers are being concealed in the middle row and in what order?

We can use a 3000+ year old Chinese trick to solve this 3×3 puzzle.

Step 1 

Take out your cell phone and rotate 45 degrees

1 is positioned in the north
9 is positioned in the south
3 is positioned in the east
7 is positioned in the west
5 in the center

The 5 is the only number that does not change its position during this transformation.

All other numbers undergo a ‘translation’. (i.e. rotation, reflection, translation)

The 5 represents the hub, it is the axis around which the translation takes place.

Step 2 

swap the positions of north (1) with south (9) and east (3) with west (7) as the animation illustrates below.

Step 3

Place the even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, into their respective corners, as the animation above indicates.


Now compare the result to the image below.
The three numbers in the middle row that are being concealed behind Mickey Rooney are in the order:  9 – 5 – 1 


After performing the 3 steps, the result is what is known as the Lo Shu Magic Square in China or the Magic Square of Saturn in western esoteric hermetic studies.

So we see in the above animation how the Yang Hui method actually helps to animate, put into motion the 1379 Code, as we transfigure or morph from the cEL PHOne grid which started off as diamond/lozenge geometry manipulated  or should I say ‘reverse engineered’ into the 3×3 Lo Shu Magic square.

btw Hitler did the opposite to the swastika.
He took the ‘square’ swastika based on a 5×5 grid and rotated it 45 degrees thus taking the shape of a diamond.

Yang Hui (ca. 1238–1298), was a Chinese mathematician during the late Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). Yang worked on magic squares, magic circles and the binomial theorem, and is best known for his contribution of presenting ‘Yang Hui’s Triangle’. This triangle was the same as Pascal’s Triangle, discovered by Yang’s predecessor Jia Xian. There were also a number of other geometrical problems and theoretical mathematical propositions posed by Yang that were strikingly similar to the Euclidean system.[7] However, the first books of Euclid to be translated into Chinese was by the cooperative effort of the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci and the Ming official Xu Guangqi in the early 17th century.

The positions of the above Lo Shu indicate the following.

1 – Fire
3 – Air
7 – Earth
9 – Water

Okay now how does all of the above match up with the stories we tell each other in the west?

1376 and 11 2 5 8

1 – Air – St. Matthew Man – Heh – Aquarius 11
3 – Water – St. John Eagle – Yod – Scorpio 8
7 – Fire – St. Mark Lion – Heh – Leo 5
6 – Earth – St. Luke Ox – Vav – Taurus 2

Thus the letters YHVH found on the Wheel of Fortune = 3167 or 3761
IF you add ’13’ + 6 + 7 = 26 which coincidentally is the gematria value of YHVH.

It merges with the New Testament narrative about the son of god Jesus Christ, supported by the four evangelists and the four directions both depicting a four fold reality subservient to the trinity.
And it should  never be a shock to see CULTures with different POV, living thousands of miles distant, would be making other ‘associations’.

North vs south, east vs west, are essentially ‘polarized’, so we should expect alternative POV and symbolism.
Easily illustrated by the fact IF you live north of the equator, the stars appear to move counterclockwise and south of the equator the stars rotate clockwise. The narratives that mirror the heavens have a different beginning.
How could the same earth rotate two different directions simultaneously?
It can not …. the lesson here is all about perspective.

selah v

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic ~ September 10, 2013 ~ Temple Mount Menorah ~ Trishakti ~ Proof that OM = Swastika = ShoStik … the Temple IS Man

UPDATE November 21, 2018

Trishakti Trident linked to Atlantis 22,000 BCE taken from Mystic Test Book O.H. Richmond highlighted in yellow

Are the Original Sacred Seven a reference to the Seven Rishis
who we know are associated with the seven stars of the modern Big Dipper?
[…however note there is an eighth star that requires good eyesight to see without any aid]

The above image, yellow highlights added by me comes out the following text published in 1919.

“The publication of this work was, we might say, forced upon us by the demand, before even a page of manuscript was prepared for the press. The demand was caused by members of the temple, who recognized the necessity of a printed text book, from which they could study the meanings of the cards and their indications under the seven planets.”
-From the Introduction to “The Mystic Test Book, or The Magic of the Cards” by Olney H. Richmond

The Mystic Test Book

UPDATE Sept. 20, 2018

New Zealand & Paracas Trident in Peru – Ramayana Connection

source: in peru with text

UPDATE April 10, 2018

The coincidence has been my guide and guru ever since my epiphany at age 47.

Earlier this year my daughter Emma took a trip to South America, and Peru was one of the countries on her itinerary, and by chance not design she and her friend Catherine took a similar route that I did back in 2006.
However she took a tour while in Peru that I did not due to time constraints.
She had a couple of months to tour around, I only had two weeks with the intent of getting to Machu Picchu as the primary destination.

On Wednesday February 28th at 9:19 PM she sent me four images she had taken on her trip to Ballestas Islands.

[btw we were both born on a Wednesday ~ Wotan’s day ~ and our surname Wedekind/Widukind is linked to House of Odin or Wotan]

This one is similar to the one she sent me.El Candelabra PERU from a boat

The following conversation took place between my daughter Emma and ME+me after receiving the four images via i-phone.
March 1 7:27 AM
ME+me: Very beautiful, the scenes are very nice, and you rrr beautiful, the one picture on the side of the hill of a trident looking thing, I have seen that what is it called?
Emma: I think it is called La Candelria or something because it looks like a candle?
It’s near Ballestas islands so you can google that.
ME+me: It looks like a lot of things, a candle, a menorah, a trident as mentioned, I went online it is called El Candelabra and very little of it is known, some believe it is connected to the Nazca Lines, or to help the sailors navigate, etc. etc.
Emma: Yeah it is very interesting

Hindu Trishakti contains the trisul, Om, and swastika symbols

ME+me: In my humble opinion it has more to do with the trident idea next to the ocean, recall the god Poseidon or Neptune have a trident. The trident in India is called a trisul and it is one of the three most important symbols next OM and the swastika. You have seen it in my house called a Tri-Shakti.
Emma: Yeah it looks like a trident rather than a candle to me too!

