137 ~ Trapezoid Triangle Geometry ~ WTC7 ~ Shugborough Inscription ~ Hooked X ~ Kensington Rune Stone … all solved?

UPDATE April 29, 2016


KRS ~ Kensington Runestone – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It has been a while since an update to this particular page.
But perhaps providing insights into another unsolved controversial artifact the KRS or the Kensington Rune Stone warrants an entry.

207 = Let There Be Light!

The Hooked X and the number 207 and a brand new interpretation for the KRS

This is an update to a post I made on April 20th on faKebook and later it occurred to ME+me that this recording of the events by coincidence is linked to the time ‘4:20 pm’ and the date ‘4/20’ and Hitler’s birthday too.

Herein is the jist of the update regarding the number 207 and the Hooked X.

207 as the above link clearly illustrates is associated to the Hebrew word RaZ meaning secret, which has the same value of light, and it has been noted that 207 runes were used in the KRS plus 3 Latin letters, plus 12 numbers easily associated to the swastika or bent cross.

**hokhmat ha-RAZim a.k.a. the science of the secrets

‘Let There Be Lux’

cya Scott Wolter bye bye mister story teller … ?

Yes sadly another faKebook scholar who refused to discuss ‘other’ evidence vital to the interpretation bites the dust … cya Scott you failed to define not only what a ‘scientist’ is but failed to recognize when the scientist  becomes a story teller looking for confirmation bias to fill in the gaps of his story loosely based on science.

stm0e8xScott Wolter’s Hooked X
What is the main significance of this letter?

Please take note that the hooked X appears 22 times on the KRS and also note that our buddy Scott Wolter wants to link it to the Hebrew ‘aleph’ and now would be a good time to mention that the Hebrew alphabet is seen as being comprised of 22 letters, with some additions concerning the vowels not used in the main script.

I came across the most recent work of Richard Neilsen who has since had a difference of opinion with Scott Wolter … and of course I have a theory too … but it is a departure from all of the ‘literal’ interpretations offered to date.

The approach I take is archetypal, literal, figurative, based on geometry and the structure inherent in the Hebrew alphabet is clearly evident in among the 222 etchings found in the KRS.
All of the constituent parts needed by all story tellers.

Important to note that the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet are seen as being comprised of 3 + 12 + 7 = 22

In a comparison of the KRS to the structure of the Hebrew alphabet the coincidences are worth noting.

3 mother letters in hebrew are Aleph Shin Mem verses the Latin AVM in the KRS
[Shin is the 5th letter added to the four letter name of god YHShWH]

12 single letters match up nicely with the 12 times numbers are used in the KRS

7 double letters in the alphabet are represented by the 207 runes used in the KRS
i.e. what if 207 is also a coded for 2 x 7 which in fact is the same as 7 double letters?

classic from Samarra, Iraq, circa 5000 bceKRS numbers from Edward Larsson's notes (1885)
left image four-fold ‘swastika’ pottery from Samarra Iraq  dated to about 5000 BC
~ note that the numbers from 1-4 and 6-9 match up nicely with the KRS ~
right image are the numbers used in the KRS found in Edward Larsson’s notes (1885)


Also IF you see the flat front of the stone as representing a flat grid comprised of an x-axis and y-axis, then the side inscription is related to the ‘z-axis’, so now an entirely new interpretation results regarding length, breadth, and depth.

Also when you realize the 222 inscriptions hint at ZZZ or SSS or 555 or NNN or  ИИИ … you are now on the same page as ME+me, in fact we occupy the center SS sweet spot.

Larsson's bind-runes representing the letter-combinations EL and MW

Bind Runes EL MW

A possible origin for the irregular shape of the runes was discovered in 2004, in the 1883 notes of a then-16-year-old journeyman tailor with an interest in folk music, Edward Larsson.[29] Larsson’s aunt had migrated with her husband and son from Sweden to Crooked Lake, just outside Alexandria, in 1870.[30] Larsson’s sheet lists two different Futharks. The first Futhark consists of 22 runes, the last two of which are bind-runes, representing the letter-combinations EL and MW. His second Futhark consists of 27 runes, where the last 3 are specially adapted to represent the letters å, ä, and ö of the modern Swedish alphabet. The runes in this second set correspond closely to the non-standard runes in the Kensington inscription.[29]

The abbreviation for Ave Maria consists of the Latin letters AVM.
Wahlgren (1958) noted that the carver had incised a notch on the upper right hand corner of the letter V.

