Polaris the Pole Star ~ the Moon ~ Nazca Lines/Aquaducts ~ DNA ~ Crop Circles ~ RNA ~ Precession of the Equinoxes

UPDATE January 24, 2020

Life’s Frankenstein Beginnings: Surprising Discoveries About First Building Blocks of Life on Earth

Szostak believes the earliest cells developed on land in ponds or pools, potentially in volcanically active regions. Ultraviolet light, lightning strikes, and volcanic eruptions all could have helped spark the chemical reactions necessary for life formation.

After digesting the article … recall later in this blog the moon’s role in RNA is discussed.

UPDATE March 13, 2016

Weather has been mankind’s nemesis from the days of genesis …
Is the MOON part of the plan in controlling the weather … high and low tides on earth are a clue, in addition to the fact humans are comprised out of 70% water therefore the moon might be able to get a rise out of you?

Tide helps to get the stains out of a tainted humanity?

UPDATE March 25, 2015

I found this interesting quote and accompanying theory online.


Unusually, the angle of the entrance to the pyramid is 25 0 15 , and in daylight position precisely aimed at the North Star.

But such an angle in astronomy is not, therefore, consider just a ritual pyramid complex Lex. Performing simple calculations (see. Annex), we find that it was such an angle at the Earth, in the absence of the moon.

This means that leaving traces of the original state of the Earth, and the angle of inclination of the equator was exactly 25 0 15 . On how much has changed with the appearance of the Earth’s orbit of the moon?

I went cherry picking through the pile of facts and figures about the Great Pyramid and found these especially interesting due to the numbers being quoted.

  • The capstone is thought to have been an exact replica of the large pyramid on a scale of 1 to sqrt(Pi)/100
  • The top surface is 5478 pyramid inches above the mean socket level. Another 335 pyramid inches higher is the geometric apex formed by the corner edges of the projected mantle. The 35th course of stones is roughly 50 inches tall, nearly twice the height of the previous courses. The height of the 35th course = 1162.6 PI from ground or the length of the Antechamber x 10.
  • The height of the pyramid to the missing apex formed by extending the sides is 5813 PI.
  • The height to the missing apex is 5812.98 PI.
  • The four faces of the pyramid are slightly concave, the only pyramid to have been built this way.
  • The centers of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only 8 sided pyramid. The effect is not visible from the ground or from a distance but only from the air, and then only under the proper lighting conditions.
  • The slant face height of the Great Pyramid’s sides are 7391.72 PI.
  • The cross section of the ‘air shafts’ found in the King/Queen’s chambers are sometimes oval, sometimes domed, and sometimes rectangular.
  • Sixty-five meters up the southern shaft of the Queen’s Chamber is a miniature portcullis slab discovered by a robotic camera in 1993. Attached are two copper fittings, one broken. This area of the shaft is lined with Tura limestone, which is typically used in pyramids only for lining chambers.

…and clearly the Egyptians were focused on the north.

  • The original entrance was located on the north face, about 49 feet above the base and 24 feet east of the central axis of the north face.
  • The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. The position of the north pole moves over time and the pyramid was probably exactly aligned at one time.
  • The Great Pyramid is located at the center of the land mass of the earth. The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid.
  • About 70 feet along the north side of the Great Pyramid from the northeast corner is a 4×10 ft stone sunk into the foundation at an angle. The joints are very precise and this is the only stone in the foundation perimeter not at a right angle to normal construction. It would have been covered by the mantle but is now accessible since the mantle is gone. It is very likely an entrance. No further investigation has been done.
  • The pyramid was used to indicate solstices and equinoxes, which is also associated with the Precession of the Equinoxes: and the ever changing pole star.
  • Great Pyramid Facts and Statistics – Crystalinks

2017 Celestial Pole Star Meditation and flower power?

From the sequence of three images on the left in figure 7 it is clear
that the celestial narrative called precession of the equinoxes involves the
SS SwaStika seed
which has been opening up since;
1. 2770 BC  2. 1800 BC  3. 2000 AD

When Polaris will be the north star again around 27800 AD, due to its proper motion it will be farther away from the pole then than it is now, while in 23600 BC it came closer to the pole.