ME+me: I just went through my blog , my notes so to speak, and take a look at what I found, if the Chinese were to sail toward the east toward the rising sun, what might they leave behind?
Emma: Ahh I see, interesting
ME+me: Emma thank you for the image, one day you will realize you and me have unfinished business in someway which is hard to explain, IMHO it can only be explained by what is consciousness?
Two years ago when I was shown by coincidence again, what the swastika had evolved to in Bengal India, a new narrative was emerging which coincides with what is taking place in the world today in north Africa, to be explained later …

[I then sent her this image of the swastika aka shostik in Bengal on March 1, 11:47 AM]
Bengali ShoStik aka SwaStik

Friday March 1, 5:09 PM
Emma: Interesting!! I’ll take a look at that link later 🙂


Saturday March 3 8:58 AM
ME+me: Good morning sweetie, this morning I grabbed a book out of my library and opened it up to this page, WTF?
It was the first one I reached for, I was not looking for this image, however the most bizarre coincidences that have occurred between you and me are an indication to me that you may have a vital role to play, I do not want to put any pressure on you, but clearly as Albert Einstein once said, “the coincidence is gods way of remaining anonymous, but it appears this theoretical god has placed itself between you and me as a guide to bring us closer together?
And hopefully one day you, Rachel and me can become one voice, one heart, one mind and grow together …
Please understand Emma that Peru was instrumental in my epiphany, so keep your heart open, and your mind, and who knows maybe Peru will work its magic on you and Catherine too …
As it has for so many other people who are on a quest but do not know it.
Emma: Good morning daddy! That’s crazy about you opening that book to that page.
Weird ‘coincidence’ for sure!!
Now before I continue I do want to point out an obvious association to the Aztec ‘photon’ Cross.

Mixtec calendar from the Codex Féjérvary-Mayer

What is interesting about this Aztec Cross/calendar is that three arms are ‘symmetrical’ i.e. we see each tree has 3 + 3 ‘fruits’ except the arm in the south which is asymmetrical i.e. 3 + 2
There is much still to be said about Tezcatlipoca crucified in the center, note the yellow offset cross with four diagonal lines emanating from his body towards the four corners and the broken horizontal line indicated by his two arms.

Now compare the 3 + 2 idea with El Candelabra below which displays an intentional asymmetry too.

El Candelabra PERU 3 vs 2 asymmetry1
Compare what has been highlighted by me with the sketch Graham Hancock made below

It seems Graham Hancock and ME+me are on a similar path or quest in this lifetime.
However as I have tried to point out to Graham over the years is that he is missing a vital clue to unlocking the mysteries.
The 12,000+ year old swastika is that idea that he does not wish to be associated with, yet it defines my journey, yet the timeline he promotes for most of his theories evolve around 10,000 BCE, which is the same timeline the swastika can be placed onto.

image on left: sketch made by Graham Hancock ignoring the intentional asymmetry
and the rectangular base!
image on right: Spring Temple Buddha the world’s tallest statue!

As you can see something got lost in translation when Graham Hancock sketched the El Candelabra omitting the obvious asymmetry.
At this time I am not going to comment on whether the El Candelabra is in fact a ‘mirror image’ of the Southern Cross or not as he speculates.

But I will comment on what Graham says regarding the north-south orientation of El Candelabra.

“The Candelabra was intended by its designers to be seen from the north. Indeed, there is no other perspective from which it may be satisfactorily viewed: the observer must face south towards the sloping escarpment on which it is carved.”
-page 258

Thus Graham’s quote explains why I placed the world’s biggest statue today at 502 feet of the Spring Temple Buddha beside the El Candelabra.
Because the Spring Temple Buddha also faces south with his back to the north.

And it is the north-south orientation that we should be focusing on.
One more important fact that needs to be shared at this time.
The Chinese have a reverence for the north, the polestar in fact. They have four houses to represent all of the northern constellations, and it was not until the 11th century that they added a fifth house to account for the southern constellations.

Graham does mention that Crux or the Southern Cross was not recognized by European sailors until the 16th century.
The location of El Candelabra is south of the equator.

Although the exact age of the Candelabra geoglyph is unknown, archaeologists have found pottery around the site dating back to around 200 B.C. This pottery likely belonged to the Paracas people, although whether they were involved in the creation of the geoglyph is not known. The reason for the Candelabra’s creation is also unknown, although it is most likely a representation of the trident, a lightning rod of the god Viracocha, who was seen in mythology throughout South America. It has been suggested that the Candelabra was built as a sign to sailors, or even as a symbolic representation of a hallucinogenic plant called Jimsonweed.


Viracocha was one of the most important deities in the Inca pantheon and seen as the creator of all things, or the substance from which all things are created, and intimately associated with the sea.[2] Viracocha created the universe, sun, moon, and stars, time (by commanding the sun to move over the sky)[3] and civilization itself. Viracocha was worshipped as god of the sun and of storms. He was represented as wearing the sun for a crown, with thunderbolts in his hands, and tears descending from his eyes as rain.

However there is one more important quote that needs to be inserted at this time illustrating what the Meso-american mindset and cosmology was ‘reflecting’ in the Americas north/south and central.

“Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancy and which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization”
– Zelia Nuttall

page 16:

And IF we rotate the Aztec Codex Féjérvary-Mayer upside down and crop part of the image … does it match El Candelabra?
Yes apparently so … right down to the ‘rectangle’ that we see at the base!

aztec cosmogram reversed1El Candelabra PERU 3 vs 2 asymmetry1

And what if the RECTANGLE is Golden? You know what I Mean?

Aztec Cosmogram and Sri Yantra

A variety of popular myths have arisen: one attributes it to José de San Martín; another suggests it is a Masonic symbol (see Freemasonry); and yet another that sailors created it as a sign which they could view at sea for landfall. Some believe it represents the motif known as a Mesoamerican world tree.

If I was a betting man, the motif known as the World Tree would be the safe bet.

Now we can proceed with the rest of the blog and how it all fits a bigger picture that Graham is just not seeing in regards to the 12,000+ year old World TEACHER a.k.a. the SwaStik ShoStik helping to define the Temple is Man.

viracochaBengali_Swastika shostik

Inca Viracocha and the Bengali ShoStik SwaStik

UPDATE January 6, 2018

UPDATE September 16, 2015

I recently asked Jack Powers another of my faKebook associates the following question.

IF Mars represents the 5×5, Jupiter is the 4×4, Saturn is the 3×3, why do so few people attempt to discuss the 2×2 Uranus 1×1 Neptune?

