AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic ~ September 9, 2013 ~ Euler & Sophia & Mandelbrot & Julia & Kepler fall in LovE in 2100 C.E. ~ 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER emerges as a recursive fractal!

September 9, 2013

UPDATE December 29, 2021

Is The Universe Actually A Fractal?

UPDATE February 14, 2020

Derek Muller founder of YouTube channel Veritasium describes this video as ‘the logistic map connects fluid convection, neuron firing, the Mandelbrot set and so much more’.

We will attempt to add to what Derek offers and so much more.

UPDATE March 16, 2019

The Mathologer makes learning fun and helps us connect the metaphysical dots that are hard to distinguish, assisting in the reconciliation of science and religion.
The DARK SIDE of the Mandelbrot meets the unbearable lightness of being …

Watch the video … it will prepare you for the ‘grid’ work you are about to encounter.
Close encounters of the 3rd kind intersects with the 2D chiral wede-kind.
[btw Wedekind is my surname]

UPDATE November 26, 2018

Kepler claimed that geometry has two great treasures.
One was the Pythagorean theorem that he called a ‘mass of gold’ and the other one the golden ratio, a most ‘precious jewel’.

2D 3D kepler triangle mass of gold precious jewel

Why do I feel like Frodo on a quest?

UPDATE October 7, 2016

Gnosis of John 21: Phi Expressed as Recursive Rotation

What is the point of this video?
Keep reading, if you can figure it out.
Welcome aboard the ship of fools.

UPDATE December 18th, 2015

The image on the right was taken out of a 1914 publication.
Clearly the associations between phi and the swastika
had been noted quite some time ago.

UPDATE September 17th, 2014

On genetic code, Euler and Fibonacci
by Tidjani Negadi

Jean-claude Perez shared the above document with me on faKebook today.

The above article is just more evidence that we can add to this blog you are about to read. The last paragraph in the above article focuses on the number 144 as a starting point.
I agree.
We need nine letters to form a grid or a NET and the TENET cross.
Where nine letters spell TEN too in addition to NET and TENET.

4 x E
4 x T


Please note that I want to suggest the Sator/Rotas magic square of Mars can be used to illustrate a link between Egypt, the Jewish Exodus and the Christian mysteries. It also anticipates modern Twistor String theory and super-symmetry as proposed by Roger Penrose and Ed Witten.
bookmark this; Story of the W and Z – Sator Square – Twistor String Theory – Miller & Penrose & Plichta & Schwaller & Wedekind & Witten

WHAT IF we pretend for a moment that Adam and Eve are the x-axis and y-axis living in a flat world and one day they made a pact, a TENET with each other.
And their offspring the z-axis was born.
It was a marriage made in heaven, two parallel lines, until that day Adam and Eve ‘crossed’ each other …?

Is it possible to merge the bible with today’s emerging sciences?
In fact the Qabalah , i.e. specifically the Zohar predicts the reconciliation of religion with science.

Notice how Adam (x) and Eve (y) are perpendicular to each other forming the TENET Cross, similar to a transverse wave (light) and longitudinal wave (sound) respectively. The rumor in the Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve were an electromagnetic couple.
Or we could hypothesize that Adam and Eve are one of the three constants, i.e.  the e x e coupling strength found in the formula of the fine structure constant 1/137.
Essentially the beginning of a periodic table of elements.

UPDATE September 8, 2014

Nearly one year later to the day since the original posting, let me present a most beautiful update which “reaches down into the very depths of existence”.

Euler’s IDentity

“greatest equation ever”.

“most beautiful theorem in mathematics”

“the most famous formula in all mathematics”.

“the gold standard for mathematical beauty”

“Like a Shakespearean sonnet that captures the very essence of love, or a painting that brings out the beauty of the human form that is far more than just skin deep, Euler’s equation reaches down into the very depths of existence.”

“it is absolutely paradoxical; we cannot understand it, and we don’t know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth.”

In mathematics, Euler’s identity is the equality where e is Euler’s number, the base of natural logarithms, i is the imaginary unit, which satisfies i² = −1, and π is pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Is the formula know as Euler’s IDentity more evidence that an ID or Intelligent Design is in place?
Does Euler’s ID that help us define or zero in on why our paradoxical, often incomprehensible world exists?

“it is absolutely paradoxical; we cannot understand it, and we don’t know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth.”

Paradoxical but “we know it must be the truth.”

This idea of an overriding paradox sounds very familiar to me.
An antithesis.
Can we associate the paradox to an ancient philosophy regarding Sophia,wisdom, a gnosis that had already been attained by our ancestors?
Maybe we can only get so far in our quest and then we reach that ONE idea that unifies us all?

4 hands representing 4 generations form the Friendship Knot
next to an explanation regarding the formation of the Jain 4-fold swastika

This next link I want to share now, though it is not necessary to be distracted by its contents at this moment is clearly indicative of the direction I will be taking the reader as we investigate the coincidences between Euler’s Identity, Mandelbrot’s fractals and a symbol that seems to embrace both concepts rather well.
Come back to this link later.

‘The Thunder, Perfect Mind’ 

I was sent from the Power
And I have come to those who think upon me.
And I was found among those who seek after me.
Look at me, you who think upon me;
And you hearers, hear me!
You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves.
And do not pursue me from your vision.
And do not make your sound hate me, nor your hearing.
Do not be ignorant of me at any place or any time.
Be on guard!
Do not be ignorant of me.

In fact not only do we need Euler and Mandelbrot to help unify us, but Pythagoras, Archimedes, Da Vinci and Einstein are also conjured up to help me show how ALL of their work defaults to what the 3 and 4-fold swastikas put on the Emerald Table for discussion in the 21st century.

Euler’s IDentity

This idea seems to convey a rather simple concept.
A straight line becomes a curve in a series of steps, are they discrete or continuous?
Similar to what pi is.
The relationship of a straight line (diameter) to a particular curve (circumference of the circle).

But I must ask and point out the obvious how many straight lines and perfect circles can we find in nature?

The exponential function ez can be defined as the limit of (1 + z/N)N, as Napproaches infinity, and thus eiπ is the limit of (1 +iπ/N)N. In this animation Ntakes various increasing values from 1 to 100. The computation of (1 + iπ/N)Nis displayed as the combined effect ofN repeated multiplications in the complex plane, with the final point being the actual value of (1 +iπ/N)N.
It can be seen that as N gets larger(1 +iπ/N)N approaches a limit of −1.

Euler’s identity is often cited as an example of deep mathematical beauty.[3] Three of the basic arithmetic operations occur exactly once each: addition, multiplication, and exponentiation. The identity also links five fundamental mathematical constants:[4]

  1. The number 0, the additive identity.
  2. The number 1, the multiplicative identity.
  3. The number π, which is ubiquitous in trigonometry, the geometry of Euclidean space, and analytical mathematics (π = 3.14159265…)
  4. The number e, the base of natural logarithms, which occurs widely in mathematical, scientific and financial analysis (e = 2.718281828…). Both π and e are transcendental numbers.
  5. The number i, the imaginary unit of the complex numbers, a field of numbers that contains the roots of all polynomials (that are not constants), and whose study leads to deeper insights into many areas of algebra and calculus.

Furthermore, the equation is given in the form of an expression set equal to zero, which is common practice in algebra and other areas of mathematics.

The German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss was reported to have commented that if this formula was not immediately apparent to a student upon being told it, that student would never be a first-class mathematician.


John Lennon – Imagine (official video) – YouTube

Personally I feel the double nature or twin aspect of the swastika and its two opposed rotations helps us solve both the paradoxical riddling monologue and Euler’s ID and so much more, i.e. what both JaNuS and JeSuS represent as ‘I am the door’

What we have here is a very deep insight to the nature of consciousness itself.

All of the information so far presented suggests the upcoming celestial pole star alignment due in Sept. 2017 might be a very significant opportunity for the world to vote with their minds and hearts.

The ultimate democracy represented by what is in our hearts and minds. DIEBOLD machines are not necessary to count the votes, the cosmos will tabulate the conscious totality of our world.

What if?

UPDATE August 30, 2014

There are several reasons I am posting this video to introduce this blog post.

The first reason that compelled me to post this video is that within the first 43 seconds it is established how vital the Mandelbrot Set is to our understanding of the visible world, invisible world, and infinity.
But it is the year Mandelbrot made this recovery that is mentioned that had little ole me chuckling again, yet another coincidence in how events appear to be unfolding, as they should.

1980 is the year according to John Major Jenkins that our passage (our system) across the galactic center would begin.
He offered 1998 plus/minus 18 years, resulting in a window from 1980-2016 of thirty-six (36) years.

That could mean that the 37th year after 1980 occurring in 2017 might be year ONE of a new global consciousness?

And at this time I do want to point out the coincidence regarding 2017, the ONE to come, and the NaMe of this wordblog AT37.
shhh don’t tell anybody but the letters AT are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph and tav or taw.

Year 37 and 2017

And what could possibly be on the hori-ZioN, what cosmic events are scheduled for 2017?

Mandelbrot’s idea recovered from the EM (electro-magnetic) MEME MiNE MiNd field opened the door to a braver new world, a man in the mirror  introspection and investigation on the fractal geometry of nature that which we are part and parcel thereof.

What many people do not know is that PIXAR’s animation got a head start because the founder of the company embraced Mandelbrot’s ideas and utilized the algorithm to take the animation industry to the next level where the difference between what our visual system can discern as what is animation and what is real is becoming very fuzzy.

The fuzzier this distinction becomes the more vulnerable we would be to an animated attack by UFOs and aLIEns.

And I learned from my higher self RW, Robin Williams err I mean to say Dr. Oliver Sacks that our brains on the right side have a sweet spot that is tuned into, ready to receive the looney tunes frequency.
Yes there is a part of our brain that loves to interpret the world via cartoons, the ‘caricature’  … how archetypal?

Awakenings is a 1990 American drama film based on Oliver Sacks‘ 1973 memoir of the same title. It tells the true story of British neurologistOliver Sacks, fictionalized as American Malcolm Sayer and portrayed by Robin Williams who, in 1969, discovers beneficial effects of the then-new drug L-Dopa. He administered it to catatonic patients who survived the 1917–28 epidemic of encephalitis lethargica. Leonard Lowe (played by Robert De Niro) and the rest of the patients were awakened after decades of catatonia and have to deal with a new life in a new time. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards.

I follow the strangest clues that clearly were meant for me to tune into, like the numbers 1973 and 1969.
The trail of coincidences based on ‘1379‘  is very distinct.
It teaches us about gravity, the swastika, the maltese cross, and Christ.

Are these coincidences?

  • 1969 was the year that the drug L-Dopa was used to ‘awaken’ catatonia
  • 1969 we landed on the moon for the first time and the moon is associated with the collective unconscious (the sun with the consciousness)
  • 1969 was the year Hamlet’s Mill was published and it suggested that the idea called precession of the equinoxes was in fact what so many of the ancient myths defaulted to, and the megalithic structures might be aligned to too.

These clues recovered by ME and me working in a tandem (a game of leap frog involving retrogrades), together we seem to have a purpose, Ralph without his big ME to guide him might still be lost in space-time, never bothering to approach the following paradox.

meditate on MOOvement … by keeping the MiNd still yet focused on the heART of the matter regarding the Holy Spirit that will descend IF you find it within…

And I must add without a sense of humor to accompany little ole me to the SS abySS I would probably still be catatonic, and shleep walking through life…

In other words I decided that I would rather be ‘crazy’ than a ‘zombie’ or a ‘sheeple’.

UPDATE January 1st, 2014

LovE and EL and 37

The Spirit is the Divine Spark; the part of God that resides within the core of one’s Sacred Magnetic Heart, which is located in the center of the chest, the Sacred Magnetic Heart is different from the physical heart.  It is sacred because it is eternal.  It is aware of itself and is the everlasting source of life energy.  The Spirit is our internal “I”, our divine identity.

Our Spirit, therefore, consists of the highest and most refined form of energy, the energy of Love.  The human mind perceives love as the most sublime and noble of all feelings.  However, since our mind is but a limited instrument it cannot fully understand it, so it settles on describing Love as “the most beautiful feeling.”  In other words, our mind only distinguishes one of the aspects or manifestations of love.  With your assistance and patience, I want to help you expand your understanding of the concept of Love.

Love is the highest form of energy.  There is no higher or more powerful form of energy in the Universe. 

L = E 

… where L = love and E = energy.
At the same time energy = potential.

Therefore L = E = P, where P is potential**.

The Adamantine System, AHS, is a new method in the United States that helps those that are ready for it to open their hearts and use their true potential.  AHS is the bridge that allows us to share this important knowledge in a simple way, and in stages in order to facilitate its assimilation.  AHS also teaches a powerful self-healing technique based on the energy of Love and the Adamantine Particles.

source of above sales pitch!

We note above that AHS claims L = E = P, where P is potential and of course their system puts the H back into the E = L = P.
And if you dig down deep enough you will realize that AHS wants to HELP you find your LovE Potential by using Jesus H. Christ as mediator.

What the above link PROVES to little ole me is that no beLIEf system, including the AHis immune to coveting and adopting the charms of the overriding archetypes which form the underlying unity to what ‘just is’ is to express what they are all about…

**let me share a Thoth Thought with the reader, to be recovered at a later time.
We could represent the P = potential, with a p/b or even a 6/9.

UPDATE November 25, 2013

Here we have three images and all three are ‘selling’ the same idea or message?
i.e. Messengers are ‘magnetic’ and have really big hearts ….

