55 DNA Temples – Holy Spirit – SS – Alchemy Keys and the Keyhole

… the Alchemists and Alchemy

I just love what Carl Jung says about the significance of alchemy as a bridge between past, present and future.
You can see his WONDER was sincere, and I am familiar with that look of BLISS I saw it in Joseph Campbell too.
Ja both JC and CJ wore their bliss  over their heART, refusing to delegate it only to their left arm like the NAZIs did.
And it is interesting to note that both Jung’s and Campbell’s detractors claimed them both of being anti-semite.
The same ole ploys are still used today when folks express an alternate view.

At this link here you will find a nice summary of the basic alchemy philosophies,  whether YOU are an anti-semite or not these philosophies were at the forefront of human thinking and tinkering;


Please note the above article ends by discussing the 4 colors of alchemy.

Gold/yellow is one of them.
But before yellow/green was introduced the 3 stages of alchemy were represented byBLACK WHITE RED and for very good reason, and here is why:




aL-kEmI and I37

In the eyes of a variety of esoteric and Hermetic practitioners, the heart of alchemy is spiritual.
Transmutation of lead into gold is presented as an analogy for personal transmutation, purification, and perfection.
This approach is often termed ‘spiritual’, ‘esoteric’, or ‘internal’ alchemy.

Oldest known Egyptian painted tomb

Other discoveries at Nekhen include the oldest tomb with painted decoration along its plaster walls that contains presumed religious scenes and images that include figures that will appear in Egyptian culture for three thousand years—a funerary cortege of barques, possibly a goddess standing between two upright lionesses, a wheel of various horned quadrupeds, several examples of a staff that became associated with the deity of the earliest cattle culture and one being help up by a heavy-breasted goddess, asses or zebras, ibex, ostriches, lionesses, impala, gazelles, and cattle. It is thought to have been decorated in the Predynastic period of southern Egypt. 


      Nekhen in hieroglyphs


note: the wheel of various horned quadrupeds on its circumference.

Apparently the archetype of CARD X can be traced back to the earliest records of Egyptian art and traces of culture.

A quincunx is a geometric pattern consisting of five points arranged in a cross, that is five coplanar points, four of them forming a square or rectangle and a fifth at its center.

Western dice are normally right-handed and Chinese dice are normally left-handed.

According to Carl Jung the  quincunx is a symbol of the quinta essentia, which is identical with the Philosopher’s Stone.






Squaring the circle

4x4x4 Rubik’s cube

How many colored red, blue, and white square tile faces can you count?

EL 37 Cube

Charles Fleischer and Moleeds

Another man’s obsession with the numbers 37  27  64

I37 vs IEL

IEL mirrored on its x-axis or rotated 90 degrees twice (180 degrees) looks like 73I

i.e. they are polar opposites and essentially the 180 degrees indicates they are OUT OF PHASE
And 73I if read from right to the left yields I37.

I37 and the language of numbers/letters/geometry and how they translate into ‘maps’.

SS = Holy Spirit
SS = St Peter and St. Paul

“When the Greeks symbolized the seven Pleiades as seven doves, they had got hold of the wrong constellation in relation to the number seven. The seven doves, like the seven bears, cows, sisters, Hathors, Hohgates, Cabiri, or others, are the seven great stars in Ursa Major.”
Gerald Massey 



Reversed SS = Holy Spirit carries a different meaning
In fact pi = 22/7  = 3 1/7  = 317


Kofun (古墳, from Sino-Japanese “ancient grave”) are megalithic tombs or tumuli in Japan, constructed between the early 3rd century and early 7th century. They gave their name to the Kofun period (middle 3rd century – early-middle 6th century). Many of the Kofun have a distinctive keyhole-shaped mound (zenpo-koenfun (前方後円墳)), unique to ancient Japan.

Daisen-kofun in Sakai, Osaka, Japan. One of the largest tombs in the world. The Japanese government regards this as the tomb of Emperor Nintoku the 16th emperor, but many historians don’t think so.

The kofun tumuli have taken various shapes through history. The most common type of kofun is known as a zempō-kōen-fun, which has a shape of a keyhole, having one square end and one circular end, when looked down upon from above….