The following statement I came across today answers the question I posed Jack and is profound, considering those magic square grids were based on the ability to see planets with the naked eye.

Scientists understand so little about the formation of Uranus and Neptune that Levison states, “…the possibilities concerning the formation of Uranus and Neptune are almost endless.”

Watch the brief video, Neptune and Uranus ‘switch’ orbits!

How does the NICE model fit into the 4 Ages Model and what is being recovered by the 137 SS Mystic?

UPDATE April 16, 2015

Ralph aka Raphael presents …

Ralph Camera: A Visible/Infrared Imager for the New Horizons Pluto/Kuiper Belt Mission

New Horizons was 115 million km from Pluto (larger sphere)
when its Ralph camera captured the view

The above image/lead was shared with me by fBf Monique Vecchione-Gebeline yesterday. It was tongue in cheek.
(fBf = fakeBook friend), I saw it this morning.

But the encounter is set to be the major space event of 2015. It will complete the reconnaissance of the “classical nine” planets of our Solar System; New Horizon’s flyby will mean every one has been visited at least once by a space probe.

However, not since Voyager 2 passed Neptune in the late 1980s has a new world been revealed up close in the same way as will occur in mid-July.

Ralph: A Visible/Infrared Imager for the New Horizons Pluto/Kuiper Belt Mission

New Horizons, a flyby mission to the Pluto/Charon system and the Kuiper Belt, is the first in NASA’s New Frontiers line of moderate-scale planetary missions and is the first mission to explore Pluto and its moons Charon, Nix and Hydra. Launched on January 19, 2006, it is scheduled for a closest approach of about 10,000 km on July 14, 2015. The scientific rationale for New Horizons and the overall mission planning are described in detail in several papers in this issue

Here is what I also noted.

  • The probe ‘Ralph’ coincidentally was launched on the date of Karl’s birthday.
  • Karl is Ralph’s father, my father, he would have been 82 on January 19, 2006.
  • the New Horizons ‘Ralph’ was launched just prior to firefighter ‘Ralph’ set out on his pilgrimage to Peru in 2006.
    Ralph the firefighter was also seeking new horizons and by coincidence it was exactly one month later on February 19th 2006 at 1:37 pm that ‘Ralph’ found himself in the Novice’s Cloister of the Santa Catalina Monastery taking pictures about to be launched.

The One picture that my third eye did not want me to miss I was about to capture.
The One picture that was worth ten thousand words.
The One picture that would alter my destiny forever.
The One picture that has the potential to alter the destiny of the altar called earth.

At 13:43:30 on February 19, 2006 the Canon G2 camera records that I took the One picture you see here;

Rosetta Fractal Mandala

Some time later due to realizing my journey and quest were one and the same thing, I would baptize this image the Rosetta Fractal Mandala, a direct reference to the Rosetta Stone which lead to the breakthrough needed for the interpretation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The Rosetta Fractal Mandala accomplishes a similar task, its also helps to bridge two languages and geometry is one of them.

But to really appreciate all of the profound probing connections and coincidences between the New Horizons flyby probe ‘Ralph’ and the 137 SS Mystic ‘Ralph’, and Karl and Charles, and Neptune, and Pluto, the reader will need to continue reading.

Apparently the 137 SS Mystic ‘Ralph’ already completed his archetypal ‘flyby’ mission some time ago, and the proof is to be found in this blog.

There really is not much more that I can say at this time.

~ end of UPDATE ~

The Chinese word, or character, for medicine actually comes from the character for music.

Music Medicine and Math

Q: Could you give us a brief history of Chinese music?

GY: From excavated instruments, we know that Chinese music dates back over 9,000 years. Over time, four genres developed: folk, literati, religious, and court music.

During the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.E.-220 C.E.), the court established an imperial bureau known as yuefu, which took charge of musical education as well as collecting ancient folk music and poems. Culture exchange with western Asia back then also introduced new instruments to the Han. This led to even more advances in Chinese music.

Then, during the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Xuanzong (reign 712-756), who was a talented musician himself, created and personally supervised the Pear Garden imperial music academy. The institutions he created trained professional performers, and contributed immensely to the development of Chinese music.

Feel free to listen to this relaxing OM chant while reading this blog.

The above text was taken from this book.

September 10, 2013

UPDATE December 14, 2014


Umm el–Q/Kanatir (The Mother of the Arch) is a site located on the upper reaches of the Wadi Samekh, 5 mi. [8.5 km.] east of the Sea of Galilee on the Golan Heights. In recent years a synagogue, that was discovered in 1884, has been surveyed, excavated, and is in the process of reconstruction.

The village—ancient name not known—was constructed in the fourth or fifth century AD and was destroyed by the devastating earthquake of AD 749.

It boasts one of the best-preserved ancient synagogues in the land—90% of the remains (collapsed) were still in-situ after the earthquake of AD 749.  It is in the process of being reconstructed by Yehoshua Dray and his colleagues.

In addition, remnants of a flax processing installation have been discovered by the spring in the village.
For a map and brief commentary on Umm el-Qanatir click here.

I think this image, text, and the accompanying link speak for themselves.

But just in case you fail to see the obvious let me point it out.
Obvious evidence is critical to this blog.

  • 3-prong trident in the South
  • 7-prong menorah in the North
  • Shofar horns on either side East and West

Also two opposite rotating swastikas can be seen on this stone.

UPDATE July 28, 2014

Came across this entry today that I written back in 2009, which is a further confirmation of ALL the information I will be presenting in this blog.


Om Yoga: Its Theory and Practice

by Swami Nirmalananda Giri

note: the text below are excerpts taken from the full chapter.

The amount of material in the authoritative scriptures of India and the words of realized saints regarding Om, is truly surprising. Here I have arranged extracts from the scriptures as well as from Vyasa and Shankara, the two greatest authorities on the scriptures, to give an overview of the whole subject of Om in its various aspects.