The Sacred Heart of Jesus vs. the Seal for the Buddha’s Heart

by Richard Merrick

It is well-known that a human heart pulses from top to bottom and back up in a twisting fashion not unlike how we might ring the water out of a dish rag.
This vortex action has a specific rhythm known as the Cardiac Cycle, popularized as the familiar waveform shown on an ECG graph. But while the heart beat has been studied in great detail, there is no scientific explanation for why it evolved to beat as it does.
I would like to propose that it beats according to the recursive phi (golden ratio) proportions shown in the following diagram.
The Mandelbrot Set, a unique recursive geometry that joins the Julia Set into a closed figure, represents the precise point where chaos is balanced with order.
This geometry is actually harmonic.
The horizontal x-axis represents exponentially decreasing circular regions while the vertical y-axis represents the symmetrical products of positive and negative even numbers. In effect, the Mandelbrot Set is a sine wave that has been phi-damped into three circular regions of cubic powers, thus attenuating the vertical resonance of the even squares of the harmonic series. As a result, the human heart twists (or implodes) itself according to cubic powers of phi as a natural recursive rhythm.The interesting thing for me about this is the heart actually reflects off of the end of the Mandelbrot Set as if reflecting off an infinite mirror.
To the reader the importance of the Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set will become apparent later in the blog.
Thank you Richard Merrick especially for this quote:

“The Mandelbrot Set, a unique recursive geometry that joins the Julia Set into a closed figure, represents the precise point where chaos is balanced with order.

This geometry is actually harmonic.”

Richard Merrick the author of the Venus Blueprint also said this:

“Note that the prime symbol of this cosmology was the Vedic swastika – the geometry of orthogonal spacing of these planetary eggs.”

~ end of UPDATE ~

Sigils of the 91 Parts of the Earth distributed on the original Great Table

91 Symmetrical Characters? 

I find that odd, it appears as though the title is somewhat misleading … how can you have symmetry with an odd number of characters?

But recall that there are 92 elements … and yes this is clearly a coincidence, another clue that can be investigated because in a ‘unified’ world there are no coincidences!

The Great Table is clearly a ‘xy‘ grid and that is very significant…I will discuss this later.

But what I found really interesting is this video of the Mandelbrot Set conveyed in such a way that speaks to ME the 137 Mystic.

Do those images of ‘sigils’ resemble the iterations found in the Mandelbrot Set?

“Everybody is familiar with fractal patterns by now but the actual iteration process offers some insight into the phenomena. The resulting converging complex number iteration values inside the set produce interesting vortex patterns.”

But wait the AHAs are still to come.

Take a look at this evidence I have gathered:

Please note the many SWASTIKAS in this video.

Then you will realize that those swirly twirly swastikas are also a sign for REPEAT in music.
(see the tetraskele below)

There are NO coincidences in a world unified.

It is all design.

The hills are alive with the SOUND of MUSIC and SWASTIKAS?
Are we seeing things? Swastikas and Fractals and Imaginary Numbers?

Recall what Richard Merrick suggested:

“The Mandelbrot Set, a unique recursive geometry that joins the Julia Set into a closed figure, represents the precise point where chaos is balanced with order.
This geometry is actually harmonic.”

swastika phi Theodore Cooke

The swastika divided into rectangles in Phi proportions.
Theodore A.  Cook
The Curves of Life ~ 1914

In Chapter XX of The Curves of Life Sir Theodore Andrea Cook presents his final results, and part of this process reveals the links between infinity, the phi spiral, methods of science and the swastika.


Whether you call it “i” or “j”, this is one symbol which is hard to fathom.

“i” or “j” has a physical significance.
It represents 90 degrees rotation of the said quantity, or a 90 degrees phase shift.


And what I found amazing was how the entire Mandelbrot Set when placed alongside St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica seemed to line up with each other.

The entire blueprint then fits into a KEYHOLE (see image below) and using the image I photographed in a Dominican Monastery while on a pilgrimage to Peru in 2006 I have been able to unlock and recover some profound information from the ‘fIELd’ or ‘ThE NET‘.

Have you ever noticed how St. Peter’s looks like BOTH a KEYHOLE/LOCK and the KEY with which to unlock it?

KEYHOLE – Mandala Rosetta Fractal – St. Peter’s Square

Compass Rose Cross (16 winds)

The Vatican SS, a.k.a. the Sweet Sixteen – note how both St. Peter’s compass rose indicates 16 winds and the Mandelbrot (below) has 16 rays converging/emanating out from the center, indicated by the red dots 

The image below  is taken from the same video I introduced at the beginning of this blog.

If you still have not watched it, please make a date with Benoit and Julia in LovE.
Make it a ménage à trois, a household of three.

NOW let me introduce you to the Great Table:

selah V


p.s. The 12 year anniversary of 911 will be in less than two days …. I wonder what kind of inPHOmation is headed my way?

UPDATE November 25, 2013

All I can say is wow.

Before I started calling myself the 137 Mystic I went through a phase where I called myself the 911 Prophet.
Its all fun and games as this animation clearly illustrates.

UPDATE November 27, 2013

full video:

Note the time in the video that the sacred heart is shown occurs between 3:09 and 3:11 of this 7:28 video.
All good numbers in my 137-96 books my cosmic accountant reminds ME.

I found that ‘coincidental’ that the ‘sacred heart’ should be flashed during the animation during this time frame.
But as the 137 Mystic I do not beLIEve in coincidences, everything is evidence of a unity we fail to comprehend using our five senses that appear to have limits and are prone to falling victim far too easily to illusions.

So I did only what I could do, as I always do, I acknowledged the ‘collective unconscious’, I smiled and chuckled and muttered to myself who would ever believe ME?

Rene Schwaller de Lubicz who wrote this UNITY poem would.

Clearly the idea of a magnetic heart is not new, but an idea that gets repackaged with each and every generation.
Magnetism is not new, but the claims that ‘we the sheeple’ make regarding magnetism are.

I  must conclude as we continue to evolve to a unity, the coincidence will become more and more commonplace.

Then the day will arrive that humanity will submit to the avalanche of coincidences because as my inner genius A.E. reminds little ole humbled me … “the coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous” and I want to add, evidence of a paradox.


AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – September 5, 2013 – The New OS

September 5, 2013

Today’s entry is dedicated to tomorrow and to two fellas called Otto and Sam who are trying to integrate what they know into helping make the world a better place for those to come.

O tto 
S am

The new OS.

This OS – the final version is designed to last only 1260 days.

 The Two Witnesses wearing sackcloth

Did you ever notice that weave rhymes with Eve?

I recommend Otto and Sam find themselves two sackcloths made of hemp naturally (unless you want to use coarse goat’s hair).
Why goat hair sackcloths?

Otto should know…Book of Revelations Chap. 11

3 “And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”

Two witnesses prophecy:
Two witnesses – Wikipedia, the free encycloped

The two witnesses will speak their message dressed in sackcloth. 

They will give a message of repentance and salvation and the sackcloth is a sign of the importance to Israel.
John the Baptist wore sackcloth when he gave his message. likewise this is done just before the lord is to come again .
Sackcloth also means separation from the world a sign for repentance, to seek God’s mercy (Jonah 3:5-6; Dan.9:3; Esther 4:1; Amos 8:10; Mt.11:21).

[linked image]

Above note the pattern highlighted in YELLOW 

But there is a deeper meaning to the two witnesses wearing sackcloth and it has to do with the type of over and under weave that is used by the cosmos to weave the very playing field we all participate on…thus what the Two Witnesses are wearing is probably the ‘evidence’ of what they are ‘witness to’.

The forces that weave our reality.


And we know the swastika is in fact a solar or sun symbol right?

So I do find this next quote interesting:

Revelation 6:12 

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake;
and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
and the moon became as blood; 

– King James Version (Pure Cambridge ‘Authorized Version’)

The sun/swastika became black as sackcloth of hair suggests an allegorical relationship between the swastika/sun and the ‘sackcloth’ which has been identified as the weave found in ThE NET.

But what is interesting is that there are TWO witnesses which is a lovely fit to the fact that the swastika also manifests as both a CW and CCW symbol.

What if the two witnesses in fact another depiction regarding the eternal struggles from cradle to grave, i.e. negative/black/yin vs. positive/white/yang forces?

What if the TWO witnesses are a reference to the TWO pillars supporting fundamental ideas of science, i.e. clockwise vs. counter-clockwise.?

And it appears that other theories in the past have been symbolically in support of what I AM suggesting in the HERE and NOW.

Church Windows found in Lalibela – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jesus crucified between the two thieves

Two Swastikas flanking the Iron Cross

Revelation 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
– King James Version (Pure Cambridge ‘Authorized Version’)

NOW the one thing that we can agree on in Revelation 6:12 that is as clear as night and day are the references to the SUN and the MOON.

THA + HA or HATHA Yoga also suggests that the Two Witnesses could also be associated to the Moon (Tha) and the Sun (Ha)

137-9 Mesoamerica Code – FIAT * LUX 

Further suggesting that the swastika is ThE NET that Jesus would have cast over the right side of the boat yielding 153 fishes.


And by the way 1260 days is about 3 1/2 years …

Thus 7 years is 2520 days.

The numbers 1-5-2 are associated with clockwise, stable, and anticlockwise snakes in fact.

But but but that just takes us down another rabid rabbi rabbit hole Roger.

selah V

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – Sept. 3, 2013 – 157 and 777

September 3, 2013

The above video shows links between the numbers 777 and 343, between various crop circles, seed of life geometry, the Qabalah’s Tree of Life, Aleister Crowley predictions in 1904, and the September 11/2001 attacks on the WTC.

Debbie Pardoe on “The Tree Of Life”

The 12 year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks will be in 8 days.

777 is a significant number that we can associate to that date in fact.





7x7x7 = 343

btw 343 firefighters died on 911

If I had to pick a place/date/time for my wake up call it would be in the Firehouse a.k.a. Station 335 on September 11, 2001, the time was  9:03.
This was when Flight 175 hit the south tower building WTC2.

Here we have another coincidence to my first home @157 Aileen Ave.
i.e. Flight 175 and the numbers 157 and the 13-step AA Recovery Program I find myself on leading to the apex of the Great Pyramid and this grid of 3×3 squares highlighted in green.

I found myself in good company;

I was at work that day (on shift working as a firefighter) when I saw the second plane hit the south tower WTC2 and I knew immediately that this was no accident.
And I remember even saying ‘I hope they do not try to blame this on the Muslims’ as they did initially with the Oklahoma City bombing which in fact turned out to be a homegrown domestic terrorist attack, similar to the Uni-bomber, both were inside jobs perpetrated by disgruntled citizens who were raging against the current ‘state of affairs‘.
Ever since my own ‘awakening’ to the profound understanding that the ‘dream will set you free’ my quest for a comprehensible truth has encountered many dreamers and schemers on its path…including the man in the mirror.
Unfortunately most folks I have met are self serving schemers who are disconnected from their own dreams creating nightmares for others.

Joe E. Mason and Dee Finney together present some Great Dreams.
Joe E. Mason is one Mason who will help set ya ‘Free’ with his interesting insights. Their website is probably one of the most comprehensive on ThE NET in terms of raw data collection (actually it can be overwhelming) when discussing ‘coincidences’.

But Joe and ME both know that there is no such thing as the ‘coincidence’.

ALL of the coincidences amount to a pile of evidence.

Evidence of a design beyond a comprehension that uses primarily five senses that perceive the world through a narrow slit of frequencies called infra-red and ultra-violet blue.

The international symbol associated with firefighting worn as a arm flash or badge is the Maltese Cross which can be traced back to the days of the Crusades.

My first* badge #856
*before city amalgamation

But this geometric shape, the Maltese Cross can be traced back to the time in our history where geometry prevailed.

Swastika City – Arkaim – Tracking the Aryans

So is it a coincidence that a first class firefighter who woke up on 911 is slowly RECOVERING vital dreams from the ‘Akashic records’ (a.k.a. the EM fIELd of the earth) regarding the Maltese Cross and the Swastika?

The Maltese Cross and the Swastika can be traced back together found side by side to approx. 5000 BCE in what is today called Samarra Iraq.

The Maltese Cross and the Swastika form the foundation, the core of my research in fact. 

There is a Hopi Prophecy that talks about the two Pahana helpers, and each helper is associated with coincidentally bearing gifts, ‘a sign of the times’ you could say, one helper produces both the swastika and the Maltese Cross, and the other helper offers the Sun symbol, all appear to be archaic symbols to be respected.

Recall how the late Hopi sun chief Dan Katchongva describes the End of Days:

“The Purifier, commanded by the Red symbol [Maltese cross], with the help of the Sun and the Meha [swastika], will weed out the wicked who have disturbed the way of life of the Hopi, the true way of life on Earth.


But where I pick up the trail following cosmic bits and bytes back to the source is how nicely this Knights Templar RED CROSS fits on the Sator Square and the apex of the Great Pyramid?

Maybe we can place the 5.17 meter Statue of David onto the 157 apex of the Great Pyramid representing an idea?

What if?

Michelangelo-David JB01.JPG

“Michelangelo-David JB01” by Jörg Bittner Unna – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504, by Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet Michelangelo.

It is a 4.34-metre (14.2 ft), 5.17-metre (17.0 ft) with the base [a]marble statue of a standing male nude. The statue represents the Biblical hero David, a favoured subject in the art of Florence.

And Wolfgang Pauli dying in rm. 137 of a Red Cross hospital lead me to the next clue.