5 Pole Star contenders denoted by black dots
Vega, Thuban, Polaris, Gamma Cephei, Deneb
recall; Cepheus is a crowned king in royal robes
whose foot is planted on the Pole star (Polaris).

Gamma Cephei is the naked-eye star that will succeed Polaris as the Earth’s northern pole star, due to the precession of the equinoxes. It will be closer to the northern celestial pole than Polaris around 3000 CE and will make its closest approach around 4000 CE. The “title” will pass to ι Cephei some time around 5200 CE.

Which coincidentally will place us in the middle of the Age of Capricorn.

click on image for animation 
source wikipedia

If Polaris was even closer to the pole in 23600 BC than it is today or will be in the future, I find the evolution of the swastikas that takes place between the two Ursas even more compelling as evidence of an idea being carried forward.

The idea being the opening and closing of a portal.
The less than .5% suggests that Polaris is a contender for the pole star superstar among the pole stars when aligning with the earth or is it  Gamma Cephei

Suggesting the celestial pole star alignment between Polaris and the axis of the earth is a big deal on the cosmic scale.

note the ‘prediction’ on the right. Capricorn #10 is in light blue
#11 is Aquarius and #12 is Pisces

Now here is why I feel the Age of Aquarius and acknowledging the role of the pole star is important and why Capricorn is the Age when we hit bottom.

~ end of UPDATE

To recap the above UPDATE about the significance of the Great Pyramid’s entrance and its alignment to the pole star and the northern hemisphere based on an earth having NO moon.

  Moon – RNA connection watch the segment between 16:07 – 19:00

This excellent documentary done by the BBC about the importance of the Moon to life on earth is practically a pre-requisite before continuing on with this thread.
It explains the claim I am making between the Moon and the manufacture of RNA and so much more that will have you wondering what are we really doing up on the Moon?

What is the real prize that awaits us having gotten to the Moon if the following is true?

@18:17 “…life on earth is driven by the moon”

…think about it.

Also keep in mind that esoterically the moon is associated with the ‘collective unconscious’.
In other words before you can capture the hearts and minds of ‘we the sheeple’ you need to take control of what represents the ‘collective unconscious’.

What if?

 image on left Caduceus – double hELIx of DNA – what if?
image on right Rod of Asclepius – single strand of RNA – what if?

WHAT IF these are two intuitive symbols for double stranded DNA and single stranded RNA?

One of many comparisons between the two symbols:

Can we connect Chilbolton to the DNA Temple blueprint a.k.a. King Solomon’s Temple?

note: the Ark of the Covenant has been recovered, I had to break into the MEMEory bank.


on the right, a binary representation of the DNA double helix
(the vertical bar represents the number of nucleotides)


How crop circles are made
by Freddy Silva

Crop Circle = Double Helix of DNA?

The East Field ‘DNA double helix’ formation.
Found in a Barley Field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire on 17th June 1996.
648 feet long and 89 circles.   

Below is an image of the aqueducts that I took from za plane boss back in 2006, flying over the plains of Nazca.
Aquaducts which carry water, and our DNA needs water too…

Each image has 12 ‘holes’.

The Nazca image appears to have 13 but that is actually an intersection with another aqueduct coming from the mountain side toward the east, the longer one is oriented toward the Pacific ocean, toward the west.


And if you get close enough to the aqueducts … you can see that they don’t all spiral downward into the ground in the same direction.
Some swirl clockwise and some swirl counter-clockwise.
Imagine that … fee-phi-pho-fum

Below sitting in the hole do you see the nobody who found his genius?
The nobody who seems to know more than everybody in these the end of the daze about how to connect the dots?   :wink:
I probably should have kept going down down down the hole, taking the 7ME with me, as Inanna did?

I mentioned this fact of life that they spiraled in two directions to a Peruvian fella giving tours at the aqueducts.
He had never noticed that peculiarity, and he was rather surprised when I immediately pointed that out to him.
I noticed it right away because I had already began my spiral journey in 2004 and because truth is truth is truth is truth and it is evident everywhere!