So as noted above the numbers 1-4 can be placed on the four arms of a swastika and the V in AVM which I suggested might be linked to the Hebrew mother letter ‘shin’ has a notch in it.

Perhaps this is a long overdue interpretation for the KRS?

btw ME+me also solved or helped open the door to the Shugborough riddle by applying the same set of archetypal ideas.

Keep reading.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Et in Arcadia ego (Les Bergers d’Arcadie), late 1630s
Nicolas PoussinThe Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei

Yes it helps to have a sense of humor.

But what does the ‘S’ really stand for?

And what about the  geometry of the HSBC symbol itself … what kind of brand does it leave on your passive right brain?

What if the ‘S’ stands for SiZZle?

image on the left appears to be similar to the yin yang
image on the right is the HBL symbol
Hermetic Brotherhood of Light also called the Fratres Lucis
and the Order of the Swastika

So what does the ‘S’ stand 4?

Position of Big Dipper
1. 2770 B.C.   2. 1800 B.C.   3. 2000 A.D.

ARCADIA and 137

Update Sept. 24, 2013

Keep the following link:

… in mind as we navigate through this lengthy blog.

note the consonants used in the Islamic term QiBLaH, match the word QaBaLaH which we learn later has a numerical value of 137 using Hebrew gematria values.

QaBaLaH comes from the word QiBBeL.
Note the word QiBBeL is comprised of the word BiBLe and Q.
Recall one of the main sources of the bible is called ‘Q‘.

So which constellation/s is used to locate the QiBLaH or the North Star, currently Polaris?

The Arcadian Meridian – Andrew Gough’s Arcadia

When I launched this ‘Arcadia’ website in the summer of 2006, I never imagined I would stumble upon London’s forgotten Arcadia, on my doorstep, in the Royal Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

-Andrew Gough

Part of the Shugborough Shepherd’s Monument

source of image:

Take note of the meander in the above image, it provides the KEY pattern.

How do we link Arcadia and the Shugborough riddle to a swastika/meander-algorithm and the number 137?

Step 1:

Accept this pdf. showing how the swastika was an algorithm employed all throughout the Roman Empire.

Step 2:

Determining the gematria value of the word QaBaLaH.


Hay > H  Lamed > L  Bet > B  Qof > Q

(reading from right to left )


 Qof/Q = 100   Bet/B = 2   Lamed/L = 30   Hay/H = 5


Oral tradition — the name given to mystical study involving Hebrew, the Tree of Life diagram and similar approaches ultimately stemming from Palestine, and early non-Christian gnostic practices.

Antecedents include Chaldean (Babylonian), Old Persian, Egyptian, Greek and Hindu practices.

This term was applied mainly after secondary exodus from Spain. Qabalah makes extensive use of methods originally intended for literary criticism, fragments of folklore and systems of initiatic training from western and near eastern cultures. The systematic derivation of many short words from three and two letter roots combines with historic use of numerical puns in place of rhymes and a penchant for word games to produce a unique and elaborate collection of mental exercises.

QBLH =HayLamedBetQof= 137

Since Hebrew letters have long done double duty for numbers, many numbers have evolved meanings substantially like the ideas represented by Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese ideographs.

Possible Tarot explanation 25 vs 52 and 11 vs 8

Two observers would meet each other, if they set out in the opposite direction on a round earth: Gautier de Metz shows, in the thirteenth century, the consequences of a round earth.
This picture is of the printed version of Vincent of Beauvais’ influential book ‘Speculum maior‘.
In: HARLEY, J.B. & WOODWARD, D. (1987) and Ch. XVII of: VINCENTIUS (1481/1979)

File:Shugborough arcadia.jpg

Photograph of image at Shugborough hall copy of Poussin’s Arcadia Shepherds

note the 3+1 asymmetry.
i.e. 3 male shepherds are holding a staff, can I suggest x, y, z, and the 4th shepherd (female?) looking on might represent time.
note in the Shugborough image how two of the lines are converging and two lines are diverging.