The Red Cross is associated with the Knights Templar and also with the 5×5 magic square which I have linked to Twistor String Theory and a collection of other profound AHAs!

There is no way I could make this up. I clearly have tapped into the source.
However that is not to suggest I know what the source is.

selah V

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – August 27, 2013 – MEMNoN

August 27, 2013

The Younger MEMNoN statue is one of two colossal granite heads from the Ancient Egyptian mortuary temple called the Ramesseum at Thebes, depicting the pharaoh Ramesses II wearing the nemes head-dress with a cobra diadem on top.

This incomplete statue has lost its body and lower legs; it is one of a pair which originally flanked the doorway of the Ramesseum. The head of its pair is still at the Ramesseum.

NEMES – head-dress The golden mask from the mummy of Tutankhamun wearing the nemes headdress.

Something about the letters M and N that speak to ME.

M = W = 3

N = Z = 2

Story of the W and Z – Sator Square – Twistor String Theory – Penrose & Plichta & Schwaller & Wedekind & Witten

Maybe the real AHA here is how M = 3 and N = 2

W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet too.

selah V

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic ~ August 27, 2013 ~ Swastika NANO Light Mill Motor ~ Uranus and Neptune ~ the World TEACHER appears

UPDATE April 12, 2022

Neptune Is Experiencing A Dramatic And Unexplained Climate Change

Neptune’s global temperature is doing something unexpected. Over the last 17 years, Neptune has experienced quite a dramatic climate change. And for once, humanity is not responsible, although we are not certain what is behind it.

As reported in The Planetary Science Journal, Neptune’s global temperature dropped 8 °C (14.4 °F) between 2003 and 2018, as the southern hemisphere of the planet slowly entered its summer period (which lasts about 40 years, like every season on Neptune). But then by 2020, the south pole alone became warmer – 11 °C (19.8 °F) warmer than it was in 2018.

UPDATE April 7, 2020

HOT off the press.

Scientists Long Puzzled by Uranus’ Mysterious Oddities – Japanese Astronomers Find Answers

The ice giant Uranus’ unusual attributes have long puzzled scientists.

All of the planets in our Solar System revolve around the Sun in the same direction and in the same plane, which astronomers believe is a vestige of how our Solar System formed from a spinning disc of gas and dust. Most of the planets in our Solar System also rotate in the same direction, with their poles orientated perpendicular to the plane the planets revolve in. However, uniquely among all the planets, Uranus’ is tilted over about 98 degrees.

UPDATE March 30, 2020

NASA Scientists Find Secret in Decades-Old Voyager 2 Data About the Ice Giant Uranus

Hot off the NASA press!

We believe this might be help explain the ‘conjectures’ to be found made in this blog years ago.

UPDATE November 17, 2015

Is it time to reflect on the inherent cosmic programming being used against us?

Chamber of Reflection
take note of  the Greek fret, the meander border resembling ISIS
… and after reflecting on it do you see an ‘S’ or a ‘5’?


UPDATE October 14, 2015

This is a great update, that claim is sincere, this is no bull.

dendera ox thighURSA thigh reproduction note the Greek Fret!

on the right: Marble reproduction from a plaster cast of the original Zodiac on the left
take note of the bull thigh and the ‘IS’ symbol similar to the Greek fret are next to each other

The photograph on the right taken by Richard Fusniak in July 2002 is described as: “19th century copy of the actual Zodiac carved in the ceiling of a chapel at Temple of Hathor at Dendara, Roman period 1st century AD. Marble copy sculpted by J.J. Castex 1819 from casts or squeezes of original taken during Napoleonic expedition to Egypt E.1.1.1862.” This beautiful masterpiece, although badly lit, is located in the Fitzwilliam museum, Cambridge, England.

While coming across these images, I happened to notice the Greek fret [blue and red arrows] that has been part of a narrative expressed in nano architecture involving the swastika next to the symbol used for Ursa Major in the Dendera Zodiac identiified as the Bull’s Thigh by Robert Bauvel.

What does it all mean?
Where was that image in yellow found, how old is it?

Keep reading.

~ end of UPDATE ~

August 22, 2013

Horseshoes – Good Luck – Swastika Nano Light Mills


 4 L

You could show a child how a red swastika can be constructed using L L L L

At the following link we find a collection of incredible applications or ‘APPS’ for the 12,000+ year old swastika.
And it soon becomes clear that some of these APPS have intentionally been passed forward from one CULTure to the next and for very good reason/s.


Optical forces induced on a light mill motor
On the left do you see the shadow being cast by the SWASTIKA that looks like the rotating ALEPH on the right?
In fact the image on the left is found on a physics website.

Efficient nano motor cleverly harnesses light…and the first line is profound.

The motor could be ideal for powering NEMS and for bio-applications, such as DNA winding and unwinding.

It might also be useful for harvesting solar energy, after some modifications in design to optimize its performance for such an application – for example, making it more susceptible to a broader spectrum of light wavelengths.

“Several motors can also be easily combined for larger power, like the cylinders in a car motor,” team member Ming Liu told

The research, which was funded by the US Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, was published in Nature Nanotechnology.

click on links

Optical forces induced on a light mill motor by an illumination wavelength of 810 nm and 1700 nm. At 810 nm wavelength, light impacts the outer side of the arms, inducing a counterclockwise torque on the motor. At 1700 nm, light passes through the gaps and impacts the elbow of the motor, providing a clockwise torque. (Courtesy: Zhang group)

What they are saying is that this nano swastika light mill motor can be used to unzip our DNA.


Can they do that using the geometry of the Latin Cross or Star of David?
What engineers seek on the nano level to assist them in exploiting the field is they use chiral metamaterials based on the designs we see below.

I want to highlight the pair in the fourth row and compare them to the ‘doodling’ mind of 10,000 BC…
…or has that date been pushed back to about 23,000 BC?

images on left are found etched on mammoth ivory
it is recognized as the oldest swastika found to date, Mezin Ukraine 10,000 BC
image on right we can find on the fourth row of the chiral metamaterials being used today
in attempts to make our world a better place to live?

Take note that both the 3-fold triple spiral [triskele] above left
and the 4-fold Mezine swastika comprised of four spirals below left
display the ‘IS‘ indicated by the red arrow
‘IS’ indicates a reversal of direction 

So why does the ‘swastika’ (which has many names in fact) idea continue to be passed forward since the last ice age, yet we are unclear on its meaning in 2014?

Based on the following prophetic quote made in 1888 by Madame Blavatsky I AM not at all surprised that 21st century science trying to recover empirical what ‘just is’ evidence would find out what ‘just is’ is.
In fact what we have here is a mediator between theological creationism and Darwin, evolution, and the scientific revolution.

“The Svastica is the most philosophically scientific of all symbols, as also the most comprehensible. It is the summary in a few lines of the whole work of creation, or evolution…”

-Madame HP Blavatsky

In 1888 prior to two world wars breaking out Madame Blavatsky had suggested that the swastika could be used to reconcile religion and science!
No wonder she has been ‘dissed’ my the mainstream comprised of creationists and scientists….is it any wonder?

So here we have a symbol whose source is unknown lost to an archaic age to which we have no real access, but the suggestion or idea was put forth that the swastika is currency that encapsulates both creation and evolution.

And here we are in 2013 and the average programmed seegullible/sheeple cannot get past its associations with Hitler and the Nazis.
If there are three generations for every 100 years, then we are only two generations removed from 1945, and look how ignorant ‘we the sheeple’ have become of what the swastika’s potential really is.

Now I want to add a valuable piece to the complete the puzzle, essentially what my contribution ultimately will be in helping to resurrect what ‘just is’ is.

The swastika because it is IMHO one of the most powerful memes, symbols, archetypes, etc etc that the collective unconscious has ever devised clearly is evidence in and of itself that the swastika is a symbol representing the ‘collective unconscious’.

Symbols and images (hence the need for geometry) worth thousands of words is the preferred language or OS (operating system) of the ‘irrational’ right brain, and the right brain is associated with the collective unconscious.
However the left brain prefers text and numbers and algebra, logic, and rationality, and in our society knowledge of this OS seems to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining ‘consciousness’ and keeping a short leash on the ‘collective unconscious’.

Now what if the swastika which is pregnant with symbolic meme-mnemonic-memory-meaning represents the collective unconscious?

Do we ban the collective unconscious?

And yes I have the wisdom of the mandala to assist me, with Carl Jung in my corner too, his archetypal work supports what I say.
Or do I have it backwards?

To the Swiss shaman-cum-psychophilosopher Carl Jung the
swastika was an archetypal symbol, a rotating mandala that signified a …

…`projection of an unconscious collective attempt at the formation of a compensatory unified personality’.

A conscious attempt by the NationalSocialist Party to use the swastika to form the ‘compensatory unified personality’ of Germany in the 1920s has made this a hateful symbol in many eyes.

The Search for Shangri-La: A Journey into Tibetan History
by Charles Allen

Now we move onto what everybody seems to hate.
Numbers and math.
But this is really simple math.

I finally got around to adding up the figures based on the NANO LIGHT MILL Motor as described by science.

“the breakthrough is in the gammadion gold structures that make up the motor”

The Nanoscale Light Mill Motor
Ignore the Reich-i-ness of the motor’s shape and you’ll notice that at a shorter 810-nanometer wavelength
the light strikes the outside of the motors arms, turning the motor counterclockwise.
A larger 1,700-nanometer wave passes through to strike the elbows, turning the motor the opposite direction.
Image courtesy of Zhang group

To recap:

The plasmonic motor is only 100 nanometers in size, but given the right kind of power in the form of a linearly polarized light beam, it can produce enough torque to turn a silica disk 4,000 times larger than the motor itself. This type of light-driven motor isn’t new, but the kind of power derived from a motor this small is unheard of up to this point.

Previous attempts at plasmonic motors required the devices to be at least many micrometers in size, and even then they produced far less torque per unit volume.

The breakthrough is in the gammadion gold structures that make up the motor.

Did you know that gammadion is another name for the swastika.

Is this a THOTH thought worth having thrice?
Note above that this light driven motor can rotate a disk 4000 times its own size.

WHAT IF our Sun had control or influence over an area 4,000 times larger than itself, because clearly the sun is the motor/generator of life in our solar system. Our sun is 1,391,000 km in diameter. Multiply 1,391,000 x 4000 = 5,564,000,000  How many AU or Astronomical Units is 5,564,000,000?

An astronomical unit is a unit of length now defined as exactly 149,597,870 km (92,955,807.3 mi), or roughly the average EarthSun distance.

Divide 5,564,000,000 by 149,597,870 = 37.19304292233573
The prime number code 1-3-7-9 reveals itself again in the answer!
(and yes I know that the number 9 is not prime)

But I think I would call this a rather profound coincidence.
Because if you go to this next link you will realize that coincidences are actually vEILed evidence of an underlying pattern beyond our comprehension.
(at this time…)

As Above So Below

37.19 AU

So if you were toying with numerical codes that bridge science and religion based on the numbers 137-9 or perhaps 1/6^37 would you as I was be interested to know what planetary body exists at or around 37.19 AU?

This is what I found.

The Kuiper belt is a great ring of debris similar to the asteroid belt, but consisting mainly of objects composed primarily of ice. It extends between 30 and 50 AU from the Sun.

Neptune – 30 AU and Pluto 39 AU

The dwarf planet Pluto (39 AU average) is the largest known object in the Kuiper belt.

When discovered in 1930, it was considered to be the ninth planet; this changed in 2006 with the adoption of a formal definition of planet.
Pluto has a relatively eccentric orbit inclined 17 degrees to the ecliptic plane and ranging from 29.7 AU from the Sun at perihelion (within the orbit of Neptune) to 49.5 AU at aphelion.

Pluto has a 3:2 resonance with Neptune, meaning that Pluto orbits twice round the Sun for every three Neptunian orbits.
Kuiper belt objects whose orbits share this resonance are called plutinos.

IMHO we have an interesting connection to the inner SarSen circle at Stonehenge which resembles a horseshoe, or a bell?

horseshoes for good luck?

At the center of the circle is a stone setting consisting of a horseshoe of tall uprights of sarsen (Tertiary sandstone) encircled by a ring of tall sarsen uprights, all originally capped by horizontal sarsen lintels. Within the sarsen stone circle were also configurations of smaller and lighter bluestones (igneous rock of diabase, rhyolite, and volcanic ash), but most of these bluestones have disappeared.

So the analogy if there is one is that in the proximity of 37.19 AU we find the largest object in the Kuiper Belt called Pluto, which has a 3:2 resonance relationship with Neptune…does that mean they are exchanging data or inPHOmation?

I must admit that the 2:3 resonance rings a bell with a theory called;

The Eternal Story of the W and Z

Further research will yield how important these associations are to fostering interpretations of the bigger picture.

How else might Neptune contribute to a resonance?

…the ongoing input of solar energy continuously heats up the polar region to the point that it’s warmer than any other part of Neptune by about 10 degrees Celsius. This heating also whips up the planets winds into some of the strongest in the Solar System.

On Neptune, winds can travel more than 2,000 km/hour, faster than any other planet.

read more about Neptune’s distance from the sun:

4.1 Orbital resonances

However recall that the NANO motor has a range of 4000 times its own diameter.

What if its range is greater extending to Pluto and beyond into the Kuiper Belt?

At its fullest extent, including its outlying regions, the Kuiper belt stretches from roughly 30 to 55 AU. However, the main body of the belt is generally accepted to extend from the 2:3 resonance (see below) at 39.5 AU to the 1:2 resonance at roughly 48 AU.