Om is God (Brahman)

“Om is Brahman, the Primeval Being.” (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 5.1.1)

“That [Om] is the quintessence of the essences, the Supreme, the highest.” (Chandogya Upanishad 1.1.3)

“I will tell you briefly of that Goal which all the Vedas with one voice propound, which all the austerities speak of, and wishing for Which people practice discipline: It is Om.” (Katha Upanishad 1. 2.15-17)

“Om is the Supreme Brahman.” (Svetasvatara Upanishad 1:7)

“The real nature of Brahman is identical with the Pranava.” (Svetasvatara Upanishad 2:8)

“God is the Syllable Om.” (Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:17)

“Om is Brahman.” (Taittiriya Upanishad 1.8.1)

“Brahman is the Truth that is indicated as ‘Om.’” (Yoga Vashishtha 6:1:30)

“The monosyllable Om is the highest Brahman.” (Manu Smriti 2:83,87)

UPDATE April 5, 2014

Proof that OM is equivalent to Swastika – author Rim sim
According to Yajurveda Swastika is the symbolic representation of om in Hinduism
Swastika – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The above addition posted today compliments the following blog posted in Sept. 2013.

~ end of UPDATE ~

I went fishing on fakebook err I mean facebook today for more evidence of what has been placed in plain sight yet is being ignored by the world at large.

Ancient Golden Treasure Found at Foot of Temple Mount

Sep. 9, 2013 — In summer excavations at the foot of the Temple Mount, Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar made a stunning discovery: two bundles of treasure containing thirty-six gold coins, gold and silver jewelry, and a gold medallion with the menorah (Temple candelabrum) symbol etched into it.

Also etched into the 10-cm medallion are a shofar (ram’s horn) and a Torah scroll.

But I happened to notice the common denominators linking east to west immediately.

IF you rotate this symbol so the menorah is at the bottom I can not help to see the profound similarities between this Temple Mount Medallion and the Hindu symbol referred to as the Trishakti.

Temple Mount Medallion next to Trishakti

In India the three most auspicious signs are those of  “SWASTIKA – OM and TRISHUL

Hence if all these three signs are displayed together on the out side of main door, it is supposed to be very lucky and also protects the people living inside the house from all types of evil eyes.

This sign is known as the Trishakti.

And IF you dare to compare the symbolism we see that both the Temple Mount medallion and the Trishakti have a 3-pronged trident at the top, and a symbol representing SOUND in the middle, i.e. the OM symbol vs. the Shofar Horn (…and the Torah Scroll which issuing the SOUND of the ‘word’?)

So can we link the swastika to the 7 armed Menorah?

Yet I have another question … why are there two Menorahs one with 7 arms and the other 9 arms?

image L: top of Wat Arun main tower 7 prong with vajra thunderbolt similar to menorah
image R: Trisula brought as offerings to Guna Devi, near Dharamsala. Himachal Pradesh

The reason I ask is because the Maya associated the number 7 with earth and the number 9 with heaven and the number 13 with the underworld.

And also because 9 + 7 = 16.

I mentioned 16 as being important in yesterday’s entry.

The idea/theory that I have been working on suggests we gather material objects in our life to help us ‘rEMEMber’ our roots. Like the carpet I bought in Greece back in 1985 that I now refer to as a Magic Carpet. Would you like to go for a ride?

3D  wood carved mandala next to an animated rotating MNEME bowl dated about 4500 BC

But what I want to put onto the evidence table for discussion is this object a 3D mandala that I purchased in a retail store called ‘WINNERS’.
For some reason it spoke to me silently, i.e. I ‘liked’ it and want to ‘share’ it now.
This purchase was in fact an unconscious decision, made by me at the time, then one day I realized why it spoke to ME.

21st century heART work next to the handcrafted MNEME bowl Samarra Iraq 4500 BCE

It had a resemblance to what I had called the MNEME bowl dated to 5000 BCE.

But instead of just four E it was possible to find eight E on the modern heART work.
Four of the E are turned inward and four of the E are turned outward.
But then it occurred to my inner child to do this next, place the Trishakti over the 3D mandala and ask …


Please note: as we go through the four rotations N > E > W > S, only the swastika in the center does not appear to ‘move’. Clearly both the OM symbol and the trisula shapes have been ‘altered’.

Try reversing the Trishakti to see what happens.
i.e. Placing the trisula in the center and the swastika on the periphery.
But we notice the same thing will occur and that in effect is one of its special f/x offered by the mystic cross, the swastika.

The paradox surrounding the swastika and it is easily demonstrated is that even though it represents ‘movement’ and ‘motion’ and ‘rotation’, in the example I just gave you, it appears to be immovable.


Recall that the swastika is still a symbol for the sun in some countries/CULTures.

So to place it into the center of the model of the solar system like I did above is not a stretch of my imagination.
What I found interesting is that the sign for the planet Neptune is in fact the pitchfork, trident, trisula. (see below)

4.1 Orbital resonances

Neptune’s orbit has a profound impact on the region directly beyond it, known as the Kuiper belt. The Kuiper belt is a ring of small icy worlds, similar to the asteroid belt but far larger, extending from Neptune’s orbit at 30 AU out to about 55 AU from the Sun.[97] Much in the same way that Jupiter’s gravity dominates the asteroid belt, shaping its structure, so Neptune’s gravity dominates the Kuiper belt. Over the age of the Solar System, certain regions of the Kuiper belt became destabilised by Neptune’s gravity, creating gaps in the Kuiper belt’s structure. The region between 40 and 42 AU is an example.

The most heavily populated resonance in the Kuiper belt, with over 200 known objects,[99] is the 2:3 resonance. Objects in this resonance complete 2 orbits for every 3 of Neptune, and are known as plutinos because the largest of the known Kuiper belt objects, Pluto, is among them.[100] Although Pluto crosses Neptune’s orbit regularly, the 2:3 resonance ensures they can never collide.

The spacecraft Voyager 2 verified the existence of a magnetic field surrounding Neptune and discovered that the field was offset from the centre and tilted in a manner similar to the field around Uranus.

So the analogy if there is one is that in the proximity of 37.19 AU (4000 times the range of the sun light mill motor) we find the largest object in the Kuiper Belt called Pluto, which has a 2:3 resonance relationship with Neptune…does that mean they are exchanging data or inPHOmation?

What the above link will illustrate is that the nano light mill motor’s range of influence when compared to our own solar system with the sun as the hub ends in the vicinity of between Neptune and Pluto.

I must admit that the 2:3 resonance rings a bell with a theory called;

The Eternal Story of the W and Z

And the best part is that the OM symbol placed between the swastika symbol representing the Sun and the symbol for Neptune suggests that our solar system is filled with sounds.

