House of the Double Axe ~ Rosicrucian Lectures ~ Vesica Piscis with Robert Gilbert & Raphael & the World TEACHER

UPDATE March 22, 2023 

A few images to set the stage. 

ornamented golden Minoan double axe, often spuriously called a labrys

Vesica_Piscis equilateral triangle Jesus double Labyrs wiki textTo fully appreciate this next image you might want to have a quick look at this blog entry here:
LSD ~ League for Spiritual Discovery ~ Kundalini Rising ~ Mandylion ~ Image of Edessa ~ 4 Leaf Clover ~ New Atlantis ~ Prime Numbers

double axe from Matthew Montieth vesica piscis

MBG Lalibela RED and BLUE b-mode gravity wave

UPDATE October 18, 2018

The following is a fine introduction to this blog … presented first by Dartmouth College, followed up by World Mysteries Blog and later presented by Scott Onstott in a EweTube video …

The Golden Ratio & Squaring the Circle in the Great Pyramid

The rope-stretcher’s triangle is also called the 3-4-5 right triangle, the Rope-Knotter’s triangle, and the Pythagorean triangle.

BENT pyramid SYMMETRICAL ACHIRAL base and ASYMMETRICAL CHIRAL topimage credit Freddy Silva

The Red and the Bent Pyramid at Dashur – World Mysteries Blog

Thus it appears that the Red Pyramid design may have been based on the pentagon.
And it appears that the Bent Pyramid design may have been based on both the hexagon and the pentagon helping to bring the numbers 4 [square base] and 5 [pentagon] and 6 [hexagon] into a geometric alignment or narrative?

Bent Pyramid inclination-angles-hexagon+pentagon+square base -ACHIRAL CHIRAL KING SOLOMON DNA

Bent Bend Pyramid TEACH A MAN HOW TO FISH refraction Jesus said

And Scott Onstott’s brain fART called ‘Secrets In Plain Sight’ catering to a YouTube or is it EweTube audience never ever ever ever discusses what is ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’, a rather ironic omission considering the tone of this video.
Yes we can use the video itself to prove how ignorance gets a voice and far too often more than its 15 minutes of fame allotted.
The most vital idea that has been passed forward for the past 12,000+ years is not even mentioned in Scott Onstott’s video which is about 3 hours 45 minutes long.

PhDUH why?

chiral 5x5 Jacob Bronowski ASCENT OF MAN Music of the Spheres MBG

IF we can easily show the associations between the Pythagorean right angle triangle and the 2D chiral World TEACHER … then is Scott Onstott missing the bigger picture altogether?
Do we have yet another example of the blind leading the blind?

All of the above is a primer for the AHA which follow.

3D chiral spiral Great Pyramid Houdin2


MOOving forward how difficult is it today using the penetrations of science to show those vital links that exist between the Pythagorean right angle theorem and the 12,000+ year old 2D chiral World TEACHER a.k.a. swastika, along with its kissing cousin the 3D chiral spiral and a narrative called ‘let there be light’?chiral hands mirror and medium Metamaterials

It is getting easier and easier as science penetrates into the quantum … remembering one important statement … ‘all life is chiral’

UPDATE February 19, 2017

Want to thank my faKebook friend Anne Cakebread for supplying us with another lead and confirmation of this recurring eternal idea.
Two intersecting circles and whence this idea came from is a ZEN mystery.
Could this intersection help us define ‘X’ and the buried treasure that lay deep inside all of us, those who bother to seek shall find, watch what happens if you bother to knock if you have an open mind and an open heart.

What you will find is that the source of all genius is to be entangled with talent, inspiration, hard work, and I want to add imagination.

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work”
-Albert Einstein

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”
-Thomas A. Edison

We often hear that the 1% of humanity represents the THEY who are out to do the other 99% of humanity harm.

Well maybe it is time to invoke your inner THEY and see what kind of miracle your 1% can manifest?

UPDATE November 6th, 2015

5555 and 37 – ‘How Gravity Works’ by Maurice Cotterell ~ Peter Aleff and RaphaEL learns to wIELd his AXE

This update contains two recent finds, both of them are profound.
The first one I found while looking for a image of Aleisa’s Cross and came across the vesica piscis.
If you do not know the geometric significance about the Vesica Pescis, <<< this link is a fine place to start.