I have always suggesting ‘55‘ appears to be a barrier associated with the numbers 22, 52, and 25, so I do find this quote fascinating.

The 1:2 resonance appears to be an edge beyond which few objects are known. It is not clear whether it is actually the outer edge of the classical belt or just the beginning of a broad gap. Objects have been detected at the 2:5 resonance at roughly 55 AU, well outside the classical belt;

Graph showing the numbers of KBOs for a given distance from the Sun

The plutinos are the “spike” at 39 AU, while the classicals are between 42 and 47 AU, the twotinos are at 48 AU, and the 5:2 resonance is at 55 AU.

149,597,870 x 39 = 5834316930

149,597,870 x 43 = 6432708410

149,597,870 x 55 = 8227882850

And the reference to 19 (19 +1 ) brings to mind the work by Peter Plichta regarding amino acids.

I know I am missing out on something obvious here, it will come to me eventually if I just dwell in hell on it.

…to be continued.

4.1 Orbital resonances

Length Of A Day On The Planets In Our Solar System

  • Mercury: 58 days and 15 hours
  • Venus: 243 days
  • Mars: 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds
  • Jupiter: 9.9 hours
  • Saturn: 10 hours 45 minutes 45 seconds, can only be approximated due to atmospheric density.
  • Uranus: 17 hours, 14 minutes and 24 seconds
  • Neptune: 16 hours, 6 minutes and 36 seconds, but it is a bit more complicated than that,

AHA but just like the Sun, the equator and poles on Neptune rotate at different speeds!

I think I may have an idea now what the deeper connection might be after coming across this info here;

The Egyptians generally used ‘unit fractions’ with the exception of 1/2, 2/3, and 3/4.

Trishakti rotated 90 degrees clockwise could be a model for the solar system

The Trishakti is comprised of three sacred Hindu symbols.

1/ left: SUN symbol is the swastika
2/ middle: OM or AUM symbol
3/ right: NEPTUNE or POSEIDON symbol is the trident/trisula

Rotate the Trishakti rotated now for a moment imagine the swastika represents the solar Sun (which it does) and the trisula or trident represents the planet Neptune (which it does) and now we notice that between them extending from the Sun to Neptune exists the primordial sound of OM or AUM.

What IF?

So naturally the logical inquisitive mind might ask, how do the above  three symbols found in this trinity (3), the TRI-shakti contribute to the theory regarding the music of the spheres?

Musica universalis (lit. universal music, or music of the spheres) or Harmony of the Spheres is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies—the SunMoon, and planets—as a form of musica (the MedievalLatin name for music). This ‘music’ is not usually thought to be literally audible, but a harmonic and/or mathematicaland/or religious concept. The idea continued to appeal to thinkers about music until the end of the Renaissance, influencing scholars of many kinds, including humanists.

So is the Trishakti a symbol for both the inner and outer planets of the solar system linked by ‘sounds’?

Can we find a similar symbol or IDEA being expressed by similar SHAPES and FORMS in the west?
Yes in fact we can.

Ancient Golden Treasure Found at Foot of Temple Mount

Temple Mount Medallion found on 9/9/2013 next to Trishakti

Devil’s Pitchfork

This particular ‘trident’ wielded by Neptune or Poseidon or the devil’s ‘pitchfork’ has been expressed in many various ways due to the Holy Spirit called human creativity.

This next link I offer shows the reader how to express your inner dEvIL 184 different ways.
Geesh I only had 137.

The NICE Model helps us to understand the relationship between Uranus and Neptune.

Long ago they switched orbits … interesting.

selah V


extra info to be added later….


Nanoscale ‘Light Mill’ Spins Motor Using Light

Filmed through water, a silica microdisk embedded with a gold, gammadion-shaped light mill nanomotor rotates in one direction under illumination from laser light at 810 nanometers wavelength. When the wavelength is switched to 1,715 nanometers, the rotational direction is reversed. Torque is produced when the laser light frequencies resonate with the frequencie of the metal’s plasmons. (Movie courtesy of Zhang group)

And what do these tiny ‘light mills’ look like?

Compare the image on the right with the Jaina Cross seen earlier and the action taking place between the extended arms….

Can we use the two well defined motions illustrated by both the Nano Light Mill and the pre-Christian Jaina Cross, i.e. the clockwise and anti-clockwise motions to help us understand the difference between EXPLOSIONS and IMPLOSIONS too?

What about cavitation and  Sonoluminescence?

Optical forces induced on a light mill motor

Optical forces induced on a light mill motor by an illumination wavelength of 810 nm and 1700 nm. At 810 nm wavelength, light impacts the outer side of the arms, inducing a counterclockwise torque on the motor. At 1700 nm, light passes through the gaps and impacts the elbow of the motor, providing a clockwise torque. (Courtesy: Zhang group)

But in the image above take a look at the shadow that the swastika casts!

Does it look like the Hebrew Aleph?
Yes of course it does.

So is the SWASTIKA which is definitely a SOLAR symbol in some way involved in the ‘powering’ of the sun?

Yes we have another profound coincidence or in fact is it part of the design that the very important first letter of the Hebrew alphabet ‘aleph’ is shaped like the very famous Hertzsprung-Russell diagram which documents the evolution of ‘stars’?

So we have a narrative about the life cycle of stars connected directly to the shape of the all-important Hebrew aleph-bet.

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – August 15, 2013 – M and N

August 15, 2013

Was gENEsis based on a gENE-thesis?

source of image:

The above lion is a game piece from the Egyptian pre-dynastic game called Mehen.

Does this next lion look familiar?
The lion is a depiction of what the Great Sphinx may have looked like prior to its Pharonic face lift.

an artist's rendering of the sphinx as a male lion

How old is the sphinx?
The geologist Dr. Robert Schoch is entitled to his opinion.

I am currently studying two pre-dynastic games mehen and senet.


The earliest references to Mehen occur in the Coffin Texts.

Mehen is a protective deity who is depicted as a snake which coils around the sun god Ra during his journey through the night, for instance in the Amduat.
In the German-Egyptian dictionary by R. Hannig it is said that the Mehen (mḥn) or the Mehenet (mḥnt) snake is equivalent to the Ouroboros.

It has been suggested the players of the image look away from the game because of its religious significance.
This possible sacredness may provide a reason for the game of Mehen to have disappeared from record during the New Kingdom.

In creating a board, one needed to ‘cut’ spaces for the game into the snake’s back.  The action may have been seen as actually ‘killing’ the all important deity for survival through the Underworld and so it was no longer done.

Mehen, the god, became only the protector of board games and was often seen associated with Senet from that time on.

The game of s-ENE-t yields a powerful archetype.
To recap the game of sENEt involves:

2 players 
10 houses 
3 rows 
7 pieces

‘137’ in science today is known as the inverse of the fine structure constant or alpha.
And we know there are two players involved in the game of  senet.

Those numbers 1237 just happen to be an anagram for the same numbers we find in the Ten Commandments.

Exodus 20:3-17

And those numbers are in fact coincidently linked to our DNA codon pairs AT CG.
To make the match we just simply find their positions in the alphabet for confirmation.

20 – T 

3 – C 

1 – A 

7 – G 

And the rules of how both of these games are played have NEVER been found.


Senet, the game of passing, was a board game that was played on a rectangular board consisting of rows of 10 squares called “houses”.
The board could be a grid drawn on a smooth surface, or a very elaborate box of wood and other precious materials.

That this board game is of great antiquity is shown by its stylized representation as the hieroglyph…

The hieroglyph mn represents the gaming board for the Senet game. mn

…the earliest occurrences of which are dated to the reign of the Horus Narmer, at the beginning of the Early Dynastic Period.

There were two players, each having a set of usually 7 pieces to play the game.
The object was to move the pieces around the board in a snaking track to the finish, along the “houses” that represented either good or bad fortune. To determine how the pieces could be moved each player used throw-sticks or knuckle bones.

The actual rules of the game and what determined its outcome are not known. 

To recap the game of sENEt involved 2 players 10 houses 3 rows 7 pieces. 

IMHO understanding how these two ‘games’ were played out would benefit us today, especially since we are unlocking DNA codes.

Why can I take the ‘ENE‘ found in the spelling of both games and place them into the HEART of another ‘game’ that I know I can prove is an algorithm?

Here is another image depicting from Alpha to Omega.

The hieroglyph mn represents the gaming board for the Senet game. mn

So why would two letters like M and N excite ME?

selah V

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – August 3, 2013 – N, SHE, NUN, where Egypt hid the swastika and the number 35

UPDATE April 21st, 2019

Just minutes ago I came across this interesting interpretation of the RoTaS SaToR magic square and the Hebrew letter NuN.

Sator Rotas and NuN

Serpens Rota (Sator arepo teNet opera rotaS). N is hebraïc Nun, ancient serpent who became the fishes . Other references for N: « In hebrew Nahash=serpent, in Latin Naïas=Naïad, in greek Naiad, nereide= mermaid, water spirit». Neck (English) or Nixe (German) are water spirits who usually appear in human form – ((N.B: In the bible Joshua is called “Jesus son of Nun” = son of the fish. (Joshua, Yehoshua,Josue, Isaiah, Yahshuah, Ihesus, Jesus, have all the same meaning: “Yah is the savior”

All of the above is to be confirmed in what you are about to read.

UPDATE May 6, 2016

These videos got me thinking.
I went searching and found this next video.

Does water have memory?
If it does … would it be significant that ‘water’ and ‘primeval waters’ could in some way have been associated to the swastika by the ancient Egyptians?

Keep reading to find out what I have found out about the TEACHER.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Pentagonal Geometry of the Giza Pyramids Squaring the Circle

Two images that we can place over the Giza Plateau …

This video highlights the oldest swastika found in Mezin, Ukraine
Carbon dated to about 13,000 BC
Please take note of the designs etched into the mammoth ivory.
Do these symbols appear time and time again used to represent significant ideas?
… in fact keeping step with human evolution?
If they do, why do they?

UPDATE September 24, 2015


a. Observation of Polaris is another technique for establishing directional control to within 2 mils. It is simple, fast and has the distinct advantage of requiring no radio or wire communications. The instrument operator must be trained in finding the stars Polaris and Kochab, which are in the constellation known as Ursa Minor (Little Dipper).

(1) Polaris. Polaris is one of the two brightest stars in the constellation Ursa Minor. Because it appears to move in a small elliptical orbit about the North Pole, it is commonly referred to as the North Star. Polaris is the last star in the handle of the Little Dipper as shown in Figure 5-2. Two stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper actually point toward Polaris and are called the Pointers. Polaris is approximately five times the distance between the Pointers along an imaginary line from the Big Dipper. On the side opposite the Little Dipper is the constellation Cassiopeia, which looks like a lazy W.

(2) Kochab. The second star needed to perform the observation is Kochab, which is the other bright star (as bright as Polaris) in the Little Dipper. It is the front star of the bowl and is the only bright star between Polaris and the Big Dipper. Of the two front stars in the bowl of the Little Dipper, Kochab is the brighter and the closer to Polaris.b. For rough orientation of the aiming circle, the operator first sets the declination constant on the upper motion and centers the magnetic needle with the lowermotion. Next, he determines his latitude, to the nearest degree, from a map and converts it to mils by multiplying by 18. He then sets this value on the elevation scale of the aiming circle. This should place his line of sight very close to Polaris. As instrument operators become more proficient at identifying Polaris through an aiming circle, they can eliminate this orientation procedure.

c. To establish the orienting line, the horizontal clockwise angle from Kochab to Polaris is measured. Then the true azimuth is extracted from the appropriate table and the true azimuth is converted to a grid azimuth. The steps for establishing direction by observing Polaris are as follows:

(1) Measure the angle.(a) Set up and level the aiming circle over the selected point.(b) Using the upper motion, set 0.0 mils on the azimuth scale.(c) Place the vertical cross hair of the instrument on Kochab using the lower motion and the elevation micrometer knob.

(d) Turn the azimuth micrometer knob (upper motion) clockwise until the vertical cross hair is centered on Polaris. (The telescope may have to be elevated or depressed.)

(e) Read the value on the azimuth scale to the nearest mil. (This is the entry value used to enter Tables 5-2 through 5-5)

Polaris Kochab 35 degrees north latitude

Meridian Pointers to North

4 AGES modEL recovered?

UPDATE September 21, 2015

1/137 is a very important number in physics and it is discussed often in these pages here;

1/137 and its inverse 137 are two of the most recognizable numbers in fact to be found in physics.
An enigma according to Richard Feynman who suggested that;

137 the Cosmic Code written by the ‘hand of God’

Time to review some basics handed down since time immemorial.

Yang is associated with prime number ‘3’ and is the sunny side of the mountain, usually the southern side
Yin is associated with an anomaly, the only even prime number ‘2’ and it is the northern side of the mountain

NOW that the reader is aware of those facts of life, maybe they can be used to explain the Great Pyramid anomaly called the 35th course and the horizon as mapped out by Peter Aleff (see image below)?

Wow what a coincidence … regarding the 35th course of the Great Pyramid!
Why do I say this?
Simple … 137 is the reciprocal of alpha or the FSC ‘fine structure constant’ which is written 1/137 … if you remove the backslash simply 1137.