This basic idea is what is at the core of determining the geometry of the universe i.e. positive/convex, negative/saddle/concave, and flat.

Who is modern science trying to fool anyway?

Defining the geometry of the universe in terms of the triangle associated to god is an idea that in fact goes back at least to the days of Pythagoras.

One of these was the letter י or Yod, equivalent nearly to the English I, or J, or Y, which was the initial of the word, and it was often inscribed within an equilateral triangle, thus:

… the triangle itself being a symbol of Deity.

The number ‘137‘ helps to solve or should I say helps take the riddle to the *next* level of inquiry.


The Shugborough Inscription

Thomas Anson was born in 1695 in the upper echelons of society. A traveller and Member of Parliament, he inherited a vast fortune amassed by his brother, which he used to improve the family seat at Shugborough.
In the grounds of the hall lies The Shepherd’s Monument.

It was sculpted by the man who fashioned William Shakespeare’s monument in Westminster Abbey, the Flemish Peter Scheemakers. And it bears one of the world’s great unsolved codes.

Josiah Wedgewood, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin are all reputed to have tried.
And all failed.

In Ninth-Gate fashion, it is a copy of the French classical painter Nicholas Poussin’s ‘Shepherds of Arcadia’.
But there are some tiny differences: and there’s an extra sarcophagus on top of the main tomb.

Below the frieze lie eight letters: O,U,O,S,V,A,V and V.
They have two more letters as henchmen: D and M, which would at that time have been take to mean Diis Manibus: Dedicated to the Manes, the Roman word for the Spirits of the Dead.

Riddle me this: what do those letters stand for?

Or should I ask what do the letters ADD up to?

re: 137 another direct hit

137 helps solve a Freemason RIDDLE that many before have failed to solve, but apparently me and my shadow have now given this OLD riddle a new quantum life.

Shugborough Riddle unsolved until now?

The fella called David Bowman came close but he failed to POINT out the significance of the numbers 137 and the letters D and M.

D and M serve the same purpose as the two pillars or the two thieves that flanked the archetypal Jesus on the cross.

Since we know that a Freemason commissioned this monument it was more probable that popular methods usually known in Masonic circles were behind the riddle.

One of the popular “occult” cryptographer’s entertainments is the use of gematria. I am wide aware of the difficulty of proving the use of such encryption, but I will show that gematric calculations reveal some “secrets” of the Shugborough memorial. The only real guide in proving the use of gematria is the context: if an idea fits within the context, it is more possible that this message was in fact intentionally encrypted. I used the most simple gematric table of the values of letters, usually called Masonic code of values, the one that assigns numbers to letters successively:

Thus using simple gematria the famous Shugborough Riddle yields 137

OUOSVAVV = 15+21+15+19+22+1+22+22 = 137 

plus the D and M = 17
for a total of 154

http://www.aiwaz.net/Shugborough-Riddle/a47 (sadly link has gone dead)

Then I found another feature of the number 137, which persuaded me that my gematria interpretation of the riddle might sustain the first wave of denial.

Greek word for Arcadia had also the same value calculated according to the Greek code of values:

ΑΡΚΑΔΙΑ = 1+100+20+1+4+10+1 = 137

Yes the author David Bowman finds a confirmation that only seems to confirm my hypothesis regarding the documentation of 137 in many Freemason efforts.

Shall we take a closer look at the word: ΑΡΚΑΔΙΑ = 1+100+20+1+4+10+1 = 137

You wished to know the meaning of the letters.

In the first place I concur with the D M Dis Manibus, to the gods and the spirits of the dead.

As for OUOSVAVV, the vowels represent one letter, the letter G.
As for the consonants, these represent two letters.
They are the letters I and C.

The three letters form part of the name of a man.

to recap:
G for vowels AOOU
IC for consonants SVVV
(to be recalled later)

Nobel Prize winning Richard Feynman told all theorists to write the number 137 on the wall and worry about it.

I did.

QaBaLaH or QBLH = 137

Before moving on can we associate Arcadia and 137 to the Ark?

