The X Factor KW

‘X’ marks the spot
In this image ‘X’ marks the spot!
This is where I found the Holy Grail, buried deep inside what can only be described as ancestral MEME MEMoriEs … that I believe can be accessed via various methods giving you access to the EM field of dreams and nightmares that we all share with each other, because we share in them on some profound level yet to be understood ….
I have been on a treasure hunt for quite some time, but for most of the journey I had no idea that I was searching for what it was I was searhing for…
The ‘coincidence’ has been my guide now for 8 ‘conscious’ years.
Let me explain.
The 13 Step Recovery program is similar to the 12 Step Program that alcoholics use to stay on the wagon and to find god too.
But if the number 13 in Judaism is linked (see above link) to ideas like YHVH, love and unity maybe we should endeavor to get to the 13th floor instead of being stranded on floor 12 with folks who are too frightened to check out ‘unlucky’ floor 13?

I am not sure which is more important, staying on the wagon at step 12 or getting off the wagon and walking that final flight of steps up to floor 13.

In the tarot Card 13 is the Death card  :o

Card XXI and Card X Wheel of Fortune depicting two recovered codes
Also what must be noted is that from very early in my journey (see link SELFISH GENES link above) I was announcing to all of those who would listen, [and few do] that the Wheel of Fortune or Card X of the tarot was a valuable KEY to unlocking deeper meanings to the tarot and of course the ‘wheel of life’ that we all find ourselves ‘stuck’ on.
In fact that is exactly what has happened in a most wonderful way via the ’13 Step Recovery’ Program.
Yes I found a treasure under the ‘X’.
In fact this treasure points us toward an undeniable truth from which there will be no escape, you just do not realize it yet.
Charlie’s wagon is also known as the Great Bear or Ursa Major.
My father’s name is Karl which is Charles in German.😉
Charlie’s Wain is also known as the Big Dipper.
Our family name is Wedekind or Widukind.
Widukind was the last Saxon hero to oppose Charlemagne and Rome.
Widukind was baptized on Christmas day after his defeat which in fact was portrayed as being a spiritual surrender, and by ‘coincidence’ the Feast of Epiphany falls on the same day as the ‘blessed’ St. Widukind.
Important to read this …
The traditional date for the feast is January 6. However, since 1970, the celebration is held in some countries on the Sunday after January 1. Eastern Churches following the Julian Calendar observe the Theophany feast on what for most countries is January 19[10] because of the 13-day difference today between that calendar and the generally used Gregorian calendar.
note with interest
The date of celebration for St. Widukind is in dispute, it is either Jan. 6 or Jan. 7.
But take note that the Feast of Epiphany explains this too ….
In a sermon delivered on 25 December 380, St. Gregory of Nazianzus referred to the day as ta theophania (“the Theophany”, an alternative name for Epiphany), saying expressly that it is a day commemorating he hagia tou Christou gennesis (“the holy nativity of Christ”) and told his listeners that they would soon be celebrating the baptism of Christ.[25] Then, on January 6 and 7, he preached two more sermons)
And how cool is this too?
The Monday after Epiphany is known as Plough Monday
Let me ask you.
Can we link the idea of the plough to the Great Bear and the Great Bear to the swastika and of course Charlie or Karl’s Angels?
So did you read the part about Jan 6. + 13 days = Jan. 19?
All of the above dates regarding the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox celebrations focus on the following numbers.
Dec. 25 ~ Jan. 1 ~ Jan. 6 ~ Jan. 7 ~ Jan 19
Well I just want to say that my father’s date of birth was Jan.19, 1924.
He passed away on March 16, 1981
But get this …
33 years later on the anniversary of his death March 16 2014 a group of noble men and women coveting Nobel prizes made a discovery.
A discovery that they announced to the world the next day on March 17.
And again by coincidence the numbers 137 that I had been also pursuing were in the date 3/17 [March 17] .
March 17 2014 was the day that I realized that B-mode gravity waves were easily linked to radiating rotating ‘swastikas’ and the E-mode gravity waves could be associated to the 8-pointed crusader crosses like the Maltese, the Cross Formee, and the Knights Templar Cross, my favorite and the ‘STOP’ sign too.
I have highlighted both a B-mode RED swastika and a B-mode BLUE swastika
rotating in opposite directions
In other words I have hit the wall and it is called the CMB map.
I can go no further in providing empirical proof than what the big boys recover and supply me with.
But the claim I made back around 2007 that science one day would prove that the four fold geometry of the swastika that lends itself to bending or polarizing light is a marvel of science is slowly being revealed to be true blue.
So now the story behind the picture I posted.
Meet my parents.*
My father when he was 3 years old, indicated by an ‘x’.
The ‘x’ placed there by my father.
Next to my father is my archetypal mother called the Droste effect.
Because by coincidence my mother’s maiden name was Drost.
And yes the letter E at the end of Drost-E plays a role in the recovery that is being shared with you the reader, there is no other way to explain it.
Just like in Freemasonry, the builder of Solomon’s temple Chiram Abiff was the son of a widow … I am also today in possession of the Master Builder’s Grid highlighted above in yellow, which is clearly linked to the letter ‘X’ or the cross ‘+’ and when put into motion results in the Droste effect.
All of the above,  other folks might dare to call the Holy Grail.
What if?
Here is another coincidence, a fact that I was not aware of until I took this journey to find out ‘who I am’ .
The 12 days of Christmas fall between the western R. Catholic celebration of Dec. 25 and the Feast of Epiphany celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox church.
The twelve days in the song are the twelve days starting with Christmas Day, or in some traditions, the day after Christmas (December 26) (Boxing Day or St. Stephen‘s Day, as being the feast day of St. Stephen Protomartyr), to the day before Epiphany, or the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6, or the Twelfth Day)
And finally please note that if you dare apply Pythagorean reduction to the Roman Catholic date of Dec. 25 you end up with the numbers ‘37‘.
i.e. 12 = 1+2 = 3 and 25 = 2+5 = 7
Western Roman Catholic Dec. 25 = 37
Eastern Orthodox Jan. 6 = 16

Thus Card X of the tarot and the code that has been recovered can be divided in half, west and east. It contains both dates celebrated by both Orthodox and Catholic.

It really is code, what is being offered here is just the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of the end linked to the beginning of Judaism which is the year 3761.

One more WOW MOM to help put all of the above into perspective.

By the time I found the 1376 code on Card X of the tarot, I had already been shown the Maya/Freemason Americas western hemisphere code of 1379.
Please note the 6 rotates into a 9.

Thus there are two codes which appear ‘polarized’ indicated by the numbers 6 and 9.

1376 vs. 1379

I was born in the western hemisphere and my birthday in fact yields the 1379 code.

i.e.  July 3, 1957 which yields the 7/3/1957 and take note of my statement of birth, note the first four numbers in my date of birth 7319.

Yes I was registered officially as 073190.

Anyway everybody they say has ONE book inside of them.
Clearly our DNA makes each of us a unique as snowflakes in addition to being made up of cosmic stardust, we are literally the remains of supernova explosions and other forms of radiation co-mingling all around us.

And to be fair to my mother Maria or ‘Mary’
this is a real photo of her and my father.

My kids from a young age called their Irish grandmother NaNa and their German grandmother Omu not Oma like most German kids might.

We never bothered to correct them.
I am glad we did not, because both NaNa and oMU has a nice cosmic ring to it.

Grandma NN

Grandma MU

The following crosses I found in the book by James Churchward called The Symbols of MU.

Note how we can extract the numbers 1 3 7 and 69 out of those crosses that the Freemason, explorer, story teller James Churchward had tried to associate to the lost continent of Mu, which btw antedates Atlantis.

So what kind of a story or narrative could three Freemasons script?

James Churchward his brother Albert Churchward and William Niven

To be continued …

2017 the TEACHER appears ~ Intelligent Design ~ NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA ~ the true blue and red AVATAR

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread …

“Then the flour, which symbolizes G-d’s provision of earthly bread, and of heavenly bread which is the messiah.”


… and forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
 And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil

586 AD

The first record of a medieval Romance language in the Balkans dates to the early Byzantine period in which Procopius‘ (500–565) mention forts with names such as Skeptekasas (Seven Houses), Burgulatu (Broad City), Loupofantana (Wolf’s Well) and Gemellomountes (Twin Mountains).[citation needed] A Byzantine chronicle of 586 about an incursion against the Avars in the eastern Balkans may contain one of the earliest references to Vlachs.

All of the above (including recipes for baking your daily bread) can be shown
to default to ONE idEA when discussing

UPDATE September 22, 2014

The above quote was posted on faKebook today.
Apparently the claims we see being made are by Nassim Haramein and his group, or should I say an emerging CULTure of beLIEf.

In my books fellas like Nassim Haramein, Randy Powell (in the name of Marko Rodin), and Dan Winter are first and foremost sheeple herders.
But clearly they are not alone.  How many other fringe groups are discussing the vortex ignoring the work of others and more importantly the clues our ancestors left us?

It appears that Nassim, Marko, Randy and Dan the man, do not like to use the ‘S’ word when describing the forces of the universe.

Yes the ‘V’ word or Vortex is part of all of their vocabulary, but the ‘S’ word seems to be verboten.

Now the mistake they ALL make is they try to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and put their spin on how the world works according to the vortex of their choice…

That really is too bad IF it is the swastika wheel you are trying to reinvent, and at the same time ignoring the beneficent gifts its blessed architecture has provided for us since at least 10,000 BC.
Because that is their downfall, they must play catch up to ME+me who embraced SSS Sacred Swastika Science quite some time ago.
Eventually you learn to submit to a truth that is in plain sight.
IF you are touched and can keep your ego under control you will see the light, so to speak.

Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, that when we grasp it — in a decade, a century, or a millennium — we will all say to each other, how could it have been otherwise? How could we have been so stupid for so long?

— John Archibald Wheeler

What is that ONE idEA?
It revolves around ‘consciousness’.
It turns out that what gravity is, and what the swastika is, are both involved in the evolution of both matter and spirit and a higher consciousness.

WHAT IF Ben Walsh is a fine analogy to show how gravity is connected to sound using the above CMB Map to help model his Drum Wheel?

Is Ben Walsh reinventing the wheel or did he find a way to play along with it?

Intelligent Design ~ NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA and Gravity

…the true blue and red AVATAR

It was only recently that I started to prefix many of the titles with ID or Intelligent Design.
And for good reason.
Those who claim they are in possession of irrefutable empirical proof are now attempting to cross over the metaphysical bridge.
And IF the reader takes their time acquainting themselves with the evidence that was gathered by standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before us, you will begin to gain a deeper understanding of why I make the claims that I do.

I will also claim that IF you take the time to go over the evidence it will become crystal clear why I positioned ‘Jesus on a Latin cross‘ between the two thieves, the two gravitation b-mode waves that come in a fiery creative yang red or a yin blue, the primeval watery consciousness…apparently these gravitational E-mode and B-mode fluctuations evolve into fuck-u-situations in the material world…?
(It will help if the reader has a twisted sense of humor as we investigate a simple idea ~ a seed ~ that gives rise to infinite complexity)

image on left:  21st century nano cloaking device
image on right: geometric pattern found among the ruins of the Kharraqan Twin Towers
completed in 1093 CE and 1067 CE.

Now I must ask and point out the obvious at the same time, the Kharraqan Twin Towers are actually tombs.

Why do we find evidence of the same ‘architecture’ being used on a pair of ‘tombs‘ dated to between 1067-1093** CE and a nano design called a ‘cloaking device’?

Recall that nano technology is leading edge 21st century science, the new frontier for those that love to engineer machines, both big and small…

Thus what are the connections between these geometric tomb patterns, consciousness, death, and the field we are tapping into using state-of-the-heART nano chiral metamaterial architecture?

**please note that 1067-1093 is a nice fit for the 1/137-69 idea that has been promoted as central to this blog.

UPDATE 01/25/2014

IF you came here looking for the list of 23 reasons to keep an open mind, scroll down.
There is not only a list but details and sources are provided for each of the 23 reasons, which are being assembled to help illustrate the theory being presented, thus….

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

Inlaid mosaic Cathedral Siena Italy paying homage to Hermes
Hermes Trismegistus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Location, Location, Location

Well I guess I need to point out where we can use all of the nano world applications I am about to share with you.
It only makes sense that if we can use the swastika as a ‘model’ for our own Milky Way then by applying the age old hermetic axiom ‘as above so below’ we might be able to arrive at a deeper understanding of how the universe ‘works’ on the many different levels of ‘scaling’ or dimensions like 2, 3, and maybe even the 4th.

From the really big to the nearly infinitesimal tiny which has been measured down to the length of a ‘planck’, what is the common denominator?

As I mentioned years ago science would one day catch up to understanding what the swastika puts on the table for discussion, its innate and blessed geometry allowing it to bridge both science and religion, the S with the R.
Let me provide the proof of my claim, which has a hint of prophecy to it too.

image on left:  the first link below was published in March 2013 and it essentially states that the spiral arms of the Milky Way are 4 in number and the accompanying image is clearly a 4-armed spiral.

However there is NO denying that the model of our Milky Way based on the latest data is *best* illustrated using a 4-arm spiral swastika.
Are these the four archetypal rivers of Eden?
Investigations into the applications of the nano swastika architecture later in this blog, suggests maybe they are …

image on right: this next link was posted/published by me on my blog back in September 2008, and the title is self explanatory.

Thus after reading the above entry in conjunction with the latest interpretation of the latest data we can now theorize that one of the ‘applications’ for the swastika is/was a model for the Milky Way.

“fish don’t’ swim, they’re swum and birds don’t fly, they’re flown”
-Viktor Schauberger

But what are the others?
It starts to boggle the mind actually when you realize how pervasive swastika technology is.

We can categorize this symbol as being in ‘plain sight’.
Its applications are everywhere.

UPDATE 7/27/2013

The seven most-asked questions about nanotechnology.

Unraveling Roman mosaic meander patterns:
A simple algorithm for their generation

Now if the swastika is a model for our Milky Way what were these Roman mosaics found throughout the empire indicating?
The scholars used to call them ornamental and just figured it was artsy fartsy nonsense.

Well that was before another vital piece of inPHOmation was ‘recovered’ by others who saw another ‘angle’ to the geometry and the particular weave chosen.


A geometrical analysis of the meander decorative patterns on a Roman pavement mosaic found at the Roman villa in Chedworth, England, is presented.

The analysis reveals that the intricate swastika meander pattern consisting of four closed curves could have been easily constructed using a very simple hypothesized algorithm.
The algorithm also explains the design of Roman swastika meanders found throughout the Roman Empire.

Connections are indicated between these patterns and the sona traditional art of Angola as well as the kolam traditional art of Tamil South India. The analysis and algorithm described have applications to the classification of geometric mosaic patterns, the design of new patterns, and the reconstruction of mosaics that have been partially
destroyed by the ravages of time.


Well it has become apparent to me that this algorithm employed throughout the Roman Empire 2000+ years ago is still being employed today.

It has survived not only the ravages of TIME, but also any MOVEMENTS connected to the expansion and contraction of SPACE too, err would that be the same as time?
It is a very tricky narrative to pin down.

