Countdown to 2100 C.E. Prophecy ~ Patanjali’s Celestial Pole Star Meditation ~ Communication and Unity Among Men ~ Spooky Action at a Distance ~ Non-local Entanglement ~ Surrender is Victory

UPDATE October 2, 2018

I have cued up the video to where Sohail Haashmi [historian, activist, academician, film-maker] discusses the swastika’s deeper meaning to the pole star.

UPDATE October 14, 2015

Three images today will help show a profound link between the SS jeSuS and the pole star.

For some time now I have had the feeling that the idea called ‘jesus’ is being used to veil the significance of the ‘north’.

The first image and text is provided by the sheeple herder, perhaps a false prophet Robert Bauvel.
And the second image comes out of an illuminated manuscript.
It is however the text associated with the third image that I found most interesting.
That is when jesus makes his appearance in the text describing image #3 and the question is asked;

What does this have to do with the thigh of the prophecy of the return of Jesus (and with the wounding of the thigh of the Grail King in Grail legend)?

thigh - Ursa Major by Robert Bauvel

 Image #1

In the tomb of SETI I, the northern portion of the astronomical ceiling the artist depicted the sky as seen looking north and panning from east to west (right to left) going from the Hippopotamus [5] to the Bull [9] and the Lion [8]. We know with certainty that the Hippopotamus is our constellation of Draco, and that the Bull (sometimes also a Bull’s Thigh or Leg) is our constellation of Ursa Major (Great Bear/Big Dipper/Plough). But what constellation is the figure of the ‘Lion’?

Luzerner Schilling, 1513, illuminated manuscript, fol. 61v; disasters in connection with two comets sighted in 1456

Image #2

Now take a look at this image taken from the Luzerner Schilling manuscript of 1456.

What do you see?
Do you see the ‘leg’ of an ‘ox’ or ‘bull’ placed between the two six-pointed stars?

The magnificent 7 stars are often mentioned….who are they?
Are they the 7 twisted sisters known as the Pleiades?
Or the 7 Rishis according to Hindu sources associated with Ursa Major?

One source offers the following evidence that ye can ‘bank’ on;

A number of numismatic sites with an interest in astronomy have suggested that the seven stars might represent a conjunction of all the planets in the sky. It is also suggested that the seven stars represent either Ursa Major or the Pleiades. And, in fact, the earliest coin of this nature dates from AD 76 and is clearly marked TRIO, short for Septentriones, a name for the seven stars of the Wain (Ursa Major) and generally meaning “north.”

Now it is a fact that I have been focused on the ‘north’ for some time and it is clear to me that everybody else seems to be focused on the belt of Orion and the 7 Twisted SiSterS of the Pleiades, but why, clearly in India they ‘see’ things differently … can you ‘see’ what we ‘meen’?

1376 INDUS Script STaR is MEEN or Fish big dipper pleiades

The pole star along with the other circumpolar imperishable stars that never die are far reaching important concepts in how our ancestors saw the world for tens of thousands of years.

By the way the image taken from the manuscript identifies it as ‘two comets‘.

Clearly here we have another scholarly FAIL.

What is being depicted is an event linked to the idea of an ‘ox leg’ and Ursa Major.

Ursa Major and Polaris were used extensively for navigation.
Yes the ursas big and small (polaris) guided more pilgrims to the new world than the SS jeSuS did.

The pilgrims may have prayed to jeSuS but knowledge of the urSaS gave them real hope of getting to the new worlds Safe and Sound.

The stars of the Plough, Ursa Major, shown as the Haunch of the Bull

Image #3

The stars of the Plough, Ursa Major, shown as the Haunch of the Bull.

Another candidate for the ‘seven rayed God’ is Jesus, who appeared in the Book of Revelation holding seven stars or rays in his hand.

According to Revelation, Jesus has a word of power written on his ‘thigh’.

There is a profound connection between the Seven Rays, the Word on the thigh of Jesus and the Palladium pillar.

The link is provided by the Egyptian artist who painted this illustration reproduced here. It is drawn from the rectangular zodiac carving which once graced the ceiling of the great temple Hathor at Denderah.

It shows the first rays of the risen sun, Re or Horus (the Sun god) defeating the polar stars of Draconis and of the Ursa Major, the Plough.

The sunbeam or spear is pointed directly at the group of stars which we today call the Ursa Major or the Plough, but which the Egyptians called the “Thigh” or alternately the “Haunch of the Bull.”

What does this have to do with the thigh of the prophecy of the return of Jesus (and with the wounding of the thigh of the Grail King in Grail legend)?

UPDATE to the UPDATE on the same day because I had a Revelation.

Revelations 19:16
On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords.

THIGH SWASTIKATHIGH or ROBE SWASTIKA good shepherd and angel Gabriel
top image: Imperial Villa of Casale, Piazza Armerina ( Sicily) / IV Century AD
middle images on left: swastika on the Good Shepherd
right image: swastika on Angel Gabriel
frescoes from the Catacombs, Roma (I) / 4th Century

THIGH ROBE Athena swastikasA terra-cotta found in a Phoenician tomb from Cyprus shows a Sun-priestess, having swastikas on her attire and carrying a vase

left image: Athena with swastikas on her robe in the thigh area
right image: A terra-cotta found in a Phoenician tomb from Cyprus shows a Sun-priestess
having swastikas on her attire and carrying a vase
note it appears in the right thigh area we have 7 around 1 center dot = 8
left thigh area (viewer’s right) is a 8 around 1 dot scheme = 9

UPDATE October 12, 2015

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that I may have been wrong about the ‘celestial pole star alignment’ perhaps occurring in and about 2017.
The bad news for those of you who are impatient waiting for the world to change is that apparently according to one source this celestial and terrestrial event is not due to occur until March 24, 2100.

But again more good news, there is more time to prepare because clearly the human race is not ready.
But 2017 could still be a great year to set our collective thoughts on a target date that transcends generations.

The Temple of Luxor was built over a period of about 1000 years, to near perfection, but the temple had been designed in reverse.

So mark this date on your calendars;


But as the article suggests this date will be fine tuned as we approach the date that I refer to as the ‘dipole’ moment … what if?

Past and future pole stars. Indeed, Thuban at times made a better pole star than our modern Polaris. Various sources claim that Thuban almost exactly pinpointed the position of the north celestial pole in the year 2787 B.C.

Meanwhile, our modern Polaris – which many centuries ago was an ordinary star known by the name Phoenice – won’t match Thuban’s precision when it most closely aligns with the north celestial pole on March 24, 2100. Polaris will be 27’09” (0.4525o) from the north celestial pole at that time (a little less than the angular diameter of the moon when at its farthest from Earth), according to the computational wizard Jean Meeus.

… and then Steven Rossi on faKebook chirped in with an interesting timeline response.

His initials are SR and because he quoted ME+me favorite numb3rs 137 in the scripted timeline I did take notice because for some time now my intuition has suggested that there is a numerical narrative keeping step with the literal one that we seem to buy into hook, LInE and stinker each and every time we take the archetypal bait.

In short the letters SR and the numbers 137 are coincidences that command ME+me attention.
And the reasons go deep beyond where most people are willing to go.

1873 Kwa Zulu War Stance Ju Ju Delusion
1873-1973 White Rich vs White Poor
1973-2073 Non Whites vs Whites
2073-2173 Atheists vs God

I also want to add that 1973 was when we stopped going to the moon and space travel for humans was relegated to low earth orbits.

So take note that the celestial pole star alignment according to the computational wizard Jean Meeus is set to occur during the time period that Steven Rossi suggests will see the atheists pitted against the idea called god.

…. the past is an interesting narrative due to be updated by more discoveries or are they recoveries?
Do you see the world via the Discovery Channel or does your lens suggest you the observer reside on the Salvation Station?

Copan Temple of Inscriptions Western Court SWASTIKAs described as both Sky God Bolon Dz'acab and Maize God

Copan Swastika Altar
Copan Swastika ~ 3 Altar Stones found
in the Underworld Court oriented north – south

This swastika was known as the Copan Swastika.

Take note we have two opposed swastikas placed over each other, one is curved and one is angular.
An archetype noted by ME+me so many times before.
The compass and the carpenter square would be symbols of the circle and right angle.
Squaring the circle is a logical association between the two Copan swastikas in a superposition and the compass and a straight edge.

And further to the geometric narrative being conveyed pi is the relationship of a straight line to the curve. And in this case the curve is a circle.
The diameter of a circle which is a straight line as a ratio to its circumference yields 3.14.

Yes there is a reason.
Our ancestors did things for a reason.
Was their reasoning logical, rational or irrational based mnemonics etched in stone.

Tiahuanaco swastika

Tiahuanaco Swastika
angular swastika between two rounded swastikas

The two forms of swastika seem to testify that, similar to the Tiahuanaco swastika, the idea of the Above and Below prevailed and that the angular form symbolized the subdivision of the earth and the rounded one that of the heavens.

take note the work of Zelia Nuttall the SSS SuperStarScholar will continue to be highlighted on this page or maybe it is time to start a new one?