Kaaba cube in Mecca


Five + Fifty 

“‘My Name contains five and fifty, and yet hath only eight Letters …. “

55 brass rings line the perimeter of the Shaazarwaan.



 left image: the X-ray taken by Rosalind Franklin that lead to the double hELIx hypothesis
right image: I Ching Ho Tu 55 black and white dots
  • DNA’s nucleotides ATCG are comprised of 55 atoms/adams
  • 55  = the sum of the numbers 1-10, as in the ’10 Commandments’

55 = Five + Fifty


“The Third Day” segment of the document finds the author inquiring as to the name of a mysterious “Virgin” that has served as his guide thus far through the story.

Instead of receiving a simple answer, the reader is presented with this vexing puzzle:

“‘My Name contains five and fifty, and yet hath only eight Letters, the third is the third part of the fifth, which added to the sixth will produce a Number, whose root shall exceed the third it self by just the first, and it is the half of the fourth. Now the fifth and the seventh are equal, the last and the first are also equal, and make with the second as much as the sixth hath, which contains just four more than the third tripled. Now tell me, my Lord, how am I called?’


Clearly we can see the same archetypal form as depicted in the image below.

The following Maya artifact Nassim Haramein has suggested represents proof of aLIEn visitation.
He said it not me.
I guess everybody’s ego is fighting for market share these daze eh?

Personally I lost interest in Nassim’s theory about the bigger picture when he claimed UFOs were using the sun as a porthole and ‘motherships’ the size of planets were orbiting the Sun and Ur-anus too…have a look, what a new age arse he is.

Noted above is the transition from KEYHOLE >>Rosetta Mandala >> St. Peter Square, and the many other KEYHOLE images I am about to show you.

Here is a recent acquisition that seems more authentic than Nassim’s Maya artifact which is really an arti-fiction not fact.


Seahenge inverted Oak Stump looks similar to double hook  we see being used to secure the plumbline.
Crichton EM Miller and Robert Bauvel both note the similarities to the Egyptian Pesh-EN-Kef.

This central oak stump is now on display in the Kings Lynn Museum and was found encircled by 55 posts.

A timber circle with an upturned tree root in the centre, Seahenge was apparently built in the 21st century BC, during the early Bronze Age in Britain, most likely for ritual purposes.

The site consisted of an outer ring comprising 55 small split oak trunks forming a roughly circular enclosure around 7 by 6 metres (23 by 20 ft). Rather than being placed in individual holes, the timbers had been arranged around a circular construction trench. Their split sides faced inwards and their bark faced outwards (with one exception where the opposite is the case). One of the trunks on the south western side had a narrow Y fork in it, permitting access to the central area. Another post had been placed outside this entrance, which would have prevented anyone from seeing inside. The timbers were set in ground to a depth of 1-metre (3 ft 3 in) from the contemporary surface although how far they originally extended upwards is not known. In the centre of the ring was a large inverted oak stump.

Seahenge – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In Nassim’s fake though very archetypal Maya artifact above, we see the aLIEn being depicted as lying on his back in a bubble coffin?  note that this is placed in the same vicinity that we find the BLACK DOOR in St. Peter’s Square where in fact dead Popes are given a public funeral.


And it is not difficult to see how the 4 axis in St. Peter’s looks like two arrows colliding at the center of the circle/ellipse.
This Maya artifact does however fulfill the KEYHOLE archetype.

If that is an aLIEn amulet of authentic origin as Nassim Haramein claims then it means they helped design all of the following ‘DNA’ temples too!


TESla and the MeNaT – necklace or ‘counter-weight’

Egyptian MENAT

necklace ‘counter-weight’

Menat (ancient Egyptian) was a name used for the goddess Hathor. With a slightly different hieroglyphic spelling, it referred to an ancient Egyptian artifact which, like the sistrum, was closely connected with the goddess Hathor. It was held in the hand by its counterpoise and used as a rattle by Hathor’s priestesses. Often it was worn as a protective amulet, even by Apis bulls, the sons of Hathor.