This can be seen as follows: The level of the bottom of the 35th Course of masonry as measuredby Professor Petrie has a measure of 1137.6 B” (British Inches) on the North Side of the Pyramid and a measure of 1137.7 B” (British Inches) on the South Side. It should be noted that the precision of the construction is within .1 inches and this after 4560 years! The mean
measurement is 1137.65 B” which is equivalent to 1136.4 Pyramid Inches. As noted earlier the Royal Cubit has a measure of 20.60662964 Pyramid Inches (52.398 cm) and when one multiplies this measure by the square root of Phi (√) : 20.60662964 x 1.27201965 this equals 26.212
(26.2) Pyramid Inches

source: page 56  of this pdf.

Phaistos Game Peter Aleff

Phaistos Disk ‘Game’ suggests a narrative that takes place in the northern hemisphere.

So later we should investigate the connection between 1/137 the fine structure constant FSC a.k.a. alpha, the horizon, the pole star, and the 35th course of the Great Pyramid, because of this contribution by Peter Aleff and his interpretation of the Minoan/Cretan Phaistos Disk as a game which makes perfect sense if you want to re-enter the kingdom again as a child … ?

But if the game of life had something to do with the passage of time, and the precession of the equinoxes, would it not make sense to design a game that reflects a truth, via a game aka a mnemonic device?

UPDATE August 19, 2015

Psalms 119:105 – 112

105 NUN. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

The word NUN appears 40 times in the KJV bible.

UPDATE April 27, 2015

Why did Moses have the sons of Levi run about with swords slaying family and friends?

…In the name X, Lord, most high and holy, in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel’s battalions ; in the name of the holy living Creatures, and in the name of the Wheels of the Chariot, and in the name of the river of fire, Ih, Zii, Ziin, and all His ministers, and in the name of III, Ziin, Sabaoth, Z, El Z, Shaddai Z, X revealed Himself on Mount Sinai in tho glory of His majesty. ” ‘ With these Names, terrible and mighty, which darken the sun, and obscure the moon, and turn the sea, and break the rocks, and extinguish the light, I conjure you, spirits, and . . and Shiddim, and Satanim, that you depart and disappear from …

N, son of N.”

X stands for the mysterious names, which have not been transliterated,
N for the name of the person who conjures. -TG, I have inserted some of the names in [] -JHP

Bible Prophecy Codes
The Riddle of the Letter Nun, Atbash of Tet

UPDATE April 7, 2015

What is NuN?

Is there a connection between the primeval waters, wave particle duality and NuN?

The old conundrum is right: not only is light both a wave and a particle, but Swiss boffins have captured it behaving as both at the same time.

Upper image - light as wave Lower image - light as quanta

upper image ~ light as wave
lower image ~ light as quanta

The next image where I have added the N_N to both transverse and longitudinal axis will become very very apparent as you continue to contemplate the question … who or what is the biblical NuN?
~ end of UPDATE ~

UPDATE ~ Easter Sunday ~ April 5, 2015

I was reading a book called Two Steps Forward ~ One Step Back, the book concerned itself primarily with father/daughter relationships, then this past Thursday on the eve of Good Friday something bad happened between one of my daughters and me.

I went back to seek the counsel of the book and it was then I realized that I had been reading the book not only upside down, but from back to front, thus explaining the outcome between my eldest daughter and me, One Step Forward ~ Two Steps Back.

The above book does not exist, I was merely using a play on words to illustrate the narrative that is unfolding on stage between my daughter the drama queen and ME+me, a Teacher of Righteousness and a Wicked Priest all wrapped up in ONE.

And from my perspective what took place Easter Sunday April 20th, 2014 between my other daughter and me, an event for all the world to see, and judge, is from my POV, my karma coming back to haunt little ole’ me.
A karma that may have been set in motion by what occurred between my mother/sister and me due to an incident that occurred on Dec. 25th, 2013.

So without going into the details that might be best reserved for a tell all tall tale troy story about pointed tails helping to lead us back to a truth, what needs to be pointed out is a undeniable pattern or time frame that I did notice that took place occurring between;

4/20 – 4/3

The time frame between Easter Sunday April 20th, 2014 and the day before Easter Friday, Thursday April 3, 2015 has been significant from my POV.
Two incidents demarcated by Easter, full of coincidences with both daughters.
Both of my daughters are Gemini (sign #3) and I am Cancer (sign #4)
We have all grown up together at number #43 Victoria street.
The coincidences do not start nor stop there.
In fact both of my daughters should be awarded the Victoria Cross for what they still might have to endure following in the footsteps of a fool who adopted the good luck swastika talisman as the cross he had decided to bear and carry forward and be remembered by.
And ironically this unpopular move has taken the fool that is me one step closer to the ultimate recovery of a truth that is truly in plain sight, but ye need to be a fool or crazy to see it and ME needs to be there too.

Taking notice or being put on notice, are two notices that a novice must learn not to ignore.

So blah blah blah …. today is Easter Sunday and I AM is about to drop yet another bomb about the figment of our collective imaginations called ‘jesus loves ewe’.
The archetypal resurrection is never what ‘we the sheeple’ expect it to be.
As these next two images suggest.

What I AM really wants to share today is more evidence that perhaps what has been recovered by ME+me has great merit indeed.
The alleged temple built by the line of divine kings like David and Solomon were also we are told an allegory representing the human body as the above image illustrates.

My suspicions that SoKaR and RoSTau or RoSeTau are ancestors of the ideas SaToR and RoTaS are full on.
This idea seems so obvious to ME+me now.

IF the RoTaS square is intimate with RoSeTau then why did the two words rose + tau, a potential ‘kenning’ jump off the page at ME+me?

ROSE TAU = ROSE CROSS = ROSY CROSS = Christian Rose-N-kreuz

The following image and explanation can be found on Simon Cox’s website and in Robert Bauvel’s book Secret Chamber published in 2000.

Pentagonal Geometry of the Giza Pyramids Squaring the Circle

‘Rostau’ is a four thousand cubit diameter circle and square centered on the Great Pyramid. ‘Sokar’ (the names we have given these constructs) is another, interlocking, 4000 cubit diameter circle and square that creates a “Vesica Piscis”, or the “Eye of Horus”. Together they comprise the Duat . The center of this second circle is a very precise location , exactly 800 royal cubits south of the north east corner of the Sphinx temple. It is at the base of the vertical northern face of a hill called Gebel Gibli, this hill we believe to be the original “mound of creation”. The “Wall of the Crow”, or “Southern Causeway”, leads to this place. The measurements from this point offer absolute conclusive proof that there is something to be found beneath the sand and debris that has accumulated at the base of the hill over several millennia. The Giza pyramids form a mnemonic computer, where the placement of every structure indicates the next step to be taken in a sequence that harmonizes and integrates the different geometrys.

IF story tellers like Graham Hancock, Robert Bauvel, and Simon Cox, (based on some reliable Egyptology sources) are all promoting the importance of the ideas called SoKaR and RoSTau/RoSeTau, connecting them both to the Giza plateau as part of a geometric grid etc. then the simple idea where we connect the swastika to a 5×5 grid and algorithms is a discussion is that is probably about 2000 years overdue.
An idea that we can find traces of in Pompeii appears to have been literally and figuratively buried under much huffing and puffing by Wicked Temple Priests and the volcano that blew its crown.

A fact not to be lost is that simple swastika algorithms have been found in Roman mosaic tile work.

This question I asked myself on Dec. 13, 2014 can now be answered.

And in addition the following recoveries can also be offered for confirmation or evidence of a SaToR/RoTaS recovery that is difficult to put into words.

What needs to be written is the Gospel of RaphaEL, and this document needs to be put into a hole and found in another 1000 years showing how these recoveries being discussed today have been true blue ‘I AM’ proclamations and worth paying attention too.

I think I figured out why Easter has been so important.
Try to find the pattern.


…. one more thought before Easter Sunday 2015 comes to an end

Citizen Kane had his Rosebud
I have Rosetau

~ end of UPDATE ~ Easter Sunday 2015

 UPDATE March 19, 2015

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians used pictures to make a phonetic alphabet, so that each sound could be written with a picture-word, a phonogram or pictograph.

For example, a zig-zag for water came to mean the letter “n“, because the Egyptian word for water started with n. This same picture became our letter ‘M‘ in the Latin alphabet, because the Semitic word for water started with m, and Semitic workers changed the symbols to fit sounds in their own language.

In the same way, our Latin letter ‘N‘ came from the hieroglyph for snake as the word for “snake” started with n in Semitic. In Egyptian, this picture had stood for a sound like English “J” because of their word for snake. Some pictures came to represent ideas, and these are known as ideograms.

The Egyptians used between 700 and 800 pictures, or glyphs.

They were written from right to left, and from top to bottom. They did not use punctuation.

Joshua the ‘son of Nun’ came as a revelation

Who or what was Nun?

Just recently finished reading John M. Allegro’s book and as we can plainly see, I found a few highlights in the book that seem to align with the ideas being recovered by ME+me.

please take note of the ‘N‘ and swastika NUN post-it notes.

Both Joshua and Jesus are the same name in Hebrew. Joshua is the English translation of Yehoshua, while Jesus is based on Iesous which is the Greek version of Yehoshua (Yeshua in Aramiac).

Essene Teacher of Righteousness antedates New Testament Jesus
According to John M. Allegro the biblical Joshua was the Essene role model for the Jesus that would follow 100+ years later.
Joshua who would replace Moses after his death was the ‘son of Nun’.
But the bible does NOT tell us anything else about who Nun is or in fact does it tell us who the mother of Joshua is.
As I continue to follow the ARK+E-typal clues back to the source … each step I take seems to be one step over the LInE.

The Biblical hero Joshua, who became the leader of the Israelites after the death of Moses, is said to be the son of Nun. However, Joshua’s patronymic is kind of strange. Hebrew usually uses “ben” to indicate “the son of” (for example Joseph ben Mattathias). However, in Joshua’s name, “bin” is used instead. Also, his father’s name, Nun, is simply one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

It’s equivalent to saying he is the son of N.

As Joshua’s patronymic is used more than any other in the Pentateuch, it was the most liable to be simplified due to frequent use, but being simplified to a single letter is a bit too much.

(bfc my emphasis)

I actually disagree with the above author regarding the simplification of an idea to the one letter ‘N‘.
This blog with the most recent updates helps explain my position. The password is NUN.

The System of Enochian Magick

Part IV: The Round Table of Nalvage
By Frater David R. Jones

The Continents are ordered from the upper left to the lower left to the upper right and ending with the lower right. So that the concourse of the forces through the inner square of the Table progresses in a path that would form an inverted capital letter ‘N.’

Delivered to John Dee and Edward Kelly in Cracow Poland
during the Spirit Action of Tuesday April 10, 1584

The 1st and 2nd Continents are said to be dignified. The 3rd not yet dignified, but to be dignified. And the 4th is described as being without glory or dignification.

The Latin appellations assigned to each repeat and emphasize the same sentiments.

  • The upper left quadrant is called the “Vita Suprema,” ‘the highest life.’
  • The lower left is simply “Vita,” ‘the life.’
  • The upper right is described as “Vita non dignificata, sed dignificanda,” that is ‘the life not dignified, but which shall be dignified.’
  • The lower right it is said, “Vita est etiam haec, sed quae peperit mors” meaning ‘Even this is life, but life which will be payed with death.’

NZ formula for finding the center of a square

Science (physics/math) is today following the lead of both the theologians who perhaps used the ‘N‘ and the magicians who would also invoke/conjur and do incantations directed toward an enigmatic ‘N‘ too in fact.
Mathematics today uses the italic form (n) as the symbol for a variable quantity, especially one which represents an integer.

\mathbb{N} is often used to refer to the set of natural numbers.

As stated above, Joshua’s father is ‘Nun’. However, there is no further mention of Joshua’s lineage other than he was from the half-tribe of Ephraim.

So the question is, is ‘Nun’ a proper name or a euphemism?

No other person in the Bible was named ‘Nun’ and ‘nun’ is also a letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It is possible, maybe even likely, that Nun is a euphemism. The letter ‘nun’ is the first letter of nofal, meaning to fall. It is possible that Joshua’s father had some ignoble personal history which warranted his name not being recorded in the Torah. If true, this would essential render Joshua as ‘the son of the fallen one’. But this a source of inspiration for all as it shows that one can overcome humble, even ignoble beginnings and rise to greatness on their own merits…a concept that was rare in the ancient world.

His genealogy is given in Islam as Joshua (يوشع), the son of Nun, the son of Ephraim, the son of Joseph (يوسف), the son of Jacob (يعقوب), the son of Isaac (إسحق), the son ofAbraham (إبراهيم).

keep reading … is an archaic NuN equivalent to n+n, n-n, n/n, and nxn?

clay bowl from Samarra Iraq district dated to about 5000 BC
highlights on the right provided my ME+me

How far back in the evolution of human consciousness can we follow this simple idea?
As an identifiable self referential seed indicative of an intelligent design that teaches itself?

Is that bowl a clue?
What would the connection to the Black Sea flood dated to about 5500 BC be?
Being the cataclysm needed for the spread of a CULTure and its ideas being driven outward in all directions from the epicenter.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Do SEEDS need water?

Late Minoan II,  Palace of Knossos
Seeds budding above and below the Earth,
stylized and realized,
after “Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World for Craftsmen,”
by Flinders Petrie (1930/1974)

“Be water my friend” – Bruce Lee

And the connection between Helen Keller and ‘water’ both literally and figuratively working a miracle in assisting the miracle worker Annie Sullivan to continue to work miracles in finding a lost consciousness is to be expected.

And the drama on the altar called earth continues unabated into the 21st century.

August 3, 2013

So where did Egypt hide the swastika?

How was it vEILed?