~ end of UPDATE ~


Great minds think alike ….

UPDATE April 8, 2015

Due to two events that have weighed heavily on my mind and heart, one event occurring on the eve of Good Friday this past Easter and the other event last year on Easter Sunday, the idea, what is EaSTeR all about has lead me to some surprising ‘coincidences’ regarding not the root of the word EaSTeR, but more the meaning behind each letter chosen which allows us to make connections that otherwise we could not.
This could be huge.



We shall see if others see the simplicity of this ongoing recovery.
The importance of Rosh haShanah will become central to this blog later when we start to look into the events of 2017.

I asked myself the question ~ why is Rosh Hashanah in the autumn?

After the search engine responded to my true blue question ~ I followed the links that appealed to ME+me on an intuitive level, often if the archetypal clues are present.

This is what one of them said;

There is a tradition that the Jewish year has a “mother”—Rosh haShanah, the 1st of Tishrei—and a “father,” the 1st of Nisan (both are new years according to the Jewish calendar).

If Rosh haShanah is the mother, then the shofar is the womb through which our spirits pass on the way to redemption.

FIRST I want to point out the consistency of the many of the ideas that are merging into ONE.

  1. SaToR came after RoTaS
  2. SoKaR is part of RoSeTau
  3. SHoFaR is part of RoSH HaSHaNaH

If Rosh haShanah is the mother and SHoFaR is the womb, it appears the woman representing the ‘RS’ ideas is able to replicate itself as ‘SR’ (simply put but I realize it is not)
Do you follow, this is huge.

Also note the consonants used to begin the main players/words.

H a
T iSHRei
N iSaN

Do you notice the pattern unfolding between the consonants and the vowels?

jesus ‘H‘ christ all of the above consonants can be placed onto the RoTaS SaToR magic square with the exception of the letter ‘H‘.

notice the vowels ‘a’ for alpha and ‘o’ for omega also make an appearance.
along with the vowel e
A, E, and O are the only vowels used on the RS square.
The only vowel we can not place onto the RS square is the letter ‘i’.

Now here what is obvious to ME+me, a message encoded from the ‘other side’.
There is a code to be extracted when you merge RoTaS SaToR magic with RoSH Ha SHaNaH and TiSHRei and NiSaN all together.

… it is obvious to the 137 SS Mystic that the letters ‘H’ and ‘i’ which could not be placed onto this magic square of Mars are spelling the word ‘Hi’.

hardy har  har

Apparently the unknown has a sense of humor.
To really appreciate what is being recovered by showing links between RoTaS, SaToR, RoSH Ha SHaNaH, TiSHRei, NiSaN and what appears to antedate them all RoSeTau and SoKaR.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Start watching the science explanation for entanglement at @25:53
until Kirk and Spock make an appearance @38:20

How does the idea called entanglement or “spooky action at a distance” intersect with an idea the ancients called the Great Year or the Platonic year, precession of the equinoxes, i.e. our earthly wobble and our evolving consciousness, how does it all come together or fall apart?

“All in all, the constellation does exhibit overtones of the theme of salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ”

The above quote/conclusion linking Jesus and our salvation to the Ursas is found on page 14 of this article.

How do Jesus and a celestial pole star alignment align with something called entanglement or what Einstein termed “spooky action at a distance”?

The Star People by Gaylord Johnson

These are stories we used to share with our kids.

If you really want to understand what the celestial pole star alignment is hinting at in 2017, it might help to read this interesting article written by Robert Bauval.

Are these pi in the sky ideas?

2017 Celestial Pole Star Meditation and flower power?
From the sequence of three images in figure 7
it is clear that the celestial narrative involves the
swastika seed
which has been opening up since;
no.1 2770 BC  no.2 1800 BC  no.3 2000 AD


Let me pose a valid question that needs to be addressed as we approach an obvious prescribed date with destiny.

Why is the 12,000+ year old swastika the best symbol to represent the upcoming celestial pole star alignment in 2017 and perhaps ‘spooky action at a distance’.

entanglement spooky action at a distance

UPDATE September 5, 2014

What was Philo of Alexandria commenting on when he spoke of;

“… communication and unity among men …”

Brain-to-brain verbal communication in humans achieved for the first time!

A team of researchers has successfully achieved brain-to-brain human communication
using non-invasive technologies across a distance of 5,000 miles.

The following was shared with me today.

I immediately saw a profound application for this breakthrough in 2017 and updated this blog here:

What follows in this blog is a unique spin being placed on the celestial pole star alignment due in about Sept. 22, 2017.

But wait I also think this might be a good time to introduce the connections made in the QaBaLaH* between the MinD, the CROWN, the POINT, and the SWASTIKA.
*QBLH has a numerical value of 137.

I do hope that the reader gets the POINT that I AM trying to make as I continue to share a blessed idEA that I have been burdened with.
Yes I know it sounds paradoxical, blessed and burdened, well worth every twist and turn as I unravel a most wonderful narrative and at the end of my daze I do hope to convey that ONE vital POINT to the reader.

KETHER and its associations to the CROWN ~ POINT ~ SWASTIKA

Wewelsburg Castle Crypt ~ Vault
In the zenith of the vault is a swastika.
SS Vault
The swastika (hakenkreuz) was understood as “the symbol of the creative, active life”…
…the vault has special acoustics and illumination.

~ end of UPDATE ~

“You have a polestar inside you.  It is connected with all the energy in the universe.
When you begin to follow that star you align yourself with immeasurable
inexplicable forces that will actually help you manifest your best intentions.”
– Glenn Beck
source of this article/quote

Is the Celestial Pole Star Alignment with its accompanying meditation be a cause for concern?

Would communication and unity among men be a issue worth resolving?

Listen to at least the first 37 seconds of this video.
What does Graham Hancock suggest after a lifetime of searching?

Why are we here?

Well it is clear that Graham and me and another wise guy came to the same conclusion that ‘consciousness’ is a fundamental force, like gravity.
However I take this idea one step further and link gravity, the evolution of matter and spirit to the symbol that represents space-time-motion most eloquently, the swastika, supported in fact by the wise words of the philosopher and empirical science king Albert Einstein.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


“The coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”

Is 2017 a step in the right direction, an opportunity that indeed presents itself only once in the lifetime of each and every reigning pole star within the 25,920 year precession cycle … and then its reign begins a decline …
How many opportunities does that add up to every approx. 26,000 years?

Should we squander this ONE idea that is first and foremost suggesting we ALL focus on something as simple as a dot, a point called Polaris?

“… communication and unity among men …”

“…the constellation of the Bear is made up of seven stars
which constellation is the cause of communication and unity among men
and not merely traffic”
– Geoffrey Ashe quoting Philo of Alexandria in his book The Ancient Wisdom page 114

Why is the Jewish new year celebration called Rosh Hashanah important?

1st of Tishrei,  3761 BC — the sixth day of creation (Rosh Hashanah Day 1), on which God created Adam and Eve.

“To find the corresponding Jewish year for any year on the Gregorian calendar, add 3760 to the Gregorian number, if it is before Rosh Hashanah.

Jewish Talmudic Calendar is coupled with the Rabbinical Chronology, taking Monday, (Julian) Oct 7, 3761 BC. as the date of creation, and the beginning of the Era of the World (Anno Mundi). The reference junction of the Sun and the Moon (Molad 1) on the day of creation is considered to be at 5 hours and 204 halakim, or 11:11:20 pm, in the evening of Sunday, Oct 7, 3761 BC.[3]

Patanjali Yoga Book III Sutra no. 28 ~ Meditation on the Pole Star

Cassiopeia ‘W’ and the Great Bear doing the tango around the pole star Polaris
The north star is the last star on the handle of the Lesser or Little Bear

posted on faKebook:

‘We the sheeple’ as the self anointed sage of this age let me give you something to focus on as the countdown to the celestial pole alignment on Sept. 22, 2017 continues.

This is for real ~ Maya 2012 can be shown to have been just a rehearsal for what is being put on the table for discussion.

Now the reader may have been also redirected to this page because I suggested that in 2017 an opportunity might present itself where our minds might be made to open up like a parachute or umbrella if we shift our focus to the pole star.

I love this coincidence regarding the square/rectangle/triangles/circles
that we see in the two images above…
..the book Tao of Symbols helps point us in the right direction and by coincidence my daughter’s art (above image on right) found its way into her high school year book too!
Her heART-work is just that, it is hers and it did not receive any prompting from me …
… but clearly the source of her inspiration was one and the same.

These next two images we see below taken from the above book are the notes/results of experiments that were conducted.
Where the people meditating focused primarily on the pole star using Patanjali’s Sutra no. 28 found in Book III.

Thus 2017 is an opportunity for all the world to vote with our minds and heARTS, and help align our consciousness with what ‘just is’ is.

If the reader can get a hold of this book The Tao of Symbols, do yourself a favour and read the chapter on Druids pages 66-99.
It explains in detail the idea I am presenting in this blog.

Why did so many of those who participated in the experiment outlined in this book experience a similar sensation, this would be the next question an inquiring mind using ’empirical’ logic would arrive at?