The necklace was meant to ensure good luck and fortune and to protect against evil spirits. It was also worn for protection in the afterlife and is often found buried with the dead, given as a grave gift since Ramesside times (the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties that comprise the last two-thirds of the period known as the New Kingdom).[8] Worn by women, it was expected to foster fruitfulness and good health, while among men it signified virility.




“It is called Lapsit Exilles … the Stone is also called the Grail …”






UNIVERSE of the LAMAS Nepal next to the ROSETTA MANDALA Peru



4 Rings of Moray

Main Ring – pre-Columbian

What is interesting is that they have speculated that these terraces were used by the Inca as outdoor laboratories, the temperature difference great enough between grades to make a difference between strains or types of plants.
An outdoor laboratory.

And there is good reason now to believe they were using the EM field to enhance their crops….
As these next two images suggest?


[Image: AAA2StPetersSquareVatican-1.jpg]

Fibonacci and phi

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 


…the first 10* numbers in the Fibonacci series sum to 55


…which means the 10 Commandments would sum to 55 too.

*11 if you include zero but it does not alter the sum of 55.

Compare this 10 plus 0 to the 10 sephiroth of the Tree of Life which has an 11th sephiroth that is invisible.

55 and 56

JANMA KALYÄNAK: The second blissful event is the birth. It is believed that when a Tirthankar is born, 56 heavenly nymphs perform the maternity work. It is also believed that the heavenly beings come there under the leadership of Saudharmendra, the chief of Saudharma land. They take the newly born infant on Mount Meru and perform Lord’s bathing ceremony on a grand scale.
That is called Janmäbhishek. The Snätra Poojan is a miniature version of that celebration.



STONEHENGE – 55 and 56 

This juxtapose between 55 and 56 becomes an issue again in the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid, GP.

In the Grand Gallery by removing the stone representing ‘56‘ a ‘Well’ was uncovered.

At Stonehenge we find 56 Aubrey post holes.

Please note however that the 56th post hole marks the clear line of sight between the center/altar stone and the Heel/Hele Stone, which could have been used as an altar too.

A clear line of sight opening up a passage similar to the Well found in the GP under the 56th marker in the Grand Gallery, which leads to the lower realms of the GP.

We also find the number 33 and 32 carved in Sumerian writing on one of the Heel Stones of Stonehenge in the UK. In our decimal counting system, each cipher to the left has a 10 times greater value then the adjacent cipher to the right. In the in Sumerian counting system, we find an alternation of a 10 times greater value followed by a 6 times greater value.

This means that the Sumerian number of 3332 represents (the year) 2012 in our decimal system.

above quote found on page 7

Pateo Academia

I noticed the following regarding what year is it…

3332 sums to 11 = 2 

2012 sums to 5

55 as a boundary marker?



Goseck next to Stonehenge – note the orientation and openings

Goseck Circle

It is considered the earliest sun observatory currently known in the world. Interpretations of the ring suggest that European Neolithic and Bronze Age people measured the heavens far earlier and more accurately than historians have thought.
The site was made public in August 2003.

Traces of the original configuration reveal that the Goseck ring consisted of four concentric circles, a mound, a ditch, and two wooden palisades. The palisades had three sets of gates facing southeast, southwest, and north. At the winter solstice, observers at the center would have seen the sun rise and set through the southeast and southwest gatesPotsherds at the site suggests that the observatory was built ca. 4900 BCE because they have linear designs compared to standard chronologies of pottery styles.

The yellow lines represent the direction the Sun rises and sets at the wintersolstice, while the vertical line shows the astronomicalmeridian

How many of these ‘ ~ ‘ notches can  we count on the circumference of this Celtic brooch?


source of image: Walter Russell

Recall that the two Platonic solids the octahedron and the cube share unique relationships with each other.


But in the Great Pyramid we encounter a 55 vs. 56 anomaly in the Grand Gallery.

Why 56?

The number 56 looks like it may have been significant to the architects:

1. 56 x 56 x 56 times the size of the Great Pyramid: Here the circumference of the earth = length of the pyramid base.
2. 1/56 of the pyramid is the size of the missing capstone described by several sources
3. 1/(56 x 56) times the size of the pyramid is the tiny one of Figure 1 with a base approx. 7 x 7cm.