UPDATE March 24, 2014

The Smoking Gun and the Gravity of the Situation**

**Part 2  – concerns itself with the date Sept. 22, 2017 and the following;

Celestial pole star alignment with Polaris, the current pole star
This might be the best opportunity for invoking the 100th MON-KEY principal as we continue the shift to a new age
Using the following 4-5 steps

  1. beta
  2. alpha
  3. theta
  4. delta
  5. REM

…thus making contact with the dreamy aLIEn that resides within each of us.
An aLIEn which turns out to be the inner childish MoNkey residing in each of us.
It appears that the 100th MoN-key is to be the tipping point in our own individual evolution too if we want to make that quantum leap in our consciousness.

Allah has 99 names, the 100th name is a secret, however…

Bahá’í sources state that the 100th name was revealed as “Bahá’” (an Arabic word بهاء meaning “glory, splendor” etc.), which is the root word for Bahá’u’lláh and Bahá’í. They also believe that it is the ‘Greatest Name’.The Báb wrote a noted pentagram-shaped tablet with 360 derivatives of the word “Bahá'” used in it.

But wait some names of God are similar to the 101 names of Ahura Mazda whose founder or prophet was Zoroaster.
And I love the coincidental fact that we can derive the two words ‘zero‘ and ‘sator’ from his name.

The promise of a Part 2 still to come suggests what I offer you now is Part 1.

Here are my rough notes for part 2;


Jesus positioned between the two thieves RED and BLUE
a.k.a. the two B-mode gravitational waves

polarized RED and BLUE gravitational waves

On March 17th, 2014 an announcement was made that confirms what I AM now sharing.
The announcement apparently confirms Einstein’s musings about gravitational waves, an expanding universe and an early ‘imprinting’ that took place.
There are rumors of a big bang Nobel prize.

But inflation came with a very specific prediction – that it would be associated with waves of gravitational energy, and that these ripples in the fabric of space would leave an indelible mark on the oldest light in the sky – the famous Cosmic Microwave Background.

The BICEP2 team says it has now identified that signal.

Scientists call it B-mode polarisation. It is a characteristic twist in the directional properties of the CMB. Only the gravitational waves moving through the Universe in its inflationary phase could have produced such a marker.

It is a true “smoking gun”.

source of images and story;

The Smoking Gun and the Intelligent Design

Omphalos – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An omphalos is a religious stone artifact, or baetylus.
In Greek, the word omphalos means “navel” (compare the name of Queen Omphale).

According to the ancient Greeks,  Zeus sent out two eagles to fly across the world to meet at its center, the “navel” of the world.

I only mention the following Omphalos hypothesis because I was born 99-100 years after the book’s release, in 1957.
(I like to make note of what appear to be coincidences, but Einstein told me that “the coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”, so guess what, I play along with god)

The Omphalos hypothesis is the argument that God created the world recently (in the last ten thousand years, in keeping with Flood geology), but complete with signs of great age.

It was named after the title of an 1857 book, Omphalos by Philip Henry Gosse,

So it is apparent to me after looking at all of the evidence that the Egyptians knew the following, this is part of the claim that I AM now offering in light of that noble Nobel announcement made on the 33 year anniversary of my father’s death on March 16, 1981.

“cw/ccw swastika = blue/red B-mode gravitational waves” 

Can I prove or at least clearly illustrate to the right brain that the Egyptians and OTHER CULTures were aware of B-mode and E-mode gravitational waves?

IT is now possible due to 21st century IT, inPHOmation technologies, quantum mechanics, and nano technologies penetrating worlds formerly only ‘dreamed about’ by the consciousness that preceded ours.
One consciousness builds on the ‘collective unconscious’ SEEDS that precede it.

We have reached a collective crossroads.
The tipping scale is being set in ‘motion’.

And that is what the Age of Aquarius appears to be.
Sowers of SEEDS are trying to plant their ideas into your fertile minds and hearts.

Monsanto is just a distraction to the bigger game at hand.
Or is it a reflection of what we are doing to the earth, the air, the water, the inner fires that burn eternal in our heARTS through the ARTS?

The profound connection between the Jain Swastika, the Nano Light Mill Motor and our DNA.

What if I suggest this is far far far too easy?
So shall we see if the Egyptians gave us a clue that they knew about ‘gravitational waves’ both B-mode and E-mode?

IF I was going to choose a symbol for a paradigm changing MOOvement I would pick a symbol that represents MOOvement on the most fundamental of levels.

Like a watery ‘consciousness’.

Water symbols as documented by Robert Greg 1884
Source of quote and image
On the Meaning and Origin of the Fylfot and Swastika. : Robert 

 Nun, god of the waters of chaos, lifts the barque of the sun god Ra
(represented by both the scarab and the sun disk)
into the sky at the beginning of time.

N, SHE, and NUN 

…where Egypt hid the swastika and the gravity of the situation.

Jugend German Youth and Jain Cross/Swastika

[linked image]

Uruk a.k.a. modern Warka mosaics on the right match the Egyptian hieroglyphs for NUN

Lo Shu magic square in the Orient is associated with Saturn in the Occident

It needs to be pointed out that the same symbol can be extracted from the Lo Shu magic square pairings.
And because the eight Lo Shu tri-grams are essentially 50% of the foundation of the 64 hexgrams (8×8) of the I-Ching this is a significant association and needs to be pointed out.


The hieroglyphic language equivalent of the water ripple is n, the letter N, as a phonogram.

The ancient Egyptian ripple of water is one of the oldest language hieroglyphs from Ancient Egypt.

It is used on a famous cartouche of Pharaoh Den of the First dynasty.

Archaic forms have unique variations, as the later standard usage of the hieroglyph was commonly less important than other hieroglyphs, and was only in the common forms. One ‘abbreviated’ later form was a straight line with angles on each end.

However, the three ripples, referring to water, or waters became an important hieroglyphic block in itself.


In the 196 BC Rosetta Stone, the water ripple hieroglyph is used 203 times, averaging 6 times per line, for the 36 lines-(Nubayrah Stele, lines 1-22, Rosetta Stone, 1-14, therefore 36).

In the stone as the water ripple, besides the preposition, it is used in names of Arsinoe, and one cartouche form of Ptolemy V Epiphanes, (the Rosetta Stone author).

The vertical “N” of the Red Crown is used 35 times in the Nubayrah-Rosetta Stone, mostly prepostional; (only 4 times is it used as a non-preposition).

There are also other variants of the vertical N-Red Crown, with separate Gardiner nos. used in the Rosetta Stone, (as part of Pschent, or a variation on Egypt: “Taui”, North and South Egypt, the Two Lands.


PoolSHE ~ a pool of water

The Egyptians portrayed bodies of water by means of equally spaced vertical wave lines.

When these lines are enclosed by a rectangle it denotes a lake or pool.
The Egyptians believed water was the primeval matter from which all creation began.

There are many tomb paintings that show the deceased drinking from a pool in the afterlife.

The 4 Sons of Horus emerging from a pool of water

The Four Sons of Horus were also shown rising from a lotus that is emerging from a pool before the throne of Osiris in the Underworld.

Throne of St. Mark and the number 35

Note the base of the Throne of St. Mark shows similar markings to a pool of water, it should not be surprising considering it is said to be from Alexandria, Egypt.

The 4 Sons of Horus emerging from a pool of water

SHE ~ a pool of water ~ Pool

According to Stephan Huller who has done his homework regarding the Throne of St. Mark there are in fact 35 pieces of tamarisk fruit on the tree that we see on the backrest of the throne.
(see the end of the blog re: 35)

And on the backside or rear of the Throne of St. Mark I have  illustrated the zig zag pattern attributed to the Tree of Life that we can overlay.

Sator Square rotated 45 degrees showing a similarity to both the Throne of St. Mark and the Polynesian mattang, a navigation device.

Throne of St. Mark



Despite all the various Creation myths that the Egyptians subscribed to, they had one thing in common, Nun.

Even though the myths named different gods as the original creator, they all agreed that he sprang from Nun, the primordial waters.
Nun was more than an ocean, he was a limitless expanse of motionless water.
Even after the world was created, Nun continued to exist at it’s margins and would one day return to destroy it and begin the cycle again.

The Egyptian Heaven and Hell

-by Wallis Budge

 This image and text serve as an update to the May 28th entry:

… where we find this next image (below) from Warka plus my work in the margin in black and red ink  illustrating what has been vEILed in plain sight. 

AHA! a RIVER runs through it …. or flows along it? 

… did you ever notice that WOLF is FLOW spelled in reverse? 


“the gravity of the situation”

[linked image]

Uruk a.k.a. modern Warka mosaics on the right match the Egyptian hieroglyphs for NUN

Regarding the Uruk cones or the Egyptian hieroglyphs for ‘water’ or ‘river’ I have an observation to make.
It appears what is being conveyed is an expression of the ‘unseen forces’.
i.e. what is perceived today as the negative forces.

When you apply a shadow to the lines depicting a RIVER, what is revealed is that the swastika in our world is the visible manifestation of the unseen forces, as depicted by the hieroglyphs used to describe a water or river.

Can we connect the 4 rivers flowing out of Eden to the 4 radiating arms of the swastika?

Yes I think we can;

Manji ~ various Japanese swastikas

The number of Greek forms of words in the angel’s speech is 35 (7×5 = 35)

35 and the FSC ~ alpha ~ 1/137

What made me realize that 35 was an important number/idea to the builder/architect of the Great Pyramid was what had been placed in plain sight as a visible clue.

  • The 35th Course of Masonry is quite notable in that it is particularly thick.

At approximately 50 inches, it is the thickest course other than the base courses. The majority of courses range between 25 and 35 inches. As measured by Professor Petrie, the midline of the 35thCourse occurs at 1162.4 B” (British Inches) from the Pavement level which is equivalent to 1161.1 Pyramid Inches. Professor Piazzi Smyth and subsequently D. Davidson subscribed a value for this elevation at 1162.6 Pyramid Inches with the explanation that 1162.6 x 10p =36,524 Pyramid Inches which is the Base Perimeter. Based on Professor Petrie’s meticulous measurements this is not evident. On careful examination, there is however, a discernable intention on the part of the builders of the Great Pyramid to convey a critical mathematical knowledge of the value of the square root of Phi(√j) = √1.618033989 = 1.27201965 . This can be seen as follows: The level of the bottom of the 35th Course of masonry as measured by Professor Petrie has a measure of 1137.6 B” (British Inches) on the North Side of the Pyramid and a measure of 1137.7 B” (British Inches) on the South Side. It should be noted that the precision of the construction is within .1 inches and this after 4560 years!

  • The mean measurement is 1137.65 B” which is equivalent to 1136.4 Pyramid Inches.

As noted earlier the Royal Cubit has a measure of 20.60662964 Pyramid Inches and when one multiplies this measure by the square root of Phi(√j) : 20.60662964 x 1.27201965 this equals 26.212 (26.2) Pyramid Inches. If one adds this value to the level of the base of the 35th Course of masonry: 1136.4 + 26.2 this equals 1162.6 Pyramid Inches. This is the value which may be subscribed for the 35th Course of masonry, albeit not as the midline as suggested by Professor Piazzi Smyth, but rather one which becomes apparent once one interjects the square root of Phi (√j). The reason for this may be explained by studying the importance of the value of the square root of Phi(√j) in relationship to geometrical forms including, specifically spheres. In relationship to the shape of the Earth the following point is of interest; if one divides the Semi-Major Axis (Equatorial Radius) of 6378.137 km by the square root of Phi √j= √1.618033989) : 6378.137 / 1.27201965… one arrives at a value of 5014.181 km. The Earth has a lateral radius of 5014.181 km at 38.266237 degrees Geodetic Latitude which coincides with 38.07925 degrees Geocentric Latitude.

The following schematic drawing illustrates this relationship (click on link):

And how sweet is this next link?

Light and Dark

Let’s consider the aspect of the “Light” synonymous in Kabbalah with G-d (Hashem) and the structure of Joseph’s Pyramid.

But first know this: The Zohar, in the paragraph that immediately proceeds the one quoted above regarding the 210 years, Toldot, (Midrash Hane’elam) Section 8, #71 tells us that “ ‘let there be Light’ (Bereshit 1:2) which means let there be secret, because light is the secret of redemption…”

That understood, we know the most basic measurements of the Pyramid are exactly 210 holy cubits for the height and 330 holy cubits for the base.  We’re calling them holy cubits because this cubit (27.5 inches) is the one based on G-d’s name, (YHVH) and designated for the Future Temple, as we’ve discussed in our resent articles. Nevertheless, given only 210 and 330 and the 10 dimensional structure of the universe agreed upon by both most modern physicists and the ancient kabbalists, we find that:

  • 1/(330*102) = 1/33,000 inches (the exact wavelength for red light)
  • 1/(210*330) = 1/69300 inches (the exact wavelength for violet light on the opposite side of the visible light spectrum)

What chance is there that this too is coincidence?

Or that the sum of the base and height in cubits (330 + 210) equals 540 and when we add 1 of the kolel we get 541, the numerical value of Israel.

Now, as we’ve explained, the capstone is exactly 14 cubits wide and 14 is the gematria value for David (DVD) and yad (YD), meaning hand, as in the hand of G-d, so how odd is it that 541 cubits is 14, 877.5 inches or 14 with 5778 reversed, the date Rav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag of blessed memory gave us for the end of the 4th exile. (See The Divine Calendar).