Before we go on to discuss the Patanjali pole star meditation, can I point out the similar shapes between the ‘umbrella’ and the tippe top and the earth/moon ratio … do you see it?



Wolfgang Pauli (left) and Neils Bohr are mesmerized by the child’s toy that defies laws of physics!

What is the tippe top and why are those two noble Nobel winning physicists enamored by its charms?
Is a reversal or flip of consciousness possible, within our grasp as the tippe top demonstrates too?

Thus what is the connection between the pole star and the swastika, the date around 2770 BC, and construction on the Great Pyramid began around 200 years later … and a consciousness shift?

Archaeologists believe Egypt’s large pyramids are the work of the Old Kingdom society that rose to prominence in the Nile Valley after 3000 B.C. Historical analysis tells us that the Egyptians built the Giza Pyramids in a span of 85 years between 2589 and 2504 BC.

Thus 2770 BC would place this idea concerning a certain celestial alignment visible to the naked eye (see below) alongside when the Great Pyramid was said to have been built according to Mark Lehner.

i.e. how to pass forward the idea regarding cosmic eggs being hatched … or maybe ‘seeds’ being sown … to be reaped by the generations still to come?

Before going on I do want to point out a coincidence regarding the dating of the Great Pyramid ~ how the numbers of the date 2589 and 2504 convert to the ‘code’ my higher self helped little ole’ me recover, and to share with the reader of course.
Using only once the numbers 25892504 yields the following combinations, which from my POV seem to add up:
2 + 4 = 6
5 + 8 = 13
2 + 5 = 7
remainder 9
Yes in fact that would be the code ME + me recovered 137-69 or 137-96.
69 and 96 also yields and wields a yin/yang form too.

Please note how image 1. looks like the Great Pyramid with the four sockets in the corners exaggerated in scale and in addition the wavy lines between the sockets helps to explain why the Great Pyramid has 8 sides in fact.

Figure 7 ~ The evolution and revolution of Ursa Major relative to the pole star Polaris (the last star on the handle of Ursa Minor) over the past 5000 years approx.

  • 2770 BC ~ apt metaphor could be an acorn/mustard seed dated to when the Great Pyramid was built too.
  • 1800 BC  ~ seed is growing ~ position of stars appears to be changing ~ opening up
  • 2000 AD ~ Jain swastika ~ is this part of the awakening, a ‘flower power’ prophecy that was felt even back in the 1960s?

Seed-of-Life Stages

The scholar Zelia Nuttall left us plenty of evidence to digest as we prepare for 2017.

Beginning on July 31, 1930
“The Shadow”
was the name given to the mysterious narrator
of the Detective Story Hour

Can you see the pattern which is about to be revealed?

The most amazing thing from my POV is that I retired coincidently on July 31, 2007 or 7/31/9 (2+7) and these four numbers 1~3~7~9 have helped to define this quest that I find myself participating in.
I did not know it when I retired though that 1379 would represent the next chapter in my life.

Thus 77 years after the debut of The Shadow I retired to follow ME shadow too!
It has been a magical 7 years following my shadow.

77 + 7 = 777 = 7x7x7 = 343 firefighters died on 911 and the one firefighter who would come to see everything got away by following his shadow, his life line.

At this point in the presentation please take note of the numbers ‘77′ and ‘137‘.
They will come back to haunt us in a most wonderful way at the end of this blog.
Another SS production by Street and Smith.

The Shadow debuted on July 31, 1930, as the mysterious narrator of the Street and Smith radio program Detective Story Hour.[4]After gaining popularity among the show’s listeners, the narrator became the star of The Shadow Magazine on April 1, 1931, apulp series created and primarily written by the prolific Gibson.

On September 26, 1937, The Shadow radio drama premiered with the story “The Deathhouse Rescue”, in which The Shadow was characterized as having “the power to cloud men’s minds so they cannot see him.” As in the magazine stories, The Shadow was not given the literal ability to become invisible.

The introduction from The Shadow radio program “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” spoken by actor Frank Readick Jr., has earned a place in the American idiom.

These words were accompanied by an ominous laugh and a musical theme, Camille Saint-SaënsLe Rouet d’Omphale (“Omphale’s Spinning Wheel”, composed in 1872). At the end of each episode The Shadow reminded listeners that, “The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay… The Shadow knows!”

Now without any further ado allow me introduce a cosmic shadow.


About one month prior to the celestial pole alignment there will a total solar eclipse

On 2017 August 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible to fortunate observers in the United States along a narrow band, approximately 73 miles (118 km) wide, that crosses twelve states from Oregon to South Carolina.

73 miles eh?

Later in this blog more information will be provided regarding the total eclipse.

2016 ~ 2017 ~ 2018

Now there are 201.1 cubits to this 203rd level, 203 being the numerical value of the Torah’s first 3 letters (BRE), leaving 7 additional levels to the apex and since 2011 plus 7 equals 2018, as in 2018 CE, it matches up with the Hebrew year 5778 dictated by the pyramid’s height in inches. But more significantly, and more precisely, the ratio of the height and base of the capstone to the height and base of greater pyramid itself is 4.2424% giving us 424, the numerical value of Mashiach Ben David (the Messiah).

Yes, this is no coincidence.

I agree there are no coincidences.
At the above link you will find a reference to the 35th level or course of the Great Pyramid.

Yes this is no coincidence either:

Below are 17 websites discussing the celestial polar axis alignment due in 2017.
NASA is the last one on the list.

It would be easy to find others…and I suspect more will be coming online between now and 2017.
This is a once in a lifetime event.
But this is not another farce like the Maya 2012 nonsense regarding the galactic alignment or is it?

What is the Galactic Alignment?

It is important to define what the Galactic Alignment is in precise astronomical terms.

The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator.
This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.
Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator.

The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998 (Jean Meeus, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, 1997).Thus, the Galactic Alignment “zone” is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 – 2016. This is “era-2012.”

This Galactic Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar.

– John Major Jenkins “What is the Galactic Alignment”

Now please note that 2017 is thirty seven (37)  years after the Galactic Alignment zone was entered.
And for me that coincidence between the galactic alignment, the number ’37’, the polar alignment and the swastika is a thrice plus one lucky charm.

I will come back to John Major Jenkins and a conversation we had regarding the swastika and a scholar named Zelia Nuttall.
It appears that my research will come back to haunt John, as I knew it would.
In fact John is not alone.
I could add Graham Hancock, Gary A. David, Robert Bauvel, Andrew Collins, Walter Cruttendon, Robert Temple, Christopher Dunn, and Carmen Boulter etc etc. to this exclusive list of guys and gal who are ignorant of what I am fast becoming an expert of.

Terrence McKenna, Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins and so many others clearly missed the ‘mark’ left for all to see and left in plain sight too …
Truth is like that.

1/ Lecture 4 – University of California, Irvine

About four thousand years ago, the north polar axis pointed near the star Thuban in the constellation Draco.  In recent years it has been pointing closer and closer to Polaris in Ursa Minor.

In 2017 the Earth’s north polar axis will be aligned most closely to Polaris. 

After that, as Earth continues its slow wobble, the north polar axis will begin pointing a little farther away from the star that has served as the Pole Star for modern navigators.  Twelve thousand years from now the north polar axis will point near the bright star Vega.  In about 26,000 years, it will point toward Polaris again.

2/ Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses II – Souls of Distortion

These crosses are encoded in artefacts by means of the 4 and 8 pointed crosses that represent the Earth Cross(cross of the Zodiac) and the Galactic Cross (intersection of the Galactic Equator with the ecliptic and its perpendicular axis). When the rotating Earth Cross is superimposed over the fixated Galactic Cross an 8 pointed cross is formed. The two crosses become conjunct at four moments during a precession cycle when they overlap to form one four pointed cross. This event is called a Great Celestial Conjunction and is happening in between the years 1978-2017.

3/ ARE WE THERE YETPart Seven | lightgateblogger



The Book of Revelation Chapter 12 tells us of a very strange alignment in the heavens that will only be there on Rosh Hashanah 2017 – September 20-23.

Here it is:
Rev 12:1-2

12 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

Now one might ask why does this happen only on that date:

THE END OF ROSH HASHANAH or September 22 or 23, 2017?

And not again for another 100 years, they say!!

The OMEGA CODE pinpointed 2017 as the most important date yet in the history of modern Israel and the end of her 120 years from the first Jewish Congress that laid the foundation for her existence. 2017 IS ALSO A JUBILEE YEAR FROM 1967 AND THE SIX DAY WAR. But that is only part of the story.

We believe that this date of September 20-23 represents the MID-POINT OF THE TRIBULATION PERIOD IF IN FACT DANIELS 70TH WEEK IS A FULL SEVEN YEARS.

4/ Christ Alignment 2017 – Universal Astrologer

The New Christ’s birth in 2017 according to the pyramid.

Possibly dawn of the Jewish New Year in 2017, When Alnitak, one of the eleven stars of the constellation Orion is exactly aligned with the meridian. The sphinx next to the pyramid faces East, The sphinx is the Lion King, and the King refers to the constellation Leo, Regulus! One of the four royal stars.

