Out of Africa – Swastika – Symbols of Power – Adinkras – Fractals – Atlantis?

Out of Africa – Swastika – Symbols of Power – Adinkras – Fractals – Atlantis?


Two short videos to prepare the reader for the contents of this blog.

pause the video at 0:17

The Qabalah, specifically the Zohar suggests that the bible will one day be interpreted by science.

We are on our way, some of us.
Take a look at the image you paused at 17 seconds, the 5 coded Adinkras.

The top four numbers are (1111)
That is the gematria value of IOTA (which is the greek vowel for the sun)

One level down to the left we see (1110)
that is the gemtria value of the word MACROCOSM

One level down to the right we see (0111)
That is the gematria value of the word NAKIEL (meaning intelligence)
111 is linked to the 6×6 magic square of the sun and the numbers 666 too.

How deep do you want to go?
Keep reading.


Find the swastikas and the SEED* pattern in these Adinkra cloths….

Adinkra mourning cloth collected by Thomas Edward Bowdich in 1817.

Bowdich obtained this cotton cloth in Kumasi, a city in south-central Ghana. The patterns were printed using carved calabash stamps and a vegetable-based dye.

This oldest known example of adinkra art and features fifteen stamped symbols, including nsroma (stars), dono ntoasuo (double Dono drums), and diamonds. British Museum.

Below is another Adinkra cloth from 1825.

My FF badge was 1258 and here I AM studying exactly these same geometric shapes.

Is this yet another coincidence or more evidence of a map that I AM following back to the source of who I AM?

Adinkra symbols, including first documented occurence of sankofa symbol

Rattray (1927)  gives the names of the symbols as follows:

1. Gyawu Atiko, lit. the back of Gyawu’s head. Gyawu was a sub-chief of Bantama who at the annual Odwira ceremony is said to have had his hair shaved in this fashion.

2. Akoma ntoaso, lit. the joined hearts.

3. Epa, handcuffs. See also No. 16.

4. Nkyimkyim, the twisted pattern.

5. Nsirewa, cowries.

6. Nsa, from a design of this name found on nsa cloths.

7. Mpuannum, lit. five tufts (of hair).

8. Duafe. the wooden comb.

9. Nkuruma kese, lit. dried okros.

10. Aya, the fern; the word also means ‘ I am not afraid of you ‘, ‘ I am independent of you’ and the wearer may imply this by wearing it.

11. Aban, a two-storied house, a castle; this design was formerly worn by the King of Ashanti alone.

12. Nkotimsefuopua, certain attendants on the Queen Mother who dressed their hair in this fashion. It is really a variation of the swastika.

13 and 14 Both called Sankofa, lit. turn back and fetch it. See also Fig. 149 , No. 27.

15. Kuntinkantan, lit. bent and spread out ; nkuntinkantan is used in the sense of ‘ do not boast, do not be arrogant ‘.

16. Epa, handcuffs, same as No. 3.

source: R. S. Rattray, Religion and Art in Ashanti (Oxford, 1927), 265.

How far back can we trace these symbols and the tool being used, i.e. the ‘comb‘?
Should we ask Marija Gimbutas?


Above we see images of the CORE Signs of the Old European Script 5300 BC-4300 BC (the Balkans) as documented by the scholar Marija Gimbutas.


Vol. 1, Page  97


(b) Next we see Cosmic matter scattering and forming itself into elements; grouped into the mystic four within the fifth element — Ether, the lining of Akasa, the Anima Mundi or Mother of Kosmos. “Dots, Lines, Triangles, Cubes, Circles” and finally “Spheres” — why or how?

Because, says the Commentary, such is the first law of Nature, and because Nature geometrizes universally in all her manifestations. There is an inherent law — not only in the primordial, but also in the manifested matter of our phenomenal plane — by which Nature correlates her geometrical forms, and later, also, her compound elements; and in which there is no place for accident or chance.

It is a fundamental law in Occultism, that there is no rest or cessation of motion in Nature.*

That which seems rest is only the change of one form into another; the change of substance going hand in hand with that of form — as we are taught in Occult physics, which thus seem to have anticipated the discovery of the “Conservation of matter” by a considerable time.

West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings

Cover of Physics World June 2010

Symbols of Power: Adinkras and the Nature of Reality

by S. James Gates


Ron Eglash

The fractals at the heart of African designs

Now for the readers with an appetite for the real TRUTH, nothing but the TRUTH, so help ME use whatever god to show you the truh … here is the definitive version of the heART of darkness found in the recesses of our African DNA … the SEED PATTERN found in the Temple of Solomon.

So who is FranZ BoaS?

He is one of my heroes obviously for various reasons.
The cover of his book actually has a version of Plato’s Atlantis that we find in John Michell’s great book The Dimensions of Paradise.

And it appears that Chase Bank is banking on it!