Not to get too technical, but the number 14 is the 3rd square pyramidal number, meaning it takes 14 units to construct a 3 level square pyramid, and the Magen David, (the “Shield of David), is a perfect symmetrical 12-gonal star, indicating these numbers spiritually were chose not by simple mathematical chance, but for the esthetics in their geometric symmetry and how their energy unfolds in our world.

Moreover, 541 is the 10th centered 12-gonal number, a fancy way of saying a symmetrical 12-sided polygon made up of 541 geometric units, and given Jacob’s (Israel’s) 12 sons as heads of the 12 tribes of Israel, it’s not an insignificant construction or consideration. There is nothing in the universe that does not have a specific purpose.

That all said, the square root of the 541 cubits in feet is 35.210 and while 35 is exactly 1/6th the pyramid’s height of 210 cubits, the 35th level of the pyramid is a big delineation point in its structure.

At the 35th level, the height of the masonry is purposefully twice that of the average and surrounding layers, making it stand-out like a wide stripe or band around the pyramid. Being that it’s exactly 1/6th the way up the structure , its therefore also 5/6th the way down, indicating a possible construction analogous to the 6 sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin.

Furthermore, this 35th level just happens to be exactly 50 inches thick (high), which is yet another allusion to Binah and the 50-year jubilee period. (see our previous article: Mountain of Stone).

Moreover, the 35th level up is necessarily the 175th down, corresponding to the 175 years of Abraham’s life, the first of the Patriarchs to visit Egypt.

So once again we ask the questions: Who built the pyramid in Egypt and why?

We can plainly see that the structure itself is all about light and elevation and the end of exile (all four of them), and the Biblical word for Egypt, Mizraim, is synonymous with darkness, so obviously the pyramid wasn’t created by elements of darkness.  Moreover, it obviously served as a beacon of light amongst the darkness, figuratively, and literally with its highly polished gleaming sides, so perhaps we intuitively know why it was built there. It would even look like a flaming sword, but more on that later.

By cloaking it in a veil of darkness, is it possible that G-d tricked the forces of evil and gave us a lasting testament to His Glory (Kavod-numerical value 32) that survived the four exiles mostly intact. You can decide for yourself who built it then.

And let’s keep in mind that our goal in examining the existing great Pyramid is to better understand and prepare ourselves for the Future Temple and the Tree-of-Life reality for the Zohar in the same section quoted above tells us the Future Temple will precede the geula (final redemption) and that doesn’t give us a lot of time to prepare.

In our next article we explore the secret entrance to the pyramid and the mysteries that it holds.

See our posts on the Washington Monument where the Capital building has 541 rooms and the base of the Washington Monument, a giant Egyptian Obelisk, has a base of 55 ft, the exact height where the entrance of the pyramid is found, amongst other pertinent connections to the Pyramid and the Tree-of-life.

image by Lama Anagarika Govinda

Note each arm of the pentagram has a value.

5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 35

In addition to the 35 tamarisk fruit on the Throne of St. Mark the 35th course of the Great Pyramid is still a mystery to this day.
… just a thought … but wait … here is yet another clue to the geometry that helps define YOU and ME?

UPDATE May 11, 2015
The following website offers a possible connection between the number 35, the cube, the octahedron and all of the information thus far presented in this blog.

Another example of the uniqueness of the 6x6x6 and the Cube and Octahedron is as follows.

The Master Number 11 is thus special also to the nets of Cubes and Octahedrons.

2B continued because clearly ME+me is onto something bigger than the two of us.


AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – July 23, 2013 – The Mystic Cross – 2100 CE

The Mystic Cross or MC Hammer
“A strong mystic cross is rare” under the middle finger of Saturn
This is not the author’s hand, for a reading of this hand go here;

swastika MYSTIC CROSS 1910

^^^ very important to read the fine print ^^^
This is old news ~ a newspaper clipping from 1910

the fine print >>> History Of The Swastika Or Mystic Cross . – Google News 

The following however is new news *hot off the press*.

Did you note that the year 137 CE is mentioned?

UPDATE August 26, 2014

I have added the year 2017 to the title of this blog for many good reasons.
It has become the focus of where my higher self ME is telling little ole me and we to go.

What follows in this blog are IDeas that are critical to understanding what the 2100 CE CPSM (Celestial Pole Star Meditation) might be able to achieve.

July 23, 2013

The inspiration for today’s entry came from here:

HUGE discovery: we might grind cell division to a halt, Quadruple DNA Helix! 

click on above link HUGH discovery: the Mystic Cross!
keep reading… Prof. Andy (Login apibernik)
Forum Owner Posted Jul 22, 2013 9:28 AM

Dear Archangel Raphael, it is amazing anything I discover or post can be connected to Swastika. I do believe you that the Swastika contains an answer to everything as I have connected it to the forming of Galaxies. This GQ DNA quad helix now proves that you were right all the time. Amazing I still can not believe that this can be connected to your ideas. Thanks for this magnificent post and keep up the good work,

Prof. Andy Selah and namaste!

 U R welcome former citizen of UR. This image that you posted has been brought to my attention several times. The first time was in a book called ‘Arktos’ by Joscelyn Godwin.

The next time was in this scholarly paper published by zELIa Nuttall in 1901. 

go to page 18 to see where this image came from … what ‘just is’ is.

And let us not forget what zELIa said in 1901 about the swastika before it got buried by the 20th century…

 “Deeply impressed with the striking resemblance between the composite image of Polaris, Ursa Major, and certain forms of the swastika, I started on a fresh line of investigation, and devoted myself to the study of primitive astronomy and its influence upon the intellectual development of mankind in general and the American races in particular. After having worked, during thirteen years, without any preconceived ideas about the ancient Mexican civilization and without formulating any general conclusion concerning it, I saw all the knowledge I had slowly acquired fall into rank and file and organize itself into a simple and harmonious whole. Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancy and which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization.”

And then Ralph the firefighter who got rudely awoken on 911 decided to go back into the burning temple and fight his inner demons one more time … and he came out reborn as RaphaEL the mystic who has a cross to bear … coincidentally it is called the ‘mystic cross’ and I have it on BOTH of my palms. … all true

The Mystic Cross

What is the Mystic Cross and what does it indicate?

I can’t shake the idea that a Mystic Cross shows up to push us into accepting and using in a BIG way our intuitive gifts.  It shows up to require us to explore not only what is seen, but what is unseen, and to face the fear of mockery and ostracism that can come along with that particular type of pursuit of answers. A Mystic Cross to me means more than simply dabbling in the magical arts for giggles and entertainment, it means stepping deeply into the quest for spiritual truth and answers. Finding those answers and making peace with the spiritual, natural and material world is the gift of the Mystic Cross.


What does the Mystic Cross look like? 

I just found this image on the internet today and it accompanies the above article. 

lol lol lol – notice the numbers 15.12 in the bottom right hand corner … there are NO coincidences.

I will come back to these VERY IMPORTANT NUMBERS shortly.

Recall that the mystic cross is situated between the head and the heart line.

Some of the lines of the hand in Palmistry 

1: Life line 

2: Head line 

3: Heart line 

4: Girdle of Venus   

5: Sun line  

6: Mercury line 

7: Fate line

So now that we know what the mystic cross is … and where to find it … guess what? I happen to have pictures of my LEFT and RIGHT hands.

Shall we take a closer look at my left and right CHIRAL ASYMMETRIC hands comrade?

In fact I have two of them, one on each hand, mirror images of each other, when praying they … merge. I have another AHA for you … my nickname in high school was …

ta da >> “Wonderhands Wedekind” 

… and on my 16th or 17th birthday my twisted SiSter SuSan had given me a blue T-Shirt with the word WONDERHANDS written across the chest.

…but get this, and this is just too fucking wild …. the two Ns by mistake had been printed backwards! …and by now we both know that an placed over another N that has been rotated = SwaStika  …which we then place over the heART

But what is the significance of ‘1512‘ or is it ‘1251‘?

1251 explained:

Swastika – 396 – ABHA Kingdom – 1251 – Yin Yang – Greek KEY fret pattern – Saturnalia

I need to mention one more thing that I just read yesterday and this is a WOW WOW WOW MOM.

This quote comes out of this recent publication Atlantis and the Cycles of Time also by Joscelyn Godwin but he is quoting the work of John Michell who wrote The Dimensions of Paradise.
(…there is more on how me and joscELIn GODwin connect cosmically, I have a feeling we might meet one day …. John Michell RIP)

What did joscELIn Godwin quoting John Michell say that blew me away in his book, thus helping to pass the insights of John Michell to you and ME and others?

One of Michell’s lifelong concerns was the defense of traditional measures such as the mile, the foot, and the inch, with their duodecimal system and their links, via the sacred numbers, to cosmic measures (e.g. 5,040 miles as the combined radii of the earth and the moon). He shared Plato’s conviction that society can function harmoniously only if it respects the traditional canon of number. Michell finds Plato’s lesson to this effect in the contrast between the two imaginary city-states: Magnesia with its 5,040 inhabitants (…hahaha Network 54), described in the Laws, and Atlantis. Magnesia is the ideal city, like the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation, first conceived in circular form as a Platonic Ideaa, then brought down to earth as a square. Atlantis is its antithesis, the city that fell because it was “subtly incorrect, a close imitation but a travesty of the ideal, constructed from sacred numbers misapplied.” The misapplication in question was the use of the decimal system. Whereas Magnesia and the City of Revelation divide by 12s, everything in Atlantis divides by 5s and 10s starting with the five pairs of Poseidon’s descendants and going on with the 100 statues of nereids around the temple, the division of the plain into plots of 100 square stades, and so on. When the diligent Platonist actually works out the details, the figures do not add up, and the geometry is not exact. Consequently, as Michell says of the imaginary Atlanteans, “Their cumbersome number system and the ambiguities in their geometry and land measuring would have caused minor grievances which would grow ever more irritating as time went on. In the original formula and foundation plan of Atlantis lay the seeds of its eventual destruction.

 So to summerize…and the above image with accompanying quote is the work of Walter Russell,

THE CUBE AND THE SPHERE ARE THE SOLE WORKING TOOLS OF CREATION Magnesia is the ideal city state and it is CIRCULAR and it has 5040 inhabitants. Magnesia prefers the numbers 1 and 2 or 12Atlantis is the travesty of the ideal and it is SQUAREAtlantis prefers the numbers 5 and 10, say 15, say 1 and 5.

ROME and 12 vs. 10 

The Law of the Twelve Tables was the ancient legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law. The Law of the Twelve Tables formed the centrepiece of the constitution of the Roman Republic and the core of the mos maiorum(custom of the ancestors). The Twelve Tables came about as a result of the long social struggle between patricians and plebeians. After the expulsion of the last king of Rome,Tarquinius Superbus, the Republic was governed by a hierarchy of magistrates. Initially only patricians were eligible to become magistrates and this, among other plebeian complaints, was a source of discontent for plebeians. In the context of this unequal status, plebeians would take action to secure concessions for themselves using the threat of secession. They would threaten to leave the city with the consequence that it would grind to a halt, as the plebeians were Rome’s labour force. One of the most important concessions won in this class struggle was the establishment of the Twelve Tables, establishing basic procedural rights for all Roman citizens as against one another. Patricians long opposed this request, but around 451 BC, the first decemviri (decemvirate – board of “Ten Men”) was appointed to draw up the first ten tables.According to Livy, they sent an embassy to Greece to study the legislative system of Athens, known as the Solonian Constitution, but also to find out about the legislation of other Greek cities. Modern scholars believe the Roman assembly most likely visited the Greek cities of Southern Italy, and did not travel all the way to Greece. In 450 BC, the second decemviri started work on the last two tables. The first decemvirate completed the first ten codes in 450 BC.

Well we have a perfect match 12 vs. 10 plus note how the year 450 is similar to the 5040 inhabitants of Magnesia.

So what would the Romans find if they went to Greece in back 1947? 12 and 15 look very very very familiar to what we see in the image of GHREES, an idEA hatched in 1947! OR

51 and 12 which have been highlighted in yellow.

France and metric and 10 vs. 12


August 1 – The definition of the metre as 1/10,000,000 of the distance from the North pole to the equator was confirmed.

great source: A chronological history of the modern metric system – Metrication …

Jain 108 is a self-taught mathematical futurist,
a numerical nomad and a digital genius.
Some of his colleagues describe him as a mathematical monk.
He hails from a quaint Sydney suburb Kirrawee, born in Australia from full-blood Phoenician stock, ne 1957.
His great grandfather in a remote village of Lebanon was a priest from which his mother derived her maiden surname “Khoury”.
Collin Nicholas Saad aka Jain has had likeable and resonant long-time associations with Mar Charbel, a humble Lebanese priest from circa 100 years ago now ordained officially as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. But we suspect that Jain hails from a noveau kind of ministry, one that he has termed in his voluminous writings as “Sacerdos Libri Naturae” apparently = “a Priest of the Book of Nature”.

Galactic Mathematics Rediscovered

His pioneering dvd “Vedic Mathematics For The New Millennium” on this subject is the first dvd in the world that comprehensively describes these vedic sutras and is a tribute to Bharati Krshna Tirthaji. The knowledge goes even further back.  Jain calls this modality, Galactic Mathematics which is base 12.

Probably the MOST illuminating AHA there is in regards to 10 and 12 is how they are both today still being used/utilized

i.e. To do business on land and to navigate at sea.