ALESIA's CrossChalice Well

left image: Alesia’s Cross displaying the triskele and the seed pattern
right image: Chalice Well displaying the sqrt253 vesica piscis

The geometric vesica piscis on the Chalice Well pendant is pregnant with meaning and immediately caught my attention and a google search quickly brought me up to archetypal speed, if haste less waste is your goal, the foundational archetypes if present is always a fine place to start sniffing around for the source of the idea.

Furthermore IF gravity today is being described as a 30% PULLing and a 70% PUSHing narrative that can be unveiled in the bIbLE what are we to make of this archetypal presentation of the Chalice Well?


Chalice Well
1 Source leading to
7 bowls zig zagging vertically dropping down to
3 (2+1) a horizontal geometric vesica piscis shaped pool with
1 exit

The Chalice Well, also known as the Red Spring**, is a well situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the county of Somerset,England.

The Chalice Well symbol was also an inspiration for the Eye of Elena in Sarah J. MaasThrone of Glass series and also featured in the Kingdom of Mei series as the key teaching of Christianity being a cyclical cataclysm

**not surprisingly there is a  White Spring slightly East of the Chalice Well or Red Spring.

Chalice Well cover

Chalice Well cover
designed by the church architect and archaeologist Frederick Bligh

Wells often feature in Welsh and Irish mythology as gateways to the spirit world. The overlapping of the inner and outer worlds is represented by the well cover, designed by the church architect and archaeologist Frederick Bligh Bond and presented as a gift after the Great War in 1919. The two interlocking circles constitute the symbol known as the Vesica Piscis. In the well lid design, a spear or a sword bisects these two circles, a possible reference to Excalibur, the sword of the legendary King Arthur, believed by some to be buried at the nearby Glastonbury Abbey. Foliage represents the Glastonbury Thorn.

Bligh Bond wrote that the vesica design for the well cover was “typical of many early diagrams, all having the same object – the rendering of spiritual truth by means of the purest, most intellectual system of imagery conceived by the mind, namely, truth which is ‘aeonial’ or eternal, of which geometry is the best interpreter, since it can figure for us with remarkable suggestiveness those formative principles upon which the Father has built his Creation, principles which shall endure when heaven and earth have died.”[4]

Vell comrade?

How many times can I go running back to the well and come back with something profound to offer before my well spring of swastika analogy runs dry?


Well here is today’s second offering.

Oswald Wirth AXE Pyramid Cube

The Masonic mystic Oswald Wirth and the 137 SS Mystic both fortunately agree in their association of Card X a.k.a. the Wheel of Fortune  to the SwaStika and the numbers 137.

On the left we also see the image of an axe balanced on the apex of a pyramid with a cube as foundation.

… and by coincidence two things must be noted, Freemasons usually determine where the center of a temple is going to be by positioning themselves in the northeast and beginning their calculations from there.
… the unfinished apex of the Great Pyramid in the northeast corner is slightly over 137 meters. Keep in mind Noah’s Ark was 137.16 meters and the word QaBaLaH has a gematria value of 137.

Now those four numbers that have been highlighted in red and blue 1376 are linked to the four gospels Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John and also to the ‘fixed’ zodiac signs Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

~ end of UPDATE ~

The Minoan Calendar

Royal Axe

1. The Knight of the Royal Axe, or Prince Libanus 

UPDATE August 14, 2015

Approximation of the intervals of the semi-minor axes of the planets.
Left to right: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
© Keplerstern Verlag

The evolving arrangement is so dazzlingly clear and simple, that we have to wonder once again, why, at least to the authors knowledge, it has not been mentioned anywhere. What we see is something like a reflection in Jupiter, the greatest member of the planetary community, even though Venus and Neptune are not yet integrated into the represented order. We achieve this by using the most simple regular figures: circle, square and triangle. The proportions 2/1 and 4/1 can be derived from the ratios of the areas of the incircle and the circumcircle of a quadrangle respectively a triangle. Thus the circle cuts off proportions in the form 4/p, p/2 etc.

Note that Jupiter sits nearly in the middle, off center, similar to the position of the human heart.
The author also mentions that Venus and Neptune have not been integrated into this order.

To the reader, the important idea being passed forward is a cosmic balancing act, which is clearly illustrated in the body of this current blog.

The man in the middle, whether it be Jupiter, Zeus, or Jesus is always depicted using the same fundamental concepts.
Jesus must come to terms with his inner and outer forces.
What if the yin and yang are the two thieves flanking Christ, the positive and the negative, the light (venus/sun) and the darkness (neptune/pluto)?