The sphinx faces East and its latitude is the same as the Christ angle, tying the two symbols together.

In 2017 around Dawn of Wednesday the 20th of September 2017, the sphinx, Regulus, is at 26 degrees, 18 minutes and 9 seconds.

This is the same alignment as the pyramids shaft degrees.

Before dawn at Bethlehem on the 20th September the sky has the most amazing planetary configuration of the Star of David, Venus is leading the rising planets and the trail ends with Jupiter. Venus as a morning star.

5/ Does Revelation Show The Tribulation Midpoint Celestial

This means we have just a few years maximum for Christ to return in.

Celestial Events

So, if this celestial event is the one spoken of in Revelation, we must make sure that it fits into the timeline. Revelation 12:1-3 says, “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.” According to astronomy computer programs (, on September 23, 2017, the moon will be in position under the feet of Virgo (Virgo Constellation), the sun will be over the constellation overlaying it in sunlight (“clothed with the sun”), Jupiter will be between Virgo’s legs (“with child”) and Mercury, Mars, and Venus will be in alignment next to her head, adding three ‘stars’ to the constellation Leo, forming a crown of twelve above Virgo’s head. All four of these events and celestial bodies will be in place on that date, fitting John’s apparent description. This is a notable celestial event.

6/ Physics of The Ascension

As a result the Guardians and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds have instigated the Bridge Zone Project. It is this project, involving a resultant time shift of 2,213 years, that enables both ascension points with Tara to occur within the ascension period 2,012 to 2,017.

After 2,017 the alignments revert to their normal relationship. Earth disconnects from Tara. However, ascension to Tara is available and continues due to Earth being in the Bridge Zone and will continue until 2,022 AD. The planet Earth does not descend fully to its original dimensional level and will evolve rapidly.

7a/ The End Times Forecaster: Why The Rapture May Occur …

Prophecy researcher Daniel Matson has made some startling discoveries regarding the date ciphers of the Great Pyramid complex at Giza. In Chapter 16 of his book, Signs of the End he states;

What is important is that there is valuable information that must be passed along that is a striking discovery concerning the Great Pyramid complex at Giza and its marking both advents of Christ. It is a discovery that is in line with the Bible, history, and the magnificence of the pyramids. It highlights the time in precise astronomical alignments. It is a discovery that fits the themes woven into the Bible concerning the coming King and it further supports the scenario developed in this book.

Thus his research has led him to believe that the Great Pyramid complex at Giza astronomically aligned with the First coming of the Lord, and he believes it will also at His Second Coming, and the alignment points to Rosh Hashanah 2017. What leads the author to this conclusion?

The basic idea is that the pyramid complex is a map of the heavens of a point in time when Christ the King returns with his armies. The pyramids show what is to be at meridian (Al Nitak in Orion), and also the causeways heading east from the pyramids show the importance of the rising sun or other items rising in the east. That the Sphinx also looks to the east is a factor as well. The point though was to see when there was a candidate for an alignment of Rosh Hashanah and the meridian alignment of Orion at dawn…Therefore, at dawn the morning before the Feast of Trumpets 2017, Al Nitak is precisely at meridian…

Let us not forget the all-important Christ angle to see where it might come into significance. At the moment Al Nitak is at meridian, Leo is in the east, but more importantly its star known as Regulus (the King) is precisely at the inclination of the Christ angle. Therefore, the Christ angle not only bisected Bethlehem at Christ’s birth, but it also bisects Regulus at this possible time of his Second Coming. The year 2017 is the first year from present that Rosh Hashanah comes immediately after September 20th—the time Al Nitak hits meridian precisely at dawn, and also when Regulus hits the Christ angle…

7b/ The Sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun in 2017

Now let’s examine the skies around the time that the Great Pyramid complex points to, Rosh Hashanah in 2017. On 9/20/17 Rosh Hashanah …

R.S. Harrington: The Detailed Position Of Planet X-Nibiru! An Approaching Brown Dwarf Star System Signalling the Endtimes?!

8/ Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000 …

“Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the arriving of Nephilim that escaped flood in Noah´s time,and other hybrid races with some of other falllen angelic drakonian legions[The Book of Ethiopian Enoch (ENOCH I) chapter 15, verse 8 & introduction to verse 9.]

9/ R.S. Harrington: The Detailed Position Of Planet X-Nibiru …

An unexpected find.
Did you notice the year 137 CE was mentioned.

10/ Mayans thought 2012 was the end of an era – Daily Kos

3 – Polar star closest approach
Regardless of western constellation conventions, 2017 is also the date of the closest approach to our our polar star Polaris. (1) The importance of the polar star for the ancient cultures cannot be understated. Polaris is very useful for navigation in the northern hemisphere, since the altitude of the Northern Celestial Pole is always equal to the observer’s own latitude: by measuring the Pole’s angle to the horizon, it’s possible to exactly calculate your own distance from the Earth’s equator. For northern navigators, this measurement is made particularly straightforward by the fact that a bright and easily distinguishable star lies very close to the Celestial Pole (navigators south of the equator have no such luxury). This star is Polaris, the brightest of the stars in Ursa Minor, which is easily located by the two Pointer stars in Ursa Major. Polaris is presently some 44′ (about three quarters of a degree) from the Northern Celestial Pole itself.

The celestial pole is now quite close to the pole star Polaris, but it will not be so in the future, and wasn’t in the past. The ancient Egyptians regarded as pole star the star Thuban or “Alpha Draconis,” the brightest star (=alpha) in the constellation Draco, the serpent… (2)

11/ Timeline of the near future – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Polaris appears furthest North. Polaris’s maximum apparent declination (taking account of nutation and aberration) will be 0.4526° from the celestial north pole, on 24 March 2100.[2]

12/ Prophecy Archives | Page 4 of 6 | Mark Conn

Now here’s the first interesting part. On September 23, 2017, there is an astronomical alignment that occurs ONLY on that day. The constellation Virgo (the virgin) will be “clothed in the sun” since the constellation will be in the sky during daylight hours, the moon will be at her feet, and the constellation Leo will be on her head. Leo only contains 9 stars, but on the morning of September 23, 2017, there will be 3 additional “stars” with Mercury, Venus, and Mars combining with Leo, “crowning” her with 12 stars. Jupiter, the king of the planets, will be exiting through her legs, “giving birth” to it.

13/ * North celestial pole (Astronomy) – Definition – Online ..


Precession is the motion of the equinoxes along the ecliptic (the plane of the Earth’s orbit) caused by the cyclic precession of the Earth’s axis of rotation.

In compiling his famous star catalog (completed in 129 BC), the Greek astronomer Hipparchus noticed that the positions of the stars were shifted in a systematic way from earlier Babylonian (Chaldean) measures. This indicated that it was not the stars that were moving but rather the observing platform–the Earth. Such a motion is called precession and consists of a cyclic wobbling in the orientation of the Earth’s axis of rotation with a period of almost 26,000 years. Precession was the third-discovered motion of the Earth, after the far more obvious daily rotation and annual revolution. Precession is caused by the gravitational influence of the Sun and the Moon acting on the Earth’s equatorial bulge. To a much lesser extent, the planets exert influence as well.

The projection onto the sky of the Earth’s axis of rotation results in two notable points at opposite directions: the north and south celestial poles. Because of precession, these points trace out circles on the sky. Today, the north celestial pole points to within just 1 of the arc of Polaris. It will point closest to Polaris in AD 2017. In 12,000 years the north celestial pole will point about 5 from Vega. Presently, the south celestial pole does not point in the vicinity of any bright star.

Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Britannica without permission.

14/ Russia to deploy ‘star wars’ missile system in 2017, report

Russia’s defence ministry plans to deploy in 2017 a sophisticated new air missile defence system that can hit targets in space, a senior ministry source told Russian news agencies on Friday.

“The promising S-500 air defence missile system is at the development stage. It’s planned to be deployed in 2017,” the source was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

The long-range system will be able to destroy targets even if they are in space and cover the whole Russian territory, the source added.

15/ Expert Peter Kling – 2013 – 2017 is Key Transition ending in …

2017: A positive timeline

Mr. Kling’s analysis shows that by 2017 humanity, with transformed consciousness and DNA, is on a positive timeline.
Expert Peter Kling: 2013-2017 is key transition ending in positive timeline.

16/ 7.Precession – ISTP

Through each 26 000-year cycle, the direction in the sky to which the axis points goes around a big circle, the radius of which covers an angle of about 23.50. The pole star to which the axis points now (within about one degree) used to be distant from the pole, and will be so again in a few thousand years (for your information, the closest approach is in 2017). Indeed, the “pole star” used by ancient Greek sailors was a different one, not nearly as close to the pole.

17/ NASA – Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Aug 21

Why Polaris?

North Pole Stars over the ages

The Greek astronomer Hipparchus of Rhodes (190-120 B.C.) discovered that, due to the “wobble” of the Earth’s axis as it spins like a top, the North-South axis line pivots around a point known as the North Ecliptic Pole. One revolution around this point takes a period of approximately 25,770 years (Beatty et al. 1990) commonly quoted as the “26,000 year precession of the equinoxes”.