And with a first name that ends in a Z and a last name that ends in an S, in reverse his initials would be SZ or 52.
And in my books that declare we are reading the inPHOmation in reverse, similar to a palindrome, the name FranZ BoaS embodies a great clue, it is clear to me that ZS is another TRUTH meSZenjah that I can rely on to keep me on that middle path, as I ascend the ME Tree of LIfE.
His work speaks for itself, at least it speaks to ME and ZeuS

Boas was one of the most prominent opponents of the then popular ideologies of scientific racism, the idea that race is a biological concept and that human behavior is best understood through the typology of biological characteristics.[6] In a series of groundbreaking studies of skeletal anatomy he showed that cranial shape and size was highly malleable depending on environmental factors such as health and nutrition, in contrast to the claims by racial anthropologists of the day that held headshape to be a stable racial trait. Boas also worked to demonstrate that differences in human behavior was primarily not determined by innate biological dispositions, but was largely the result of cultural differences acquired through social learning. In this way Boas introduced culture as the primary concept for describing behavioral differences in behavior between human groups, and as the central analytical concept of anthropology.

THUS my star witnesses in this exploration showing connections between textILE patterns and quantum THOTH thoughts are Professor S. James Gates, Ron Eglash, FranZ BoaS and Chase Bank, formerly J.P. Morgan.
(I wonder what Tesla would say? there will be more witnesses stepping forward…I suspect)

Back in 2009 I had discovered Ron Eglash and discussed his insights on yet another forum that ME and my SS Holy Spirit guide got banned from.

The owner of that site Rob Bast/Skelton eventually took sides with the group of mobsters that I loved to refer to as ‘we the sheeple’, the core of which as it turned out were Judaeo-X-tians.
The owner admitted the forum stats did reveal most of the forum members were ‘merikans.

And it was always clear that this MOB wanted to lynch ME and my KA, my swasti-KA body double.

Rob Bast the owner of that site is from down under, my polar opposite, geographically. 

Robert Skelton, alias Rob Bast was another of those wankers who spent in excess of $300K preparing for ‘2012’ from what he told me, though he built his 2012 hideaway on the edge of a golf course.

Good on ya Rob I do hope ewe find your inner shEILa on the 19th hole, my advice to ewe dude is stay out of the cosmic waters, Bruce might give ya a shARK attack and spit ya out in fractals.

Yes it appears that Rob Skelton and everybody else on the now defunct 2012 Forum were just living breathing a-DINK-ra symbols that I needed to meet on my journey back to the source of it all.

hardy har har

Enjoy the show.
It is a really big one.

….2B continued as the inPHOmation is ‘recovered’ …


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  • e^(ihi) + 1 = 0  On April 7, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Recently, within the last two weeks, I’ve had a string of super-synchronous events unfold in my world. One such string led me to a website dedicated to the idea that we’re simulations living in a simulated environment and one of the papers on the site was an article from Physics World magazine, “Symbols of Power” (http://www.onbeing.org/sites/onbeing.org/files/gates-symbolsofpower.pdf). The article was written by theoretical physicist, James Gates (http://umdphysics.umd.edu/research/theoretical/135.html), who works with SUSY.

    Dr. Gates and his team use geometrical structures called adinkras (https://at37.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/symbols-of-power-adinkras-by-s-james-gates/) to represent complex systems of “super” differential SUSY equations which are manipulated through this elaborate folding process. In order to maintain the equations’ SUSY properties throughout the folding process they use binary codes and the process “happens to correspond to the simplest member of the family containing the check-sum extended Hamming code.” The relevant bit string for maintaining SUSY is 1111!

    So a couple of days after reading this fascinating article, a blog I follow posts a post about Yakov Sinai winning the Abel Prize for his work with, amongst other things, non-linear differential equations, algorithmic complexity, and binary codes. Comments on the blog evolved into speculation about the mechanism responsible for the universal behavior often exhibited by disparate non-linear systems during phase transitions; I interjected that perhaps it had something to do with algorithmic complexity and binary codes and linked to the Gates article.

    Considering this another synchronicity in the chain, I was reminded of a quote I had read but couldn’t quite remember. So I googled an approximation of the quote and what the freak do I find: the 11:11 phenomenon (http://www.uri-geller.com/articles/11.htm) (http://www.11phenomenon.com/number_11_and_9-11_terror_attacks.html)! And of course I found the damn quote I was looking for: “If synchronicity is when the Universe notices you noticing it, twilight language is how it says ‘hello there!’ immediately after. It is the sound of the wheel when somebody spins somewhere” (http://runesoup.com/2013/04/twilight-language-the-quest-for-the-grail/). According to the ancient mythologies, the wheel is spun by the World Tree at the center of our galaxy; the Mayan long count, the Hindu yugas, the Buddhist Kalachakra, all tell of it and its various assorted phase transitions. Perhaps 1111 is the signature of the World Tree emerging from the collective unconscious, a “Symbol of Power.” Whatever the case may be, I’m rather certain we’re in the midst of a phase transition – from Solar to Lunar, Father dominance to Mother dominance, the dawn of a new cycle . . .


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