And all of the above then can be placed alongside this idea here, a very old idea based on the dispute is the influence of god greater at the center or the periphery?

Gravity Is A Push Not A Pull?

Walter C. Wright proposed that ‘gravity is a push’ and I happened to notice how some of his ideas line up with the trishakti.
Is his theory correct or does it form part of the ongoing synthesis that continues onward and forward as more inPHO is recovered?
The future will be revealed is a safe prediction to make.

source of text: Gravity Is A Push by Walter C. Wright – Scribd

But then again everything I present, these could just all be coincidences.

The Temple Of Man by R. Schwaller

The Temple Of Man by R. Schwaller is a match for the Periodic Table of Elements and the 64 Codons of our DNA.

73 or 37

Two numbers that can be associated with consciousness and the collective unconscious.
Because the first seven words of Genesis when interpreted using Hebrew clearly spells that out.

73 x 37 = 2701

2B continued because the swastika has also been identified as being equivalent to those two gravitational B-modes.

After updating this blog yesterday 5/4/2014, I awoke this morning and realized the gift Rim Sim had shared with ME via ThE NET.

The following ‘proof’ supplied by Rim Sim that OM and the swastika are both primeval and part of the same imprint identified as RED and BLUE b-mode gravitation waves has made me realize something else.

Rim Sim or RS has just supplied me and ME with another profound link, allowing ME-me to make the following claim.

The following information supplied by RS allows us now to place the ‘swastika‘ and the ‘Rotas Square‘ side by side in a brand new light.

Lauburu – the foundation for the Seed of Life

Basque Lauburu ~ Swastika

Mr. Mujica believes that the Lauburu symbolizes mankind, made up of four elements: Form, Life, Sensibility and Conscience. 

  • Form: symbolizes a passive quality and serves as a vessel for the other three; philosophically they are called Maria, Mari, Maya and Miriam. It is Mother Nature in a solid Form. Form serves as a tool.
  • Life: symbolizes strength or the spirit that we possess, also known as Iehova.
  • Sensibility: symbolizes Christ and in our evolutionary state it symbolizes love and human equilibrium. Sensibility guides us towards strength which acts through wishes and the conscience tells the individual how one should behave to achieve those wishes or emotions.
  • Conscience: symbolizes the Father.

selah V


AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic ~ September 9, 2013 ~ Euler & Sophia & Mandelbrot & Julia & Kepler fall in LovE in 2100 C.E. ~ 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER emerges

September 9, 2013

UPDATE March 16, 2019

The Mathologer makes learning fun and helps us connect the metaphysical dots that are hard to distinguish, assisting in the reconciliation of science and religion.
The DARK SIDE of the Mandelbrot meets the unbearable lightness of being …

Watch the video … it will prepare you for the ‘grid’ work you are about to encounter.
Close encounters of the 3rd kind intersects with the 2D chiral wede-kind.
[btw Wedekind is my surname]

UPDATE November 26, 2018

Kepler claimed that geometry has two great treasures.
One was the Pythagorean theorem that he called a ‘mass of gold’ and the other one the golden ratio, a most ‘precious jewel’.

2D 3D kepler triangle mass of gold precious jewel

Why do I feel like Frodo on a quest?

UPDATE October 7, 2016

Gnosis of John 21: Phi Expressed as Recursive Rotation

What is the point of this video?
Keep reading, if you can figure it out.
Welcome aboard the ship of fools.

UPDATE December 18th, 2015

The image on the right was taken out of a 1914 publication.
Clearly the associations between phi and the swastika
had been noted quite some time ago.

UPDATE September 17th, 2014

On genetic code, Euler and Fibonacci
by Tidjani Negadi

Jean-claude Perez shared the above document with me on faKebook today.

The above article is just more evidence that we can add to this blog you are about to read. The last paragraph in the above article focuses on the number 144 as a starting point.
I agree.
We need nine letters to form a grid or a NET and the TENET cross.
Where nine letters spell TEN too in addition to NET and TENET.

4 x E
4 x T


Please note that I want to suggest the Sator/Rotas magic square of Mars can be used to illustrate a link between Egypt, the Jewish Exodus and the Christian mysteries. It also anticipates modern Twistor String theory and super-symmetry as proposed by Roger Penrose and Ed Witten.
bookmark this; Story of the W and Z – Sator Square – Twistor String Theory – Miller & Penrose & Plichta & Schwaller & Wedekind & Witten

WHAT IF we pretend for a moment that Adam and Eve are the x-axis and y-axis living in a flat world and one day they made a pact, a TENET with each other.
And their offspring the z-axis was born.
It was a marriage made in heaven, two parallel lines, until that day Adam and Eve ‘crossed’ each other …?

Is it possible to merge the bible with today’s emerging sciences?
In fact the Qabalah , i.e. specifically the Zohar predicts the reconciliation of religion with science.

Notice how Adam (x) and Eve (y) are perpendicular to each other forming the TENET Cross, similar to a transverse wave (light) and longitudinal wave (sound) respectively. The rumor in the Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve were an electromagnetic couple.
Or we could hypothesize that Adam and Eve are one of the three constants, i.e.  the e x e coupling strength found in the formula of the fine structure constant 1/137.
Essentially the beginning of a periodic table of elements.

UPDATE September 8, 2014

Nearly one year later to the day since the original posting, let me present a most beautiful update which “reaches down into the very depths of existence”.

Euler’s IDentity

“greatest equation ever”.

“most beautiful theorem in mathematics”

“the most famous formula in all mathematics”.

“the gold standard for mathematical beauty”

“Like a Shakespearean sonnet that captures the very essence of love, or a painting that brings out the beauty of the human form that is far more than just skin deep, Euler’s equation reaches down into the very depths of existence.”

“it is absolutely paradoxical; we cannot understand it, and we don’t know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth.”

In mathematics, Euler’s identity is the equality where e is Euler’s number, the base of natural logarithms, i is the imaginary unit, which satisfies i² = −1, and π is pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Is the formula know as Euler’s IDentity more evidence that an ID or Intelligent Design is in place?
Does Euler’s ID that help us define or zero in on why our paradoxical, often incomprehensible world exists?

“it is absolutely paradoxical; we cannot understand it, and we don’t know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth.”