The kind of TRUTH that transcends time and space, and it is everywhere, and once you go looking for it, watch out you might just find what you went looking for…first you will be shocked and then you will say awe shucks, how humbling.

Free Energy Promises

Marko Rodin has a flock of Vortex Based Minions following him and his VBM inspirations linked to the 3×3 Lo Shu and the Enneagram inspired by the Unapproachable Great Name of God.

John Searl has a CULT of SEGs, a.k.a. Sheeple Energy Generators hoping for a free lunch and also hoping to fly to the Moon one day in one of his crafty crafts that are based on the algorithms that he derived from the 3×3, 4×4, and 6×6 magic squares, what he refers to as the Law of Squares.

What is missing from the above equations being proposed by St. Marko and St. John?

AHA! the 5×5 

The 5×5 Rotas Sator magic square which happens to be a perfect match for Ed Witten’s ‘M‘ Theory!

It turns out to be an algorithm that is 2000 years old and it predicts ‘M‘ Theory!

And I have a nice pdf. file to help me show you the way.

Unraveling Roman mosaic meander patterns: A simple algorithm for their generation

Do you think this ‘treasure’, connected to the Knights Templar who were incarcerated in 1307 AD, and their Grand Master Jacques DeMolay burned at the stake 7 years later in 1314 AD are all coincidences?

I found what I came back for….

1307 = reciprocal of alpha and the gematria value of the word QaBaLaH 

1314 = 3.141 pi 

I love a good narrative. Don’t you?
Only this is NOT a fictitious Dan Brown novel with the Holy Grail being associated with Mary’s womb, and the literal semen/seed/DNA of Jesus surviving to this day….
Unless you include me as the kin of J.C. I am not buying into it. Then I am okay with it, after all J.C. and me, we do share the same birthday,*

Arrow go to 4:30 of this video where Jesus’ birthday is discussed…..

It is all true blue, the real life SS adventure began in Peru, back in 2006 and ends with this claim of mine that I can prove in the here and now.


What’s LovE got to do with the TRUTH?

I think LovE between nations was turned upside down years ago >>>  3^o7.

We cannot LovE each other if the foundation of the relationship is based on LIES and BS.
Anybody ever been in a BS relationship with a LIAR?

That will be 5 SENSES please.
But you get some change back….unSENSES

How the marching orders arrive from the dark side from the big KAhuna.

St. Marko R and St. John S have company. The ONE-Who-is-to-Come the RS.

Rotas Sator

Sator Square Tesla notes and the enigmatic 528

Tesla link to the Sator Square and information about the cube:

I stole a page out of Tesla’s Book literally and figuratively ya see.

The ‘healer’ has arrived….with more insights about the vEILed hidden silent cosmic language called geometry.
Raphael the archangel is associated with healing and the answer why is simple.
Within the name Raphael is the first step you need to take if you start to meditate.
Can you find  ALPHA in the name Raphael?

And why would ALPHA be the first step you need to take to help heal you?

Most folks who are immersed in their 9-5 worlds which sometimes do not end till late in the night are in a Beta state of mind.
The four building blocks of consciousness in fact are;

  • beta world – the world of adults
  • ALPHA – going in search of your inner child
  • theta – finding your inner child
  • delta – conversing with your inner child
  • REM – making your childhood dreams come true – connecting with the epi-genome


So how does the MOON affect us?

“Life on earth is driven by the Moon”

What role does the MOON play in the formation of RNA?

In case you missed it the first time.

In the video @45:15 we learn what effect a drifting moon has on the planet earth.

Lynn J. Rothschild:
“…but high temperatures are extremely tricky … chlorophyll breaks down, so all the greenery you see around you would be gone”

Maggie Aderin-Pocock:
“…so that means no photosynthesis”

Lynn J. Rothschild:
“…and that’s what drives life on earth today is photosynthesis”

What is the connection between photosynthesis, chlorophyll and the number 137?

Using the seed pattern/swastika roundabout as an analogy for centrifugal forces

The image on the right was taken from this website:

Are we ever free of cosmic influences?



