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UPDATE October 9, 2016

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Shape of photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

The resulting image looks a bit like a Maltese cross, just like the wave function predicted from Schrödinger’s equation. In the arms of the cross, where the photons were in step, the image is bright – and where they weren’t, we see darkness.

The experiment brings us “a step closer to understanding what the wave function really is,” says Michal Jachura, who co-authored the work, and it could be a new tool for studying the interaction between two photons, on which technologies such as quantum communication and some versions of quantum computing rely.

The researchers also hope to recreate wave functions of more complex quantum objects, such as atoms.

“It’s likely that real applications of quantum holography won’t appear for a few decades yet,” says Konrad Banaszek, who was also part of the team, “but if there’s one thing we can be sure of it’s that they will be surprising.”

The best is yet to come, the consistency of this idea is starting to appear omnipresent.

~ end of UPDATE ~

The following quote was made in 1912
and then two world wars broke out …

source of quote and free pdf:

And here we are 101 years later and I feel we are
knocking on that door again attempting to
cross over that line.


Three ROTAS/SATOR configurations representing various levels of scaling.

PHOTON HOLOGRAM ~ levels of scaling

With triangular arms that do not fill the square (sometimes not called pattée but a variant of the Maltese cross; see also variation of the St George’s cross)

With the ends of the arms convex and curved; sometimes called “Alisee”.
(French croix pattée alésée arrondie)

Cross pattée – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


cross and crown laid upon a cross pattée inscribed with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” resting upon downward pointing swords in saltire is often used to represent the Knights Templar.
(The various symbols used allude to the orders of the body, though the cross and crown is often used alone as well.)

The earliest documented link between Freemasonry and the Crusades is the 1737 oration of the Chevalier Ramsay.

This claimed that European Freemasonry came about from an interaction between crusader masons and the Knights Hospitaller.

So is the 137 in the year 1737 a coincidence or do we have more evidence of a ‘numerical’ narrative that seems to keep pace with the bIbLE  narrative comprised of letters and words resulting in a state of IsraEL being formed?

sator square 1173 Church of San Giovanni (Campiglia Marittima) 1of2

Sator Square ~ Parish Church of San Giovanni (St. John) Campiglia Marittima, province of Livorno.

Abbreviations normally used at the time conventionaly replaced some letters with circumflex accents: we have substituted small letters for those missing. The words Cator Matheus, put in parenthesis, are carved on a stone on the other side of the architrave but are a part of the same inscription.

The translation of the words is as follows:

“The sinner Matthew achieved this work through the Grace of God: O Brothers, pray God, so that He will forgive the sins committed.”

The date, at the beginning of the inscription, has been interpreted in different ways, according to how the letter “S” is deciphered.

The theory supported by Prof. P. Bacci in 1910 upheld that it stood for the number 6, making the date of construction 1109. More recent studies, which consider the “S” an abbreviation of seventy, argue that the date is 1173.

I would argue based on the fact the Knights Templar were arrested in 1307, that 1173 is the ‘idea’ being passed forward not 1109.
Though 1109 hinting at a 911 could be a possibility too.

Dr. George Merkl (1920-2004), Ph.D, PhD, was a Nuclear Physicist and Molecular Biologist.

Dr. Merkl is listed in “Who’s Who Among Pioneers in Science Today” and holds several awards in Physics and Biology. His final and most momentus discovery involved “particle biochemistry” and the Secret of Life.

He is the author of “Inner Space (Unified Theory)”, and has discovered new treatments which can cure HIV-AIDS, cancer, and many other degenerative diseases naturally.

Life Crystals, made of adenosine tri­phosphate (ATP) and guanosine tri-phosphate (GTP) and their precursors, are optically active and are capable of polarizing, absorbing and storing light.

One result of being able to provide concentrated, specially charged and readily available ATP and GTP, is that it is possible to ensure the optimum energy levels necessary for cellular and genetic repair, growth and function.

The Chondriana are human in origin.
They are our precursors.