The Ark was 300 cubits which became 450 feet which in meters is 137.16 meters.

Arkitect Jean-Pierre Houdin has said the height of the Great Pyramid is 137 meters.

And using simple gematria the Great Pyramid has a value of 137.

i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3 .…… X=24, Y=25, Z=26

G R E A T  
7+18+5+1+20 = 51

16+25+18+1+13+9+4 = 86

51 + 86 = 137 

but but butt there is more we can take the numbers 51 and 86 split them up and it still adds up to 13-7.

13 = 5+8
7 = 1+6

Take a look at these two images
We have two poles/pillars that are NOT parallel, however the focus of the relief is *between* those two lines.

The lower image was taken out of the Freemason text Masonic Archaeology by Frank C. Higgins.
In another language the trapezoid IDEA might be expressed as the word YHWH, which had a numerical/gematria value of 26, while the word QaBaLaH has a value of 137.

Today SCIENCE is trying to formulate a THEORY of EVERYTHING using 26 constants and the number 137 is an enigma.

BUT wait there appears to be an anomaly.
So how do we use CARD X of the Tarot to help make the connection between 17 and 26?

note: the four astrological signs in the corners of the swastika on the 4×4  magic square of Jupiter on the grid below, clockwise from top left are Leo 5, Scorpio 8, Aquarius 11, and Taurus 2 in the lower left.
Compare the positions to Tarot Card X…the LION, the EAGLE, the MAN, and the BULL.

i.e. the FOUR evangelists are revealed as 4 constellations associated also with the numbers 1, 3, 7, and 6, starting with the Man/St. Matthew, moving clockwise, Eagle/St. John, Lion/St. Mark and Ox/St. Luke.

What do you notice is different about their positions on the wheel?
Their positions have changed due to the rotations/reflections.

@6:56 – the relationship between hexagons and circles when determining pi.


And then it depends how you add things up.
(ignore the 3 in the center for now…focus on the periphery)

11 + 2 + 5 + 8 = 26

1 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 8 = 17

13 + 7 + 6 = 26

Y – 10 + H – 5 + V – 6 + – 5 = 26

Serpent imagery occurs throughout the religious iconography of Mesoamerica. The serpent is associated with several Mexica deities including Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent), Xiuhcoatl (Fire Serpent) and Mixcoatl (Cloud Serpent) or Coatlicue (She of the Serpent Skirt), the mother of the Mexica god Huitzilopochtli. The habit of snakes to shed their skin each year probably led to them being used to convey ideas concerning renewal and transformation. Likewise the ability of many species to move freely between water, earth and the forest canopy helped underline their symbolic role as intermediaries between the different layers of the cosmos (underworld, earth and sky).

An icon of Mexica (Aztec) art, this striking object was probably worn on ceremonial occasions as a pectoral
(an ornament worn on the chest).


Borobudur – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WHAT IF the Big Dipper/constellations did function similar to a spin network?

Position of Big Dipper
1. 2770 B.C.   2. 1800 B.C.   3. 2000 A.D.


In physics, a spin network is a type of diagram which can be used to represent states and interactions between particles and fields in quantum mechanics. From a mathematical perspective, the diagrams are a concise way to represent multilinear functions and functions between representations of matrix groups. The diagrammatic notation often simplifies calculation because simple diagrams may be used to represent complicated functionsRoger Penrose is credited with the invention of spin networks in 1971, although similar diagrammatic techniques existed before that time.

Spin networks have been applied to the theory of quantum gravity by Carlo RovelliLee SmolinJorge Pullin and others. They can also be used to construct a particular functional on the space of connections which is invariant under local gauge transformations.


So if you have gotten this far you are probably wondering what the connection is to WTC7 (world trade center building 7)?
WTC7 is what some people refer to as THE smoking gun due to the ‘obvious’ demolition’ that took place suggesting on 911 we were witness to the demolition of three buildings.
WTC7 is the best evidence we have in addition to other evidence that was in plain sight and then hastily removed from view.

The first thing I noticed about WTC7 was the number of floors.
WTC7 had 47 floors.