But it appears that we are slowly identifying the field where the narrative takes place.
We can call it the Milky Way and we can place it on a grid, on a matrix, on ThE NET.

The Nano Navigator 

And now that we have identified the potential grid, matrix, or ThE NET where the narrative unfolds we are going to need help navigating through ThE NET using a deeper understanding of how geometry can be used to navigate the high seas and lo emotions, the ebb and flow of life.

And the best man or woman for this job would be somebody who has patented the device we need to help navigate ThE NET.

That would be Crichton EM Miller, and one look at the tool he will use to help us navigate and it will be clear why C. E.M. M. is the right person for the job.

The Celtic Cross, Crichton EM Miller


Why did the Romans, Hitler, and the Buddha all covet the swastika for their respective paradigm altering ‘MOVEMENTS‘?

Why will the two paradigm altering MOVEMENTS called Nazism and Buddhism be forever associated with the ‘hakenkreuz’ a.k.a. the swastika?
Whereas the fact the Romans used it seems to have been overlooked because it has been deemed insignificant by those given an opportunity to comment on history?

The answer to the question why do influential people covet the swastika to represent their MOVEMENTS  is to be found in the question.


The reason the madman Hitler and the Buddha buddy  both coveted the swastika for their MOVEMENTS is because it is the KEY to MOVEMENT understanding/unraveling the intricacies of universal MOVEMENT on ALL levels of scaling big or small.

AS ABOVE = swastika is the MEdiator that puts you in touch with your higher self = SO BELOW

Clearly as Jay Harman demonstrates in his video the swastika/spiral can potentially give us insights into Alternative Cures for Global Warming by exploiting biomimicry technologies, what ‘just is’ is.

So what … you say?

So obviously if you want to reach people on an unconscious level to follow you, to get them MOOving, there really is NO better symbol to employ than the 12,000+ year old swastika (source unknown) which can in fact be traced to the birth of human consciousness about 1.37 million years ago, when we started making the handaxe.

Maybe if we could we should probe the asymmetrical brain of George Washington and ask him why he chopped down the cherry tree, and why he wore a Freemason apron as he lay the cornerstone of the Capital Building on Sept. 18, 1793 using the four sacraments spelled COWS.

  1. C ORN in the North
  2. O IL in the West
  3. W INE in the South
  4. S ALT in the East

The video by Jay Harman can be found here:

go to 2:22 in the video for the explanation by this Nottingham University professor defining ‘nano science’.

Nano science reconciles, highlights a convergence of chemisty/biology/physics AND engineering at the nano scale of the ‘atom’.

To better understand how the 21st century will judge the 12,000+ year old swastika on its ‘blessed’ geometric merits as opposed to political manipulations we need to investigate the NANO world.
Now without a doubt the above video helps to illustrate now important NANO technologies are to our future.

It is here in the NANO world where the past, present, and the future apparently collide.

Allow me illustrate what I mean.
It has become apparent to me, in my own journey that our INTUITIVE right brain and LOGICAL left brain take turns playing the game called ‘follow the leader’.
Who wants to play follow the leader … the ego shouts out?

It appears that our asymmetrical brain plays a game with itself (especially while we sleep) of  left vs. right leapfrog, each asymmetrical partner taking its turn leading the way, and learning how to follow along too.

The seven most-asked questions about nanotechnology.

In the video @ 00:39 when our Sixty Symbols host starts yakking about the sharp tip and electrons magically jumping the GAP … let me suggest you place the image of god’s right hand reaching out to Adam’s left hand in the Sistine Chapel, to represent that same GAP between god, err the tip and the atom, err Adam.

thanks Michelangelo for your intuitive heART….something the scientists today are lacking using only logic.

Now who wants to play another INTUITIVE game with ME as I show you how the 12,000+ year old swastika reveals itself as NANO superhero?

image source:

Raphael (Standard Hebrew רָפָאֵל, Rāfāʾēl, “It is God who heals”, “God Heals”, “God, Please Heal”) is an archangel of Judaism and Christianity, who in the Judeo-Christian tradition performs all manners of healing.

Raphael is honored in Islam as one of the great archangels. He is Israfel in Islam.

According to the hadith, He is the angel responsible for signaling the coming of Judgment Day by blowing the trumpet (namely Sûr). According to tradition, the trumpet will be blown three times. The first blow of the trumpet will signal the beginning of Last Day and the second blow will signal the death of every living thing including angels, demons and humans and the third blow will signal the time when all the souls from all ages will be gathered for the Last Judgement.

He is known more commonly as “Israfel” in Islamic history. According to the Quran, he has been holding his breath, waiting for Allah’s order to blow the Sûr.

The above definition was found in this book:

So what kind of applications can we find that would fulfill what we see above?
If the Hebrew meaning of Raphael is ‘god heals’ ‘god has healed’ what could possibly be inferred by the above associations to the swastika?

Keep reading and soon you will realize why and how Raphael will use the NANO super hero, the swastika to help heal humanity.



The true blue mixed with red AVATAR that we can use to help make the world green.

The proportions of the Nazi swastika were fixed based on a 5 × 5 diagonal grid

And what needs to be pointed out is how we can connect all the prime numbers between 2-23 on the Magic Square of Mars by using a swastika.

Prime numbers are the building blocks of mathematics.

Geometrically, the swastika can be regarded as an irregular icosagon or 20-sided polygon.

Characteristic is the 90° rotational symmetry and chirality, hence the absence of reflectional symmetry, and the existence of two versions of swastikas that are each others mirror image.

The mirror-image forms are often described as:

  • clockwise and anti-clockwise;
  • left-facing and right-facing;
  • left-hand and right-hand.

“Left-facing” and “right-facing” are used mostly consistently referring to the upper arm of an upright swastika facing either to the viewer’s left (卍) or right (卐).

The other two descriptions are ambiguous as it is unclear whether they refer to the arms as leading or being dragged or whether their bending is viewed outward or inward. However, “clockwise” usually refers to the “right-facing” swastika.

The terms are used inconsistently in modern times, which is confusing and may obfuscate an important point, that the rotation of the swastika may have symbolic relevance, although ancient vedic scripts describe the symbolic relevance of clock motion and counter clock motion.

Please note that the ‘nano light mill motor‘ and the Jaina Cross discussed later in this blog will help us understand the hows and whys leading to this confusion regarding CW vs. CCW.

Less ambiguous terms might be “clockwise-pointing” and “counterclockwise-pointing.”

Nazi ensigns had a through and through image, so both versions were present, one on each side, but the Nazi flag on land was right-facing on both sides and at a 45° rotation.

The name “sauwastika” is sometimes given to the left-facing form of the swastika (卍).


And the importance of the 5×5 grid is highlighted by the fact that the ‘magic square’ associated with the Knights Templar is also based on a 5×5 grid and there appears to 2B connections between the Sator Square, the 2 B-mode gravitational waves, and the 2 swastika dots that come in red and blue.

What if SWASTIKA = FREE ENERGY and evidence of Intelligent Design?

The importance of all magical squares is realized once you understand that we can derive algorithms from them as pointed out in the beginning of the blog.

i.e. Marko Rodins VBM and John Searl’s SEG are two examples of deriving algorithms from these ‘hermetic alchemical’ magic squares.


UPDATE  Sept. 4, 2012

This link I offer you now after the past couple of weeks where the MEME AHAs! have been flowing through ME with regularity.
Based on a recent book that I finally (duh!) pulled off my library shelf and decided to have another look at.
The author is no slouch.  He builds on the work of Richard Heath and John Michell.
I guess I was ready to see what I could not see before on a previous round.

Now I see it, why the colors BLACK WHITE RED are X-tra special.

But shall we continue discussing the Nano ‘S’ superhero capable of bending/polarizing light?


left: Sator Square
right: Halafian ware 5000 BCE – Hassuna Culture – Samara Iraq
Halaf culture – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I call the above handcrafted (no potter’s wheel was used) clay bowl the ‘MNEME’ bowl because it seems to stir up memories, and it is possible to extract the letters MEME plus an N in the center spelling MNEME.
Note how the center of the square or circle are both surrounded by four glyphs that resemble the letter ‘E’.
But IF you dare rotate the letter ‘E’ or change the POV of the observer, you might see something different, like a W, M, or the number 3.

M ‘N’ M Technologies

MACROcosmic and MICROcosmic APPS for the SWASTIKA

As Above So Below – SS Swastika ‘applications’ for 2013 and beyond.

These pages will be continually updated.

This blog is about the possible ‘apps’ or applications that can be adopted for this 12,000 year old good luck symbol.

A symbol that has been negatively maligned within the western consciousness.

It became apparent as I loitered around forums, that even if we were witness to Jesus the messiah showing up making a triumphant return, human nature being what it is would demand an application from him. His mere appearance and claims of divinity would not be enough.
Not with the build up he has received over the past 2000 years in some circles.

The 2012 Jesus would need to perform yet another miracle, provide us with an ‘app’ to make us believers. :idea:

So recently I started focusing on potential applications for the swastika.
And I started to find miracles that any human could employ in a Self –RESCUE ME program on the nano-scale.

RESCUE ME is for those that watch TV.
I left the fire department, I got tired of watching tv.


I promote a Self-RESCUE ME program now. Your dive buddy is your shadow. This kind of deep diving firefight involves knowledge of alchemy and how to quell the raging fire that burns deep within.
How deep are you willing to go in exploring the abyss that is you?
And the best thing is, post fire department is that  I can still use the same ole Maltese Cross as the Cross or Compass that I was meant to bear in this lifetime, whether descending to the ocean valleys covered with water or ascending a mountain covered in misty rain clouds.

At this point I want to direct you to some ‘detail’ regarding the implicit correspondences between the architecture of the Great Pyramid, phi, pi, magnetism, DNA, the Maltese Cross, and the Swastika (click on link):

Now in the MACROCOSMIC Great Pyramid we find a wonderful connection between the most recognizable man made structure on the planet, squaring the circle, pi, phi, and the swastika…


Sacred Swastika Science graduates to microcosmic Nano-scale Applications

Intelligent Design is a sign of the times?

It soon became clear to me that I would need to find viable applications for such a despised symbol to assist in its reintroduction.

The *new* *improved* SS … based on Swastika Science 


Middle ages SS symbol used to symbolize the Holy Spirit

As a religious symbol, this symbol has countless interpretations, for good reason…its apparent longevity is witness to its acquiring many profound meanings.
Used to promote religious, spiritual, superstitious, or scientific ideas, the  geometric pattern of the swastika has made its way into many varied centers of human thinking.

Nano the next dimension …

inside we go with our ‘machines’ to explore and … ?


(nano applications are in red)

  • #1 NAZI Swastika to incite FEAR and DISGUST
  • #2 Therapy helping people to come out of darkness
  • #3 To promote LOVE and PEACE and GOODWILL toward all LIFE big and small …
  • #4 FALUN DAFA – Law Wheel Design
  • #5a Shockwave-Generating Wave Discs Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines
  • #5b GE90 engine and Boeing 777
  • #6 NANO – scale ‘Light Mill’ motor evidence of B-mode gravitation waves
  • #7 Sun Catchers – Chiral Metamaterials
  • #8 Hoberman Sphere – Expansion and Contraction – Inhalation and Exhalation
  • #9 SOUND Hemi-Anechoic Chamber
  • #10 NANO – World Applications *video*
  • #11 SUNGAZING – Helping to Solve the World’s Hunger Problems
  • #12 HUMOUR
  • #13 A Cloaking Device ~ more evidence of B-mode gravitation waves
  • #14 Circularly polarized light 
  • #15 Affordable Housing
  • #16 Molecular SOLOMON’S KNOT
  • #17a Micro – Device for processing molecular clusters of a liquid to NANO-scale
  • #17b Macro – Model for Earth’s Dynamo generating a Magnetic Field
  • #18 S-Shaped Dipole And Swastika Antennas
  • #19 Windpower – VAWT and a Sirius Mystery about Windmills
  • #20 Tornado/Vortex Electricity Generating Plant/Explosion vs Implosion
  • #21 Bible Ink. ‘Logos’ that became Corporate Inc. Logos
  • #22 ‘TIME’ – Aztec Calender for Precession of the Equinoxes
  • #23 Nano Chariot (merkaba) – advocate of prophecy and prophets – bridge builders



To incite FEAR and DISGUST

And to take control of our heARTS and MiNds.
Steven Heller explains, start watching @2:12 in this video for an explanation of how the swastika has been used to play on our E-motions.

image on the left is from 1989
image on the right is from 1938

Not much changed after 51 years?
What about today?
How aware are we of its magnetic electric metaphysical charms?

As a way of manipulating the herd clearly the evidence is in.
In the east the swastika is also used to quell the herd.

Swastika as Dynamic Pattern Underlying Psychosocial Power Processes

Steven Heller @6:25




To help promote LOVE – PEACE – GOODWILL

toward all LIFE big and small …

Hawaiian Stone Dice


The Swastika: The Earliest Known Symbol & its Migrations

Jaina Cross

Jainism gives even more prominence to the swastika as a tantra than does Hinduism.   All derasars and holy books must contain the swastika and ceremonies typically begin and end with creating a swastika mark several times with rice around the altar. Jains use rice to make a swastika in front of statues in a temple.

Jains then put an offering on this swastika, usually a ripe or dried fruit, a sweet (Hindi: मिठाई, Miṭhāī), or a coin or currency note.


FALUN DAFA – Law Wheel Design

At his lectures, Li “places” a Falun/SWASTIKA in the abdomen of each attendee.

According to Li, “Falun is an intelligent rotating entity composed of high-energy matter. The Falun that I plant in a practitioner’s lower abdomen rotates constantly, twenty-four hours a day.”

Falun Dafa’s symbol is a Law Wheel. (the one we see spinning) People with abilities can see that the Law Wheel is turning, and the same goes for our small Law Wheel pins—they’re turning too. We are guided in our cultivation by the nature of the universe, to be True, Good, and Endure. We practice according to the universe’s law of evolution, so what we cultivate is just enormous.

In a sense, the Law Wheel design is the universe’s miniature.


Shockwave-Generating Wave Discs Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines

16-point radiant Black Sun

Coincidentally we find 16 direction Compass Rose surrounding the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square.


12-fold rotational swastika

These two images are referring to the ‘occult’  Black Sun.

WOW what an application for the 15-fold rotational swastika?
It is going to replace the internal combustion engine?
No wonder they keep this KEY to Universal Movement (swastika) under wraps, VEILeD with so much BS it makes your head spin in two directions.

 Shockwave Generating Disk Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines

re: PERPETUAL MOTION otto cycle vs. asymmetrical rotary engines
…I will transfer the info to this forum.

If you are going to invent a perpetual motion machine it would be wise to model it after a sun that burns for billions of years or a universe which also has a tendency to expand and contract for an infinity?

And these next two images look nearly identical.
We know the image on the left is associated with the Shockwave Generating Disc, what is interesting to note is that the image Cory Barnes took of the jet engine is the world’s most powerful in its class.


The GE90 series are physically the largest engines in aviation history, the fan diameter of the original series being 312 cm (123 in).
The largest variant, the GE90-115B, has a fan diameter of 325 cm (128 in).

Gee 6eneral ELectric is involved in the high stakes game again.
I never ever would have guessed….until I saw this video on ewetube.