*archetypal birth of Jesus;

A few afterthoughts;

a big IF 

“Life on Earth is driven by the Moon” 

What are those NaSa NaZiS really up to when it comes to the Moon?

The Moon has a direct influence over the gravity of the earth, clearly it does.

EARTH as a cosmic intelligent design experiment?

  • A few essential gases plus lightning produces amino gases.
  • The gravitational bulge that shadows the moon in its orbit around the earth responsible for the ebb and flow of ocean tides manufactures RNA.
  • More amino acids arrive via meteor showers.
  • the plus + and minus – balancing act of the Van Allen belts … and now we have a third belt, since when?

3 + 1

  • Gravity is the star attraction of Relativity.
  • Quantum Mechanics is having a party for the Trinity, Gravity is not invited.
  • Nuclear strong, nuclear weak, electro-magnetism are having a menage a trois.

Considering that it is ‘gravity’ that seems to be the stumbling block to a unification leading to a GUT or TOE, later I want to present testimony from a star witness who will help put things into perspective regarding the importance of the Moon to Life on Earth.

For now his identity shall remain a mystery, but once he speaks, and I know you will respect his testimony it should get ya all thinkin’ out of the box that many of ye seem to be trapped in not quite knowing which way to go. 🙂

Yes the Moon, gravity, ocean tides, the ebb and flow of life, it is all ‘relative’ isn’t it, using just the naked eye?
And if you start to study and observe what can only be seen with ‘scopes’ it soon becomes apparent that’s where the Trinity is to be found?

@27:00 (in the video)
Ocean coral as it grows display bands similar to tree rings that act as a Lunar Calendar – and the story coral tells us is that 400 million years ago, one year was not 365 days but 400 days.

So clearly the Moon as a presence not only linking gravity to its position overhead, is ultimately a contributor to the length of the year on earth.

The Role of  the Moon
Science knows a huge role in the life support system of the Moon Earth. Here are just a few examples.

  • At full moon partial weakening Earth’s gravity causes the plants to absorb more water and minerals from the soil, so at this time the collected herbs have a particularly strong effect.
  • Moon, because of the proximity to the Earth, strongly affects its gravitational field on the terrestrial biosphere and causes, in particular, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. The rhythm of the moon causes the tides in the biosphere change night light, air pressure, temperature, wind and Earth’s magnetic field, as well as the water level.
  • Plant growth and crop depend on the stellar rhythm of the moon (the period of 27.3 days), and the activity of animals, hunting at night or in the evening – the degree of brightness of the moon.
  • In the waning moon was reduced plant growth when the moon was coming – increased.
  • The full moon affects the growth of crime (aggression) in humans.
  • Time of oocyte maturation in women is associated with the rhythm of the moon. Women tend to produce an egg in the phase of the moon when she was born herself .
  • When the full moon and new moon the number of women with menstruation reaches 100%.
  • During the waning phase of the increasing number of boys are born, and reduced the number of girls.
  • Weddings usually carried out during the ascending moon.
  • With increasing Moon sow something that grows over the surface of the Earth, with decreasing – on the contrary (tubers, roots).
  • Lumberjack cutting down trees at the waning moon , because in this tree contains less moisture and time is not longer subjected to rotting.
  • When the full moon and new moon there is a tendency to decrease uric acid in the blood, 4 – th day after the new moon – the lowest rates.
  • Vaccinations under the full moon is doomed to failure.
  • When the full moon worsen lung disease, whooping cough, allergy.
  • Color vision in humans is subject to the lunar periodicity .
  • When the full moon – the increased activity at the new moon – reduced.
  • Trim made under the full moon.
  • Easter – the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, the first day of Full moon.

Such examples are hundreds, but the fact that the moon is a significant impact on all aspects of life on Earth, can be seen from the above examples. What do we know about the moon? This is what is shown in the tables on the solar system.

2B continued


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  • raphael  On August 13, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    IF discussing gravitational lensing would convex or concave play a role?

