The ULTIMATE MEME that has been carried forward for the past 12,000+ years.
A symbol that can used to represent SPACE, TIME, and MOTION

A symbol that was used by all evolving CULTures.




Given the early events and tragedies of the century following Darwin’s death it is easy to see why most modern scientists and intellectuals approach the meme concept with healthy skepticism and caution.

The concept of ideas that spread according to genetic rules predates the coining by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene; for example William S. Burroughs asserted that “language is a virus.

John Laurent in The Journal of Memetics has suggested that the term ‘meme‘ itself may have derived from the work of the little-known German biologist Richard Semon. In 1904 Semon published Die Mneme (published in English as The Mneme in 1924). His book discussed the cultural transmission of experiences with insights parallel to those of Dawkins. Laurent found the use of the term mneme in The Soul of the White Ant (1927) by Maurice Maeterlinck and highlights its parallels to Dawkins’s concept:

Maeterlinck, in discussing theories which attempt to explain ‘memory‘ in termites as well as the other social insects (ants, bees etc.), uses the phrase “engrammata upon the individual mneme” (Maeterlinck, 1927, p.198). Webster’s Collegiate dictionary defines an engram as “a memory trace; specif.: a protoplasmic change in neural tissue hypothesized to account for persistence of memory”. Note that Maeterlinck explains that he obtained his phrase from the “German philosopher” Richard Semon. [1]

Laurent suggests that the etymological roots of the term ‘meme‘ may come from mimneskesthai, the Greek verb for ‘to remember, to keep in mindrather than from Dawkins’ root of mimeisthai, “to imitate.”


It seems I found the N M switches that nature uses.
The images below are chiral metamaterial switches.
More info found here regarding the swastika and its NANO gifts:

NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA – the true blue AVATAR

“Jung engrammata snake”

What is a MEME video from Ted Tv

Something about this word and its origins suggests, we should not allow ourselves to forget what its origins are.

In Greek mythology, In Greek mythology, Mneme (Μνήμη) was one of the three original Boeotian muses, though there were later nine. Her sisters were Aoide and Melete. She was the muse of memory.
She is sometimes confused with Mnemosyne, mother of the Muses (the three or the nine, depending on the author) by Zeus (Jupiter).

mneme (n.) mne·me
1. Psychology the retentive basis or basic principle in a mind or organism accounting for memory, persisting effect of memory of past events.
A unit of memory and taken from the Greek mimneskesthai, to remember (and ultimately from Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory.)
2. (capitolized) Class. Myth. the Muse of memory, one of the original three Muses. Cf.”Aoede, Melete.”

mnemic, a. mnemist
Quoting: wiki

History of the MEME concept

So all of that was presented because I want you to get used to these following associations.


Richard Dawkins coined the term selfish gene and along with it resurrected the term meme.
Three Replicators termed the selfish gene followed by the MEMEs and then the third replicator, the TEMEs .

So at the end of the day it appears that the GENES which gave birth to the MEMES, is the mechanism through language that helps to form the TEMES, which is pronounced TEAMS.

MEMEtic programming is what a MASTER would use to help direct the herd together or against each other.

The further I go back the more memetic or mnemonic the people, places, and things become.

In the reverse side of the Essen, or breastplate, was a pocket containing mysterious objects–the Urim and Thummim. Aside from the fact that they were used in divination, little is now known about these objects. Some writers contend that they were small stones (resembling the fetishes still revered by certain aboriginal peoples) which the Israelites had brought with them out of Egypt because of their belief that they possessed divine power. Others believe that the Urim and Thummim were in the form of dice, used for deciding events by being cast upon the ground. A few have maintained that they were merely sacred names, written on plates of gold and carried as talismans. “According to some, the Urim and the Thummim signify ‘lights and perfections,’ or ‘light and truth’ which last present a striking analogy to the. two figures of Re (Ra) and Themi in the breastplate worn by the Egyptians.” (Gardner’s The Faiths of the World.)

— Manly P. Hall; The Secret Teachings of all Ages

Personally I feel the U and T is associated with DNA and RNA.

Where the T in the DNA codons is exchanged for a U in RNA.
Somehow that equates to dice or is it die?

A passage — 1 Samuel 14:41 — in the Books of Samuel is regarded by biblical scholars as key to understanding the Urim and Thummim; the passage describes an attempt to identify a sinner via divination, by repeatedly splitting the people into two groups and identifying which group contains the sinner.



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