Nanoscale ‘Light Mill’ Spins Motor Using Light

Filmed through water, a silica microdisk embedded with a gold, gammadion-shaped light mill nanomotor rotates in one direction under illumination from laser light at 810 nanometers wavelength. When the wavelength is switched to 1,715 nanometers, the rotational direction is reversed. Torque is produced when the laser light frequencies resonate with the frequencie of the metal’s plasmons.
Movie courtesy of Zhang group

And what do these tiny ‘light mills’ look like?

The Nanoscale Light Mill Motor
Ignore the Reich-i-ness of the motor’s shape and you’ll notice that at a shorter 810-nanometer wavelength the light strikes the outside of the motors arms, turning the motor counterclockwise. A larger 1,700-nanometer wave passes through to strike the elbows, turning the motor the opposite direction.
Image courtesy of Zhang group

Whether wielded by Egyptian sun gods, Luke Skywalker, or your run of the mill solar-thermal power plant, light has the potential to do big things. Thanks to a breakthrough by UC Berkeley and the DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, we can now make light do very small things as well. Researchers there have created the first nano-sized light mill motor that can be manipulated in both speed and direction by tuning the frequency of the light waves that serve as its power source.

The plasmonic motor is only 100 nanometers in size, but given the right kind of power in the form of a linearly polarized light beam, it can produce enough torque to turn a silica disk 4,000 times larger than the motor itself. This type of light-driven motor isn’t new, but the kind of power derived from a motor this small is unheard of up to this point. Previous attempts at plasmonic motors required the devices to be at least many micrometers in size, and even then they produced far less torque per unit volume.

The breakthrough is in the gammadion gold structures that make up the motor. The gammadion structure’s symmetry coupled with the way it interacts with all incident light – not just light coming in from a particular angle – a simple linear polarized beam can coax a great deal of torque from the motor. That increased interaction between light and gammadion structures spells more power from less motor.

The motor is also sensitive to wavelength, which can be used to change the direction of the motor. As you can see (sort of) in the video below, a shorter wavelength of 810 nanometers gets the motor humming in a counterclockwise direction. A similar beam at 1,700 nanometers gets it cranking in the opposite direction.

Such tiny, controllable light-powered motors could have myriad biological applications, not least of which is manipulating DNA in vivo, using the motor to unwind and rewind a double helix. They could also lead to improved nanoelectromechanical systems and better solar harvesting devices.

Below compare the image on the right with the Jaina Cross seen earlier and the action taking place between the extended arms….

Can we use the two well defined motions illustrated by both the Nano Light Mill and the pre-Christian Jaina Cross, i.e. the clockwise and anti-clockwise motions to help us understand the difference between EXPLOSIONS and IMPLOSIONS too?

What about cavitation and  Sonoluminescence?

Optical forces induced on a light mill motor

Optical forces induced on a light mill motor by an illumination wavelength of 810 nm and 1700 nm. At 810 nm wavelength, light impacts the outer side of the arms, inducing a counterclockwise torque on the motor. At 1700 nm, light passes through the gaps and impacts the elbow of the motor, providing a clockwise torque. (Courtesy: Zhang group)

But in the image above take a look at the shadow that the swastika casts!

Does it look like the Hebrew Aleph?
Yes of course it does.

So is the SWASTIKA which is definitely a SOLAR symbol in some way involved in the ‘powering’ of the sun?

Yes we have another profound coincidence or in fact is it part of the design that the very important first letter of the Hebrew alphabet ‘aleph’ is shaped like the very famous Hertzsprung-Russell diagram which documents the evolution of ‘stars’?

So we have a narrative about the life cycle of stars connected directly to the shape of the all-important Hebrew aleph-bet.

But the most amazing application of the Swastika Nano Light Mill Motor is the fact science claims they can use it to unzip our DNA.

The motor could be ideal for powering NEMS and for bio-applications, such as DNA winding and unwinding. It might also be useful for harvesting solar energy, after some modifications in design to optimize its performance for such an application – for example, making it more susceptible to a broader spectrum of light wavelengths. “Several motors can also be easily combined for larger power, like the cylinders in a car motor,” team member Ming Liu told


‘Sun Catchers’

Chiral Metamaterials


Chiral metamaterials is a well-established research topic in the group, who were the first to have demonstrated optical activity in planar chiral metamaterials. The metamaterials generally consist of arrays of planar metallic or dielectric gammadions on a substrate, where, if linearly polarized light is incident on the array, it becomes elliptically polarized upon interaction with the gammadions with the same handedness as the gammadion itself.

A chiral structure such as a gammadion is defined as a shape with a certain handedness (left or right), which cannot be brought into congruence with the opposite handedness unless they are removed from the plane. This has the effect that if light is shone from one direction onto the array, the resulting polarization is left or right elliptically polarized, and if light is shone from the opposite direction onto the array, the resulting polarization is the opposite handed elliptical polarization to the other direction.

Optical structures artificially engineered on a mezoscopic level such as photonic bandgap crystals, periodically altered dielectric materials and microsculptured films are attracting tremendous attention because of their potential importance in optoelectronic technologies. These artificial structures with unique electromagnetic properties are known as metamaterials. These metamaterials, which can in principle be synthesized by embedding or including various constituents of novel geometrical shapes and forms in some host media, possess exciting features and interesting electromagnetic properties. They are not easily available in nature but are physicallyrealizable, and they have new potential applications in the design of optical devices and components.



Hoberman Sphere

Expansion and Contraction

Inhalation and Exhalation

A Hoberman sphere is not a true sphere, but a polyhedron known as an icosidodecahedron. The Hoberman sphere can be unfolded by allowing certain members to spread apart. This can be accomplished by feeding out a string or cable in the larger models. The operation of each joint is linked to all the others in a manner conceptually similar to the extension arm on a wall-mounted shaving mirror.

Clearly the shape of the swastika (6-leg version) plays a critical role in the operation of this sphere.
note the 16 point configuration is similar to the 16 wind Compass Rose that we find in St. Peter’s Square.

larger image:

Chuck Hoberman

Kinetic Structures



Hemi-Anechoic Chamber

BELL LAB SOUND STAGE 1940s and a Hemi-Anechoic Chamber

Provides a precise free-field environment used to measure sound sources over a reflecting plane.


ETS-Lindgren hemi-anechoic chambers are designed for applications that require precise acoustic measurements need to optimize product design and performance of:

  • Information Technology Equipment (e.g. computers, server racks, and routers)
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Small and Large Appliances
  • Fans
  • Industrial Equipment and Components
  • Automobile Components
  • Vehicles (e.g. automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Components



@ 3:26 PAUSE and we see what I have identified as the ‘SEED PATTERN‘ (can anybody translate this video for me? It might pay off in a big way if somebody can….)

@ 5:51 PAUSE and compare to the LAPLAND swastika

@ 6:49 PAUSE and guess where that image fits into? Any IDEA? I have been correct for years now….let’s get with the program sheeple? Scroll down and compare that image with ‘St Peter’s Square and the Mandelbrot Set!!!Our ancestors knew about FRACTALS?

@7:27 We see the title of this film and it is called NANOWORLD (and here we have another powerful confirmation of what appears to be part of what has been vEILed by placing it in plain view!!
scroll down this link go to #4 and another AHA!



Helping to Solve the World’s Hunger Problems?

Hira Ratan Manek teaches how we can live on just the energy of sunlight and water. He has eaten solid food just five to seven times in the last 10 years. He once fasted under 24-hour medical supervision for more than 200 consecutive days.




Please do try to Curb Your Enthusiasm for my unique idea and thanks to my bro – Yehoshua B. for sharing this next video with ME.

I just had a thought to add to another thought I had earlier.
WHAT IF we can ‘recover’ archetypal MEme info from both the EM fIELd and maybe also by going inward to the NANO scale too.
After all that is where we encounter with the greatest frequency the ‘symmetrical sacred geometric shapes’ found in all of our heARTS but not, or rarely in nature.


Now I think this film The Producers set the stage for the re-entry of the swastika back into the dark heARTS of western sheeple and seegullibLIES through the back door called HUMOUR, because Laughter really really is the Best Medicine in life.

I learned that as a child reading Reader’s Digest sitting on the toILEt.
(btw I was warned you are never to take a sacred text into a ‘dirty room’ for contemplation…)

*on this next video I do need to attach a warning re: excessive offensive/to some language in the subtitles

However there is something Phoney about KONY 2012.


A Cloaking Device?

Zhang’s Laboratory at Berkeley:

source of the above image:

In the above image note b is in fact the same grid pattern that we find in the SEED pattern that I have documented below, here are two examples:

source for all SEED images:

In the above image note d is in fact similar to same grid pattern that we find in the wall of this tomb.
Interesting that we should find similar designs being used in nano technology that we find on a tomb?

Kharraqan towers

Here are several patterns I found by letting my inner child play among the Twin Towers of Kharraqan.

Kharraqan towers are mausoleums, built in 1093 CE and 1067 CE, located on the plains in northern Iran, near Qazvin.

Brickwork from tomb tower at Kharrraqan Iran 11th century

And my inner child pointed out to me how obvious the connections are becoming between how we are trying to ‘manipulate’ the nano world and beyond using proven and tried methods of ‘geometry’ to extract energy or maybe godly matter from the field.

It is obvious why these NANO brick designs are found on tombs now, isn’t it?

from left: nano cloaking device, Kharragan exterior tomb brickwork, and the Donation of Constantine

Donation of Constantine

This is perhaps the most famous forgery in history.

For centuries, until Lorenzo Valla proved it was forgery during the Renaissance it provided the basis for papal territorial and jurisdictional claims in Italy. Probably at least a first draft of it was made shortly after the middle of the eighth century in order to assist Pope Stephen II in his negotiations with the Frankish Mayor of the Palace, Pepin the Short. The Pope crossed the Alps to anoint the latter as king in 754, thereby enabling, the Carolingian family, to which Pepin belonged, to supplant the old Merovingian royal line which had become decadent and powerless and to become in law as well as in fact rulers of the Franks. In return, Pepin seems to have promised to give to the Pope those lands in Italy which the Lombards had taken from Byzantium. The promise was fulfilled in 756. Constantine’s alleged gift made it possible to interpret Pepin’s grant not as a benefaction but as a restoration.

1054 CE

1054 SuperNova and the East/West Schism of July 16th, 1054 suggests the following is significant too.

The first certain use of it at Rome was by Leo IX in 1054, and it is to be noted that this pope was by birth and training a German, not an Italian.

Plus in addition to entering the above forgery into evidence of the coincidences, I also noted an additional coincidence in the two Kharraqan towers, in how the numbers, when they were recorded as being completed, seem to add up.

1093 and 1067 >>> 113769 >>> 1/137 + 69

other links

UPDATE April 5,2014

Due to the fact the archangEL RaphaEL/IsrafEL is associated to the swastika I do find this entry rather fascinating. It is obvious why I clicked on the link, the number ‘73‘ caught my eye.

Note the same numbers appear again >>> 1/137-69

The blowing of the trumpet in this verse signifies the calling of everything that is in the heavens and earth to an accounting. It signifies a transformation of all existence as described in surah 69:13-17.

“And when the trumpet is blown with a single blast,
And the earth and the mountains are borne away and dissolved like powder…. On that day you shall be exposed to view – no secret of yours shall remain hidden.” (Qur’an 69:13-17)

When the Prophet was asked about this trumpet he said, “It is a horn of light upon which Israfil blows.”

Finding other SEED examples extending back to at least 5000 BCE. (image below left)
But note the image on the right a.k.a. St. Brigid’s Cross is a definite match, the four wheat sheaves being cognizant with the four tails of the birds on the plate from Samarra Iraq.


The simplicity of the SEED pattern is found as a weave in all creatures great and small. It is the weave that helps weave us in fact from the quantum/nano level up, from the inside out.

Its simplicity suggests why nature carries this design forward just like genes. It is efficient. It is simple.
The SEED pattern is essentially a MEME that has worn many cloaks.
Now the swastika which has its genesis in the SEED pattern is pulling its final act.
The invisibility cloak does the goosestep down za runway!
Don’t ya see Frodo, its all been written…the Emperor does in fact get to wear a garment that is invisible through the town square…hahaha

AMAZINGLY the SEED pattern we find as switches for chiral metamaterials are even a match for the Pythagorean theorem  found in China that might in fact predate the birth of Pythagoras. (image below left)

But in the image below, the Greek Ionic volute spiral essentially links the SEED pattern to the actions of nature.
Note the KEY comprised of a 6×6 grid that is located in the center to assist you in drawing the geometry.


Circularly polarized light used in 3D movies

Researchers have designed the FIRST emitter of circularly polarized light made from a stand-alone semiconductor device.

Circularly polarized light, which is used in 3D movies, has its electric field vector rotating like a clock hand. It’s typically produced by sending light through a filter, but now a team has created a small, solid device that emits partially circularly polarized light, as they describe in the 4 February Physical Review Letters. If this semiconductor technology can be further perfected, it could be used in devices that help biochemists control protein synthesis or help physicists control electrons in spintronics–a futuristic type of electronics.

REALLY and what does it look like?

Twist top
The light emitted from a layer of quantum dots sandwiched inside a semiconductor
becomes circularly polarized by a pattern of
gammadions etched on the surface.

I AM shocked!



First 1K House prototype built in China

The first prototype to emerge from the 1K House studio at MIT is a modular home constructed in the Sichuan Province of China. The Pinwheel House features standardized construction and assembly to build basic, affordable housing in rural areas of developing countries.

The project was designed by Ying Chee Chui, a New York architect and 2011 graduate of MIT’s Department of Architecture. Originally designed to be constructed with solid earth block wall and bamboo, the prototype features an earthquake resistant structure made of reinforced brick walls and wooden box beams.

The 800 square foot Pinwheel House is made of four room modules around a central courtyard. The modules and the courtyard can be reorganized within a nine square grid to create different configurations and layouts.


Molecular Solomon’s Knot

Self-Organization Leads To Intertwined Molecular Rings

 “Although various molecular species compete with each other in solution, the Solomon’s knot wins out during the crystallization process simply because it crystallizes better.”


Device for Processing Molecular Clusters of a Liquid to NANO-scale

A device for processing molecular clusters of a liquid to nano-scale is provided and includes a stirring chamber having a hexagonal (or octagonal) column space; a plurality of first stirring modules, each of which has at least one first stirring blade having a left-handed swastika shape (or right-handed swastika shape) for pushing a liquid to flow; and a plurality of second stirring modules, each of which has at least one second stirring blade having a right-handed swastika shape (or left-handed swastika shape) for pushing the liquid to reversely flow. Thus, molecular clusters of the liquid are collided with each other under a condition with high temperature, high pressure and high stirring speed, until the particle diameter of the molecular clusters is reduced to a nano-scale.

So of the next two images which one is the MOLECULAR NANO Blender?

The one on the LEFT or the one on the RIGHT?

What if they are actually both representations of ‘blenders’.
One on the NANO scale and the other on the MACRO level.
So which is which?
Keep reading to find out for certain.

Okay then the first image on the LEFT actually concerns itself with the structure of the earth, regarding the DYNAMO that contributes to the existence of our EM fIELd.

