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Teotihuacan Unit 1-5-9-4 ~ Stem Cell Sequence 1-5-9-13 ~ George Merkl’s Sumerian Nanotech ~ 1/137 ~ Phi ~ Lunar Cycle ~ M

UPDATE August 29, 2014

The next image and chart belong to the Maya
Zodiacal input data for a Maya astronomical computer

I came across this information on my blog today.
Something that had escaped me before.

Please note the numbers in the top row, or any row in fact, the numbers follow a distinct pattern.

  • 1 ~ 5 ~ 9  >> FIRE (omit 13)
  • 4 ~ 8 ~ 12 >> WATER
  • 3 ~ 7 ~ 11 >> AIR
  • 2 ~ 6 ~ 10 >> EARTH (omit 1)

And we can clearly see the same number groups used in the two images above being utilized in the crosses below.
What becomes clear is how the four arms represent the four elements merged with three concentric circles linked to the global magnetic field linked to the precession of the equinox cycle.

Those numbers that we find grouped together in a study of Mayan astronomy are also found grouped together on the Greek Zodical Cross, on each of the four arms!
And when your inner child joins the dots, Solomon’s Knot in fact is revealed. (image lower right)

Both patterns depict a precession of the equinoxes path ~ join the dots
Note the Aztec path  is a spiral with no intersections and the Greek cross looks similar to Solomon’s Knot

Below we see the work of Edward Butts and Walter Russell both reflect this overriding archetypal model.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Quest for the Lost civilization – Graham Hancock (FULL MOVIE 
(click on above link)
…in the video go to 1:25:37

Hugh Harleston Jr. was an American civil engineer who proposed fringe theories about ancient megalithic monuments after making extensive surveys of the Teotihuacan complex in the 1970s.

Harleston’s claims:

  • That the layout of Teotihuacan encodes information about the shape, size and movement of the Earth.
  • That he had identified the “Standard Teotihuacan Unit” of measurement: 1.0594 metres.
  • That the megalithic monuments of TiahuanacoStonehenge, and Ancient Egypt also feature this “S.T.U.” measure, and therefore share a common source.

Harleston says of Teotihuacan’s builders:

“When they draw a line, they’re telling you an area. When they draw an area, they’re telling you a volume. When they put volume, they’re telling you time.”

His ideas have been taken up by the New Age theorists Graham Hancock (on whose TV series “Quest for the Lost Civilisation” Harleston outlined the above claims).

Hugh Harleston Jr. websites:

The most important bit of inPHOmation I want you to byte onto is the standard unit of measurement that Hugh Harleston Jr. has identified.


WHAT IF the standard unit that Harleston has identified is in some way associated to the Stem Cell sequence

Arrow  1-5-9-13 ~ perhaps even a rudimentary mnemonic, in effect a zodiacal code done in the spirit of the Art of Memory and Pythagorean reduction, what if?

(this question is rhetorical since the UPDATE August 29, 2014)

And note the next number in the pattern/sequence 1, 5, 9, would be a 13 which reduces to 4 (1+3), thus a match for the numbers Hugh Harleston Jr. had also identified as 1-5-9-4!

And btw I must mention that the sum of 1+3 or 1:3 as a numerical ratio/archetype is a very common motif … including the fact we have never been able to UNIFY the 4 forces of physics.
i.e. Gravity stands alone, the other 3 forces have been unified.

Nuclear strong, nuclear weak, and electromagnetism get along just fine when being studied using rules defined by QED.

We offer evidence that our discoveries present a significant contribution towards resolving some of the current difficulties of grand unification research, such as the questions regarding the fundamental structure of our universe, its origin, evolution and its age; the reconciliation of the mathematical concept of continuum and limitless continuity with the concept of spacetime; the concept of an acausal connection active in the spacetime continuum, where according to Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, “our primary mathematical intuitions could be arranged before we become conscious of them” — with the number being primordial, pre-existent to our consciousness (in quantum mechanics there are effects such as quantum tunneling, radioactive decay of an atom and the probability function collapse that might be considered acausal); the essence of the material body, that is extension itself and its universal non-local connections; the shortcoming of the Cartesian coordinate system with its patchwork of bounding surfaces and coordinates; the indeterminate notion of a point particle; the space composed of points; the relationship of space to matter and light to time; the res cogitans and the res extensa; the cosmological position of man and the inevitability of the weak anthropic principle, as demonstrated within an interval of 1-5-9-13 stem cells — an evolutionary cycle that is an integral, coherent, zusammenhangend part of the 27 stem cells of The Life Sequence.