~end of UPDATE~

\tfrac{1351}{780} > \sqrt{3} > \tfrac{265}{153}\,.

The mathematical ratio of the height of the vesica piscis to the width across its center is the square root of 3, or 1.7320508… (since if straight lines are drawn connecting the centers of the two circles with each other and with the two points where the circles intersect, two equilateral triangles join along an edge). The ratios 265:153 = 1.7320261… and 1351:780 = 1.7320513… are two of a series ofapproximations to this value, each with the property that no better approximation can be obtained with smaller whole numbers. Archimedes of Syracuse, in his On the Measurement of the Circle, uses these ratios as upper and lower bounds:

In Buddhism, the swastika signifies auspiciousness and good fortune as well as the Buddha’s footprints and the Buddha’s heart.
The swastika is said to contain the whole mind of the Buddha and can often be found imprinted on the chest, feet or palms of Buddha images.
It is also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols on the footprint of the Buddha.

6 5

The swastika has also often been used to mark the beginning of Buddhist texts. In China and Japan, the Buddhist swastika was seen as a symbol of plurality, eternity, abundance, prosperity and long life.
The swastika is used as an auspicious mark on Buddhist temples and is especially common in Korea. It can often be seen on the decorative borders around paintings, altar cloths and banners. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is also used as a clothing decoration.

The most striking change Dalí makes from nearly every other crucifixion painting concerns the cross. Instead of painting Christ on a wooden cross, Dalí depicts him upon the net of a hypercube, also known as a tesseract. The unfolding of a tesseract into eight cubes is analogous to unfolding the sides of a cube into six squares. The use of a hypercube for the cross has been interpreted as a geometric symbol for the transcendental nature of God

Just as God exists in a space that is incomprehensible to humans, the hypercube exists in four spatial dimensions, which is equally inaccessible to the mind.

The net of the hypercube is a three-dimensional representation of it, similar to how Christ is a human form of God that is more relatable to people. The word “corpus” in the title can refer both to the body of Christ and to geometric figures, reinforcing the link Dalí makes between religion and mathematics and science.

Christ’s levitation above the Earth could symbolize His rise above Earthly desire and suffering. The motif of the cube is present elsewhere: Gala is standing on one and the chessboard is made up of squares.

However what I found interesting was this description that accompanies the image, specifically the part about the knees.

In viewing the original one is immediately struck by the simplicity of the landscape, background, and Christ’s body contrasted with the classic realism of Gala/Madonna and the relatively grotesque detail amplification of Christ’s knees and hands. In the original painting you can see at least 5 images of Gala in Christ’s right knee and 5 images of Salvador in Christ’s left knee. It would be interesting to view this under ultraviolet and infrared light to explore what else Dali may have hidden in this painting.
Oddly the only other art I’ve seen to take direct inspiration of ‘hidden images in knees’ is male erotic Tom of Finland ‘biker boy’ 1982 where a lower woman’s torso is hidden in right knee; a man’s upper torso and phalic image are hidden in the left.
Well I do want to offer another ‘hidden image’.
Here is a image dated from the same era as the SHROUD of TURIN.
I have cropped out a portion of the Girona Tapestry  circa 11th-12th century.
It shows Adam ‘naming’ the animals in Eden. Take a look at Adam’s knees!
Swastikas on both.To the right of Adam are the stag and unicorn both associated with Jesus Christ.
To the left we see a serpent and a strange creature that has bat wings for ears.
complete image:

Now there are two ideas I want to carry forward as the reader continues with this wordblog.

How the numbers 5 and 6 relate to the structure of DNA and the idea that the body is a temple.
Thus we might be able to conclude that the biblical Genesis is hinting at a GENE theSIS.

Pewsey Hill Wiltshire England
Swastika and Chakra crop circles appeared between July 19-22, 2004

The significance of associating the ‘swastika’ with the ‘chakra’ system will become apparent later in this blog, along with why the building blocks from the ground up are ‘asymmetrical’ in nature, i.e. matter/anti-matter, DNA, amino acids, proteins, etc.

“It now remains for us to complete our work by giving the great key of William Postel.”


THE great arcanum — that is to say, the unutterable and inexplicable secret — is the absolute knowledge of good and of evil.