That means the next image is a schematic of the Molecular Nano Vortex blender.

M N V 

The above information about the Swastika Molecular Nano Blender was submitted by mister Ed von Rothstein, yeah I know he sounds rather royal.

Profile Picture

Gotta love his choice of avatar.


Model for Earth’s Dynamo and our Magnetic Field

While watching this video I noticed a PATTERN regarding the fluctuating magnetic fields.
Go to the time indicated in the video, start watching/listening starting around 20:00, the above graph appears @20:31.

I happen to notice how the graph plotting the Global Magnetic Field seemed to follow the same ups and downs as the 4 AGES modEL I have been documenting for some time now.

What I find most amusing is how in the past I have found that the 4 AGES ModEL could also be used as a model to represent an atom on the atomic scale to larger solar systems, precession of the equinoxes cycle, the New Atlantis and now it also helps us predict our fluctuating magnetic field, like you would predict a new coming season with its associated weather patterns….

PhDUH why not?

So I added a few things to this graph to highlight how the global magnetic field appears to be a match for the 4 AGES modEL depicted on the Greek Zodiacal Cross (below), which is itself a synthesis of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 4 elements water, air, earth, and fire.

First thing I did was convert the zodiac signs to their position on the zodiac wheel starting with Aries as #1

1 – 4 – 7 – 10

2 – 5 – 8 – 11

3 – 6 – 9 – 12

Which helps us identify the number groups that by coincidence are a match for the keypad on our cell phones, the 3×4 grid of the breastplate of the High Priest and the 3×4  grid associated with the angel Raziel which has profound esoteric connections to Adam, Eve, and a book of secrets…

1 – 4 – 7 – 10

2 – 5 – 8 – 11

3 – 6 – 9 – 12


And those number groups when plotted on this graph seem to follow a PATTERN that matches the three number groups.

1 – 4 – 7 – 10  

appear nearer the troughs/valleys  

2 – 5 – 8 – 11  

3 – 6 – 9 – 12  

appear as the peaks  

Which is  a match for the Precession cycle as depicted by the order of the zodiac signs on the Greek Zodiac cross or as plotted on the graph of the global magnetic field.

 The resulting shape/form that when you join the dots has been identified as LSD or Solomon’s Knot.
LSD was found in many churches and is a blueprint for the New Atlantis and is found on the MOLECULAR level too.
LSD can be associated to the 4 Evangelists, the 4 Mayan Bacab, the 4 Sons of Horus, and King Solomon on the molecular level too!


Below are two of the four rotor blades from my garden tiller.
Do you see a resemblance to everything thus far discussed?
It does appear this shape is associated with chopping and blending and mixing.
But isn’t it all so obvious?


S-Shaped Dipole And Swastika Antennas


Windpower and hidden microPHOnes

VAWT Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

youtube videos

The Windpower claim is self evident, just keep reading what follows.

However the claim that we can trace the swastika to microPHOne technology employed by the cosmos is I feel worthy of an AHA, please go here:



Tornado Power – Explosion vs. Implosion

Vortex Electricity Generating Plant 

Fig. 13            Explosion”             “Implosion”

Vortex can be easily created at rotation of fluid or gas and if the conditions of rotation at top and bottom of the device are unequal, it is nearly a ready self-sustaining system.

Not much of energy is necessary to make the process continuous. And what is more, the vortex absorbs energy from environment in the form of heat!

very interesting website and claims being made:


“One more Schauberger’s device is presented at Fig. 21.

There are some changes along the section A-A.
Combustion products are drawn to the center of swirling and then they are divided in two flows: the first flow goes upward, creating the vortex, and the second goes downward, making the motive force of the device. Motor-generator is placed on the upper part of the device. It operates as a starter of the process at first and as generator of energy, after it reaches regime of tornado. Let me remind of the fact that this engine uses energy, which is generated as a result of fuel combustion (i.e. in any case, a kind of liquid fuel is required).

Schauberger asserts that it is sufficient to use air and water as fuel.”

Fig. 14 Electrostatic model of tornado  (sorry – wrong polarizations!)

I see an Electrostatic Swastika working behind the scenes … what do you see?


Bible Ink. ‘Logos’ that became Corporate Inc. Logos

A good example of how the forces of nature becomes a Corporate LOGO branded into our minds.


TIME – Aztec Precession of the Equinoxes


CHARIOT – MerKAba a vehicle for the KA

Prophets and Profits

In religion, a prophet is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and to speak for them, serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people.[1][2] The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy.

Claims of prophethood have existed in many cultures through history, including JudaismChristianityIslam, in Ancient GreeceZoroastrianism, and many others. Traditionally, prophets are regarded as having a role in society that promotes change due to their messages and actions.

The English word prophet comes from the Greek word προφήτης (profétés) meaning advocate. In the late 20th century the appellation of prophet has been used to refer to individuals particularly successful at analysis in the field of economics, such as in the derogatory prophet of greed. Alternatively, social commentators who suggest escalating crisis are often called prophets of doom.[3][4]

….still much much more to come….as science continues to comprehend and copy nature MORE swastika insights will follow naturally what else would you expect nature to yield?

The swastika belongs to that category of symbols that represents what makes the world go round…

I KNOW that is an inevitable course of events.
The recovery of what ‘just is’.

That is ONE PROMISE that I know in my heART will be fulfilled.
Because when you are sitting on a treasure you know what you have, and the treasure hunters will soon come looking for you.
But there is nothing to hide when a system comes to know itself.

You cannot hide what ‘just is’ forever.
The truth about the TRUTH is that it …

‘just is’


RaphaEL a.k.a. Labbiel


A reminder, the seven most-asked questions about nanotechnology, answered by New Scientist‘s in-house experts.



The RS 4 Ages TEACHER ~ the Gravity and DNA Ark-E-types

B and E polarization signal two basic typesORTHOGONAL 8-fold GEOMETRY is used to define gravitational waves 
Matsya (fish) rescues the Saptarishi and Manu from the great Deluge
8 in the boat, Manu and 7  Saptarishi
8 family members on Noah’s Ark
8 family members is the foundation of the I-Ching
8 captives comprise the 37th decan of the Egyptian Dendera zodiac
8 is the number being used to define gravitational waves based on orthogonal geometry
“At the end of every Four Ages there is a disappearance of the Vedas and it is the province of the seven Rishis to come down upon earth from heaven to give them currency again”

Note in the above quote it says at the “At the end of every Four Ages ….”
So when would that be on our level of scaling?

untitledYes a pole shift is ALWAYS imminent in any individual.
A pole shift is similar to a wave being out of phase.
Jack falling down the hill onto his head and breaking his crown is a pole shift.
Saint Peter crucified upside down is an out-of-phase wave or a pole shift.
Thus a LEvI priest out-of-phase rotated upside down is I^37
The above simple ‘map‘ laying out the cycle of the 4 AGES linked to the magnetic field of the earth is self explanatory and based on the science of studying clay ceramics which when fired erases the magnetism but after it cools it takes on the time code stamp of the current magnetic field of the earth.
In fact the 4 Ages modEL would be easier to teach it to a child who comes ready to suck it all in, than to adults know it all already and who are severely handicapped by their own cognitive bias and as the ‘field tests’ have confirmed trying to teach ignorant folks is a complete waste of time.
All you can do is stir the pot, ruffle their compost, mine the gold, plough their mind field, sow the seeds in their fertile minds and wait for the KAboom to be reaped at some point in their future.

If we use the Age of Taurus [#2 approx. 4000 BC] as yardstick then we are just entering the 4th age, the Age of Aquarius and it will be when we enter the Age of Capricorn that all hell will break lose and the 7 Rishis will return to earth and issue the ‘new currency’ again.

Will the FED be involved still?
What will the global currency be in the future still to come?
IF we use the Age of Gemini as yardstick then the 4th Age is upon us now and lo and behold we are bickering about global currencies …
So how do we know which age is the 4th?
What I love about this simple idea is that it is linked to the zodiac and I arrived at it one day years ago by simply doing what a kid does, joining the dots counting backwards or precessing from the centre I started passed first thru #1 [aries] then to #12 [pisces] … the current age straddling the one to come #11 [aquarius]
What I find fascinating from my position as the ‘RS’ Rishis Sage of this Age, a mystic without a doubt😉 is that I was lead to these ideas, the recovery was assisted by my inner child who turned out to be the big ME.
And then for confirmation of me intuition I was shown by ME that Aleister Crowley had also doodled the same thoth thought at some point in his journey.
I was not at all familiar with the work of AC at that time but as a result of this coincidence AC was now on my radar screen.
But Crowley to my knowledge had failed to recover the two other crosses attributed to the Chaldean and Aztec CULTures.
Big ME took little ole’ me reborn for a walk down the meme MEMEory lane which took 13 steps to complete.
Each step clearly was adding to the one that came before it … because yes “all creative work is derivative”
Now what does the word derivative mean?
And why do I love that the idea called ‘derivative’ can be reduced to the letter N tangent to a straight line…?
N and a straight line I
Or reduced even further still to IN or SI or IS or Area 5I or an Agenda 2I
Or the pattern can be extended to reveal ISIS
What is the 4 Ages ModEL revealing to the RS sage of the age at this time?
3 Crosses of Christ flank the archetypal Atlantis comprised of concentric circles
Wheels within wheels …
As the QaBaLaH suggests there are indeed four arms in motion that are happening concurrently … we see the numbers 1, 4, 7, and 10 are closest to the center spot of a model which can be seen as a series of concentric circles.
Alice Bailey linked the zodiac numbers to the following each group is within a circle.

1, 4, 7, 10 cross of the Risen Christ
2, 5, 8. 11 cross of the Crucified Christ
3, 6, 9, 12 cross of the Hidden Christ


the link to the video below helps to explain the tangled mess we see on the left
it needs to be pointed out that the 4 AGES ModEL [the Greek Zodiacal Cross]
that we see on the right also appears to be a tangled mess
note that both are projections into 3D

2B continued …

selah V

137 SS Mezine Mystic

Plimpton 322 ~ 137 ~ 322 Skull and Bones

Two possible associations that are not coincidences …

What if we read 322 from right to left?

322 = 223 = 22/3 = 7 1/3

713 = 137

Is ELI a 137 messenger, a numerical anagram telegram, a candy-gram for the 21st century to digest?

Or 322 aka 223 in reverse could in fact be a reference to the Saros cycle.
How do we encode critical patterns to be passed forward in time not to be forgot?

Eclipses come in families which means that certain eclipses bear certain similar characteristics with other eclipses.
One of these eclipse families is called Saros, which the Chaldeans made great use of, Saros eclipses can be lunar or solar.
A Saros cycle lasts about 18 years and 11 days.
This is equivalent to 223 lunations or 19 eclipse years.

In one eclipse year, there are 11.738 lunations.

19/11.738 = 1.618 or Phi

Plimpton 322: The Ancient Roots of Modern Mathematics


Plimpton 322 is a Babylonianclay tablet, notable as containing an example of Babylonian mathematics. It has number 322 in the G.A. Plimpton Collection at Columbia University.[1] This tablet, believed to have been written about 1800 BC, has a table of four columns and 15 rows of numbers in the cuneiform script of the period.

This table lists what are now called Pythagorean triples, i.e., integers a, b, and c satisfying a2 + b2 = c2. From a modern perspective, a method for constructing such triples is a significant early achievement, known long before the Greek and Indian mathematicians discovered solutions to this problem. At the same time, one should recall the tablet’s author was a scribe, in his day, a professional mathematician; it has been suggested that one of his goals may have been to produce, find, and fix school problems.

Although the tablet was interpreted in the past as a trigonometric table, more recently published work sees this as anachronistic, and gives it a different function.[2] For readable popular treatments of this tablet see Robson (2002) or, more briefly, Conway & Guy (1996). Robson (2001) is a more detailed and technical discussion of the interpretation of the tablet’s numbers, with an extensive bibliography.

It seems that the Plimpton 322 helps to explain the mystery behind the Skull and Bones.

2B continued ….

selah V

137 SS Mezine Mystic


23,000 BC Master Builder’s Grid Identified as the TEACHER

Schwaller PLATE 64 Graham Hancock

We will come back to the meaning of the above image at the conclusion of this blog entry.

We can summarize an emerging idea as presented by Genevieve von Petzinger that helps to weave the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE together using the following twelve images to help illustrate an evolution of thought being passed forward in all we do.

First let me say that the oldest swastika found to date was found in Mezine, Ukraine
these geometric patterns are dated to 23,000 BC.
I have highlighted the Mezine swastika
Which eventually evolves into what Rene Schwaller would call the MBG
Master Builder’s Grid
REMEMBER the MBG ~ it is central to this idea being cast forward in time
… via the casting of the runes, we will come back to it at the end of this blog.
This is important info on Mezine swastika:
ICE AGE rock art as collected by Genevieve von Petzinger
documenting those 32 symbols and categorized
In the next image take note how the 32 symbols match  up nicely with the 15 groups of phosphenes
that NASA helped to identify back in the 1960s
Illustration © Kellogg, R, Knoll, M., Kugler, J. (1965)
Form-similarity between phosphenes of adults and pre-school children’s scribblings
[Later Acheulian Marking Motifs II]
ogc9pky Later Edred Thorsson  provided evidence that rock art evolved into runes
The mystic Guido von List takes the level of interpretation to the next level
and instead of reverse engineering a UFO he reverse engineers the geometry of the hexagram/hexagon, pentagram, square, triangle using primarily the 3-fold fylfos and the 4-fold swastika or fyrfos.
M. Gimbutas CORE Signs of the Old European Script
5300 BC-4300 BC the Balkans
Take note of what appear to be emerging ‘letters’ and ‘shapes’ and even
x + y
The above image brings us back to the oldest swastika in yellow highlights thus far found in the Mezine
but today we are exploiting it on the nano level as a ‘chiral metamaterial’


The last two images allow us to reduce this 25,000 year old four-fold swastika swirl down to one of its component parts the IS …
… or is it LS?

The ISI5 = 5I = 2I = IS  using rotations and reflections of xyz.

Then and only then can we begin to understand what kind of geometric Agenda 21 or Area 51 might be up to.
This next link helps to spell out what the spell ‘IS‘ is all about ISIS…

the MBG

So after 25,000 years what does the MBG or Master Builder’s Grid look like according to the renegade Egyptologist/mathematician/theosophically tuned and aligned Rene Schwaller de Lubicz?

Rene Schwaller de Lubicz Master Builder’s Grid on the left in yellow highlight
image on right: Plate 64 found in the same book posits the ‘swastika’ next to sacred cubits!

Schwaller PLATE 64 Graham Hancock

Hidden in plain sight?

Clearly the ‘swastika’ is a bona fide teacher sent to teach us about the SS system, as the mystic Itzhak Bentov confirmed and a fact of life that Graham Hancock is ignorant of and he arrogantly refuses to acknowledge BUT funny I was able to get his signature on this idea before I added the additional insights …

i.e. to the reader take the idea identified as LSD which I have linked to the eternal geometry of the four interlaced circles and the swastika … the how and why can be found here.