Thuban (in southern Draco) was the “pole star” around 3000 BC. The next naked-eye star that served as the Earth’s pole star was Kochab in the bowl of the Little Dipper from about 1900 BC to 1100 BC. Due to precession, the current holder of the title “pole star” is Polaris which, at present, is slightly under 1° away from the pole of rotation. Polaris is due to become an even more accurate pole star in the near future – the distance between Polaris and the pole will reach a minimum of just under 1/2° in the year 2100. After that, Alderamin in Cepheus will be the Pole Star around 7500 AD, Deneb in Cygnus will be the Pole Star around 10,000 AD and Vega will become the North Star in about AD 14,000.


Celestial Pole Star Meditation

Patanjali ~ Formula or Sutra 28

Sept. 22, 2017

Minds will open like umbrellas and parachutes.

Aim at a Pole Star Method

Northern Hemisphere

Sighting on Polaris the North Star is the usual procedure for aligning a telescope mount parallel to the Earth’s axis.
Polaris is approximately three quarters of a degree from the North Celestial Pole and is easily seen by the naked eye.

Southern Hemisphere

σ Octantis the South Star.
Sigma Octanis is, at magnitude 5.6, is difficult for inexperienced observers to locate in the sky. Its declination of -88° 57′ 23″ places it within 1° 2′ 37″ of the South Celestial Pole.

Using  the Southern Cross Crux to locate the Southern Celestial Pole.

I AM by Tom Shadyac excerpt

65 Random Number Generators

pay attention @1:32

“When mass mind becomes highly focused something about the physical environment changes as well…”

-Dean Radin


Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali

The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali are 196 Indian sūtras (aphorisms) that constitute the foundational text of yoga. In medieval times, yoga was cast as one of the six orthodox āstika schools of Hindu philosophy. According to the late Yogatattva Upanishad, yoga is divided into four forms —

  1. Mantrayoga
  2. Layayoga
  3. Hathayoga
  4. Rājayoga[1]

— the last of which is the highest (or royal) practice.

Although the Yoga Sutras have become the most important text of yoga, the opinion of many scholars is that Patañjali was not the creator of yoga, which existed well before him, but merely a great expounder.

Specifically sutra 3.27-3.29 i.e. sun, moon, polestar

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE August 21 ~ 2017

And about one month prior to the celestial pole alignment there will a total solar eclipse
the blue line traversing the USA is the path of the total eclipse.

A total solar eclipse will take place on Monday, August 21, 2017. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth.

The eclipse will have a magnitude of 1.015 and will be visible from a narrow corridor through the United States. The longest duration of totality will be 2 minutes 44.3 seconds at 37°38′12″N 89°15′24″W in the Shawnee National Forest just south of Carbondale, Illinois.[1] It will be the first total solar eclipse visible from the southeastern United States since the solar eclipse of March 7, 1970.

This eclipse is the 22nd of the 77 members of Saros series 145, the one that also produced the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999. Members of this series are increasing in duration. The longest eclipse in this series will occur on June 25, 2522 and last for 7 minutes and 12 seconds.

A 1991 article in Discover noted that “The total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991“, that passed over Hawaii and significant portions of Mexico, “[was] the best anyone will be able to see from the [US land] until 2017.”[4]

The August, 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the USA’s Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918.

The path of this eclipse crosses the upcoming path of the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, with the intersection of the two paths being in southernIllinois in Makanda just south of Carbondale. A small land area, including the cities of Carbondale, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and Paducah, Kentucky, will thus experience two total solar eclipses within a span of fewer than seven years.

Eclipses only occur in the eclipse season, when the Sun is close to either the ascending or descending node of the Moon. Each eclipse is separated by one, five or six lunations (synodic months), and the midpoint of each season is separated by 173.3 days, which is the mean time for the Sun to travel from one node to the next. The period is a little less than half a calendar year because the lunar nodes slowly regress. Because 223 synodic months is roughly equal to 239 anomalistic months and 242 draconic months, eclipses with similar geometry recur 223 synodic months (about 6,585.3 days) apart. This period (18 years 11.3 days) is a saros.

Coincidences 77 and 137

If the eclipse of Aug. 2017 is the 22nd of the 77 members of Saros series 145 <<< maybe we should see what this link has to offer?

What I immediately did when looking at this chart for the first time (25/8/2014) was calculate the length of the SaroS series 145.
It began on January 4, 1639 and will end on April 17, 3009.

It will end on 4/17/3009!
But wait my quest began with exploring the number 4 and being lead to the code 137-9!

A saros series lasts 1226 to 1550 years and 69 to 87 eclipses, with about 40 to 60 of them being central.
And just in case you need to be shown more pr0of regarding coincidences being able to guide you back home to the source … please note that 3009 minus 1639 = 1370 years.

1370 years!

And what else could I find?

# of days Mar 17, 2014 from Jul 31, 2014

The total number of days between Monday, March 17th, 2014 and Thursday, July 31st, 2014 is 136 days.

This does not include the end date, so it’s accurate if you’re measuring your age in days, or the total days between the start and end date. But if you want the duration of an event that includes both the starting date and the ending date, then it would actually be 137 days.

The reason I point this out is because I came forward and made the claim that ‘what the swastika is’ would be associated to ‘what gravity is’ on March 17, this past year.
March 17 or 3/17.

And I pointed out the connection between my day of retirement July 31, 2007 and the numbers 31/7/9 (2+7).
So I was curious how many days there were between 3/17 and 31/7?
And as it turns out it is 137.

p.s Didn’t you know that I AM also the 137 mystic, a vessel filled with revelations about archEtypal ARKS and ARCH enemies.

Well now you know.

How many coincidences can a mortal man take before he submits to his immortality?
By the way what is the difference between seeking immortality and breaking the chain of rebirth?

The EM MEME drEaM that gets reconstituted with every constitution or declaration of rights, with every generation the same finite ideas get expressed in an infinite number of ways.


A swastika to conceal a cross
A cross to conceal a swastika

The cross/swastika is connected to man’s crown (kether) which is 37.
IChIDH is the highest principle of the soul, attributed to kether, 37 = 111/3


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  • egocreanet  On January 27, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Public Interface : Think Tank
    Science Vision For Humanity: Quantum Technology: Genetics: Art:
    A positive difference––A new future
    Our Future is Now.

    Future-Life-Net is a worldwide network proposed by EGOCREANET/MIND MAGAZINE designed to foster future horizons of creativity. This intellectual adventure will revolutionize the mechanical limits of industrial knowledge and conscious responsibility to better human life and protect the environment and its biodiversity in the current age of globalization. The impact of the FLN endeavor will include trans-disciplinary research in science, technology and art so as to affect changes in policy, social and economic factors, in order to welcome the future knowledge society.
    This is to be accomplished through the cooperative and open exchange of ideas, the profits from which will be equally shared amongst contributing members. We will provide: Free access to information and art for the public––and free unfettered scientific discourse aimed directly at solving the more pressing problems of our age. No less than that.

    Ideas and topics to be developed currently include:
    1. Quantum brain theory
    2. Quantum perception
    3. Quantum entanglement in life-sciences
    4. The Quantum Photosynthetic Solar Cell
    5. The bio-molecular DNA “hard drive”
    6. The informational encoding of neutral substrates via entangled nonlocal properties
    (applications in addiction, and drug delivery across the BBB)
    7. Instantiation of entangled space-temporally encoded photonic information into space-time
    8. Quantum Art and Humanities

    Today, science creates disciplinary divisions and believes it has found its greatest potential and efficiency.
    This is not the case. It is in acknowledging the entire system in its connectivity that the greatest understanding and utility is achieved. Words from FUTURE-LIFE-NET/Egocranet’s own Paolo Manzelli:
    “Gene expression and coordination takes place over spatial distance. The activation of specific sections of DNA is determined by specific conditions of space-time. As we know DNA is wrapped tightly and is not curled up randomly in the center of cells. Therefore, to realize the total number of DNA potentialities expressed from the center of each cell, it must be activated simultaneously in a differentiated way in various parts of the body and brain. Currently genetics believes that the operations of conduct and subsequent activation in specific DNA sections are locally independent from a connectivity program of simultaneous control orchestrating the genetic activities in the body and brain. The mechanistic paradigm has no explanation for the coordination of DNA regulating different body and brain expressions to be fused into a shared program able to grow different cell types, then finally un-structured in programmed cell death (“apoptosis” as a multicellular program). There is only obscurity about the simultaneity of programs concerning both cell life and cell death offered by the temporal mechanical linear paradigm. The description of the factors which enable simultaneous communication and the coordinated simultaneity of separated actions produced by DNA in the body and the brain may be a new important field of Life research. For this it will be useful to change the way we configure Space-Time as proposed in the new structural dimensions identified in Quantum Space-Time Matrix theory.” [Manzelli (Norman) 2015:].