WHAT IF the 4 forces of physics can be shown to have associations to the alchemist’s 4 ELements (which were not really to be taken literally at face value) or Card 1 of the Tarot, the Magician’s 4 weapons of ritual magic, the wand/fire, cup/water, sword/air, and pentacles/earth.
In fact each of the 4 letters of the tetragrammaton, YHVH, were also each associated with Y – fire, H – water, V – air, H – earth.

Thus here are just some of the patterns that my higher self had pointed out to me on my return journey back home to the source.

FIRE ~ 1 5 9 ~ Stem Cells ~ Wand 

STEM Cells are connected to the Life Sequence identified as  Arrow  1-5-9-13

But where is the connection to the zodiacal code as I claimed?

What if we can connect the Stem Cell  Arrow  1-5-9-13 sequence to the element FIRE, along with the FIRE signs Aries1, Leo-and Sagittarius-9

All three zodiacal fire signs can be found on the same arm on the ELemental Greek Zodiacal Cross as noted below.
Each arm represents one of the four elements.
Is it a surprise that the NEWS comes to us from the four directions NEWS?

BLUE female elements considered negative (but don’t think of negative as being ‘negative’)
RED male elements considered positive

  • N – water
  • E – fire
  • W – air
  • S – earth

Note that the Stem Cell Sequence   Arrow  1-5-9  (FIRE) is opposite, though on the same horizontal x-axis  as  7-11-3 (AIRa numerical anagram that matches the fine structure constant >>> 1/137

And recall both fire and air are the elements associated with male energy.

As the widely used Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements arranged in order of increasing proton number describes the physical and chemical properties of elements, our system of 137 (141) stem cells, arranged in intervals of 1-5-9-13 proposes a model to describe the creation and the evolution of all forms of matter, energy states, fundamental forces, transitory astronomical events and the quantum structure of spacetime.

“…gravitational collapse is in effect perpetually being done and undone…,” 1 as presented through a system of 137 (141) finite but with no boundaries stem cells.

AIR ~ 1/137 ~ Fine Structure Constant ~ alpha ~ consciousness ~ sWORDs 

Is it surprising the number 137 appears as part of a pattern, why would 137 be significant in the bigger picture?


The ELements FIRE and AIR are both considered masculine, positive, yang, and do comprise the x-axis in this modEL.
The ELements WATER and EARTH are both considered feminine, negative, yin, and do comprise the y-axis in this modEL.

And the numbers seem to fit this template.
How many more coincidences can we find?

WATER – 384 – Lunar Cycle ~ collective unconsciousness ~ chalice/goblet/cup

UPDATE November 20, 2015

Is the answer to life, the universe and everything 37?

The following quote can be found in the abstract of the attached pdf. file that dare propose a link between the WOW signal and the number 37.

It is possible, at least in principle, to arrange a mapping that both conforms to functional requirements and harbors a small message or a signature, allowed by 384 bits of informational capacity of the code.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Trithemius wrote a passage of this desc’ription 384 words long, and devised 24 variant words (or sometimes phrases) for each of the 384. At any position in the cycle of 384 you could select any of the 24 variants, and the resulting running text would still make some sort of sense.

3-16-01, Midaughter mailing list

Hello Chris and others interested in the mystery of King Wen’s method.

The fact of the matter is that I have a book in hand, THE INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE, MIND, Hallucinogens and the I CHING, by Terrence & Dennis McKenna, (published in 1975, update in 1993 at Harper-Collins, ISBN 0-06-250635-8) in which they present a very credible version of “what King Wen may have done” to formulate his Sequence.  Maybe someone has seen this, but evidently not since there has been no mention of it. I don’t have time to go into it now but I will give you a brief run-down.