They are micro-organisms which have been synthesized from human DNA. The Chondriana existed three and a half billion years ago. We had life forms back then that were capable of reproducing or mass producing all our organs. There is a micro-organism which has been found fossilized in western Australia dated three and a half billion years old. It is identical to the Chondriana. The Chondriana (ancient female micro-organisms) give birth to the Chondrions (ancient male micro organisms). Every organelle in our cells was at one time produced by similar female Chondriana.

In other words, we had life forms, back three and a half billion years ago that were capable of reproducing all our organs. We had factories in our cells, which we do not have today, which produced the organelles inside our cells. In so many ways we have de-evolved.

With this discovery we can correct the atrophy that has taken hold of us at a deep cellular level and activate dormant DNA codes to regenerate ourselves.

(I just happen to be the 137th viewer!)


more info found here:

In part 1 introduction George tells us he came to the west from the east in the year I was born, 1957.
(I do not believe in coincidences so my attention ‘span’ has been heightened and lengthened … btw)
George and ME both arrived alive in the year of IGY – 1957, the most intense solar flare/sunspot activity we have on record….was in 1957-58 

As mentioned I also happened to be the 137th viewer of this video.
Coincidence or evidence that I should watch this video?

@6:35 George says a few things.

He mentions phrases like FREE ENERGY, the ENERGY of CREATION, and the BREATH of GOD followed immediately by the words 918 pairs of ‘scrolls’ of this FREE ENERGY …

well that was enough for me 
for now

918 pairs of SCROLLS?

holy moly torah batman 
I have a problem ya see, I look at clues from all angLEs using my angEL POV. 
I read from right to left and  from left to right.

So how do we connect 918 to 819?
Will it allow us to merge east with west?

13 x 7 x 9 = 819

Note this formula was used by the Mayans to help tell TIME and by FREEMASONS like George Washington when to lay a cornerstone for the temple you plan on building…. what a Capital IDEA!

George M. gives us insights to George W.   

But as a searcher of the TRUTH, I knew that IF my work was TRUE BLUE it must connect with other inspired TRUTH seekers.

In this video lecture by George Merkl he suggests that Sumerian technology is poised to making a 21st century comeback….this next image is taken from GM’s Sumerian lecture.

In this image do you see:

1/ the hexagon/star of david?
2/ the maltese/templar cross?
3/ the left facing swastika inside the maltese cross?

What is the connection between the Maltese Cross, the Swastika, and THEY who are in the know?

   Why is the swastika used as a SEAL for the Buddha’s HEART?

Can we ignore this vital clue? 

For how much longer?


George Merkl Sumerian Technology meshes with KNIGHTS TEMPLAR SATOR A-E-O-N CROSS

And that is fantastic because we now have another confirmation.
It helps to explain why we can associate the Knight’s Templar Rotas/Sator Magic Square to Roger Penrose/Ed Witten Twistor String Theory!

PHOTON HOLOGRAM ~ levels of scaling



MORE more more of the same;

selah V

to be continued

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  • shiva  On September 12, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    Yeah but how to make life crystals in my home?

  • watcher  On October 19, 2013 at 2:16 am

    this is to british german Zionism masked as knowlege/ where is the gnosis?

  • Monique  On April 1, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Does a “fluer de lis” fit into the swastika symbol somehow?


    • raphael  On April 3, 2014 at 1:57 pm

      rotate all shapes
      what number/s do you see in the flower?

  • Martín Huerta  On September 30, 2015 at 12:21 am

    Conocéis vos la acasia?

  • FADSFADF  On December 29, 2015 at 7:09 pm


  • raphael  On October 3, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    ELI the ICE man

    interesting associations

  • sam harrington  On October 19, 2016 at 12:29 am

    ralph moist plants are happy at see level
    it’s tarot i yam in deed nourished by Ninhursag’s milk

    • raphael  On November 13, 2016 at 1:00 pm

      dear Sam Harrington go tell/share with your guru Randall Carlson that now that we know what a particle of light i.e. a PHOTON looks like at REST … what happens if it ‘moves’?