We are forbidden to say more on this subject; we shall conclude our revelation by the figure of three pentacles.

These three stars will explain it sufficiently. They may be compared with that which we have caused to be drawn at the head of our “History of magic.” By reuniting the four, one may arrive at the understanding of the Great Arcanum of Arcana. page 287.

The Rosy Cross Lamen as worn by Adepts in the Rosae Rubae et Aureae Crucis, the inner order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
It is a symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone, the ultimate product of the alchemist.

Note in the above image of the Rosy Cross which uses a Latin cross template that one arm is longer.
I recall years ago still living my LIfE as firefighter I was riding the ferry back to the city from my island firehall sanctuary.
Lazarus one of the ferrymen and I were having a discussion about crosses, the swastika and the Latin cross.
It was him identifying the crucifix or Latin cross as being ‘longer in the south’ that caught my attention.
That would indicate the light source is in the north casting a longer shadow in the south … but the sun never gets around to the ‘north’ does it?
And why was the north such a big deal, the Great Pyramid in fact is more of a monument dedicated and oriented to the northern hemisphere than the south.
That was years ago.
This is now, shall we move forward.
Below is the southern arm of the Rosy Cross note the two geometric shapes.
One is the 5-pointed pentagram and the other one is the 6-pointed hexagram.

TAO and number 11

Tao is the single thread running through all life.
It is the one of the beginning, returning after the end, represented by ten.

It is central because it combines  the 5 (centre of the series 1-3-5-7-9) and the 6 (center of the even numbers 2-4-6-8-10)

5 – pentagram and 6 – hexagram

Please note that both images below due to the intersecting circles display the veSica piSciS.

SSS – 555

Sacred Geometry in Brittany  
as documented in the video Exploring the DaVinci Code
Henry Lincoln’s Guide to Rennes-Le-Chateau


image: John Michell
The Dimensions of Paradise

Squaring of the Circle 

The Vesica Piscis is also the clue to solving the ancient problem known as the Mystical Squaring of Circle …

… the Square Root of Phi, which ultimately means that the only way we can bridge the worlds from Heaven (Circle) to Earth (Square) is to employ the harmonics of the Vesica Piscis that uses the Divine Proportion of 1:1.618033 … to access the mathematics of Infinity which is embedded in the Human Canon and the Rose Flower.

The Quadrature of the Circle, that allows Heaven (Circle) and Earth (Square) to be Equal, is born out of two superimposed Vesica Piscis at right angles or 90°.

In conclusion, all these invisible and external geometries are embedded in our DNA. We are It. This written article is a male, left-brained, logical, rational and analytical attempt to grok ancient knowledge. In contrast, a woman, right-brained, visual, intuitive, musical, and holographic could just as well pick up a Rose Flower, smell it with deep reverence, and access all the mathematical and harmonic mysteries of the universe, with but one mere breath.
End the Search, there is nothing to discover, nothing to pull apart or analyze, it is already here, in the Heart and Aroma of the Vesica Piscis, indeed the Mother of All Form.

The role of 2, 3, and 5 in demystifying twin primes.

Labrys, πέλεκυς, bipennis, double-headed axe

However the most profound AHA recovered from the MNEMoNic MEME fIELd was the profound realization that the labrys or double axe associated with the Minoan civilization, and by default the Linear A and Linear B scripts can been shown to be associated to the Vesica Piscis.

And it makes perfect sense that the double ax derived from the prehistoric 1.5 million year old handax (which was essentially leading edge technology for 1 million years) is in some way instrumental as a tool or instrument in initiating a ‘sacred cut’ or a ‘golden mean’ that produces a ‘golden ratio’ resulting in ‘golden triangles’, ‘golden rectangles’, and of course the much heralded ‘golden spiral’ know as ‘phi’, not to be confused with a FIbonacci spiral.
The difference between a Fibonacci spiral and golden spiral is explained here Spirals illustrating Phi, the Golden Ratio
(btw that is a great site!)

But what I want to point out regarding those two images above is how those two spirals are more indicative of two natural processes that in fact are taking place all the time.
Note how the Fibonacci spiral on the left counts outward from the CENTRE using building block squares, approaches irrational phi 1.618 as it spirals OUTWARD.
However the golden spiral on the right is best illustrated by starting with a PERIPHERY, i.e.  we start with a golden rectangle and by removing squares as you count INWARD, similar to going down the drain …

Clearly both processes the inward and outward journeys appear infinite.
The underlying idea is that the flawed ASYMMETRICAL spiral can never ever become perfect and merge with either the SYMMETRICAL perfect circle or the straight line represented by the x-axis.
After all phi can be expressed visually as both a wave that flat-lines or a spiral approaching the geometry of a circle.