After you see what the Mckenna’s have put together I believe you will see some value in “figuring out” how Wen did it.  Briefly, they make a strong case for the Yi being originally constructed as a Lunar Calendar and Astronomical calculator.  The basis of this is the high significance of the number 384.  Showing the connection between the total 384 lines of the Yi and the astronomical value of the lunation cycle of 29.35 days X 13 ( lunar months ) = 383.89 days ( rounded to 384 )

McKenna’s, after they make their case that the Yi’s basic structure, sequence, reveals the fundamental flow of time, metabolism, consciousness, etc. relate this thru graphs, etc. extrapolating it all into “The Eschaton” which is “a universal and fractal morphogenetic field which has hypothesized to model the unfolding predispositions of space and time…”  finally putting it altogether in their TIME WAVE ZERO chart which, using the basic simple wave form traced by the hexagram sequence, creates a grand graph of history showing the peaks and valleys of “maximum novel intensification”

It is very interesting to note that they independently, using their I Ching calculations, arrived at the date December 21, 2012, as the Time Wave Zero point of history (that point in world time when intensification reaches its maximal level).  This is of course the date of the end of the Mayan Calendar. This date is also very significant from an astronomical point of view because half and hour before the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012, the Sun will arise in a position that will eclipse (be aligned with) the Galactic center (near last degrees of Sagittarius).

If you are interested in the Mayan Calendar  you should check out MAYA COSMOGENESIS 2012, by John Major Jenkins.

– Gene

Steve wrote:

I note with regret that Terence McKenna died on 3 April 2000 at San Rafael, California, aged 53. McKenna’s “Time Wave” theory, developed in his books The Invisible Landscape (1975) and The Archaic Revival (1991), was certainly among the more eccentric approaches to the Yijing, although to his great credit he withdrew the theory when its mathematical defects were pointed out to him. The theory was widely disseminated on the internet, though, and would have to be included in any history of 20th century Western interest in the Yi.

The Invisible Landscape  pages 113-114
by Terence McKenna

More 384:

Prehistoric constructors obviously had a knowledge of the planets that had been passed down to them from even more ancient times (see Otto Apelt’s Translation of Plato’s Timaeus, Leipzig 1919). With their help, the three-dimensional relationships were explained, while the Zodiac served to show the course of time.
The basis was the supposed agreement of the musical seven-step scale and the “seven” of the then-known planets, including the sun and moon.  From this interval, the equation 2 x 3 x 8 x 8 = 384 was determined.  

Surprisingly, the distance between moon and Earth is 384,000 kilometers; the 384 in a relationship of 1 : 1000. 

I feel the coincidence regarding the distance between the earth (EARTH) and the moon (WATER) is hard to dismiss.
Here is another numerical anagram that makes you think design, design, de signs are everywhere!

The Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air, which we call the atmosphere. It reaches over 560 kilometers (348 miles) from the surface of the Earth

EARTH ~ 216 ~ phi ~ pi ~ pentacles ~ disk

Somebody turned my blog into a ewe-tube video.

2 – 5 – 8 – 11 

Note the 2, 5, 8, 11 are highlighted on the above cross in green squares.
What we have is an image similar to the one below but reversed and it appears to have been rotated.

  • 2 ~ Bull ~ west vs south
  • 5 ~ Lion ~ north vs east
  • 8 ~ Eagle/Scorpion ~ east vs north
  • 11 ~ Man/Angel ~ south vs west

In other words the Greek zodiacal cross (above) has the precession sequence arranged in a ccw arrangement, but the Freemason symbol below has them arranged in a clockwise arrangement.

Is this a coincidence or part of the underlying design?

I would say it is both literally and figuratively part of the underlying design that needs to be magnified (see image below) to be appreciated.
Even though the above cross is a direct reference to the Precession of the Equinoxes the image below magnified clearly suggests the axiom:


The work of George Merkl known as the Sumerian Lectures has been a revelation to the research I conduct.


In the  Arrow  1-5-9-13 sequence, what zodiac sign is associated with number 13?
Did you know that Ophiuchus sometimes regarded as the 13th sign of the Zodiac just happens to be located close to the galactic center, situated between Scorpio #8 and Sagittarius #9?