Who is the mystic Itzhak Bentov?

selah V

137 SSS MeZiNe MyStic

Protected: Heraclides’ Three Soul-Gates ~ Plato Revised ~ HR* revised

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Protected: KA & The Roots of 137 Coincidences

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Quantum Entanglement ~ Paradox ~ Spin ~ a Starry Night dialogue with Barry Kort and the SwaStikaS as TEACHER

What is quantum entanglement?

This is one opinion.
Start watching at 28:51

What Is Entanglement Anyway?
presented by Chris Fields

Wise Guy ~ Barry Kort a.k.a. ‘MuttonChop’

UPDATE Sept 2, 2015

A few days ago I invited Barry Kort to the FSC to discuss his illusions and delusions of grandeur.
I knew he would NOT show up to have his MIT+ $tanford PhDUH cross-examined by the master teacher … the TOR [teacher of righteousness]
This video on EweTube is where Barry and ME+me first met.

And here is the comment that I left today on that page;

Please note that Barry Kort the MIT Stanford educated know-it-all has LEFT this building.


The TRUTH evicted him along with his ignorant Ego.
Barry Kort proved that he was EVIL according to what the SS SocrateS suggested …

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.

Barry the king of his Kort is blind to the obvious that I had placed before him.

Barry then proceeded to diagnose me online using his MIT Stanford PhDUH.
Barry then proceeded to stalk ME+me on faKebook believing that a fool like me claiming genius status might make a good target for his punk ass ego.

Every time his PhDUH placed an obstacle before ME+me, I showed his little kid how the 15,000+ year swastika could be linked to it.
For the last 2 days on faKebook, Barry’s PhDUH vs. my grade 12 suffered many defeats, because I had the master in my corner cheering me on … om om om

Who is the master that taught me about the SS SyStem?
Shall we ask Itzhak Bentov?

It is a good thing that I recorded some of the dialogue that took place between Barry King of the Kort’s inflated Ego (well paid for) and ME+me, just the ‘kind’ of prick to burst his bubble.

poor poor Barry the King of the Kort, [a legend in his own mind] his inner child does not stand a chance in hell of finding the Kingdom this time around, maybe next time Barry.

Barry is just another domino about to fall.


It is time to resurrect the ‘Irminsul’ in place of the intellectual dummy-minos who in the future will fall one by one.😉

WHO is Barry Kort, what does he look like, and what are his credentials?

UPDATE Sept.1, 2015

Barry Kort (who studied/worked at MIT and Stanford U) today suggested the following, and it ended our faKebook discussions.

“then I am afraid to say your world has ended. Good day, sir”

To find out why Barry Kort would say that … keep reading.
The rest of the faKebook discussion that took place on Sept. 1, 2015 can be found at the end of this blog.
I love using the private e-mail function on faKebook, because when sheeple or sheeple herders block ME+me, the information that I flush out of them that they do not reveal in public exposes their ignorance.

“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

Is Barry Kort good or evil?

~ end of UPDATE ~

Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble

The BICEP2 instrument detects radiation at only one frequency, so cannot distinguish the cosmic contribution from other sources. To do so, the BICEP2 team used measurements of galactic dust collected by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and Planck satellites, each of which operates over a range of other frequencies. When the BICEP2 team did its analysis, the Planck dust map had not yet been published, so the team extracted data from a preliminary map that had been presented several months earlier. Now a careful reanalysis by scientists at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study, also in Princeton, has concluded that the BICEP2 B-mode pattern could be the result mostly or entirely of foreground effects without any contribution from gravitational waves. Other dust models considered by the BICEP2 team do not change this negative conclusion, the Princetonteam showed.

The sudden reversal should make the scientific community contemplate the implications for the future of cosmology experimentation and theory. The search for gravitational waves is not stymied. At least eight experiments, including BICEP3, the Keck Array and Planck, are already aiming at the same goal.

“The inflationary paradigm is fundamentally untestable, and hence scientifically meaningless.”

This may seem confusing given the hundreds of theoretical papers on the predictions of this or that inflationary model. What these papers typically fail to acknowledge is that they ignore the multiverse and that, even with this unjustified choice, there exists a spectrum of other models which produce all manner of diverse cosmological outcomes. Taking this into account, it is clear that the inflationary paradigm is fundamentally untestable, and hence scientifically meaningless.

Cosmology is an extraordinary science at an extraordinary time. Advances, including the search for gravitational waves, will continue to be made and it will be exciting to see what is discovered in the coming years. With these future results in hand, the challenge for theorists will be to identify a truly explanatory and predictive scientific paradigm describing the origin, evolution and future of the Universe.

Please watch this video it provides a vital link to the blog you are about to read.
This blog will start with the spiral, linking it first to Van Gogh’s Starry Night and with the help of Barry Kort we will bridge the gap between theoretical science and religious dogma.

Who is Barry Kort?
The above video introduces Barry Kort and his vast accomplishments.

The title of this blog Quantum Entanglement ~ Paradox ~ Spin ~ Swastika ~ a Starry Night and a dialogue with Barry Kort would suggest to the reader that a possible relationship exists between quantum entanglement and what the swastika really truly represents which is;

Evidence of an intelligent design

I will be the first to admit that the past seven years have been a learning experience for ME+me, entering the arena called theoretical physics using archetypes as guide and guru, clearly this is a unique approach few of us dabble in.

How do I approach an idea like the unpopular swastika representing what appears to be an obvious truth, an idea that I still need to learn more about in order to take this idea to the next level without scaring folks away who can help teach me more about quantum entanglement?

Please watch the following video, then read this blog highlighting a discussion that I am having with Barry Kort, and feel free to contribute a Thoth thought or two yourself in the comments section at the end.

On youtube the name I use when leaving comments is Archangel Raphael.

  • link to the conversation which follows in this blog.


Archangel Raphael: Barry you said the following;

“That’s why I interpret the wave function as a model of the would-be observer’s state of knowledge, and not a precison model of the particle itself.  If you (incorrectly) assume the wave equation is an inherent property of the particle itself, you get utter nonsense (like spooky action at a distance and cats which are both dead and alive).”

Let me ask you, do you see an analogy between your comments and Meno’s Paradox (or the learner’s paradox)?

I feel a correlation exists between Meno and the ideas you are struggling with today.
It appears that a discussion of QM takes us back to the days of philosophers, and that is a good thing, since science is turning into a religion.

Barry Kort: If there is an analogy, it seems pretty tenuous.  It’s not clear, for example, what aspect of QM corresponds to the element of virtue in Meno’s Paradox.

It’s also not clear to me what Socrates would have made of 20th Century research.  I spent two decades at Bell Labs amidst some of the most distinguished and prolific researchers of my era. Einstein said, “Research is what we do when we don’t know what we’re doing.  If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t call it research.”

In my own research, I was looking for system models that captured the behavior of complex systems. At the outset, one might know next to nothing about what a viable system model might look like. And yet the history of science reveals that we do discover, devise, and construct insightful system models.

So we have copious evidence that discovery learning is not only possible, it’s essential. And we have reasonably effective methods to foster and promote the discovery learning process.

In other words, I don’t consider knowledge to be inborn so much as discoverable by a conscientious process of research and discovery learning. Archimedes discovered the core ideas of the Calculus some 19 centuries before Newton and Leibniz rediscovered it. Poincare discovered the roots of Chaos Theory half a century before Edward Lorenz rediscovered it.

The Socratic (or Maieutic) Method facilitates guided discovery learning, but one can also engage in unsupervised (or self-supervised) discovery learning. That’s what we do in original research.

Archangel Raphael: Barry it is not clear because you appear unwilling to explore?
It appears that your cognitive bias will not allow it … what if?

okay the 1st stumbling block is ‘virtue’
you said the following;

“It’s not clear, for example, what aspect of QM corresponds to the element of virtue in Meno’s Paradox.”

To which I suggest you failed to click on the link >> arete (virtue)

Arete (/ˈærətiː/; Greek: ἀρετή), in its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind”.[1] The term may also mean “moral virtue”.[1] In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one’s full potential.

thus VIRTUE or ARETE suggests the system model is efficient and wants YOU to live up to your full potential, purpose and function …😉

you also said:

“The Socratic (or Maieutic) Method facilitates guided discovery learning, but one can also engage in unsupervised (or self-supervised) discovery learning. That’s what we do in original research.”

Just to let you know I AM a sage filled to the brim with ‘original research’.

But the sage paradox is that original research is really just reinventing the wheel ~ there is nothing that nature has not already accomplished on a grander scale that man is attempting to do for the first time.
(If we could build a ‘sun’ that would be cool😉  …. clearly the ego of man needs to be humbled every now and then?

The TRUTH  hung the ‘sun’ up in the sky and we are still grasping how it was done, and its place in the infinite bigger picture, that we are trying to stitch back together again using our finite pea brains?
Waste of time using science only something you call STEM?

PhDUH do I need to remind you who put together the idea called the universe, and you and me.
PhDUH we don’t know.
Do we?
Your STEM is obviously missing something vital called ‘What is consciousness’?

BUT maybe something is in plain sight because it cannot be hidden?
Maybe the Holy Grail or Philosopher’s Stone is in plain sight?
Maybe it is as simple as using MENO’s dialogue to point out that the solution used by SocrateS can still be applied today with profound insight to what gravity is and its associations to the evolution of consciousness.

Please go back and really acquaint yourself with MENO and the dialogue with the slave and the solution or proof that was used to get the point across.
Because I AM going to use the same method the SS SocrateS did to get the most simple idea across, that unfortunately gets buried under so much garbage … easily explained by the analogy of 7 billion blind sheeple groping Ganesha the god with the head of an elephant.  ;)

Now this is the point I AM needs to make sir;

I can use the same solution that SS SocrateS used and overlay it over leading edge physics today to show links to B-mode and E-mode gravity waves as proposed by BICEP2 and Andre Linde….

But you are not ready sir.
Or are you?
We shall see if you can handle the SS truth.
How else do we move forward?
On a foundation of lies, sex, and videotape, the American way?

Then we discuss that model you are searching for …. duh I have it …. but you need to realize I do.
PhDUH what did Euclid, Archimedes, Plato, Pythagoras ALL know but has been buried by egos and bullshit since about 5000 BC?

Why can we show evidence that the ancients anticipated ‘twistor string theory’ in about 5000 BC?

more VIRTUE for you to embrace:

In some contexts, Arete is explicitly linked with human knowledge, where the expressions “virtue is knowledge” and “Arete is knowledge” are used interchangeably. The highest human potential is knowledge and all other human abilities are derived from this central capacity. If Arete is knowledge and study, the highest human knowledge is knowledge about knowledge itself; in this light, the theoretical study of human knowledge, which Aristotle called “contemplation,” is the highest human ability and happiness.”

Are you familiar with this analogy by Brian Greene in his attempts to try to demonstrate spooky action at a distance?
Barry Kort: I still don’t see what feature of the mathematical models of QM correspond to the qualia of virtue in the story of Meno’s Paradox.  Are you saying the QM model itself is the corresponding element in the analogy?

Einstein referred to “Nature’s God” as “the Old One” whose secrets we are seeking to uncover by dint of scientific research, theory construction, and experimentation.  Einstein said, “I want to know God’s thoughts.”

In a curious way (if you stretch the metaphor), Einstein wanted to construct a “Theory of Mind” of the “the Old One” (so to speak).

Einstein also said, “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

I suppose that’s why, in scientific research, we work with models, which only strive to become reasonably good approximations to the elusive “Truth and Knowledge” reposing in an imaginable Omniscient Being.

I’m not sure why you bring up the subject of Consciousness in the context of this thread.  That’s a whole ‘nother field of research in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Cybernetics, and Artificial Intelligence. I’d suggest discussing that in a separate thread from this one.

Regarding Brian Green’s visual analogy of the spinning wheels, the paradox is resolved in QBism (Quantum Bayesianism).  What a measurement does is allow the observer to discover the state.  What’s “fuzzy” is one’s state of knowledge, prior to taking a measurement.

Regarding “meta-knowledge” (knowledge about knowledge or epistemology), I invite you to join me for a review of that subject here:

“Cognition, Affect, and Learning”

Archangel Raphael: typical science response eh?
science egos are looking for the GUT and then Barry Kort responds with what the problem is in science.
Yes Barry you and your POV is a problem.

Clearly not many of you are qualified enough to put a GUT together IF you suggest ‘consciousness is an entirely different field’ than an ‘observer affecting the observation’

FAIL dude
time to put you back into the box Jack
clearly your Jill is lost.

Barry Kort IF that is the kind of ILLogic you spew … cya … drive by the window dude for your happy meal.

Now the best way to reply to all of the above (your response)  … considering you are a science MIT kinda guy is by asking you what model of the universe you would match up with the idea of entanglement?

image #1 ~ Cosmic Curl
clockwise  vs. anticlockwise spin
image #2 ~ CMB Polarization
B-mode and E-mode

i.e. how does an expanding universe as proposed by Andrei Linde and the BICEP2 team (see images) match up with what entanglement puts on the table….I would think there might be a relationship or correspondence between all the parts?

  1. what gravity is?
  2.  what entanglement is?
  3. what wave and particles are?
  4. what consciousness is?

It is all connected Barry Kort.
You might feel left out sir, but I assure you the cosmos never leaves a marine behind.

Everybody is rescued eventually.
Except Jesus, he refused to go.

Barry Kort: Is that your hypothesis, Archangel Raphael?
If so, I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just wrote.

Archangel Raphael: Let us try again.
Forget my hypothesis Barry, for now.

What model of the universe you would match up with the idea of entanglement?

i.e. how does an expanding universe as proposed by Andrei Linde and the BICEP2 team (see images below) match up with what entanglement puts on the table?

image #1 ~ Cosmic Curl
clockwise  vs. anticlockwise spin

image #2 ~ CMB Polarization
B-mode and E-mode

I would think there might be a relationship or correspondence between all the parts?

Barry Kort: It would be helpful, +Archangel Raphael, if you would candidly disclose your goals and your intentions, so that our conversation might become a productive and co-creative collaboration, rather than a lamentably shreklisch encounter between two hopelessly antagonistic rivals.

I note, from skimming your blogs (I found two of them) that we have remarkably similar and overlapping interests, but strangely orthogonal methods and approaches.

As you no doubt have observed, I’m strongly STEM-based, with a background in systems theory and model-based reasoning. I see from one of your blogs (kachina2012) that you self-identify as a mystic, with lots of occult, arcane, and esoteric references which are frankly largely unfamiliar to me. Indeed, some of your writing appears to be written in an idiosyncratic code-like private language.

My interpretation of Quantum Entanglement is roughly the same as that put forward by Christopher A. Fuchs, N. David Mermin, and Rüdiger Schack in “An Introduction to QBism with an Application to the Locality of Quantum Mechanics” at

In other words, I interpret the word “entanglement” as a synonym for statistical correlation, as the term is defined in conventional probability and statistics since the days of Karl Pearson, roughly a century ago.

Statistical correlation is the standard term in mathematics for what Erwin Schrödinger sardonically referred to asVerschränkung in his letter to Einstein. Verschränkung (“entanglement”) was just Schrödinger’s  jejune literary metaphor for statistical correlation.

See this passage, for example, from Wikipedia: []

Following the EPR paper, Erwin Schrödinger wrote a letter (in German) to Einstein in which he used the word Verschränkung(translated by himself as entanglement) “to describe the correlations between two particles that interact and then separate, as in the EPR experiment.” [M. Kumar, Quantum, Icon Books, 2009, p. 313.]