    Indeed, just as Paolo Manzelli sees the activities and coordinated dynamism of DNA as an ensemble process orchestrated across a non-locally connected field of information energy, so is the individual human a connected part of such a quantum ensemble of players, of which he himself is both a distinct part, and also, but a coherent integrated piece of the entire. To restructure our preconception of the arbitrarily divided Subject/Object relation as it intersects world observation is an important key of Future-Life-Net Research. Indeed future constructions of knowledge must overcome this dichotomy, and include simultaneity relationships (identifications) for both subject and object integrated into a higher conscious understanding.

    FUTURE-LIFE-NET will create a new environment of trust and cooperative spirit aimed at fostering new scientific thought and specific and more responsible innovation to be funded and developed, alongside providing an idealistic platform to disseminate these ideas to the public, where they may resonate and develop. Let us be sure we plant a seed of hope and trust, nurtured in the sun of an open mind, a sure vision which creates rather than exploits: for it is both promise and warning to know the fact: Our future is now.

    ––Rich Norman FUTURE-LIFE-NET: (Mind magazine,

    ––Paolo Manzelli FUTURE-LIFE-NET: (EGOCREANET,

    • raphael  On February 3, 2015 at 10:33 pm

      Dear Richard Norman and Paolo Manzelli

      Instead of telling me how you are going to change the world IF we all believe or buy into what you are selling on this blog … tell me what you have done with your theory in the HERE and NOW?

      7. Instantiation of entangled space-temporally encoded photonic information into space-time

      I do like this idea … it meshes nicely with what I AM recovering.
      BUT can you tell me how your ALL encompassing IDEA merges with my ALL encompassing IDEA?

      DUH they should merge shouldn’t they?

      Could you tell me how the swastika fits into your future theory, because it is central to mine and China too.


  • raphael  On September 22, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Rosh Hashanah offers many powerful tools and opportunities to take control over our destiny. How? By taking control over the twelve months that immediately follow it. In this second article on the Kabbalistic Insights into Rosh Hashanah, I will share some profound secrets concerning our physical, spiritual and financial health during the next year. This article is a bit more advance so I suggest we re-read it a couple of times to fully absorb the power of the Zohar’s teaching.

    The Zohar explains that when we are overly self-indulgent, allowing our ego and selfish desires to grow, the Hebrew letter VAV also grows and extends into the Hebrew letter NUN. In other words, the letter VAV is merely a shortened NUN.

  • Monique  On October 14, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    When they brought their offering before the Lord, six covered carts and twelve oxen, a cart for every two of the leaders and an ox for each one, then they presented them before the tabernacle.

    Numbers 7 vs 3

    The solfeggio notes were found embedded in chapter 7 of numbers, here we see 6 covered carts.

    The first note of the scale “UT” I beleive relates to the Urim and Thummim,

    Urim and Thummim were used to question innocent vs guilty. (Also translated lights and perfections).

    Samuel 14:41 (note the mirror image) is said to be key in understanding the U /T. The verse talks of repeatedly dividing people into two groups to identify the sinner (by divination ).

    I suspect this is the beginning or the story into a chiral asymmetry, as adam was divided, each child was divided (cain/abel-the first division after adam/eve is two males) and so on. I suspect, these tones are an algorithm or key or sorts , the “notes” are symbols themselves.theres no coincidence, and UT is such a peculiar combination, and especially since we know the note scale was changed (Do RE etc ).

    Im going to see what I can discover.

    See Ralph, the numbers throw me for a loop, it’s near impossible for me to grasp the geometry, wave functions blah.blah.blah it’s like chinese.

    But literary associations jump out like sore thumbs, I have always been an expert in English and literature and grammar.its how my brain works.


    • raphael  On October 17, 2015 at 5:52 pm

      remember some time ago I suggested that UT (urim thummin not to be confused with uma thurman) could be a reference to T >>> U

      i.e. those are the two letters that define the difference between DNA pairs AT and CG vs. RNA pairs AU and CG

      another coincidence re: UT is that my daughter goes to U of T (university of toronto)
      she will get the PhD, I will forever be stuck working on my PhDUH.
      another coincidence

  • xephyr137  On November 7, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    let’s organise this! 🙂

    • raphael  On November 9, 2015 at 1:35 am

      you need to educate yourself on the issues first
      otherwise what are you organizing?

  • Syl  On February 11, 2016 at 10:34 pm


    • raphael  On February 12, 2016 at 5:32 pm

      I will allow your comment because crazy is more aligned with genius than nutz.

  • imaginingallowed  On March 23, 2016 at 6:58 am

    Just want to say thank you Raphael for supplying this huge body of knowledge for us humble sheeple to research.

    Im currently working on a new counter-rotational swastika mandala and this site is as usual very good for inspiration, and learning! 🙂

    Thank you, cheers from Sweden.
    Btw, i will update when it’s finished so you can check it out.

  • gabrIELeihwaz  On May 7, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    In the book Eyes of the Wild: Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers, Eleanor O’Hanlon, while elaborating on how the Shamans of inland Siberia describe the ever expanding realm of consciousness, viewed as a ladder extending from the spinning axis of the earth to center of the “Great Wheel” of the heavens(polaris), typically depicted as a swastika by indigenous peoples, as the guide to the light within- stated below in the following paragraphs:

    “The traditional shamans of inland Siberia described their expansion of consciousness as climbing a great tree, which unites the different levels of existence. The trunk and branches reach towards the Heavens and the tip of the tree is aligned with the Pole Star, along the central axis of the spinning Earth. This image of the great world tree, growing at the very axis of the Earth, is found in Native American and many other cultures to convey the branching unity of the different worlds or dimensions and the hidden structure that underlies visible reality. The tree’s roots grow from the foundation of all things. The axis of the tree is everywhere, within each person and all things and the branches extend towards the infinite.

    The shamans of inland Siberia said they nested like birds among the branches of the world tree, and were fed with knowledge and wisdom at the different levels – or degrees of consciousness – that they reached. But here, among the coastal peoples of northeastern Siberia, where no trees grow, the shamans used a different image for the inner journey: they said they travelled to the upper worlds on light – on the bands of the rainbow or the rays of the sun. For them too, the way to the subtle worlds was guided by the light of the Pole Star.

    The Inuit call Polaris the star that never moves. It remains above the North Pole, aligned with the extended spinning axis of the Earth, so that when you gaze into the clear northern sky at night, it shines at the center of the great wheel of the heavens – the stars, the planets, the numberless galaxies which appear to turn around it through the sea of space as the Earth spins on its axis. The great significance of the Pole Star for the Siberian shamans is beautiful and profound: it was their guide to the light within, at the very center, where the rhythmic pulses and patterns of change that govern life’s diverse unfolding are experienced in stillness that transcends the ordinary workings of the mind.

    To look up to the Pole Star, shining at the very center of the turning wheel of the stars, is one of the most beautiful ways I know to remember that the light of the Spirit does not shift and change and leave us. It is always the restless, uneasy mind that pulls away from the constancy of peace. The deepest reality within, the point of unshakable inner equilibrium, is the one who knows: the true Self within the Divine, shining in the purity and stillness that is undimmed by mental turmoil or the most raw and turbulent upwellings of emotion. And turning inwards, into the depths of peace and silence within us at the center, the way opens into dimensions of being that are far beyond the ordinary activity of the mind.”

    • Monique  On May 17, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      Gabriel, this was great. Thanks for sharing!

    • raphael  On May 23, 2016 at 9:44 am

      Gabriel good verk comrade, keep posting insightful Polaris seeds that need to be sown today, seeds to be reaped by those future generations still to come … only 84 more years to go until the pole star alignment …

      As ELders if we borrow the future from our children, can we repay them by planting seeds today so they are in a position to reap the benefits tomorrow?

      What do the runes suggest about inheritance?

      • gabrIELeihwaz  On May 28, 2016 at 4:47 pm

        “I could be well moved if I were as you.
        If I could pray to move, prayers would move me.
        But I am constant as the Northern Star,
        Of whose true fixed and resting quality
        There is no fellow in the firmament.
        The skies are painted with unnumbered sparks;
        They are all fire, and every one doth shine;
        But there’s but one in all doth hold his place.”
        –Julius Caesar from “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” (Act III, Scene i)

  • gabrIELeihwaz  On August 24, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    In the book, The Celestial Scriptures: Keys to the Suppressed Wisdom of the Ancients by C.M. Houck, the chapter on Ursa Minor(Small Bear) states:

    “The feature of this constellation that is interpeted as the handle to the “Little Dipper” was regarded in the origional Zodiac presentations as the directional channel into the Lesser Sheepfold where the immature matter-forms are distributed to be protected and nourished. The “bowl” shape of the Lesser Sheepfold faces the bowl of the Greater Sheepfold (Big Dipper) at an angle, and the maturing matter-forms the progress into that larger enclosure to be made ready for passage into the next involutionary plane of development. The Lesser Sheepfold is the northernmost constellation, and its placement is fitting for the illistrating the decent of life into visible matter form. As the Lesser Sheepfold, the first gathering of purpose, it is significant that the constellation practically pivots on the Pole Star, and therefore keeps a tight revolving motion around it. Only this constellation revolves around the Pole Star without motion. This sweeping polar is representative of Creation’s higher purpose, both involutionary and evolutionary. All the so-called water constellations (Aquarius, Pisces, and their decanates) that taught of the elemental conditions from which life is structured are in the high northern regions. In addition, the closing lessons of the evolutionary purpose, given with Sagittarius and Capricornus, ascend the nothern sky. This is why so many religions regarded the north as the direction of God’s abode. Since nothing is viewed from our world as being higher than the Pole Star, many cultures regarded it as “the throne of the most high.” This accounts for north side of altars being the traditional side on which sacrificial victims were slain.