But others in fact posit Ophiuchus’ opposite Orion as the 13th sign of the zodiac.

8 + 9 = 17 and perhaps we have a reason why the #17 forms part of the collective unconscious, as this next chart illustrates humans seem to be on the same wavelength more with each other than with computers.


17 is the most common RANDOM number what we might call ‘chance’, and yet you get the feeling it appears to be there by DESIGN.

This is evidence that humans are NOT computers*.
*binary computers

The face of the above cornerstone that we can see, appears to be a 15 x 9 grid.

15 x 9 = 135

The number of blocks missing on the three steps or levels form part of a recognizable number group.

4, 7, 10 or 147


The building and its cornerstone (laid 6 months before the stock market crash) have some very unique and significant features. The building is said to symbolizes “growth,” comparing to the “Wings of Progress” on the Art Deco building in Rochester.

If the name “Nicholas Roerich” doesn’t mean anything to you, you’re missing some really important historical background. I first heard of him through Chris Pinto’s interesting and excellent documentary;



Dr. Jordan Peterson ~ The Meaning of Music ~ DNA ~ George Merkl and Life Crystals ~ the ARK+E+typal 4 Evangelists ~ Rotas Sator Magic Square ~ the Great Pyramid ~ Hologram of a Photon ~ Photon Knights Templar Cross ~ “Let There Be Light”

UPDATE March 7th, 2019

A now-classic piece of artwork sculpted from foam core by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson in 1985. He describes this piece of art as a three-dimensional representation of a two-dimensional representation of a four-dimensional object. The sculpture attempts to portray the dynamic spatial and temporal unfolding of music in visual form, and it was part of Dr. Peterson’s investigation into the intrinsic meaning of music.

Jordan Peterson THE MEANING of MUSIC

Can we, dare we compare Jordan Peterson’s brain fART to the work of other inspired passionate possessed people who sometimes appear to be bordering on a divine madness too?

Can we find four red arrows pointing toward a center OR even better as in Dr. Peterson’s symbol The Meaning of Music … the four red arrows appear to be off-center or asymmetrically centered and recall Peterson’s idea is about the dimensions 2, 3, and 4.
So I took the liberty of finding those four red arrows in The Meaning of Music.

Jordan Peterson THE MEANING of MUSIC Templar Cross1

Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala

Rosetta Fractal Mandala

Now let me share with you this image that I eventually decided to call Rosetta Fractal Mandala.  I took this picture back in 2006 in a monastery in Arequipa, Peru on my way to Machu Picchu, and it clearly has assisted me ever since in my journey/quest. Sometimes its application is as compass and other times as a map. Similar to a key fitting a lock … together they open a door if you dare knock?  In conclusion the above image has become  absolutely vital to a narrative that which is me trying to merge with a bigger ME, not unlike how Dr. Peterson’s symbol in some ways helps to define him and his quest for a wholeness. 

Now this time instead of highlighting Peterson’s The Meaning of Music in red, I will use black to help illustrate a meaningful coincidence or a synchronicity that clearly exists between our two brain fARTS separated by 21 years. [1985 vs 2006]

Jordan Peterson THE MEANING of MUSIC black pieces of piSanta Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala cropped

It did not take me long to find on my quest another confirmation.  Noticing a similarity between these next two images, the Rosetta Fractal Mandala and the claim by  the Freemason author/journalist Frank Carlos Higgins that ‘precession of the equinoxes‘ and the beginning of Masonry share a common source.
And that source appears to be similar to a model shared by others.
Dr. Jordan Peterson and ME+me are not alone.

Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala and The Beginning of Freemasonry

The source of ALL inspiration/perspiration/imagination, ALL brain fARTS is becoming clearer and clearer all the time.

Could it be a particle of light … a photon?

All of the human narratives starting with an epiphany seem to have features common to the hologram of a photon or a particle of light … which does carry inphomation and the models or ideas presented like The Meaning of Music do mesh on another level that can not be put into words. And that is the underlying problem with an epiphany or AHA that can NOT be expressed in words … how in the hell do you communicate the ‘feeling’?

It makes sense … to our chiral senses … that a light bulb meme would represent an AHA!