Chamber and passage system of the Great Pyramid

Coinciding with the unprecedented height of Cheops’s Pyramid there is also an unprecedented feature in its inner layout,
the Grand Gallery.

The length of the Grand Gallery is 91.37 cubits or 47.877 meters.

The middle of the grand gallery is 13.79 cubits (7.22 meters) east of the pyramid’s centre axis.

The Grand Gallery has 7-step corbeled side walls, 2 RC wide at the top and 4 RC wide at the floor.

The floor has a central groove 2 RC wide, flanked by 1 RC floor-ramps on each side.
The Grand Gallery is about 18 RC high vertically, or about 16 RC high perpendicular to its floor.
It is about (200/sqrt(5)) = about 89 RC long.

The Grand Gallery contains two grooves, one in the east wall and one in the west wall. They are 7 inches high, 1 inch deep, and 5 inches up from the 3rd overlapping corbel. They run the entire length of the gallery. Click for a diagram

There are a total of 55 ramp-holes on both sides of the floor-ramps. 

Architectural Analysis of the Great Pyramid

Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid

by Piazzi Smyth (pdf)

Piazzi Smyth, Ramps, Ramps Holes, Well’s Upper Mouth

The absence of the twenty-eighth slot in the western banquette, whose place is now taken up by the opening of the ‘well’, serves to confirm the views expressed by Petrie; to wit, that the connection of the Grand gallery with the primitive shaft used by descending stonecutters, a hole drilled through the masonry, was a task undertaken after the pyramid had been built.


The details of the Grand Gallery are extremely important and have no parallel in any other structure on Earth*

Its geometric design predicts that sound originating within its space is focused through a passageway past the Antechamber and into the granite complex known as the King’s Chamber.
This phenomena has been noted by musicians, acoustical engineers, military scientist and laypeople alike.
Some of the more puzzling features of this architectural acoustical miracle, however, are not adequately explained by conventional literature or, indeed, in any other literature.

There are the 27 pair of slots that are cut into the ramps that traverse both side of the Grand Gallery.

* except this next image which contains 56 people of history.

School of Athens

In the center Plato (#1), holding the Timaeus and pointing to the heavens, speaks with Aristotle (#2), holding the Ethics and gesturing towards the earth. They are framed by the triumphal arch above as well as by barrel vaults and sky; they are also surrounded by the largest number of people (#3-10, 52-56). In addition, #11 is ascending the stairs, leaving the geometers and astronomers below, while #12 points out Plato and Aristotle to him. Figure #13 is intently writing while a friend (#14) looks on in interest. At the far right, others are coming in, the younger two (#17 and 18) looking curiously at those below. The old man (#16) is eagerly moving in a different direction, apparently towards Plato and Aristotle. Above the thoughtful old man (#15) who gestures downward like Aristotle, is the statue of Athena, goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war. She is dressed in military garb and on her shield is the terrifying face of the Gorgon. Below her is a relief of Virtue elevated upon clouds, holding one hand at her breast, the seat of valor, while extending the other toward the earth with the scepter of her empire.

* and except this well … and its accompanying myth regarding ‘CR’

‘Well of Initiation’, into the interior of the earth; picture shows also the Rose of the Winds over the Templar Cross, the Rose Cross, in “Quinta da Regaleira”,SintraPortugal (built ca. 1904-1910).

According to legend, Christian Rosenkreuz was a doctor who discovered and learned esoteric wisdom on a pilgrimage to the Middle East among TurkishArab, and Persian sages, possibly Sufi or Zoroastrian masters, supposedly in the early 15th century (see section below on Symbolism) ; returned and founded the “Fraternity of the Rose Cross” with himself (Frater C.R.C.) as Head of the Order. Under his direction a Temple, called Sanctus Spiritus, or “The House of the Holy Spirit”, was built.