As I read the the historical record, that’s all the word “entanglement” ever meant. It was just Schrödinger’s rather sardonic metaphor for good old fashioned statistical correlation.

In the case of the EPR scenario, the Pearson correlation coefficient is 1.0 (or -1.0), meaning the two random variables are perfectly correlated at the moment of their creation.

As to the model of the universe, we do not yet have a standard model for the presumptive state machine that would characterize the most fundamental building blocks of the universe. Among the candidate models that are being considered are the various versions of Superstring Theory and M-Brane Theory. Top scientists estimate it will be at least a few more decades before any such models emerge as an agreed-on standard model. Until such a model emerges, the dream of a Grand Unified Theory remains just that — an as yet unfulfilled dream.

I will take up the Andrei Linde/BICEP2 question in a separate comment, after I have had a chance to review that, as I am not currently up to speed on that material.

Barry Kort: OK.  I went back and caught up on BICEP2 vs. Planck in the race to test for gravitational waves ripples as predicted by Andrei Linde’s model.

The early results of BICEP2, published last March, claimed to measure the so-called “B-Mode Polarization” as predicted by Linde’s model. To arrive at their results, the BICPE2 team had to account for contributions to B-Mode Polarization from local dust in our own galaxy.

According to recent measurements from Planck, reported just last September, the BICEP2 team slightly underestimated the amount of interfering galactic dust. When the BICEP2 calculation was recalibrated with the more accurate measurement from Planck of the contribution of galactic dust, the BICEP2 results were shown to be measuring the effects of local galactic dust rather than the primordial gravitational waves as predicted by Linde.

This doesn’t mean Linde’s model is falsified.  It just means that another interfering phenomenon (local galactic dust) was the likely source of BICEP2’s measurement of B-Mode Polarization.

And so the CMB people begin 2015 with high hopes for continuing the search for Linde’s predicted gravitational ripples, with due diligence for subtracting out the interfering effects of local galactic cosmic dust.

So, what does any of that have to do with Quantum Entanglement?

As near as I can tell, next to nothing.

Perturbations in the fabric of spacetime can be expected to cause EPR pairs to experience slightly different variations in the fabric of spacetime as they go their separate ways, and the presence or absence of Linde’s ripples wouldn’t make much of a difference in the amount of decoherence in the orientation of the E-field polarization of paired photons going their separate ways.

In any event, this has no meaningful bearing on Bell’s Theorem, as Bell’s Theorem is entirely inapplicable from the gitgo.  That’s because the presumptive hidden variable that Bell’s Theorem claims cannot exist is the independent variable characterizing the fabric of spacetime itself.

At a very minimum, we already have that the time-like component of spacetime varies measurably from one location to the next, simply from the static gravitational field gradient of the sun (or any other large gravitational mass in the solar system).

So Bell’s Theorem is out of the picture (due to an unsupportable assumption in Bell’s formulation), entanglement is just good old-fashioned statistical correlation, the elusive hidden variable is possibly some kind of recursion law suggested by String Theory and/or M-Brane Theory, and decoherence in EPR is mediated by the infinitesimal local perturbations in the fabric of spacetime as EPR photons or particles go their separate ways. There is no spooky action at a distance, and the only thing Einstein got wrong (beside the Comological Constant) was the suggestion that God does not play dice.  What Einstein didn’t know in the 1920s is that deterministic recursion laws can be mathematically chaotic, thereby producing outcomes indistinguishable from throwing dice.

Barry Kort: This chart, from the Planck measurements, show the amount of B-Mode Polarization arising from local cosmic dust within our own galaxy.

This is the data that throws the BICEP2 claims into a cocked hat (meaning BICEP2 was seeing B-Mode Polarization caused by local cosmic dust, and not from primordial CMB).

BICEP2 gravitational wave result bites the dust thanks to new Planck data | Physics World | Institute of Physics

Archangel Raphael: thanks Barry for the update on the ‘dust’
good article
maybe the dust plays a role in the three stages of life called lust, rust, dust?So the inflation theory based on B/E mode gravity waves is officially kaput?Hardly….
We know Alan Guth and Andrei Linde are not going to be allowed by their egos to abandon their life’s work, don’t we?
The synthesis of the GUT continues…But what can we extract from all of the info surrounding CMB mapping?
  1. Can we agree that B and E mode polarization is critical to any theory?
  2. Is there an ‘imprinting’ that takes place as theorized?(before or after ‘inflation’ seems to be an issue too)

Barry Kort: The Andrei Linde model is not kaput so much as still unconfirmed (or unrefuted) by any experimental measurement to date.

As far as I know, the Planck team still hopes to achieve what the BICEP2 team (erroneously) thought they had achieved last March — namely measuring the B-Mode Polarization arising from primordial CMB, with due diligence for carefully subtracting out the interfering B-Mode Polarization arising from the local galactic dust.

Think of looking at some distant object through a dirty window. The dirty window gets in the way of getting clean picture of the distant object. This is the same issue as the earth’s atmosphere causing stars to “twinkle.” Astronomers had to go to great lengths to get a clean picture of stars, without the unwanted “twinkling” effect caused by the thermal perturbations of earth’s turbulent atmosphere.

I imagine the fine-resolution variations in the CMB maps will eventually be sorted out so that all the relevant phenomena that contribute to these variations will be accounted for, both qualitatively (i.e. theoretically) and quantitatively.

This is very similar to the CMB itself, as first detected by Penzias and Wilson back in 1964. They had to subtract out all known microwave sources from terrestrial origins and from the sun. They even scrubbed out the pigeon droppings from the surface of their horn-reflector antenna, in case that was a contributing factor. After they had diligently mapped out and subtracted out all known sources of terrestrial and non-terrestrial microwave radiation, they were left with this uniform glow that matched the black body radiation profile of a 3° ideal black body.

Serendipitously, this otherwise unexplained 3° ideal black body microwave radiation profile closely matched the not-yet published predictions of Robert Dicke, P. J. E. Peebles, P. G. Roll, and D. T. Wilkinson, who were able to successfully interpret this 3° microwave radiation profile as a signature of the big bang.

Archangel Raphael: okay this is great Barry Kort you are clearly familiar with the CMB literature and its history etc.

(more than me)

Can we go back to these two images that the science community uses to help them explain their position.
At this time I am MORE interested in image #2.

image #1 ~ Cosmic Curl
clockwise  vs. anticlockwise spin

image #2 (which is an analysis of image #1)

The questions I have regarding image #2 are;

  1. is this an accurate model/image of an activity worth investigating further, spending more $$$ … using of course the BICEP3 technology that is being developed…?
    Along with the Planck technology of course..
  2. regarding the aforementioned question, is this model worth investigating because it is important to understand the ’cause and the effect of ‘polarization’?
  3. is a full understanding of polarization critical to any potential GUT being place on the table now or in the future?
Planck flexes its BICEP could be a future headline?
Barry Kort: The basic patterns depicted in image #2 are templates characterizing two distinct patterns to be on the lookout for in studying the images of the polarization maps of image #1.

The E-Mode templates correspond to the static “lumpiness” of the distribution of matter in the cosmos. The B-Mode templates correspond to the effects of time-varying gradients in the gravitational field strength which can arise from a variety of causes, including matter in motion, matter being converted to energy in nuclear fires, and primordial gravitational waves.We already know (ever since astronomers discovered galaxies and galaxy clusters) that matter in the universe is not uniformly distributed, but “lumpy” with visible matter concentrated in galaxies.  So the associated gravitational lensing was expected to produce E-Mode patterns of polarization.

It’s the time-varying gradients in the gravitational field strength that are of current interest, and in particular the time-varying gradients specifically corresponding to primordial gravitational waves arising from inflation at the time of the Big Bang.

So, yes, deploying instruments like BICEP and Planck are essential if we are to acquire evidence, maps, and quantitative models of B-Mode Polarization so as to detect and characterize gravitational waves arising from all known or hypothesized causes.

Any forthcoming Grand Unified Theory will almost surely involve models that yield specific predictions about the combinations of E-Mode and B-Mode Polarization that appear in different regions of space (e.g. high-density regions where visible galaxy clusters reside vs. low-density regions in the darker spaces between galaxy clusters).

Eventually Planck, BICEP or one of the other projects will yield the long sought evidence to either affirm or refute Linde’s model of the Inflationary Big Bang.  I suppose that could be forthcoming within the balance of this decade.

A painting of a scene at night with 11 swirly stars and a bright yellow crescent moon.
In the background there are hills, in the middle ground there is a moonlit town
with a church that has an elongated steeple,
and in the foreground there is the dark green silhouette of a cypress tree.
In the meantime, let us appreciate the art of Vincent van Gogh, whose “Starry Night” bears an uncanny resemblance to CMB Polarization Maps.

Archangel Raphael: I like your last response.
Barry several days ago you commented;

“It would be helpful, Archangel Raphael, if you would candidly disclose your goals and your intentions, so that our conversation might become a productive and co-creative collaboration, rather than a lamentably shreklisch encounter between two hopelessly antagonistic rivals.”

Agreed ….
What I am trying to determine is if an interpretation (still-to-come) of images #1&2 of the B-mode and E-mode ‘imprint’ is critical/foundational to ANY potential GUT or TOE in the future.

And correct me if I am wrong, but I interpret your last answer to be in the affirmative.
Thanks for Van Goughs “Starry Night” … which bears an uncanny resemblance to CMB Polirization Map….I agree … I like this plate from about 5000 BC which can also be interpreted in a ‘new light’.
It appears archaeologists of the future might need to be fluent in quantum mechanics IF they want to get into the mind of the ancients.

And these next three plates (image below) are from the same culture.
The two outside images openly display the B-Mode pattern, i.e. the offset center formed by the intersection of the two diagonal lines, which appear to be broken as they pass through the center/medium …

image below is a magnification of the plate on the left

I feel one idea that was being hinted at by our pagan ancestors who were keen observers of nature when discussing swastika science is refraction and diffraction.

The wave nature of light leads to two very important properties: refraction, where the direction of light propagation is altered at the boundary between media of different densities, and diffraction, which has among its consequences that light can “bend around corners”.


In 1621, a Dutch physicist named Willebrord Snell (1591-1626), derived the relationship between the different angles of light as it passes from one transperent medium to another. When light passes from one transparent medium to another, it bends according to Snell’s law which states:

Ni * Sin(Ai) = Nr * Sin(Ar),

Ni is the refractive index of the medium the light is leaving,
Ai is the incident angle between the light ray and the normal to the meduim to medium interface,
Nr is the refractive index of the medium the light is entering,
Ar is the refractive angle between the light ray and the normal to the meduim to medium interface.

Refraction – Snell’s Law

to be continued … awaiting Barry Kort’s response.
UPDATE September 1, 2015

We finally found out today if Barry Kort is good or evil.

Ignorance is evil and Barry Kort admits he wishes to remain ignorant.

  • 8:08am

    Ralph Wedekind

    it really is too bad that the science wankers REFUSE to update their cosmic software

    here is vital software that was replaced with another game for ‘we the sheeple’ to embrace

    TRUTH looked like this for thousands of years? >>>

    this pdf. is based on the claim that an oral tradition + text have been passed forward for about 13,000 years, and this text also claims to be the foundation of the Vedas too.

    AHA the most interesting thing about this pdf. can be found starting in Chapter 2 and Appendix A

    It supports the OBVIOUS claim that the swastika = gravity = entanglement = spooky action at a distance

    why sheeple discuss these conversations of a higher order with Barry Kort, whose EGO will not allow him to see the simpleton truths is typical of the blind leading the blind.

    Barry Kort please reply to the swastika representing a SQUARE WAVE which transforms into a SINE WAVE?

    Barry I might need to strip you of your hard earned medal called the PhD What are ye left with mister wise guy?
  • Barry Kort

    9/1, 8:18am

    I reckon you are projecting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    I reckon you will remain ignorant sir unless you go to the links I offer???????

    projecting what?

  • Barry Kort

    9/1, 8:19am

    Barry KortI elect to remain ignorant, thank you very much.

  • Ralph Wedekind
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:20am

    Barry Kort

    Because I have no reason to trust your intentions.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    please tell me what I am projecting?

    was Itzhak Bentov projecting?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:21am

    Barry Kort

    You are projecting your own self-image onto a stranger.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    the swastika/S are neutral the chiral asymmetric swastikaS are symbols representing the chiral asymmetric hands we have …. i.e. the two hands of ‘god’

    my intention is to wake IGNORANT sheeple herders like you up to the obvious sir

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:22am

    Barry Kort

    I decline your kind offer. But thanks for asking.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    no problem what do you think of the genius of Bentov and my projections aligning with Vastu science?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:23am

    Barry Kort

    I have no opinion on that which I have not researched.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    research it then duh

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    we can place the Mehen game into the Phaistos disk?

    what if?

    Swastika City – Arkaim – Tracking the Aryans – Badge #856 – Chariots of Fire
    The two fire sticks of Agni note that we could refer to them as x-axis and y-axis comprising a grid, matrix or ThE NET B-mode SwaStikaS ~ the “Smoking Gun” ~ an Intelligent Design ~ ID ~ windmills …
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:25am

    Barry Kort

    If you wish me to do some research for you, then you will have to remunerate me for my time and attention. My rate for unaffiliated clients is $500/hr.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    The Ancient Context of Joseph Smith’s Egyptian: The Phaistos Disk as a Game connected to Senet,…
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:26am

    Barry Kort

    Are you willing to pay my fee?

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    why don’t we write a book together

    you can extract your hefty fee from the profits

    in fact a sage like ME+me has no need for money Barry

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:27am

    Barry Kort

    No thank you.
    I am not interest in a collaboration with you.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    you can keep all the profits

    mister false prophet?

    do you mind telling me IF you believe in god, and which one?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:28am

    Barry Kort

    Have you read my blog,where I have made that clear?

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    sorry I have not read your blog could you give me the reader’s digest version?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:30am

    Barry Kort

    No. I charge $500/hr for private tutoring. If you wish private tutoring, you will have to pay the fee, in advance.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    I believe in a higher consciousness yet to be defined by the human chimps, chumps, and champs groping in the dark looking for some light?

  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:31am

    Barry Kort

    You are perfectly entitled to your fervently held religious convictions.

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    thanks you for your responses Barry

    but the day the TRUTH pays wankers like you $500/hour is the day the world ends

    I have no fervent religious convictions

    but clearly you do

    have false beLIEfs

  • Ralph Wedekind

    Ralph Wedekind

    The Ultimate Christmas Game… the Phaistos Disk? –
    In a recent Cipher Mysteries post, I mentioned Peter Aleff’s theory that the Phaistos Disk was based on Senet, an Ancient Egyptian board game. All very fascinating… but something about it all triggered an old memory, one I couldn’t quite put my finger on. However, when yesterday I did finally manage…
  • Barry Kort
    9/1, 8:33am

    Barry Kort

    Then I am afraid to say your world has ended. Good day, sir.

