2 5 2 5 – GATE of the SUN – Tiwanaku Bolivia – 137

The following image is based on an IDEA that was hatched in 1947 by a group called GHREES.

take note of what I highlighted in yellow – the SS or Stable Snake contain the numbers:

5I5 2I2


Engendering 2052 through Re-imagining the Present

Review of 2052 

A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years as presented to the Club of Rome


I recently came across an interesting motif in this book by E.J. Tangerman.
This book has made me realize there is much I can learn about quantum mechanics by studying design and figure carving!

The image below is a sketch I found on page 96 and the author said it was taken from the Gate of the Sun in Tiwanaku Bolivia(SpanishTiahuanaco and Tiahuanacu)
Below we can clearly see what appear to be the numbers 2 5 2 5.
Which is significant because it is a pattern that appears in all ancient cultures and here it is associated with the Gate of the Sun too.

i.e. Archive link re: 25 and 52

So I thought it would be worth a visit to Tiwanaku to see if I could find this inscription on the Gate of the Sun for myself along with any other potential aha.

First dEtaIL of interest I came across was this quote along with the following image and these details.
BFC added by me, these are some of the ‘right brain’ clues I follow…. 😉

“Above, reconstruction from Edmund KiSS (1937) of how the Gate of the Sun may have been incorporated into a wall and was part of an entrance within the KalaSaSaya compound.”


I noticed the year 1937 immediately and soon afterward I found this ‘animation’ incorporating the 2 5 2 5 meander, connected to calendars and the passage of time.
Recall the theory that religions are intricately related to TIME keeping.
How much evidence do you need?
Have you ever heard of ‘precession of the equinoxes’, is this a calender too?
And who is in possession of the TIME CLOCK folks, with 2 minutes to go in the game?

It appears to be the Team lead by Pope Gregory who in fact bequeathed the world something called the Gregorian Calender.
Ever hear of it?

Note the bottom row/frieze in the Gate of the Sun is the match for the image above.

Tiwanaku gate of sun calendar

Above, when the sun reached the end of the pillars,
it appeared to “stand still” before beginning
its journey back in the opposite direction.

….What I think is meant here, is that they counted in twenty times twenty
then added an extra month in the same manner as they added an extra month to 36 months
to make 37, so the real figure here is not 20 x 20 = 400 but 20 x 20 + 1 = 401.

pdf file: http://www.atlantisbolivia.org/lostcalendarandes.pdf

source: http://www.atlantisbolivia.org/lostcalendarandes.htm

It appears that the work, the paSSion of J.M. Allen decoding the Tiwanaku Calender can help me to link the meander/numbers 2 5 2 5 to both the solar and lunar calenders and all of ME SS paSSionS too, as it should be!

Edmund Kiss and 1937 can be linked to the KISS theory in fact via the Gate of the Sun.

K eep
I  t
S wastika
S imple

Two cultures divided by the ‘Atlantis Ocean’.
Both capable of working with masonry.

One culture in Bolivia expresses the square cross as a ‘negative‘ representation cut into the stone, as we see in the image below.

NEGATIVE (image above) vs POSITIVE (image below)

… as above so below

In Ethiopia we find a positive representation cut into the stone.

The Church of Saint George, one of many churches hewn into the rocky hills of Lalibela.

And it is not unusual to find this ‘polarity’ playing itself out among other cultures that must have seemed worlds apart, long ago.

The trinity of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ALL revere the RIGHT hand of God over the LEFT.
However in China worlds away from the Mesopotamia they have shown a preference for the LEFT hand.

“The Vinegar Tasters” is a famous picture of Confucius, The Buddha and Lao Tzu. The three masters have each tasted vinegar from the vat in front of them. Their facial expressions reflect their philosophy…

Differences between Confucius and Lao Tse

Now if the deceased Stan Gooch was correct in his assertions that the I-Ching was in fact the ‘flowering of Neanderthal sciences’, and we find the Chinese today showing favor to the LEFT hand, and we are finding the I-Ching seems to anticipate DNA insights regarding the 64 codons comprised of ACGT.

Now what can we conclude about the gene-MEME called the Red Cross when Wolfgang Pauli who died in rm. 137 in a Red Cross hospital in Zurich was heard to exclaim after finding out that the four forces of physics were asymmetrical.