The legend presented in the Manifestos has been interpreted symbolically (as were all hermetic and alchemical texts of those times). They do not directly state Christian Rosenkreuz’s years of birth and death, but in two sentences in thesecond Manifesto the year 1378 is presented as being the birth year of “our Christian Father”, and it is stated that he lived for 106 years, which would mean he died in 1484.[5] The foundation of the Order can be supposed in similar terms to have occurred in the year 1407. However, these numbers (and deduced years) are not taken literally by many students of occultism, who consider them to be allegorical and symbolic statements for the understanding of the Initiated. The justification for this relies on the Manifestos themselves: on the one hand, the Rosicrucians clearly adopted through the Manifestos the Pythagorean tradition of envisioning objects and ideas in terms of their numeric aspects, and, on the other hand, they directly state,

“We speak unto you by parables, but would willingly bring you to the right, simple, easy and ingenuous exposition, understanding, declaration, and knowledge of all secrets.”

from the year of Our Lord 1378 (in which year our Christian Father was born)“, in Confessio Fraternitatis

The significance of 1378 and 147 is best understood if NOT taken literally, I agree … allow me to illustrate.

The metaphorical nature of these legends lends a nebulous quality to the origins of Rosicrucianism. The opening of Rosenkreuz’s tomb is thought to be a way of referring to the cycles in nature and to cosmic events; and as well, to the opening of new possibilities for mankind consequent on the advances of the 16th and early 17th centuries. Similarly, Rosenkreuz’s pilgrimage seems to refer to the transmutation steps of the Great Work.

Similar legends may be found in Wolfram von Eschenbach‘s description of the Holy Grail as the “Lapis Exillis“, guarded by the Knights Templar, or in the Philosophers’ stone of the alchemists, the “Lapis Elixir“.



Here comes the AHA!!!

Important to note the following: Especially since I have a habit of suggesting LEvIturned upside down becomes I^37

The word EXILLIS rotated 180 degrees appears as:

SI77IX3 or 51771X3

51771 X 3

What is the significance of those numbers 157?

Jesus Mihi Omnia 157

Some occultists including Rudolf SteinerMax Heindel[3] and (much later) Guy Ballard, have stated that Rosenkreuz later reappeared as the Count of St. Germain, a courtieradventurer, and alchemist who reportedly died on February 27, 1784. Steiner once identified Rembrandt’s painting “‘A Man in Armour’” as a portrait of Christian Rosenkreuz, apparently in a 17th century manifestation. Others believe Rosenkreuz to be a pseudonym for a more famous historical figure, usually Francis Bacon.

Jesus mihi omnia

It is described that on the Sarcophagus in the centre of the Crypt of Christian Rosenkreutz were written, among other inscriptions the words, “Jesus mihi omnia, nequaquam vacuum, libertas evangelii, dei intacta gloria, legis jugum,” (being in translation, “Jesus is everything to me, by no means a vacuum/a vacuum by no means exists, the freedom of the good news/gospel, the inviolate glory of god, the yoke of the law”) testifying to the builder’s Christian character. Rosenkreuz’s crypt, according to the description presented in the legend, seems to be located in the interior parts of the Earth, recalling the alchemical motto VITRIOL: “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem

“Visit the Interior Parts of the Earth; by Rectification Thou Shalt Find the Hidden Stone.”

157 sources:


The evolution of man is divided into seven Periods:

  • involution: the Saturn Period, the Sun Period, the Moon Period;
  • the Earth Period (first half still involution, second half towards evolution);
  • evolution: the Jupiter Period, the Venus Period, the Vulcan Period.

We are presently in the second half of the Earth Period: we have just passed the end of our involution and are beginning our evolution, or the spiritualization of matter and our return to God our Father.


Note the associations above given by Rosicrucian doctrine.

What happens if we add the magic squares associated with each planet listed?

  • 369 is related to involution: Saturn 3×3, Sun 6×6, Moon 9×9
  • 58 is related to the Earth Period and Caput 58 the head of St. John the Baptist
  • (note Rosicrucian doctrine does NOT mention Mars 5×5 and Mercury 8×8)
  • 4710 is related to evolution: Jupiter 4×4, Venus 7×7, Vulcan 10  

 The above Rosicrucian cosmology bears a close resemblance to how those numbers are divided by concentric rings on the …


… that I seem to have recovered from MEMory.