      And pay attention, that is where the swastika comes into play.
      okay … REST is jesus nailed to the cross and MOVEMENT is a cross in motion aka swastika

      dear Sam if you have anything to offer spit it out please, ye sound like just another of the new age sheeple people who just woke up and still can not see the World TEACHER hidden in plain sight

      • sam harrington  On November 17, 2016 at 10:30 am

        & you dear Ralph sometimes can come over as a tad arrogant but that’s ok, none of us is perfect 🙂 i was a bit drunk when i posted my last comment & for that i apologize. Randall Carlson? i don’t do gurus – i posted the video (since it was Halloween) for the Taurus connection – last fixed station of the cross & all that.

        If you recall, i came here, asking for a password to one of your articles which
        you promised to send but which i have yet to receive, I happen to think a man’s wyrd is worth sum thing – you may differ. i didn’t come here with any “offers” but with a request. Regardless i enjoy reading your ideas

        so why are words divine? because they define – unless one is deafened

        anyway you might find these interesting :

        LEVI (mirrored) = 1^37 = 1
        EVIL (mirrored) = 71^3 = 357911 (3+5+7+9+1+1 = 26 = 8) (1+8 = 9)
        LOVE (mirrored) = 3^07 3^07 = 2187 (2+1+8+7 = 18) 1+8 = 9
        LIVE (mirrored) = 3^17 3^17 = 129140163 = (1+2+9+1+4+0+1+6+3 = 27) & 2+7 = 9

        my blog is a work in progress & i do it for my own reasons & i was never one of the herd anyway. i quite like my blog post on Planetary Axial Tilts (reduced to digital routes)

        feel free to make good one your promise, or not, as you wish …

      • raphael  On November 17, 2016 at 4:59 pm

        I am arrogant Sam Harrington because the ideas ye promote like LEVI = 1^37 mirrored is an idea I started quite a few years ago

        Yes I AM the source of that AHA
        I get little respect
        that is why I appear arrogant to the ignorant

        and the password you asked for was for a blog still under progress
        that is why you were denied

        Btw what does ‘Taurus last fixed station of the cross’ mean to the ignorant and profane like yourself?

        the bullshit ye sheeple promote about Taurus is ironically a yoke joke leading you where exactly?

        Sam the man keep trying …

      • sam harrington  On November 18, 2016 at 1:33 am

        Ralph, you sound angry. if the “bullshit” that i “promote” was what you started years ago” well it’s entirely possible! I’ve been reading your blog on & off for a while now & have given thought to your ideas (otherwise what would be the point of reading it?) & i have listened to many different opinions & read many viewpoints. i like listening.

        ideas take time to “bed in” & to spread so, if i posted was what you were working on years ago” …

        then by definition either …

        1) great minds think alike & so do ours (& they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery)

        or perhaps

        2) if by your own admission, you were spreading “bullshit” then it’s your own bullshit being flung back at you – like a kind of divine chiasm if you like.

        anyway the more interesting question to me, is why is so much “bullshit” flying around just now … & i suspect that you know the answer to that, something to do with the rear end of the neo-lithic perhaps?

        why do people want to no the truth anyway?

        if our descendants continue our dissent regardless of how decent they may be … perhaps “Houston we have a problem!”

        i know you’re fond of photons so come on Ralph. lighten up.

        i admire your work & would like to discuss it further …but that is entirely up to you

        all the best SH

  • raphael  On January 9, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Is it a coincidence that what Dr. Merkl claims blood plasma under high magnification looks very similar to plasma discharges [Anthony Peratt] AND another version of the swastika found in Bangladesh in Bengali called the SHoSTiK?

    Drawings of “Bionic Plants” as seen by Dr. Merkl under high magnification
    of Blood Plasma, Dr. George Merkl, Sumer Tech, Cosmic Bio Machine, 1995


  • Ha-aut'z  On August 29, 2017 at 8:11 am

    So, this is where someone posts something in Latin to sound really smart, right? This set of dimensions is troubled. Everything was cool until a small group of what are called “White People” decided that there should be divisions and they need to be in charge. This will be turned around and the world will send some changes. So, those that continue to divide and preach hatred will need friends in the end. Have fun with that.


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