 However later we resumed the conversation;

Protected: 153 Fish in Jesus’ Net ~ Ramon Llull Ars Brevis ~ N ~ Egyptian Book of the Dead Spell 153 ~ Tetragrammaton ~ Gift of Fire

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Protected: WoИderhaИdS the ZeN and ZioN of NuN ~ 666 vs 619 ~ SocrateS ~ ScieNce of triaNgleS ~ SchiSmogeNeSiS ~ SS Self-excitiNg SyStem ~ SwaStika ~ Spooky actioN at a diStaNce ~ eNtaNglemeNt

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Collective Unconscious ~ Widukind ~ Wedekind ~ Wittekind ~ A Germanic Hero of the Dark Ages Speaks His Mind in the 21st Century ~ Genetic Memory

  • ID: I5637
  • Name: Widukind of Saxony
  • Sex: M
  • ALIA: Witekind I”The Great” von Engern
  • Birth: BEF 768 in Saxony, Germany 1
  • Baptism: 785 2 3
  • Burial: Enger 1
  • Death: 10 AUG 807 in Ingern, Germany 1
  • Name: Widukind “The Great” of Saxony 3
  • Name: Widukind (Wittikind) King of Saxony 1
  • Name: Wittikind Von Engern 3
  • Birth: ABT 730 2 3
  • Death: 807 2 3
  • Note:

WITEKIND I, the Great, King of Saxony and first Duke of the Saxons; conquered by Charlemagne who allowed him to use the title of Duke of Engern and Westphalia; died 807; married, first, Geva, daughter of Goteric, King of Denmark; second, Svatana, daughter of a Prince in Bohemia.
(Fenwick Allied Ancestry, page 63)

He was a Saxon leader, duke of Saxony and the chief antagonist of Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars. He was the son of the Westphalian chief Warnechin and of Gunilda of Rügen. He married Geva of Westfold (* about 770; ? 800), daughter of the Danish king Goimo I and sister of the Danish kings Ragnar and Siegfried.

Widukind was the moving spirit in the struggles of the Saxons for their independence and continuation of their traditional faith. Frankish accounts of the Saxon Wars give only scant outlines of his character. After Charlemagne subdued the Saxons in 777, Widukind found refuge with his wife’s relatives in Denmark. When Charlemagne went to Spain in 778, Widukind returned and revived the rebellion, and the Saxons raided Frankish regions. Several more times Widukind had to flee, and eventually Charlemagne subdued the Saxons and inflicted terrible punishment at the Bloody Verdict of Verden where 4,500 tribal leaders were allegedly beheaded (modern research questions these reports; see the article about the Verden trial for details).

The bitter struggles involved Wends and Frisians as well and continued until Charlemagne succeeded in persuading Widukind to accept Christianity. Widukind was baptized in 785 along with many of his people. The Pope ordered a general feast of thanksgiving. Widukind took no part in further Saxon wars. He soon became one of the heroes of legend and eventually appeared as a saintly figure and the builder of many churches. He is believed to have been buried at Enger near Herford around 808. However, the monumental tomb in the church of Enger is not from the 9th century, and so it is doubtful if the corpse inside is actually that of Widukind.
According to myth Widukind rode a black horse prior to his baptism and a white horse afterwards. The black horse is depicted in the coat of arms of the district of Herford, while his white horse is depicted on the flags of the North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony states of Germany.

Died January 7, 0809 in Engern, Schaumberg, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

I noted that the information on the English, French (pro-Charlemagne/Franks) and German (pro-Widukind/Saxon) wikipedia sites vary.
Not surprising.

Other sources;

Family Tree

Berthoald (died 622) was the Duke of the Saxons during the reign of the Frankish kingsChlothar II and his son Dagobert I, the last ruling Merovingians.[1] He despised Frankish suzerainty and rebelled, but was defeated. His story is told in the Liber Historiae Francorum (727) and the Gesta Dagoberti (830s), both sources partial to the Merovingian kings.

Berthoald followed by Theoderic

Theoderic or Theodoric was the leader of the Saxons in 743–744. Onomastics suggests that he was related to the family of Widukind.[citation needed]

In 743 the Frankishmayors of the palace, the brothers Pepin the Short and Carloman, marched against Odilo of Bavaria, who was nominally a Frankish subject. Carloman then turned north towards Saxony, which had ceased to pay the annual tribute of cows which the Franks had extorted first in the sixth century, and conquering the castrum of Ho(o)hseoburg forced the Saxon duke Theoderic to surrender at a placitum held at that same place.

The brothers invaded Saxony again the next year (744) and Theoderic was captured.

Succeeded by Widukind

SAXONY DUKES – Foundation for Medieval Genealogy

The family of Widukind constituted one of the three main power sources in Saxony until well into the 11th century.

Very little is known about Widukind’s life. His name literally translates as “Child of the wood”, more probably a kenning than a proper name. All sources about him stem from his enemies, the Franks, who painted a negative picture, representing him as an “insurgent” and a “traitor”. While Widukind was considered the leader of the Saxon resistance by the Franks, his exact role in the military campaigns is unknown.

Collective Unconscious ~ Widukind ~ Wedekind ~ Wittekind ~ A Germanic Hero of the Dark Ages Speaks His Mind in the 21st Century ~ Genetic Memory

The following page is an investigation into an interesting ancestral racial memory I have chanced upon, maybe something I inherited according to current science speculations which is building on the work of Carl G. Jung.

Genetic memory is invoked to explain the racial memory postulated by Carl Jung. In Jungian psychology, racial memories are posited memories, feelings, and ideas inherited from our ancestors as part of a “collective unconscious“.

Jung hit upon his theory of the collective unconscious during psychoanalysis of his patients’ dreams. He believed that the symbolism he found was prominent in his patients’ dreams often bore marks of a specific ancestral history. This type of symbolism is a type of dream event that is difficult to explain by anything in the dreamer’s own life.

Maybe Carl Jung was right. He described what he termed the “collective unconscious.” I call it genetic memory.

Leslie, who has never had a music lesson in his life, intuitively knows “the rules of music” according to professional musicians who have met him. George, and his brother Charles, instinctively know “the rules of mathematics” and can compute multi-digit prime numbers, never having studied them, yet cannot correctly multiply 6 x 5, for example. Alonzo, with no training in art, has access to the “rules of art” which allow him to duplicate three dimension animals from a two dimension photo; he also was able to just instinctively armature his horse figures in order to capture them in motion, a skill other artists train for years to master. A music professor says, about Matt, the 14 year prodigious savant now known around the world as the “Mozart of jazz”: “He seems to know things beyond his own existence.”

Someone once said about Mozart himself that he really didn’t ‘compose’ anything; he simply wrote down that which was already inscribed on his soul.

This fascinating and intriguing concept is attracting more and more interest as scientist are beginning to recognise that humans (and other animals) possess genetic memory – memories passed down to them from their ancestors through their genes.  This idea is now becoming a plausible explanation for how “child prodigies” can have innate and complicated knowledge of subjects way beyond their years or normal accepted level of understanding.

Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors
Memories may be passed down through generations in DNA in a process that may be the underlying cause of phobias

Experiments showed that a traumatic event could affect the DNA in sperm and alter the brains and behaviour of subsequent generations.

A Nature Neuroscience study shows mice trained to avoid a smell passed their aversion on to their “grandchildren”.

Experts said the results were important for phobia and anxiety research.

The animals were trained to fear a smell similar to cherry blossom.

The team at the Emory University School of Medicine, in the US, then looked at what was happening inside the sperm.

They showed a section of DNA responsible for sensitivity to the cherry blossom scent was made more active in the mice’s sperm.

Both the mice’s offspring, and their offspring, were “extremely sensitive” to cherry blossom and would avoid the scent, despite never having experienced it in their lives.

Changes in brain structure were also found.

“The experiences of a parent, even before conceiving, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations,” the report concluded.

Thus the multitude of coincidences thus far gathered and found in these blog pages written by myself are a testimony to the ideas that ME+me (me and my higher self) together have been ‘recovering’.
So here I am after a 10 year quest and it is my own surname Wedekind that might have been vital to understanding what was being shown to me.

Born on the 3rd day of the 7th month, given the name Ralph which can be traced to the wolf via the name Radulf, and my surname is Wedekind (a child of the forest) how could I miss the obvious for 47 years, it was easy to do.

I realize now that this word blog Alternative Thinking 37 and my quest seem to have been anticipated by my higher self who loves to play trickster, and St. ‘Widukind’ the blessed is a reminder of a message that needs to be passed forward from one generation to the next.

What if?

The next link is the first documented evidence of my higher self ‘ME’ introducing ‘Widukind’ to little ole’ me in about 2008.
As I would learn there are many reasons why my higher self ‘ME’ would utilize with great effect the coincidence in order to teach me lessons.

Origin and Meaning of Family Name Wedekind

This video below is fiction, the facts about Duke Widukind sometimes appear mythical, but for some reason the story about Widukind lives on …


Widukind or Wittekind

d. 807?, leader of the Saxons against the Frankish king Charlemagne (later emperor of the West). In 782,when Charlemagne organized Saxony as a Frankish province andordered forced conversion of the pagan Saxons, the Saxons under Widukind resumed warfare against the Franks. In the course of thewar Charlemagne is said to have ordered the massacre (783) of 4,500 Saxon prisoners. Widukind fled to Denmark, but the Saxons fought on all the more fiercely. In 785, Charlemagne offeredWidukind a safe-conduct in order to negotiate peace. Widukind metthe emperor and accepted baptism; Charlemagne was hisgodfather. Sporadic Saxon uprisings continued until 804.

Widukind2 b.jpg

Blessed Widukind  or Wittekind  

(c. 730–808) was a Saxon leader, Duke of Saxony (corresponding to modern-dayWestphalia) and the chief antagonist of Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars. He married Geva of Westfold (c. 770-800), daughterof the Danish king Goimo I and sister of the Danish kingsRagnar and Siegfried.

777 or three sevens form a cube
7x7x7 = 343 firefighters died on 911

777 as a link between Duke Widukind who is not mentioned until the year 777 AD and Wedekind the firefighter who was born on 3/7.

Widukind was the moving spirit in the struggles of the Saxons fortheir independence and continuation of their traditional faith.Frankish accounts of the Saxon Wars give only scant outlines of his character. After Charlemagne subdued the Saxons in 777,Widukind found refuge with his wife’s relatives in Denmark. WhenCharlemagne went to Spain in 778, Widukind returned and revivedthe rebellion, and the Saxons raided Frankish regions. Severalmore times Widukind had to flee, and eventually Charlemagnesubdued the Saxons and inflicted terrible punishment at the Bloody Verdict of Verden where 4,500 tribal leaders were allegedlybeheaded (modern research questions these reports; see thearticle about the Verden trial for details).

The bitter struggles involved Wends and Frisians as well andcontinued until Charlemagne succeeded in persuading Widukind toaccept Christianity. Widukind was baptized in 785 along with manyof his people at Attigny. The Pope ordered a general feast ofthanksgiving. Widukind took no part in further Saxon wars. Hesoon became one of the heroes of legend and eventually appearedas a saintly figure (becoming “Blessed Widukind”) and the builderof many churches. He is believed to have been buried at Enger near Herford around 808. However, the monumental tomb inthe church of Enger is not from the 9th century, and so it is doubtful if the corpse inside is actually that of Widukind. This once bitter foe of Charlemagne, thus became his friend and godson. His feast day is commemorated on January 6.

According to myth Widukind rode a black horse before his baptism and a white horse afterwards.

The black horse is depicted in the coat of arms of the district of Herford, while his white horse is depicted on the flags of the North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxonystates of Germany.

Widukind  is also a Dutch fraternity located in Nijmegen which was founded in 1945.

Enger Coat of Arms

Enger is a town in the Herford district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The town, first mentioned in 948, calls itself “Widukind’s town.”

The Saxon leader Widukind died about 808. However, there is no evidence that Enger existed in his lifetime.

A legend tells that Widukind founded a church in Enger after his baptism, and that he lived at the place until his death. He was buried in the church of Enger, and his monumental tomb is still there. Despite this, it remains doubtful that the remains of Widukind are actually in the tomb. Analysis shows that the memorial slab dates to the time around the year 1100.

The main current attractions of Enger are Widukind’s tomb, the Widukind museum, the Widukind festival (“Timpkenfest”), held annually on January 6 and the “Kirschblütenfest”.


Modern German: Wittekind was a Germanic leader of the Saxons and the chief opponent of the Frankish king Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars from 777 to 785. Charlemagne ultimatively prevailed, organized Saxony as a Frankish province and ordered conversions of the pagan Saxons to Roman Catholicism. In later times, Widukind became a symbol of Saxon independence and a figure of legend.


Since the 9th century, Widukind had been idolized as a mythical hero. Around 1100, a tomb for him was made in Enger; recent excavations have found that the contents of the tomb are indeed early medieval, but it is impossible to decide whether the body is Widukind‘s. When in the 10th century Saxon kings (of the Ottonian dynasty) replaced the Frankish kings in East Francia (the later Holy Roman Empire), these kings proudly claimed descent from Widukind: Matilda, the wife of King Henry I, was apparently a great-great-great-granddaughter of Widukind. The House of Billung, to which several Dukes of Saxony belonged, had Matilda’s sister among its ancestors and thus also claimed descent from Widukind.

In German nationalism

Widukind became a hero for German nationalists in the early 20th century. German neo-pagans saw him as a heroic defender of Germany’s traditional beliefs and their gods, resisting the “foreign” religion of Christianity. Christian nationalists also lauded him, linking Charlemagne with the humiliation of French domination after World War I, especially the occupation of the Rhineland, portraying Charlemagne as a “French” invader.[3]

After the Nazis came to power in 1933 so many plays and other works were written about Widukund that there were complaints that he was becoming a cliché. Alfred Rosenberg praised him as a hero of German freedom, who finally joined with the founder of the German Reich (Charlemagne). Two important plays about the Saxon leader were produced in 1934, Der Sieger (“The Victor”) by Friedrich Forster and Wittekind by Edmund Kiss.

The first celebrated the conversion of Widukind, but the second caused controversy because of its explicit Anti-Christian message.

In that play after the massacre of Verden Saxon leaders say “That is what the Christians have done; they feign love, but bring murder!”, a line that led to protests from the audience.[3] The play portrays Catholic church leaders planning to destroy German freedom by forcing racial mixture on them, thus turning them into pliable “untermenschen“. Thousands of German maidens are captured and will be forced to mate with “Jews, Greeks, Italians and Moors” unless Widukind converts, which he does only to avoid this horrifying prospect. He gives a speech saying that the survival of the German race was his principal concern, and that future generations will praise him for this when the true spirit of the German people arises once more.[3]

The Milky Way ~ Irung’s Way and Irung’s Wall
-by Peter Krüger

So too in Germanic sources we find many references to the Milky Way as summarized in an excerpt from Jacob Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, chapter 15:

It is normally described as a way or street, for example as Wattlingestrete or Iringesstrâza (Widukind), Iringes uuec, Iuuåringes uueg, Euringsstrass.