Pi ratio


other Great Pyramid sources:


“I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the Self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not I.”

Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Jung’s Autobiography
recorded and edited by Aniella Jaffe
pg 197


Dr. Jung postulates that the psyche projects a symbol of wholeness, a mandala, in response to this danger.
Of course, if mankind ignores this symbolic warning by interpreting it as alien spacecraft, it does us no good.
Concerning Mandala Symbolism:


Mandala City – ARKAIM Russia – 1700 BCE

In order to gain publicity, the early investigators described Arkaim as “Swastika City”, “Mandala City”, and “the ancient capital of early Aryan civilization, as described in the Avesta and Vedas“.

Mandala City next to my firefighter badge 856
I find it fascinating that they have a similar design.

At Mandala City there were four entries designated in the wall: the largest-one southwesterly and three smaller ones located on opposite sides.


If a Stonehenge it something outstanding Arkaim is the phenomenon exclusive in its uniqueness. The Stonehenge, in its best years was, in a principle, only a cult place and prehorizont an observatory deprived of any utilitarian functions. Arkaim besides it was a temple under open-air and a solar -lunar observatory it was also a settlement both a fortress and metallurgical combine and … a calendar. Astroarcheologist K.K.Bystrushkin has established, that Arkaim has not been simply constructed in the form of a zodiac map of the star sky, but also contained in the plan three calendars solar, lunar and precessional at once.



great source:



Perpetual Motion Holder

Ed Leedskalnin’s PMH 



The MEME Machine






Above is a template of what appears to be the dimensions of a idea in the shape of light bulb.
It also looks similar to a KEYHOLE.
Does it not?
Well the plot just thickened.
And soon you will want to join me in looking for the KEY that fits the KEYHOLE/Lock



Also from the Holy Land are a whole series of ampullae from the altar at Monza Cathedral and S. Colombano in Bobbio, given by Queen Theodelina of the Lombards in AD 603 and AD 613 respectively (Monza above)

The most common ampullae, such as this one of c AD 600 in Dumbarton Oaks, show the two thieves in the orans pose, flanking a cross above which is a bust of Jesus





[Image: 4sacredsitesElectro-MagneticMagicCi.jpg]

Squaring the circle

Emblema XXI of Michael Maier’s 1618 Atalanta fugiens

‘Here followeth the Figure conteyning all the secrets of the Treatise both great & small’.

“Above, the alchemist performs the squaring the circle, thereby turning the two sexes into one.

The motto repeats a saying of the ‘Rosarium’:

‘Make a circle out of a man and woman, derive from it a square, and from the square a triangle: make a circle and you will have the philosopher’s stone.’


 5 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 17

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“

-Walter Russell

17 – 3 = 14

[Image: ALCHEMYARABICMercuriusasPrimaMat-1.jpg]


Solution to above puzzle re: Amphora


What is the area of the vase?



re: YIN YANG and the SEED of LIFE

How can you divide a circle into six curved regions of identical shape and size using a compass alone?


At this point I must point out the similarity to both the 3-legged swastika known as the triskele and the SEED of LIFE, which is the step before the Flower of Life and Fruit of Life.
Not to mention the Tree of Life.

File:Fruit-of-Life Platonic-Solids 02.jpg

source: http://www.symbols.net/guide/fol/


Raise your right hand and repeat after ME



 The SECRET to ‘The Secret’

….is OUTSMARTING the LEFT Brain!

Popular CULTure KEYHOLES are to be found everywhere, take a peek:

Take a look at these next two MEME images based on GeoMEtry….it appears the the medieval alchemist has become a 21st century gamer…

Squaring the circle

And these figures were revealed to the mind of “Jessy” purportedly from an alien intelligence.

But butt butt one of the most famous aLIEn abduction narratives is brought to us by Stan Romanek and here is his ARCHETYPAL MEME story RECOVERED from the dark side:


2B continued because the 2B-mode gravitation waves were perhaps identified?

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