    In the ancient Zodiac lessons, the Pole Star was presented as the summary position, which meant that it is from the position that all the Zodiac lessons could be observed in their entirety. This gave rise to the later notions that linked the Pole Star as with the tip of the “holy mountain.” Inscriptions from the ancient Sumer speak of a great peak in the north as the “mountain of the world,” which was the home of the gods and which was the supporting pillar of heaven. The temple mountains of Sumer and Babylon (ziggurats), the pyramids of Egypt, the pyramid temples of Central America, and the cosmic mountain temples of India, to mention a few, all have intimate connection to the Pole Star. The Canaanite god, Ba’al, for example, was said to have his palace in the “farthest north,” which meant the Pole Star. The Hebrew god could not be allowed to have less, and so the same was claimed for him. The matter obsessed believers always regarded the loftiest mountain, “Mount Zion,” of Hebrew myth corresponds to the north Pole Star. All of the “holy mountains” of various cultures such as Mt. Parnassus of the Greeks, Mt. Meru (or Sumeru) of Hindu and Buddhist lore; the heavenly mountain of Tien Shan, the paradise of Taoist immortals, and others, represent the Pole Star which itself symbolizes the highest purpose of Creation. Creation action is initiated out of the energy plane defined in the Zodiac lessons as Mental Matter. In Isaiah 14:13 this is obliquely refered to as the…”mount of congregation, in the uttermost parts of the North.” Understanding what sacred “mounts” really mean mental matter and symbolized with the North Pole Star explains why scriptural characters such as Moses, always had to go climb a mountain to receive the instructions from God.

    “Although the Pole Star is widely known as Polaris, the Arabic name, Al Ruccuba, carries meaning closer to the ancient Zodis lessons: it means “The Ridden On.” In the lessons with the Zodiac of Constellations, the Pole Star when it is in the constellation of Ursa Minor, is symbolic of the incoming creative energies and the self-imposed conditional use of placed upon them in matter conditions. It represents the position that is taken by the consciousness as a self-defined expression of life. There is a beautiful but indirect reference to this in the physical plane, for all meridian lines for world charts are calculated as descending from this northern point. Because of its position near the North Pole, and the fact that it is a fixed star-meaning that it is constant in one fixed point-it has to be ranked as one of North Pole Stars in the sky. Through the ages, travelers have used the North Pole Star as the beacon by which they ascertain their general position in the course that they had set to reach a specific location. The star has been regarded as the “loadstar” or “steeing star” of navigators for thousands of years.”

  • raphael  On September 13, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    The tardigrade genome has been sequenced, and it’s even weirder than we thought …

    BUT wait what can this ‘microscopic water bear’ teach us about ‘heaven above”heaven below’ the ‘great bear’ and the ‘lesser bear’?

    what kind of narrative evolves if there is no such thing as coincidences?

    especially if I want to suggest there are definite analogies to be made regarding a process of disintegration and re-integration …

    what if?

  • raphael  On September 28, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    I posted the following comment on this website
    I like Billy Phillips

    the comment;

    … and for those of ye who claim they can handle the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you your gods …

    … let me supply you with a lead or two to help ye find your way via the SS abySS.

    what if the following were true?

    the Latin words ENS and ESSE as defined by Saint Thomas Aquinas can be shown to be attempts at defining what can not be defined … ‘god’

    Saint TA spent his life pondering this thought … “what is god’?

    from wiki:
    ‘The Catholic Church honors Thomas Aquinas as a saint and regards him as the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood, and indeed the highest expression of both natural reason and speculative theology. In modern times, under papal directives, the study of his works was long used as a core of the required program of study for those seeking ordination as priests or deacons, as well as for those in religious formation and for other students of the sacred disciplines (philosophy, Catholic theology, church history, liturgy, and canon law)’

    Now is this a coincidence?
    The name Aquinas identifies his ancestral origins in the county of Aquino in present-day Lazio, where his family held land until 1137.

    1137 is a nice coincidence when 1/137 is part of your theory that involves the ‘coincidence’ that forms the core of a recovery in the here and now dealing with past and future?

    So what exactly AM I proposing here?

    Well try to follow along.

    First AHA is this.

    eNS eSSe = being = well being = SwaStika

    thus eSSe = SwaStika

    Now how does 137 fit into the narrative?
    1/137 is in fact a ‘dimensionless’ constant which is comprised of 3 other measurable constants.
    That is part of its mystic.

    After 12+ years of doing the tango with yin and yang it is clear to me that the following ideas are all converging …

    JeHoVaH = YaHWeY = YHWH = god = eSSe = tetragrammaton = SwaStika = 1/137

    Once you realize that Jesus is literally and figuratively veiling the idea called the POLESTAR, a brand new narrative is ripe for recovery.

    i.e. the END of a cycle involving Polaris as polestar will occur in the years 2100-2102 AD
    the ASCENDING passage of the Great Pyramid points toward this polestar location and alignment as it did when Thuban was polestar in 2900 BC … before the Great Pyramid was built … from 2900 BC to 2100 AD is 5000 years.

    In the years 2100-2102 the axis of the earth will align itself with Polaris, the culmination of something that began about 25,000+ years ago.

    This is known as a celestial polestar alignment.
    Think of it as a cosmic algorithm playing itself out … the question is … can we play along?

    Most of us will be dead, but can you imagine if most of the northern hemisphere, where most of the earth’s population resides were for 1 minute to focus on that POINT of REST up in the sky and let all other thoughts go …?

    The second AHA is this … yes it could be magical beyond words

    Time to prepare and sow the ESSE SEEdS to be reaped by our kid’s kid’s kids
    Time to give back the future what our ancestors borrowed from our kid’s kid’s kids
    Time to set the record straight and pick a new vector and be victorious.
    Time to award all of humanity a Victoria Cross and an opportunity to be crucified on it.

    selah V

    137 SSS RS Mezine Mystic

  • raphael  On November 20, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Did you know that almost 90% of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere? And that half of all Earthlings [1] reside north of 27°N? Or that the average human lives at 24 degrees from the equator – either to its north or south? Bill Rankin did. Or at least he found out, while producing this fascinating diptych of world maps, plotting population distribution on axes of longitude and latitude.
    And never ever ever ever ever forget four things.

    #1 The ‘celestial polestar alignment’ concerning Polaris is set to occur in 2100 AD and this is to be seen as a opportunity because it is the culmination of a cycle that began about 23,700 years ago.

    #2 The entrance and descending passage of the Great Pyramid was designed to point at the pole star region and in fact anticipates this event … and it is clear most of us can participate because …

    #3 90% of humanity lives in the northern hemisphere and thus can see the pole star at some point in the year and here is the best part … the northern hemisphere is the ‘negative pole’ of the earth’s magnetic field … thus we now have good reason not to fear the north IF we remain positive … 😉 and prepare future generations, sow seeds regarding a pole star global meditation.

    #4 the Great Pyramid is in fact a monument to the northern hemisphere and is just over 137 meters high in the northeast corner.
    NE corner marks the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.
    1/137 is linked to the ability of an electron to emit and absorb a photon.
    The Great Pyramid as it turns out is a MASSIVE model of the holy hologram, a particle of light called a photon, which can be scaled UP and DOWN.

    ~ bEautIfuL and ELegant ~

    🙂 the GP most MASSIVE posited next to a puny photon? 😉

    makes too much sense … I submit to the god/s … whatever … I submit.

    the TRUTH wins

    selah v

    137 RS SSS Mezine Mystic

    • Pascal.  On August 4, 2017 at 2:12 pm

      Yes, Raphael… the TRUTH always wins because it doesn’t have too. The population is a tool for mother Earth and it is balancing her. The life on her surface is versum (the uni and versum) to our new life which lives ”in” the womens belly, this is the ”6 9”, a women who is about to give Birth. The krebs, cancer sign and process which is all the same, vice and versa…
      A baby is being born and it has seen the exit to the light but it is afraid to go there and the baby tries to stay as long as possible in the warm belly until the Mother pushes the baby out…
      The last ”labor pain” will come soon and so on the new life of perfection will be loved again into eternity.

      See you later alligator.


      • raphael  On August 6, 2017 at 10:46 am

        Pascal that is a nice narrative you put together, hope it works for you, some of the analogies you used might be close to a truth but but butt Pascal you seem to be like all the rest of the sheep … suggesting the big change is going to occur NOW in the Age of Aquarius … duh dude what is the opposite sign of Cancer?