I just found this out recently.
Wow, it explains so much.
Thanks to Sean Carroll for dumbing it down for me.

Clearly this video is grand.
All you need to do is watch the first 43 seconds of that video to get the picture that I AM about to unvEIL.
Sean Caroll is merely preparing you the reader in anticipation of ME showing you how far back these simpleton ideas can be traced to.
Are physicists just building on very old ideas but unwilling to give them credit?
Ideas that can be found in religion and pagan rites and rituals?

E = mc^2 is mass at rest?

I did not know that.
All I can say is AHA and thank you Sean Carroll for explaining that to ignorant little ole ME.

now … If they ask you,

‘What is the evidence of your Father in you?’

say to them,

‘It is motion and rest.’

– Gospel of Thomas saying #50

Therefore MASS at REST would be akin to god?
Because humans can never ever rest?

What if A represents the hexagon vs. B the pentagon with overlapping geometries?
A is a circle and B is the oval or ellipse.

Wave centres approaching:  Phi-waves push the wave centers unless they are in resonance,
so there will be repulsion.
Distortion of waves on entering the high-intensity central regions is not shown.
There will be a degree of focusing.


 Ripples caused by puffs of air on mercury.
On the left, the mercury is stationary; on the right it is moving from right to left at speed v
such that v/c is about 0.7

Here is the source of those images and a paper discussing phi and the effects of motion.

Pentagram and Hexagram symbolism of the Kabbalist Eliphas Levi
link to video

However there are different, more rational explanations of irrational numbers like pi and phi and words like Abracadabra or is it  Aabra-KA-Daabra?

Is KA part of a key to unlocking your inner ME, your body double, your vital essence, which leaves the body after you X-pire?

The Ka (kꜣ) was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body. 

I highly recommend this lecture series I am now presenting.
Presented by Robert Gilbert of the
Vescia Institute.
It has been uploaded into 11 segments on youtube.
I will try to supplement to what Robert is offering the viewer.

I AM my higher self is here to help guide us.
WHY AM I qualified to assist Robert Gilbert in these lectures?
Keep reading and it will become apparent why.

It just occured to me as I was researching Robert Gilbert that I attended a discussion by him in my hometown.

I knew he ‘looked and sounded’ familiar.
But it does appear that he is yet another seeker who is either ignoring the swastika with an intent or he is just plain ‘ignorant’ of its far reaching meanings.

Raphael formerly Ralph


Bellhaven Road

The first place I lived when I left home at age 16
Decked out on the deck in a LEvI shirt and LEvI genes

as of today

I AM 55 years of age


 pentagon 5 – hexagon 6 pairings

image on right is ACGT is comprised of 55 atoms
image on left is the Ho Tu (I-Ching) has 55 black and white dots
and the sum of the numbers 1-10 = 55
which brings to mind the 10 Commandments  

37 and ‘The 10 Commandments’


But did you notice that there are 5 letters to the left of KA and 6 letters to the right?

pART 1

As the lecture begins we see to the far left an image of the Christian Cabbalist/alchemist Heinrich Khunrath.

“The First Stage of the Great Work,” better-known as the “Alchemist’s Laboratory.”

The drawing of the laboratory is credited to architectural painter Hans Vredeman de Vries (1527-1604) and shows Heinrich Khunrath in his laboratory.

Please take a very CLOSE look at these next two images.

Coincidence or design?

1st image
1609 AD by Heinrich Khunrath

2nd image
comes about 400 years later
designed by?

Two Gateways to Eternal Wisdom

Heinrich Khunrath’s
The Door of the Sanctuary and the Stairway of the Sages

CERN Atlas detector, LHC, Geneva Switzerland.

Please note that each of these two images have men inside.

In the 1st image we see the Alchemist looking for the Philosopher’s Stone, and in the 2nd image is the physicist who no longer believes in God?

The second image is in fact a picture of the modern Gateway to understanding the quantum realm.
The 21st century marvel of science, the CERN ATLAS detector, one of two general-purpose detectors at the LHC, Geneva Switzerland.