Paradoxical but “we know it must be the truth.”

This idea of an overriding paradox sounds very familiar to me.
An antithesis.
Can we associate the paradox to an ancient philosophy regarding Sophia,wisdom, a gnosis that had already been attained by our ancestors?
Maybe we can only get so far in our quest and then we reach that ONE idea that unifies us all?

4 hands representing 4 generations form the Friendship Knot
next to an explanation regarding the formation of the Jain 4-fold swastika

This next link I want to share now, though it is not necessary to be distracted by its contents at this moment is clearly indicative of the direction I will be taking the reader as we investigate the coincidences between Euler’s Identity, Mandelbrot’s fractals and a symbol that seems to embrace both concepts rather well.
Come back to this link later.

‘The Thunder, Perfect Mind’ 

I was sent from the Power
And I have come to those who think upon me.
And I was found among those who seek after me.
Look at me, you who think upon me;
And you hearers, hear me!
You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves.
And do not pursue me from your vision.
And do not make your sound hate me, nor your hearing.
Do not be ignorant of me at any place or any time.
Be on guard!
Do not be ignorant of me.

In fact not only do we need Euler and Mandelbrot to help unify us, but Pythagoras, Archimedes, Da Vinci and Einstein are also conjured up to help me show how ALL of their work defaults to what the 3 and 4-fold swastikas put on the Emerald Table for discussion in the 21st century.

Euler’s IDentity

This idea seems to convey a rather simple concept.
A straight line becomes a curve in a series of steps, are they discrete or continuous?
Similar to what pi is.
The relationship of a straight line (diameter) to a particular curve (circumference of the circle).

But I must ask and point out the obvious how many straight lines and perfect circles can we find in nature?

The exponential function ez can be defined as the limit of (1 + z/N)N, as Napproaches infinity, and thus eiπ is the limit of (1 +iπ/N)N. In this animation Ntakes various increasing values from 1 to 100. The computation of (1 + iπ/N)Nis displayed as the combined effect ofN repeated multiplications in the complex plane, with the final point being the actual value of (1 +iπ/N)N.
It can be seen that as N gets larger(1 +iπ/N)N approaches a limit of −1.

Euler’s identity is often cited as an example of deep mathematical beauty.[3] Three of the basic arithmetic operations occur exactly once each: addition, multiplication, and exponentiation. The identity also links five fundamental mathematical constants:[4]

  1. The number 0, the additive identity.
  2. The number 1, the multiplicative identity.
  3. The number π, which is ubiquitous in trigonometry, the geometry of Euclidean space, and analytical mathematics (π = 3.14159265…)
  4. The number e, the base of natural logarithms, which occurs widely in mathematical, scientific and financial analysis (e = 2.718281828…). Both π and e are transcendental numbers.
  5. The number i, the imaginary unit of the complex numbers, a field of numbers that contains the roots of all polynomials (that are not constants), and whose study leads to deeper insights into many areas of algebra and calculus.

Furthermore, the equation is given in the form of an expression set equal to zero, which is common practice in algebra and other areas of mathematics.

The German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss was reported to have commented that if this formula was not immediately apparent to a student upon being told it, that student would never be a first-class mathematician.


John Lennon – Imagine (official video) – YouTube

Personally I feel the double nature or twin aspect of the swastika and its two opposed rotations helps us solve both the paradoxical riddling monologue and Euler’s ID and so much more, i.e. what both JaNuS and JeSuS represent as ‘I am the door’

What we have here is a very deep insight to the nature of consciousness itself.

All of the information so far presented suggests the upcoming celestial pole star alignment due in Sept. 2017 might be a very significant opportunity for the world to vote with their minds and hearts.

The ultimate democracy represented by what is in our hearts and minds. DIEBOLD machines are not necessary to count the votes, the cosmos will tabulate the conscious totality of our world.

What if?

UPDATE August 30, 2014

There are several reasons I am posting this video to introduce this blog post.

The first reason that compelled me to post this video is that within the first 43 seconds it is established how vital the Mandelbrot Set is to our understanding of the visible world, invisible world, and infinity.
But it is the year Mandelbrot made this recovery that is mentioned that had little ole me chuckling again, yet another coincidence in how events appear to be unfolding, as they should.

1980 is the year according to John Major Jenkins that our passage (our system) across the galactic center would begin.
He offered 1998 plus/minus 18 years, resulting in a window from 1980-2016 of thirty-six (36) years.

That could mean that the 37th year after 1980 occurring in 2017 might be year ONE of a new global consciousness?

And at this time I do want to point out the coincidence regarding 2017, the ONE to come, and the NaMe of this wordblog AT37.
shhh don’t tell anybody but the letters AT are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph and tav or taw.

Year 37 and 2017

And what could possibly be on the hori-ZioN, what cosmic events are scheduled for 2017?

Mandelbrot’s idea recovered from the EM (electro-magnetic) MEME MiNE MiNd field opened the door to a braver new world, a man in the mirror  introspection and investigation on the fractal geometry of nature that which we are part and parcel thereof.

What many people do not know is that PIXAR’s animation got a head start because the founder of the company embraced Mandelbrot’s ideas and utilized the algorithm to take the animation industry to the next level where the difference between what our visual system can discern as what is animation and what is real is becoming very fuzzy.

The fuzzier this distinction becomes the more vulnerable we would be to an animated attack by UFOs and aLIEns.

And I learned from my higher self RW, Robin Williams err I mean to say Dr. Oliver Sacks that our brains on the right side have a sweet spot that is tuned into, ready to receive the looney tunes frequency.
Yes there is a part of our brain that loves to interpret the world via cartoons, the ‘caricature’  … how archetypal?

Awakenings is a 1990 American drama film based on Oliver Sacks‘ 1973 memoir of the same title. It tells the true story of British neurologistOliver Sacks, fictionalized as American Malcolm Sayer and portrayed by Robin Williams who, in 1969, discovers beneficial effects of the then-new drug L-Dopa. He administered it to catatonic patients who survived the 1917–28 epidemic of encephalitis lethargica. Leonard Lowe (played by Robert De Niro) and the rest of the patients were awakened after decades of catatonia and have to deal with a new life in a new time. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards.