        The big big changes where WE become ONE will NOT occur until the Age of Capricorn and not until ‘we the sheeple’ acknowledge the mystic cross … a symbol for what makes the world go round … and also a symbol for ‘squaring the circle’ …

        Pascal you did not mention the World TEACHER a.k.a SwaStika in your comment … why?
        Tell me what the World TEACHER has taught you?
        Your commentary is laced with archetypal insight but but butts your conclusions are lacking.

        See ya in while crocodile.

        selah v

        137 Photon Knights Templar
        (the one and original)
        Here is why I AM the one and original Photon Knights Templar [a TRUE ME-SS-N-JAH of light]

      • Pascal.  On August 7, 2017 at 2:16 pm

        Hey Raphael or Photon knights templar, thank you for your reply. I can’t reply on yours but I can see that’s not a problem. Yes, I like butts too !.. haha.

        Of course, my reaction is just one of the infinite views in and of the cosmos which is all comparisons at the same time.

        I didn’t mention the Swastika or as you say the world Teacher because I came here by a totally different way. The view of a world Teacher is very nice and when I read that at first on your website I knew I found something different in between the Bullshit of today.

        Where to begin ? because there in fact isn’t one. If it makes you understand me I will call the prefect cycle the world Teacher which at this point tells me that I don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes. The Teacher tells me this here on my work while looking away from my laptop ”thinking” about what to write to you. The Teacher tells me this by a calender next to my laptop with the text… if you want to be creative you musn’t be afraid to make mistakes. I haven’t read the text on this calender before and it’s right next to my laptop. But! I know that there are no mistakes haha… it’s because ”thinking is the opposite of knowing”.
        By reading some of your website and your story I know you know what I mean. There are no coincidences and everything is goes perfect.
        This works with everything around us and what we (and I know most people) don’t see and/or hear. I learned that everything is perfect and what perfection is. I also learned that we in time became seeing blind and hearing deaf and I know why.
        My answer in your view is that the Teacher teached me how to see and listen by knowing the perfection which is the cosmos or the cosmic cycle. So in fact the teacher teached me about the teacher.
        I like to call this theacher the cosmic cycle(s) inwhere everything turns ”uni and versum” or back and forth or the same and the opposite etc.. all contradiction we humans make in our schizophrenic mind. I call it this because I now know about our mind. My road through life via my ancestors from where I (and everybody) got his or her ”e-motions” from brought me at a human teacher. So it is an unexplained feeling or e-motions ( meaning stand still) which control our paths through life. I already wrote something about this teacher to you.

        This predestination brought me here trying to tell others about the perfection and from this I learned that there are not much people who can see their emotions because they mostly unconsciously protect this with an strong ego and what makes them/us seeing blind.
        The Teacher teached me by situations I got myself in, through this unexplained feelings, inwhere my already weak ego cracked more and more and by which I became to see the other side of the medal. The negative side of our/my creative tinking which this humans teacher already researched much about by suffering life himself. The medal has tree sides with the truth in the middle which connects the up and down part.

        Old wisdom ones desribed about the cycles of life: All cycles are equal because they are all born out of each other and everything happens on the same moment.
        They also already knew exactly what cancer was and that this process is RE-cycling (which is the cycle of reverse) and that this process is part of all cycles of life. It’s the last part and at the same time first part of a cycle. It’s recycling of waste.

        The conclusion of this friend or human teacher also was that the end of life on Earth would be in Capricornus but he and I didn’t came very far in a time line and we didn’t find it to be important after what he re-searched. Let’s say that I became, after realizing the truth about our being, imperturbable. This realization didn’t came without ups and downs of course.

        I was/am just looking in everything I can see now to fit it in the equality principle for all that exists. If you know one cycle completely you can see in the past, present and future because you can just paste the smaller cycles on the bigger ones and that’s how I stumbled on your website looking for the truth behind the Swastika.

        I would like to ask you what you think will happen in the Big Change you are referring to ?

        And how do you see the process behind this pole star allignment ?

        I’m off of this office and leave the rest of the work for tomorrow.

        Cheers to the light!


      • raphael  On August 26, 2017 at 11:30 am

        thanks for the heartfelt response Pascal

        I can only answer one of your questions at this time …

        what will happen in the Big Change?
        things will Change in a Big way?

        what is the process of the pole star alignment?
        Now this is an easier question to answer Pascal because a ‘scientist’ has given us empirical evidence that such an alignment could put most of humanity on the same page.

        First step click on this link.

        Step two scroll down the page about one third, until you come to these two images.

        Step three ~ read what has been written starting with this paragraph …. ‘Now the reader may have been also redirected to this page because I suggested that in 2017 an opportunity might present itself where our minds might be made to open up like a parachute or umbrella if we shift our focus to the pole star.’

        Cheers to the light … to be found in the abyss of your own being!

        selah v

  • raphael  On November 21, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    Therefore, it is clear that the Seven sages that Hancock talks about are the Sapta Rishis described in the Hindu scriptures. He has not studied our ancient civilisation. His dating of 10500 BC may be due to his model of Precession. It has been precisely dated at 8576 BC. the date of crowning of Manu. However, since the Rishis must have been born long before Manu 10500 BC could also be taken as the time when they lived since there are Seven Rishis in a line. They have been described as stars ‘Sapta Rishis’ in line with the theory
    that ancient religions based themselves heavily on natural phenomena especiallyAstronomy as seen in this section.

  • raphael  On April 10, 2017 at 1:34 am

    Some scholars identify this figure as Lahmu (“Hairy”), a protective and beneficent deity who is often associated with bull men. In the next register, a hyena and a lion, both of which assume human postures, bring in provisions for a banquet. The hyena, a knife in his belt, brings in a table laden with animal parts; the lion carries a large jar and a cup or pouring vessel, presumably to hold and serve some liquid refreshment. The cup carried by the lion is identical to vessels of silver and copper alloy from other graves that appear in the exhibition. In the register below, a seated ass plays a lyre with a bull head of the same type as this lyre itself.

    A standing bear seems to steady the lyre, and a little seated animal rattles a sistrum. In the bottom register, a scorpion man holds undefined objects in his raised hands. Behind him is a gazelle carrying two beakers that are similar to the gold, electrum, and silver tumblers from Puabi’s tomb, discussed below, which are also featured in the exhibition. Presumably the tumblers have been filled from the large vessel behind the gazelle. Although representations of a nude bearded hero dominating wild animals and mythical creatures are ubiquitous in the art of Early Dynastic Mesopotamia, representations of animals acting as human beings are not, and the meaning that these scenes would have held for the Sumerians remains a mystery to us.

  • Pascal  On August 28, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Hey Raphael, thank you for your answer. and very nice painting from your daughter.

    Is there a possibility that you can also fit in the refound truth about our Corpus Callosum or literally ”calcified body” between our hemispheres in this ?…

    The higher on the evolutionary ladder the more the consciousness is separated in an individual and collective part which finally separated completely in humans. The individual consciousness is located in the left hemisphere and rules while awake. The collective consciousness is located in the right hemisphere and rules while a sleep.
    At day time the impressions of the fight for life are stored in the left hemisphere and at night time the collective part would mirror this impressions so that there are no tensions/emotions left of the fight for life from the day before. This is still the case with animals but because of this brain defect humans wake up with the tensions/troubles of the day before. This tensions build up in time and from ”gene”-ration to generation they changed the energetic flow in the body to the different organs. This imbalance and restlessness (dis-ease) in the body is projected in the world and this in fact is the cause for our suffering from a recurring cycle of illnesses and wars.

    And, what do you think about…

    Life on Earth is a a reaction on cosmic cycles in which more or less electromagnetic energy alternates.
    It’s a process of making more heat in the atmosphere of the Earth as a counterbalance for earthly cooling. That’s also the reason life on Earth grew from cold blooded to warm blooded and finally the ”hot headed” humans which began to make fire for their survival and now… everybody can see this for themselves. We did not for nothing grew out to a human plague with all the technology and wars which make more and more heat.
    It’s a beautiful purely scientific story about energy or movement=life and it was all known.
    It seems the Earth’s energy which keeps her spinning her rounds around the Sun have reached a tipping point. This is our fast multiplication with the industrial and technological revolutions.
    We are part of the cosmic process of endless movement by ”re-cycling” matter, like the stars. Every process is involved and all reducible to the Big Bang with the cooling down afterwards of this still expanding part of the cosmos.

    If this opening up of our minds should happen then this must be an opening of the calcified brigde between the hemispheres which is part of dying and in this case should be a collective dying process which

    All cycles are equal and everything happens on the same moment…

    There ofcourse Is a link between the corpus callosum ( commissural fibers ) and the swastika symbol… what do you think ?



    • raphael  On March 8, 2018 at 11:37 pm

      future gene generations will figure it out 😉

      • Pascal  On March 15, 2018 at 1:30 pm

        Yes Raphael… as predicted, the truth will be found at the end of the days.

        There are no contradictions.


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