Everything science has worked for on its learning curve till this point in our modern history amounts to what CERN will tell us about the birth of the universe.

Heinrich Kunrath’s 1609 version of this ‘archetypal porthole/gateway’ has a warning posted above the entry.

“stay away, keep out from here, ye profane”

Are these images representing octagonal gateways built using orthogonal  geometry?
Are they archetypal models of time tunnels, star-gates to another realm?

This is clearly not a new idEA!

more info:

3 Types of Initiates

HEAD – thinking – knower – ‘initiate’

HEART – feeling – seer – ‘clairvoyant’

HARA – willing – doer – ‘adept’

As the reader may realize by now the central theme of my investigation/research revolves around the swirly twirly ‘swastika’.
So is it possible that we can connect the HEAD, HEART, and HARA to the ‘swastika’?


Recall starting @2:17 Robert discusses the role of patterns within patterns which in fact can be associated to thought forms projected by the MiNd of God, associated with Hebrew letters as an example.

He further states that ‘sacred geometry‘ is a ‘universal science‘.


Can we associate the  HEAD to the SWASTIKA  and patterns within patterns?
The evidence ‘just is’.
Allow me to present it.



Can we associate the  HEART to the SWASTIKA ?
Well this idEA is not new at all because many students of Buddhism realize that the swastika is the seal of the heart of the Buddha buddy.  One image is all that is necessary.
Finally what about the lower abdomen, belly, stomach.
Can we find associations between the  HARA and the SWASTIKA ?

FALUN DAFA – Law Wheel Design

Falun Gong or Falun Dafa emerged at the end of China’s “qigong boom”—a period which saw the proliferation of similar practices of meditation, slow-moving exercises and regulated breathing.

At his lectures, Li “places” a Falun/SWASTIKA in the abdomen of each attendee.

According to Li…

“Falun is an intelligent rotating entity composed of high-energy matter. The Falun that I plant in a practitioner’s lower abdomen rotates constantly, twenty-four hours a day.”

Recall in the video that Robert suggests ADEPTS thru the act of ‘willing’ can access non-physical realities to alter things on the physical plane…working with ‘etheric’ energy fIELds.

Dantian, dan t’ian, dan tien or tan t’ien is loosely translated as “elixir field”, “sea of qi“, or simply “energy center”. Dantians are important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as qigongmartial arts such as t’ai chi ch’uan, and in traditional Chinese medicine.

The term dantian used by itself usually refers to the lower dantian, which is considered to be the foundation of rooted standing, breathing, and body awareness in qigong and martial arts. The lower dantian has been described to be “like the root of the tree of life”.

Starting  @7:31  Robert gives us two other examples of the 3 main centers, the Head/Heart/Hara and  how they are defined in Buddhism and Sufism.

In Buddhism they are known as THOUGHT, SPEECH and ACTION.
In Sufism (mystical Islam) they are called HEAD, HEART and HANDS.

Note that we might be able to define now what the ‘H’ in Jesus ‘H’ Christ refers to!

The association to the HANDS is from my POV and how I accessed this ‘info’ confirming.
Here is why.

Clearly these are Universal Teachings that have NO boundaries in the cosmos, only man made ones imposed by ‘ignorance’.

And in Freemasonry** we find the same three centers/chakras being targeted, the head, chest and abdomen in the persona of CHiram Abiff.

**it is always important to rEMEMbEr that Freemasonry without the rituals involving King Solomon’s Temple would not be called Freemasonry.

King Solomon’s Temple is central to Freemasonry.

pART 2


“… the evolution of human consciousness …… transition from an external human guru based system to one in which the awakening of the I AM presence becomes the guru…”


“what I want to emphasize is what we are representing tonight are concepts related to the original European Rosicrucian impulse, it is not related to any particular central teacher, organization, not trying to recruit you for anything … this is really a path of spirit direct connection to spirit by understanding spiritual processes.”

THE ONE  –  MiNd of God


“…in ancient Greek times they talked of the the source of all being with the name of the ONE  in capital letters


…this is a  beautiful representation in sacred geometry where everything comes from a unified source

…the one becomes the two… the two becomes the four… the four becomes the eight… it ends up becoming the ten thousand things the Chinese talk about.”

10,000 Things – The Creation 

Lao Tzu, for example, writes in the Tao Te Ching:

Tao produced the One. 
The One produced the two. 
The two produced the three. 
And the three produced the ten thousand things.