Then I noticed that the WTC Command Center, the proposed HQ that had been specially built in the event of an event just like 911 for Mayor of the Day Rudy Giuliani was on the 23rd floor.

NOW the coincidences:

Euclid proposition #47 is the Pythagorean theorem. i.e.  a^2+b^2=c^2 for a right triangle.
47 happens to be the age I woke up and found ME using geoMEtry.

I wore the number 23 playing high school basketball and won team MVP. (btw this was before M. Jordan)
My father died when I was 23 on March 16/1981 (the DOD numbers reduce to 13799 – the numbers we find on the spine of the bIbLE)
23 is associated with the archangel Raphael, this I found out not that long ago.
The name Raphael has been in use as my altered ego/alias since the late 1980s.
23 morphed into the ZW or W and Z theory … this hole is very deep, not for the meek, it suggests everything we are finding out today as science takes us to the very limits of what can be known had already been ‘anticipated’ and recorded.
The Story of the W and Z appears to be at the crux of an idea worth passing on and building on.


But it was the ‘coincidental’ shape of WTC7 that sent shivers up and down my spine. 

The original 7 World Trade Center was clad in red exterior masonry, and occupied a trapezoidal footprint.

note one of the properties of a trapezoid is that it is convex polygon and when discussing the topology or geometry of the universe the word ‘convex’ is often used, and has been one of the descriptors of the universe for a long time.
We find evidence of these insights as noted in the three main yantras as defined by Jain Buddhism…

 … concave/saucer, flat, and convex/tortoise seem to be the choices

Now keep this observation regarding the concave sides of the Great Pyramid in mind.
Flinders Petrie said the center was concave to add to the rigidity of the structure.

And the entire idea about the topology or geometry of the universe comes back to even simpler ideas as mentioned.
1/ Are the two lines converging or diverging?
2/ Do the interior angles of the triangle add up to more than 180 degrees, less than 180 degrees, or there is no change?

64 – DNA – Mayan’s AINTIRAM – NaSSim Haramein – Tesseract 

“Here are four maps of the sky,” he said, “which show the way it looks at different seasons at 9 o’clock in the evening—on January 1st, April 1st,  July 1st, and October 1st.

You will see that the groups of stars around the pole are always in view, while the rest of the star people change with the seasons, but even the groups around the pole change their positions with the seasons.

“You have all seen the Swastika. It has been known and used as an ornament for hundreds of years, all over the world—by the American Indians, the Chinese, the East Indians, and many others. I’ll show you where I think all these widely separated people got the Swastika, and how it stands for the four seasons.”

Uncle Henry drew four little pictures showing the four positions in which the big dipper stands in the four different seasons, with its “pointer stars” always indicating the pole star.

Then he drew all four positions on one sheet of paper, like this:

And when heavy lines were drawn along the handles of the dippers and across the pole star from bowl to bowl the Swastika suddenly appeared like this:

Position of Big Dipper
1. 2770 B.C.   2. 1800 B.C.   3. 2000 A.D.

And as we have seen Zelia Nuttall interpretated it slightly differently.
She makes it is clear that the four arms of the big dipper have been opening up since about 2,700 B.C. hence altering the shape of the Big Dipper.

Reference to this star-map (fig. 6) proved that the observations, leading to the adoption of the swastika as a symbol, could not possibly have been made until after Ursa Major had become circumpolar, about 4,000 B.C. At that period, when Draconis was the pole-star, the circle described about it by Ursa Major was considerably closer than it is at present. The accompanying illustrations (fig. 7), subject to correction, demonstrate the relative distance of the constellation about 2,770 B.C., 1,800 B.C., and 2,000 A.D., and show how much more strikingly impressive the polar region of the heavens was in remote antiquity.





D = 4 
M = 13 = 1+3 = 4

(the number indicates the letter’s position in the alphabet)

William Eisen in The Universal Language of Cabalah suggests within the tarot that the letter D is associated with Card 15 i.e. the Devil and the letter M is paired with Card 13 i.e. Death.

Note that 4 + 4 which adds up to 8 can be linked to the base of the Great Pyramid at 440 x 440 cubits.