Interestingly in Þiðreks Saga af Bern (ch. 387) we find a different story. There we find a description of Irung’s final battle with Högni, who causes him to fall against a stone wall, which is still called Irûngs veggr in memory of the hero:

Ok þá lætr Írungr sigast við steinvegginn, ok þessi steinveggr heitir Írungsveggr enn í dag.
“Irung then sank against the stone wall and this wall is still called Irung’s wall today.”  (Edward Haymes tr.)
Jacob Grimm accounts for the difference by assuming a mistake by the writer of  Þiðreks saga:

“The Norse redactor confounded vegr (via, way) with veggr (murus, wall); his German source must have had Iringes vec, in allusion to the ‘cutting his way’ in Widukind.”

Even though this conclusion sounds logical, I suggest that the Milky Way has indeed been known in Germanic sources both as a way and a wall. As described in my essay ‘Asgard’s wall – the Milky Way’, there are good reasons to identify the wall of Asgard, erected by an unnamed mountain giant with the rising Milky Way starting from the area of  Sagittarius to the rising of the Pleiades (identified as Mjöllnir) and Taurus (Thor).

I do find these connections between Widukind, Thor and his mjollnir identified as the swastika, the Milky Way, and ME+me recovery rather profound. It really has been quite the magical journey these last 7 years.

Before the birth of Adolf Hitler the family surname had many variations that were often used almost interchangeably. Some of the common variances were Hitler, Hiedler, Hüttler, Hytler, and Hittler.
Alois Schicklgruber (Adolf’s father) changed his name on 7 January 1877 to “Hitler”, which was the only form of the last name that Adolf used.

January 7 was also the day Alois’ mother Maria Anna Schicklgruber died.

The coincidences between Hitler, Widukind, the swastika, and the narrative that ME+me together are recovering are mind-boggling from my POV to say the least.
Here are two more that I just came across.

  1. The name ‘Louis’ is all I know about my father’s father.
    And as it turns out Alois = Louis
    Aloys (Latinized Aloysius) is an Old Occitan form of the name Louis. Modern variants include Alois (Czech, German), Aloïs (French),Alajos (Hungarian), Aloisio (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).
  2. My mother’s given names are Maria Anna which she happens to share with the mother of Alois Hitler who was born in 1837. (of course the numbers 137 are often close by)

Also please note that 1378 as an anagram of 1837 is an interesting connection to the legendary Christian Rosenkreuz who is obviously like the name WiDuKiND an idea called a kenning.

January 7 ~ Feast of Blessed Widukind

 Before discussing this beatus, let me acknowledge the discrepancy on Widukind’s feast day.  Wikipedia offers it as January 6, but the wise convocation of scholars that forms the medieval religion list-serve declares that his feast is January 7.  SQPN is the tiebreaker, if in fact there was any tie to be broken: the 7th it is.

777 AD ~ First appearance by Widukind

Nothing is known of Widukind before the year 777 A.C.E. In that year he is listed as the only Saxon king who did not appear at the court of Charlemagne, in Paderborn, when they were summoned. The Franks from that moment foward thought of Widukind as a traitor and soon found themselves at war with Widukind and his Saxon allies. At the Diet ( Formal Assembly )of Paderborn in 777 Charlemagne officially annexed Saxony into his kingdom. In 782 Charlemagne instituted harsh laws that outlawed the old Gods and Goddesses and called for the death of Pagans who would not convert. The angry Pagan Saxons revolted..

All sources about him stem from his enemies, the Franks, who painted a negative picture of Widukind, calling him an “insurgent” and a “traitor”. He was mentioned first in 777, when he was the only one of the Saxon nobles not to appear at Charlemagne’s court in Paderborn. Instead, he stayed with the Danish king Siegfried (possibly Sigurd Ring).

The Saxons were once again brought to heel, but their main leader, Widukind, managed to escape to Denmark, home of his wife. Charlemagne built a new camp at Karlstadt. In 777, he called a national diet at Paderborn to integrate Saxony fully into the Frankish kingdom. Many Saxons were baptised as Christians.

The Duke Widukind symbolically was the last Saxon who fought a war against Karl the Grosse or Charles the Great aka Charlemagne, the ‘other’ Widukind, Widukind of Korvey the historian wrote about Charlemagne.

Here we have another coincidence.
I ponder if in some way I can be connected to the blessed Widukind.
What relationship would there be between John D. Newport, the author of this next link and me?
Note the url of this page!
It contains the Widukind code 1-3-7-6.

Widukind, original statue (photo) church Enger Town Square Enger Germany

Enger – Widukind, Saxon Bane of Charlemagne

Some names will not the culturally (?). Widukind is one. He led the Saxons for Decades against Charlemagne and the Pope, in the 8th Century in northern Europe. The Century’s horrors for people who sought To Remain independent in Their Own lands extended into the 9th, When Widukind Appears to have been elevated from folk hero to legendary heroic; and to the present. Like the Symphony without the glorious affirmation at the end. Just slaughter for the resistors. Is that so? Widukind capitulated to Charlemagne and Agreed to convert after Decades of fighting, in exchange for safe passage of the people. Charlemagne Responded by slaughtering 4500 Saxon prisoners in a single day. See: // What “religion” used as a weapon. Convert or die. Is it now. Believe this way, or we will get you. Widukind cut an impressive figure.Here is the original statue, a photograph of it from the Passenger Widukind museum. This Stood, as we understand it, at the church, then what Moved to the town square.


The picture shows Widukind (also Wittekind), who sparked the war against the Franks in 778 A.C. As leader of the Saxons he fought against Charlemagne, king of the Franks and against the Christian faith until the year 785 A.C., when he agreed to be baptized as part of a peace-treaty. Depicted are Widukind’s troops gathering in front of Widukind’s house and prepared for the battle. They are armored with lances, swords and helmets.

Widukind and the Swastika

Widukind swastika

In the top right corner of the entrance you can see rightwards angled swastikas, who in former Germanic times did not yet possess any specific political meaning but were symbolized the sun gear or the hammer of Thor.

Widukind and the Swastika then and now….

Now it is the association between Widukind and the swastika that would make any reader who has been following my tale take notice.
First consider that the July 3, 1957 version of Widukind, who upon his retirement on July 31, 2007 would after seven years on March 17, 2014 make a declaration of sorts involving links between what gravity is, how consciousness evolves, and the 12,000+ year old swastika.

The many claims to fame and infamy of this version of Widukind born in 1957 is that the swastika is a fine candidate to help explain B-mode and E-mode gravity waves.


The claim of this Master of the Temple is that by following archetypal clues the MBG or Master Builder Grid has been recovered.

Wow is all I can say.
What say thee?

Widukind in Herford

“Widukind? A freedom fighter?” my Frankish characters say. “Are you mad? He’s burned churches. His murderers killed indiscriminately.”

“Widukind is a hero,” my Saxon characters reply. “He will rid us of these foreign invaders who destroyed our sacred pillar and stole our territory. When we promise to follow their odd religion, they demand money.”

So, whose side is right? Both.


Perhaps the deal was for Widukind to convert to Christianity, pay tribute to Charles, and quit burning churches so that he could return to his land. The annals don’t mention Widukind after 785, but he may have founded a few abbeys, a typical penance for a nobleman.

Even after his conversion, Widukind was still revered by Saxons. A 10th century historian bears his name. That scholar, Widukind of Corvey, dedicated the history of his people to Matilda, a royal woman who claimed the eighth-century Westphalian leader as an ancestor.

Name, family and origin

The name means Widukind forest child or child of the forest and can be used as Kenning apply.

Widukind was a description of the wolf, an animal that is brought in connection with the war or death. The name Widukind may therefore originally have been an honorific epithet, not a proper name.


Gerd Althoff has a monk with the name Widukind, as the “Dominator Widukind” in brotherhood book of Lake Constance monastery on Reichenau attempts should be recorded to prove. Charlemagne was therefore banished Widukind as a monk on the island of Reichenau.


Widukind leads his flock to the place of Irminsul.

Soon the Eresburg is back in Saxon hands. But Widukind is no rest and no peace.

Oswald Spengler

In all these catastrophes Germans have fought Germans. That it was often tribe against tribe or sovereign against sovereign is significant only for the surface of history. Beneath all these conflicts lay the intense discord that inhabits every German soul, an inner struggle that first erupted ominously in the Gothic age, in the personages of Frederick Barbarossa and Henry the Lion at the time of the Battle of Legnano. Has anyone understood this dichotomy in the German soul?

Who has recognized in Martin Luther the reincarnation of the Saxon Duke Widukind?

2B continued

Widukund Saxon Chief Statue in Bronze (Item OLD 7-6 & ART 16-9)

Widukund Saxon Chief Statue in Bronze (Item OLD 7-6 & ART 16-9)

DESCRIPTION: A beautiful gold washed bronze of the Saxon Chief Widukund. Very little is known about the life of Widukund. All sources about him stem from his enemies, the Franks, who painted a negative picture of him as an insurgent and a ‘traitor.’ He was first mentioned in 777 when he was the only one of the Saxon nobles not to appear at Charlemagne’s court in Paderborn. His circa is 730-808 and after the Saxon Frankish wars and forced baptism he became known as “Blessed Widukind.” He was the chief antagonist of Charlemagne during these bloody wars. He married Geva of Westford c.770-800, daughter of the Danish king Goimo I and sister of the Danish kings Ragnar and Siegfried. Widukund was the moving spirit in the struggles of the Saxons for their independence and continuation of their traditional faith. Frankish accounts of the Saxon wars give only scant outlines of his character. After Charlemagne subdued the Saxons in 777, Widukund found refurge with his wife’s relatives in Denmark. When Charlemagne went to Spain in 77, Widukund returned and revived the rebellion, and the Saxons raided Frankish regions. Several more times Widukund had to flee, and eventually Charlemagne subdued the Saxons and inflicted terrible punishment at the Blood Verdict of Verden where 4,500 tribal leaders were allegedly beheaded. The bitter struggles involved Wends and Frisians as well and continued until Charlemagne succeeded forcefully with threats of genocide against his people, persuaded Widukund to accept Christianity. Widukund was baptized in 785 along with many of his people at Attigny. The Pope ordered a general feast of thanksgiving. Widukund took no part in further Saxon wars. He soon became one of the heroes of legend and eventually appeared as a saintly figure becoming “Blessed Widukund” and the builder of many churches. He is believed to have been buried at Engernea Herford around 808.  However, the monumental tablet in the church of Enger is not from the 9th century, and so it is doubtful if the corpse inside is actually that of Widukund. This once bitter foe of Charlemagne, thus became his friend and godson. His feast day is commemorated on January 7. According to myth, Widukund rode a black horse before his baptism and a white horse afterwards. The black horse is depicted in the coat of arms of the district of Hereford, while his white horse is depicted on the flags of the North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower states of Germany. Widukund is also a Dutch fraternity located in Nijmegen which was founded in 1945. The controversy reached into the conversations between Adolf Hitler and SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Hitler thought that Charlemagne’s deeds were necessary so as to advance civilization and intellectual progress of the Aryan race at that point in time. Certainly it marked an event that did much to change the course of history. This bronze statue of the Saxon hero is quite beautiful indeed.  He is shown with axe and shield standing defiantely against the usurpers of Germanic ‘Kultur.”  His winged helmet is almost a declaration of war in itself!  He wears a tunic of chained mail, his sword hangs at his side under the shield suspended by a chain hanger. He stands about 6 inches high with the base. The gilting is 100% intact.  A beautiful bronze sculpture and a beautiful symbol of righteous defiance against a cruel and powerful enemy.  “The Tea Party on steroids!”  Widukund only knelt before Karl the Great to save his people from annihilation. His honor, bravery, and selfless leadership will be remembered in the annals of history.  He was like Hermann the Cheruskin — a hero of the Volk! Small but dynamic! One of the better bronzes we have ever seen.

PRICE: $2,150.00

Many Germans willingly allowed him to intrude into their private lives. A 1933 telegram to the chancellery, from someone called Wedekind, asks: “Permission to give son second name Hitler.”

Kraus, who had taken a strong pacifist line from 1914 on, was one of the first to recognize what defeat portended. As early as 1921, he identified Germany as the country where “the swastika rises above the ruins of global conflagration”; in subsequent issues of Die Fackel, Kraus exposed the Hakenkreuzler (“Swastiklers”) for what they were, arguing that the postwar economic crisis had created a fertile breeding ground for irrationalism (the Swastika was an occult symbol) and anti-Semitism, especially vis-à-vis the Eastern Jews, now pouring into Vienna.

Widukind –
Saxon nobleman,
pagan freedom fighter,
Christian hero or
criminal rebel?

His life and deeds remain hidden in the mists of history. The bigger – the Widukind myth.

There is only scant contemporary sources.The Frankish realm annals for the years 772-785 of violent fighting between Franks and Saxons. Widukind is organized as leader of the Saxons, the uprisings against the Franks. At the end he gave up the resistance and was baptized. That’s all we know for sure about Widukind.
Each time creates its own image of the Saxon nobles. The myth proves to be workable.

For Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Saxony Widukind embodied the regional identity.Facing him was Charlemagne as the epitome of universal empire and the church.

Therefore, the myth of Widukind and Karl is unforgettable.

What is in a NaMe?


  • The Saxon nobles humbly renewed their submission, and tried to throw thewhole responsibility of the rebellion upon Wittekind.

    A History of Germany Bayard Taylor
  • Wittekind was a stubborn heathen, and a very determined man.



  • A Horse of Her Own by Annie Wedekind is another passionate horsey tale.

    Is Passion

  • Working at the University of Bern in Switzerland, Claus Wedekind and Manfred Milinski had started out with seventy-nine first-year students who were blissfully unaware of concepts such as reciprocal altruism and invited them to take part in a game in which they had the option to donate money to other individuals in the group.


  • Wedekind and Milinski found that even when there is no chance of direct reciprocity players are generous to each other provided that they have an opportunity to keep tally of the actions of their fellow player.


  • Later, I had enough to do in teaching European theatre at Warwick University, getting students to understand Ibsen, Chekhov, Strindberg, Wedekind, Pirandello, Brecht, Beckett and Artaud, without making time for Shaw.

    George Bernard Shaw and feminism | Germaine Greer

  • Mr. Reed originally wrote the music for a theatrical production by Robert Wilson of the “Lulu Plays” by German playwright Frank Wedekind.

    A Rocky Start to a Metal Marriage

  • How Wedekind (1864-1918) almost came be an American writer is a long story.

    Thomas Gladysz: “I Am the Victim of Such a Lascivious Beauty”: Rufus Wainwright on Louise Brooks

  • These playfully enigmatic pieces have a thematic connection to an opera set he designed for “Lulu” (which, like “Spring Awakening,” uses Wedekind for its source material.)

    ARTINFO: Five Shows to See Around the World

  • In 1995, Swiss biology professor Claus Wedekind asked female students to rate the odor of six sweat-stained T-shirts worn by male students.

    The $1,000 Genome

  • Wedekind gave us the controversial works Spring Awakening recently seen on Broadway and the Lulu plays, which were filmed as Pandora’s Box in 1929 by G.W. Pabst and made Louise Brooks a star.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Certainly, some characters and systems in the story want to deny some of those things, but the girls are intrepid and sharp within the system they have been thrown into, and though we might not accept Wedekind and Hadzihalilovic’s analogy of childhood as a mysterious and cloistered boarding school with strange rules and restrictions, surely no-one would deny that childhood is full of mysteries.


2B continued


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