There was a time, when the Eastern symbol of the Cross and Circle, the Swastica, was universally adopted. With the esoteric (and, for the matter of that, exoteric) Buddhist, the Chinaman and the Mongolian, it means

“the 10,000 truths.”

These truths, they say, belong to the mysteries of the unseen Universe and primordial Cosmogony and Theogony.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 2 page 585 

Feel free to watch the entire series available at the above links.

My comments regarding each segment are still to come….

Current Issue Cover

Rosicrucian source material:

Pewsey White Horse

It was back in 2004 that I had my swastika epiphany, the same year this crop circle appeared.

Events surrounding the appearance of Pewsey White Horse formation, July 19/20 2004 

Close Up Impressions  

For the next two hours or so the formation received close quarters examination to determine the validity of the glyph as a genuine paranormal event.

Aside from the specified damage the glyph was clean and neat with no traces of organized human activity that would suggest that the formation was a fake; therefore it was the conclusion of all those present that this crop circle formation represents a genuine and unexplained happening. Subsequent examination by other experienced researchers has drawn the same conclusions and at the time of writing this one goes in the category of genuine crop circles, with no definite explanation pending.

The Black Helicopter 

Less than ten minutes into the examination of the formation the situation in the local airspace took a rather odd turn. From behind the hill and white horse came a rather sinister black helicopter, no decals, numbers or ID markings were to be seen on the aircraft at all. The Chopper purposely approached the new glyph and spent several minutes circling very low, occasionally hovering, as if taking photographs of the formation, allowing all present to get a very close look at the thing. The Chopper then flew away, only to return twice more over the course of the next fifteen minutes. Each time it returned it carried out similar manoeuvres in the immediate area where the formation had just some hours earlier arrived.     

And then 2 days later this glyph appeared.

A crop circle that others refer to as the:

All of the above puts Robert Gilbert, the Rosicrucian, the Chakra system, and the Swastika all on the same page called ThE NET.

This image has the pentagram – hexagram geometry but it is lacking the vesica piscis.

2B continued…

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    are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment.
    Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?

  • James  On October 12, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    I still dig your stuff brother, I don’t know that I’ll ever get through it all. This is a lot of work my friend. Thanks again.

  • raphael  On March 29, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    found this on fakebook
    by Malcolm Cook

    In Irish mythology, Scota is the name given to two daughters of two different Egyptian Pharaohs and to whom the Gaels (Irish, Scottish, Gaelic and Manx) trace their ancestry. The title ‘Scoti’ was given by the Romans to Irish raiders and later to Argyll and Caledonia which became known as Scotland. The Stone of Scone (Scota) was used during coronation ceremonies.
    In 1955, archaeologist Dr. Sean O’Riordan of Trinity College, Dublin, made an interesting discovery during an excavation of the Mound of Hostages at Tara, site of ancient kingship of Ireland. Bronze Age skeletal remains were found of what has been argued to be a young prince, still wearing a rare necklace of faience beads, made from a paste of minerals and plant extracts that had been fired.
    The skeleton was carbon dated to around 1350 BC. In 1956, J. F. Stone and L. C. Thomas reported that the faience beads were Egyptian: In fact, when they were compared with Egyptian faience beads, they were found to be not only of identical manufacture but also of matching design.
    When the Illuminati were being oppressed and hunted down, they found refuge in Scotland.
    The symbol used by the Scottish Rite is the double-headed eagle.
    The Gandaberunda is mythical bird and ancient Hindu texts say that the bird is a personification of Lord Vishnu. The bird is said to possess unimaginable strength and power. This mythical bird formed the royal emblem of the Wodeyaar Kings of the princely state of Mysore, in Karnataka.
    The figure of a double-headed bird is represented in many cultures around the globe, and in various time periods. The double-headed eagle has been a royal symbol throughout its history until the present day. The history of the use of the double-headed eagle in various contexts since the Crusades has been well documented. It has been used as a heraldic emblem of many royal houses, and is still a state symbol in some countries. However, ancient Near Eastern cultures had used the double-headed bird motif millennia before the Crusades. One striking example is that of the Hittites, for whom it was a ‘royal insignia’.
    The Falcon is used to represent the Sun God Horus in Egyptian mythology.
    The Roman God Janus is the God of beginnings and endings and is a revered symbol of the Illuminati.
    In order to tame apparent chaos it is necessary to establish order. In Egyptian mythology this was undertaken by the Goddess Maat. The sun-god Ra came from the primeval mound of creation only after he set his daughter Maat in place of Isfet (chaos).
    The name of the symbolic feather of the goddess Maat is moat, which means ‘what is straight’, a rod, rule, canon, and it came to mean everything that is right, true, truth; what is real, genuine, upright, righteous, just, steadfast, unalterable.
    The feather is the constituent part of a wing, and wings signify doctrines of spiritual truth, the systematic and orderly arrangement of truths in a series, by means of which the mind is elevated into higher regions of thought. Such were the wings of Pegasus; such are the ‘wings’ of the angels.
    ‘There was also another great eagle with great wings and many feathers: and, behold, this vine did bend her roots toward him, and shot forth her branches toward him, that he might water it by the furrows of her plantation.’ Ezekiel 17:7.
    Thus the ‘great eagle with great wings and many feathers’ signifies the truths of faith, with an abundance of the knowledge of truth.
    The Double Crown represented the unification of the two regions of Egypt, Upper and Lower Egypt. It is also referred to as the shmty which means ‘The Two Powerful Ones’ or as the ‘pschent’ The Crown is the combination of the White Crown of Upper Egypt and the Red Crown of Lower Egypt.
    In esoteric teachings, Egypt doesn’t mean a geographical location.