“I cannot believe God is a weak left hander”


Tippe Top

Wolfgang Pauli (left) and Neils Bohr are mesmerized by the child’s toy that defies laws of physics.

CheSS the Game of Life and the Tippe Top

Red Cross

The ICRC owes its creation to the Swiss, Henry Dunant. In 1863 an International Conference met in Geneva to try and improve the medical care of soldiers in war. It adopted the red cross on a white field as its emblem.

Red Crescent  

In 1876, during the Russo-Turkish war, the Ottoman Empire decided to use a red crescent on white instead of the red cross. Egypt also decided to use the crescent and Persia later decided to use a red lion and sun on white.

Red Crystal 

The ICRC added a more culturally-neutral symbol to the existing cross and cresent in 2005. This symbol can contain other local emblems within the crystal.


Recall at the very beginning of this blog I said the following:

“This book has made me realize there is much I can learn about quantum mechanics by studying design and figure carving!”

I want to share something else that I feel is profound.
Something an artist knows. Something I learned from this book. Something rather simple but yet it speaks volumes.

The following images are found on page 12 and the text that follows explains the significance of images 16-19.

Now did you catch the part where the artist explains that the:

“a straight line, though essential to the structure and utility of many forms certainly cannot be considered beautiful in itself.  Its uniformity makes it monotonous…”

“…of all curved lines the arc of a circle is least beautiful because it lacks variety and subtlety…”

AHA I say to all of that, because it allow us to probe the MiNds of ‘LOGICAL men’ and ‘INTUITIVE women’ as alchemical archetypes and the human condition.
A simple idEA that leads to diversity.

Thus a world filled with ‘we the sheeple’ that all think alike like men would be monotonous and a world filled to the brim with women clones reBLEATing the same goSSip would lack variety and subtlety.

PhDuh clearly those two choices are what await our future if we fail to balance the equation.
Change begins with Electro-Magnetic U.

This idEA called pi suggests a blending of the two forces we equate with man and woman of the species.
And this idEA is a simple one really.

What is pi?

Before we try to even measure pi what if we start by defining pi as the relationship between a STRAIGHT LInE and the CURVED LInE called a CIRCLE.

Now that we have a straight LInE and a circle how can we represent the two idEAs?

How difficult is it to draw analogies between our LEFT Brain, the STRAIGHT LInE associated with the rigid MALE and LOGIC vs. the RIGHT Brain, the CIRCLE associated with the curvy FEMALE and INTUITION?

In this book the author Stan Gooch (who passed away in 2010) made several claims.

I do lean toward Stan Gooch’s theory suggesting that Neanderthal INTUITION is today being verified and subsequently it must be vilified by 21st century LOGIC which is about to kick itself in the but! but! butt! because we have been such arses!

The late Stan Gooch after many years of research and study concluded the I-Ching was the ‘flowering’ of the Neanderthal sciences.
He also made the obvious comparison between the STRAIGHT LInE and the LEFT brain vs. the CURVES and the RIGHT brain.

Queen Hatshepsut not only with a beard, but reprsented as a rare example of a female sphinx

Taking it on the chin as leader…..in Egypt the STRAIGHT beard was adorned by Kings and sometimes even a Queen.

The CURVED beard was attributed  to the Gods.

Just another coincidence.

Osiris with Horemheb


Philosopher Alan Watts comparing the nature that we see using our naked eye, a nature that apparently likes to use squiggly lines vs. man who builds boxes and places them on grids using straight lines.

I also feel the QaBaLaH is an extension of this INTUITIVE line of LOGIC too. ;)

Both the I-Ching and the QaBaLaH are manifestations of the MiNd trying to find a balance.

And clearly this very gifted sage Alonzo Clemons can teach us much about how to mold men out of clay.
Through studying his MiNd we can learn so much, but clearly it is out of balance with the reality most of us inhabit.

‘SavantS R US’


Viracocha Inca

If quipus were operated through the decimal system, the alphabet should be 10 signs. Burns excluded vowel sounds, and then the similar-sounding consonants. Obtained ten signs, to relate the colors of the wires of the quipus, and geometric signs that accompany the “New Chronicle and Good Government” Guaman Poma, found a consistent writing system.


The Guaman Poma Website

A Digital Research Center of the Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark



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