    Fritz Zwicky posited in 1937 that the effect could allow galaxy clusters to act as gravitational lenses. It was not until 1979 that this effect was confirmed by observation of the so-called “Twin QSO” SBS 0957+561


  • raphael  On February 4, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    No knots in known RNA structures
    Feb 02, 2015


    It had never been verified before: unlike other biopolymers, RNA, the long strand that is ‘cousin’ to DNA, tends not to form knots. The observation has been published in the journal PNAS by a research team of the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste and the CEA of Saclay.
    No one had checked before, but RNA, the nucleic acid involved in many cell functions including protein synthesis, appears to be the only “strand of life” not to have knots.
    Over the years, advances in structural biology have firmly established that both proteins and DNA, although subject to evolutionary selection, do not escape the statistical law whereby a sufficiently long and compacted molecular strand will inevitably be entangled. However, no one to date had looked into the case of RNA.

  • raphael  On August 4, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    3 “Mother” letters: Aleph, Mem, Shin
    7 “Double” letters: Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Pe, Resh, Tau
    12 “Simple” letters: He, Vau, Zain, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun,
    Samekh, Ayin, Tzaddi, Qoph
    The amino acids and punctuation codons have many chemical properties by which they can be categorized, but the simplest property describes how they behave within their watery environment of the cell. The amino acids can be described as either hydrophobic (water hating) or hydrophilic (water loving).

    12 Amino Acids are Hydrophilic: Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Histidine,
    Glutamine, Cysteine, Asparagine, Arginine, Aspartate, Glutamate,
    Lysine, Glycine
    8 Amino Acids are Hydrophobic: Valine, Isoleucine, Proline, Leucine
    Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Alanine, Methionine
    Since Methionine also serves to mark the starting point for translation on the mRNA strand, I put it in the “Punctuation” category along with the 2 stop codon groups. Therefore the 64 codons of the genetic code, those that code for amino acids and those that serve as “Punctuation” (start & stop), can be put into the same number of categories with the same number of items in each, as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

    3 Punctuation groups (2 stop groups, 1 start group [Methionine])
    7 Hydrophobic Amino Acids
    12 Hydrophilic Amino Acids


  • monique  On October 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm

    By the way, there are two reasons I don’t comment on the blogs.

    I have no.clue how to post a picture
    I have no clue how to follow up on the comment, nor see if a reply was posted.

    That’s why I always preferred facebook.

    On a 2012 blog I saw you post this

    Torah and Mathematics: The Story of pi – Part 1

    355/113 = 3. 141592920

    The Secret of the Pregnancy
    footnote 20:
    Because the Jewish year is based both on the moon and the sun, the cycle of the Jewish year depends on another unsolvable mystery, the three body problem (the sun, the moon, and the earth). The solution to this problem too depends on the God’s Name Havayah, a topic for another article. The practical solution for accounting for both the lunar and solar years, which differ by about 11 days per annum, is to add a 13th lunar month to the year in 7 out of every 19 years. This solution is known as the secret of the pregnancy. When the year has an additional lunar month, it is considered pregnant.

    Thus the solution to reconcile the annual ’11’ day difference is an algorithm involving the numbers ‘13719’ known as the Secret of the Pregnancy.

    I’m wondering does this have anything to do with the “sign in the sky “from revelation, the woman pregnant and ready to give birth.

    • raphael  On October 17, 2015 at 5:46 pm

      seek and ye shall find
      a clue
      the right one
      just for you

  • raphael  On December 28, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    Discovery boosts theory that life on our planet arose from RNA-DNA mix.
    Chemists at Scripps Research have made a discovery that supports a surprising new view of how life originated on our planet.

    In a study published in the chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie, they demonstrated that a simple compound called diamidophosphate (DAP), which was plausibly present on Earth before life arose, could have chemically knitted together tiny DNA building blocks called deoxynucleosides into strands of primordial DNA.

    The finding is the latest in a series of discoveries, over the past several years, pointing to the possibility that DNA and its close chemical cousin RNA arose together as products of similar chemical reactions, and that the first self-replicating molecules — the first life forms on Earth — were mixes of the two.

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