Delambre and Méchain knew that it was not possible to measure an accurate distance from the North Pole to the Equator to arrive at a precise figure for the metre.  Their goal was to find the best approximation possible at the time. Obviously, they knew that they could not measure all the way from the Equator to the North Pole, they could only measure the distance from Dunkerque to Barcelona as accurately as they could to give them an indication of the full distance — then guess the rest — as the distance from Dunkerque to Barcelona is only about 11 % of the actual distance from the North Pole to the Equator. In hindsight, Delambre and Méchain did a magnificent job. They knew that the metre that they would define would not be exactly 1/40 000 000 of the Earth’s circumference as the other three quarters of this circumference — that they couldn’t measure or even estimate — might have different lengths. This meant that the metre might not be exactly equal to 1/10 000 000 of the distance from the North Pole to the Equator. Given these difficulties, all they had to work with were Borda’s highly accurate instrument, the ‘Borda Duplicating Circle’, for measuring the angles at each angle in a triangle and then used these angles to determine lengths by calculation. The two scientists, Delambre and Méchain, who were measuring the Earth to determine the length of the metre were also aware that there is the possibility of error in every measurement we make and their goal was to minimize these errors. Working in decimals of right angles divided into 100 grads (rather than having to use the old Babylonian degrees, minutes, and seconds) markedly reduced the possibility for error.

However, since the 1790s, astronomers and sailors have continued to use the older nondecimal Babylonian measures of angles with 360 degrees in a circle, 60 minutes of arc (also called arc minutes) in a degree, and 60 seconds of arc (also called arc seconds) in a minute. Scientists other than astronomers have decided not to use decimal divisions of a quadrant or the older Babylonian methods; instead they have developed several other methods: the radian as the ratio between an arc of a circle and its radius, decimal degrees such as 12.345 degrees, and angular mils are still in use in various sciences and technologies.

You will find more confirmations regarding the numbers 1512, 343, and 384 at this link here:


The Crop Circle Connection by Joseph E. Mason

selah V

p.s. Walter Russell and ME have the same initials.

i.e. W.R. vs R.W.

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – May 28, 2013 – MENO – Mann what a day!

May 28th, 2013

Today 5/28 is a special day.

5:28 a.m. forms part of my claim to what ever fame shall come my way.
Part of the claim is that 5:28 am is probably the time of ME birth back on July 3rd, 1957.
And without a doubt the profound links between the numbers 528 (along with 11) to the zodiac needs to be addressed.

KEY 528 – Man – Eagle – Lion – Ox  

The original hospital birth certificate records have been lost to downsizing, the only birth certificate I have does not list the time of birth, BUT it does register ME as a ‘bringer of light’ or should I say LUX?

137-9 Mesoamerica Code – FIAT * LUX  

On the STATEMENT OF BIRTH note the numbers 073190 and recall I was born on 731957 Now without going into too much detail and boring you to tears and fears, the numbers 1379 turn out to have remarkable anagram potential when discussing prime numbers, the speed of lightPlanck’s constant/Planck length along with the electromagnetic coupling strength associated with the ELectron and the DIMENSIONLESS  fine structure constant called ‘alpha‘, i.e. the number 1/137 and its inverse 137.

5:28 on 7/3/1957 I can live with that, because it is now possible to show after 8+ years of documentation how ‘The heART of MEMEory’ has served me well in my 13-step Recovery program.

Francis Yates would be proud of my MEME MEMEory recall. What follows is an AHA that I posted on a forum today.

* *** *******

What is Consciousness? 

Well it appears I need to learn more about the Hameroff/Penrose model Orch-OR if I AM to bring it all together for both the intellectual and the average gosh golly gee-I-Joe. Here is a quote taken from wiki re: MENo’s PARADOX

Meno then proffers a paradox:

“And how will you inquire into a thing when you are wholly ignorant of what it is?
Even if you happen to bump right into it, how will you know it is the thing you didn’t know?”

Socrates rephrases the question, which has come to be the canonical statement of the paradox:

“[A] man cannot search either for what he knows or for what he does not know[.] He cannot search for what he knows–since he knows it, there is no need to search–nor for what he does not know, for he does not know what to look for.”

IMHO not much has changed since SocrateS and MENo locked horns, it appears that ‘we the sheeple’ are still IGNORANT, and would NOT know the TRUTH if they bumped right into it. …. as my true blue swastika journey has taught me, IF I rEMEMber correctly… 


I found these  two images in the Hameroff pdf.  discussing Orch OR. Hey Andy have you ever noticed how I use many many images in my posts/responses to you?

What I find very interesting is how investigations into the BRAIN/MIND using SCIENCE has proved that we store MEMEories as IMAGES!  Yet many intellectuals still ramble on and on, blah blah blah, espousing their knowledge using TEXT only, hoping I read their intellectual BS and buy into it, thereby confirming that their many years spent on a PhDUH was well worth it…?

WTF? I personally think many folks waving their PhDUH around like a medal wasted their time and dime. But having said that I also owe science a great deal including a thank you for having made our lives more comfortable. But having said that science takes too much credit or no credit at all when discussing its role in metaphysical enlightenment. I once picked up a book whose title was ‘Freemason Symbolism’ and there was not ONE fooking picture in the entire blah blah blah book!

However it is a fact that ME MEMEory loves images that are worth 1000 words, and often one image can illicit 10,000 words! i.e. In China the swastika is called the Wan and it is associated with the number 10,000. I imagine long ago $10,000 would have made the average person rich. When I was growing up $1,000,000 defined a dreamy wealth. (But in fact today most firefighters/police retire with a pension if commuted to a cash value worth $1+ million) So in this day and age, the once elusive 1 million dollar$ is totally attainable by the average Joe and Jill.

Thus today we use $1,000,000,000 (billion) to denote super-duper wealth.

[linked image]

the blue square is twice the area of the original yellow square


Here is the swastika challenge that acknowledges the dialogue between the SS SocrateS and a fella called MENo. Meno’s Paradox is found at this link:

Meno – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Socrates responds to this sophistical paradox with a mythos (poetic story) according to which souls are immortal and have learned everything prior to inhabiting the human body. Since the soul has had contact with real things prior to birth, we have only to ‘recollect’ them when alive. Such recollection requires Socratic questioning, which according to Socrates is not teaching.

Socrates demonstrates his method of questioning and recollection by interrogating a slave who is ignorant of geometry.

Socrates begins one of the most influential dialogues of Western philosophy regarding the argument for inborn knowledge.

By drawing geometric figures in the ground Socrates demonstrates that the slave is initially unaware of the length of side that must be used in order to double the area of a square with two-foot sides. The slave guesses first that the original side must be doubled in length (four feet), and when this proves too much, that it must be three feet. This is still too much, and the slave is at a loss. Socrates claims that before he got hold of him the slave (who has been picked at random from Meno’s entourage) might have thought he could speak “well and fluently” on the subject of a square double the size of a given square.  Socrates comments that this “numbing” he caused in the slave has done him no harm and has even benefited him.

Socrates then draws a second square figure using the diagonal of the original square. 

Each diagonal cuts each two foot square in half, yielding an area of two feet. The square composed of four of the eight interior triangular areas is eight feet, double that of the original area. He gets the slave to agree that this is twice the size of the original square and says that he has “spontaneously recovered” knowledge he knew from a past life without having been taught. Socrates is satisfied that new beliefs were “newly aroused” in the slave. After witnessing the example with the slave boy, Meno tells Socrates that he thinks that Socrates is correct in his theory of recollection, to which Socrates replies, “I think I am. I shouldn’t like to take my oath on the whole story, but one thing I am ready to fight for as long as I can, in word and act—that is, that we shall be better, braver, and more active men if we believe it right to look for what we don’t know…” It has been argued variously that this implies Socrates is skeptical regarding knowledge or that he is a pragmatist. It also prepares us for the subsequent discussion of knowledge by hypothesis. This demonstration shows the slave capable of learning a geometrical truth, because “he already has the knowledge in his soul.” In this way, Socrates shows Meno that learning is possible through recollection, and that the learner’s paradox is false. Meno’s paradox claims that learning is impossible, but the examination of the slave shows that it is possible.

So what is the image that SS SocrateS draws in the sand for the slave boy who was picked randomly from the tribe called ‘we the sheeple’ to assist in the ‘G’eometry lesson?

[linked image]

In the above image on  the left I have frozen the image used to illustrate the proof Socrates might have been hinting at…
What an interesting coincidence.

After witnessing the example with the slave boy, Meno tells Socrates that he thinks that Socrates is correct in his theory of recollection, to which Socrates replies, “I think I am. I shouldn’t like to take my oath on the whole story, but one thing I am ready to fight for as long as I can, in word and act—that is, that we shall be better, braver, and more active men if we believe it right to look for what we don’t know…” It has been argued variously that this implies Socrates is skeptical regarding knowledge or that he is a pragmatist. It also prepares us for the subsequent discussion of knowledge by hypothesis. This demonstration shows the slave capable of learning a geometrical truth, because “he already has the knowledge in his soul.” In this way, Socrates shows Meno that learning is possible through recollection, and that the learner’s paradox is false. Meno’s paradox claims that learning is impossible, but the examination of the slave shows that it is possible.

[linked image]

How do we link the swastika to the Py/Pi-thagorean formula, MENO’s paradox and the fact that we arrive already with the ‘knowledge in our soul’?


Here is today’s SS SwaSti-KA challenge. 

Find ME a meaning for the suffix KA in the word swastika on the internet?????
And then we shall continue to discuss what ‘just is‘  is.

The Swastika – Lucky Mojo

It is obviously clear that I AM closer to the Swastika TRUTH being ‘recovered’ because though I AM on the fool’s journey and I do know that I can appear ‘crazy’ I AM not STUPID enough to bet against the 12,000+ year old SwaStiKA which was BEFORE the Nazis coveted it, a GOOD LUCK symbol. Such a Joker, Riddler ME this BATMAN oh Dark Knight – In the earthly casino (KA-SIN-OH?) why why why would you bet against the SwaStiKA which is used as a SEAL for the Buddha’s HEART or a Golden Dawn Qabalist might offer that the whirling swastika is also associated with Keter, the MIND???

[linked image]

So let’s go back to some images taken off Hameroff’s site: 


These next two images are taken from the site at Warka/Urak/Erech. Here is some TEXT to accompany the IMAGES.

“The place and manner of origin of the mosaic technique known as opus tessellatum has been a subject of controversy. … it would seem probable therefore that the genesis of opus tessellatum is to be sought in early Greek mosaics which, although largely composed of uncut pebbles, incorporated elements of cut stone in the later examples. Prior to the development of pebble mosaic the only technique similar to true mosaic appears to have been the surface decorations dating from approximately 3000 B.C., discovered in the ancient city of Urak (modern Warka, Biblical Erech) in Sumeria.”

[linked image]

The images on the left in BLACKWHITE, and RED I added to illustrate how WAVY LINES >>>>> become SWASTIKAS. And is it a coincidence most of the mosaics found in Warka were BLACKWHITE, and REDDISH BROWN?

It might be worth scrolling down to the January 30th, 2013 entry for more AHA about Warka!

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – Jan. 30, 2013 – Mezin Swastika – Warka Mosaics

Hey LExI your people should give my people a call.
I AM the fella who came out of nowhere who apparently knows too much.

How important is BRANDING?
ROGERS you are in good company!!

CHASE BANK and G.E. utilize the swastika design too!   So the $wa$tika is used in the logos of companies who market TE$LA Wirele$$ communication (i.e. Roger$).

We also find it being exploited in the logo of CHA$E Bank, formerly J.P. Morgan (a TE$LA connection again) and to GE. General ELectric was co- founded by EDI$ON (a TE$LA competitor) and the merger of GE was financed by J.P. Morgan! 
Source of ROGERS swastika logo is traced back to the solution for the Pythagorean theorem, not the solution taught in schools!

And JC*suggests they could be a connection to MU too?

*JC is James Churchward who making a reference to the Niven Tablets.
And another major player in the life of TESLA was George Westinghouse.

So I decided to have another look at the Westinghouse logo.
And what I saw was a confirmation that W = E = M = 3 when you go through four ninety degree rotations.

Because that is the four-fold way.

The Westinghouse Logo is a W but if rotated 180 degrees we get an M, W or M?

W or M reminds me of two things I need to do today.
Get in touch with William F. Mann and contact another Mann with the same last name!

I definitely must mention that today is ME dear friend MM’s birthday too, 5/28!
And it is no coincidence I traveled to India with Manjit Mann back in 1992.

ONE – the MOOvie – Chamundi Hill

I AM SeriouS LExI, if you have any influence at all it is time I spoke with Roger Penrose and Ed Witten showing them how their work is a bridge between the PAST and the PRESENT and the direction humanity will soon be taking by acting consciously or unconsciously as a collective.

Whether ‘we duh sheeple’ like it or not, some things ultimately are beyond our IGNORANT control.

As it should be.



 ROGERS – the Android PHOne release and the MEME numbers 26 (june 2) and 52 – 1376 – 25.

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – May 8, 2013 – A Jung 37

May 8th, 2013

Page 37

I came across this page taken out of one of Jung’s notebooks on alchemy.

We clearly can see the name Christian RosenCreutz or is it RosenKreutz?

Christian Rosencreutz : Chemical Wedding 1459 AD

source of image:

And then I came across this image taken from The Secrets of the Rosicrucians

The fine print mentions the Moon and the Sun, along with the Eagle and the Lion, which are both easily associated to the numbers 3 and 7 respectively, found on Card X and Card XXI of the Tarot.

3 >> Eagle and the 7 >> Lion

But often significant events happen in ‘threes’.

The third event that occurred today regarding the number 37 was this video shared with me.

It just happens to be 3:07 in length.