I follow the strangest clues that clearly were meant for me to tune into, like the numbers 1973 and 1969.
The trail of coincidences based on ‘1379‘  is very distinct.
It teaches us about gravity, the swastika, the maltese cross, and Christ.

Are these coincidences?

  • 1969 was the year that the drug L-Dopa was used to ‘awaken’ catatonia
  • 1969 we landed on the moon for the first time and the moon is associated with the collective unconscious (the sun with the consciousness)
  • 1969 was the year Hamlet’s Mill was published and it suggested that the idea called precession of the equinoxes was in fact what so many of the ancient myths defaulted to, and the megalithic structures might be aligned to too.

These clues recovered by ME and me working in a tandem (a game of leap frog involving retrogrades), together we seem to have a purpose, Ralph without his big ME to guide him might still be lost in space-time, never bothering to approach the following paradox.

meditate on MOOvement … by keeping the MiNd still yet focused on the heART of the matter regarding the Holy Spirit that will descend IF you find it within…

And I must add without a sense of humor to accompany little ole me to the SS abySS I would probably still be catatonic, and shleep walking through life…

In other words I decided that I would rather be ‘crazy’ than a ‘zombie’ or a ‘sheeple’.

UPDATE January 1st, 2014

LovE and EL and 37

The Spirit is the Divine Spark; the part of God that resides within the core of one’s Sacred Magnetic Heart, which is located in the center of the chest, the Sacred Magnetic Heart is different from the physical heart.  It is sacred because it is eternal.  It is aware of itself and is the everlasting source of life energy.  The Spirit is our internal “I”, our divine identity.

Our Spirit, therefore, consists of the highest and most refined form of energy, the energy of Love.  The human mind perceives love as the most sublime and noble of all feelings.  However, since our mind is but a limited instrument it cannot fully understand it, so it settles on describing Love as “the most beautiful feeling.”  In other words, our mind only distinguishes one of the aspects or manifestations of love.  With your assistance and patience, I want to help you expand your understanding of the concept of Love.

Love is the highest form of energy.  There is no higher or more powerful form of energy in the Universe. 

L = E 

… where L = love and E = energy.
At the same time energy = potential.

Therefore L = E = P, where P is potential**.

The Adamantine System, AHS, is a new method in the United States that helps those that are ready for it to open their hearts and use their true potential.  AHS is the bridge that allows us to share this important knowledge in a simple way, and in stages in order to facilitate its assimilation.  AHS also teaches a powerful self-healing technique based on the energy of Love and the Adamantine Particles.

source of above sales pitch!

We note above that AHS claims L = E = P, where P is potential and of course their system puts the H back into the E = L = P.
And if you dig down deep enough you will realize that AHS wants to HELP you find your LovE Potential by using Jesus H. Christ as mediator.

What the above link PROVES to little ole me is that no beLIEf system, including the AHis immune to coveting and adopting the charms of the overriding archetypes which form the underlying unity to what ‘just is’ is to express what they are all about…

**let me share a Thoth Thought with the reader, to be recovered at a later time.
We could represent the P = potential, with a p/b or even a 6/9.

UPDATE November 25, 2013

Here we have three images and all three are ‘selling’ the same idea or message?
i.e. Messengers are ‘magnetic’ and have really big hearts ….

The Sacred Heart of Jesus vs. the Seal for the Buddha’s Heart

by Richard Merrick

It is well-known that a human heart pulses from top to bottom and back up in a twisting fashion not unlike how we might ring the water out of a dish rag.
This vortex action has a specific rhythm known as the Cardiac Cycle, popularized as the familiar waveform shown on an ECG graph. But while the heart beat has been studied in great detail, there is no scientific explanation for why it evolved to beat as it does.
I would like to propose that it beats according to the recursive phi (golden ratio) proportions shown in the following diagram.
The Mandelbrot Set, a unique recursive geometry that joins the Julia Set into a closed figure, represents the precise point where chaos is balanced with order.
This geometry is actually harmonic.
The horizontal x-axis represents exponentially decreasing circular regions while the vertical y-axis represents the symmetrical products of positive and negative even numbers. In effect, the Mandelbrot Set is a sine wave that has been phi-damped into three circular regions of cubic powers, thus attenuating the vertical resonance of the even squares of the harmonic series. As a result, the human heart twists (or implodes) itself according to cubic powers of phi as a natural recursive rhythm.The interesting thing for me about this is the heart actually reflects off of the end of the Mandelbrot Set as if reflecting off an infinite mirror.
To the reader the importance of the Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set will become apparent later in the blog.
Thank you Richard Merrick especially for this quote:

“The Mandelbrot Set, a unique recursive geometry that joins the Julia Set into a closed figure, represents the precise point where chaos is balanced with order.

This geometry is actually harmonic.”

Richard Merrick the author of the Venus Blueprint also said this:

“Note that the prime symbol of this cosmology was the Vedic swastika – the geometry of orthogonal spacing of these planetary eggs.”

~ end of UPDATE ~

Sigils of the 91 Parts of the Earth distributed on the original Great Table

91 Symmetrical Characters? 

I find that odd, it appears as though the title is somewhat misleading … how can you have symmetry with an odd number of characters?

But recall that there are 92 elements … and yes this is clearly a coincidence, another clue that can be investigated because in a ‘unified’ world there are no coincidences!

The Great Table is clearly a ‘xy‘ grid and that is very significant…I will discuss this later.

But what I found really interesting is this video of the Mandelbrot Set conveyed in such a way that speaks to ME the 137 Mystic.

Do those images of ‘sigils’ resemble the iterations found in the Mandelbrot Set?

“Everybody is familiar with fractal patterns by now but the actual iteration process offers some insight into the phenomena. The resulting converging complex number iteration values inside the set produce interesting vortex patterns.”

But wait the AHAs are still to come.

Take a look at this evidence I have gathered:

Please note the many SWASTIKAS in this video.

Then you will realize that those swirly twirly swastikas are also a sign for REPEAT in music.
(see the tetraskele below)

There are NO coincidences in a world unified.

It is all design.

The hills are alive with the SOUND of MUSIC and SWASTIKAS?
Are we seeing things? Swastikas and Fractals and Imaginary Numbers?