  • raphael  On November 30, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    Before commencing such an examination, it would, perhaps, be as well to make onepoint clear. The MS does not in any way claim to be an autograph, but merely a copy,and the copyist has indicated the date of the commencement of his labours. March 12th1713, by inscribing it in the floriated title at the head of the manuscript. For the momentwe will ignore the identity of the copyist, though this will also have to be considered ashaving some bearing on the question of forgery.

  • raphael  On February 25, 2016 at 10:57 pm

  • raphael  On January 8, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    “I have built, opened new waterways, increased the production of wheat, reinforced doors with bronze hinges, enlarged granaries, formed an army with 50 wagons, 200 horses, three thousand foot soldiers. And I have made people happy and self-confident”.

    Tablets of the Assyrian king Sargon II discovered by researchers from the University of Bologna
    Tablets of the Assyrian king Sargon II discovered by researchers from the University of Bologna
    An Italian-Turkish mission, led by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Universities of Gaziantep and Istanbul, has brought to light three precious fragments of clay tablets in the site of Karkemish, a Hittite city-state situated on the border between Turkey and Syria, containing inscriptions of the Assyrian king Sargon II in cuneiform writing.

    Often compared to glorious cities such as Troy, Ur, Jerusalem, Petra and Babylon, Karkemish was a centre of extraordinary importance and has been rediscovered thanks to the archaeological mission led by Professor Nicolò Marchetti, started in 2011 by the University of Bologna which, after five years of activity, found, at the bottom of a well (14 metres below ground level), the fragments thrown away by order of the Babylonian king who in 605, after a long siege, took Karkemish from Assyrian control.

    The three fragments of clay tablets, which would have been forever forgotten according to the will of Nebuchadnezzar II, contain inscriptions of the Assyrian king Sargon II who, towards the end of the 8th century BC, built an empire in the Middle East, the Fertile Crescent, conquering Samaria, Damascus, Gaza and, in 717, Karkemish: these are self-celebrating sentences, emphasizing the military victories and the measures in favour of the population.

    “I have built, opened new waterways, increased the production of wheat, reinforced doors with bronze hinges, enlarged granaries, formed an army with 50 wagons, 200 horses, three thousand foot soldiers. And I have made people happy and self-confident”.

    The well was found where once stood king Katuwa’s palace, extended and modified by Sargon II. At the bottom of the well there were many objects and utensils of administrative, literary or decorative use: clay tokens for accounting, bronze and stone vessels, an iron armour and the three fragments of clay tablets with Sargon II’s words.

    Along with the well, the excavations of the Alma Mater archaeological mission also brought to light three orthostats, stone slabs with a support and decorative function, in excellent condition, representing a walking lion, a winged bull and a winged ibex god with a human face, which is the only example in Neo-Hittite art. The artefacts were restored and left in the area of the palace. The high-precision digital recording of the ancient city map was also completed. The interventions aim to create an archaeological park at Karkemish able to attract tourists and visitors.

    Publication date 11/17/2016
    Source Università di Bologna


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