Imagine a ‘model’ that can be scaled big or small, from the mass-less photon to the precession of equinox cycle which documents the movement of the most massive objects in the solar system?

More evidence of sound waves carrying mass

p.s. it appears that both phonons and photons have much to say about our reality emerges … how something arises out of nothing.

UPDATE October 9, 2016

Photon PREDICTED and ACTUAL results

Shape of photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

The resulting image looks a bit like a Maltese cross, just like the wave function predicted from Schrödinger’s equation. In the arms of the cross, where the photons were in step, the image is bright – and where they weren’t, we see darkness.

The experiment brings us “a step closer to understanding what the wave function really is,” says Michal Jachura, who co-authored the work, and it could be a new tool for studying the interaction between two photons, on which technologies such as quantum communication and some versions of quantum computing rely.

The researchers also hope to recreate wave functions of more complex quantum objects, such as atoms.

“It’s likely that real applications of quantum holography won’t appear for a few decades yet,” says Konrad Banaszek, who was also part of the team, “but if there’s one thing we can be sure of it’s that they will be surprising.”

The best is yet to come, the consistency of this idea is starting to appear omnipresent.
This idea can even place Ken Wilber who is exploring the leading edge of science onto the same ARCH+E+typal page, and that should be good news coming from the four directions NEWS.


Take a look at the image above and compare it to the next image you see … do great minds think alike. Is there a twist to the end of this tale?

New Perspectives On The Great Pyramid Pt. 1 Ancient Data Base scribd TWIST in Great Pyramid

New Perspectives On The Great Pyramid Pt. 1 Ancient Data Base scribd TWIST in Great Pyramid

What is a hologram?
Imagine taking the RED PYRAMID or a Great Pyramid that we see below and cutting along its four edges and flattening the 3D pyramid into 2D.
A hologram suggests that we can reverse the process. It suggests we can store information in 2D and later extract 3D form.

Photon Knights Templar Evolution

Suggesting further that the MASSive Great Pyramid could be a model for the MASS-less photon.

The hologram of a photon places many significant narratives onto the same page that begins with … “Let there be light” … and ends with?

~ end of UPDATE ~

The following quote was made in 1912
and then two world wars broke out …

source of quote and free pdf:

And here we are 101 years later and I feel we are
knocking on that door again attempting to
cross over that line.


Three ROTAS/SATOR configurations representing various levels of scaling.

PHOTON HOLOGRAM ~ levels of scaling

With triangular arms that do not fill the square (sometimes not called pattée but a variant of the Maltese cross; see also variation of the St George’s cross)

With the ends of the arms convex and curved; sometimes called “Alisee”.
(French croix pattée alésée arrondie)

Cross pattée – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


cross and crown laid upon a cross pattée inscribed with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” resting upon downward pointing swords in saltire is often used to represent the Knights Templar.
(The various symbols used allude to the orders of the body, though the cross and crown is often used alone as well.)

The earliest documented link between Freemasonry and the Crusades is the 1737 oration of the Chevalier Ramsay.

This claimed that European Freemasonry came about from an interaction between crusader masons and the Knights Hospitaller.

So is the 137 in the year 1737 a coincidence or do we have more evidence of a ‘numerical’ narrative that seems to keep pace with the bIbLE  narrative comprised of letters and words resulting in a state of IsraEL being formed?

sator square 1173 Church of San Giovanni (Campiglia Marittima) 1of2

Sator Square ~ Parish Church of San Giovanni (St. John) Campiglia Marittima, province of Livorno.

Abbreviations normally used at the time conventionaly replaced some letters with circumflex accents: we have substituted small letters for those missing. The words Cator Matheus, put in parenthesis, are carved on a stone on the other side of the architrave but are a part of the same inscription.

The translation of the words is as follows:

“The sinner Matthew achieved this work through the Grace of God: O Brothers, pray God, so that He will forgive the sins committed.”

The date, at the beginning of the inscription, has been interpreted in different ways, according to how the letter “S” is deciphered.

The theory supported by Prof. P. Bacci in 1910 upheld that it stood for the number 6, making the date of construction 1109. More recent studies, which consider the “S” an abbreviation of seventy, argue that the date is 1173.