How many letters are there between the D and the M?


two thumbs up

Gary Chevalier in the comments below that follow the blog points out that the letter D and M could be hinting at pi.
So as a numerical anagram 4 and 13 or 413 unscrambled becomes 3.14 or pi.
Recall that the Holy Spirit can also be shown to be associated with pi too.
And also we must remember that the Knights Templar were rounded up in 1307 (…137 is the inverse of alpha 1/137) and the Grandmaster Jacques deMolay who was burned at the stake in the year 1314 is again hinting at pi.
i.e. 1314 = 3.141

Is the Shugborough Inscription riddle solved?

 a two-dimensional hypersurface of the quintic Calabi-Yau three-fold
Main article: Quantum gravity

I don’t think the riddle has been solved.

2b continued using the 2b-modes?

selah V


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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  • Gary Chevalier  On October 22, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    What if GIC is really 7i3 or 713 or 793?
    In the yin/yang 369 is it not 9 that seperates the 3 and the 6? 9 seperates male and female. 9 = 3.141592654?

    D=4 + I=9 = 13 = M and M = 26

    I also posted some 154 ramblings ages ago on another thread… Gd154, very interesting numbers to be found in the melting and boiling points.

    • Gary Chevalier  On October 22, 2013 at 11:38 pm

      D = 4, M = 13

      DM = 3.14

      If 9=pi and M = 13 or 3.1 = Pi ?

      Therefore I = M, GIC = GMC (my initials)

      GMC has english gematria of 138 and common = 23, the month and date of my birth, Feb 3rd or C^2.

      • Gary Chevalier  On October 23, 2013 at 12:04 am

        If the I is both an I and an M then MI = 4 & 9 = 49 x 3.14 = 153.9 or 154

      • raphael  On October 25, 2013 at 11:17 am

        nice one pulling pi out of 13 and 4 😉


    • raphael  On October 25, 2013 at 11:19 am

      I also find the numbers 159 that come after the 3.14 interesting too …

      Take a look here, the 13 and 4 and 159 all play a role:


  • Gary  On December 30, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    Just as a side note, GD154 re-arranged and converted into letters caught my attention, as follows: 1 = A and 5 = S, therefore A5G4D or ASGAD. It’s by no means perfect and it doesn’t look very nice but that’s what I can see. I know that I’ve mentioned GD154 a million times but it holds too many coincidences to be ignored…

  • hamburgers, fries  On February 24, 2014 at 7:39 am

    4 corners of the Earth. d=dextro(on the left, should be the right) m=mirror-plane (flip image over mirror plane axis); when you perform these symmetry operations on the letters, you can assemble the phrase MASON plus a single Masonic Symbol (minus the “G”)… try it on paper… The Two Inner Shephards on the Carved Stone Actually Form an Upside-Down “G” with The Positioning of Their Arms, While Their Sticks form an Upside-Down Geometric Compass; the, From the Masonic Compass and Right angle Ruler; The Left-to-Right Flipping of the Arrangement of the Shephard’s Completes the Confirmation of Symmetry Operation; O U O S V A V V ; M D; …. next bit is kind of a stretch, so don’t take it with any great significance or weight… M (1,000) + D (500) = 1,500; Above Letters have V (5) + V (5) + V (5) + O (0) + O (0) = 15+0+0= 1500, Confirmed; Subtract Number of Letters on Top from 1500: 1500-8= 1492; Columbus Sailed Ocean Blue to Found USA (remaining letters from Top line with “1500”, or “O,O,V,V,V” subtracted out , Home of The Free(mason), Land of The Brave; Same symmetry operation on Buddhist Sun Star Gives “4 Squares”… Not Sure Significance of That Is…. 4 corners of Earth?

  • hamburgers, fries  On March 2, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    I was just offering my 2 cents worth, if it doesn’t help don’t use it;

  • kevin  On December 26, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    I have seen this number my entire life… it keeps appearing to me… ive had my own theories that arr pretty similar to what ive just read… i have goosebumps right now… this is almost disturbing… the number 13 represents bad luck as the number 7 represents good luck… yin yang… alphabetically 13is a.c. and 7 is g… anti christ for 13 and god fo 7… yin yang… 1 god 3 entities 7 days of creation..
    I have put a lot of thought into this


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