Recall what Richard Merrick suggested:

“The Mandelbrot Set, a unique recursive geometry that joins the Julia Set into a closed figure, represents the precise point where chaos is balanced with order.
This geometry is actually harmonic.”

swastika phi Theodore Cooke

The swastika divided into rectangles in Phi proportions.
Theodore A.  Cook
The Curves of Life ~ 1914

In Chapter XX of The Curves of Life Sir Theodore Andrea Cook presents his final results, and part of this process reveals the links between infinity, the phi spiral, methods of science and the swastika.


Whether you call it “i” or “j”, this is one symbol which is hard to fathom.

“i” or “j” has a physical significance.
It represents 90 degrees rotation of the said quantity, or a 90 degrees phase shift.


And what I found amazing was how the entire Mandelbrot Set when placed alongside St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica seemed to line up with each other.

The entire blueprint then fits into a KEYHOLE (see image below) and using the image I photographed in a Dominican Monastery while on a pilgrimage to Peru in 2006 I have been able to unlock and recover some profound information from the ‘fIELd’ or ‘ThE NET‘.

Have you ever noticed how St. Peter’s looks like BOTH a KEYHOLE/LOCK and the KEY with which to unlock it?

KEYHOLE – Mandala Rosetta Fractal – St. Peter’s Square

Compass Rose Cross (16 winds)

The Vatican SS, a.k.a. the Sweet Sixteen – note how both St. Peter’s compass rose indicates 16 winds and the Mandelbrot (below) has 16 rays converging/emanating out from the center, indicated by the red dots 

The image below  is taken from the same video I introduced at the beginning of this blog.

If you still have not watched it, please make a date with Benoit and Julia in LovE.
Make it a ménage à trois, a household of three.

NOW let me introduce you to the Great Table:

selah V


p.s. The 12 year anniversary of 911 will be in less than two days …. I wonder what kind of inPHOmation is headed my way?

UPDATE November 25, 2013

All I can say is wow.

Before I started calling myself the 137 Mystic I went through a phase where I called myself the 911 Prophet.
Its all fun and games as this animation clearly illustrates.

UPDATE November 27, 2013

full video:

Note the time in the video that the sacred heart is shown occurs between 3:09 and 3:11 of this 7:28 video.
All good numbers in my 137-96 books my cosmic accountant reminds ME.

I found that ‘coincidental’ that the ‘sacred heart’ should be flashed during the animation during this time frame.
But as the 137 Mystic I do not beLIEve in coincidences, everything is evidence of a unity we fail to comprehend using our five senses that appear to have limits and are prone to falling victim far too easily to illusions.

So I did only what I could do, as I always do, I acknowledged the ‘collective unconscious’, I smiled and chuckled and muttered to myself who would ever believe ME?

Rene Schwaller de Lubicz who wrote this UNITY poem would.

Clearly the idea of a magnetic heart is not new, but an idea that gets repackaged with each and every generation.
Magnetism is not new, but the claims that ‘we the sheeple’ make regarding magnetism are.

I  must conclude as we continue to evolve to a unity, the coincidence will become more and more commonplace.

Then the day will arrive that humanity will submit to the avalanche of coincidences because as my inner genius A.E. reminds little ole humbled me … “the coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous” and I want to add, evidence of a paradox.


AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – September 5, 2013 – The New OS

September 5, 2013

Today’s entry is dedicated to tomorrow and to two fellas called Otto and Sam who are trying to integrate what they know into helping make the world a better place for those to come.

O tto 
S am

The new OS.

This OS – the final version is designed to last only 1260 days.

 The Two Witnesses wearing sackcloth

Did you ever notice that weave rhymes with Eve?

I recommend Otto and Sam find themselves two sackcloths made of hemp naturally (unless you want to use coarse goat’s hair).
Why goat hair sackcloths?

Otto should know…Book of Revelations Chap. 11

3 “And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”

Two witnesses prophecy:
Two witnesses – Wikipedia, the free encycloped

The two witnesses will speak their message dressed in sackcloth. 

They will give a message of repentance and salvation and the sackcloth is a sign of the importance to Israel.
John the Baptist wore sackcloth when he gave his message. likewise this is done just before the lord is to come again .
Sackcloth also means separation from the world a sign for repentance, to seek God’s mercy (Jonah 3:5-6; Dan.9:3; Esther 4:1; Amos 8:10; Mt.11:21).

[linked image]

Above note the pattern highlighted in YELLOW 

But there is a deeper meaning to the two witnesses wearing sackcloth and it has to do with the type of over and under weave that is used by the cosmos to weave the very playing field we all participate on…thus what the Two Witnesses are wearing is probably the ‘evidence’ of what they are ‘witness to’.

The forces that weave our reality.


And we know the swastika is in fact a solar or sun symbol right?

So I do find this next quote interesting:

Revelation 6:12 

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake;
and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
and the moon became as blood; 

– King James Version (Pure Cambridge ‘Authorized Version’)

The sun/swastika became black as sackcloth of hair suggests an allegorical relationship between the swastika/sun and the ‘sackcloth’ which has been identified as the weave found in ThE NET.

But what is interesting is that there are TWO witnesses which is a lovely fit to the fact that the swastika also manifests as both a CW and CCW symbol.

What if the two witnesses in fact another depiction regarding the eternal struggles from cradle to grave, i.e. negative/black/yin vs. positive/white/yang forces?

What if the TWO witnesses are a reference to the TWO pillars supporting fundamental ideas of science, i.e. clockwise vs. counter-clockwise.?

And it appears that other theories in the past have been symbolically in support of what I AM suggesting in the HERE and NOW.

Church Windows found in Lalibela – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jesus crucified between the two thieves

Two Swastikas flanking the Iron Cross

Revelation 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
– King James Version (Pure Cambridge ‘Authorized Version’)

NOW the one thing that we can agree on in Revelation 6:12 that is as clear as night and day are the references to the SUN and the MOON.

THA + HA or HATHA Yoga also suggests that the Two Witnesses could also be associated to the Moon (Tha) and the Sun (Ha)

137-9 Mesoamerica Code – FIAT * LUX 

Further suggesting that the swastika is ThE NET that Jesus would have cast over the right side of the boat yielding 153 fishes.


And by the way 1260 days is about 3 1/2 years …

Thus 7 years is 2520 days.

The numbers 1-5-2 are associated with clockwise, stable, and anticlockwise snakes in fact.

But but but that just takes us down another rabid rabbi rabbit hole Roger.

selah V