I would argue based on the fact the Knights Templar were arrested in 1307, that 1173 is the ‘idea’ being passed forward not 1109.
Though 1109 hinting at a 911 could be a possibility too.

Dr. George Merkl (1920-2004), Ph.D, PhD, was a Nuclear Physicist and Molecular Biologist.

Dr. Merkl is listed in “Who’s Who Among Pioneers in Science Today” and holds several awards in Physics and Biology. His final and most momentus discovery involved “particle biochemistry” and the Secret of Life.

He is the author of “Inner Space (Unified Theory)”, and has discovered new treatments which can cure HIV-AIDS, cancer, and many other degenerative diseases naturally.

Life Crystals, made of adenosine tri­phosphate (ATP) and guanosine tri-phosphate (GTP) and their precursors, are optically active and are capable of polarizing, absorbing and storing light.

One result of being able to provide concentrated, specially charged and readily available ATP and GTP, is that it is possible to ensure the optimum energy levels necessary for cellular and genetic repair, growth and function.

The Chondriana are human in origin.
They are our precursors.

They are micro-organisms which have been synthesized from human DNA. The Chondriana existed three and a half billion years ago. We had life forms back then that were capable of reproducing or mass producing all our organs. There is a micro-organism which has been found fossilized in western Australia dated three and a half billion years old. It is identical to the Chondriana. The Chondriana (ancient female micro-organisms) give birth to the Chondrions (ancient male micro organisms). Every organelle in our cells was at one time produced by similar female Chondriana.

In other words, we had life forms, back three and a half billion years ago that were capable of reproducing all our organs. We had factories in our cells, which we do not have today, which produced the organelles inside our cells. In so many ways we have de-evolved.

With this discovery we can correct the atrophy that has taken hold of us at a deep cellular level and activate dormant DNA codes to regenerate ourselves.

(I just happen to be the 137th viewer!)


more info found here:

In part 1 introduction George tells us he came to the west from the east in the year I was born, 1957.
(I do not believe in coincidences so my attention ‘span’ has been heightened and lengthened … btw)
George and ME both arrived alive in the year of IGY – 1957, the most intense solar flare/sunspot activity we have on record….was in 1957-58 

As mentioned I also happened to be the 137th viewer of this video.
Coincidence or evidence that I should watch this video?

@6:35 George says a few things.

He mentions phrases like FREE ENERGY, the ENERGY of CREATION, and the BREATH of GOD followed immediately by the words 918 pairs of ‘scrolls’ of this FREE ENERGY …

well that was enough for me 
for now

918 pairs of SCROLLS?

holy moly torah batman 
I have a problem ya see, I look at clues from all angLEs using my angEL POV. 
I read from right to left and  from left to right.

So how do we connect 918 to 819?
Will it allow us to merge east with west?

13 x 7 x 9 = 819

Note this formula was used by the Mayans to help tell TIME and by FREEMASONS like George Washington when to lay a cornerstone for the temple you plan on building…. what a Capital IDEA!

George M. gives us insights to George W.   

But as a searcher of the TRUTH, I knew that IF my work was TRUE BLUE it must connect with other inspired TRUTH seekers.

In this video lecture by George Merkl he suggests that Sumerian technology is poised to making a 21st century comeback….this next image is taken from GM’s Sumerian lecture.

In this image do you see:

1/ the hexagon/star of david?
2/ the maltese/templar cross?
3/ the left facing swastika inside the maltese cross?

What is the connection between the Maltese Cross, the Swastika, and THEY who are in the know?

   Why is the swastika used as a SEAL for the Buddha’s HEART?

Can we ignore this vital clue? 

For how much longer?


George Merkl Sumerian Technology meshes with KNIGHTS TEMPLAR SATOR A-E-O-N CROSS

And that is fantastic because we now have another confirmation.
It helps to explain why we can associate the Knight’s Templar Rotas/Sator Magic Square to Roger Penrose/Ed Witten Twistor String Theory!

PHOTON HOLOGRAM ~ levels of scaling



MORE more more of the same;

selah V

p.s.  UPDATE March 10th, 2019

This is the most recent blog promoting the ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL narrative …